Trans-Queer Professor Interviews 42 ‘Pedophiles,’ Wants Improved Name ‘Minor Attracted Persons’

Allyn Walker, Ph.D., is a transgender person who uses the pronoun “they.”

“I am queer, and I am a scholar of criminal justice and social work,” Walker said.

“I started my career as a social worker, counseling victims of crime. Upon facilitating a focus group of inmates who had been victims of sexual assault, my interests shifted from working with people who had experienced harm at the hands of an individual, to wanting to help prevent harms created by systems. I went back to school and got my Ph.D. in criminal justice, and now I study institutional harm, including that which is created by the criminal processing system and by mental health care system.”

Walker wants people to reconsider the word “pedophile,” preferring “minor-attracted people” — or MAP — to describe adults sexually attracted to children.

Walker says he is not a MAP.

He was an assistant professor at Old Dominion University in the Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice.

Then Allyn wrote a book A Long Dark Shadow: Minor Attracted People and Their Pursuit of Dignity.

The book disputes the view that those attracted to minors “are necessarily also predators and sex offenders.”

Walker interviewed 42 adults who admit to being sexually attracted to minors, but say they never committed any sexual abuse against them.

After publishing the book, Walker received threats, and people protested his theory online and sought his ouster at the university.

Walker was placed on leave at Old Dominon University in Virginia, and then resigned.

“Multiple threats were made against me and the campus community generally,” Walker said.

More than 60 professors in sexual abuse prevention, mental health, human sexuality and criminology signed a letter to the ODU’s administration defending Walker’s “important and ground-breaking” scholarship.

“The public backlash reflects a misunderstanding and mischaracterization of Walker’s research,” the letter said.

Walker is interviewed with the Prostasia Foundation. You can see video here. Some of Walker’s views.

By Allyn Walker

I use the term Minor-Attracted Person or MAP… primarily because it’s less stigmatizing than other terms like pedophile.
A lot of people when they hear the term pedophile, they automatically assume that it means a sex offender. And that isn’t true. And it leads to a lot of misconceptions about attractions toward minors…

From my perspective… no one can control who they’re attracted to… It’s our behaviors and responding to that attraction that are either okay or not okay.

And I want to be extremely clear that child sexual abuse is never ever okay.

But having an attraction to minors, as long as it isn’t acted on, doesn’t mean the person… is doing something wrong….

MAPS… are people who have an attraction they didn’t ask for… But they find they’re unable to change those attractions…

There’s a lot that could be said about whether attractions to minors are in themselves a sexual orientation….

Again, it’s really in that difference between attraction and behavior. And non-offending MAPs, by definition, do not abuse children…

“Pedophilia” is a clinical term that indicates a sexual attraction to people who have not gone through puberty. MAP refers to someone who has preferential attractions to minors, and that can include children who have gone through puberty or not.

And child sexual abusers are people who have committed a sexual offense against a child. Many of these people are indeed MAPs…

And then just as importantly, many MAPs never commit a sexual offense against a minor. And that difference is important, because when we don’t understand that distinction, we make incorrect assumptions about the likelihood of offending among MAPs. This leads to people believing that just because someone is attracted to minors, they’re likely to commit an offense. And we start to criminalize
a population just because of their attractions….

I actually worked for many years for an organization that developed alternatives to incarceration, through violence, intervention, restorative justice, initiatives, alternative court programs, and so on. But I never heard about any initiatives that attempted to prevent sexual offending against minors…

My research study included interviews with 42 minor-attracted people. And in those interviews, I asked participants about their experiences with coming to terms with their identity, and coping with the stigma they faced, as well as how they’ve strategized not to commit offenses. My purpose in asking about their strategies for non-offending is probably obvious, as I’m interested in offense prevention.

And I figured MAPs personal strategies would have relevance to other MAPs who might be struggling with some kind of temptation to act on their attractions…

But as I attended workshops and met MAPs in person, and through interviews, I heard about these experiences and how scared MAPs often were when they realized they had this attraction…

But it’s also hugely problematic, because when MAPs get the impression they’re destined to commit an offense against a child, they might not realize it’s a choice they have, and that there’s help out there if they feel some kind of temptation to
commit an offense…

If they end up in therapy with a counselor who mistakenly believes all MAPs have committed an offense or will do so at some point, their therapist might end up making a report against them that they shouldn’t be making.

Unfortunately, some MAPs have had that exact type of experience, which discourages others from help seeking, even when they might really need that help as a non-offending strategy. So, the stigma that we have against MAPs… can not only affect well-being, but it can actually lead to harm against children…

Sometimes I hear from people who think that MAPs need to work on getting rid of their attractions altogether.

And on the one hand, just because someone has attractions to children doesn’t mean they will never experience attraction to adults as well, or even that their attractions to children will persist for their entire lives. Sexuality can be fluid, and there are many MAPs who have a range of attractions to both children and adults. And sometimes those attractions can fluctuate just like any other attractions.

On the other hand, we also know that such methods as conversion therapy are not at all effective…

We also have child abuse prevention strategies that focus on teaching children to say “no” to adults. This is good for children to learn about. But places the burden of prevention on the child, rather than on individuals who might be at risk of offending….

But what I found out from talking to MAPs was that the reason they weren’t offending is because they would never want to harm a child.

Many of them talked to me about… understanding inherently that if they committed an offense against a child, it would be deeply hurtful.

For most of my participants, that was enough to keep them from ever even considering acting out on their attractions…

So, they’ll not be in spaces with minors, especially one-on-one…. If they know that there are going to be kids there, they won’t go….

But the majority said they never experienced urges to commit a sexual offense. It wasn’t like this daily struggle that they were trying to keep away from children.

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  • Walker is normalizing pedophilia and trying to make it acceptable in society. 60 professors supported him as well. This reflects the community and state of Old Dominion Uni.


    Pedophilia is an “ impulse disorder” got it?!

    That means pedophile scumbags can’t control their ‘ impulses’.

    Pedophilia is diagnosed as a DISEASE.

    Call is what you will, MAPS, pedophilia, ass-hole-scum bucket-ism. Micro-labeling the pre-criminal act, so these maggots can then fall into the bureaucratic cracks is a recipe for disaster.

    It is clinically proven that this disease is extremely difficult to control. How many billions of dollars we spend sending out rockets into space, but we can’t fund scientists to treat this global problem?

    Pedophilia is the true pandemic.

    There is a reason we haven’t figured out how to eliminate this disease.

    Because it’s a pervert s world and these sad SOBs will literally do ANYTHING to quench their thirst. They all migrate together and cover up for each other. This douche bag Allyn is trying to creep in and subtly normalize this DISGUSTING disease by insinuating it can be caught before it goes into affect.
    His theory is underdeveloped and greasy.

    This guy who created MAPS needs to retire from his field and get a more suitable job for Jabba the Hut.

    • WTF is an independent thinker. I agree with some of his opinions and do not with others. But I appreciate WTF’s voice on Frank Report.

  • When we think of a pedophile, we think of a sick puppy. Which is exactly what a person is who thinks children can be sexualized.
    Sex offender or not, you think about my kid with sex on your nasty mind? We are going to have a serious problem. You think about any kid with that fucked up brain that gets off on kids ??!

    I’m going to tell you I wish you were never born. I don’t care if you call it maps, mappy, cruddy, sleazy, terrifying, illegal, pedo, pedophilia. NO WORDS can accurately describe just how horrific you are!!!!
    Got it?

    Deal with your shit or get lost.

  • To nut job

    A pedo is a pedo is a pedo.
    MAPS is like a 7th graders science experiment. It’s just lame. This twerp Allyn, needs to go back to his little psych 101 class and cancel it immediately.

    He is dangerous because he speaks psych-gab, but he doesn’t have the wisdom or maturity to help this highly sensitive pandemic.

    Saying we should better understand pedos doesn’t mean we should use this fuzzy MAP jargon. It doesn’t mean that we should understand these truly sick and highly dangerous to justify it, we should understand it simply to keep them away from children at all costs.

    Anyone who considers that a child has sexual value should first be instructed how to protect the children from their vile and entirely unnatural inclinations. Our priority as individuals within communities within our society is to PROTECT children.

    We must keep rabid animals away.
    I’m so tired of this P.C. bullshit.

    MAPS go away now.

  • Pedophilia, much like addiction should be treated like a disease.
    “One drink is too many and a thousand are never enough.”

    An addict must maintain abstinence from inebriates forever. An addict can’t have just one drink. As many addicts find, there is an actual physiological reaction to inebriates that will not allow the body and mind to metabolize it. The body is addicted to the inebriate, so the only choice is absolute abstinence. True recovery is based from hardcore self honesty.
    First admit there is a problem, then do all the work literally every single day for the rest of their life. Much like a diabetic who needs insulin the rest of their life, there is no gray area. Simple. Do you want to live or die?

    MAPS is an underdeveloped theory.
    An addict doesn’t say I’m a part time addict, there is no such thing.
    One person can have one drink every decade and the consequences are so uncomfortable that the addict feels the desire to stop. If they can’t stop thinking about using even if they know it is WRONG that’s when it becomes extremely problematic. Even thinking about sexualizing a child, is so unnatural.
    Someone might read about how individuals were forced to eat dead people to stay alive for 15 seconds , but then a healthy reaction is to cringe and think about something else to replace such a sick thought. Thing is, eating a dead person to stay alive is absolutely repulsive and terrifying, but it’s still not as bad as sexualizing a child, because there is absolutely no need to sexualize a child, even for the sake of survival. There is no life or death reason to destroy and murder a child’s innocence. There are absolutely no justifications for this mind set or possible, eventual act of moral depravity.

    There is no gray area regarding pedophilia. It needs to be treated like a deadly virus and an addiction because that’s exactly what it is.

    Stop comparing thinking about killing Putin, a monster, to robbing a precious child’s innocence for the sake of lust.

    Just stop.


    Whoever believes that pedophiles are not infecting our government and corrupting the systemic values within our legal system has not been victimized or seen the victimization of our children caused by pedophilia first hand.

    The corruption continues on because there are so many sheep.

    This is video is only one tiny hole into the universe of the dark, seedy, hellacious worlds that profit off of the innocence of children.

    Even thinking about sexualizing a child is a rabid and vile drop into hell.

    Someone in these posts compared sexual fantasies about innocent, pure children to fantasies about killing the viscous, corrupt and evil dictator, Putin, who is threatening the world with nuclear war and is directly responding for the murder of countless innocent people.

    Your argument is lazy and irresponsible. It is underdeveloped and uninspiring.

    I don’t need to spell out why because this writer is justifying the most noxious act there is, sexually objectifying our most sacred life on earth, our children.

    I don’t know how we are all of the same species.

    It breaks my heart into pieces.

    • Wow. Ever since the Family Court issue started appearing on this blog, it has become infiltrated with morons. The regular commenters on here used to get silly and insult each other, but they weren’t this stupid.

  • Whoever wrote that thoughts aren’t criminal missed the point.

    Human beings create laws.

    Laws very unfortunately do not protect children from pedos.

    Many lawmakers are pedos.

    This is an argument about the psychological argument this man has created.

    His argument is Dangerous because it is slippery and has very little evidence to prove that his rather lenient approach will help children suffer from abuse.

    If a pedophile feels like their disease is normalized, then, they are able to then justify the next fatal step, which is to ACT on their repulsive and terrifying instincts.

    It’s like the nuclear bombs on the planet. I have a feeling that people who blindly agree with this kids reasoning, somehow believe that having nuclear plants on our planet is somehow protecting us from the “ enemy”. Even though we all know that nuclear bombs can literally destroy the world.

    I do agree that sick pedos would benefit from an honest approach to their sickness, but do NOT normalize it. Do not assume or trust that their sickness won’t escalate into further perversions . Please.
    Just because we label it as something other than pedophillia does not mean that it is then under control.

    • As I see it, his point is making a distinction between people who recognize they have an internal attraction to children but who do not act on that, and criminals who commit sex offenses against children. His perspective is to understand the difference so it can be used to find proactive ways to prevent sex offenses against children as opposed to reactive ways of punishing criminals – which is how the system primarily works now.

      Thoughts in your head do not make you a criminal. If you think about busting the windows in your ex’s car or punching him in the face, you have committed no crime. If you act, you’ve committed vandalism or battery.

      Many lawmakers are pedos? How did you determine that?

      • If someone merely entertains a thought – which if carried out would be a criminal act – how would anybody else know?

        Why do people who entertain private albeit illegal thoughts require a label? Is this for those who are frightened their thoughts will manifest as a reality? In which case, this just looks like an attempt to furnish criminals with a layer of mitigating sophistry. Those who will never become child sex abusers, despite their hidden desire – never become child sex abusers and so their hidden desire is neither here nor there, again how would we know?

        I’d like to end Putins life, and up to this exact minute – thats been a private thought, now, even though declared, I can guarantee I wont be ending his life anytime soon, I’m not a murderer, Russia’s to far etc., if I were to accept the label EPL – what does it help us to know?

        • I have no interest in the label. The point (in the video) about the condition being so stigmatized that it is can be difficult to get help for it – that’s where the ability to help prevent criminal behavior is affected. If you can’t turn to someone and say “this awful thought is in my head”, you can’t utilize outside support to control that awful thought in your head.

    • “I do agree that sick pedos would benefit from an honest approach to their sickness, but do NOT normalize it. Do not assume or trust that their sickness won’t escalate into further perversions . Please.
      Just because we label it as something other than pedophillia does not mean that it is then under control.”

      Other than you calling them sick pedos and Allyn calling them MAPs, are you sure you two have such polar opposite viewpoints?

      I’d toss out the possibility that Allyn is trying to come up with solutions to the problems you articulated.

  • A young woman talks about “transitioning” and detransitioning”
    Sarah’s De-Transition Story: The Government Abandoned Me

    • I hope you aren’t implying that the author of this study is not standing up against child abuse. If that’s what you think, you clearly have very poor reading comprehension abilities.

  • “Any legitimate research that aims to prevent adults from abusing children either physically or sexually has to be a good thing.”

    Someone wrote the above.

    Such lackadaisical thinking. WHO is to determine WHAT is ‘legitimate’?

    People, think! Don’t just pass the responsibility of protecting our babies, our next generation to ‘them’. WE ARE THEM. We MUST PROTECT OUR CHILDREN. WAKE UP!

  • “This would differentiate between pedos who act on such impulses in someway and those who keep those impulses in check.”

    Dear Anonymous,

    You wrote the above.

    Do you honestly believe anyone who has ‘impluses’ to basically murder the innocence of a child’s soul by sexually abusizing them, would be able to control their, as you call it, ‘impulses’?

    Being sexually attracted to a child is a DISEASE! A disease spreads, it infects and is irrational.

    Your mentality is corrupt. Stay away from children you are sick, do NOT INFECT OTHERS WITH YOUR PASSIVE WISHY WASHY MIND.


    I would keep all children away from YOU JUST AS MUCH AS I WOULD THESE PEDOPHILES.

    I have a feeling you were having ‘impulses’ to kill little kittens as a kid.

  • Did someone just give me LSD?

    Does this actually say what my friend just told me it does? Yup. It does.

    I am sending this article to everyone I know.

    This is backwards.

    Like my friend just told me who sent this to our entire group of friends, this twerp is missing the whole point.

    Absolutely NO ONE cares if a pedo eventually has sex with an adult.
    Nope. That’s not our concern.

    The concern is that there is a systemic sexual DISEASE that doesn’t need to be coddled-It needs to be ELIMINATED!

    It is a CANCER.

    It is non negotiable.

    It’s not related to homosexuality.
    If two consenting adults choose to interact sexually in different ways, if it doesn’t hurt anyone, that’s one thing.

    Taking advantage of a child is a crime against humanity. A crime Against all that is pure and good.

    This kid is is dangerous. Smart enough to create a toxic argument that is not obviously bang in your face bad, but dumb enough to not understand just how EVIL his callus and brainwashed into beliefs are. Dangerous because he is trying to trend a laisser faire psychology about paedophiles.

    He is a horror show in the making.

    • Anonymous 11:41

      You’ve done an excellent job of articulating how I feel.
      I couldn’t possibly have said it better myself.
      Thank you!


      • I predict that sometime in the future, we’ll all be able to where some sorta headgear that will monitor our thoughts. Then, we should all be locked up for thinking about doing illegal shit. Or rather, YOU ALL will be locked up for thinking bad shit. I’ll be skipping around in my meadow while you sick bastards are plummeting the national life expectancy.

        • It’s 1984 and Minority Report combined. I would join you skipping in that meadow, but I will probably be locked up as soon as I have to interact with my ex. Too many stray imaginings of my fist in his face.

        • Nutjob-

          Actual working lie detectors will be online in a few years.

          Philip K. Dick predicted it in a book.

  • Yeah
    Read the whole post and I feel exactly the same way

    Allyn Walker
    You are a very dangerous human being

    It is absolutely WRONG to fantasize about DESTROYING a CHILD S life !!!!

    Sexual attraction to a child is wrong on all levels !!!!

    Are you going to also say it’s okay to fantasize about murder?
    Because that’s what it is you dumb ass freak !!!

    The sexual objectification of a CHILD destroys their innocence and souls you asshole !!!

  • For the first time in all the years I’ve been following the Frank Report I could not finish reading to the end ..

    Not that this has ANYTHING to do with the Frank Report, I just felt my blood boiling up because the insidious reaction to this f-ing PUNK made me so angry!!

    There is ABSOLUTELY MANY MANY things WRONG with even considering a SEXUAL attraction to a CHILD!!!!!

    I am extremely grateful that this was posted however, because we, as a community MUST openly discuss this perversion in order to understand where it comes from.

    I will read the whole writing, once I calm down.

    Video games and movies have desensitized people from violence.

    I WILL NOT STAND BY the normalization of any sort of sexual curiosity towards children!!!

    • “I am extremely grateful that this was posted however, because we, as a community MUST openly discuss this perversion in order to understand where it comes from.”

      That’s exactly where this researcher is coming from. Chill out.

  • Stop holding back on comments and post them on time. I’ve made comments well before others and see them show up much later than theirs.

    • You shut up. I’ll decide what’s good for readers to know. As for the comments, I’m handling it. And that means I’m handling it. You don’t count now. I was gonna ask questions, but since you made this comment, the less you know, the better. Uh, just once more: I’m handling the comments. And that means, whatever I do, I’m handling it.

        • I have a special practice for comments. I handle one website. Now you have my number. I’ll wait for your call…by the way, I admire your trolling very much.

          • See this what I’ve been saying too!

            Everybody is sick and fucking tired of this and if Frank would just go back to his old ways and stop being an asshole, then nobody would have to wait anymore!

            He could take down the comments system and put on a comments system that you allows you to instantly post, edit, reply, and/or delete any of your comments without any wait at all and it would make everybody’s life on FR so much easier including him and his free working staff!

            This is ridiculous! Frank Report was so great before he started giving into liberal ideologies and started being a little bitch like this!

            Unfortunately he’s going to have learn the hard way what happened when you keep censoring people and how it doesn’t solve anything! He’s not going to change the minds of racists, misogynists, Nazis, or any other kind of political or ideological extremists by doing so!

            All he’s doing is making his own readers that adored him for his complete respect and honor to our Constitutional Rights hate him more and more and view him as a traitor and pain the ass with his dinosaur of a slow-ass system of censorship!

            Maybe when Frank Report is dried out of readers, he will learn his lesson then! But in regards to his sorry behavior as of late, as has been demonstrated by his dementia-ridden replies like this right here ☝🏻or no replies at all, he probably won’t until he dies and meets his maker!

            Hopefully then somebody will buy up the website and start anew what Frank used to claim believe in only to show that he was a fraud in his promises and beliefs with these past few years!

            Sad! Very sad what Frank Report has become! 😭

          • Why didn’t you say you fought for the First Amendment? I thought you were just some cheap two-bit troll Patriot God was running in, trying to bluff me.

    • Anonymous 9:12-

      Want your comments posted immediately?

      Join Frank Report’s
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  • If someone would like to step forward and let the world know they are attracted to minors, then by all means, call themselves MAP.

    This would differentiate between pedos who act on such impulses in someway and those who keep those impulses in check.

    It would actually make it easier because should the MAP decide to cross the line to criminality and act on those impulses, his or her history would make for an easier conviction.

    It would also allow parents and children to stay at a distance should they not agree that MAP is a legitimate, healthy term.

    It seems the many in the US (Gardners following and billions in funding for fathers rights groups among others) want to move toward making pedophilia acceptable. We must make sure this does not occur.

  • Any legitimate research that aims to prevent adults from abusing children either physically or sexually has to be a good thing.

        • ‘What do you propose as an alternative? Scooping out their brains and looking at them under a microscope?’

          Ruth proposes no alternative. Yours says a lot about you.

  • A video from Ben Shapiro on how gender change operations are butchering children.
    Video released yesterday!
    How The Left is Butchering Children

      • “Anonymous
        October 6, 2022 at 12:51 pm
        Ben Shapiro is a sniveling weasel attention ho.”

        On his worst day Ben Shapiro is more intelligent and cogent than you on your best day.
        When was the last time you were invited to lecture at a major university?
        Ben Shapiro at Iowa State University.
        Ben Shapiro Full Speech + Q&A at Iowa State University

  • The criminal elite that is trying to destroy America wants to normalize child abuse and transgenderism.
    The American people are discovering the truth about these evil ghouls.
    These people are so twisted that anyone who is normal is labeled as “cisgender.”
    That means that they are happy with the gender that they were born.
    A full gender change program can cost over one hundred thousand dollars.
    Doctors never tell children pushed into this madness that the procedure is irreversible.
    Nor are children told that the procedure will make them sterile, unable to have children.
    Nor are children told that the full procedure can render them unable to enjoy sex.
    Transgenderism is the ultimate form of child abuse..
    Video of Joe Biden promoting transgender operations for children as young as eight years old.

    • Stop brining Bo into your bs. This doesn’t have to do with discrimination it has to do with medical conclusions that children at eight don’t have fully developed cognitive skills necessary to make such extreme and permanent decisions.

      • Anonymous:
        So when a child plays “dress up” and dresses as the opposite sex are we to automatically conclude that the child is trans gender.?

  • “The book disputes the view that those attracted to minors “are necessarily also predators and sex offenders.”

    I think this is common sense. I think people who sexually abuse children have pedophilia + are sociopaths/psychopaths. There can be a fucked up person who was sexually abused as a kid themselves who is now so fucked up as an adult that they find kids attractive (sick, yes), but they actually have a conscience/empathy and would never hurt a child in that horrific way. Just like some people have rape fantasies but they are aware it is wrong and very harmful to actually rape someone and would never ever act on it. But a sociopath/psychopath with rape fantasies is the one who is dangerous.

  • Pedophiles with rape fantasies. So stupid! P.S. can’t change sex: it happens at the first cell division after conception- google telophase.
    Gender is a social construct, determined by patriarchal society; so eff off with that garbage

  • This cunt is getting too much airtime!

    Now, Grank Nort is providing more…..

    Allyn Walker, Ph.D., saying this outrageous shit because
    *he’s (she’s) to be in the limelight.

  • First off: Allyn is a female, who claims to be non-binary. So they are not a he. Allyn continues to have connections to Prostatia.

    Prostatia had a co-founder who was also a member of NAMBLA (national association of man boy love, a pro pedophile organization.)

    Prostatia also has many convicted sex-offenders on its board.

    Dr. James Cantor, another Prostatia board member, wants to include the “P” in LGBTQ and has said so on twitter.

    Prostatia sells the myth that allowing so called “MAPS” to have chat rooms to meet in private online, they can help each-other not offend. This has been disproven. When pedos congregate in groups, they tend to escalate with eachother, much like those in self-harm groups or “pro-ana” (anorexic) groups. This is because pedophilia is a serious mental illness, not a healthy sexuality.

    Here is their public forum; where some members discuss at length about the “liberation” of MAPS and advocate normalizing “age-appropriate” sex with minors.

    In this video, a youtuber shares a series of screenshots found by a mole in the Prostatia private online “support” group, just for approved “MAPS” only.

    screenshots start at 16:49, warning they are disgusting!

    Prostatia also sells the myth that allowing maps access to digital, cartoon or written child pornography material and child sized sex dolls (which are illegal in the US) will help non-offenders to not offend. This is also roundly disproven. Research shows that any access to forms of pornographic material to pedophiles increases the chances their behavior will escalate to real people sort of like a drug tolerance building up.

    Prostatia advocates AGAINST child safeguarding on the internet. They argue to DECRIMINALIZE the sharing of sexually explicit images of children and child porn material because “it hurts a few children who just want to share nudes of themselves.”

    Prostatia is clearly a front organization hoping to normalize pedophilia and increase avenues of child trafficking and abuse under the guise of it being actually “helpful”.

    Here is an article about another of their banner members, their communications director, Noah Berlatsky

    Noah Berlatsky has said on twitter that parent/child relationships are inherently abusive, and that sex offender registries are “racist.”

    Here is a video of him interviewing Allyn Walker;

    Allyn Walker’s “reaserch” if of the same goals. Allyn’s 42 person self-reported study on self declared MAPs, did only one thing for society, it gathered what stories pedophiles told about themselves.

    Any forensic psychologist who studies sex offenders worth their salt will tell you how often they lie. Rapists of all stripes, but especially pedophiles, are liars and mostly untreatable.

    This roundly spits on what we know about child sex abusers and how they operate.

    To make matters worse, most pedos never get caught, just like most rapists never go to jail. The fact that their victims are children make it especially hard to catch them. Therefore, Allyn Walker’s use of pedophiles own words that they aren’t offending spits on the millions of survivors of child abuse who were never believed much less never got justice.

    Pedophiles also operate via a universe of grooming in order to gain access and avoid detection, and often are so good at it they believe their own lies. They are serial rapists who hide in plain sight. When caught they often tell people they never offended because their minor victim “egged them on” or they “consented naturally and no one was hurt”.

    Their beliefs in their own innocence are dissociative and nearly semi-religious. Many have persecution complexes about how pedophilia is in fact “entirely natural.”

    Children almost never come forward of their own, some people die with the secret of their abuse, and pedos don’t just groom children, they groom society around them to hide their abuses.

    Allyn claims that we can help pedos to not offend by allowing pedos to be around children as long as the pedo gets to bring with them their own designated “safe person” without anyone else vetting this “safe person” themselves. She describes this in the above video with Berlatsky.

    What this just sounds like to me is just a way to make sure pedos can have extra help to abuse children. A pedophiles “safe person” is just someone they can trust to lie, threaten, coerce and groom. Pedo’s like to have an alibi and a lookout when they are in the process of abusing children, who can make sure their victim is never able to get justice. Think of someone covering a door, or helping to traffic the child, or helping to film the abuse.

    I wonder if Allyn thinks of herself as one of these “safe people.”

    Oh, and Allyn now works for the John Hopkins University and its Hospital was the first in the US offering “gender affirmative” sterilization regimens, cross sex hormones and masectomies for children. persons-hired-Johns-Hopkins-center.html

    And for the icing on the cake. The Prostatia Foundation’s listed San Francisco business address is located literally across the street from a children’s elementary school!

    I hope Frank tears these sick people apart.

  • Regarding trans stuff, there’s a very simple solution:

    Call yourself XX or XY.

    If you don’t know which you are, taxpayers will swab your cheeks to collect DNA and tell you.

    A man with surgery is not a woman. Ever. A man can never ever give birth. Ever.

    XX gives birth. XY does not.

    And if you note, they never say female or male. They say woman or man.

    Be who you are, but don’t mess with Mother Nature.

  • Not really opposed to some scholarly or mental health term for it.

    I get the distinction trying to make – one that has the attraction and doesn’t act on it (MAP) vs those that have it and do act on it (pedophile). Or simply – nondestructive vs destructive. Mental health is entirely about identifying problems and human nature is to give those things names then attempt to construct a solution for those problems.

    We see that now with sexual attraction, how people are attracted to others now has a whole bunch of names for it. By this I mean terms like sapiosexual, demixsexual, pomosexual, spectrasexual and the rest of the alphabet soup. Most of which are repetitive and bullshit but helps feed people’s delusions that their are special unicorns (“I define attraction by something other then looks for I am sexual!” even though their dating history suggests anything but that).

    Different subject but point being is labels are often a starting point to figuring things out and coming up with solutions so if it drives research to come up with more solutions for pedophilia so thoughts do not become deeds towards children, more power to the new label.

    However, nuance is something that society as a whole hates to acknowledge. Everyone likes things to be true or false, good or evil. They like it simple. It why the politician that lies with a simple solution to a complex problem gets the votes even though even the dumbest among us instinctually know they are just full of it even if do not understand the problem much less the solution. Don’t care because simple feels better. I do not see an attempt to add a gray area to pedophile going down well even though the real world is really nothing but the gray.

    • “The real world is really nothing but the gray.”


      Everything is black and white.

      You always have choices.


      Dropping a bomb on a 100 terrorists even if there is a risk of killing 1 innocent person is wrong.
      We can justify it because we more save the lives of are country men.

      BUT- I believe killing the terrorists despite killing an innocent person is the right move. It’s a disgusting thing to do and it’s inherently wrong.

      People like you and say the world is truly gray are cowards. Sometimes you have to do wrong to make it right, but that’s not fucking gray.

      You just want to intellectualize everything!

      It’s called being selfish and I’m selfish.

      Frank always says he’d rather free 400 people rather than one innocent person go to prison. This is the same thing.

    • Erasend I appreciate your voice of reason. I too am in favor of figuring things out and finding solutions. The pitchforks and torches crowd aren’t helpful and they’re not as virtuous as they think.

      Dr. Walker’s views aren’t even particularly radical. People who find themselves attracted to children ought to get psychological help. To prevent them acting on those impulses.

      Isn’t that what we all want? To prevent child abuse?

      I think solving problems is more useful than indulging violent fantasies of revenge against pervs.

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