Can Massachusetts Father Help 1000s in Family Court?

The gavel of Family Court Justice.

By Julia Donovan

The entire Family Court system is geared towards financial gain.


In fact, the entire system is geared towards financial gain in purposely adversarial courts designed for lawyers and vendors to make the most profit in the worst cases involving the most vulnerable children and families. Many of those cases involve significant harm and extreme danger.

Significant harm and extreme danger doesn’t belong anywhere near any kind of purposely adversarial system. That’s not rocket science.

1. What kind of rocket scientists designed such a horrible system to force vulnerable children and families through mandatory, for-profit, purposely adversarial family courts?

2. What can good people in Connecticut and Massachusetts do now to reform family courts before things get worse?

Can Imre Kifor’s software provide the data to show the corruption and bias of the family court’s lawyer and vendor driven profit agenda? 

Imre Kifor is a father of four children in Massachusetts. Does anyone know him? He seems like a good guy. It looks like his children’s family court case doesn’t involve danger. If he were dangerous, would he draw attention to the case? Or, is he a sociopath, suffering from extreme litigiousness as many sociopaths do?

Whatever the case may be, it seems Imre is onto something with the potential to do a lot of good. If what he wrote online is true, he’s a witness to what looks like crimes involving the same Robin M. Deutsch who helped design the way Connecticut family courts operate today.

(See the 2007 Pace Law Review article “Triaging Family Court Services” Deutsch authored with colleagues Peter Salem, Executive Director of AFCC, and Debra Kulak, Deputy Director of Family Services in the Connecticut Court Support Services Division.

Robin M. Deutsh Ph.D., is a psychologist and guardian ad litem.

Forced through the Massachusetts family court system, Imre started to wonder:

Do all family court employees, vendors have “absolute judicial immunity” when they write “maliciously fabricated” vendor reports and court opinions?

What recourse do parents have when family court judges, lawyers, vendors and/or state employees purposely use slander, libel and defamation to achieve unethical goals in family court cases?

Adversarial Family Court: A Self-Conflicted Institution

As Imre wondered how to protect his children, himself (and the two mothers of his children, apparently) in the lawless Massachusetts family courts, he invented software to help families who were forced to endure what his family was forced to endure.

One of Imre’s many goals is “… to devise AI software to actively protect our American-born children from greedy professional torturing and forceful, institutionalized separation and isolation. Family Court-mandated, and even directly ordered, parental alienation, while paying astronomical profits to the “trusted” elite, is nothing but ruthless and cruel child abuse. “

See links on his software

See his letters on his ordeal in Family Court.

Could such software actually help?

State legislators often wait for hard data to write and support legislation.

Attorneys like Nicola Cunha might be able to present hard data to judges to prove discrimination and corruption.

Well-meaning whistleblowers often need to wait for such data to blow whistles on unethical behaviors and crimes.

Parents and guardians need all the good that can come from the collection of that data to prepare to endure corrupt family courts until family courts can be fully reformed.

Imre might not need help with funding, research, development or distribution of the software. If he ever does, are any Good Samaritans available to help?

The most influential people in government offices who took control and designed adversarial family courts that harm children and families for profit obviously aren’t interested in helping.


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  • New Haven Family court scandal

    Jane Emons, former judge, removed my child through the Connecticut court system. She ignored every right of my daughter and I to remain together.

    My daughter NEVER LIVED IN CONNECTICUT AND ONLY VISITED OUR FAMILY HOME IN GUILFORD AND BRIEFLY VISITED MOM IN CT(mom took that week visit to illegally file custody against national standards for residence).

    Allison Hanson was arrested 2016 for disorderly conduct, June 30th 2017 for assault, and again September 20th 2022 for assault in front of my daughter! This was not mentioned by my Attorneys at last court date 09/23/2022

    Hanson v Hoogland

    Review the case… it’s on in the docket for February 23rd, 2023. Mom told Emons she “doesn’t want full custody” dad’s rights were stripped because my phone died before I could Show years of photo documentation.

    Todays ex parte motion was denied primarily due to th GAL testimony. Aisha Roche wants to keep getting her $125 an hour from the State and openly acknowledged under oath instructing my daughter to set boundaries regarding a “diary”.
    ROCHE ignores that the single entry wherein my 11 YEAR OLD daughter is discussing HAVING SEX and making plans to do it more!
    Roche’s decision to recommend not removing her from mom “yet” is because my misguided daughter, who’s focus in to continue engaging in sexual activities, can’t do so “easily” if she lives with dad!



  • All 50 states! I’m in Florida and if I hadn’t experienced it I couldn’t have believed the extent of the wrongdoings! Mind boggling!

  • Robin Deutsch founded Overcoming Barriers, one of the original reunification camps. So there’s a conflict right there. Her co-founders included Jane Schatz, who helped get Britney Spears sectioned. Two of Schatz’s partners are in jail for fraud. Deutsch was also hired by Brad Pitt for a custody evaluation against A Jolie. Other co-founders have worked with Alec Baldwin on ‘parental alienation’ books. There is only one Robin Deutsch although she has multiple aliases. Let me know if you’d like more info.

  • No need for software.

    Attorneys talk clients into certain GAL.

    GAL also represnts girlfriend of dad’s family in another matter prior to and throughout case.

    Mom’s lawyer is also involved in the other case.

    GAL witholds information from the court.

    Mom’s attorney doesn’t present to court either.

    Parents are not really allowed in the courtroom.

    Mom is forced to agree to use specific psychologist. GAL attends therapy. No GAL report. No documentation from therapist.

    Mom figured out the conflict of interest. Threatened by her attorney. Mom needs to go along.

    Dad’s attorney contacting psychologist directly. Then therapist requests further evaluation.

    Mom held in contempt because teenagers arguing with dad. Refused to call.

    Mom gets new attorney.

    New attorney witholds information to the court. Forced to agree to use therapist again.

    Locked out of family relations meeting. Mom gets rid of attorney.

    Dad’s lawyer withdraws the motion for contempt, because mom is going to expose what is going on to the judge.

    Welcome to Connecticut family court.

    • I agree. No need for software. Everyone who could easily do something about what’s happening sees exactly what’s happening and is either too afraid to do anything about it or too evil to be anywhere near government offices.

    • Welcome to Connecticut family court where the chief court administrator wore a mask while sitting alone in a room for almost an hour. The people who control us aren’t very bright.

      We can do better than this.

  • The most influential people in government offices who took control and designed adversarial family courts that harm children and families for profit obviously aren’t interested in helping—

    This is the truth. Data may help but over 1,000 signatures were submitted to the CT task force/judiciary committee. It proved it wasn’t a handful of “high conflict disgruntled litigants” as the court wants the public to believe.

    This isn’t about our children. They are being sacrificed for profit.

    We need more brave journalists like Frank Parlato to expose these criminals, free out kids, and get accountability.

  • My attorney was working against me with opposing counsel and the gal. After a custody evaluation that was total fraud, they suggested they hire Robin M. Deutsh! The players in the cabal are all known.

    If there’s data, great. But CT AG and legislators already know what has gone on for two decades. Money rules. And at this point, all judges have been complicit at one time or another so they have “dirt” on each other. So the silence and corruption continues.

    • So sorry you went through it, too. “The players in the cabal are all known.” Yes they are. So why can’t anyone do anything about it? Lawyers wanting to make the most money possible lawyering in family courts know who to ask to play each role in their horrible cases. The worst judges like to play god. The worst evaluators try to play god. Those playing the other parts play along because they know their show will end with “big revenue streams” from “high conflict cases”.

      “High-conflict” cases “generate the biggest revenue streams” because most people are predictable. Good parents will do anything to protect their children from harm. The worst players know that.

      What kind of jerks decided fifty years ago that all mandatory family court cases involving danger and threats should be purposely adversarial and for profit? Everyone involved except the children and families makes a profit in family courts cases. If profit weren’t permitted In family courts, how many of those most horrible players would do what they do for charity? Ugh.

  • “Family Court-mandated, and even directly ordered, parental alienation, while paying astronomical profits to the “trusted” elite, is nothing but ruthless and cruel child abuse. “ It’s torture and child abuse.

    They accuse a parent of parental alienation and proceed to alienate you permanently from your children. Temporary orders with no-contact are implemented, and the process is dragged out to make it a permanent state. The psychologists are brought in to promote the narrative that beloved parent is dangerous and crazy. If kids reach out to their parent, they are punished. If the parent responds or reports to the authorities, then they are in violation of a no-contact order. It’s a sadistic system– all for money.

    Only a narcissistic, abusive parent would endorse any protocol. The courts support abusers for profit, at expense of innocent children. So much help is needed.

    • Imagine the major changes the general public would demand if mainstream news outlets were to investigate and reveal how much damage family courts have done all over the country all these years. A good mainstream article surfaces every year or two in the middle of newspapers or magazines — and meanwhile, the family court crisis has been a national and international crisis for the past fifty years.

      The fact that the crisis should have made headline news years ago and hasn’t yet means there’s something VERY wrong somewhere in government. The Catholic Church scandal was definitely a crisis. And, there are hundreds of thousands of children — probably millions at this point — who have been victims of family courts. Court administrators know they support abusers for profit. That makes court administrators accomplices. Where are the authorities to arrest those criminals?

      I see Freemason signs everywhere and wonder if the purposeful corruption has something to do with a combination of “ancient mystery religions” and globalism. Some in control of government offices might practice religions that promote what normal people consider to be child abuse. Of course, we can’t ask so we can’t know for sure.

      Anyone wondering what kind of people are in control just needs to look around the real world to notice all the new perversions forced on children now OUTSIDE of family court cases — in public schools, for example

      We need cameras in all family court cases and all public schools ASAP.

  • Um. There is no software. The guy says it’s his “dream” to have AI software to help parents. But no such software exists. He didn’t even provide a single detail of what this software would do. It was all incoherent ramblings.

    Is this fluff really worth an article? “Julia Donavan”, are you actually this Massachusetts father? If not, why did you bother to write an article about nothing?

    And better yet, why did Frank publish it? Is Massachusetts father paying for the “publicity”?

  • Who is this Kifor person, and what’s his beef?

    Seems like he’s some disgruntled crank, on a crusade because he imagines he got screwed in divorce court.

    What a surprise. Divorced guy pissed at his ex (exes in this case. Twice married twice divorced. He must be some catch…) He’s also pissed at the court, the lawyers and the social workers.

    Hard to fathom, since he looks like such a pleasant guy in the photo, leering at the camera unshaven wearing some kind of crazy helmet.

    Let me pause for a second and ask, why should I care about other people’s messy divorces? There’s nothing more boring, repetitive, and pointless than a lover’s quarrel. So they loved each other now they hate each other, then the crockery gets broken, it all ends up in court, and (surprise!) neither one is happy with the result. Consequence: blame it all on the “corrupt” court system and the lawyers that they hired.

    Angry, unhappy people are unhappy and angry. I have no intention of getting sucked into their vortex of misery.

    Out of idle curiosity I looked up this guy’s case

    His suit was dismissed:

    “ other than conclusory assertions, Kifor does not set out sufficient facts that suggest a conspiracy or agreement among any identified persons. Thus, Kifor’s conspiracy claim under 42 U.S.C. § 1985(3) will be dismissed”

    It seems his fact-free allegations of conspiracy and bias are as baseless as, for example, those of Raniere and his crazy minions. He claimed he was discriminated against based on his ethnicity, his sex, and his alleged poverty (check his Linked-In page for the other side of that poverty coin).

    I understand why there’s family court. When the adults in a “family” are at each other’s throats and behaving like eight year olds, society has a duty to step in and be the adult in the room for the kids’ sake).

    One, or both, of the quarreling parties in the explosive divorce are bound to be angry over this. Scream bloody murder about how their kids have been “stolen”, how it’s “child abuse” and how the whole system is corrupt.

    Pardon me while I disregard their unhinged rants. Rage is contagious, but only among fools.

    • The whole system is corrupt. Read documents and listen to testimony of thousands across the country.

      The courts cover it up. Follow the money. Watch divorce corp.

      It’s real. Please don’t dismiss what is difficult to fathom.

      • Those who never lived through a family court nightmare probably do tend to dismiss what’s difficult to fathom. Even those who experience that horrific nightmare find it difficult to believe it when it’s happening. “Cognitive dissonance“ is when something happening doesn’t make sense and we can’t believe it.

        That’s one of the most sinister things about many of the worst family court cases. The worst family court players know about cognitive dissonance, trauma and PTSD. The worst judges, lawyers, guardians ad litem and evaluators etc. use what they know to destroy protective parents. It’s cabal teamwork in a purposely adversarial system. The more traumatized “the other party” is, the better.

        Good parents can’t believe it when the local courthouse they formerly trusted doesn’t protect children from sexual abuse. Normal parents who can’t protect their children from sexual abuse act crazy. The perpetrators’ attorneys (and accomplices) then say, “See? That (protective) parent is crazy! Take the children from the (protective) parent and give the (sexually abused) children to the other parent (who sexually abused them).”

        The more good parents try to protect children from sexual abuse, the more the worst judges will remove the children from protective parents’ care.

        When the FBI’s New Haven office started the “public corruption” investigation in 2014, maybe agents there needed data from cases showing clusters of specific actionable key words. Kifor might consider adding the following words and phrases to tag in his software’s algorithms: “interstate networks of for-profit family court contractors”; “state employees working with interstate networks of for-profit family court contractors”; “judicial officers using judicial authority and judicial immunity to do whatever they want to do with no shame, zero oversight and zero accountability”; and, “millions of dollars made in mandatory adversarial child custody cases”.

        Here’s the press release from Wednesday, February 4, 2015:

        “Federal Law Enforcement Authorities Announce Formation Of Task Force To Fight Public Corruption”

    • AS, did you by chance read any of the completely insane description of this proposed software that inspired “Julia Donavan” to ask “Can Massachusetts Father Help 1000s in Family Court?”


      This is just a tiny snippet of the insanity:

      “Quantapix, the software startup, was born as a precursor to the vicious, cruel and simply unimaginable, yet intuitively well-understood power struggle between the “elite” and the rest of us. As trained, skilled and seasoned software entrepreneurs, we seized on the “deja vu” opportunity to systematically correct a deep social injustice ingrained in our Family Courts and abusing our children.”

      I have a sneaking suspicious that “Julia Donavan” is actually the pen name of Imre Kifor. He is clearly off his medication.

    • Aristotle- Live up to your name – please.
      These are not lovers quarrels or litigious divorces. Your simplistic view shows you’re blinded by faith in the system that you’re not willing to consider any other information.

      And why should you care? Because kids are getting abused by the system and families are being drained of their life savings.

      Childrens childhoods are being destroyed and all due process is being denied. State and federal laws are being violated by our family courts throughout the country- not just Connecticut.

      Take the time to read and consider.

      • Arrested and Branded Domestic
        DIVINE Authority with Free Conscious. Cash4Kids is the Raping Tree of Social Securities Fraud.

    • Exactly the general public response …that is until it happens to you; that needs fixed. The systematic processing of families and children in violation of rights for big dollars is epedemic: we are talking a $trillion/yr delved out from feds through the state to the fed defined “local community” like a secret slush fund to process families and most unconscionably children, when they are most vulnerable. The system feigns settling issues while actually creating them for profit. You could be next.

  • This potential software would be an amazing breakthrough to expose corruption that is believed to exist in the Connecticut Family Court system. We have been and are currently in the Connecticut Family Court system for the 5 years we’ve been together and Robin two years before that… Geoff Herzog, Robin’s ex, was given full custody of the children even after his role playing was known. Insanity. Ken

    • So sorry you and your family are victims of the corruption, too. It’s all so sinister. If Imre Kifor’s family court corruption data software could be a quick and easy way to detect corruption in family courts, it’s a great idea. Legal case management software has been around for the past twenty years. LawRank just listed “The 9 Best Case Management Software For Law Firms in 2022” last October.

      If some form of corruption detecting technology is already available, legislators and judicial ethics committee members should have already thought to use it or create it. The fact that they haven’t speaks volumes about the intentions of far too many.

      With or without the technology, have they really not been able to see the problem with judicial branch employees acting with judicial authority and judicial immunity for the personal enrichment of themselves instead of helping the children and families they’re supposed to serve?

      Investigations of the blatant crimes in family courts should have already happened years ago — with or without technology. Investigations haven’t happened in the past 50 years because a few running the show in Connecticut are some of the worst of the worst kind of people on earth.

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