100 Questions About CT Family Court Crimes

Judge Gerard Adelman not only removes mothers from children, causing terrible trauma, but police arrest mothers for trying to communicate with their own children based on his orders. In this case Judge Adelman might potentially cause the death of mother from a relapse of her heart attack.

By Julia Donovan

“Did Judge Adelman Perpetrate Crimes While Wearing Two Hats as Director of CT AFCC?” isn’t a yes or no question.

A few yes or no questions, and about a hundred more questions, are in that one headline. For example:

Was Gerard Adelman the subject of the Informal Judicial Ethics 2013-15 discussion? If not, who was it?

Why didn’t the Connecticut judicial branch and The Hartford Courant tell citizens of the state what happened?

If federal crimes were committed, were the federal crimes discussed privately?

Was an informal hearing conducted instead of a federal investigation, so citizens of Connecticut wouldn’t know who did what, when, why, where, and how?

Local corruption and interstate racketeering for profit in Connecticut’s family courts is a big story. It’s bigger news than discrimination against Catholics in Greenwich public schools.

Maybe the news about discrimination against conservatives in Greenwich will eventually lead to a broader, deeper, more helpful investigation of discrimination against conservatives throughout the state.

Maybe such an investigation will include discrimination in family courts. Attorney Nicola Cunha asked Judge Moukawsher for that same kind of investigation of discrimination in family courts before she was disbarred for raising those concerns. 

Nickola Cunha told Judge Thomas Moukawsher that she thought Judge Gerard Adelman was corruptly favoring those of his own religion. 

Judge Thomas Moukawsher chose to disbar Cunha.

Some historians would tell you this is all old news. Many would say the western part of Connecticut has always sided with the liberal/pagan British Freemasons. In contrast, most in the eastern part of the state lived and fought for political and religious freedom — as most conservatives do today.

No matter the politics and religions of anyone involved and not involved, every Connecticut citizen has the right to know what happened in that JE 2013-15 discussion.

Crimes committed and casualties sustained in Connecticut family courts are the same crimes and casualties year after year.

Those who commit those crimes in family courts aren’t allowed to hold such titles as “CT AFCC Inc. Director” anymore. Still, the same crimes of discrimination, bias, fraud, and malpractice (and racketeering when illegal activities cross state lines) remain unaddressed.

All indications of actionable offenses presented at the Informal JE 2013-15 should have been immediately sent to the Department of Justice for investigation.

Anne Stevenson’s 2013 Washington Times article, “Connecticut court employees face tough questions over conflicts of interest,” noted the following:

“According to William Silk, a staff attorney for the Connecticut Secretary of State’s office, explained that in most cases, the Connecticut Nonstock Corporations Act requires all nonprofit businesses to file registration documents with his office, the IRS, and the Attorney General’s Office before conducting business in the state.

“Documents obtained from Silk’s office show that Jessica Pearson, Ann Milne, and Frank Orlando (a Florida judge) first registered the AFCC with the Connecticut Secretary of State in 1982, while Pearson was under contract to set up the court’s mediation services.

“However, the AFCC has not been registered to do business in Connecticut, because in 1985, its application was withdrawn by then AFCC president and Judicial Branch manager Anthony Salius. The IRS’s website does not list the Connecticut AFCC as an approved charity.”

Someone broke into a reporter’s house after that article was published. Was that a coincidence?

Someone stole independent journalist John Flynn’s car the other day in broad daylight. Was that a coincidence, too? John Flynn lives in Connecticut. He’s investigated and reported corruption in Connecticut’s judicial branch and throughout the state. He’s currently running for the Connecticut US Senate seat Richard Blumenthal has occupied since 2011.

John Flynn, the Independent candidate running for election to the U.S. Senate. He is running against Democratic candidate Richard Bluemthanl, and Republican Leora Levy.

John Flynn sounds crazy when he talks about all the corruption that state offices and authorities have ignored over the years.

Jennifer Dulos sounded crazy too, when no one would protect her from a smooth-talking sociopath husband.

Norm Pattis represents disbarred attorney Nickola Cunha. He also represented Fotis Dulos.

CT attorney Norm Pattis said Jennifer Dulos was crazy. Now Norm Pattis represents Attorney Cunha, the lawyer Judge Moukawsher disbarred for blowing the whistle on corruption in family courts.

Jennifer Dulos was said to be the crazy parent. 

Jennifer Dulos’ golden boy husband, Fotis Dulos, [shown with his alleged accomplice Michelle Troconis] was CT Family Court’s idea of the better parent. Then he killed Jennifer, then took his own life. The case is eerily similar to the Ambrose-Reardon case. 

How funny some must think all this is.

Senator Blumenthal was the state’s attorney general from 1991 – 2011. During that time, did he ever do anything about corruption or discrimination in Connecticut’s judicial branch or the state’s public schools?

Did no corruption or discrimination ever exist in Connecticut’s judicial branch or public schools before independent journalists and whistleblowing attorneys told us about it?

Senator Blumenthal wasn’t the only state employee who ignored the corruption and discrimination all these years. How many other Connecticut lawyers, judges, legislators, and employees at the Department of Justice in 2013 were aware of those “tough questions” mentioned in the 2013 Washington Times article? Yet, they ignored those tough questions, hoping everyone else would.

Senator Blumenthal

If the loyalty oaths of Freemasonry, purposely ignoring crimes and simple distractions, don’t enable such massive official cover-ups of actionable offenses in Connecticut’s judicial branch, what does?

Whoever allowed such horrible corruption to remain unaddressed and unpunished for so long committed actionable offenses, just like the judicial officer who was the subject of the Informal JE 2013-15 discussion.

At this point, it’s CHAOS in Connecticut — like the name of Tom O’Neill’s book. In fact, there’s a good chance that the chaos in Connecticut directly or indirectly involves one or two characters mentioned in Tom O’Neill’s book. It’s the same chaos in the “ordo ab chao“ Archbishop Vigano mentions when he talks about Freemasons who destroyed the Catholic Church and so much of the world.

Chaos is a book about the Manson murders, which shows evidence of the FBI’s involvement. O’Neill presents proof of a cover-up behind the “official” story. The book includes never-before-seen documents from the LAPD, the FBI, and the CIA. Chaos mounts an argument that could be, according to Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Steven Kay, strong enough to overturn the verdicts on the Manson murders. 

Meanwhile, since “tough questions” from 2013 are still unanswered in Connecticut, louder calls for an investigation of the cover-up of federal crimes in Connecticut’s Judicial Branch will need the support of as many good people as possible.

When Judge Moukawsher can disbar Attorney Nickola Cunha for asking questions about corruption in family courts, a vice principal in public schools can so openly discriminate against Catholics, and attorneys contribute to the chaos from which they make a profit, that’s a dangerous climate.

Connecticut Attorney General William Tong [left] launched a civil rights investigation into hiring practices at the Greenwich School District’s Cos Cob public school. Tong’s investigation came one day after the release of an undercover video by Project Veritas. This conservative group has used hidden cameras for years to expose statements by various individuals. An assistant principal, Jeremy Boland, appeared on the video and said he avoids hiring conservatives, Catholics, and older teachers who oppose transgender ideology. Tong is shown with Sen. Blumenthal.

Assistant Principal Jeremy Boland does not want Catholics to be teachers, for they are less likely to support a child’s right to change genders.

Bill Maher said,

Never forget children are impressionable and very, very stupid… Maybe the boy who thinks he’s a girl is just gay. Maybe the girl who hates girly stuff just needs to learn that being a girl doesn’t mean you have to act like a Kardashian. Maybe childhood makes you sad sometimes, and there are other solutions besides ‘hand me the dick saw…

They’re kids, it’s all phases. The dinosaur phase, the Hello Kitty phase… genderfluid? Kids are fluid about everything. If kids knew what they wanted to be at age eight, the world would be filled with cowboys and princesses. I wanted to be a pirate. Thank God nobody took me seriously and scheduled me for eye removal and peg-leg surgery.

That dangerous climate directly results from citizens not demanding honest answers from those in control. How long will so many not demand answers from government offices when those mostly punished are those who asked the questions?

Most witnessing disasters that cause thousands of casualties in dangerous climates don’t need to be reminded how to respond appropriately in those tragic situations. But, unfortunately, there are always a few who need reminders.

If you see something, say something.

If you saw something, say something.

If you saw something, said something, and were ignored or punished: Tell someone else.

This battle has gone on for at least two thousand years.

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  • When one person is given complete control over assets that are mutually owned…it is a huge red flag that corruption is present. Welcome to CT . Glad I don’t live there!

  • Crimes committed and casualties sustained in Connecticut family courts are the same crimes and casualties year after year-

    True statement. CRIMES. Our attorneys, psychologists and court appointed hired guns for the gal and monied parent—

    Where can you go where one parent controls all the money throughout litigation while the other has no access to marital funds, can’t see what’s being liquidated by spouse and is denied copies of payments made to court experts by the monied parent? Family court.

    Just see Grossman in the Tiberi and Ambrose cases. Adelman in many cases. And no other judges are taking issue with it. Ficeto in the Groghs case- it’s total coercion and abuse of power.

    Domestic violence in violation of law – total financial dominance and abuse. Mothers left homeless and penniless. This is CT courts violating Jennifer’s law – blatant abuse. See Adelman! See Grossman!

    And it happens to fathers also- look at Luigi DiBella – they took all his money. And all his rights. Sadists.

  • Former director of Connecticut Coalition Against domestic violence Karen Jarmoc.. Husband ordered to pay family estate back 2.08 million dollars. ” Unjustly enriched himself” from him father’s estate. Father suffering from Dementia. Jarmoc’s sister in law a Doctor in New Hampshire claims funds taken from the estate were used to personal items for her brother and wife Karen. Claims family was denied communication with the father. Signing new will 4 months prior to dementia diagnosis.

    • That’s exactly what they do. See movie I Care For You. All about probate but game is the same in family court. God help us.

  • Yes. Adelman is a criminal. Evidence is there. Powers in CT need to take action instead of covering for corrupt judges who protect abusers.

  • The worst part of this on going story is the immeasurable damage being done to the children.

    They are the ones suffering!

    • Yes GG. absolutely heartbreaking the collaterol damage they will have to bear for the rest of their lives. Incalculable.

  • Those who speak out are silenced. I reported my complaints to the Attorney Generals office. They told me they could not help. No power over the courts. Department of justice sent me an email in less than 24 hrs telling me to let Connecticut handle it. Have a few open complaints being investigated. I can’t say much more until there conclusion. Supposed to be confidencial. Filed these complaints in the best interest of others. Most important the children. They are future and the biggest legecy we leave behind. The system is damaging. Based on my experience completely out of control.

    • No one touches the court. They’re protected. Dcf won’t get involved if you ask them for help to see your children- when there is no finding of unfitness.

      Time to sit in tongs office until he takes action. It’s his job. He’s failing our children but pretends he’s all about family and children.

      He’s full of shit. It took him 24 hours to launch an investigation into the Greenwich asst principal who advocated for violation of civil rights.

      The US was outraged when parents separated from kids at out border. Yet we are paying attorneys to torture our children the same way.

      You cannot take a mothers children. Common sense people. Sadists and those in denial. Until the government fucks you over.

  • Children are given the power to remove their penis but denied the power to see their mothers. This is Connecticut family court.

  • Herzog was and continues to be an awful case. Stay at home mother, raised the children, no issues at all. Father claims bs parental alienation as he trolls the internet posing as a young woman looking for sex.

    He gets full legal and physical custody, mom has no contact and ordered to pay child support and alimony.

    This is child abuse and abuse of mothers by family courts. Same playbook as Ambrose case and many others. It’s got to end now.

    • The three branches of state and federal governments have allowed so much damage to be done to families since the 1980s. That damage appears to have been done on purpose — otherwise major reforms would have been completed by now. Plenty of studies about the corruption have already been done. Plenty of books have been written. Wendy Titleman’s “Let My Children Go!” details extensive corruption in Georgia years ago. “From Madness to Mutiny: Why Mothers are Running from Family Courts” and “Mothers on Trial” covered the crisis in New York. “Worst Interests of the Child” is about the corruption in Connecticut family courts.

      In January, a judge disbarred a Connecticut attorney for noting the corruption in the family courts.

      Someone needs to think of a brilliant plan we can all follow ASAP.

  • Luigi DiBella has six kids. CT court has taken his children, no contact at all, and his life savings. And they continue to drag him post-divorce through the courts.

    CT Family court a roach motel- once you go in, you can’t get out.

    It is child abuse to deprive children of a parent.

    These parents had not a single claim against them and somehow ct court found no-contact for years was warranted.

    The crimes are blatant. The retaliation is brutal. Look at the parents who have spoken out publicly.

    Ted Taupier was put in prison for 18 months. Angela Hicks was arrested by Westport police.

    They are vilifying and trying to criminalize parents to justify taking their children. Our children are suffering!!! These are not high conflict divorces- they are crimes by attorneys and psychologists, who make deals with the monied parent.

  • This story is so freaking all over the place it’s impossible to follow.

    “Many would say the western part of Connecticut has always sided with the liberal/pagan British Freemasons. In contrast, most in the eastern part of the state lived and fought for political and religious freedom — as most conservatives do today.”

    What in the fuck? All Americans fight for political and religious freedom, not just conservatives. You are extremely biased against anyone even slightly different from you, aren’t you? you must be from the eastern part of the state. Look up bigot in the dictionary. You’ll probably find your picture there.

  • Love Bill Maher. Perfectly stated. CT is beyond corrupt.

    Leadership – even Blumenthal who has all the money in the world, won’t stand up for our children and the citizens of CT.

    Look how long it’s been going on. Cover up over cover up.

    We need a fearless spokesperson to join Frank Parlato in the quest to end family court corruption.

    It’s going on in family courts throughout the country. CT is one of the worst but the game is the same.

    Sadists -court actors who abuse our children.

    • This has been going on in CT family court for decades. It became incredibly lucrative and systematic with the introduction by pedo Richard Gardner- and his bullshit parental alienation.

      They have the playbook down, but the days are numbered.

      Linda Smith is done. Biren Caverly is a fraud and criminal- just like Linda smith, who she replaced.

      The gals will continue to be exposed. Frank report won’t let it go.

    • Did you actually absorb the content? Go back, reread, try to comprehend and broaden your perspective.

      What’s occurring in family courts is a national epidemic. CT is one of the worst states and the corruption is known. Thousands of families signed a petition in 2017.

      This is not a handful of “disgruntled litigants”. Civil rights of children and parents are being violated. This should be of concern.

  • I’m living through this criminality with my wife, Robin Gills (sadly formerly with the disgusting name “Herzog”). As someone who spent 20 years as a U.S. Marine; I never though I’d see such corruption in a state in the U.S. This is beyond criminal; it’s evil. Ken Gills

    • Robin Herzog is a mom who had her kids taken – same as Ambrose case. Kids scared of father bc of abuse – court ignored all evidence, and delivered kids to the abuser.

      No shared custody and no contact so they can silent the children. These kids have been through hell for years while the court profits.

      No laws followed. Ambrose kids have no voice. Give these kids their own attorneys! To advocate for what they want! They are people with rights.

      Kids can choose what sex they want to be but can’t have their experiences and desires validated during a divorce. They’re all teens and tweens. Enough abuse!!!!

          • I don’t understand this comment Frank. Can’t the police only issue those? That’s what the article states:

            STAMFORD, CT — A Silver Alert has been issued by authorities for Abbigail Herzog, a 4-year-old Stamford girl who has been missing since April 28.

            She is “possibly in the company of her mother, Robin Herzog, and her two siblings,” wrote state police in a release.

    • Thank you for boldly speaking out and telling the truth of our reality. There is so much retaliation (as stated at the judiciary hearings) that parents can’t afford to come forward.

      They leave you bankrupt, homeless and steal your children. Look at Dianne Hart, Ted Taupuer, Joriz Toberi, Luigi DiBella… the list is endless. And there are far more we don’t know about.

      The children are pawns and abused by those paid to protect them. It’s pure evil.

  • The people behind this corruption deserve nothing less than the longest prison term allowed by law. There is quite the highest level attention on this corrupt state. Ken

  • John Flynn did a podcast on transgender children and how CT public schools and libraries are introducing and promoting the concept at an early age.

    These books promote the idea that children should be able to choose their sex at a young age.

    And now we see the same agenda of an assistant principal of one of the wealthiest, most influential towns in Connecticut.

    And he’s on paid leave? How long will Tongs investigation take? As long as the trial in the death of Jennifer Dulos- which is still not underway? As long as the divorce of Ambrose- where attorneys and judges drag cases out endlessly to make it about something it’s not?

    Will it Drag out so long that people forget the atrocity that occurred years prior?

    Boland will fade without much repercussion just as the crimes of the Belle Haven mother are largely concealed and minimized.

    Nickola Cunha makes headlines repeatedly, but a Greenwich mother who commits multiple sexual felonies is given minimal attention.

    And Tong is outraged by the “tactic” that nailed Jeremy Boland, but is accepting of the fact that Cunha was summarily disbarred, and the mother was left after 36 days of Ambrose putting on his case- the mother was left it’s no money, no home and no counsel. And they denied her a mistrial when their own judge determined Cunha was incompetent in the Ambrose case.

    How about those tactics? Or the ones that allow GALs to drain family savings and deliver kids to the abuser? Tong is good with that in our “50-50” shared parenting state- where btw CT earned an F rating.

  • Simple truth is the people of Connecticut cannot govern themselves, they are sheeple, complacent with corruption and abuse, they deserve what they get, a free society that does nothing to protect children.

  • John Flynn speaks the truth- it’s just too much to fathom. The corruption throughout the state of Connecticut is pervasive. It’s family court and probate court.

    There is mortgage fraud everywhere. Our state government is stealing our children, and robbing the life savings in family and probate courts.

  • Civil rights of Connecticut children are being violated daily- over the course of years. They are denied contact with loving parents as a result of greed.

    GALs and custody evaluators violate CT state law and AG Tong sits idle and does nothing.

    Children have taken to self harm, medication, and suicide as a result of draconian separation – where dcf has no interest whatsoever!

    Why has Tong allowed these civil rights violations to go on for decades?

    Under his watch the children of Dianne Hart, Kathy Sorrentino, Paige Styvan, Angela Hickman, Leanne Carey, joris tiberi, Catherine Rookasin, Kelly Grohs, Robin Herzog, Marlana Anderson, Margaret Sullivan, Karen Riordan and hundreds of other non cent children have been traumatized by family court.

    GALs are attorneys. No expertise. Custody evaluations are one psychologist and are fraudulent which is why they are sealed. They are not medical doctors.

    No medical field would support the ruthless separation of children from their mother or father.

    Tong and Lamont need to step up, reverse these atrocities and stop the abuse.

    It’s already been proven. Money rules and childrens childhoods destroyed.

    • What’s curious is that Karen Riordan is the only name I recognize from this list because she is the only mother who has dragged her children publicly through the mud. It’s so clear her agenda has nothing to do with what’s best for the kids. I’ve read the divorce decree, the cease and desist papers and the other documents that are on line on the other blogger’s web page. Rirodan is an angry, liar who is all about revenge because her husband dumped her. You obviously have some attraction to her Frank because you’ve bought her story hook line and sinker. Let’s hear the truth and don’t give us your usual BS about only being concerned with the kids. The kids have begged you not to use their names and you do it all the time. Be honest for once.

        • Why do you always do this? You are a gas lighter, Frank. Whenever someone disagrees with the garbage you publish, you automatically assume it’s Ambrose.

          And, no, I am not Chris.

      • Stop talking about yourself Chris. If we ever got to testify, everyone would know it was Karen who dumped you. Marriage counselor Amy Wrobel can attest to this fact!

        You then locked her out of all the accounts and started your plot for parental alienation. You Chris, are a pathological liar and a practiced one!

        Step away from the court you hide behind. Come to all of us who know the kids and know the truth. The ones the kids love and trust who you have locked out of their lives because you are sick and threatened.

        The only liar is you. And your plagiarism reflects that. You lied to your co-workers, the actors, the show runner. And then threw The Showrunner of Instinct under the bus! You are a joke in Hollywood.

        Your career was sunk and michael Rauch took a chance and hired you. Anne Blanchard and Renee Kurtz wouldn’t have you back- remember?

        Your true colors were known in Hollywood. Then you blew it when you could hack it on Instinct and lied to everyone – until the fans outed you.

        But keep blaming everyone else for your lifetime of failures. Both personal and professional.

        The kids know real love Chris. They know we’re here for them. Time doesn’t change that no matter how many lies you tell to try and destroy their mother in their eyes. It’ll never happen. We raised your kids Chris. We love them. And they love us.

          • Normal men defend all children when anyone’s children are in danger.

            Maybe your case caught Frank’s attention because he saw Connecticut courts enable a grown man who pretended to be a barber while surfing the web looking for “young Latino boys”.

            Maybe you used the “parental alienation trick” to take Karen’s children from her. Maybe Frank saw what was going on and decided to be kind enough to try to save your children from the hell you created for them, Chris.

            Apologize to everyone for the harm you did and improve your behavior or move on.

            Key words translation: “Your kids, Chris” means “You’re supposed to act like their father, not a pervert and not an opportunist.”

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