Raniere Press Release: 6 Forensic Experts Agree on Alleged FBI Corruption

The following is the press release Frank Report received from Keith Raniere and Clare Bronfman’s legal team regarding their press conference of October 6:

Six experts, including three former top FBI experts, certify planting of evidence in US vs. Raniere;

A former US Attorney, Alan Dershowitz, and Central Park 5 Exoneree call for accountability and an immediate evidentiary hearing

A press conference was held to unveil the findings of six forensic experts of FBI corruption in the case of US v Keith Raniere.

The experts and a panel of advocates, including Professor Alan Dershowitz, Central Park 5 Exoneree Dr. Yusef Salaam, and former US Attorney Bud Cummins, discussed the matter.

Former FBI Special Agent and Forensic Examiner Dr. James Richard Kiper said that all six experts “concluded that the digital evidence devices used to convict Mr. Raniere of child pornography and sexual exploitation of a minor were significantly manipulated. Additionally, we know to a scientific certainty some of the evidence was altered while in the possession of the FBI.”

Former Senior Forensic Examiner Stacy Eldridge said, “It is clear that the photos in this case were planted there.”

Former FBI Forensic Examiner William Odom said, “In 25 years of digital forensic investigations, five of which was with the FBI, the amount of premeditation to perform this fraud — I’ve never
seen anything like that.”

Professor Dershowitz, who represents Raniere and Clare Bronfman, said, “If true, this is a historic level of corruption…There must be immediate action. There should swiftly be an evidentiary hearing. Appropriate relief may include a new trial or even dismissal of the
indictment due to outrageous government conduct. If there is a hearing, Mr. Raniere wishes to attend by video conference rather than be transported.”

Dershowitz challenged the media to cover this issue and remarked, “This is a great test of our legal system. Whether you like Mr. Raniere or not, the question is, ‘Can we be fair to those we despise?’”

Professor Sullivan, who also represents Bronfman, said, “The only reason that Ms. Bronfman and the others accepted a plea bargain is because this so-called evidence appeared at the eleventh hour and it was so prejudicial that they felt this was their only option.”

Sullivan also criticized the government’s response to this evidence, saying “Assistant US Attorney Kevin Trowel called it “frivolous.” Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis deferred ruling on this evidence, classifying it as not raising a substantial issue.

Attorney General Merrick Garland then awarded this prosecution and FBI team for their distinguished service.”

US Attorney Cummins said, “If an independent investigation determines that this tampering occurred, there must be accountability. People have to be criminally prosecuted. This is very
serious, and the people responsible need to be held accountable.”

Dr. Salaam said in a pre-recorded video statement, “If this can happen to someone who is white, who is educated, who has the complexion for acceptance, none of us are safe.”

Joseph Tully, Raniere’s appellate attorney said, “It appears that [Mr. Raniere] is being retaliated against in the prison based on our filings…. Now, he is enduring more confinement in the SHU,
again without cause, this time for over 60 days and counting. I call upon the warden of the facility where Mr. Raniere is housed, Warden Mark Gutierrez, to investigate Mr. Raniere’s conditions. I am further concerned that Mr. Raniere may be transferred to another location
where his safety may be threatened.”

Earlier Tully filed a motion to stay Raniere’s appeal so that this evidence of FBI fraud and perjury could be presented in a hearing immediately before Judge Garaufis.

Tully wrote in an attachment to the motion, “[W]hen the tampering in this case is finally acknowledged in Court… the actions of any governmental actors subsequently proven to be involved, will need to be questioned and reexamined in all other cases in which they were allowed to work.”


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  • Every single American should write the FBI, CIA and DOJ and remind them that, sadly, many have lost respect for them after learning how disgraceful and dishonest many of them are. Many are compromised for top to middle. How can anyone after knowing how so many of these horrible people in these agencies operate ever look at another movie about our intel agencies, read another book about our intel agencies or hear about these disgusting jokes of intel agents without knowing what they are capable of and wanting to vomit? DISMANTLE these ridiculous useless idiot agencies now. Their only hope of survival was to ARREST Adam Schiff, Hillary Clinton, JOE and HUNTER BIDEN, etc…and the other POS involved…you know the rest. And they’ve done NOTHING. Nor have they returned WHAT WAS STOLEN from TRUMP. As in the election, yes you clueless fools it was easy to steal the election. A few dumb a$$ weak women, in the midnight hours, while you fools slept like drunken bums, these ladies, used as mules, were just sitting there casually scanning the same ballots for BIDEN over and over and over and over and over and over again to the tune of ooppsies…suddenly Biden is ahead of Trump. DEFUND AND DISMANTLE FBI< CIA< DOJ NOW. They have failed AMERICA.

  • The evidence of the scar on Danielle AND her testimony is completely dismissed by these clowns with the ridiculous argument “it’s not a scar but it’s scar tissue bunching up” LOLOL And of course they don’t believe the woman… but hey “what is a woman?” Any man who identifies as a woman can be moved to a woman’s prison but if the govt wants to draft yer *ss they suddenly know what a woman is.


  • It was very awkward when dershowitz started yelling that the press conference needed to end because Judge Judy was going to be on soon and he likes to be in his special dinner time chair watching as soon as it starts.

  • Woah. Credible claims here. What other explanation is there for an unheard of amount of policy violations, testifying that the obvious and egregious violations are totally normal (even the layperson knows they are not) and things that are basically impossible like the camera make and model not even existing on some of the dates they backdated the pictures to.

    • In order to make the statement that something has “unheard of amount of policy violations” that would imply that you well know of the record for previous policy violations (which Iis highly doubtful, but let’s give it a shot ) So what what are they Vera?

      Please detail the data on previously heard of violations and then please tally up the alleged unheard of violations in the case of Keith Raniere.

      It shouldn’t take you long Vera. Because this is apparently information that you have at your fingertips.

      There’s no chance you would make such a strong statement based on nothibg, right Vera?

      Looking forward to the data you will present Vera, for us to examine.

      Thank you!

  • I didn’t want to believe it. Raniere is a sick man but the report is undeniable and these are the best of the best in this field. So sad that the Government botched this one and could risk him walking.

  • The report is undeniable. It’s a sad day for America when the FBI is literally creating child porn in order to “prove” that someone created child porn. It needs to be gutted and completely reformed. Sad sad state of affairs for all Americans.

    • How on Earth would the FBI create child pornography? Did they go in a time machine and find Camilla when she was under age and take pornographic photos of her because they knew eventually this case would be brought against keith? Ironically you’re too stupid to realize that if your argument is that the photos of Camilla already existed because Keith took them when she was a child you’ve only proven that Keith did in fact take pictures that were sexually explicit of Camilla when she was a a minor.

    • Did your cult leader order you dead-enders to use the phrase, “undeniable”? It’s becoming the new, “data”.

      • Oh no! Not her middle name! – rofl !!!

        This mean-girl business – always the same thing – envy.

        How harrowing it must be to realise one could have been a contender and a winner at life, but instead… well, this, sniping at a total success of a person, from the pit of personal and social failure.

  • Frank, why didn’t you point out that Richard Mays was a part team Raniere in this hack job attempt at a “press release” where almost everyone is obviously reading from virtual “cue cards”, a former member of cult NXIVM who also took part in a Keith Raniere Conversations that was scrubbed from the Internet? There’s even an article on this very website pointing this fact out.

    • Most experts get paid but I doubt they are willing to sacrifice their credibility and make false findings about FBI tampering.

    • Me too!

      Camila’s sworn statement in open court that Raniere took those photographs is what renders this whole issue moot.

      It’s what makes the tampering motion frivolous and it’s why Raniere’s conviction won’t be reviewed.

      Only on the FR is this even an issue.

    • It would be great is Camilla would testify at the hearing .. under oath which she did not do at the trial. She only gave a witness statement at sentencing, a strategic move from the prosecution.

      The prosecution also threatened Camilla into making this statement and cooperating with whatever they asked of her because otherwise they would have charged her with trafficking Nicole since she was the other woman involved. This was the choice she had to make in order to not go to jail. So sad that they abused poor little Camilla in this way.

      • That’s complete fabrication. Keith abused Camilla for years and years.

        Camilla did not testify. How the fuck do you figure she got a deal? That is such disordered thinking.

        You’re claiming that after all the other inditements and plea deals and Keith’s successful prosecution Camilla was allegedly told, “You must leave Mexico and come to the United States voluntarily and make a victim impact statement”…. Or what?

        Why not leverage Camilla’s actual testimony then? And why not actually charge Camilla? And why would they care or need Camilla if Keith is already convicted?

        Where is the proof of any of this absurd story

    • This can’t be true for the cheater to win! Nope!

      The world is made of cheaters who won!
      Idina Menzel – Defying Gravity (from LIVE: Barefoot at the Symphony)

  • Press Conference: Evidence of Historic FBI Tampering w/ Alan Dershowitz, Top FBI Experts, Full Video

  • Sen. Chuck Grassley: Hundreds of FBI Agents Resigned amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations

    Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), the top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, reportedly received documents from a whistleblower showing hundreds of FBI agents resigned between 2004 to 2020 amid allegations of sexual misconduct.

    Grassley’s office shared information about a U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) internal report titled “Retirements and Resignations During Unwelcome Sexual Conduct Adjudications.”

    According to that document:

    665 FBI employees, including 45 [Senior Executive Service (SES)]-level employees have retired or resigned following an FBI or [Justice Department Office of Inspector General (OIG)] investigation into alleged misconduct, but prior to [the Office of Professional Responsibility’s (OPR)] issuance of a final disciplinary letter.

    However, Grassley noted that the number could be much higher than 665 because it does not include agents who resigned or retired before or during an ongoing misconduct investigation.

    Chuck Grassley
    Whistleblower disclosures to my office show systemic failure within FBI to protect women employees from disgraceful sexual misconduct; senior level employees get away with it, retire, & get bonuses; when is FBI Dir Wray going to clean house??

    The DOJ conducted its internal report after a 2020 Associated Press report that revealed there were “at least six sexual misconduct allegations involving senior FBI officials over the past five years,”

    Grassley’s office also received a second document, reportedly titled “Inconsistent Adjudication of Non-Consensual Sexual Misconduct,” that shows lower-level FBI officials accused of misconduct may have been penalized more than senior officials under FBI Director Christopher Wray’s “zero tolerance directive.

    According to the document:

    [R]ecent sexual misconduct cases appear to show OPR’s application of this directive has resulted in seemingly random penalties and disparate treatment, potentially compromising the consistency, fairness, and due process of the FBI’s disciplinary system.

    …The only discernable pattern appears to be that higher-graded employees, especially supervisors, are more likely to have their sexual misconduct case adjudicated under Offense Code 5.22, and therefore subjected to lesser penalties; whereas, lower-graded employees are seemingly more likely to be adjudicated under Offense Code 5.20, and have a statistically greater likelihood of being dismissed for their sexual misconduct. This may give the appearance the FBI is not holding its supervisors accountable for unwelcome sexual conduct.

    Grassley’s office kept the whistleblower’s identity and documents private to protect against unlawful whistleblower retaliation.

    Grassley on Wednesday sent a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland and Wray asking for more information about the FBI’s internal sexual misconduct investigation.

    Grassley said:

    Lawful, protected whistleblower disclosures provided to my office include allegations and records that show hundreds of FBI employees have retired or resigned because of sexual misconduct allegations against them and that they did so in order to avoid accountability. The allegations and records paint a disgraceful picture of abuse that women within the FBI have had to live with for many years. This abuse and misconduct is outrageous and beyond unacceptable.

    The FBI responded to Grassley’s whistleblower disclosure on Thursday, saying the bureau “looks critically at ourselves and will continue to make improvements.”

    “The bottom line is, employees who commit gross misconduct and sexual harassment have no place in the FBI,” the FBI’s statement added. “We prioritize investigation and adjudication of sexual harassment and misconduct cases, and when allegations of sexual harassment are substantiated, FBI employees face severe consequences, including permanent demotion, removal from supervisory ranks, or termination.”

  • news10.com

    Saratoga DA responds to criticism from challenger
    by: Giuliana Bruno

    Posted: Oct 6, 2022 / 06:37 PM EDT

    Updated: Oct 6, 2022 / 06:56 PM EDT

    CAPITAL REGION, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The lawyer challenging incumbent Saratoga County District Attorney Karen Heggen is slamming what he says was “negligence” in a lack of local prosecution of the sex cult, NXIVM. According to Heggen, her opponent’s comments on NXIVM show a lack of knowledge when it comes to the scope of the job.

    Democratic candidate for District Attorney, Michael Phillips, was joined in Albany Thursday by “Dynasty” actress Catherine Oxenberg, whose daughter, India, spent several years as a member of NXIVM, and a victim of Raniere, the disgraced self-improvement guru.

    Part II of NXIVM-based series ‘The Vow’ to premiere in October
    Oxenberg is endorsing Phillips, after she says local prosecutors did nothing when she brought forth concerns about NXIVM, forcing her to turn to the press for help. Federal prosecutors in the Eastern District of New York eventually took on the case.

    “I had to expose my own daughter as a branded sex slave on national media,” Oxenburg said, “which was really, like, a low point in my life.”

    “What was going on? Law enforcement was aware of this,” Phillips said, “why weren’t the prosecutors moving on it?”

    Keith Raniere is currently serving a 120-year sentence in federal prison on charges including racketeering, sex trafficking, and extortion.

    Heggen told NEWS10 in an interview that the leaders of NXIVM being prosecuted at a federal level was the right way for the case to be handled, as parts of the scheme took place in New York, other parts of the U.S., and internationally.

    Appeals for NXIVM co-defendants heard in court
    “My office has jurisdiction only as it relates to matters that occur in the county of Saratoga,” Heggen said, “and so therefore, I think Mr. Phillips is demonstrating a lack of knowledge of the scope and the abilities that the Saratoga County District Attorney has to handle matters that have multiple jurisdictional issues involved.”

    Heggen added that, while she was working as an Assistant DA in the county, the office would not play ball when NXIVM leaders wanted to go after former members who got out of the group.

    “The people like Mr. Raniere and those on his behalf tried to convince us to, in fact, prosecute people who had left their organization,” she explained, “and we declined to do that.”


  • CBS 6 Albany
    Saratoga County DA Karen Heggen responds to challenger’s NXIVM criticisms
    by Tom EschenFriday, October 7th 2022
    UserWay icon for accessibility widget
    Karen Heggen says federal authorities had jurisdiction to handle NXIVM sex cult case, not Saratoga County{/p}
    Karen Heggen says federal authorities had jurisdiction to handle NXIVM sex cult case, not Saratoga County
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    Saratoga County, NY (WRGB) — With the midterm election approaching, the race for Saratoga County District Attorney took a turn on Thursday, as challenger (D) Michael Phillips called a press conference, with a soap opera star, to criticize incumbent (R) Karen Heggen regarding the NXIVM sex cult.

    For years, NXIVM was on the radar of federal agents. In 2002, NXIVM as a business, without the secret group, was indicted federally on criminal conspiracy. In 2018, NXIVM leader Keith Raniere was arrested and indicted in a federal court, charged with sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy and forced labor conspiracy. Court documents say in 2015 Raniere created a secret group within NXIVM called DOS, where women were used as slaves, blackmailed into staying in the group and branded in ceremonies. Court papers say this occurred in Saratoga County along with other regions of New York and even other states, including internationally as well. In 2019, Raniere was sentenced to 120 years in prison by a federal jury.

    Formerly of the soap opera “Dynasty”, Catherine Oxenberg came to the press conference in Albany in her continued effort to find justice for her daughter, who was a victim of NXIVM and Raniere’s scheme.

    “My hope had been the government would have come in and clean up around here, and that just didn’t seem to happen,” she says. “For me I would not much want to talk about this, as it’s one of the darkest chapters in my life and my family’s life, but it was important for me to show up today.”
    Oxenberg put her endorsement behind Michael Phillips’ campaign, Phillips joining her criticism of the DA’s response to NXIVM.

    MORE: NXIVM guru wants new judge to decide evidence planting claim

    “Where were you when women were being extorted and branded in Clifton Park and Halfmoon?” Phillips said at the press conference.

    Heggen, who’s been the District Attorney since 2014, responded on Thursday, saying local law enforcement and her office didn’t get any information about NXIVM and what they were doing to women.

    “This was a case that was prosecuted by one of the largest attorney’s offices in the country, the Eastern District of New York, which is housed in Brooklyn,” Heggen says. “My office handles crimes committed solely in Saratoga County. The indictments and allegations in which Keith Reniere and others were convicted talk about acts throughout New York State, throughout other states, beyond the borders of this country. It was a multi-jurisdictional case.”
    In his press conference, Phillips says if put into this situation, he would’ve “hammered NXIVM to the ground”, confident in the resources he believes are provided at the county level.

    “There are lot of resources to be used there,” he says. “My take on this is that the resources are there, they weren’t focused on where they needed to be.”

    Heggen responded by saying staffing is at an adequate level to keep the county safe, touting it as one of the safest counties in the state. But, she says even if they were given a tip, both the jurisdiction restraints and resources provided wouldn’t have made sense.

    MORE: Court documents reveal the final days of NXIVM

    “We don’t have the numbers of people,” Heggen says. “Clearly the scope of this investigation revealed that it had to be a large office.”

    And that’s something Oxenberg agreed with. The former soap actress says she tried going to several local, state and finally the media to help those impacted by NXIVM, putting together hundreds of pages of documents in the process herself.

    “I saw what the federal government did, they spent years investigating this organization, huge racketeering schemes spanning decades. It was a huge endeavor, and I don’t know if local government had the bandwidth. It took years to take this guy down, it was huge,” she says.

    Heggen and Phillips are scheduled for a debate on Tuesday night.


  • News Channel 13

    Woman of NXIVM victim says Saratoga County D.A. was negligent
    By WNYT
    October 8, 2022 – 1:36 AM

    The mother of one victim of the NXIVM cult in Saratoga County is putting her support behind District Attorney Karen Heggen’s challenger.

    Catherine Oxenberg says the NXIVM cult operated in the county for 15 years before federal prosecutors finally acted.

    She says she is endorsing Michael Phillips for district attorney, because her daughter India was “One of many who paid the price of the Saratoga County district attorney’s negligence.”


  • Times Union
    Citing inaction on NXIVM, Catherine Oxenberg slams Saratoga County DA
    Actress, author appears in support of candidate Michael Phillips, running against Karen Heggen in this year’s DA race
    Photo of Robert Gavin
    Robert Gavin, Oct. 6, 2022
    Updated: Oct. 7, 2022 9:53 a.m.

    Former television actress Catherine Oxenberg, whose daughter India Oxenberg was involved with NXIVM, speaks to reporters outside the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York previously. Oxenberg appeared with a Saratoga County DA candidate Oct. 6, 2022 to blast the office for not previously prosecuting NXIVM, of which a lot of the case took place in Halfmoon.

    Former television actress Catherine Oxenberg, whose daughter India Oxenberg was involved with NXIVM, speaks to reporters outside the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York previously. Oxenberg appeared with a Saratoga County DA candidate Oct. 6, 2022 to blast the office for not previously prosecuting NXIVM, of which a lot of the case took place in Halfmoon.

    ALBANY — NXIVM leader Keith Raniere’s uncanny ability to avoid criminal prosecution in the Capital Region over two decades is now an issue in the race for Saratoga County district attorney.

    Joined by actress Catherine Oxenberg, whose fierce battle to free her daughter from Raniere’s clutches helped topple the Saratoga County-based cult leader in 2019, Democratic candidate Michael Phillips on Thursday questioned why it was federal prosecutors in Brooklyn who took down the convicted sex trafficker known as “Vanguard.”

    Phillips blamed his opponent, District Attorney Karen Heggen, a Republican who was elected in 2014 and has worked in the DA’s office since July 1993.

    “Where were the local prosecutors? What was going on? These people were an open secret in Saratoga County,” Phillips said in a phone interview. “The Saratoga County district attorney needs to be held accountable for her lack of action on this.”

    Oxenberg asked, “How come nobody in the government was ever held accountable? I know some of the names in the police department. I know some of the names in the DA’s office. I know — not all, but some — and I’m like, ‘What’s the deal with that?’ They’re still in office.”

    She told the Times Union she was not pointing fingers only at Heggen: She said officials on both sides of the political aisle failed to act.

    “I’m standing with someone like Mike Phillips, who I believe has a different approach to his job, and he is willing to prosecute without fear or favor,” she said. “And I haven’t seen evidence of that up here at all. And I think we need more people in government who are willing to put themselves on the line to represent those who don’t have the voice … (similar to) all the women who were abused in NXIVM.”

    It is not the first time NXIVM has become part of a Capital Region district attorney race. In 2012, attorney Lee Kindlon criticized his Democratic primary opponent, incumbent David Soares, for allowing a NXIVM member to work in his office for several weeks to build a computer-hacking case against a whistleblower. That case was dismissed.

    On Thursday, Oxenberg and Phillips highlighted the remarks of Senior U.S. District Judge Nicholas Garaufis who, at the July 2021 sentencing of high-ranking NXIVM defector Lauren Salzman, said it was “not comprehensible to this court” why Raniere was not stopped years earlier.

    “How in the world this went on for so many years in Albany, New York, and its environs will forever be a sad mystery to this court,” the judge said, mentioning that state and federal authorities in this region were aware of “illegality and abuses.”

    Heggen told the Times Union, “This was bigger than Saratoga County. This didn’t just occur in Saratoga County. This just didn’t occur in the Northern District. This just didn’t occur in New York state. It occurred, not just through the United States, but internationally.”

    Heggen said nothing was brought to her office about the crimes that Raniere was later convicted of committing. NXIVM and its Executive Success Programs (ESP) operation were based in Colonie. More than two dozen members of Raniere’s inner circle lived in and around the Knox Woods townhouse complex in Halfmoon.

    NXIVM defector Mark Vicente testified at Raniere’s trial that in 2009 he tried to get the Saratoga County’s DA’s office to act. He said he sent a letter to Heggen’s predecessor, Saratoga County District Attorney James A. Murphy III, alleging that Barbara Bouchey, who defected NXIVM that year, had “flagrantly defamed” Raniere and NXIVM president Nancy Salzman and essentially accused Bouchey of extortion. Bouchey said the false accusations came within 18 hours after she and eight other members left NXIVM after learning Raniere was sleeping with several women on its executive board.

    No charges were filed.

    Phillips divulged that in February 2004, he was invited to a party in Saratoga Springs that he now knows was a NXIVM-related event.

    “About two minutes in, I just said to myself, ‘I don’t know what these people are selling but it’s weird. I’m leaving,'” Phillips told the Times Union. “I made the connection years later when I saw the same faces that were at that gathering in (stories published by) the Times Union.”

    The Times Union had since 2003 been reporting on NXIVM and ESP, including the 2012 series “Secrets of NXIVM” that reported extensively on allegations of Raniere’s involvement with underage girls.

    Phillips said he contacted Oxenberg a few months ago about the fact that NXIVM operated in Saratoga County for more than 15 years before federal prosecutors in Brooklyn charged Raniere in March 2018. Authorities arrested him in the Mexican fishing village of Chacala, where he had fled in the months after the New York Times, following initial coverage by blogger Frank Parlato, exposed Raniere’s private “master/slave” club in which women were physically branded on their pelvic areas.

    In June 2019, a federal jury in Brooklyn’s Eastern District of New York convicted Raniere of all charges, including sex trafficking, forced labor conspiracy and racketeering charges that included underlying acts of possessing child pornography, extortion and identity theft. He is serving 120 years in an Arizona prison. The sex trafficking charges were tied to Raniere’s command of a secret group, Dominus Obsequious Sororium, known as DOS, in which female “slaves” pledged lifetime vows of obedience to “masters.”

    Raniere launched DOS in 2015, ordering female “slaves” to live on 500-calorie daily diet, wear chains around their necks to symbolize collars, respond to sleep-draining “readiness” drills at all hours and, in many cases, to sexually “seduce” Raniere, the grand master of DOS.

    Catherine Oxenberg’s daughter, India Oxenberg, who broke away from DOS and provided prosecutors with critical evidence, became the focus of the 2020 documentary series “Seduced: Inside the NXIVM Cult” on the Starz network. Her mother, who played Amanda Carrington on the 1980s hit show “Dynasty,” wrote “Captive: A Mother’s Crusade To Save Her Daughter From a Terrifying Cult,” which inspired a TV movie.


  • These experts and former examiners were paid big bucks to perform on camera. What they say means nothing if a judge isn’t willing to listen. Would any of these people have noticed these ‘injustices’ if they weren’t swayed by money and power?

    • Mary, even if it’s true that these attorneys and former agents wouldn’t be getting involved without compensation, that doesn’t make their allegations any less serious.

      And why not apply that same logic to the US Attorneys who prosecuted the case, and their witnesses/victims who were handsomely compensated for pushing the Government’s narrative?

      I mean, if you offered most college dropouts a $300K payday to say their roommate abused them, under threat of indicting them as a co-conspirator if they declined, what would most people do?

  • Does Alan Dershowitz now get paid for celebrity endorsements in situations like this where he has not been involved in any of the legal work? Did the My Pillow guy and Clare Bronfman pay a standard rate or did she get a discount, because of her last name? What is sad is how low Dershowitz has sunk and how he joins the list of shameless lawyers who apparently feel no guilt about taking Clare Bronfman’s (raniere’s biggest victim’s) money to defend her abuser.

  • Mr. Parlato,

    Sir! Please reply to my emails! Please stop ghosting me! My work is on halt until you reply! I don’t want to keep posting messages to you on your comments section get you to discuss private business on your email!

    Please stop all of the ignoring poppycock!

    Thank you kindly,

    • I did not know this till today, but Poppycock is from the old Dutch dialect. The word was pappekak. It meant -pap ‘soft’ + kak ‘dung’.

      Poppycock is therefore a way of saying bullshit. But it is fresh new bullshit, not the kind that is desiccated and hard in the fields. This suggests you know your shit.

      I will try to answer your email tonight or tomorrow.

        • I’m glad you came, George. I hope we can straighten everything out. I mean, this is terrible. It’s not the way I wanted things to go at all. It should’ve never happened.

          But you gotta keep an open mind when we talk. I mean, I hope you’re not a hothead like your brother Patriot God. You can’t talk publishing with him.

          • With all due respect, Mr. Parlato. I am not related to Mr. Patriot God I’m any way, shape, form, or manner.

            I don’t know why you keep saying that?

          • Young trolls don’t respect anything anymore. Times are changing for the worse. This website has become too dangerous for you. I don’t think you’re safe from being canceled here. I want you to move to Facebook or Instgram.

          • “Young trolls don’t respect anything anymore. Times are changing for the worse. This website has become too dangerous for you. I don’t think you’re safe from being canceled here. I want you to move to Facebook or Instgram.”

            Mr. Parlato,

            I don’t know what I’ve done to you for you to say this, but Facebook and Instagram don’t respect free speech anymore as do you don’t respect it anymore either.

            Why don’t you go back to how I’ve heard you were few years ago and show them how it’s done instead of trying to make me go to some Orwellian deep state system?!
            Why would you treat me like that when I’ve been nothing but respectful to you?!

            Also you never answered the other question before, why do you keep looping me and Mr. Patriot God together? Why can’t you understand that I’m completely unreleased to him and only know about him through Frank Report and only wanted to interview him?

            With all due respect, Mr. Parlato, why is this so hard for you to understand?

          • All right. From now on you’re writing steady. You’re part of this outfit. Watch things— listen carefully— keep your eyes and ears open.

  • Such a sad failure, this “press release.” The press is entirely uninterested. Nobody is covering this story other than the FR and one law blog.

    Bronfman paid Alan Dershowitz god knows how much cash to take up her little cause, and got zilch in return for it. Nobody cares.

    The whole point of a press release is to entice the media to publicize it. This one’s a dud. Google it; it got no coverage. Not a ripple.

    Haha. The dead enders fail again. Another idiot move by Raniere and his band of misfits come to nought!

    There’s nothing to this tampering tale. I’ve heard it explained exhaustively. There’s no evidence to support Chakravorty’s wacky theory and there’s no chance of Raniere’s conviction being revisited. So why the smoke & mirrors? Why persist? Why hire Dershowitz?

    The idea is to try to rehabilitate Vanguard’s image. Crazy and hopeless as it obviously is, the dead enders want to score some kind of public relations victory, to raise some kind of mass movement in support of Raniere. Plug him as some kind of victim of government machinations.

    Yeah. Good luck with that.

    • Aristotle, let’s think beyond the people involved and whether you like or support them.

      If a team of experts believe there was tampering, and have evidence to support that belief, that is worthy of our attention.

      What does it say about the press that they won’t cover this, despite having reported on this case for five years when the information favored the US Attorneys prosecuting the case?

      Even if you support the US Attorneys and hate everything NXIVM/ESP, do you not find the conduct and bias of the press disturbing?

      This goes beyond KR. If they tampered with evidence to win what was supposed to be a slam dunk case, it means they did it to others, including people who you would think are innocent if you reviewed their cases.

      • — If a team of experts

        Where was this “team” during the trial?

        They didn’t exist. All we hear is excuses that this evidence was released at the 11th hour and the defense didn’t have time to respond to it. That’s utter BS. There was plenty of time. Also, it was your lazy, fat-ass, still grifting off Bronfman money leader, who wanted a speedy trial.

        AS Is correct. This “press release” is nothing more than a sad attempt to raise public sentiment or ire for a man of moral decrepitude, based on one man’s paid for report, who is also a disgruntled former employee of the FBI. No one gives a shit about a weirdo who deceived women into a sex cult through a purported to be female empowerment sorority with him at the top. There’s no equivalence between the MeToo movement and a criminal trying to hitch a ride on some weak law force corruption train. Even in this, the VanFraud is unoriginal.

      • “If a team of experts believes there was tampering”

        You do realize that this isn’t some randomly selected expert panel, right?

        It took Chakravorty over a year to find four or five people who have some kind of credentials willing to endorse his ridiculous theory. And he has the Bronfman millions to spread around.

        It’s pathetic. I can’t believe anyone takes this claim seriously. And practically nobody does. Even the hiring on of Dershowitz made nary a ripple.

        Predictably, the dead enders are now claiming the media’s lack of response to this tired rehash of an absurd claim is yet more evidence of some media conspiracy against dear Vanguard.

        It’s laughable.

        These conspiracy theories always grow out of control. It’s in their nature.

      • Lol

        Weren’t you allegedly just on Frank Report because you wanted compassion for Danielle and Allison?

        Ha ha ha

        Go.memorize new dick picks “kevin”

  • Who’s the PR person?

    The individual who contacted the media originally and put together the graphics/Hyperbole/factoid.

    He’s definitely earning his pay.

  • “…press release…”

    There used to be a time when attorneys preferred to have cases tried in a court of law, not in the court of public opinion.

    • M. Novak, you mean like how multiple blogs, podcasts and television shows convicted Allison in the court of public opinion before she ever had a chance to defend herself in court?

      You mean like that?

      • Allison pled guilty.

        Allison was guilty.

        She could have taken an Alford Plea if it was about making a deal.

        Allison had options.

      • Kevin,

        Yes, in answer to your questions.

        Like you, yourself, Allison Mack was judged in the court of public opinion.

        I remember when you received a restraining order because you innocently peeked thru Allison Mack’s windows at night.

        The public assumed you were nuts.
        They judged you without a fair trial.

        Mr. Tom Sekera (Kevin),

        Just because you masturbated in the bushes outside of Mack’s home doesn’t mean you’re insane.

        • Dude, I know just what you mean. Nice Guy told me those bushes were milkweeds. They make very good feed for rabbits. Rabbits like them.

          • NiceGuy would know!

            He’s a connoisseur, aficionado, and purveyor of doggie doo…

            ….Or as he likes to call it – chocolate truffles.

  • Raniere’s attorneys also repeatedly requested the judge speak REALLY loudly so Raniere would be able to hear all the way down in SHU.

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