Kim Snyder Angry About 5 Murders, Lack of Suspects and Laziest Frank

I am trying to clear the record. There are people upset with me. Now is the time to discuss them one by one.

Let’s start with Kim Snyder. She is the sister of Kristin Snyder, who disappeared 19 years ago in Alaska. She had been attending a NXIVM intensive.

Kristin Snyder with her sister Kim Snyder.

Her sister Kim is angry. She has a lot to be angry about. She thinks it is murder and has accused three different killers. One of them is Keith Raniere.

On top of that, she says four of her housemates were murdered in the last few years. They were poisoned, she says.

That’s not all. She was almost poisoned herself.  A house guest sent Kim some vitamins. Kim said she discovered the vitamins were laced with poison. She said she sent them to a lab, and it was a case of attempted murder. Kim did not press charges.

She is also upset with me because I have not been able to solve the mystery of what happened to her sister. She thinks I have not tried hard enough.

In the past few days, she has written some emails. Over the years, I have gotten thousands of emails from her and thousands of text and phone calls.

Kim Snyder is not paying me to investigate Kristin.

She wanted these emails published to show what I failed to do for her.

Kim wrote:


YOU kept us hanging on – asking us to be ‘patient’- wait for me – without giving us a ‘reason.’ YOU have lied over and over – wanting us to do a ‘fake’ investigator’s work.

Kim replaced me.


To let you know – we have hired 2 Private eyes from out of Chicago and a new detective….

This is going to get the job done…  We finally realized – YOU were ‘dead wood’ and were wasting our time, and you weren’t interested in my sister’s case.

Kim is in the US Military, which may make the investigation go quicker.


Yes, I am in the US forces and have been for 17 years. I have what I need to prove to YOU. –

I have NO reason to LIE – I am in the US forces and have been every place. I adhere to the Department of the US Navy – NOT the Marine Corps.

Part of the conflict is Kim suspects I am restarting DOS or NXIVM.


We know through a Confidential Informant – that YOU were planning to begin another DOS group & to start NXIVM back up again.

She says I told her I was a private investigator, something I do not recall.


I have been to the point of tears since finding out about my house mates’ [murders]…
I am over whelmed with all that has happened – NOT suicidal – but very sad 😢 and upset.

NOT suicidal – but depressed and sad. 😢

You don’t return messages – that is rude – so am NOT sure what to say about that- being or telling people that you are a private investigator – then, asking the sheriff’s office to pull their list of licensed private investigators – YOU are NOT listed at all. So, we found out that was a LIE – !!!!!

We are upset and appalled that this was told to us.

You are a “journalist” NOT an investigator – why did you tell us you were? Why? This makes NO sense to any of us. We are starting over with all new people – pain in the butt.  I am better with my meds – but am annoyed with all that has happened.

Kim gets sad by all the military deaths she sees. She is worried her brother might be going to war.
Kim sent this picture of what she must see almost daily.


We hear TAPS on a daily basis- as US soldiers are laid to rest at the National Cemetery near us- on an EVERY day basis.

Imagine having to deal with the stress of having lost a sister, a dad, and the possibility of a brother being killed in war?… Plus – we both have PTSD – and are on meds –

Think YOU can walk a day in MY shoes? NO – YOU would have a heart ♥️ attack from the stress.
Kim sent this picture [above] of her brother.

We are on the brink of war – again-  as you ready well know. I was “fearing” that MY ONLY Brother” would be called back as a Marine Reserve. He will (thankfully) NEVER 👎 be called back up- prosthetics and other injuries will NOT allow it.

I sat with him face to face on Monday- and listened to him discuss with OUR mom how the laws have changed about soldiers with prosthetics going “right back to war”.  I put my head down & sobbed….

He realized right then MY PTSD was flaring, and the conversation about Reserves and him returning to WAR ended – it needed to….

The trauma and the PTSD, then YOU compound with the murders of MY house mates and the Murder of MY sister…  and having people [Frank] promise that they will solve MY sister’s case – and turn out – “they are out to put the light on themselves”.

The LIES – the fake and empty promises…  I can’t sit back and allow YOU to drag your feet on My sister’s case – YOU are OUT of time and excuses – 10 years of them, in fact – NO more taunting us with MY sister’s KILLER – NONE.  We are sending this to the courts – for them to see what we have been put through.

Sometimes Kim is inspired by the word of the Lord, as quoted by man.


Instead of reading garbage … what about reading God’s word and allowing HIM to give YOU clues? HIS WORD is the ONLY way to God – to the cross – to Jesus –

Unless YOU confess and renounce EVIL 👿 YOU will be on your way to the pit of …..”

Why NOT turn your life around now ? Denounce EVIL 😈 and run ? John 3:16 – For God SO loved 🥰 the world 🌎 that HE paid it ALL for you & me.  Try it – YOU might like it –

Sadly, her brother with the prosthetic is being called to war again.


I will be saying “farewell” to MY ONLY Brother- this will be very difficult. He is home now- I have MY Uncle who just died and 4 house mates who have died…

Kim has concluded that her sister’s killers are Keith Raniere and a friend of her sister’s.


YOU – who have played with the killer for years now… and have done 0 to help us.

YOU bet your bottom ass it is that easy- we have a good [investigative] team – who are starting over and making sure any “fakes” that come along- are kicked to the curb “hard”….

YOU have jerked us around and made us believe YOU were doing things – then smacked us in the face – playing around with the “killer”. How stupid can someone be?  YOU continue to play around with the “killer”-

Try being us – walk in our shoes – going through a fake person’s lies and fake hopes – Try it -!!!!!!!!


I needed a nap – have cried so much – I had a headache 🤕– needed rest. Am trying to push through paperwork and projects … Are you available to talk tonight? Any time?

Kim shows bravery in talking to me on the phone, since she accused me of tapping her phone.


I have caught you tapping into my phone – and it has been reported to the correct authorities and the courts. YOU have been caught -!!!!!!!!!

YOU have spent 10 years hanging on to the monster 👿– and doing 0 for us- YOU are Dead Weight – totally. I have let law enforcement know- YOU haven’t done anything – 0 -!!!!!!!!

YOU’re telling me to “Behave” when YOU are following a freaking monster 👿? Really ? How groce.

I started investigating Kristin Snyder’s disappearance in 2017 – five years ago.


YOU are OUT of time and excuses. YOU have done 0 in 10 years.

Kim is convinced Raniere is the killer and that I am siding with him. But she also named another killer.


It is very obvious to me – YOU have NO concern for Kris’ case- YOU never answer your phone or answer messages – SO BE IT- YOU run to Keith’s side – what an slap in the face – !!!!!!!…

Walk in our shoes for a day – 20 years without knowing what happened to my ONLY sister – and the person who faked us all out – and told us he was going to help us – and LIED – has run to the killer’s side. How disgusting. -!!!!!!

YOU have NO idea of what I am coping or trying to cope with right now. Walk in my shoes – !!!!!!!!

Sometimes it gets hard for Kim.


I attempted to take my own life – last pm – that brought up some very big happenings.

My brother is here now- Daniel came in this afternoon- I was feeling alone – hurt 😔– angry 😡– and very lost.

NO ONE wants to work on Kris’ case – NOT even YOU- so where does that leave me -??  Alone – by myself and angry 😡.  I am alone in this battle – so be it. YOU care more for the killer, than YOU do Kris or us. So be it –

She recovers quickly


Are you available to talk this pm ? Haven’t heard from you

Kim says she has hired writing analysis experts.



BangKOK is YOU – we have had your writing analyzed – and lots of things stick out. He is YOU.

Kim also believes more of her friends were murdered.


A Confidential Informant has told that – Lavesa Felton, one of the girls that was living in the house, told them, that the girls were taunted and picked at.

Lavesa has also told them, that “Tammy Hill” the house supervisor, is still contacting her via phone and computer- Lavesa’s sister, who is a Marlboro County Cop 👮‍♀️– is recording the conversations. Lavesa has NOT confided those conversations to me. She was NOT made aware of Betty’s death 💀 until yesterday- said the suspect was at the grave site.

The CI told me, Lavesa told him- “he made her sick”. He had to have gotten word about Betty’s death from Tammy Hill.

Have not made contact with Lavesa today @ all- don’t know how she is coping or doing. I will see if the CI can find this out – and contact her.

I believe the CI – voice changer – I believe it to be “Angela Lampley/“ Renee Lewis’ one on one. Don’t know, because the voice is altered.

She went to the funeral of one of her murdered friends.


Post funeral today- 10 steps forward and 20 backwards- tears, upset & a migraine for me. I am in the bed 🛌 and have been for awhile. Low self esteem for me today- via the fact that, I have beaten myself up in feeling like so should have been there to protect these friends of mine-

How am I? Angry 😡, sad 😢 and actually very broken 😡 hearted. These are all friends of mine and people I have grown to love ❤️ and care about.

No matter what gets done, it will NOT bring any of them back- nor change the outcome.
It is in the coroner’s hands, the FBI and many others to decide how and what will be done.

I don’t know how to function or how to feel – just have wanted to be alone and to just consider why I was terminated from the agency- answer “they knew I was a “big mouth 👄 “.

Other main question – why am I here? Don’t know how to answer that- when I know these are “murder” cases.  I am broken 😠hearted and sad 😢– and know God is in control-


If I sound freaked out – it is because I am overwhelmed and exhausted, and another week has begun with NO sleep 😴.

I have PTSD – from US military work and the trauma of my sister’s death. Trying to stay on the meds but forget that I need to take it – before my stomach begins to cramp and I begin to cry 😢 and shut down.

I am doing all that I can right now- need to get through this week and then can begin working on Kris’ case.
Heidi Hutchinson and her late sister, Gina Hutchinson.

Kim is concerned about Heidi. She does not believe Heidi is being stalked.


To let YOU know straight up – the issues with Heidi Hutchison are getting much worse. She is dillusional and allowing her to continue her rants and ramblings are stupid….

Call ☎️ me please.


Heidi has NO right to discuss “Hell on earth” unless she is us. There is NO stalking or pushing her around- she is very dillusional….

Heidi has a body to bury – she got to touch Gina in the end – she had finality- we do NOT- what the HELL is her problem?

She doesn’t discuss attempting to take her own life – because she is “left behind”- I have made 6 attempts – the last one recently. (There are reasons).

Heidi is NOT being “freaking stalked”.
Please call ☎️ us –

Kim wanted this info contained in these emails made public.  So I obliged her.

I get about 50 emails per week from Kim and a dozen or more phone calls.  I try to return her calls whenever possible. But I cannot return them all, and frankly, I do not have any new leads on her sister’s disappearance.

I do not have time to investigate the four new deaths she claims happened to her housemates. She says they were poisoned. She also informed me of another half dozen murders she knows occurred. Poisoned.

When I do not return her calls, she gets upset.

Her latest message to me is as follows:


I had your comments [on Frank Report] analyzed – it is YOU answering yourself – feeling happy you’re hopefully NOT going to jail – pitty party-

Sad 😢 but true -!!!!!!! Everyone has to learn a lesson- sorry 😢 you feel that you’re exempt from this process. So weird you’re answering your self and doing that – Sorry you won’t let the truth be known- You and KR are NOW – felons – pitty -!!!!!!



I am getting tired of Kim’s accusations.  But she is right on one thing.

Yes. It is true. I am a felon.  A tenant paid me $19,000 in rent in cash in 2010, and I did not fill out the 8300 form and send it to the IRS.

I did file an income tax return to report the $19,000. I paid taxes on the $19,000.  But I did not tell the IRS that the tenant paid in cash.

For this, I am a felon.

My case began with Clare Bronfman and Keith Raniere, now also felons, filing a complaint. I had a hand in helping them become felons.

The US government prosecuted Raniere. A jury convicted him of sex trafficking, forced labor, and racketeering. His predicate acts included possession of child porn and exploitation of a child.

Yes, we are both felons.

The FBI began investigating me in 2011. They indicted me in 2015. The Bronfmans were the alleged victims in every count of a 19-count indictment against me.

The DOJ accused me of Klien conspiracy, wire fraud, and money laundering. And cheating the Bronfman victims out of one million dollars.

My alleged victims Clare and Sara Bronfman.

After I exposed Raniere and Clare Bronfman, the FBI arrested them. Then the government dropped the Bronfman charges against me. The Bronfmans were no longer my victims.

The DOJ recharged me with an 18-count superseding indictment in 2018. The main victim was a deceased man who never complained about me.

No matter how often I tried to explain my innocence, the prosecutors would not relent. They wanted me in prison.

I said I would never plead guilty to a crime I did not commit.

Earlier this year, a new US Attorney was appointed, and new prosecutors took over the case.

A more rational approach began to take place. My attorneys discussed a sensible resolution to the matter. The DOJ agreed to drop all previous charges last week.

They dropped the Klien conspiracy, wire fraud, and money laundering.

I plead guilty to a single instance of not filing an 8300 form 12 years ago. The amount was $19,000. I took it in cash and reported the $19,000 on my income tax, and paid taxes on the income. But I failed to alert the IRS that it came in cash.

Yes, Raniere and I are both felons.

But there is no pity party. Not for me.

For 11 years, I endured an investigation and two indictments. At age 67, that is 17 percent of my life in this battle.

For a dozen years, I was stymied as the case rolled through the court. I could not make long-term plans. I was restricted in my travels. Anyone who looked me up online would find I was under indictment. People refused to see me because of that.

But I refused to plead to anything I did not do.

I did not file the 8300 form. So I pleaded guilty to that.

That is the only charge I pleaded guilty to. Nothing else. Not one other crime.

Kristen Snyder smiling
Kristen Snyder vanished in 2003 after attending a Nxivm/ESP intensive.

In the meantime, I am still trying to find out what happened to Kristin Snyder. It is hard to do so without fresh leads. Was she murdered? Did she commit suicide? Did someone gaslight her into suicide? Is she still alive?

If anybody knows anything, please contact me.

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  • Shadow Stalker
    YOU sound SO stupid – I left that agency in 2007- they began dying as of last year- dumb ass.
    By the way – Dylan – YOU should have spell checked – that is NOT how you spell our home town. YOU need to grow up – before YOU talk about me.
    How could I have had anything with how the folks died – I was out in 2007- they began dying last year. Next time – know what the f…. You’re talking about- dummy.

  • Kim is suspect #1 in the poisoning of her roommates. I mean, who else would do this? Her mom? Her son? I don’t think so girlfriend. Frank needs to tell everyone in Dylan S.C about this. Kimberly, you are a liar if you say you didn’t poison your roommates.

    • Kim killed them all.

      Then invented a brother and husband to make up for her loss. They’ll soon be poisoned too… wait for it.

  • [redacted]
    I am NOT sharing MY private life on line – because, I only met YOU one time- and YOU cut me off- so, NO – I will NOT share MY personal life with anyone on line – we have heard too many horror stories of how people – just don’t get it – so never mind.
    I have to be circumspect on line and that is why I will NOT say anything else –
    MY life is mine – and so I close the chapter on Frank Report & NXIVM – and go under-
    Take care –

  • Hi [redacted]
    You sort of gave yourself away- hmmm-!!!
    I was reading your comment- I do NOT wish to discuss MY private life with you or anyone else on line- it does NOT concern you, at all. YOU have sort of forgotten – YOU blocked me and told me “YOU didn’t have time any more”. I haven’t heard from you since – so, what makes YOU think I would share MY new family with YOU ?
    Yes- I was adopted and yes – I have been found – that is ALL I am revealing to anyone- on line any way.
    I am done commenting here for good-
    Have a good day – Kim

  • Kim,

    If Frank phoned you right now —— what could he possibly say that would make everything okay for you?

    He has NO NEW LEADS on your sister’s case.

    Why do you want him to phone you?

    You’ve already told us that you’ve AXED him out of your investigation, remember?

    You’ve already told us that you want nothing more to do with Frank, right?

    So, why do you keep phoning and emailing him, endlessly?

    What do you want from Frank?

    What can Frank do for you today, right now, which would make you happy?

    He’s no longer part of your investigation, remember? So, why would you want anything from him?

    Sometimes it’s best for 2 people to go their own separate ways. This is one of those times, Kim.

    I can offer some advice to help you, Kim.

    Go into your phone. Find Frank’s number. Delete it. Permanently.

    Then delete his email address from your computer. Permanently.

    Just forget about Frank. Permanently.

    Then, just never contact Frank again —- and never think about him ever again.

    I promise that you’ll be less angry if you follow these steps.

    If not… Maybe contact Tabby for her therapeutic advice.

    PS — Niceguy is a wimpy piece of shit. Man the fuck up, bro. Frank needs to publish this shit to show readers that Kim’s comments aren’t just her having a bad day.

    She’s crossed a line and now her bizarre emails are on display for everybody to see, forever, including any ‘judges’ which Kim decides to write in the future.

  • Frank
    I hate to bust your freaking bubble – you & your freaking minions – Jesus is NOT dead – and I am most certainly NOT in love with a felon-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    How stupid are you and your minions -?????
    See you later – you need to learn who you’re talking to – I am on to you & your minions

  • Kim is secretly madly in love with Frank P. I have proof! You told me yesterday Kim! Admit it! You shameless @$$ b!*#^

  • Kim has proof that someone tried to poison her and she didn’t press charges? WTAF? Sounds like they were just vitamins

  • Kim has no sympathy for Frank’s long battle won. Kim, you talk all that shit and nothing to back up your nasty forked tongue. You’re drab, boring and more of the likes of a mean hobbit. 🙄 p.s. Jesus is dead and more of a zombie. He’s a waste of time and money. Just think Kim, you love a zombie called Jesus.

  • Shadow state
    Thanks – NO – I don’t think women would have any interest in an OLD man- (LOL).

    I am positive that what happened to my room mates is criminal – but am NOW NOT going to allow Frank to touch this case-

    In the words of President Regan- he knows so much – that it isn’t so. Lol 😂.

    He lies and does NOT have his facts on what happened to my sister, or my house mates. A journalist gathers facts – not lies.

    I am walking on – without Frank or any of his minions- he knows so much that it isn’t so. He makes up what he doesn’t know to be truth.

    What woman is going to bow to him and do all of the gross things that KR did to women? NOT me – nasty 🤢.


    • “I am positive that what happened to my room mates is criminal – but am NOW NOT going to allow Frank to touch this case-”
      Dear Kim, please provide this case number. Either comply or I know you’re lying 🤥 🤷 🤧 😏 😒 😤 🤥

  • Kim:
    If someone used poison to murder your room mates and also tried to use poison to murder you I suggest that you press chargers.
    Only a cowardly sneak uses poison to commit murder.
    Lastly if China attacks Taiwan it will devastate the world’s computer chip industry.
    Everyone should pray that China exercises restraint.
    Shadow State

    P. S. I doubt that Frank is trying to restart DOS.
    Only a damned fool would want a harem of women constantly fighting over him.

  • Frank
    I have plenty of suspects – why would I tell YOU anything now ? YOU have blown it- totally – I will NOT give YOU anything else –
    I have been in that agency for 12 years – moron- and I know what went on from day to day- were you living with me? Were you in the girls house with me ? NO- then how can you say they’re NO suspects – another made up LIE of yours – fool -!!!!!!!
    YOU have NO idea what HELL I went through in that agency- stop making up shit and lying to your readers – as BangKOK has told you.
    Lie after LIE – YOU were NOT in that agency with me for 12 years – YOU don’t know what kinds of shit I saw – stop accusing me – moron –

  • Frank
    Why would I give you any names ? YOU are a felon – don’t you get it ? Why would they tell a felon anything – they are NOT in your jurisdiction – they have NO ways of knowing who you are – now they do- and they plan to contact you about this article –

  • Frank
    Why don’t you tell how neither Susan or Heidi knew Kris – and had NO business here.
    Frank – you also were NOT here when the container of powder was taken to the Sheriff’s office to be analyzed – so, how can YOU say it is untrue ? How in the hell would YOU know anything ?

    • Kim. Susan Dones did know Kris, your sister. She took a class with her in Anchorage, and she saw her when she was in Albany.

      As for the vitamin powder supposed to be poison to kill you, how about showing us the lab results? If you say the sheriff analyzed it, perhaps you can tell us his name. I will call him and ask why no charges were filed against the person.

    • Kim did you show the Sheriff’s office the recipe for the vitamins?

      You know they were drop shipped right from the company to your house? They came sealed from the company to your house.

      How could it have had poison added to it coming from a company that sells millions of vitamin supplements every year throughout the world?

      I sent Frank & you both a copy of the receipt when you were bringing up this lie about me a couple of years ago.

      Yet you continue to spread this lie that somehow someone tried poison you.

      If you continue to spread this lie, I’ve told you this before & now I’m going to tell you publicly, I will sue you for defamation.

      Unless you think someone else is doing this to you. Why would anyone want you dead?

      No one tried to poison you but maybe you yourself by adding poison to it before handing it over to the Sheriff’s office.

      Look Kim,

      Everyone is sorry for what happened to your sister.

      There is no new information to find out what happened to her. Until there is, what can be done?

      The police in Alaska, her own community, NXIVM spent a lot of $ trying to find out what happened , Frank & there are a couple of lesbian PI out there asking questions & your own PI’s haven’t been able to find out anything about her.

      You just want to blame & be angry at anyone who can’t find an answer for you.

      Everyone tried their best. There isn’t any new information to go on.

      Why do you need to take it out on everyone who has tried to help but failed to find her?

      Stop being mean about the entire thing.

      People can’t stand to even talk to you anymore because you are mean to them when all they did was try to help you & be your friend.


      When did you get a brother. You didn’t have one a few years ago. It was just you & your sister?

  • Kim has my sympathy for losing her sister without knowing for certain what happened to her. That lack of closure has gotta be beyond horrific. I hope one day she can find peace, but in the meantime, stop striking out at everyone. Maybe join a grief support group, or _something_ to help process this terrible trauma of losing a sibling in a healthier way.

  • If that allegation about the vitamins is true, why the hell wouldn’t she press charges?! It’s attempted murder! If she had pressed charges it could’ve led to more attention on her sister’s disappearance and Nxivm. I don’t get it. I don’t think it’s true.

  • Frank
    I will send this to YOUR judge – who is going to sentence you – and to Judge Garaufis. How dare YOU lie – and day “you try to return my calls – LIAR -!!!!!!! You have NEVER returned my calls – I will send this on to the sheriff’s office – and to the FBI –
    YOU never return messages – LIAR –

    • Kim please get some grief counseling. I’d be angry too if what happened to your sister happened to mine, but IMO you are striking out at the wrong people.

    • Kim you know it’s not true
      The vitamin was dropped shipped from the manufacturer to your house
      Frank was given the receipt & I sent you another email with a copy of the receipt

      Stop telling this story.

  • “We know through a Confidential Informant – that YOU were planning to begin another DOS group & to start NXIVM back up again.”
    Frank – So what will you name the next DOS group? And will you have a suitable pretentious title? Vanguard always seemed a tad lame.

    • I will use a modest title. I have always been a modest man unaccustomed to high honors, except that which is naturally given.

      The name that comes to mind is Grand Emperor.

    • Frank
      How is it that YOU were going to start NXIVM over again ? DOS ? Branding ? I already knew this from my CI – they were told through phone calls- gosh- that is so sick –

      • What brand design should I use? Where to put it? So many decisions. I like a more modest “FRP -the Great One,” but I will consider the four elements incorporated in the design. Also no collateral. While that idea worked well for Raniere, I prefer something more vanilla.

        How about a 2 billion year contract?

  • Frank you dastardly bastard!

    ‘Tis your shitty *cooking which poisoned Kim’s housemates.

    *The Romano & Parmesan blend should never be used on seafood.

  • Lots of new articles and no sign of Patriot God’s articles.

    This is what I’m talking about, Mr. Parlato.

    Remember your word.

    Stop putting him off and please prioritize his over any other new ones.

    I have been very polite and respectful to you. But with all due respect, Mr. Parlato, this is very selfish of you. Show some morals and respect for other people’s hardwork and your own word.

    • I have a serious problem. It sounds like a lame excuse. But I had the article all printed out and ready to go, and Rover, my Belgian Shepard cross with a Norwegian Terrier, was sitting at my feet. I was having spaghetti and meatballs, which we Ginzo’s love, and some sauce and a meatball fell off my plate and fell on Patriot God’s article.

      So I went to the kitchen to get a napkin, and I took an extra few seconds to white the ragu off my face. When I returned, Rover had consumed the meatball and Patriot God’s article.

      I have heard about dogs eating someone’s homework, but when it happens to you, it is quite terrifying.

      • So in other words, you’ve decided now that you’re not going to publish it and are using comedy to evade having a serious conversation about it?

      • Frank can you stop being dumbass and an immature asshole for once in your fucking unstable dick of a life and publish Patriot God’s goddamn articles?!

        I wanted to see them too as well as many others! Good God man! You just make me want to slap your face off with how obnoxiously dishonest you are! I hope to God somebody with lots of lawyer money and connections with people in court gets fed up with your ass and just beats the fucking shit out of you! You really need it, Dude! Then you can hopefully learn the meaning of respect!

        This is ridiculous how big of a faggot little bitch of a punk that you’re being about this and many other things!

        Grow the fuck up and publish them already! Jesus fucking Christ!

      • Hi Frank aka A-hole,

        You said there are TWO Kims!

        Apparently I was crapping on the real Kim who lost her sister and has many emotional issues because of her loss – just like Heidi.

        Thanks a lot for making me be a butthole.

        Please stop posting the comments of both women. They get attacked and ridiculed every time they post. It’s not good for their emotional well being.

        It’s a bunch of misogynists attacking both women!!!!

        • I think there are two Kims. One is sweet as honey. The other is nasty as can be – calls you names like moron and fool.

          Are you saying they are the same person?

          • What’s on second and Who’s on First and Kim is stealing home.

            I get it!

            Take it easy!

    • Frank
      That last comment is YOU – trying to sound and attempting to sound like someone else- I am NOT freaking unstable – moron-
      I am quite stable – and quite cable to do MY sister’s case with other folks- we have X’d you OUT after this- sorry 😢
      Look up the word Unstable – it describes YOU- a felon. YOU also thought YOU were going to fry my job with that photo and ruin me – sorry 😢- try again – moron

  • Kim is clearly unstable. Short of her seeking help, which she is unlikely to truly admit she needs, Frank is in rock and hard place.

    Last I checked Frank isn’t the justice system (the whole felon bit proves that) and he isn’t God (just going to take on faith he isn’t) so there is nothing he can do here. And since the “facts” clearly come from a highly unstable woman, the police have likely ignored her and do not seeing that changing.

    Its always sad when people are unable to move on from their traumas. I hope she seeks help.

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Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in hundreds of news outlets, like The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CBS News, Fox News, New York Post, New York Daily News, Oxygen, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, The Sun, The Times of London, CBS Inside Edition, among many others in all five continents.

His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” In addition, he was credited in the Starz docuseries 'Seduced' for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premieres on May 22, 2022.

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