Raniere Speaks Out About Prison Retaliation as He Attacks 120 Year Conviction

Keith Raniere

On September 6, 2022, Keith Raniere filed an affidavit alleging maltreatment at the prison. He signed this affidavit while being housed in the Special Housing Unit at USP Tucson.

USP Tucson is a maximum security prison operated for the safety of sex offenders. It provides a federal facility where sex offenders, because they are the majority, can be relatively free from the targeting that occurs against them in other max security prisoners.

Raniere has been in the SHU since July 26.

Here is his affidavit.

I, Keith Raniere BOP register number 57005-177, pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 1746, avow under penalty of perjury that the following is true to the best of my knowledge, information, and belief:

1. I am currently incarcerated in the United States Bureau of Prisons, at Tucson, AZ.

2. I am currently challenging my criminal convictions through the courts and the media.

3. I am the Plaintiff in this action against the United States Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Prisons for various violations of my civil rights.

4. I am being retaliated against by prison staff as a result of that lawsuit, and my efforts in challenging my criminal convictions.

5. Shortly after my legal team filed a F.R.Crim.P. Rule 33 petition on my behalf, my contact with my power of attorney Suneel Chakravorty was cut off with no explanation or valid reason.

Mr. Chakravorty serves as a go between for myself and my legal team, and denying him access was a major disruption to my legal efforts.

6. I was held in disciplinary segregation for 97 days with no valid reason given.

7. On January 6, 2022, I submitted an informal complaint to initiate the grievance process.

8. The issues I intended to grieve were:

1) I was punished for violating a policy, but I was never
told what the policy was;

2) Without knowing what policy was violated, I could not defend
myself against the disciplinary action; and

3) The charges were changed in the middle of the disciplinary process.

I believe that these issues were deliberate attempts to retaliate against me for trying to challenge my criminal conviction.

10.The disciplinary hearing report states that I violated Code 396 – Use of the mail (email) for abuses other than criminal activity and Code 397 – Use of the telephone for abuses other than criminal activity.

11. The report states that I used my cellmate to give messages to Nicole Clyne. However, I was able to speak with Ms. Clyne directly at that time, so there was no reason to do anything improper in order to speak with her.

12. I was able to visit with Ms. Clyne only 2 days after being put in the SHU as punishment for allegedly trying to talk to her through my cellmate.

13. On appeal, the discipline was upheld because I admitted the actions that were claimed. However, the actions I admitted to were not violations of the policies cited.

14. On June 9, 2022, I filed a Central Office Administrative Remedy Appeal. I complained that the responses I received failed to address the three issues that I had initially raised in my grievance.

15. I never received a response to the Central Office Administrative Remedy Appeal.

16. On July 26, 2022, I was assaulted while walking to a table with my food in the dining hall.

17. I did not fight back.

18. I was placed in disciplinary segregation for having been assaulted.

19. I was given a disciplinary ticket for “fighting” and have had my privileges revoked and was placed in segregation “pending investigation”.

20. I have had no contact with Mr. Withers prior to his assault on me.

21. After the assault, I was placed in the SHU.

22. I was dizzy for several days and could not get out of bed.

23. While in the SHU, I was not able to get grievance forms.

24. The counselor only comes through one time per week, and if I am not able to get their attention while they are passing my door, I am not able to communicate with them.

25. On August 19, 2022, I submitted an informal complaint on plain paper to the counselor.

26. I did not get a receipt.

27. I believe that I was given a disciplinary ticket as retaliation for the recent publicity that my case has received as a result of my efforts to challenge my conviction.

28. I have done everything in my power to pursue administrative remedies for these acts of retaliation.

29. I have filed official administrative remedy forms about the retaliation.

30. The responses did not address the issues I raised, including retaliation.

31. I have difficulty obtaining official forms, so I have submitted administrative grievances on plain paper.

32. I have no way of knowing if the grievance on plain paper was treated as a grievance, or if I will receive a response.

33. Due to these facts, I believe that submitting further grievances on the issue of retaliation would be futile.

34. I believe that submitting further grievances regarding retaliation would result in further retaliation against me.

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  • Nicki Clyne
    10 h
    There will be the appearance that I give an appearance. Keep following me to find out what that means

  • The Vow Season 2 Trailer came out yesterday to follow the teaser that came out a few weeks ago. Nancy has center stage (with a sprinkling of KR) the clip ends with the burning question, “Has she woken up or just trying to save herself?” .Anxious to hear your post viewing comments

  • This is reprehensible. He’s had his life snd liberties taken. If anyone challenges the system, the response is brutal retaliation.

    It doesn’t matter if it’s family court, civil court or federal court. When you take a stand, you are targeted, abused and buried.

    • Keith voluntarily gave up his Liberty. Keith chose to photograph a child in explicit pornographic poses. That’s illegal in the country in which Keith chose to reside. Keith chose to traffic women sexually. That’s illegal in the country in which the man chose to reside. Keith participated in criminal racketeering. Keith stole someone’s identity. Keith withheld an immigrants legal documents. Also illegal in the country which he chose to reside. Keith has an extensive list of criminal activities for which he was convicted by a jury of his peers in a lengthy trial in the country in which he resides. Keith had unlimited funds to Mount defense for his actions. Keith could have made different choices. He did not. Keith could afford to move to another country. A country in which Keith’s chosen Criminal activities would have been legal or overlooked. He did not. If Keith wanted to participate and orchestrate illegal activities in the country he chose to live in then Keith is going to be prosecuted by that country’s justice system. And Keith is going to have to suffer the consequences. No one forced Keith to do any of the actions he carried out for decades that got him into prison other than Keith.

      • Keith Raniere is a (poker) player who increased his stakes after every game he won. He thought he always wins also with illegal tricks and with the help of his financiers and their financial possibilities to manipulate and bribe investigations and people on almost every level, at least in Albany.

        Each time, however, the cards were dealt, and who the players were in this game, he believed he was winning.

        But he was wrong when he had to deal with other competitors whom he completely underestimated, namely Catherine Oxenberg. Raniere continued to play his game not knowing that others were better at the game (of life) and had more influence and connections than NXIVM and the Bronfmans ever had with their money.

    • Keith Raniere believes that suffering is joy and that confinement is a just punishment for transgressions. He should be joyful that he’ll have the opportunity to grow.

  • La Silla Rota
    Keith Raniere, líder de Nxivm, 120 años de su condena brutal
    El líder de Nxivm acabó con ojo morado y náuseas tras haber sido golpeado; antes fue obligado a comer en la inmundicia
    Por Redacción La Silla Rota
    Escrito en MUNDO el 23/9/2022

    [ …]


    Keith Raniere, leader of Nxivm, 120 years of his brutal conviction
    Nxivm leader ended up with black eye and nausea after being beaten; earlier he was forced to eat in filth

    By Redacción La Silla Rota
    Written in WORLD on 23/9/2022

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    Nxivm cult leader Keith Raniere was beaten in prison by a sex trafficker that left him with a black eye and dizzy for days, according to court documents, in a brutal sentence where he has had to eat his lunch amid feces in the cell smeared all over the wall.

    The New York Post, which lists him as a “perverted sex slaver” described Raniere as complaining about his brutal sentence after he was attacked in his Arizona prison by Maurice Withers, 33, who is serving an 18-year sentence for trafficking five women, including at least one minor.

    “On July 26, 2022, I was assaulted while walking to a table with my food in the dining room. I did not defend myself,” Raniere said in an affidavit in his ongoing lawsuit about the conditions while serving his 120-year sentence.

    “I was dizzy for several days and could not get out of bed,” Raniere complained of the attack in his Tucson cell.

    Nxivm leader Keith Raniere complained that another sex trafficker assaulted him in prison.

    “He suffered a black eye, swelling, nausea and dizziness for more than a week,” and was beaten so badly that he “has limited knowledge of the beating he was given,” described attorneys for Nxivm leader Keith Raniere

    Forced to eat amidst the filth.

    Raniere was also put in a cell with an intersex woman, and forced to eat his lunch “next to day-old human feces … smeared all over the wall” according to other documents cited by The Sun newspaper.

    The Nxivm cult leader is serving a 120-year prison sentence after he was convicted of sex trafficking and racketeering for running a sex cult in his various self-help groups, including Nxivm.

    His alleged attacker, Withers, was sentenced to 18 years in prison in 2017 for trafficking women for prostitution in Wisconsin and Las Vegas

    Withers met the women on social media and then “used violence, threats, intimidation, degradation and psychological manipulation to coerce” them into prostitution.


  • If you’ve ever been in most any form of basic military training, you’ve been told of the “open door” policy of pretty much ALL COs. You also know to NEVER use it. Ranieri is that guy who tries it anyway, to protest his poor treatment enroute to washing out. Good luck with that.

  • NBCnews

    NXIVM cult leader Keith Raniere was beaten in prison by fellow sex offender, lawsuit says
    The incident allegedly took place at the federal penitentiary in Tucson, Arizona.

    Sept. 22, 2022, 8:02 PM CEST
    By David K. Li


    New York Post
    Nxivm leader Keith Raniere claims fellow sex trafficker left him dizzy after prison beatdown
    By Lee Brown
    September 22, 2022 4:00pm Updated


    Daily Mail

    Jailed NXIVM sex cult leader Keith Raniere is left unconscious after being punched in the head by inmate before being put with intersex prisoner next to a cage smeared with human feces
    Convicted sex cult leader Keith Raniere was assaulted by another prisoner in the dining hall of his Tucson, Arizona prison
    He is housed with an intersex female prisoner and also has to spend hours a day next to a cell that has feces smeared
    Raniere, who is serving a 120 year sentence for crimes related to sex trafficking and child pornography, says he is being retaliated against for appealing his case
    He is the former ringleader of the NXIVM cult that coerced women into ‘slavery’ and branded their pubic areas with his initials
    His lawyers say he is ‘allowed one five-minute phone call per month, he cannot have a razor, he has no access to legal resources’

    PUBLISHED: 01:24 BST, 22 September 2022 | UPDATED: 03:55 BST, 22 September 2022


  • He is such a poor, poor boy. I hope he does not cry every night. Okay, let us be honest. After falsely litigating people into ruin and committing dozens of other crimes HE is complaining. Cry me a river Keith.

    PS: You should address Nicki correctly. It is Mrs Clyne.

  • Raniere is bringing up every complaint he has about not getting his way about breaking the rules.

    This is goes to show his Narcissistic personality.

    Everything is about him and he cannot see how he creates a wave of trouble for himself.

    He wants what he wants. He thinks he is above the law, above the rules and should get special treatment.

    He isn’t going to fair well in the prison system.

    He brought himself bad attention by the prisoner’s at the MDC. Now it’s happening at Tuscan.

    It’s most likely not the last punch he is going to get. He has mark himself as a pussy by not fighting back.

    In his so called technology, they talked about about a Might is Right world. Raniere definitely stepped into that world the day he got arrested.

    It’s part of his Karma.
    His loyalists bitch about all the time on social media about how unfair the BOP system is

    Rainier’s behavior for decades was unfair. That’s Karma

    • Self-proclaimed GOP “muckraker” Roger Stone couldn’t contain his glee at rejoining Twitter – and he couldn’t enjoy it for long.

      [On April 27, 2022, Roger Stone had set up the Twitter account @RogerStoneUSA with the hope that it could be his re-entry into Twitter. But his re-entry lasted for only 6 hours before he was banned again.]

    • I doubt if any of Joe Biden’s supporters would call themselves “Proud”.
      Joe Biden a ‘part-time president’

  • Frank
    Do you really expect the victims families to feel sorry for this NO good SOB ? That is the last thing he will get from us, is freaking sympathy. YOU ought to be ashamed of yourself for even writing about this piece of shit. He is human garbage. Shame on YOU!!!!!!

  • Well? Guess they shouldn’t have bothered to put that situation on chill. I suppose next time he gets clocked, they should just release him back to the general population immediately. Let a few more angry men have their turn with him.

    Gosh if he isn’t a stubborn and ungrateful man. He’s tried to cheat the rules several times already and does not seem to be learning anything. Also, the dude obviously still has access to his lawyers. If I’m wrong that it’s only for 5 mins a month, then okay, maybe I’m wrong about that but I doubt it. I believe he’s just pitching a fit because they took his Suneel time away.

    He’s also acting like he’s the first and only person who wants reconsideration of their sentence. And? Just like Danielle did with the medical board trying to dictate to the prison how they ought to be running things.

    They sheltered this guy from further harm, gave him a roommate to talk to as well as access to weekly counselling but all the guy can do is whine and complain. Pretty interesting coming from a guy who made every single follower clap hands to the statement that there are no ultimate victims.

    Guess his brilliant theory hasn’t really aged well, huh?

  • I’ve been in KR’s shoes.
    If a CO doesn’t like you, they will F… with you.
    Exercising their power over you, your movement and your basic human rights gets them off.

    What to do:
    make sure CO’s like you. Do everything possible to show them you and them are good together. Get them on your team.
    Stop trying to prove your smarter than everyone, don’t do shit that will subvert them

    Fight back against idiot inmates to get respect.

    Focus on who you can help or teach reading or basic math to. Drop your ego.

    Hire a real lawyer, not Suneel or Nicki to handle your matters. They are not credible or respected and give the impression that you are trying to pull something over on them.

  • — Mr. Chakravorty serves as a go between for myself and my legal team, and denying him access was a major disruption to my legal efforts

    Why does he need Isaac Edwards? He has no legal experience whatsoever, so why would a lack of access to him be a “major disruption” to his legal efforts?

    On another note, I wouldn’t be surprised if he paid the guy in some form or another to hit him so that he could begin this narcissistic driven undertaking.

    The guy is the biggest whiny bitch victim I’ve ever known.

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