DOS Manual Lesson 7 – Your Master Is Highest; Above Spouse, Family

Those who have been with us from Lessons #1-6 are getting a good grounding on what it takes to be a good slave in DOS. This is lesson #7.  It is deep and full of DOS wisdom.

Lesson 7 – Intentionally Holding Something Above ‘Other’ – an Act of Destiny Creation

Grand Master Raniere

How do you intentionally hold something above other?

What does ‘above’ mean?

How do you know “other”?

How is doing so an act of “destiny creation?”


Intentionally means proactively, with intention and purpose. To hold is to firmly put it into your decisions. To hold something “above” means completely above – not equal, not mostly above but partially overlapping.

“Others” in the fear-based form is how we see other people, not recognizing our attachments and our fears.

It is not until we can recognize our attachments and how they play into our decisions, and we start holding ‘other’ above them, that we can actually see.

Doing this is an act of destiny creation.

That’s what I’ve been talking about with this whole concept.


1. Do something for your Master, or someone in your lineage, that goes completely against your wants, desires, comforts and pride.

Do something that puts them as #1, counter to what you want. This cannot be equal to or overlapping with anyone, including parent, child, sibling, partner, etc.

2. Contemplate why your Master is better than all other people. Why they should be held above all others.

Frank’s commentary:

In 200 words, we get the essence of DOS. Adore your Master.  There are some strange use of words here.

Destiny creation.

Let me try to explain.

Raniere uses “Other” to represent the idea that there is something outside the human body of the slave. It is how the slave sees other people or things, not recognizing her attachments and fears.

Once she holds or puts it into all her decisions that her Master is above her, she can recognize her attachments. She can see how they influence her life and keep her in slavery to the fear-based world.

She must hold her Master completely above – not even one iota that overlaps where they are equal. Once she does that, she becomes free.  As Raniere teaches, she “can actually see.”

Her own wrong thinking won’t blind her anymore. Instead, she will know her Master is the highest. When she does this wondrous deed, she stops thinking of anything other than her Master. It becomes an act of destiny creation.

She creates her destiny instead of letting fate buffet her in the winds of chance. That is the weak destiny of others – fools like you and me.

The practices help her get to the concept that slavery is freedom.


Do something for your Master, or someone in your lineage, that goes completely against your wants, desires, comforts, and pride.

The best thing I can think of is a seduction assignment of the founder of DOS, Grandmaster Raniere.

A slave must learn that Grandmaster Raniere is above family, friends, and spouse. A slave must not consider her husband equal to the only male in DOS, the glorious Grandmaster.  She must divorce her husband if commanded.

And adultery with Raniere is not like adultery in the Bible.

You must hold the Master above.

If your Master tells you not to have sex with your husband, you must do it. If she tells you to send naked pictures to Raniere, this will help you “actually see.”

You only married because you were fear-based and full of attachments.

The second practice is also essential:

Consider why your Master is better than all “other.” She is a slave to another woman or to Raniere himself. He is at the topmost of the upline for every DOS slave.

It makes perfect sense to think the Matser is better than everyone else – except the Grand Master.

Grand Master Raniere commands every slave directly or indirectly. That something you are holding above other is none other than Grand Master Raniere himself.

If only DOS had not shut down. By now, it would have expanded to engulf the entire female population worldwide. Every woman would be under the command of Grand Master Raniere.

His high ethical values would control politics, child-rearing, war, peace, marriage, sleep, sex, pubic hair, and diet.

No woman would eat garlic again.

Meanwhile, practice thinking about your Grand Master day and night. Consider what he is doing and how he spends his time in his lovely villa in Tuscon, Arizona.

This will start you on the road to freedom. To female empowerment.

Grand Master Raniere devised this for you. He is the world’s smartest man.

Because he is an ethicist, he has no desire but to help women better their condition worldwide.

It is touching that such brave sanctity exists in this fear-based world of attachment.

Are you ready to be branded?

“Without slavery, one cannot self-actualize”

DOS will constantly strive to enable data-driven Master solutions for today’s Fortune 500 Collateralized Slave MLM Businesses.

Because DOS requires strenuous work from slaves, you need nutritious food.

I have devised a rich and fortifying 800-calorie diet in my upcoming cookbook.

Eat Like a Slave – DOS Slaves Tasty Morsels Delight.

I have included a few more samples of tasty dishes your Master will allow you to eat after you become a fully-collateralized lifetime slave.

Yemeni Goat and Limberger Milkshake atop Foamed Carrot

Alabama Arugula alongside Sweet and Sour Tofu Beverage

Plant-based Oyster Balls topped with Savory Coriander

Fire-Roasted Black Trumpet Segments with a side of Baked Asiago Biscuits

Fetid Cheese Roll tossed with Swiss Process Gorgonzola Juice

For those who still miss meat

Romanian Vegan Hot Dog Pie with a wisp of Cornmeal-crusted Jarlsberg and Vegan Turkey Water

Make enough to feed a whole slave pod.

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  • LINEAGE is the key word in this tripe. Here, the psycho perverts and repurposes the concept of lineage – normally used in ancient Tibet Buddhism to distinguish different belief systems or sects – as part of his MLM sex slave module. LINEAGE subs for downline – in, I must say, a brilliant display of sacrilege, irreverence and cynicism only a rare, gifted and especially brutal narcissist could imagine.

  • It is a lesson in disguise on how to bring out your inner narcissism, grandiosity and psychopathy.

    Imagine you wake up and realise you have to hold KR and any one of the DOS women above all else – for life (perish the thought); you are now their slave, and there’s no way out – unless you recruit others to be your slave.

    How do you even persuade yourself you can be someone’s master and demand complete obedience from another human being, unless your psychopathy was already present (if only dormant).

    Of course you persuade yourself it’s for ‘their’ good.

    Thus the abused become abusers. Thus the matriarchs who suffered fgm are pushing the practice onto their girls. Thus the Dos slaves would have continued pushing other women to get branded with their grandmaster’s initials.

    Thus Epstein’s victims became recruiters and victimisers in turn. Thus a child that was abused continues the vicious circle and passes down the behaviour to his/her children.

    KR’s MLM endeavours were about capitalising on people’s greed and financial insecurity.

    DOS capitalised on their emotional insecurity and incipient sociopathy and desire to be ‘special’.

  • Nietzsche was no Keith Raniere. At best, Nietzsche was one of the top ten problem solvers with a problem solving rarity, or maybe one in 25 million. Raniere was one in 425 million.

  • This “Lesson” reminds me of a famous quote by the write Dorothy Parker.

    “You can lead a horticulture but you can’t make her think”

    Freedom means that people are responsible for their own decisions.
    Many people don’t want to take that responsibility.
    You an not force people to be free.

  • “How do you intentionally hold something above other?
    What does ‘above’ mean?
    How do you know “other”?
    How is doing so an act of “destiny creation?”

    This is utter bullshit. Self-serving bullshit made to sound philosophical. The syntax reminds me of Nietzsche:

    “What is great in man is that he is a bridge and not a goal: what can be loved in man is that he is an over-going (Ubergang) and a down-going (Untergang)

    “I love those who know not how to live except as down-goers, for they are the over-goers.”

    Say what?? Okay this is complicated, tangled and odd but it’s not bullshit. Nietzsche was a crazy genius, Raniere is neither. Raniere is an arrogant pretentious middlebrow. His “writings”, his speechifying, was gauged to impress his audience of gullible dumbasses. A confusion of nonsense that sounds kinda like philosophy.

    I’m guessing he got some of that verbiage from a superficial reading of Nietzsche. I know he liked to quote Ayn Rand, who is like Nietzsche warmed over. I can imagine Raniere as an arrogant teenager (mis-)reading Nietzsche on “Beyond Good and Evil” and the over-man (Ubermensch) and thinking “that’s me! I’m going to make my own destiny and become Superman!

    Joke’s on him. The destiny he made for himself landed him in Federal prison for life.

    Nietzsche would’ve appreciated the joke.

    • Raniere played the Ubermensch till going to prison for life at 60. Nietzsche died before he was 60. Who’s laughing now?

  • This makes sense to me. Maybe I’m contrarian. But I’d rather have one good master than let the world be my master.

    What is it with you people? One thing we learned from Keith is to speak with honor?

    Thank you Keith Raniere, you got too close to the sun, but you were sincerely trying to help womanhood.

    • Deadenders think they’re Waldo, but they have flashing sirens and neon reflectors on when the night is pitch black in a crowd of five.

    • Womanhood rejects Keith’s so called help.

      Women can help themselves. On an individual basis. They can help each other. They do not need or want this fatass cult leader getting in their business .

      You present a false choice, Gia. The world is your master. Or Keith is your master. Brain dead.

      Women do not need to be slaves to a man in order to achieve their goals an example would be the female prosecutor who put Keith Ranieri in prison for the rest of his life. Just doing her job. Not needing Keith’s help whatsoever.

      • Or the English Lionesses who just won the European Football Cup – they didn’t need some fat hairy-arse narcissistic Psycho!

        • Yay!!! great game! Got tickets at the beginning of the year not knowing who would be playing – it was magnificent! never in my life have I stayed behind in a stadium for so long!!! No one wanted to leave!!!

    • You do realise that Keith and you and any piece of dirt, any freckle you ever saw, any puddle you ever drank from – all of it – is taking place in the same ‘world’, same planet, same solar system.

      You are not so much a ‘contrarian’ as a confused inhabitant of planet earth with a somewhat feeble grasp of object relations.

    • Umm, Gia, why not be your own master?

      Why be a slave to anything or anyone?

      Can’t you think and do things for yourself?

      Do you think anybody great in the world was a branded fucking slave to “the world” or to any kind of person whatsoever?

      You think Rosa Parks stood up against society because she was somebody’s slave?

      You women are completely illogical and frankly a shame to all free thinking women.

      You should probably go move to north Korea and find yourself a nice home in one of the prison camps where you can truly live your life as a happy slave on a no calorie diet. I’m sure the prison guards would love a group blowjob if they haven’t already thought of that.

    • Gia – why do you need a master?

      Are you incapable of making your own decisions to shape your own destiny?

      Why do you need someone to dictate how you live your life?

      You’re not free. You just traded one attachment for another.

  • Every DOS Lesson Module I read makes me wonder how it’s possible for all these women to be so out to lunch.

    The DOS lessons are pure moronity.

  • Frank, Question not related to the post. Do you know if HBO is planning to air the 2nd season of The Vow this fall?! Or will it be pushed back again?

      • Frank-

        Equally important when will the season of Seduce air?

        More importantly will you be making an appearance in either show?

        • I do not know if there will be a season 2 of Seduced. As for the Vow I suspect I will make an appearance.

          • Frank. Based on your answer you haven’t received a paycheck then for The Vow season 2 have you? In no way do I think it’s appropriate to talk about amounts if $.

            But you could clear up Kevin’s b******* by clarifying if you were ever paid anything to appear in The Vow? Thanks!

          • The Vow does not pay people for their appearances. I was not paid for my appearance in season #1. And I was not paid for my appearance in season #2. Most documentaries do not pay people to appear in front of the camera.

            In fact, I think I am out of pocket on the Vow because I recall taking the producer Karim out to lunch before Season #1 aired. Thinking he was a young struggling filmmaker, I believe I paid for a hamburger and french fries at MacDonalds. Later, I learned how famous, rich and successful he was.

            So I may bill HBO $4.95 for reimbursements. Documentaries pay people reimbursements.

            So no Sarah or Mark did not get rich appearing on the Vow. Conversely, their appearance may have led to other opportunities.

          • Frank, thank you so much for clearing up the repeated false statements from Kevin about Sarah and everyone being paid to appear in The Vow.

            It was a classy move for you to buy lunch either way!

            Highly doubt commenter Kevin will admit how wrong they were. Kevin likes to move the target when people are having discussions with them and calling them out on the false statements they keep making.

            Your point about other opportunities as a result of appearing in the documentary is a good one.

            However, because it was the inaugural season it was actually a very big risk on their part. Many people have attacked them as idiots for following Keith. And things could have gone very badly for them in another direction.

            But thankfully it didn’t and that’s great. They told the truth and the world was ready to listen to them and not judge them too harshly. But I do not think that most of them considered it a safe career move to risk appearing in the documentary. I really appreciate you responding with the truth. You are awesome!

          • When Vicente and Sarah were first doing the filming for what became the Vow, none of us knew what it would become, if anything at all. I saw this young guy Karim. He came to my house and we filmed.

            I remember him as a class act. But I would tell him and his camera guys ‘cut’ when I wanted to talk privately with Catherine Oxenberg. Karem was amused, but he always conned me into letting him turn the cameras back on after a few minutes.

            Money? No one made money off the Vow who appeared in it. The big guys made the money, and maybe Karem made some too. But you know what, I do not think anybody made that much, because no one knew how big a hit it was going to be.

          • Documentary “subjects” can ask for or even demand money. Without them there is no film.

          • To address some of the comments, if Frank says he wasn’t paid, I believe him, and I’m willing to consider that the others weren’t paid either.

            I had said that it wasn’t likely that an SAG actress like SE and filmmaker like MV would produce all of that content for no compensation. If I was wrong, I was wrong. I never brought any others into the conversation, just those two.

            Either way, I still don’t like them.

  • It’s everything I thought it would be but worse! I don’t normally feel hateful about things but I hate this DOS manual.

    It is really bad.

  • “That’s what I’ve been talking about with this whole concept”.

    Yup. This was dictated verbatim.

    From inside Keith’s rotted, malfunctioning brain out thru his amphibious lips into the slaves desperate ears and transcribed with their malnourished fingers.

    And then spread like diseased gospel. Or the HPV Keith gave them all.

  • The phraseology is really bizarre.
    You get the feeling people were just projecting their own meaning onto what is essentially nonsense

    • That is an astute observation, Peter. It also would waste so much time for the slaves trying to make sense out of it. And Keith did love giving his followers busy work.

      The phrasing is consistently odd in all of the lessons. Best guess is that they were dictated.

      Keith would want every repetition and utterance to be jotted down exactly as he said it.

    • Peter-

      Excellent perspective/point!

      I had not thought of that angle whatsoever.

      I I guess it comes down to lyrics in a song or sections of the bible – everybody has a different take. I guess that’s how sects of a cult get developed.

  • With the way this post is formatted, I can’t tell which are the words of Keith Raniere, and which are Frank’s comments.

    Nor do I have the overall context for anything attributed to Keith Raniere.

    Can you post the original document you are posting from for download, so that we can see the DOS manual itself, without your your commentary, for our selves?


    • Keith’s brilliance starts with “Lesson 7 – Intentionally Holding Something Above ‘Other’ – an Act of Destiny Creation.”

      Keith’s genius ends right before my picture, and the word’s Frank’s commentary. If you do not want my commentary just read between those two spots.

  • Seems like some of the persisting misplaced arrogance found in the frontline slaves to Keith can be traced back to believing this lunacy.

    There was a commenter who was defending Brandon and Danielle as smarter than other commenters on this blog because they went to medical school.

    Building on Kevin’s premise: Why would Danielle with her advanced education decide that Allison (with essentially no education) was the smarter person betwixt the 2 of them?

    And that Danielle should believe in Allison’s supremacy in all things?

    What on Earth made the front line slaves think they were superior to any of these women that they enslaved?

    It always seemed arrogant even all things being equal. Never seen a group of friends where one friend says, ” hey let’s just all agree that I know everything and I’m in charge and I am Superior to you in all ways”.

    But in the case of Keith’s frontline slaves they all seem to be particularly undeserving of such a position in a friend group.

    Not only are the frontline slaves liars, pimps and blackmaikers who all sexually share and are enthralled by an old man with a limp dick. They also do not present as particularly bright.

    Why is their merit as “masters” over other women a non issue? It’s so random. It’s arbitrary at best that they are a master of other women. How is it possible that none of their slaves questioned this setup?

    There’s so much crazy in these few short words Keith thought Worthy to put down for posterity.

    But the directive about doing something that you don’t want to do? That is beyond a red flag. That is like a pre crime confession.

    Keith absolutely knew that none of these slave downline young girls and women wanted to be with him sexually. And that they were being blackmailed. If there was any question at all whether or not Keith was well aware that this was something these women were being forced to do against their own will there it is in his own written Manifesto. Keith absolutely had full knowledge that he was using blackmail coercive control and peer pressure to force women into situations that Keith describes as uncomfortable but most people would describe as rape.

    • “ Keith absolutely knew that none of these slave downline young girls and women wanted to be with him sexually.”

      True. But let’s face it: most men are sexually attracted to young attractive women. Men are programmed that way. It’s nature. So, we shouldn’t hold that against Keith. That would be unfair. Maybe hypocritical.

      With DOS, an aging Keith set a up an organization that supplied him with a steady stream of young women.

      This (natural) desire for young women must have been stronger then his moral compass (if he had one at all).

      • Steven, who cares about the attraction Keith held for younger women?

        The point is that Keith didn’t come by any sexual relations with them honestly. Being attracted to someone does not give you license to blackmail them or deceive them or manipulate or coerce them into having sex with you in a criminal way. Those are two different things.

        And just for fun… if you want to go with these premises of who’s naturally programmed to be attracted to whom…

        Women would want the most physically perfect specimen of a man who is strong and healthy and could produce the healthiest child with their virile sperm.

        News flash! That would also be a younger man. Women are not naturally attracted to old, gross, unhealthy, out of shape men who couldn’t protect them or the child from physical danger and would most likely have frail, impaired, ol, unhealthy feeble sperm

        It works both ways. “Naturally” youth, health physical prowess and beauty rule the animal world in mating. Male and female.

        In nature both the female and the male look for youth. Symmetrical features. Good health, beauty, strong physicality etc…

    • I think this is the idea. Keith’s first line had the highest level of obedience. He fucked with their psyche more than the rest. In DOS, he deemed a persons willingness to submit as a valuation of one’s ethics.

      So if these women sacrificed the most for their dear leader, then they were worthy of the inner circle. Being intelligent had nothing to do with it. KR didn’t like educated women to have independent thoughts and ideas.

  • The DOS manual is evidence of calculated manipulation, erosion of self, and psychological destruction of students seeking to better themselves. The collateral ensures continual exposure to indoctrination – how Raniere followers can promote the concepts/slavery is unconscionable.

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