Kevin Says: Help Not Hurt Danielle Roberts

Kevin says:

The HBO show won’t talk about Danielle Roberts’ story, because the narrator, Sarah Edmondson, doesn’t want the public to know about them. Because it would expose the narrator’s role as a leader in the organization, not as a victim.

Danielle has told her story, part of it at least, on her blog and in a series of videos. I encourage you to check it out. There’s a lot of information, a different perspective, and a clear impression that this is a nice person who has been disproportionately punished, more due to her associations than for what she did.

There’s no impression that she was, or is, a threat to any patient. She seems to care about why people get sick and what can be done to get them healthy, instead of just giving them a pill or an injection.

And if someone wants to make a counterpoint that Raniere had mentored her in creating her medical company, which somehow makes her dangerous, what a can of worms that opens up. This is her main point, that we’ve now set a precedent where a professional can lose a license to work based on an association with a person or group, and not based on a crime committed or professional violation.

The thing I’m rooting for the most after Allison recovering and finding health, happiness, and peace is for Danielle to also find those things, get her license back, and live a fulfilling life.

End of Kevin’s message.

For those who wish to help Danielle get her medical license back, she has offered Kevin and others a way to help.

Danielle has started a crowd funding page at GiveSendGo. She will use the funds to appeal New York State’s decision to revoke her license.

She has raised $3500 of a $15,000 goal.

Danielle Roberts Message

Hello Everyone,

My name is Dr. Danielle Roberts. Amidst many stories of media censorship and propaganda, wrongful convictions, cancel culture and hate campaigns, political agendas, and infringement on our rights in the name of “safety” and “social cooperation”, I share with you my story of defamation, oppression, and injustice, but more importantly of courage, truth, and hope.

The NYS Health Department, specifically the Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC) revoked my medical license on Sept 29th 2021 for something that had nothing to do with the practice of medicine. These politically appointed board members, in order to punish me for a lifestyle they don’t understand and/or don’t agree with, ignored the boundaries of their jurisdiction, and exercised their power over something that they have no authority over – my personal life.

This is revocation by their own prejudices and opinions based on media gossip and slander. This is not justice, this is hate.

How many of you enjoy raising your children in the school of your choice; practicing the religious practices that draw you near to God; joining associations that you feel are meaningful; choosing what to put in your bodies and the bodies of your children?

How many of you would want your career, your livelihood, your craft and passion or your life’s work to be in jeopardy if those supervising you didn’t agree with your personal life choices?

That is EXACTLY what is at stake if we allow what happened to me to go unchallenged.

This Sept. 29th 2021, the members of the OPMC not only destroyed my career and stripped me of my medical license, but set a precedent that puts ALL doctors and state licensed professionals at risk! They took my license for events that took place in my personal life between consenting competent adults, and if they can do that to me, they can do that to anyone.

Because my case sets such a dangerous precedent that affects so many of us, we have the opportunity to take this matter to the highest court in NY State; the NYS Court of Appeals. Here we can file an article 78 calling out and revealing the overreaching and prejudicial nature of this Board’s political decision. Together, we can overturn this dangerous precedent, protect our rights and private lives, and put bureaucratic representatives on notice that this type of oppression and control will not be tolerated.

My case is just the tip of the iceberg. I am associated with the largest FBI corruption case since Watergate. A case that is known internationally and will shake the conscience of this country. Quite possibly the largest premeditated case of FBI collusion in the past century.

And we have iron-clad ‘DNA’ evidence that what happened to me is just a mere outshoot of this much larger corruption scheme of our federal government.

United States vs Raniere has the potential to be HISTORIC. This unprecedented, documented, UNDENIABLE level of corruption in our Federal Government holds the opportunity to STOP ALL federal, state, administrative and local injustices forever. If we stand together and hold these Judges, prosecutors, political figure heads and Administrative Board members accountable, WE TAKE OUR POWER BACK! We show them this type of behavior WILL NOT be tolerated, not in this nation united under God.

Step 1: Stand with me.

If you care, even a little bit, about your rights to conduct your private lives in whatever way you choose. Stand with me.

Step 2: Donate

We need forty thousand dollars to pay my amazing lawyer to do what he does so well, and what I can’t do alone. I need 15k by the end of November to start the process. Donate now.

Step 3: Share!

We need voices! To put these bureaucrats on notice and change this behavior forever, we need EYES on these Judges, Jury’s and Boards, so that they can’t just take the easy way out and sweep it under the rug. Please SHARE this with every doctor, attorney, teacher, broker, influencer, mother, father… anyone that holds a state license and anyone that cares about our rights. Write about it, tweet about it, post about it. Let’s make my Life’s work and Medical License mean something. Let’s make US vs Raniere Historic – not for smut and lies, but for truth, equity, sovereignty and justice!

Step 4: Follow me


Here you will find videos, articles, my legal closing papers, and a much larger understanding of this issue. You’ll also find clickable links to my social media accounts.

Twitter: @DrDanielleDR
Instagram: @drdanielleroberts
Facebook: @DrDanielleRoberts

Also See:

Thank you so much for your time and for reading this message with an open heart and mind until the end. I hope to meet you at some point! Maybe a celebration gala for all those that made it possible for justice to remain blind, and our private lives to remain ours.


Roberts with Michele Hatchette. Both were DOS slaves of Allison Mack.

Contribute money and comments

Kevin and others can join the 21 people who have already contributed. In addition to money, one can leave a comment.

Here are a few comments:

Kerri: There is not a doubt in my heart and mind of your integrity as a person and as a doctor.

Joc: Love you! Wish I could cover more of this whole darn thing! This whole situation makes me so sad.. Praying for you and for justice to prevail 🙌🏻

Jeff McCarty: This small gift may not help much in reaching your goal, but hope it shows support for not only you, but the other ladies as well. *I originally wanted to hold off until I could send a larger gift, but business is slower than I like. P.S. you can add me on FB as well. Jeff McCa (purposely left the last 3 letters off my name. Lol)

Anonymous Donor: I’m not sure that I am 100% behind the morals of the case but I am sure I’m 100% behind you and your ability as a doctor and a person❤️

Anonymous Donor: Stand tall Sister!!
Anonymous Donor: May the torch of tyranny be extinguished! I pray the Lord brings you justice.
Anonymous Donor: For RJ and for defending your medical license.USD $ 100
We Love You Dr Danielle: you my friend are a fearless champion destined to transform the world, and we are with you!!
David Robinson: Stand for what your heart feels is right.
Dwayne Sanders Good luck love!

Meesh: Proud to know you and call you my friend. You got this.

Anonymous Donor: Thanks for standing up for what’s right!

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  • Well, in her long message she doesnt mention the reason her licensed was taken away, of course she didnt mention it, nobody would give her money.

  • 500 cal a Day???? I ate that while reading this post? Nuthin like a little chuckle a la mode!

  • Michelle , ask HBO for some dough….make a doc about how many people beg 4 the green on go fund me.

  • I wish that this never happened to her. Instead of judging her, we can learn from the mistakes she made by trusting Keith R. And his puppets.

  • Danielle doesn’t believe that men should protect and defend women. The dossier Project slave women have made YouTube video after YouTube video declaring such as their fervent position. It seems really disrespectful to Danielle for Kevin to come forward and start speaking for Danielle and treating her like an entitled princess who cannot stand up for herself. That is like the number one thing the Keith slaves have a really hard stance against. That’s the kind of dude who doesn’t respect women’s boundaries at all. Kevin has made it clear that he has listened to and read everything that Danielle has put out there. If that’s the case then Kevin should totally know that these slave women do not believe in having a dude stand up for them whatsoever.

  • Making History with Michelle.
    The new reality show.
    WHO would be on her show?
    Michelle, Michelle and Michelle.
    Someone turn the channel path-leeeeeeeeese.

  • I hear Dr. Steven Hassan, the crooked Cult expert “deprogrammer” is looking for an intern. Send your resume in cookie.

  • “Stand tall sister” I’d like some money too. Will you help me? Know nuthin about you, just that Keith R. Is a sad sock of puss, but somethin ain’t right about this.

    Am I alone here?

  • Asking for money without proof of where the money is going, always stops me in my tracks. Yes, NXVIUM is, was an abomination, yes you might be helping change history. Still, asking money without providing more transparency is a big pill to swallow. If you do this, it might help you get more financial support.

  • Kevin has perfect dick pic recall like a decade and a half later.


    Every dick detail. Of each dick.





    Dicks live inside of Kevin.



  • For instance:

    “When a disbarred doctor learns she is collateral damage of an ongoing conspiracy to stop her Guru, she begins a journey to regain her license ( by following the branding from inception) only to learn the people she trusted most were her betrayers”

    120 minute movie

    Or 6 docu-episodes:

    Who, when, when, where, why, how and the path to redemption.

    Just a suggestion.

  • I’ve always thought your story might have monetary value. Have you tried shopping it around to an agent? Don’t take advice from anyone in Nxivm.

  • Danielle, sure hope you can wise up and move on. Slavery is not cool. Lying is not cool. You are still cool. Why can’t you give up on these shitty ideas?

  • It’s not just the branding. The fact that she STILL preaches the 500 calories and extreme fasting, sleep deprivation are healthy for her Instagram audience makes her dangerous. And in another recent Instagram “Health Tip” she says it’s totally unnecessary to warm up or cool down after a workout. This coming from a physical therapist (who btw just injured herself in dance rountine). Perhaps rethink that warm up next time, doc.

    • Who pays you to twist her words?

      She does Not advocate 500 calories daily. She wasn’t a physical therapist either and the injury had nothing to do with warm up or cool down but the unfortunate slip of a mat for a landing on a dance she was choreographing.
      Some people can sleep 6 hours and feel well rested, others need more.

  • When will these cult women ever grow up? All this cult does is create a bunch of emotionally stunted, irresponsible women dedicated to a worthless cult vow and an equally emotionally stunted conman instead of to their own lives and possible families.

  • Join Kim Constable and do what Michelle Salzman is doing. Get a job Danielle like the rest of us….or become a dog groomer like Lauren. Stop leeching off people. Someone with an MD should be smarter and more ethical. You still don’t see what you did is wrong. Your a user in life. You simply use and abuse. Thank God they took your license away. You should have been in jail…be lucky with your punishment.

  • Raniere raped and abused Camilla for years. Danielle Roberts branded the initials of a known rapist and child abuser into unsuspecting women.

    She’s psychologically impaired and therefore dangerous.

    • He was not a known rapist when this occurred. Sarah was also well aware of accusations of his past and still saw him as a worthy business partner, as did Mark Vicente.

  • I sympathize with Danielle’s situation, and perhaps in time she should have her license restored.

    I believe the case against Raniere- was corrupt- as nearly all government cases are.

    We have lost control of our constitutional rights. The laws in place go against the people and deny any possibility of a “fair trial.”

    Our laws encourage abuse of power by prosecutors and there is no checks or balances.

    Danielle’s psychological judgment is or at least was, impaired. She was inflicting pain needlessly, and branding women who were led to believe what she was branding was a symbol. Danielle knew she was writing the initials KR.

    While she claims she was not being paid for her medical services, the women chose Danielle to complete the branding because she was a licensed physician.

    Otherwise Lauren, Nicki, Alison, or any other master slave could have obliged.

    And with her actions comes responsibility.

  • If Anthony Fauci can keep his medical license why not Danielle Roberts and Brandon Porter?
    Anything Goes in Biden’s America.

  • Danielle doesn’t really want anybody to listen with an open mind. She only wants people to agree with her.

    Her license was revoked as a consequence of her actions.

    Furthermore, what’s truly scandalous is that she has ZERO problem whatsoever with the idea of turning human beings into cataloged, branded and collateralized slaves! Slaves forced to 500 calories diets and sexual acts.

    How dare Danielle speak about freedom and liberty? Really. How dare she!

    The fact she lacks the insight to perceive any problem with this is absolutely astonishing to me!

    There’s just no version of my perfect world where any form of real slavery exists and something like being lied to about a guy’s initials being branded on me would ever be okay.

  • I thought Kevin was supposed to be a friend of Allison Pimp Mack and not a part of NXIVM.
    A friend from her Smallville Days in Vancouver.

    Now he is going to bat for Dr. Danielle Roberts.
    What gives?

    • I was never a part of NXIVM, never even took a class, and I do believe that there were people who were harmed and mistreated.

      I defend Danielle because her punishment is not proportionate to her role in the organization. She is a scapegoat who is being treated more harshly than people much higher in rank who have gotten completely off the hook.

      I don’t like seeing Allison suffer, and if Danielle was subordinate to Allison in some way, I don’t want her to suffer either just because of their association.

  • “This is revocation by their own prejudices and opinions based on media gossip and slander. This is not justice, this is hate.”

    Danielle. It’s not about you or your lifestyle. It’s not about hate. It’s about stopping a potential threat to the status quo. And it is “justice.”

    I believe Keith Raniere was taken down because he was making a NUISANCE of himself on the international stage. His activities presented a threat to the reputation and political power of the USA, Canada, Mexico, Ireland, European Royalty, and a religious man standing against 1.3 billion communists.

    Frank has never done a post on the political or international implications of Raniere’s actions, which had the potential to be far reaching and severe. I wish he would.

    Politicians are very jealous of their power.

    It’s hard to hold the moral high ground at the UN when the media reports that your country permits branding females, sex trafficking, fuck toys etc.

    My best guess is that Raniere was being watched for years but purchased protection. When Catherine drew international attention to the political threat, the three letter agencies started to act and that protection was no longer sufficient.

    And it seems clear they took him down with a counter intelligence operation evinced by the steel trap nature of the consequences, and the inability of anyone connected with KR to fight the narrative or extricate themselves, no matter how honest or well intended. Like you.

    And while evidence contrary to the narrative on some aspect of the case might float to the surface, it won’t matter. KR’s present circumstances are the containment of the ongoing threats he presented and “justice” in the purest sense of the word. The fault was his for not seeing the far-reaching effect of his actions.

    And while he may not appreciate prison, I suspect he’s rather enjoying the chance to demonstrate his sexual prowess, intelligence and power through the channels still available, including the continued mental domination and devotion of remaining followers.

    I believe you are a victim and collateral damage of something bigger than yourself and don’t know it.

    • Yes Sept 4, 12:40 but you’re giving way too much weight to these jokers. They’ve done nothing to advance anything in society except supposedly curing 2 people of tourettes.

      There is still a disastrous problem with their ideology. I mean, at least if you care anything about freedom. I seriously can’t believe after all the time Danielle has had to think about this that she still sees nothing wrong.

    • Interesting observation but I’m not sure Suneel ever bothered much in the comments. I’ve challenged many of his articles and haven’t received a single response that I can immediately remember.

      • He did comment my2cents. And he had particular writin characteristics that for obvious reasons not divulging…yet.

        • Ohh. So mysterious! Well, Suneel, if this is you? I’m still waiting to see your dick/face splashed all over social media, since these type of requests are no big deal. Not coercive, and not abuse. Just part of being a normal bad ass person. You wanna throw yourself behind this practice? Then prove it! Show me. Demonstrate how it’s no big deal. Prove to everyone you aren’t afraid of what could happen!

        • And also, seriously, what? He’s some kind of weirdo that posts an article and then trolls the comments as someone other than himself? Strange thing to do. Smells like deception.

    • Interesting theory, except that I think KR is a pedophile who’s been hurting underage girls since the 80s, and that the police and other law enforcement that protected him for three decades should be prosecuted.

      Also, that I wish none of these people ever met him, and instead were living happy, healthy lives.

      There are good and bad people on both sides of this. Many of the people who have been punished are not bad people. Many of the legitimately bad people have not been punished.

      I’m lifting from Alonzo here, but he hit the mark in one of his comments; Suneel is not KR. Danielle is not KR. Treating these people as if they are monsters due to an association is as culty as what cults themselves do.

      If you want to know more about me, just ask. I won’t be giving away my last name or PII though.

      • Pedophiles do not change. Even with extreme targeted therapy and treatment there’s a very very high reoffending rate. Most likely you’re willing to admit Keith was a pedophile in the 1980s because of the statute of limitations.

        But if you believe he was a pedophile then he’s a pedophile now. Your failure to address the sexual exploitation of the minor Camilla is very convenient for you. There is a wealth of evidence. A true embarrassment of riches for the prosecution to prove that Keith is a pedophile. And your dearly beloved Danielle supports that pedophile. As all you dead-enders support a pedophile. You might think you’re being clever but conceding to some of Keith’s older crimes to make yourself look like you are not a supporter.

        But by admitting that he has a long and storied history of being a pedophile, you are also admitting he is a continued pedophile. Every single bit of research supports that fact to be true. And then there’s the living breathing victims who can tell their story and have done so.

      • Kevin, nobody is treating anybody as if they were KR. We are simply observing that they still support, defend and encourage him.

        The fact they encourage him makes me feel the most sad. These people are supposed to be his friends but all they do is harm him. Keith has been locked up in the worst of places because he’s been busted with burner phones, etc. If they were really his friend, they’d be providing and encouraging further mental health support and not dancing outside his prison and getting him in more trouble. They also complain they were “intimidated” into not testifying for him. Sounds like a lousy group of friends to me.

        When are these people gonna get honest with themselves? And honest about what’s going on with their so-called friend?

  • Why doesn’t Danielle’s amazing female empowerment master slave DOS organization help her out? Rosa Laura has money.

    Or the masters could order the slaves to hold a vegan bake sale.

    What about Danielle’s incredible Nxivm community? Lots of very wealthy people in the cult.

    Clare Bronfman’s got a few bucks and loves throwing money away.

    Why is Danielle reduced to begging from strangers?

    And living on couches?

    What does that tell you about ESP?

    What does it say about Danielle’s DOS friendships?

    Where is her family?

    Why aren’t all these people with enough disposable income to buy 2nd, 3rd or 4th homes in Albany and fritter away their hours walking about with vanguard chipping in?

    Didn’t Nxivm advise never to give handouts or to charity?

    Why should strangers rally around Danielle when her own community will not? And when Danielle still refuses to take any responsibility for her own mistakes and misdeeds?

  • “ …media censorship and propaganda, wrongful convictions, cancel culture and hate campaigns, political agendas, and infringement on our rights in the name of ‘safety’”

    Interesting the way Roberts puts the word safety in scare quotes. No wonder she had her medical license revoked.

    Me, I prefer it when any doctor who comes near me thinks of safety as a good thing. Especially if they’ve got a scalpel in hand.

    I thought physicians took an oath. First, do no harm. The Hippocratic Oath doesn’t doesn’t say, applies to billable patients only.

    Roberts branded women, while they were held down naked, with Keith Raniere’s initials, on their pussies, in service of a criminal racketeering organization engaged in extortion and sex trafficking. Why is anyone surprised she lost her medical license?

    • For pointing out that she had no authority in the parent organization or any of it’s subsidiaries, except for her medical company that was never linked to criminal activity?

      For pointing out that the Medical Board heard her case and ruled in her favor, and that they did a double jeopardy on her based on political pressure?

      Or for pointing out that what she did in her private life had nothing to do with her profession or with patients, and was not illegal, which is consistent with what the police and medical board reported?

      • Why do you bring up what Moore Penza does in her private life? You want her lambasted for appearing on a podcast and talking about a past case she’s an authority on?

        You’re such a hypocrite.

  • Kevin avoids the point. Danielle still supports NXIVM/DOS. Still supports a convicted felon, manipulative, sex-obsessed, narcissistic, statutory rapist. Still sees nothing wrong with what she did. Still sees no conflict with her vow to ethically practice medicine and her vow to the same convicted felon and statutory rapist masked as “female empowerment”.

    Sarah has nothing to with any of this.

    Danielle, like Nicki and the rest of the deadenders, are living in cognitive dissonance delusion, and the sooner they get over it and stop latching onto a bullshit vow that has them “brainwashed” into “upholding their character” wasting their time and lives, the better their lives will be for it.

    Raniere is a nobody criminal. Just an average con artist schmoe who succeeded well past his shelf life creating a false persona due to three poor little rich girls (Pam, Sarah, and Clare) with some Mexican rich people help. Get over him and your own narcissism where you think you know better than what is obvious to everyone outside of your little “cultic” world. You and him are NEVER going to be reflective of the Margaret Mead quote of that small group of people who changed the world, even if you waste your entire lives on it.

  • There’s just a thing, just the one thing as she is still part of DOS, which of her vow would come first if KR demanded anything conflicting. Would she prioritize her medical vow, or her vow to KR? If she can answer that without a doubt then yes, I would be happy to see her get back her license.

  • Random thoughts as read through this.

    Got to admit Roberts is very photogenic. Single? Can see why Raniere wanted her on team slave, can’t really fault his taste in women. Edmondson is an example of why being the first to abandon ship can be a smart move. She is likely going to cause the civil case to go sideways but still.

    I do agree that Roberts’ license being revoked was politically motivated and not based on any high moral ground. It normally takes a lot to lose a medical license, basically just come short of admitting to murdering multiple patients type stuff. What she did, to volunteers, is nothing on that scale. However, because she didn’t abandon ship and really fought with everything she could to stay on the sinking ship, she got infamous. Generally the press does not pay any attention who is up for review by a medical license board. She made herself news. That choice and the consequences are on her. She could have remained a random name by running from NXIVM at least for the duration of attention but instead chose to be in the middle of it. As a result, ignoring what little she did would have created more problems for the board as the press inevitably followed up with “Why didn’t you revoke her license?” Even worse (from their perspective), what if the press looked into other cases where they refused to revoke licenses? Best to nip all of that in the bud by making the very easy choice of just revoking the license.

    As for precedent, that is a meaningless accusation. Medical boards are not court of law. These boards are mostly political appointments, whose primary job is give the illusion of respectability and oversight to efforts to make money. Two identical cases might get two completely different results based on things like was a rich person involved, did a friend of the friend of the mayor give a crap, one of them is having a bad day and so forth.

    “I am associated with the largest FBI corruption case since Watergate” – Weird example. Also the hyperbole on “HISTORIC” and “holds the opportunity to STOP ALL federal, state, administrative and local injustices forever”, can I have whatever it is your smoking? Like how high is Roberts? Is she that privileged or that naïve she has not seen how the real world works on any level? Raniere and NXIVM are simply not that important. Its fascinating of fuck because of the whole cult of personality but its really not that important.

    DOS is the only reason it ever got national attention. Remove “sex slaves” from the equation, even if branding part remained, and well it would have never been investigated by the FBI because the New York Times would have never bothered to report on it.. But lets say a miracle occurred and FBI investigated anyway, it would have remained local news. Don’t confuse the press reporting on it as a sign of value. The value was the sex slave aspect, not Raniere, and not really the cult itself.

    Lets go with Raniere’s favorite cultists assumption of corruption. The FBI tomorrow calls a press conference and goes “We admit it. We made up the pictures.” Really the most that happens an FBI agent or two gets fired, the case gets retried, he still goes to jail. He just might have of getting out when in his 90s. That assumes Camilla doesn’t testify again. If she does testify, then he is probably screwed worse then he already is. That is the most that will happen. Usually the case wouldn’t be retried, but again, the infamy thanks to sex slaves means politically they will have too. There will be no Watergate style domino effect. In the FBI’s long history of abuse of power (see near 50 years of Hoover) and screwing up (Waco and Ruby Ridge comes to mind), this would barely be a ripple.

    People and their weird need to be “important”. Makes them exaggerate so much. “HISTORIC” LMAO.

    • This “historic” nonsense, the “biggest since Watergate” bullshit is bizarre. It’s the line all of Raniere’s minions seem to be taking. Just shows how divorced from reality these clowns are.

      I’m curious why you think Roberts’s licence revocation was politically motivated. I get that the Board only took action after the story blew up in the NYT. To me that just means they finally had to pay attention to the matter. Inertia, not politics.

      Roberts does come across as a beyond the bend MAGA nutcase though. If she took that line in front of the Board it sure wouldn’t have helped her case. Ranting about media propaganda and government corruption, defending a convicted sex trafficker. She sounds unhinged. She seems to actually believe the “persecution” of Raniere and Nxivm is a defining point of American history, that the nation will rise up and demand fundamental change over it. She seems insane.

      To me, branding women who are held down naked with a cult leader’s initials is about as immoral as immoral acts get.

    • I love your points here. I can just hear KR’s narcissistic little self exaggerating the stakes of this corruption and postulating like he’s Nelson Mandela. He loooooves that people talk about him and that his lackeys regurgitate his every word. Sadly, anything these hangers on say sounds like Keithspeak.

    • Just do what every other loser leech does….marry a rich person. Some did this and they got a ice cream ceo!! Come on danielle….upscale yourself.

      • The trouble with ‘My Body Is My Temple’ types is that generally they let nothing in or out of their perfect bodies but tofu, a few nuts, maybe some fruit leather.

    • I don’t believe she chose to stay in the middle of it at all. She did stay silent. ( at least for 2 years) She did seek to apologize to those who thought they were harmed. Frank and the Vancouver peeps stalked her every move. From jobs, to where she lived, to writing FALSE reviews acknowledging themselves as patients WHEN they weren’t, to supeona serving saying she now weighs 200 lbs to reporting she fled to Mexico, all while trying to prepare to defend her license and earn a living. NICE PUSH OFF the bridge , assholes.
      At some point you chose to live.
      Good for her!

      • Uhhhh. Danielle danced outside a detention center nightly to support a child pornographer held inside.

        Danielle participated in posting these ‘erotic’ dances onto social media.

        Danielle did pressers in support of an abusive cult leader.

        The dead-enders showed up at the prosecutor’s office with a camera crew.

        That is hardly keeping a low profile

        • You conception of erotic is skewed., when you view gymnastics as erotic , that belittles our Olympic Teams as well.

          • Fuck off. It’s on the record. Suneel and Keith discussed the “erotic” part of the dancers.

            Try and keep up. It’s in a court recorded calls and and fillings.

            That’s why the quotes you deadest of enders

  • What are you even talking about?

    Sarah is just one person in one season of the documentary about Nxivm. Sarah is not a producer. She’s not even in season 2 heavily. It is hilarious how omnipotent and all powerful Sarah Edmonson is in your tiny one track mind.

    Hmmm… Now WHO could be so obsessed with the civil suit and The Vow and the brave woman who put herself out there to bring down the Nxivm Cult and Keith? Who could possibly be this personally invested? Lol

    Guess tweeting and deleting about HBO isn’t satisfying that self- righteous misplaced rage anymore

    There is always falsely accusing Sarah of endangering her children but not putting your full name on such libel. You could always go back to that slander, ” Kevin”. You lying coward.

    • Sarah Edmondson owned, operated, managed, directed, recruited for, and profited from, one of the largest NXIVM centers in North America. The only recruiter more successful than her was her buddy and mentor, Mark Vicente.

      I don’t know these people personally, and who the hell would want to? But my goodness, NXIVM wasa SEX CULT! Do you know that? Did you hear about that? A SEX CULT.

      A Doctor lost her license due to her association with this sex cult. But point out that Sarah was in this SEX CULT for much longer, and recruited people into it, and made money off of it, and for some reason, all of your self-righteous outrage goes away.

      Why is that? Why is Sarah above the rules that she gets to hold everyone else to, especially when she’s the biggest offender?

      You know my real name. And I’ve given plenty of information about myself, and where I stand on all of this, and why I care.

      Who are you? What’s your name? Are you another incel who used to send dick photos to Kristin and write threatening letters to Allison because you didn’t like her television character? If yes, I’ve seen your dick too, yours and Aristotles.

      One is black and curved to the right. The other sort of looked like one of those mini cartoon mushrooms from the Super Mario video games. Which is yours?

      • The fact that you’ve memorized the dick pics of strangers in great detail notwithstanding you seem really obsessed with Danielle and very creepy and weird. You’re mad that Sarah made money legally by recruiting people into a self-help organization? I can’t help you with that. I guess you’re going to just have to stay big mad and keep thinking about all those dick pics that were not sent to you but you have lovingly recreated in your imagination for decades

      • “Are you another incel who used to send dick photos to Kristin? If yes, I’ve seen your dick too, yours and Aristotles.

        Kevin, those dick pix were meant to be seen only by Kristin Kook, who demanded them as collateral to become eunuchs in her sex cult.

          • Kevin cares. A lot. He’s got very detailed and memorized data on those cocks. And chose to share it here. Fucking creepy.

          • Anonymous at 6:16 am

            KEVIN said it. The other comment you think that you are so cleverly busting on is repeating what KEVIN wrote.

            You must be a dead-ender with that “rational inquiry” lol.

            Unless… Kevin is a liar?

            Or… Using your logic…

            KEVIN sent the dick photos. And that’s how KEVIN knew that they were meant for Kristen??

            Ha ha

  • “There’s no impression that she was, or is, a threat to any patient.”

    Dr Roberts should be allowed to practice medicine again…but only if she advises every patient that she spent years mindfucked in a cult where she agreed to brand a dozen “slave” women with a cauterizing pen. The doctor must film this warning and the patient’s response…whether they say yes, laugh, or run from her office.

    • I’ve been seeing a Doctor for severe knee and back pain, which have been getting worse for years, to the point I can no longer run. His plan, rather than getting an x-ray, was for me to take Advil after a meal.

      It’s the Chris Rock Robitussin bit come to life.

      I would rather see Danielle any day over some of the clowns we have practicing medicine.

      • When Doctor Roberts wants to write you a prescription, make sure she’s not going to use a cauterizing pen.

    • Agreed. Let the patient decide.

      Mandatory disclosure.

      Allow individuals to make informed decisions. No lying allowed.

      • And to insure Dr Roberts is not recruiting patients to DOS, — all patients must be photographed, naked with legs spread, to verify Dr Roberts did not brand them during treatment.

        • You’re an ignorant ass. Dr. Roberts never recruited anyone to DOS or had any slaves, like India did.

          Her primary interest was to develop exo/eso to help people and educate on the body. I imagine the interest in DOS was genuinely about love, devotion and uplifting women.

  • “There’s a lot of information, a different perspective, and a clear impression that this is a nice person who has been disproportionately punished, more due to her associations than for what she did.”

    Kevin is an awesome writer.

    He expresses exactly what I’ve been trying to say to you dipshits all along.


    • Dr Danielle Roberts lost her medical license after being reviewed by a jury of her medical peers. If they had felt she was competent, they would not have voted to take her license. Probably her lack of remorse or any particular acknowledgment of wrong doing is what lost her her license. She thinks she did nothing wrong – a 3-person panel disagreed.

    • Leonardo Da’ Retardo

      Alanzo paints frescoes with dog excrement harvested from his very own backyard.

      Perhaps, Alanzo is a disciple of Guru Tawee Nanla.

      • Let me tell you about Alanzo. The story is that he first came to Scientology as bodyguard to an OSA agent who had to leave the States. The agent has since disappeared and Alanzo may have known about it. I don’t know. I do know Alanzo always went heavily armed, and he never went to sleep without covering the floor around his bed with newspapers so that nobody could come silently into his room.

        • Read Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Spy by
          John LCarre and get back to me.

          The book is great and the movie sucks more than Toni Natalie [redacted].

    • This is a tough one for me. I originally thought it was bullshit that she should lose her license. Hindsight is 20/20. If only she could turn back time and ask someone who doesn’t have a license to lose to do the branding. But I can understand why everyone would think it was a great idea to have a doctor do that for the safest experience.

      It’s hard to say what Edmondson’s motivations were for reporting her to the medical board. I doubt that Sarah thought Danielle would be a danger to patients. She was probably just angry that Danielle knowingly branded her with Raniere’s initials without letting Sarah know the initials were part of the brand. Now Sarah has to live with this permanent scar with KR on it or go through cosmetic surgery to fix it. I can see being pissed off about being lied to about what the brand represented and wanting Danielle to pay for what she did..

      But If I were on the medical board I’m not sure what I would do. I can see that it might feel irresponsible to let her keep practicing. new patients could come on board not knowing about her history and then when they find out that she was in the upper tier of an organization that got the leader 120 years in prison… They might sue the medical board if anything goes even slightly wrong. Although honestly I don’t know how all the legalities work.

      It’s not like Danielle was convicted of a crime. But knowingly branding women with a permanent scar under false pretenses of what was in the brand… That is clearly unethical and calls her judgement into question. People need to be able to trust a doctor with their lives. Has Danielle ever addressed why she felt it was OK to brand people with Keith’s initials without them knowing or consenting to that?

    • Alonzo should mind meld with Kevin’s penis. I believe it’s worthy of contemplation…..

      ….Or at least to completion.

      • We didn’t exactly believe your story, Doctor.

        We believed your money. You paid us more than if you’d told the truth, and enough more to make it all right. You warned us that Raniere was dangerous. You lied to us about your DOS slaves, branding, collateral, and all that, but we didn’t believe you.

        You and Raniere knew what you were doing. Those are the chances you take.

    • Alanzo = Kevin

      How many times has a new visitor shown up to the Frank Report and had the same opinion be perspective as Alanzo, only to disappear into the abyss….

      Note how Kevin arrived and Alonzo ignored him for a few weeks….

      ….Then low and behold…..

      …This hasn’t happened before. LOL

    • Hi Mr. Douché Bag

      Is Rhiannon lying about being raped by Raniere?

      Gina Hutchinson was raped and molested by the monster. Is she lying?

      All women lie about being raped Eh?

      Your ex (lady)has some wonderful choice words to describe you.

      “You’re a stinking, disgusting slob, and a total oaf.”

      Boohoo Alanoz! Boohoo!

      Need some Kleenex, num nuts?

    • —Kevin is an awesome writer.

      And you are an awesome loser!

      You’re the yardstick which all losers should aspire to and be measured by.

      You don’t have anything else worthy of being measured, “if” you get my meaning fat boy!

      • Danielle is selling life insurance. She reported this recent sales exchange.

        Nice Guy: I want to ask you something, Danielle. Could I get an accident policy for Bangkok, without bothering him at all?

        Danielle: How’s that again?

        Nice Guy: That would make it easier for you too. You wouldn’t even have to talk to him. I could pay for it, and he needn’t know anything about it.

        Danielle: Wait a minute. Why shouldn’t he know?

        Nice Guy: Because I know he doesn’t want accident insurance. He’s superstitious about it.

        Danielle: A lot of people are. Funny, isn’t it?

        Nice Guy: If there was a way to get it like that, all the worry would be over. You see what I mean, Danielle?

        Danielle: Sure. I’ve got good eyesight. You want Bangkok to have the policy without him knowing it. And that means without the insurance company knowing that he doesn’t know. That’s the set-up, isn’t it?

        Nice Guy: Is there anything wrong with it?

        Danielle: I think it’s lovely. And then, some dark wet night, if a crown block fell on him —

        Nice Guy: What crown block?

        Danielle: Only sometimes they have to have a little help. They can’t quite make it on their own.

        Nice Guy: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

        Danielle: Of course, it doesn’t have to be a crown block. It can be a car backing over him, or he can fall out of an upstairs window. Any little thing like that, as long as it’s a morgue job.

        [To be continued.]

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