Michele: I Get Zero By Refusing to Lie –Nicole Gets $400K for Crying ‘Victim’

Allison Mack with her DOS slaves, Michele, Nicole, India and Danielle.

At its peak, the women’s secret society known as DOS consisted of 105 women. The group was formed to help women mentor each other — through practices of accountability, discipline, and care — to develop into the version of themselves they sought to be.

It was a sisterhood of women who supported each other and, above all, trusted each other.

In 2017, some people outside the group began spreading rumors and false allegations about DOS, its aims, and the people involved. Then they pressured women in DOS to come forward or be publicly exposed.

The Frank Report was the first media to publish false information about DOS, and promote a carefully crafted narrative that all the women in it were “brainwashed” and ultimately abused and/or controlled by Keith Raniere.

DOS organizational chart

One of the first articles was a list of over 50 women who were supposedly part of DOS (yet many weren’t) with a photo and description of each so-called “sex slave.”

The accusations were outrageous, and we knew it, but it didn’t matter. The damage was being done.

We were all at risk of being publicly shamed and/or accused of being in a “sex cult.” Women started leaving DOS out of fear of having their reputations destroyed. And once they did, they were contacted by or introduced to a civil lawyer who invited them to be part of a class action lawsuit, suing leaders in NXIVM and DOS, most especially the wealthy Bronfman sisters (heiresses to the Seagram’s fortune).

I know this because the lawsuit was pitched to me, and I declined. Many didn’t.

One of the women who left DOS largely because of the false narrative gaining momentum on the Frank Report was Nicole. I got to know Nicole through our experiences together in DOS.

Allison Mack with two of her slaves, India Oxenberg and Danielle Roberts.

I was the first to accept Allison Mack’s invitation, followed by India Oxenberg, Nicole (who has managed to remain anonymous), and Dr. Danielle Roberts.

Several weeks after the Frank Report began publishing articles about DOS, Nicole informed us that she was bowing out. She shared (with us at the time and later in court at Keith Raniere’s trial) that this just “wasn’t her fight.”

She was an aspiring actress, and her reputation was everything to her. She knew she wasn’t a “sex slave,” as the media described, but she saw the story taking hold and wanted no part in it.

Frank Parlato (of the Frank Report), invited anyone who “left” the organization to contact him.

He would take their name and photos down as long as they vowed to break ties with NXIVM and DOS. His goal was to dismantle the group, and he was effective.

While Nicole’s decision to leave saddened me, we parted ways amicably and agreed to remain friends.

She wrote a letter to Allison before she left, thanking Allison for everything she’d done for her. She said she wanted to remain a teacher in The Source, an acting program created by Keith Raniere and led by Allison Mack and Eduardo Asunsolo.

She said she still wanted to spend time together socially.

Below is the email she sent Allison to let her know she was leaving DOS. It explains her motives for leaving and how she felt about Allison, Danielle, Michele, and India at the time.

At Keith Raniere’s trial in 2019, Nicole testified that after she left DOS, she reached out to Parlato to see if he would take down her name and image.

Parlato told Nicole he had her collateral (from DOS and had turned it over to law enforcement) and that she should speak with Catherine Oxenberg.

At the time, Catherine was waging a campaign in the media, claiming her 26-year-old daughter, India Oxenberg, was in danger and needed “saving.”

Despite India informing her mother that she was fine and inviting her to see her lifestyle in Albany, Catherine was determined to change her daughter’s mind.

She was relentless. Catherine even turned her daughter into the FBI as a co-conspirator and stated in a documentary that she’d rather India go to prison than be in a “cult.”

Catherine Oxenberg delivers the white paper memorandum written by Frank Parlato, which included the alleged crimes of Keith Raniere. 

Catherine introduced Nicole to civil lawyer Neil Glazer, who collected plaintiffs for a civil suit against NXIVM. She was also encouraged to speak to the FBI. Roughly a year later, Nicole assumed the role of one of the lead witnesses at Keith Raniere’s trial, claiming she was a victim of sex trafficking and forced labor.

I joined DOS several months before Nicole and remained in the group almost a year after she left. I did the same practices she did, went on the same trips she did, was in a group chat with her, and also witnessed her enthusiastic involvement in many other NXIVM community activities. I can’t say I know exactly what she experienced or felt inside at the time. Still, it’s safe to say we had similar experiences. I also observed her struggle with some practices, often defying them or refusing to do them (without consequence).

At Keith Raniere’s trial, she was the sole “victim” of sex trafficking and forced labor due to her experiences in DOS, despite there being 105 women in DOS, and even other DOS members who were witnesses at trial.

I also met with the government while they were building their case. I told the truth about my experience in DOS, its people, and what I learned from it.

The lead prosecutor, Moira Penza, repeatedly tried to convince me that their narrative was, in fact, the truth. The government asked me to co-sign a lie, and that’s not what I do. I’m sure if I’d agreed with them, you would know me now as the victim of a made-up crime instead of a “brainwashed cult member.”

Weeks before Keith Raniere’s trial, the government threatened to subpoena me to testify on their behalf. It informed my lawyer that they would charge me with perjury if I didn’t meet with them beforehand. If they had such a solid case, why bully a witness into testifying and then threaten her if she refused?

Michele Hatchette and Nicole, slave sisters in the sorority.

While she was in DOS, Nicole reviewed and gave feedback on articles and voluntarily transcribed audios for a friend’s memorial. I did too.

So did many others.

Nicole completing these tasks became the evidence the prosecution used to convict Keith Raniere of forced labor and sentence him to 20 [of his 120 years] years in prison.

Nicole claims she was “forced” to labor, despite no negative consequences if she had refused to do the tasks.

In an email to Keith Raniere, Nicole shows her support to Keith during the difficult time leading up to Keith’s long-time partner Pam Cafritz’s passing.

Note: This email was sent to Keith Raniere five months after the single sexual encounter where Nicole alleges she was “sex trafficked,” despite no money changing hands and no state lines being crossed.

In her reviews of the articles (the “forced labor”), Nicole expressed how much she loved the articles and wanted to read some of them again.

Meanwhile, I was fired from my job because Frank continued to harass and write false statements about those who wouldn’t comply with the false narrative. I lost everything I cared about because I wouldn’t lie and support sending people to prison who I knew were innocent.

Nicole has been awarded $412,779.18 in restitution and is seeking hundreds of thousands more in the civil case. She remains anonymous, her identity protected, although there is no evidence that she would be in danger if she were named.

However, my private life was made public without my consent, primarily by Nicole and other government witnesses like Jessica Joan. Jessica admitted, under oath, to stealing my collateral with the intent to blackmail. To this day, because I refused to co-sign the government and media lies, I’ve experienced far more hate, prejudice, and discrimination than I ever have as a black woman.
In case it’s not coming across, I’ll just say it for what it is: Nicole was offered anonymity and the potential of a cash reward for her willingness to distort reality and go along with the media and government narrative.

I was offered the same thing, but I declined because I knew the claims were false, and I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I allowed myself to be bought. Others I know faced the same decision and have suffered the same consequences.
Nicole is not a victim of sex trafficking or forced labor.

A simple examination of the evidence, not the hysteria and hate presented at trial and in the media, would quickly bring the truth to light: Nicole wanted to be famous and thought Allison could help her with her career.

She was into kinky stuff and told Keith she wanted to explore her sexuality. As a result, he put together a single experience for her where she was tied to a table, blindfolded, and a woman went down on her.

She told her friends after the event that it made her “feel alive.” She read some articles and, in her reviews, expressed her enjoyment of reading them and even wanting to reread them.
Sex trafficking and forced labor are grave and egregious crimes. Nicole claiming to be a victim after having a sexual fantasy fulfilled and completing a book report is the only crime present here.

Allison Mack’s slaves.

The above article is a republication of The Making of a Victim

Read more about Michele on the Dossier Project website. 

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  • Your reductive, condescending voice — and your dishonorable actions with regard to other women — don’t surprise me at all. I’ll keep working on my compassion for you. Right now, my disgust at the way you continue to lie, deceive, and deflect, all while pretending that lack of transparency isn’t and wasn’t coercion, is taking up more room. If this is truly your idea of ’empowerment’, I shudder for you.

  • It’s pretty simple actually, Michele. You don’t get zilch for refusing to lie; you get zilch for not telling the truth

  • Why does Frank Report continue to give the most perverse, evil, wicked, complicit sexual abusers a format to vomit the disturbed thoughts of degenerates. This cult member is into freak show, non-consensual sexual abuse. They will never repent because they lack empathy and human understanding.

    Get them off this website. Let them go dance in front of the sex offenders that want out to perpretrate crimes on vulnerable children and adults.


  • Michele

    The truth is Nicole would say or do anything to prevent her collateral from being released. She told you that to your face. Her diplomatic letter to Allison makes that clear, as well.

    Nicole understood she was being blackmailed, and she knew Raniere was vindictive and destroyed people when they left. So she added some false praise for Raniere in her effort to leave peacefully. To stroke his ego.

    How you cannot she that amazes me.

    DOS had nothing to do with women’s empowerment. I don’t think you’ll ever see the truth.

    Also, the prosecutor’s could not charge you with perjury since your statements were not under oath so that is a LIE.

    Just admit that you told the prosecutor’s the truth initially – that you were afraid to leave because of your collateral. Then, someone threatened to release your collateral if you testified (Nicki), so you flipped the script. Now you are stuck.

    What a sad life you have.

  • To Frank and the NX’er Morons,

    RE Last Night Raniere was Eviscerated at Amy Schumer’s Boston Comedy Show:

    Last night, in Boston,
    I attended the AMY SCHUMER comedy show. One of her opening acts was a comedian by the name of Mia Jackson.

    Jackson during her comedy set, did a whole comedic bit on Keith and NXIVM. Below is an excerpt of what she said in her bit:

    “I love cult documentaries. White people love cults and I love laughing at white people. You’ll never see a Black person join a cult. We already were slaves once; we aren’t repeating that shit.
    Did you all hear of a sex cult called NXIVM with a leader called Vanguard, his real name is Keith, who played midnight Volleyball?”
    The crowd roared, yes!
    “I wouldn’t fuck Keith for 10 grand — using someone else’s pussy.”

    Jackson continued:
    “…Shouldn’t cult leaders be hot or good looking – have a washboard stomach – you know – a six pack? This guy Keith has a gut and titties. Sorry but, I’m the only one gonna have titties in a relationship. He’s too short for me – comes up to my asshole…..
    Cult leader, Keith actually did play Volleyball. He was running around playing volleyball in short-shorts lookin’ like Richard Simmons and shit, wearing a Goddamn hippy tie-dye. He wore knee pads —looking like he was getting ready to suck dick at a gay bar….
    I wouldn’t fuck Keith for 10 grand — using someone else’s pussy.”
    The crowd erupted in laughter!

    The comedian then went on to say:
    “…. One of the ex-cult women, in the documentary talked about how she attended her first seminar or meeting at a Holiday Inn exbo center room. WTF? I’m sorry, but if you’re going to a Holiday Inn for a ‘conference’ it’s to buy a timeshare, join Amway, or join a sex cult.

    The entire audience laughed their asses-off.

    I was laughing my ass-off because Raniere always wanted to be famous and now, he’s famous — but as a joke.


    Dear NutJob, the answer is no. I did not see Michelle Salzman at the comedy show. FYI, I hand wash my FleshLight™️. I don’t want it getting damaged in the dishwasher. 😉

    • Frank I thought I’d get a thanx for sharing NiceGuy.

      That was almost verbatim of what she said. I wish I had the audio. The full version in her words is priceless.

  • In her June 20 2017 e-mail Nicole writes to Alison:
    “You asked me in the car the other day, why do you stay [in DOS]? And I said for my family. And you said what if you just could walk away? What if your family’s collateral wouldn’t be released…..That stopped me in my tracks. I really had to take that in”

    This passage of Nicole’s e- mail to Allison shows two things:
    1) Allison is in possession of collateral involving Nicole’s family;
    2) Nicole is or was very afraid of the collateral being released and that was an important reason for her to stay in DOS.

    So, Michele, you said you can’t say how Nicole felt inside. But in this e-mail you posted you can read how Nicole felt: she was afraid of collateral about her family being released.

  • It’s really sad to see how unhealthy India looks in most of those photos.

    More than one of the slaves looks Gravely ill in some of the photos. This is not how women who are healthy and in their age range should present physically. Their hair and skin and eyes look so depleted.

    And you have to assume that Michelle picked photos where she thought the slaves all looked cute. Meaning these are probably the best of the bunch of of available pictures

    No wonder Catherine would rather see her daughter incarcerated then remain in this destructive coercive High control group.

    At least India would be alive and somewhat safe in prison where she would have Health Care Mental Health Care nutrition that was far better than in this slave organization. And India not be subjected to multiple ritualistic blackmailed rapes In the name of saving the world.

    It must have broken Catherine’s heart as it would any mother to see her daughter so obviously physically in danger. And like any good mother she would stop at nothing to save her daughter’s life. Whether or not people agree with how she went about it Catherine succeeded in Saving India. Good for her!

  • There’s a very serious claim here, that Nicole (and I’m paraphrasing) was into kink and requested the sexual experience she had with Raniere, the one where she was blindfolded and tied up.

    If Michele reads this blog, please provide more information on whether Nicole gave consent, how she gave consent, and if and how the women under Allison were able to give consent to the nude photos that were sent to Raniere.

    I’m not coming from a place of hate or judgement. I want to learn more about this, about Allison’s life in the group, and to what extent she and her DOS mates may have been harmed.

    I believe the allegations against KR but do not support the stigmatizing and scapegoating of the women who may have had positive experiences or who have a different perspective. Which makes me unpopular with both sides, since I see a lot of grey where everyone else sees black and white.

    • “ …please provide more information on whether Nicole gave consent …if and how the women under Allison were able to give consent to the nude photos…”

      “I want to learn more about this, about Allison’s life in the group, and to what extent she and her DOS mates may have been harmed”

      For more information on this fascinating subject you might study the picture of Mack gazing up wonderstruck at Raniere that the Frank Report kindly posted Aug.8, in the article Saddest Birthday Allison Mack Turns 40 In Prison

      She gazes at him adoringly, her face a map of unquenched lust. She’s actually got her fingers in her mouth and the look in her eyes makes plain exactly what she’d rather have in her mouth. She obviously can’t wait to jump the man’s bones. It’s one of the funniest images I have ever seen. In terms of laying bare human nature at its unguarded essence, it rivals the photographs of Cartier-Bresson.

      That’s pretty much Mack’s life in the group. She was after what she wanted and what she wanted was Raniere. Selfish immoral people will do anything they can to get what they want. Men and women both. She lied, blackmailed, and had women branded trying to keep her hold on the man she wanted. She was his willing, enthusiastic partner in crime. Because he’s what she wanted, and she was no more willing to let the law or anything else get in the way than he was.

      • Aristotle, I’m not trying to pick a fight with you about this. There’s nothing funny about that picture, or about any of this. The picture is from their first meeting. What I don’t understand is why she adored him, or why the other women adored him. I want to understand them better, because I don’t understand it.

        Why was she so upset in this picture? What was happening in her life where she felt lost? Did something happen in one of the classes that she had taken prior to this meeting? Who brought her there? Why didn’t anyone know about this meeting? There are a lot of missing pieces to this puzzle, and not just with her, but with the others.

        And we’re not going to get that information unless we make an effort to understand them and listen to them.

        • Stop saying we! Kevin. Speak for yourself.

          If you want to see what the big attraction to Keith was why don’t you get on his prisoner visit list and go see him?

          Become his pen pal. Go directly to the source and find out the magic that Keith possessed and used to charm his inner slave Harem Circle

          .But your comments presupposing that all people commenting on this blog want to delve into the backstory of why these women did such horrible things to each other is an assumption with no basis.

          That sounds like an area for your special interest Captain Save A Hoe.

        • Kevin –

          None of these people at the Frank Report want to understand anyone, including Frank.

          And especially Aristotle’s Turd.

          They are here to look down on, and to vent their spleen at, people who believe and live differently from them.

          That is all.

          This is from psychologist Jonathan Shedler. It is absolutely spot-on when it comes to anticultists who live in perpetual internet bar fights like The Frank Report:

          “One of most important things I’ve learned:’

          “Severe personality problems find *camouflage.* No one thinks “I’m a sadist” or “I’m a malignant narcissist.” They find a belief system/social group that validates their most hateful, destructive impulses & construes them as virtues.”

          “The most toxic and hateful people in the world are 100% convinced they fight for what is true and right.”

          ‘They find a way to give free rein to their cruelty, to attack, to treat others cruelly and viciously. *And they find allies to cheer them on* who also believe they are on the side of all that is true and good.”

          ‘For colleagues looking for more theoretical explanation, the psychological processes are splitting, projection & projective identification. Splitting means not recognizing one’s own capacity for hate, cruelty, and destructiveness. The person is blind to the bad in themselves.”

          ‘Instead, they project the badness onto some designated other. And this other person, via the defense of projection, is now seen as the repository of all that is bad and evil and necessary to destroy. That’s the projection.”

          ‘The person now feels fully justified in unleashing their viciousness and hate on the other person, who is now seen (via projection) as someone monstrous who must be destroyed. If the person who is projected on responds to the provocation with anger, this is now seen as further confirmation of how hateful and destructive they are (this is what is called is “projective identification.”)”

          “The end result is that the person can deny their own sadism, cruelty, and hate—while simultaneously acting it out without restraint. And feel themselves to be 100% on the side of truth and right as they do it.”

          Original here: https://twitter.com/JonathanShedler/status/1441450827546169347


      • Mack fawning over this pudgy, morally repugnant conman is puzzling beyond words. She fell for a false image/idol and not the individual nor the truth, and that’s why she’s in prison today. She’s an example of the stupidity of some women when it comes to relationships — women have to just exist and be youthful and somewhat attractive, while men actually have to work for their “value” in them. She had a kind, decent, similarly aged boyfriend prior to falling for this dirty dork, but she chose the “bad” boy, and a terrible one at that.

    • “If Michele reads this blog, please provide more information on whether Nicole gave consent, how she gave consent, and if and how the women under Allison were able to give consent…”

      ^^^^^ 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 ^^^^^ Kevin is on it, so all you liars and fake-victimers and civil lawsuiters are now completely fucked!

      Allison is holding out for you Kevin, you go Hero! https://youtu.be/bWcASV2sey0

      • I’m not “on” anything. I’m not able to solve or fix anything. I’m a nobody in this, just like 100% of the other commenters here, including you. I live overseas and haven’t had any contact with former co-workers in 15 years. It was a positive time in my life, and it’s sad to see people get hurt over this.

        But wouldn’t it be interesting to start a dialogue with these women, to have a conversation with them and learn more about them? To see them as people with strengths and weaknesses and flaws, just like us, and maybe befriend them, if they were willing to accept it?

        • Why can’t you pursue that on your own kevin? You alleged that you have ties to Allison. If you were really interested in all the women you would care about Camilla’s story too. But you don’t you’re hyper fixated on Danielle of all people. Most of what you say seems like complete b*******. When you are called out on things that are untrue you just shift the focus to something else and I see no desire on your part to understand Sarah Edmondson at all. You really seem to hate her. How come you don’t try to start a dialogue with Sarah and understand her better? Or mark? Or India who you clearly despise? Or Catherine Oxenberg? How come you only care about Allison and Danielle? How come? Why is understanding on a dialogue so important but only about the people that you’ve chosen to deem important enough to care about?

        • Why don’t you reach out to these women more directly, Kevin? The Dossier Project has a website and is on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. Maybe they’ll actually respond to you, although if it’s a challenging question (How is collateral NOT blackmail? Why take collateral if not for the threat of using it since that makes no sense? How do you know what Nicole was experiencing, or India, or anyone?) they probably won’t. Your empathy for the loyalists, and attempts to understand, will not be reciprocated. THEY are the victims (KR and the loyalists, not anyone else). THEY are right. The rest of us, including the jury that convicted KR after a trial and overwhelming evidence, are apparently idiots. It’s the arrogance that gets me. For an organization that seemed to be getting people to work on themselves, the loyalists don’t appear to have done any introspective work AT ALL. It’s “trial by media” and “liars” and everyone else who is at fault in this situation except for them.

        • Kevin wrote:

          “But wouldn’t it be interesting to start a dialogue with these women, to have a conversation with them and learn more about them? To see them as people with strengths and weaknesses and flaws, just like us, and maybe befriend them, if they were willing to accept it?

          I’ve done exactly that for the last year and a half.

          The NXIVM Loyalists – to a person – are intelligent, productive, high achieving, highly educated, very good people. Most of them much more intelligent and educated than any of their debased cracker critics here.

          Calling them “brainwashed sex slaves”, and worse, by the global media is the whole reason I’m here – to crack some heads on these dumbass anticultists. The anticultists here are despicable, and should be questioned, resisted, ridiculed and humiliated.

          In a free society, intolerance should never be tolerated.


          • The dead-enders saw what they saw and experienced what they experienced. A conman can’t con without marks.

  • Frank, why is Michelle logging into your website to post this ?? Had it been just a copy and paste from her site you would post it as you and mention the source as you’ve done before. Stop helping them!!

  • Hi Michele Bari Hatchette, or however your name is written , did you see the blue light when Keith fucked you?

  • Hi Michelle Bari Hatchette, do you think it was racism the fact Keith did not promise you his avatar baby?

  • Hi Michelle Bari Hachette, one question : How would the group blow job in Keith make his slaves evolved bad ass women?

  • Yes. Yes. DOS was a sisterhood of empowerment. Not a sex cult. The dungeon and massive order of sex toys for the cage in the Albany condo basement are just like those “puppy play” collars and paddles at kappa kappa house.

    And Keith was only recruiting the best and brightest total strangers off of tinder to be the virgin successor.

    It’s wrong to insist that all female slaves who are required to spread their pussies wide and photograph them on demand for 1 old dude are in a sex cult.

    Where do people get these crazy notions?

    Now all you DOS ladies strip and pose for the slave pod ‘family porttrait”.

    Let’s see that uniform pubic hair groomed to Keith’s specifications. And look happy! Make sure Keith’s intials branded near your vagina can be seen!

    Smile ! Everyone say, “Seduction assignment”!

  • Maybe Michelle, you were fired because the concept of collateral itself is disturbing. That fact that you see it as reasonable might be the reason for your job loss. It’s not the best indicator of a strong moral compass.

    You’re doing a lot of blaming.

    • Come on man. You think the Feds took it easy on Frank? If you believe that and if you believe they had Frank over a barrel, then you also don’t believe the words that come out of Frank’s mouth.

      • No.

        I believe that when the Feds are breathing down on you, you’ll do what you need to do.

        Tony Ortega is another blogger you should look at when it comes to Fed pressure to write what they want.

        “Cults” aren’t just kooky weirdos to the Feds. When “kooky cults” use actual brainwashing techniques, kooky cults are in direct competition with them.

        I know.

        A weird thing to say.

        But I’ve been watching this for too long to say anything else.


    • What do you think, they dropped the charges in exchange for Frank revealing where KR is hiding his secret stash of gold?? Or maybe Frank is the one who revealed where Trump was stashing the top secret documents at Miralago??

      If you knew more in depth about each of those charges, they were actually all very flimsy And most of them would likely have toppled at trial. I don’t blame Frank for not taking the gamble though.

      • After I posted that about hidden gold or Trump docs, it occurred to me that Alanzo probably means that he suspects Frank cut a deal with the Feds in which he agreed to continue to “take down” cults on his blog because the FBI doesn’t want cult competition. Frank is a double-agent anti-cultist secretly working for the FBI!

        Um. Alonzo b crazy.

  • It seems both antagonistic and desperate to post photos of your former friends on social media.

    Given the context of all being former slaves involved in an abusive and traumatic high control group it seems vaguely threatening as well.

    With the context of the collateral pictures being used as blackmail and the threats to release them publicly and ruin people’s lives it seems like this is a pathetic workaround to violating the court order and harassing these women online before the civil lawsuit.

    Michele is really saying, “Remember when I threatened to reveal all of your identities”? And “We still have all the blackmail on you women”.

    It’s yet another ugly dossier project look and reason that no one should want to be involved with this group of coercive jerks masquerading as a women’s Empowerment Group.

    How about just leaving them alone Michele? If you really don’t want to draw more attention and receive further negative public pushback – why not just let it all die out and stop posting their photos and private communications?

    Especially when you know that at least one of the women does not want to have her full name and identity released? You know – behave like someone who is a decent human being and ever was a good friend to these women might

  • Michelle Hatchette projects her experience as a member of DOS as if it should be every other women’s experience. Not fair Michelle

    It would be like me saying being a woman of color, all have the same life experience. We know that certainly isn’t the truth. I’m sure Oprah and Brittney Griner have much different lives than your Michelle.

    You were a low level coach so you were not in the know of things that the higher ups were in the forming and running of DOS.

    One thing we know for sure. It was a “club” that was intended to get sex for Keith Raniere. No all members were going to fit into his “chosen ones.”

    You Michelle were most likely not on this “Fuck List.” It was well know among the higher ups that Raniere didn’t like his women Black. Brown, yes but he drew his line at Black. Had you been young, skinny and a virgin, he might of gone for you, just to pop your cherry.

    She says Jessica Jones admitted, under oath, to stealing her collateral with the intent to blackmail. Was that only Hatchette’s collateral or was that the intent of DOS collateral if you broke your Vow? She isn’t making this clear in her post.

    Why would Jones steal Hatchette’s collateral and blackmail her? What means did Hatchette have to give to Jones in the way of money that would help Jones out? This makes no sense. Where is your proof on this issue?

    Hatchette go’s on and on about Catherine Oxenberg caring enough about her daughter to do what it takes to get her out of NXIVM and safely back home.

    Hum, why would that be an issue for Hatchette? It saved Indy from being arrested and possibly going to prison in the long run. It saved their relationship and they have a healthy happy relationship with each other.

    Why does Hatchette have a bee up her ass about any of what Catherine Oxenberg did to save her daughter or to help any DOS victim out? Sounds like sour grapes to me.

    Hatchette, other active DOS member and supporter on Raniere continue to go on about how the government met with them and attempted to “sell them” that they were victims of Raniere. Let’s say that is true. So what? What harm was done, it’s their job to question everyone involved and work their case.

    Raniere did far worse things by filing legal (and some criminal) action to several people who left NXVIM and spoke out. Those people had to fight those cases in a court of law, some multilabel times, costing hundred of thousands of dollars, driving most into bankruptcy. NXIVM didn’t win one of those cases because they were all bases in lies.

    Boo-hoo, get the fuck over it, Hatchette and the rest of you, you got question two – three times and Clare Bronfman paid for your legal fees.

    So how many people does it take to be found guilty of sex trafficking’s before it’s OK with you?
    One should be enough don’t you think.

    Raniere has a history of sex abuse, should the courts let him keep getting away with his sexual predatory ways just because your good with who he is?

    There is a long history of “forced labor” with NXIVM. You don’t understand the entire concept at this point. You can’t as you have not woken up yet.

    When you do and study how Cults work, you will understand the entire picture of what you were involved in. You will have an understanding what Jessica, Nicole and other can clearly see about not only DOS, NXIVM but Cults in general.

    You want to blame Frank and the Frank Report for losing your job. Maybe because he was the first to make DOS public and it got out that you were a member of DOS and supported Keith Raniere.

    Not every employer wants a Cult member or someone who belongs to such an organization as DOS working for them. I wouldn’t hire any of you for the mere fact you all still stand behind Raniere. I would hire anyone who has woken up and was rebuilding their lives.

    As far as the hate, I am sorry you have to go through this. Your Twitter account and the fact you are a part of the Dossier Project you have to take responsibility for that yourself. You are out and proud support of both DOS and Keith Raniere. You have danced in front of the MDC and you yourself have made yourself a public figure by standing by Raniere’s side and speaking out about is.

    Some people don’t take kindly to supporting a man who has been found guilty of his crimes. Most people do not believe his is innocent or his photos were tampered with. He has decades of history of taking photos that go back to his CBI days of his women. Why would he not take pictures of the 15 year old?

    Of course this will all come out in Court when the decision comes down regarding his appeal. The ball will with start rolling on his other motions. We will all know with in the next couple of years what will happen with those motions.

    My guest, is nothing. He will remain in prison until he dies of natural causes.

  • Michele embraces an extreme point of view. She’s dangerous and clearly would pick up where Raniere left off if given the opportunity to do so.

    Collateral is okay. Slavery is okay. What was done to Camilla was okay? Disturbed woman.

  • Michelle, You can continue doing exactly what you’ve been ordered to do before Raniere was jailed: don’t masturbate, don’t get fucked (by humans), eat plants only, pray to Raniere’s portraits, take nude self photo shots, avoid and hold in contempt people who don’t pray to Raniere’s portraits, etc. Why do you need to be told how to breathe every half hour of your waking hours and sleeping hours?

    Don’t waste time on all the non worshippers of Raniere portraits. Do what Raniere ordered you. Pain is freedom, he said, right? You need to explore facial self mutilation, Michelle. Raniere wants you to be happy. You can’t be a suppressive and proud and refuse to do it. You know you’d be in an ethical breach if you won’t do it. You know you’re not a cretin.

  • We were all at risk of being publicly shamed and/or accused of being in a “sex cult.”

    You were all at risk of being publicly shamed and/or accused of being in a “sex cult” because you were in a “sex cult,” literally a pyramid scheme based on absolute sexual dominance, overt master/slave relationships. Maybe the above account is true, the charges were all chickenshit, it was just a homework assignment. Maybe Keith Raniere should indeed be sitting in jail for much, much worse than the paltry crimes the prosecutors managed to pin on him.

    There are known multiple child rapes here, which you enabled, Ms. Hatchette. You seem an intelligent person, but you don’t seem to have grasped this fact, or the fact that this fact is now public knowledge.

    Gee, you all shared something so intense. So profound. In an era where the personal brand is everything, you were the real deal. And undying brand loyalty is the name of the game. The game of the name.

    In my opinion, the serial legal lynchings carried out by Keith Raniere and the Bronfmans constitute some of the worst abuses of the judicial system in U.S. history — vast waves of vicious and vindictive litigation, carried out with lies and blackmail and intimidation. All of these lawyers should be struck off.

    Yet here you are, still truly believing you are just misunderstood very very ethical good kind nice people. If you asked yourself the question I posed earlier on this forum, in relation to another evil sex cult — what the fuck is WRONG with these women? — then we might be getting somewhere. But we do not ask ourselves this question.

    Personally, then, I truly hope that anyone with any literal skin in the game, branded or otherwise, who can sue the Bronfmans for every penny they have and completely bankrupt them, above all with horrendous legal expenses, will do so. That would be “karma.” These idiots tried to stage a coup in Libya. Why isn’t Sara Rosner Bronfman in jail? She was fully part of all this totally toxic megalomania, the pretty face for Richard Branson, for the Dalai Lama.

    Bleed these stupid people white. The world will be much safer.

  • Wah wah waaaaah, Hatchette. How about trying to move on with your life; put your fantasy slave-master game back in the box and on the shelf where it belongs. Perhaps then you will learn to stop blaming others….

    The thoughts in these articles are just the same thing regurgitated over and over again…only with a different name in the byline. You would think by this time that one of these KR lovers/followers would figure out that THEY are to blame….

  • “I Get Zero By Refusing to Lie –Nicole Gets $400K for Crying ‘Victim’”— Michelle

    Then lie you dumb bitch!

  • Michele has some valid points. However, it seems like she has a blind spot. Her blind spot is the failure to address the many nefarious and criminal acts that were going on in DOS. The sleep and food deprivation, the collateral, the branding, the sex assignments concocted by Keith, Allison (Jessica, India, Nicole) and Monica Duran (Sylvie). Key in this is collateral and consent. How can Michelle not address this? Because how can she be sure Nicole is doing assignments (including the sexual one) voluntarily, of free will and with consent when collateral comprising of the most destructive personal info (true or not), endless naked pictures (that Allison sent directly to Keith; you OK with that Michele?) etc. is looming over her head? To simply dismiss Nicole as a liar and opportunist without addressing these matters does no good to Michele’s credibility.

    Another question for Michele: how do you feel about Keith abusing a 15 year old child, grooming her from the day she set foot in Albany at age 13. Raping her as an adult (see Camila’s victim impact testimony), ruining her life. RUINING HER LIFE! The task he gave her “finding him a slave fuck toy” and “a virgin successor”? And the list goes on and on…. How about that Michele? You okay with that? DOS: Women empowerment and “growth” ? No, it’s the exact opposite…….

    • Blind spot is right. Let’s suppose Nicole is full of it and Michelle is telling the truth here. That still doesn’t negate the absolutely horrendous and evil things Keith did throughout his reign as ‘Vanguard’. Why would multiple women lie and say they were raped by Keith as minors? They didn’t seek money or ‘fame’.

      What would their motive be? There’s only so many times Keith can claim persecution before you have to start looking at what the victims are saying. Really look at their version of events. In order to be credible, you must research both sides of the argument thoroughly.

      Getting lost in the weeds is exactly what Keith wants. Accusing prosecution of violating due process is a really good way to divert attention. Good lies have a shred of truth in them. Is the justice system surreptitiously corrupt? Perhaps. Makes not one iota of difference here, though. Michelle, you’re a valuable person. Don’t lay down and die for a man who wouldn’t do the same for you. Why do you think Lauren left?

      Think about that. Really sit and ruminate on why she decided to leave. It likely wasn’t because of possible jail time. She saw the mosaic of lies for what they were. She was the most ‘principled’ of them all. She was conned. You may be telling the truth, but you have not been told the truth. You were conned.

  • Keith got off by playing with fire. It was only a matter of time until he went up in flames. He’s lucky he made it this far. The real stories are in how he got away with his pre-DOS patterns of behavior.

    As far as DOS goes, shame on the inner circle for meekly observing as Keith became even more unhinged. The psychopath needed help not to ruin his own life and nobody was up for the job.

    • I’ve noticed this, too, with SOP.

      All those guys should have had the balls, per their charter, to reign in Keith as he was going off the rails.

      But they were social cowards, not a SOP at all.

      My criticism exists for them to man up, as they should have way before. If you are a Society of Protectors, you must protect against those who violate your principles – no matter who they are.

      Keith Raniere included.

      Had you done your fucking jobs, maybe you would have a group of your own today.


  • It’s tough. I totally see Michele’s side of this. But I can see Nicole’s as well. In theory, the letter Nicole sent to Allison Mack could have had such a positive tone because she was doing her best to not upset Allison so as to avoid prompting her to release collateral.

    Michelle wrote, “Nicole claims she was “forced” to labor, despite no negative consequences if she had refused to do the tasks.”

    Is there evidence of Nicole refusing and/or failing to do other tasks and not suffering any negative consequences? Such as in texts or emails? Michele says it happened, but is there evidence? If so, it could be useful to see that.

  • DOS women are constantly preaching for people to look at evidence closer, read all the information about FBI planting child porn bullshit. But none of them stayed for the actual trial. They only showed for the defense. How can they EVER be taken seriously?? Manson girls smh

  • This was so refreshing to read, Frank. Finally a truth bomb! This was the first rendition of what happened that actually made sense.

  • “The group was formed to help women mentor each other — through practices of accountability, discipline, and care — to develop into the version of themselves they sought to be”

    YOU STILL BELIEVE THIS SHIT??? Put down the Kool-Aid, lol

  • “ I can’t say I know exactly what she experienced or felt inside at the time. Still, it’s safe to say we had similar experiences.”

    Read that sentence out loud, Michelle, and repeat it so it actually sinks in you fool. It’s safe to say you absolutely did not have the same experience.

  • Seems like Michelle is a little angry things turned out the way they did. Trial is over…Keith is going to die in prison…get on with your life like everyone else has. The only person that has ruined your miserable life is you, Michelle. Nicole told her story under oath and provided the government with every email/journal/text she ever wrote/sent during her time in Nxivm which led to KR getting convicted. She laid her cards on the table and stood up to people that threatened to ruin her life and won…that’s called courage, something you would know nothing about. You and your Twitter fingers don’t mean shit. Pathetic black chick ok with being referred to as a slave by a white man…shows the world enough about your character/backbone.

  • The problem with collecting blackmail or as you c**** called it collateral is that nothing anybody does after that is of their free will.

    It doesn’t even matter if sprinkled here and there maybe somebody is saying a half truth. Like Allison did get Nicoke an agent intro. Big deal.

    Allison is now holding life ruining collateral or blackmail against Nicole. Who wouldn’t try to end on the best possible note?

    This woman is trying to leave an abusive cult. One that has posession of horrific images and fake confession against loved ones that Nicole made.

    Nicole was forced to write casting directors and agents and put these false abuse accusations against her ex-boyfriend into an envelope address to them ready to be mailed if Nicole left DOS. That would ruin BOTH if their lives and careers.

    Who wouldn’t say anything to basically get away from kidnappers and rapists without being further damaged and hurt?

    Anyone with a scintilla of intelligence knows that nothing anyone is saying to a destructive group with so much ammunition against them as they are trying to leave means anything.

    Abusive wives tell their husband that they will always love them as they’re planning an escape.

    This can’t even be a real attempt at discrediting Nicole it’s so ridiculous.

  • Michelle, remember when you told the government about f****** Keith under duress because you were being blackmailed?

    And you proffered that you never would have had sexual contact with Keith unless you were blackmailed? Which you were. By your “friends”.

    And you stated that you would have left DOS if you weren’t blackmailed?

    Remember when a year or two later, you changed your story? And you started saying that you never had sexual contact with Keith?

    Which time were you lying?

    Michele, you are not a stand-up person. You crumbled when it came time to testify on behalf of your leader, Keith, and keep him out of prison for life!

    You are a liar, Michele. You’re proven that time and again. That’s why nobody believes any of the Keith loyalists!

    Michele, how does your mom feel about you being branded with your white male Grand Master’s initials near your vagina?

  • What an astonishingly uninteresting article.

    “[DOS] was a sisterhood of women who supported each other”

    DOS was a pussy grab by Keith Raniere, as was proven in court by a mountain of interlocking evidence. Those are Raniere’s initials branded onto the women’s nethers for chrissake.

    This cult loyalist is asking us who we’re going to believe, her or our lying eyes.

    Cut the crap. We’ve seen the KR brand. We’ve seen the emails that Raniere texted. “Mine, all mine! (devil emoji)

    Denying the obvious like this is just tedious.

    Why are people like this? Why do they stupidly deny the obvious, oblivious to reality?

    Social science has a term for this behavior, cognitive dissonance. Leon Festinger came up with the term in the 1950s. Appropriately enough, he first examined it in the context of a cult, a UFO cult in the Chicago suburbs.

    Cognitive dissonance is simple and not particularly interesting. People who are deeply committed to a cause, like say a cult, won’t drop their conviction no matter what. They certainly won’t let facts get in their way. The deeper they’re into the nonsense the harder they’ll fight for it, and when the thing gets thoroughly discredited and dismantled is when they really start proselytizing for it.

    Hence the desperate and absurd insistence that DOS wasn’t a pussy party for cult leader Raniere. Oh no, it was all about womens empowerment 🙄

    Social science uses the term cognitive dissonance. I prefer the plain downhome simple honesty of the word “stupidity”. And the reason cult members stay loyal to their cult is they’re stupid. They had to be stupid to join the cult to begin with.

    Understand that I’m not using the word stupid as a vague insult. Stupid has a fairly precise meaning. Stupidity is different from ignorance. Ignorance is fixable. Stupidity is innate. Like being short or having brown eyes.

    Stupid is that dog that keeps running face first into the chain link fence in his enthusiasm. He may be loyal and lovable and a most excellent dog in other respects but he’ll never learn. He’s a stupid dog.

  • Frank –

    Why didn’t you publish the video clip of Catherine Oxenberg saying she was turning India, her own daughter, in to the feds?

    I guess Catherine Oxenberg is “nine feet tall”, too.


    • The video was not withheld to protect Catherine. I did not want to bother copying it.

      I gave the link and put up a screenshot of her photo on my website.

      And most important, I printed every word Catherine said in the video.

      Catherine is not ashamed of what she said. India was probably better off in prison than being a lifelong slave of Allison Mack and a grand-slave of Keith Raniere.
      Catherine was right. She pushed it hard, and India wised up in the nick of time.

      Mack did not. But Mack is better off in prison for another year or so, and then be free of Raniere. She suffered for a few years, but is no longer a slave to him.

      • You have some very interesting reasoning here, Frank.

        None of it includes freedom of thought, freedom of religion, or the freedom to engage in non-mainstream subcultures.

        Yet you yourself are a student of Vivekananda.

        How does this all work?

        Please explain.


        • I didn’t understand a word you said, except the part about Vivekananda.

          To be precise, I am not a student of Vivekananda. I love what I imagine him to be. As a boy, he was an inspiration to me. But I am not a student of him or anyone.

          I do not believe in gurus or teachers. We teach ourselves. If Vivekananda or you, Alanzo, or anyone agrees with me, so much the better for you.

  • There is always two sides to any story, and Michele bought the ‘bright’ side, which is the community of women helping one another. Most of the women are commendable in that they did have some good intentions.
    However, the ‘shadow’ side (KR’s, the women’s as a group, and individually) cannot be ignored and pretending all is sunny in DOS-land is pure self-delusion. It also sets up the inevitable corollary: anyone that criticises any aspect of DOS is a ‘hater’ out to destroy you.
    Michelle writes: “It was a sisterhood of women who supported each other and, above all, trusted each other.” Commendable, if the whole edifice wasn’t based on lies and (subtle, but implied) blackmail.
    How can you trust your master when she starts the relationship by lying to you, and then continues to lie to you? It’s for your own good, right? Can you hear yourself say that without cringing? Can you not see that you have given away your own power, sight unseen, in the hope of a litle help and companionship?
    Lie no. 1: KR is not involved. Turns out he is your grandmaster, whom you have vowed to obey, without actually signing up for it. OK if you’re fine with it, others may not be. Lie no. 2: The brand. Fine if you don’t mind sporting some bloke’s initial on your body and/or convince yourself it’s a symbol of the 4 seasons, when it was designed and meant as a permanent sign of your ‘slavery’: you are owned by KR, like a piece of furniture, or cattle. Lie no 3: Collateral. Sold to you as a way to keep your commitment (even before you knew there was anything to commit to, or agreed to the ‘program’. (We’re not talking here of a $20 dollars deposit on a purchase as a sign of good faith, but ‘collateral’ that could destroy your reputation, even before you were told what it was all about). Lie no. 4: KR. Did your master tell you your collateral would be forwarded to KR for his ‘delectation’? or did they tell you it would be ‘just between you and me’? What was your immediate reaction when you learned your photos were forwarded to KR? Yuck!, or ‘I hope he chooses me; I’m a good vessel for THE avatar baby’?
    This is a video of the Nxivm story (H G Tudor), based on the ‘narcissism’ of KR and the manipulations and grandiose thinking of particular cadres of narcissists. It also give some insights as to why some followers will continue to ‘defend the faith’ till their dying days. And yes, it does have to do with their own narcissistic traits being brought to the fore; in other words, the refusal to look at one’s own ‘shadow’.

  • Slavery is illegal. The moral superiority reflected in this article is laughable, and the sense of victim hood is both cringy and sad, but the main thing is this – slavery is illegal. DOS was a slavery ring and that is illegal. I don’t think it’s “hateful” or “bullying” whatever to point out this out.

  • You honestly published another one of Michele’s articles when you haven’t even published the one I sent almost two months ago replying to the other one?!

    What the hell is wrong you, Ginzo, you fucking asshole?!

    Publish my fucking articles already, you fucking dick!


      • StevenJ,

        You don’t speak for everybody on here nor was I talking to you! The other mkt person being “annoying” here is the troll that decided to butt in to a message that wasn’t addressing him! So shut your trap!

        • Steven — Patriot God has given us our orders. He decides for us all who may speak and who may not. This troll of many names is unhappy that you chose to speak. But he demands we all respect his right to say anything.

          If only he were funny, like Bangkok, or thoughtful like you, or a smart ass like Nice Guy or contrarian like Aristotle.

          • “Steven — Patriot God has given us our orders. He decides for us all who may speak and who may not.”

            Ginzo, do you like when you’re having conversation a conversation with somebody in public and some random person walks up to you and starts chiming in and denigrating you?!

            Stop playing games!

            “This troll of many names is unhappy that you chose to speak. But he demands we all respect his right to say anything.”

            No! 🤦🏻‍♂️I demand what the U.S. Constitution *DEMANDS* of you, Ginzo! THAT YOU RESPECT EVERYBODY’S RIGHT TO SAY ANYTHING!

            I never said for you to censor Steven! He can be a rude idiot without being censored and come and harass me, and when he does I have the right with my free speech to tell him to fuck off! This isn’t rocket science, Ginzo! I never called for you to censor Steven or anybody else! THAT’S ALL YOU AND YOUR PROJECTION, YOU WORTHLESS FUCKING LITTLE PIECE OF FUCKING SHIT!!!!!!

            DO NOT CENSOR ANYBODY FOR ANY REASON!!!!! EVEEEEEERRRRR!!!!!!! Do you get it now, dumbass?! That’s the ONLY thing I’ve ever called for! Everything else is your lies and what you do while you try to pin it on me!

            I don’t know where you get “many names”! I am of *ONE NAME*! The Great Patriot God!

            You, however, have DO “many names” such as, marinara nigger, alfredo nigger, frutti di mare nigger, cannoli nigger, ragu nigger, mafia nigger, guido nigger, dumb nigger; ginzo, ginzo nigger, fat ass nigger, fat fuck nigger, Fredo nigger, marinara monkey, autistic nigger, wart-faced nigger, dumbass, idiot, moron, retard, and much more more!

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            “If only he were funny, like Bangkok,”

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            “or thoughtful like you,”

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            “or a smart ass like Nice Guy”

            Nice guy is a douche bag!

            “or contrarian like Aristotle.”

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            ✊🏻 IF WE BELIEVE!!!!!! ✊🏻

            ✊🏻 THERE’S A BETTER WAY! ✊🏻

          • Well, better follow his orders……it’s better anyway not to engage with a person that is clearly troubled…..He was right though that I can’t speak for all contributors on the FR, but I just couldn’t help myself.

          • “I love cannolis.”

            🤦🏻‍♂️ I know l! This the kind of response I get from a Ginzo’s inferior mind! That’s all he got out of that!

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        • Ginzo!

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      • Frank has been given “diplomacy” for several months and keeps playing games!

        I’m tired of giving him “diplomacy”!

        You have no clue what you’re talking about so fuck off!

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