Conspiracy? Family Court Corruption a Disease of Class Distinction?

By Julia Donovan

Knowledge is power.

Thousands of parents unable to protect their children and families from blatant corruption in Connecticut is a symptom of too many secrets kept for too long.

Documented history indicates the Roman province of Syria conquered Phoenicia in 64 BC. Rome conquered Britain beginning in 43 AD. Masonry might have been brought to England as early as 924. Eventually, hundreds of bloody wars and conquests led to a “British Empire on which the sun never sets.”

This year, is it NATO or the British Empire waging war on Russia through America, with Ukraine as an excuse? The British empire organized American Lodges for the British Empire, not for America. Is America next on the list of nations to be conquered by the new global government?

Years ago, when times were tough, well-meaning American men paid monthly fees to serve American lodges in good faith. Most had no idea their American “grandmasters” served Great Britain — just as so many in American law enforcement today have no idea that American “intelligence” serves something other than America.

What did the British Grand Lodge have to do with Aleister Crowley’s twisted activities in London, Paris, America, Mexico, Italy, and China? Was Crowley a Freemason or a spy? Who paid for Crowley’s full front page “Rites of Eleusis” advertisement selling ancient mystery religions in The New York Times, November 13, 1910?

Did anyone tell “the profane” back then what that little swastika [in the picture] meant?

We shouldn’t be surprised at the twisted nature of family courts. We shouldn’t be surprised by the twisted nature of warmongering in the world today. We shouldn’t be surprised when mainstream news doesn’t investigate or report what is most important for us to know. Atrocities of those cruel enough to conquer others have plagued our planet for thousands of years.

The influential Mr. Crowley was a politically well-connected practitioner of “ancient mystery religions”. America’s most influential personalities joined him in his practices. Those practices might have been acceptable to some family court judges today.

We don’t know, because so much is kept secret.

Expert on all things perverted in public schools today, and Nazi collaborator Alfred Kinsey, visited Crowley’s lair in Italy with Hollywood director/Luciferian Kenneth Anger.

Alfred Charles Kinsey was an American biologist, professor of entomology and zoology, and sexologist who founded the Institute for Sex Research at Indiana University in 1947, now known as the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction.

John ‘Jack’ Whiteside Parsons was an American rocket engineer, chemist, and Thelemite occultist. Associated with the California Institute of Technology, Parsons was one of the principal founders of both the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the Aerojet Engineering Corporation.

Jack Parsons worked at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory [JPL] in the 1940s.

JPL “traces its beginnings to 1936 in the Guggenheim Aeronautical Laboratory”. Norman Dodd, Chief Investigator of the 1953 Reece Committee, spoke about the Guggenheim Foundation’s “stable of historians” who received scholarships to rewrite history and control education systems around the world to influence the common people (aka “the profane” aka “lower level people”) and keep them in their place.

How else could the better people (otherwise known as “upper level people” and “the elite”) control the world?

Grandfather of Jeff Bezos (who owns Whole Foods, Amazon, The Washington Post and a $600 million CIA contract) was L. P. Gise, who worked for the Atomic Energy Commission, which was to “foster and control the peacetime development of atomic science and technology”.

According to the Social Character of Freemasonry: “artificial distinctions of rank and wealth … are necessary in the world to the regular progression of society”. That’s the reason so many formerly-colonized African nations remained so poor and underdeveloped, while preferred nations hoarded the world’s wealth to build bombs to blow up the world.

Without such artificial distinctions of rank and wealth, how could for-profit public private partnerships of the World Economic Forum already control so much of the world today through for-profit companies such as Microsoft, MITRE and Amazon?

Without artificial distinctions of rank and wealth, how else could Microsoft and MITRE already have multi-million dollar contracts in Connecticut for the new mandatory injection ID to be connected to the new global currency, with all our personal information going to World Economic Forum Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland?

How else could family court judges and lawyers destroy children and families without remorse?

Corruption in family courts simply doesn’t matter to “upper-level” Freemasons in America, who are globalists. To them, all the destruction we see today is to rebuild “a new world”; a Fourth Industrial Revolution; a Fourth Reich.

The Rockefellers donated land for the United Nations in New York City, and just a few decades later in 2019, the UN light show at the Wuhan Military Games was spectacular!

United Nations building.

In the 1930s and 1940s, the Biggest Boldest British Lodge, “royalty” and America’s wealthiest families funded experiments and Nazis in Europe — just as American legislators fund Metabiota and Nazis in the Ukraine today.

Actual history and current events aren’t “conspiracy theories”, as some writing comments on this website want us to think. Actual world history is as surreal as Connecticut family courts are today. None of it makes sense in a world where most people are good people.

What good can good people do when so many secrets are kept from us and we have no idea what those secrets are worth?

You might consider watching Blood on the Palms on YouTube.

Expedition Freewill produced the film.

They describe it: In our pilot documentary, we travel to the dark underbelly of the Bahamas to investigate how the mafia, the nazis, the freemasons, and the British crown worked together to cover up the murder of one of the richest men in the world – Sir Harry Oakes. To find more answers, we explore the long-abandoned Darby island, home to a freemason castle at the center of the jungle, whose owner, aiding Nazi U-boats during WW2, one day up and mysteriously disappeared without a trace…

“The well-being of the Order is the first great law” is a from an encyclopedia where that horrible loyalty oath was — or, it might be in records of lodge minutes.

We were researching the other day and found it, and I can’t find the quote now. Maybe you can find it on Internet Archive, or a former Mason could tell you. Masons are threatened to keep secrets until their death, so most would probably be too afraid to tell you if you ask. It’s horrible that some choose to be controlled by those terrible oaths their whole lives. So sad.

Internet archive is helpful because many books are in book form, so it’s easy to find information. I hope this helps.

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1 year ago

Julia is not a real person. This is Cunha spreading her anti-jewish garbage and frank lapping it up.

Frank Parlato
1 year ago
Reply to  Anonymous

This is not Nickola Cunha. And this website is not anti-Jewish. Point out one word that is anti-Jewish. It is anti lying, thieving criminals who take children from loving parents for money. I have found no religious sanction for this. Not in Judiasm or Christianity or any religion.

I reject this with vehemence. You present a red herring to protect the child stealing rascals. We’re not done. No not at all. Not until this rotten system is put to rest with the rest of historic horrors of injustice. Till it dies, like burning witches or lynching men who wanted nothing more than freedom.

It will die, because you and yours are on the wrong side of history, on the wrong side of ethics of every morality in the world. Time will show this and will come upon you one day unawares, and you’ll regret stealing from your children their mother.

You’re just too stupid to know it. I am sorry for you. I really am. Clever as you are, you don’t know anything. Nothing at all about life.

1 year ago

Frank- Why no mention of the lawsuits against you? Where is the transparency Frank? Be Frank Frank.

Frank Parlato
1 year ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Which lawsuits?

1 year ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Which lawsuits? The politically motivated kind that target the best journalists in America who risk their lives to share the truth? Whenever so many well-greased palms are on the scale, justice in New England is politics.

legal experts are conspiracy theorists, too

Legal experts who question preferential treatment in Connecticut courts are crazy conspiracy theorists or scoundrels and thieves. If they’re lawyers in Connecticut who say there’s preferential treatment in Connecticut courtrooms, Judge Moukawsher will disbar them, newshounds will attack them, prosecutors will prosecute the ham sandwich and Norm Pattis will misrepresent them.

“The entire case is raising questions of whether Palmer, the daughter of hedge fund pioneer Jerrold Fine, is receiving preferential treatment because of her extreme privilege.

Legal experts tell the Associated Press – whose reporters opposed the seal – that it was a highly unusual move for her file to be sealed immediately and many say she did not even qualify for accelerated rehabilitation.

They are demanding to know why she has been able to hide from public view, when other defendants have not.”

Eight months is a very long time.

A woman in Greenwich pleaded guilty to voyeurism and risk of injury to a minor.

The “… wealthy financier … had grown suspicious of Hadley, who was arrested in October for filming inappropriate videos of three teenagers in their $10 million Belle Haven mansion …” Her husband is seeking sole custody of their underage child.

Judge Moukawsher presides over the case and the trial is scheduled to begin next spring on April 12, 2023, eight months from now.

It doesn’t matter how quickly the trial and punishment would have been in 1950 or 1960. It’s now 2022 and Connecticut family courts handle these delicate matters differently, now. Besides, just look at all that money to be made!!!

1 year ago

Oh, Okay. Another tale of a global conspiracy among a power elite that secretly controls the world. And, of course, Donald Trump and various outlier right wing paramilitary groups are the way to fight this global scourge. Right?


It is easy to believe in conspiracy theories. They provide a sense of surety and safety in a complex, dynamic and ever changing world. Also, they give the believer a false sense of having a ‘special knowledge’ of how the world works and provide a feeling of superiority. The reality is No one person or group controls the world. World events are complex and interactive and beyond any one person or groups control.

Red Sonja
Red Sonja
1 year ago

I’ m pretty sure that the Joker runs family court.

I agree with Julia, we should not be surprised by the twisted wrongdoings of humanity. Scratch below the surface and most people and things aren’t quite what they seem to be. People are nice, until they aren’t.

For instance, the original creator’s of Superman, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster initially created “The Reign of Superman” in January, 1932, just before the German Reich from 1933 until 1943.

Originally Superman was based on the German philosopher, Friedrich Wilhem Nietzsche’s idea of the superhuman -Übermensch. Siegle adapted the nihilistic philosophers concept into a tale about a super powered vilian who used his telepathic mind control powers to completely rule ( and destroy ) the world.

It was not until 5 years later until the Superman creator duo had any success with their story when they commercialized Superman into the Big Blue American boyscout we now know and idolize today.

I’m sure the ole caped fella knew a thing or two about how the Rockefeller’s roles in establishing Nazi eugenic institutions in Germany during the years of Hilter, FUNDED Nazi controlled institutions in Germany and Austria.

It was the model of the Nazi eugenics introduced into American LAW, I REPEAT, LAW! that gave Germany access to state controlled social engineering geared to the Aaryan Master Race.

Superman himself, our American slave and master knows from his own creator’s what Nicolo Machiavelli, ( 1932) meant all too well; ‘ men ( wretched creatures that they are ) worry less about doing injury to one who makes himself loved, than one who makes himself feared.’

Yeah, I never was that much of a Superman fan, always preferred Batman-but I hear he drank the Kool-Aid as well.

1 year ago

A frightening look at world history. Thank you for writing on frank report. It’s extremely helpful and gives a unique but realistic perspective of where we finds ourselves.

The problem is, what can be done to stop it?

1 year ago

Is this a joke? If so well done. But I think you need to punch it up a little it’s kind of a tough read for satire

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