Guru Warns of Fake Doomsday Flood; 20,000 Flee to His Farm, Now Must Return Home

When a Politician Cares

Khem Veasna lives on a farm in Siem Reap, Cambodia. He is the founder of the League for Democracy Party – the opposition party to one-party rule in Cambodia. Veasna also considers himself an incarnation of the Hindu god Brahma.

He has many followers. They consider him blameless among the people of Cambodia. He faithfully walks with God, they believe. Many consider his word infallible.

Last month, Veasna saw indications that floodwaters would destroy all life under the heavens. He saw apparitions in the sky, which foretold the end of days.  A mysterious ‘black hole’ formed in his spine. This allowed him to peer into the future. He saw an impending flood that would destroy everything.

Now the earth was corrupt in Veasna’s sight and full of violence. Veasna saw how corrupt the earth had become, for all the people on earth had corrupted their ways except for Veasna.  God told him he would spare his farm.

God made a covenant with Veasna, he said. God told him He would spare his farm from the flood.  Veasna has 370,000 followers on Facebook. He shared with them the dire warnings.

 He said on Facebook:
I can’t sleep, because whenever I sleep, my spinal cord is pulling so hard, because the world is breaking down, and the water flows into the gap.
He advised that every one of the 30,000 Cambodian migrant workers in South Korea leave their jobs to escape the flood that was coming within days.  He invited them to his farm.
In a few days, every creature with the breath of life – except for fish, which will actually thrive – will perish in the flood.

Heng Sour, a spokesman for the Cambodian labor ministry, urged people not to quit their jobs just for ‘one individual’s superstition’.

Heng Sour, a spokesman for the Cambodian labor ministry, urged people not to quit their jobs. 
Sour said
If the world were about to experience the catastrophe of flooding… scientists would declare a worldwide emergency. And if the world is sinking, the individual farmland will not be left. It’s going to sink.
Cambodian authorities estimate that up to 20,000 people moved to Veasna’s farmhouse to survive the flood.
Veasna said on or about August 31, 2022, it would come.
While these faithful ones hoped to be spared the diluvian apocalypse that will bring about the end of the world, Veasna provided daily lectures from 1pm to 7pm, from loudspeakers. Authorities estimate that up to 20,000 people, including children and the elderly, moved to his farmhouse to survive the flood that did not come. Veasna said it would come on August 31, 2022.
Locals complained about his followers’ mess and public defecation.
Authorities issued an ultimatum for supporters to leave or face ‘appropriate legal action.’ No one was allowed to enter.
They erected barricades at the entrance to the farm to stop more people entering. It was ring-fenced by military trucks and ambulances.
Officials went to the farm with bullhorns and encouraged people to leave. The government offered those inside a free ride home. But the followers chose to stay and not be drowned by a flood returning to their homes.

Not everyone was unhappy

Local hotels, restaurants and taxis enjoyed a pre-diluvian flood of profits.

Loun Lyna, who owns a restaurant in the village, said she has been flooded with customers since the prophecy.

“I haven’t asked them why they were coming,” Lyna said, adding she was happy about the apocalyptic bump in business.

Locals complained about his followers’ mess and public defecation, not believing that in a few short days the defecation of 20 thousand people with no access to toilets would be swept into the sea, along with the non-believers themselves. There it would fertilize the newly expanded sea.

God will send rain on the earth to wipe from the face of the earth every living creature He has made, except for Veasna and his followers.

In an agreement between Veasna and Cambodian officials, Veasna promised to disband the crowd if the flood did not come.
The flood did not come. The crowd slowly disbanded.
People with long faces have been seen leaving the farm, disappointed the flood did not come.
They had left their homes abandoned, and left their jobs. They spent whatever money they had to come with their families.  They came to the farm of their prophet, and now must return to an uncertain future. Some have nowhere to go.
Many lost their jobs. Children cannot return to school. Believing the flood would wash away everything, they left things unsettled, leaving non believers access to loot their possessions. Thousands of lives have been adversely affected. 
On the bright side, 20,000 people fertilized the land, and a rich harvest is expected if they don’t arrest Veasna.
You can call it innocence, or you can call it gullibility, which they call faith. It works as well in Cambodia as at Heaven’s Gate, NXIVM or Jim Jones’ compound. It works all over the world.
 We look forward to hearing more from Veasna’s black hole in his spine.

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