Dr. Amy Neustein: Mothers Reporting Abuse Losing Custody ‘at Staggering Rates’

Amy Neustein, Ph.D. has worked in the fields of speech technology and preventing child sexual abuse.

Her work in the latter began in 1986, when her six-year-old daughter reported being sexually abused by her father. As a result of the child’s disclosure, she was removed from Amy’s custody, and placed with her ex-husband.

Dr. Neustein fought back. During her advocacy, she founded HURT (Help Us Regain The Children)—a legal research and advocacy center—to lobby state and federal legislators to investigate the problems in the family court system.

She gave expert witness testimony in child abuse/custody cases.

In 2005, Dr. Neustein and attorney Michael Lesher wrote From Madness to Mutiny. The book was the lead title of the University Press of New England, and is part of Northeastern University’s Gender, Crime and Law Series.

Dr. Neustein told Frank Report.

As a researcher, and as a mother, I’ve been examining the malfeasance in the American family court system for 36 years.

I see the inevitable need for a major Justice Department investigation into the profiteering family court system, where swindlers, profiteers and grifters have penetrated what was once a venerable institution.

In so doing, they have pushed their own unsavory agenda, trapping unsuspecting innocent mothers and children. This is the most serious indictment of government I’ve ever seen.

And it shows the contamination of the family court system by profiteers, responsible for the dire situation of children being stripped of their loving mothers.

The only contact they have with them is often in a sterile visitation setting, where a mother must pay about $400 a week to cover the supervisor in the setting where the visitation is held to see her child.

The mothers often do not have the money to pay for this visitation, which is roughly $20,000 a year.

As a result, their children are being wiped out of their lives, and their children grow up to feel very much abandoned by their mothers because they don’t understand the system.

The children know that the mothers abandoned them because they told the truth because they pleaded with the court. They pleaded with the law guardian, and with the social service caseworkers, to be protected from sexual abuse. And they were told they were liars over and over again. And as a result, they were severely punished with the loss of their mothers, that children have been orphanized.

I want Jill Biden to hear this message. I feel that if she understood what was going on with mothers losing children, she would come to the rescue. She’s a mother herself.

There is enough evidence and enough researchers and lawyers to make a compelling case for US Attorney General Merrick Garland to come in with the full force of the Justice Department to commence a Justice investigation on numerous grounds, from flagrant civil rights violations in these cases, to the cultivation of these children for an organized Child Exploitation network in contravention to social services laws that require investigation and protection of children of child sex abuse, to issues of racketeering, financial benefit to the agencies and departments that work with the courts, and make a profit off the the tearing of children away from loving mothers.

There is enough to show that you have a subversion of the family court system by profiteers.

It’s money making, and the financial motive is what is directing, guiding and inspiring the outcomes.

This is an extraordinarily tragic situation where children are being orphanized. They are losing their mothers, and their only contact with their mothers in a sterile visitation setting for one hour a week.

And when the mother can no longer pay $400, which is the going rate to the visitation center and to the supervisor, she loses her child.

Does anyone understand the trauma involved here? It’s cruel. And it’s heartless. And it’s motivated because of finances, because there’s a need to use the sexually submissive, abused children for the child exploitation network that has penetrated the family court system, and it nested already for quite a few years.

It has made itself systematic and routinized. It’s embedded in the court system, and that’s where the child exploiters get the children from, from middle class custody cases. That’s where they’re getting the children for the pornography in this country, and for child pedophilic activities.

Dr. Neustein, who is Jewish, also published the following in the The Washington Jewish Week.

By Dr. Amy NeusteinFX launched a groundbreaking five-part miniseries, “Children of the Underground,” focusing on a well-publicized 1980s vigilante movement that ran safe houses in the U.S. and Europe to assist mothers in hiding with their children when family courts had erroneously ordered their children to live with a sexually abusive parent notwithstanding compelling evidence to support the abuse.

Though the Underground Railroad has become a relic of the past, the danger to children posed by errant judicial decisions is just as exigent today.

In 2019, The Washington Post, pointing to a trailblazing study conducted by a clinical law professor at George Washington University Law School, stated that “mothers who report abuse — particularly child abuse — are losing child custody at staggering rates.”

In fact, the study showed that in over 73% of the time when mothers presented credible evidence of abuse, and the other parent charges “parental alienation” — when a child refuses to have a relationship with a parent due to manipulation, an unsubstantiated theory invoked as a smokescreen — the family court judges, who are easily persuaded by this fallacy, will strip the mother of custody and relegate her to restrictive and limited contact with her child — usually at a court-approved institutional setting where a visitation supervisor is hired to monitor everything the mothers says to her child so as to prevent any further discussion of abuse.

Sadly, such moratoriums even include when children themselves initiate discussion in making new disclosures of abuse.

Amy Neustein was a young mother when her daughter reported sexual abuse by her father. Parental alienation was employed, and she lost custody of her daughter, which then began her long fight for justice.

In most cases, the costs of supervised visitation become so prohibitive to the mother that she cannot continue to see her child. That is, the mother is forced to pay, in addition to child support, a few hundred dollars for each visit to cover both the costs of the supervisor and the institution, which provides the visitation setting.

Such visitation arrangements are structured after that mother has already been nearly bankrupted by attorney’s fees, court transcript costs, expert witness fees, law guardian fees, and other litigation expenses.

Yet, there is no structured government program to bankroll supervised visitation, lest the government “catch on” and see the outrage of such setups in the first place — deeming the supervision of the mother nothing other than pointless and punitive.

Accordingly, when mothers run out of funds to finance this canard — which can begin with a preschool-age child and last until the child is 18 — the consequences to the mother and child are no less than dire.

Not seeing Mommy anymore implants a terrifying message of abandonment in the psyche of the child, who has repeatedly pleaded to be protected from abuse by the other parent.

The child, who had once envisioned their mother as anchor, protector and advocate, now sees their mother as powerless or worse — often as a co-enabler to the abuse the child is forced to endure living with the dangerous parent.

Unfortunately, many children will turn against their mothers for abandoning them, and when they reach adulthood, they are reluctant to reunite with them.

Understandably, the system that has created such draconian conditions for mothers has also harmed fathers — good fathers, loving fathers, caring fathers — who have been expunged from the lives of their children. But the devastation of mothers and children as a nationwide problem must also be addressed.

Many Jewish women have been caught among the class of mothers falling prey to a jaded, corrupt, misguided system, careening out of control. Motherhood is the bedrock of Jewish society. It is the institution that nurtures, fortifies and sustains us.

The ablation of mothers from the lives of their children has proven to take its toll on the mental health of such “orphanized” children, causing depression, low self-esteem, eating disorders or worse.

As a Jewish community, we have often taken the lead when confronted with social atrocities, from civil rights to reproductive rights, from school desegregation to gender equality in the military and in civilian life.

No doubt Jewish women who were beacons in the earlier days of the feminist movement have been etched in history, and many still remain as household names today.

At Judaism’s core is an enduring sense of moral justice that suffuses our history and modern-day existence.

The mothers across America badly need our help, and they cannot afford to wait. Whether the solution is a bi-partisan Congressional hearing, a full-fledged Justice Department investigation, or a proactive lobbying effort on Capitol Hill, we must not tarry.

We must gather and unite to assist mothers — Jewish and non-Jewish — so that women are no longer punished with the loss of custody of their children and the ensuing restrictive visitation that they cannot afford to sustain. To do anything less would be a disservice to mothers mired in the failed family court system.


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  • Is there contact information for Amy or for those working on this? How can we support the process of bringing this forward to the Attorney General?

  • I need help in California. Is there anyone that can help in California? I complained about the commissioner and how he was biased and he took my daughter after she told me about sexual abuse and after months of physical abuse

    • Susie,

      If you’re posting with a pen name … where in California? If you’re not using a pen name, you could post a comment on a different family court article with a new pen name.

      Who are the most corrupt in the case? No case identifying details, just generally: What happened?

      Have you heard of the Center for Judicial Excellence?


  • Imagine what is happening in Russia and the Ukraine..
    People are capable of true evil. Why anyone is shocked that our courts reflect humans darkness I don’t know.
    Family Court REALLY IS AS BIT as horrible as it seems. Just go to a court house and sit in.. Follow cases live., do something about it! Volunteer go pray at the court houses..
    No more room for shock
    Get up together and revolutionize

  • awful just awful…When is the DA going to look into this? This is not that hard. Just follow the trail of slime to Jocelyn Hurvitz and other corrupt GALs

  • Re “People die all the time. But one of our commenters posted a link to a story about a reporter’s death. It happened almost a decade ago. But it might be…”

    The link to open the article is missing.

    • Dr. Neustein’s book (mentioned in the article above) documents destructive family court systems all over America. The link you mention is in a different article on this site. Look for Martin Burns’s beautiful face on the cover photo of the article. Martin worked for the Fox 11 Team in California investigating several cases in California a few years ago. The series was called, “Lost in the System”. Several parts of the series were produced and aired. The team was still investigating and planned to continue their investigations and reports until Martin passed away after “falling off a hiking trial”.

      This might be the link: https://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=94261

      “… The court instead listened to Harold LaFlamme, a former arm’s dealer from the Middle East, whose firm has held the Orange County contract for providing legal representation for children taken by CPS for over 20 years–a contract that awards him millions of dollars a year. This is the same Harold LaFlamme who once practiced with Milo DeArmey, the alleged rapist’s (Mahathep Srikureja) attorney. The following Fox News investigative report outlined this blatant conflict of interest. …”

      Here’s how easy it would be for Harold’s arms trafficking friends to target Martin (if that’s what happened): https://allthatsinteresting.com/heart-attack-gun

      “… Unbeknownst to her, Embree had been made a part of Project MKNAOMI, a highly secretive program dedicated to crafting biological weapons for the United States’ Cold War arsenal and successor to the far more infamous Project MKULTRA. But while other MKNAOMI projects were dedicated to poisoning crops and livestock, Embree’s findings were destined to form the basis of the brass ring of black ops: killing a human being — and getting away with it. …”

  • This is known! Thank for there’s a forum where people can speak out. The judicial system owns the media.

    No one will cover these criminal, vicious, abusive acts of isolating children from their mother.

    They might as well be dead. AG Tong does nothing about it.

  • Ummm. I know this is a random question. But I’ve never been able to figure out the answer to this on my own.

    Is “MK10Art” and “Marie White” the same artist or are they two different artists.

    Some of their work looks similar and some don’t. So it’s very confusing to me.

    Can somebody please answer this?


  • My heart reaches out to all of these children.

    Please read about Erin’s law.

    One person at a time can truly make a difference.

  • Well, folks. I have already told the general public part of my story. So here goes the rest. I have provided the state with my complaint and supporting documents.

    I filed for divorce. I was forced to live with my x spouse. I owned the house. Bought it and paid all the mortgage payments.

    My x husband came after the property. When I refused to sell. My x husband began the claims of parental alienation.

    I was advised to agree to use a GAL. She was introduced to me in the hallway of the courthouse. She had been representing my x husband’s girlfriend/alleged affair partner’s family prior to the case and during our proceeding.

    All allegations I have provided substantial evidence of. The guardian insisted on a clinical psychologist.

    They have already been in a divorce mediation business prior.

    The GAL engages in therapy sessions. The gaL doesn’t provide a written report. Neither does the psychologist. Dad’s legal benefits are covered by union fees. The union doesn’t disclose 3 party payment for gal service. Only paying for dads portion. Until judge is advised of gal’s conduct. Dads attorney files different employer and different income on financial affidavit than mortgage documents the union signs off on/ submit to the court all documents. Buying property during the divorce process. While still coming after non existent equity. Dads attorney Moonlights as a realtor. Hires an appraiser who drives by.

    Mom has to pay for two appraisals to prove the realistic value. This is dad’s second legal matter brought into the state of Connecticut. Arguing something is wrong with the mother of his children. State agencies claim they can do nothing about this. The grievance committee states there is nothing wrong. Told to file complaints in different offices. One giant circle leading to nothing. The court of public opinion can decide. I am a human being. So is my child. We deserve a better system.

    So does the rest of the residence in the state of Connecticut.

    • About fifty of the same corrupt family court judges, lawyers and vendors network with each other to stoke conflict for billable hours and profit. Parents who are victims of Family court corruption should meet and organize an appropriate response. The state Attorney General’s office should help.

  • The form of family court holds roots in the AFCC, an organization started by lawyers and judges in a Los Angles courthouse in ’63.

    Connecticut clearly established the discretionary power of the judges in opinion in 1981 by Chief Justice Ellen Peters who stated the court (a judge) held broad powers over children which no litigant was going to overturn, whatever a judge like Adelman, Grossman, Heller, Emons, Munro, Wetstone, Solomon, Dranginis et al ordered could not be reversed on appeal.

    It is law impressed on top of constitutional due process for which the parents have no escape. See Yontef 185 Conn 275, 279. This form of law violates principles of American jurisprudence, as noted by Sandra Day O’Connor in Troxel v Granvile, which states mother-child bonds are constitutionally protected, a fundamental liberty interest which requires procedural due process to upset, such requirement is ignored by the judges of Connecticut Family Court and the state’s own supreme court. How the family court pigs at the trough of the state roll.

  • The missing element is ‘state interest’, where is the state’s petition to isolate kids from mom? Simple due process requirement under 14A, which does not apply in Corrupticut, because the ‘lawyers’ are all theives.

    Just the facts, all policy, procedure, case law in Connecticut regarding stripping mothers of their own kids is condoned because immunity protects them. Peters, Katz, Borden, Solomon, Grossman, Dranginis, Adelman, Heller, Wetstone are the worst judges. They rely on experts … Caverly, Dembo, Hurwitz, Horwitz, Freedman, Midler, Smith, Miller.

    The worst of the worst.

  • Stop the whining! Family Court has ABSOLUTE IMMUNITY to rape childhoods. Judges, GALs, custody evaluators are immune, just they way the ruling mobsters of gulag Connecticut want it, just the way the legislature constructs it, just the rules for the sheeple of Connecticut who allow children to be devoured by these monsters.

    It is the reality of the state government that children will be sacrificed.

  • Children are abused by family court, their childhoods don’t matter. judges employ them as weapons of litigation, victims of his wrath, they destroy children and the host society as a parasitic trait of their conduct.

  • Such a powerful and meaningful article.

    One person wrote such a very nasty post.

    It’s heavy on the heart to see such unrequited anger and blame.

    It is to be expected though, considering that the very nature of shame is to hide. Hide behind rage, and by pointing fingers. Just part more of the toxicity that is described in the article.

    I myself don’t trust people who get so unglued. It seems a bit illogical.

    This is such a wonderfully written article and gives so much inspiration and insight.

    Thank you, Frank Report, for sharing Amy’s information.

    For the most part, it is well received. If people are over reacting, we just know that a nerve has been pinched and there is only more work to be done.

  • Special Counsel John Durham has requested at least 30 court subpoenas for witnesses to testify at the Oct. 11 criminal trial of Hillary Clinton dossier subcontractor Igor Danchenko in Alexandria, Va.

  • These criminals in family court must be brought to justice. Thank goodness we have people like Amy fighting this cause. She has been in the trenches for years and the crimes Continue.

    • Yes I’m crying too. Haunted by the fact that my 9year old self could do nothing to remain with my mom. I’m an old lady now, the father that fought so hard to have me removed, kicked me out at 16. We will never be reconciled. But, the damage done to me and mom’s relationship? -there have been times when I thought the pain would kill me.

  • This is something that is just as serious as the ruling on Roe v Wade mishap. We need emergency attention to this Mafia Family Court issue and those who are filling their pockets with criminal cash actions. If nothing is done, more children are likely to die at the hands of the abuser. More suicides will occur.

    • Yes
      We are enduring this in Arizona Family Court and Randy Rand Building Family Bridges. Angela Nielsen our Dau has not seen her kids since May 27, 2021 therefore Grandparents and Family also have not. They are held Hostage by abusive Father Erik Nielsen. Kids are 17 and 13!

      • Kamala D. Harris for Defendant and Respondant:

        “Attorney(s) appearing for the Case

        Law Offices of David Carico and David Carico for Plaintiff and Appellant.

        Edmund G. Brown, Jr. , and Kamala D. Harris , Attorneys General, Jose R. Guerrero , Kerry Weisel and David Carr , Deputy Attorneys General, for Defendant and Respondent.

        Leslie Ellen Shear and Stephen Temko for Association of Certified Family Law Specialists as Amicus Curiae”

        Randy Rand:

        “… 👉 failed to disclose to the Board that he was poised to conduct a parental alienation intervention …”

        “… neglected to mention this to the Board and deceptively downplayed his role, as well as the fact he had a financial interest in a change of custody and a referral to his program 👈 …”


  • Thank you, Dr. Neustein. It’s insane that the court system has been allowed to run rampant over the rights of mothers and their children. I don’t understand how agencies like DCF are doing nothing to help and may even be part of the problem.

  • Frank, I posted a question for you and Amy to answer.

    But it’s not showing up as ‘awaiting moderation’ — so it may have gotten trapped in your spam filter.

    I used the screen name: Reed Rothchild

  • Dr. NEUSTEIN is 100% on target and has decades of research to prove it.

    The atrocities being done to our own children and families is occurring throughout family courts in the United States.

    There is no oversight of family court and it’s purposeful- to allow for lucrative profits and trafficking of our children to a parent they fear with good cause.

    Children are human beings with rights. These guardianships must end!! In family and probate court guardianships are being used to isolate children and isolate the elderly from the family member to whom they are bonded.

    It’s to silence them and empower the guardian to steal the family savings.

    This is the most sinister racketeering industry operating under the “law”- the family and probate courts know what’s happening.

    Thank you for publishing this. Please keep pushing this! Our children are being abused and sacrificed.

  • My problem with Frank’s reporting is that he didn’t answer the most obvious question relating to her credibility…

    Now that her daughter is a GROWN WOMAN, who can make her own choices and say whatever she wants about remembering the sexual allegations, I still didn’t hear this woman say that her grown daughter has admitted that her dad sexually abused her.

    If a grown daughter won’t agree with her mom’s story —– then it’s likely that the mother was probably making it up and the court got it right.

    Frank… I don’t wanna hear EXCUSES about why the grown daughter can’t comment.

    I only want FACTS from the DAUGHTER (not the mom).

    If Frank can’t give us these facts then his story is meritless.

    Her credentials are meaningless if her own daughter, now grown up, won’t back her up.


    I seriously doubt that a grown woman would continue being friendly with her father IF that same father sexually abused her.

    The McMartin pre-school incident was a case in point.

    A mother made bogus allegations of sexual abuse against the McMartin family, and the whole country screamed ‘hang them’ —- (but it turns out they were wrong, and no sexual abuse happened; and several of the kids actually apologized to the McMartin family after they became adults).

    A six year old child is old enough to remember actual events when they become an adult (we’re not talking about a 2 or 3 year old, who wouldn’t remember).

    I challenge this woman to answer my question, that is, if she’s a credible source.

    Have a nice day. 🙂

    • What did OHEL do?

      “… A Brooklyn foster care agency prioritized placing Jewish kids into Orthodox Jewish homes over safety, resulting in a girl’s sexual abuse at the hands of a deviant dad, a new lawsuit charges.

      The alleged victim, who used the pseudonym Jane Doe in court papers, says she was abused in the 1980s while in the care of OHEL Children’s Home and Family and Services. The agency allegedly ignored obvious warning signs that emerged when she was around 7, including her loss of weight and an extreme change in behavior. …

      … “OHEL’s case workers didn’t just fail to protect me. They falsely branded me a liar. They told me never to talk about being abused because no family will let a liar into their home,” the woman, who is now in her 40s, said in a statement.

      The woman immigrated to the U.S. from the Soviet Union when she was 3 with her mother, who suffered from bipolar disorder. In less than two years she was placed in the care of OHEL, which the suit charges puts “undue emphasis” on connecting biologically Jewish children with Orthodox Jewish foster homes.

      OHEL CEO David Mandel said the company trains staff on how to respond to allegations of sexual abuse and thoroughly vets prospective foster parents.

      “The complaint in this case was filed today. It involves alleged conduct from 35-40 years ago. As stated above, OHEL takes any such allegations seriously,” Mandel said in a statement.

      The agency placed the girl in the Elizabeth, N.J. home of Moshe Aharon Jacobs, who lived with his wife and two daughters, the suit states. Jacobs allegedly violently sexually assaulted the girl while in his care.

      Jacobs now lives in Israel, according to the suit. He could not be reached. The alleged victim claims she told an OHEL case worker she’d been repeatedly sexually abused and could not sit comfortably. The worker agreed to transfer her out of the house — but only because “she had lied” and could no longer live in the home, the suit states. The “liar” label followed her while she remained in OHEL’s care, the suit states.

      The alleged victim continued to have contact with Aharon for years and suppressed memories of the abuse, according to the suit. Frequent flashbacks as she grew older made her realize she’d been abused, though the process was complicated because OHEL staff had called her a liar, the suit states.

      The woman seeks unspecified damages for the “extreme trauma” she says has impacted every relationship in her life.

      The suit was filed under the state’s Child Victim’s Act, which allows for civil claims of child sex abuse that would normally be barred by the statute of limitations.

      “We look forward to using the legal process to establish that OHEL utterly failed to protect this defenseless little girl while she was entrusted to its care,” said attorney Eric Hecker of the firm Cuti Hecker Wang LLP.“


  • My problem with Frank’s reporting is that he didn’t answer the most obvious question relating to her credibility…

    Now that her daughter is a GROWN WOMAN, who can make her own choices and say whatever she wants about remembering the sexual allegations, I still didn’t hear this woman say that her grown daughter has admitted that her dad sexually abused her.

    If a grown daughter won’t agree with her mom’s story —– then it’s likely that the mother was probably making it up and the court got it right.

    Frank… I don’t wanna hear EXCUSES about why the grown daughter can’t comment.

    I only want FACTS from the DAUGHTER (not the mom).

    If Frank can’t give us these facts then his story is meritless.

    Her credentials are meaningless if her own daughter, now grown up, won’t back her up.


    I seriously doubt that a grown woman would continue being friendly with her father IF that same father sexually abused her.

    The McMartin pre-school incident was a case in point (I saw an HBO documentary).

    A mother made bogus allegations of sexual abuse against the McMartin family, and the whole country screamed ‘hang them’ —- (but it turns out they were wrong, and no sexual abuse happened; and several of the kids actually apologized to the McMartin family after they became adults).

    A six year old child is old enough to remember actual events when they become an adult (we’re not talking about a 2 or 3 year old, who wouldn’t remember).

    I challenge this woman to answer my question, that is, if she’s a credible source.

    Have a nice day. 🙂

  • Another nut. She wrote:

    “It’s embedded in the court system, and that’s where the child exploiters get the children from, from middle class custody cases. That’s where they’re getting the children for the pornography in this country, and for child pedophilic activities.”

    Evidence, please?

    Let me pretend it is statistically true that mothers accusing the fathers of abuse tend to lose custody of their children. If so, that’s probably because these mothers were going to lose the children anyway because they are batshit crazy, and they made a last-ditch attempt to get control by making horrific false allegations against the living father.

    • Exactly half of all parents who have had use the Family Courts to resolve their custody and parenting conflicts will find the court to have been evil, corrupt, or incompetent. Don’t ask me how I know.

      • Hi JW,
        Were you referring to my comment (Anonymous at 1209?) I’m not the original poster from 9/22. My meaning was simply that there are, of course, 2 sides to every story. ie: 1/2 the parties who exit any courtroom believe justice was not served. I have no reason to disbelieve Ms.Neustein and I don’t disbelieve Ms. Neustein.

    • … “nut” … “batsh*t crazy” …

      Some might call those insults attempts to “poison the well”.

      Why attack people involved in a situation instead of attacking facts presented?

      A few facts about the case gathered from somewhere were presented:

      “ … Family Court did not allow Dr. Neustein to present any expert testimony that Sherry had been abused, though several well-qualified experts, including Dr. Anne Meltzer, tried to state their suspicions.

      When the psychiatrist chosen by Legal Aid Society examined Dr. Neustein, found no evidence of mental illness, and recommended that Sherry be returned to her, its attorney refused to share the psychiatrist’s report with the court.

      The Family Court judge then hand-picked a psychologist to evaluate the parents and Sherry – Dr. Arthur Green, notorious for his skepticism of child sexual abuse reports. In a tape-recorded conversation, Dr. Green told Dr. Neustein that the judge and other officials involved in the case had already decided that no abuse had occurred (though no trial had yet taken place), and that he therefore would not believe it had, no matter what else he heard. Family Court did not allow Dr. Neustein to present evidence of this conversation at trial.

      Immediately after trial, one of Legal Aid Society’s caseworkers admitted, in the hearing of a witness and Dr. Neustein’s lawyer, that Legal Aid had known all along that the incident witnessed by Sherry’s grandmother had occurred – though Legal Aid and BSPCC had insisted throughout trial that it had not. At a special New York legislative hearing into the Neustein case, a whistle-blower from Legal Aid testified that the caseworker admitted that what she had said “could get them [Legal Aid] into a lot of trouble,” and that she was told afterward by Legal Aid’s attorney to “keep her big mouth shut” in the future. Family Court would not allow any Dr. Neustein to present the facts showing the suppression of crucial evidence by the child’s own “law guardian.”

      Sherry’s foster mother’s report of another suspected incident of sexual abuse was never reported to the state “hotline,” as legally required, even though the report was given to the foster care agency and was known to Legal Aid.

      Legal Aid never investigated Sherry’s condition while she was in foster care, though a psychiatrist later testified that she was “miserable” and was treated badly.

      In 1989, during a visit with Sherry, Dr. Neustein took the child to a hospital for treatment for her severe anorexia. Several doctors have testified that this may have saved Sherry’s life. One called Sherry “by far the worst case of emaciation I have ever seen.” Nevertheless, Family Court terminated Dr. Neustein’s visits with her daughter because she had taken the child to the hospital without consulting her ex-husband.

      No action of any kind was taken against Ozzie Orbach despite serious evidence that he had neglected Sherry’s life-threatening condition.

      Sherry’s statement to her father while hospitalized – “You got me into this. If you don’t get me out of here, I’m going to tell everything” – was never investigated, though it was reported to Child Protective Services.

      Legal Aid withheld hospital photos taken of Sherry’s severely emaciated body from Family Court. After the hospital was forced to provide them, the photos disappeared from the court file. (The hospital also “lost” them.)

      When Dr. Neustein pressed for an investigation of the case, it was referred to the Fatality Review Panel, which only investigates cases after a child dies. When Dr. Neustein learned of this, she tried to find out from Child Welfare officials whether Sherry had died. They refused to tell her, claiming they could only tell this to Legal Aid Society. Legal Aid took weeks to inform Dr. Neustein that her daughter was alive, despite numerous requests. …”


      Would shooting the messengers help even though OHEL was involved?

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