Raniere: Consumers’ Buyline Was the Most Misunderstood – There Was No Fraud

By Keith Raniere

In 1990, I started a business called Consumers’ Buyline, which sold groceries and consumer goods at discount prices to members of the organization.

A person could gain the purchasing power of hundreds or thousands of people through membership in the company and get better prices on household items.

Headquarters for Consumers’ Buyline in Clifton Park, New York.

The company also served as an agent for the consumer, putting the consumer on par with the large corporation. Consumers entering Walmart or Target are at the mercy of a large corporation’s pricing structure. This pricing structure is coupled with other protocols designed to benefit the corporation at the expense of the consumer.

Keith Raniere founded Consumers’ Buyline. Here he presents to his affiliate members how they will make a fortune with him, the smartest man in the world. He must have been persuasive in that smart sweater.

Consumers’ Buyline was created to level the playing field, increasing consumer leverage. Therefore, consumers could buy goods that met their needs at lower prices.

As an entrepreneur, I transformed a five-person organization into a corporation of nearly 400,000 in a mere two years. I became a millionaire at the age of 30.

Keith Raniere explained, “It’s not a pyramid, because it doesn’t cost anything to be an affiliate and sell memberships. If someone drops their membership, they can still be an affiliate…”

My company’s second full year of business, Consumers’ Buyline, Inc., generated approximately one billion dollars in sales. There was a feature on American Spotlight about it.
After two years, I had a net worth of $50 million.

But by standing up to some of the largest corporations in the United States, Consumers’ Buyline ruffled feathers and disrupted the hold these corporations had on American consumers. In response, several government agencies conducted investigations.

Keith Raniere

“With 200,000 sales people, sometimes things are said that are improper,” said Raniere at the time of the state investigations. “If that was the case, we terminate them as affiliates.”

Due to defending this, the company was financially strained. However, no court has ever found that the company engaged in fraudulent conduct. Due to the investigations, the company was forced out of business. The result was that large corporations continue to have unfettered control over consumers.

On September 3, 1996, Karen Unterreiner, Pamela Cafritz, and I entered into a Consent Order and Judgment with the New York State Attorney General. It stated that the representatives of Consumers’ Buyline deny any improper conduct, and no findings of wrongdoing have been made.

Consumers’ Buyline agreed to pay the Attorney General the modest fine of $40,000.

Other states reached similar settlements. There was no finding of fraud, however.
Where a court was asked to pass on the merits, there was never a factual finding adverse to the company.

Before he became Vanguard, Keith Raniere started a business called Consumers’ Buyline. He called “multi-level marketing” such as that practiced by Consumers Buyline, “an industry frequently misperceived, and we are working to turn that perception around.”

Consumers’ Buyline was not shut down because of fraud. Furthermore, no court found fraud or wrongdoing.

Instead, the company ceased business in many states to end expensive civil litigation. Ultimately, the company sold its book of business, paid its creditors, and was administratively dissolved.

Keith Raniere hired actor Eddie Albert to be a spokesperson for Consumers’ Buyline.

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  • Keith, I know you have a lot of time to fill up in sex offender prison.

    But the reputation and misconduct history of consumers Buyline is the least of your troubles.

    A smarter man might acknowledge the mistakes that they made in their first attempt at an MLM scheme.

    Then at least you could compare your second MLM scheme Nxivm/ ESP and say that you learned from the mistakes of the first attempt.

    But if we know nothing, we still know one thing; And it is that you are not a smarter man.

    The problem with denying culpability in every single thing that’s “happened to you” since the day that you were born is that it really throws suspicion over your later claims of Innocence.

    Just statistically there’s no way that nothing ever in your entire 60 years was at all your own fault.

    That’s an improbability that any person who is not indoctrinated into your cult will see clearly as a glaring red flag.

    And thus conclude that you are dishonest person and probably lying about your guilt or innocence in all areas of your life.

  • Wow $50 million in two years. Where can I learn his technique?

    Where is Mr. Raniere now? Is he taking on students? Damon Brink told Mr. Raniere built 1000 millionaires.

  • “an industry frequently misperceived, and we are working to turn that perception around.”

    How are you “working” to do that?!……..

  • “There was no fraud.”

    Says the grandmaster of fraud.

    How did anyone believe this clown? This guy is either a shameless liar or has completely duped himself into believing his own baseless narrative.

  • Frank, I hope that you cribbed this from elsewhere and are not directly communicating with that human shit stain as a guest commenter.

    • I am not on his approved callers’ list. I last time I spoke with Raniere was October 2020 before sentencing.

  • Suckers’ Buyline ain’t the place to be
    Pyramids? For Nile nobility
    Scams and crimes, from which you cannot hide
    How do we know that Cafritz really died?

    – with apologies to the late Eddie Albert and “Green Acres”

  • Raniere isn’t even a good liar.

    He claims CBI went from 5 employees its first year to 400,000 employees and $1 billion in revenue the next year. The 400,000 employee number would place it among the top 10 employers in the US, up there with Home Depot, Kroger and other giants that took decades to hire that many people. Of course, what he’s talking about are the number of people who signed up to be salespeople in his MLM. Only a handful of those were actually working hard on the project.

    Raniere says that he got $1 billion in revenue in his second year. If that were true, he’d be the fastest growing startup in history by quite a margin. One of the record holders was Groupon, which got to about $500 million in year 3 or 4 about a decade ago. Zynga games also grew that fast (Mafia Wars, Farmville and many others). So if CBI did $1 billion in revenue in Year 2, they’d be studied in business schools all over the world, particularly since they didn’t appear to have much financing — Groupon and other fast-growing startups typically had pools of hundreds of millions of investor dollars to use to fuel their growth. It’s impossible for a small self-funded startup to build the infrastructure to get to that revenue without a ton of money already in the bank, and a lot of smart people who know how to build the systems you’d need to support that growth.

    And if Raniere hit $1 billion in revenue in Year 2, he wouldn’t be worth $50 million, he’d probably be worth many billions of dollars. So he’s contradicted himself in a pretty clumsy way. Of course, he’s lying about the $50 million, probably by an order of magnitude.

    IIRC, Raniere was really just selling memberships for someone else’s volume discount plan. He didn’t actually interact with retailers or otherwise make the discount buying operation work. So the product sales through the discount operation would not be revenue to him. Only the net commissions that he earned for sales, which would likely be a tiny fraction of any large amount.

  • Rather than let this brain-rot sit here uncontested here’s the other side of the story. Or more accurately here’s the truth from an objective source. Anyone interested in the Raniere Nxivm story should read the entire story from the Forbes archive. https://www.forbes.com/sites/willyakowicz/2019/05/15/keith-raniere-the-leader-of-the-nxivm-sex-cult/?sh=46da2e2e35a9

    “…In 1990 Raniere decided to apply his theory to his new business, Consumers’ Buyline, a multilevel marketing program near Albany that promised lucrative commissions to old customers for recruiting new ones. He barnstormed the nation promoting discounts on groceries, dishwashers and even hotel stays, stoking crowds of a thousand pumped-up and profit-hungry people. “He was like a mythological figure—the guy with the 240 IQ was coming to town,” says Robert Bremner, a former distributor for the outfit.
    Raniere says by the end of 1993 he had sold $1 billion in goods and services, employed 80 people and had a quarter-million believers paying him $19 a month to hawk his goods. He claims he was worth $50 million. Yet he appeared to carry no money, says Bremner, adding that Raniere seemed to sleep all day, rolled into his office around 10 p.m. and sometimes held meetings at 1 a.m. Business flagged, debt ballooned and customers complained. Regulators in 20 states began to investigate. In 1993 the New York attorney general filed a civil suit alleging Consumers’ Buyline was a pyramid scheme. Without admitting wrongdoing, Raniere settled for $40,000, of which he has paid only $9,000. He says he can’t pay the rest, though he also says his ample finances let him live on savings.
    A year later Raniere created another multilevel outfit, National Health Network, which sold vitamins…”

    Raniere was running a classic pyramid scheme in which suckers paid him $19 per month for promises of riches down the road. A scam not a business, it collapsed within a couple of years as pyramid schemes do (main source of income being new suckers signing up and the pond of fools always dries up sooner or later)

    There is no “other side” to this story, no “controversy” and nothing to debate. Raniere was running a pyramid scheme he got caught and got shut down. Then he set up another pyramid scheme “selling” vitamins, then he set up the Nxivm scam, then he outsmarted himself as conmen will and ended up in Federal prison. For life.

    Raniere is a lifelong con artist who never did an honest day’s work in his life, a chronic liar, a cheat and a lowlife. After his career of deception and self serving lies anyone who believes a word he says is a fool.

  • This guy was a loser in the 90’s, will always be a loser, and will be a loser til his death. And that one cheeseball pic of him sitting wearing the suit, he looks like the loser boss from the movie, “Office Space” how fitting….”ummm, yeah, i’m gonna need you to come in on Saturday.” LMAO. Losers always lose.

  • Just like NiceGuy666, the smartest person in the world doesn’t understand what makes an MLM an illegal pyramid. The only difference between Raniere and NiceGuy666 is the latter is the stupidest person in the world. LOL

    • Hey Sh*t Bird!

      It’s been a longtime!

      Still cruising the highways and byways of Plano, Texas or has gas gotten too expensive to power your shit-box? Choosing Gas or Starbucks’ tea, must be like “Sophie’s Choice”

      I checked-out your radio (shoestring) show. Not bad! You actually are a decent interviewer.

      Take care and don’t feel too bad about being a loser – you try really hard at it,

      We both know you never left the
      Frank Report. One night, an idiot granted me privileges. I got to see behind the curtains.

      Sophie’s Choice movie:

      • Thanks (again) for displaying your stupidity for all to see, you don’t have a clue what the definition of an illegal pyramid is, just like most people on this or any website. At least you’re consistent, consistently stupid. LOL

        • Hi Scott Amway Johnson!

          —You don’t have a clue what the definition of an illegal pyramid.

          You don’t have a clue how to troll someone.

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          That’s some claim to fame Scott.

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          • You know, Scott, you keep talking about the size of my nose. And great men do have prominent noses.

            My dad used to say I have a Roman nose — then add – it’s roaming all over your face.

            Many people over the years have offered to adjust my nose swiftly.

          • Frank, when it comes to having a small nose(y) about MLM scams you are the smallest, after showing some initial interest. But it’s okay, I assume this site gets far fewer visitors than in past years.

        • Hi Scott Amway!

          That’s a crappy list I made up. If you’re stupid enough to comment again – I’ll promise to write a better one….

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          Take care & FU Scott!!!!

  • “This [Walmart/Target] pricing structure is coupled with other protocols designed to benefit the corporation at the expense of the consumer.”

    Yes, Keith, it’s called capitalism.

    “…in a mere two years. I became a millionaire at the age of 30.”

    What particular “protocols” did you use to do that? Not paying the people you got working for you?

    “Consumers’ Buyline ruffled feathers….In response, several government agencies conducted investigations.”

    The feathers ruffles were in response to potential breaches of tax, employment and company law.

    “However, no court has ever found that the company engaged in fraudulent conduct.”

    Likewise, the Mexican banditos in your imported snuff movie were likely not charged with, or convicted of, torture, kidnap and murder either. But they sure as hell were guilty of it.

    “Consumers’ Buyline agreed to pay the Attorney General the modest fine of $40,000”

    What was that for then if you did no wrong??

  • Meh. I was living in vancouver when this price club was being pitched. Didn’t have much need for a microwave or a vacation or anything else on offer back then. Sorry, Keith. For those who weren’t there, magnetic bracelets were also pretty popular at the time. Boring old MLM and tons of shady tactics that make you wanna buy.

    • Okay, wait, I take that back. What actually happened was that I was stopped in the street by someone asking if I had heard of (what I think was) consumers buy line. I said no, what’s that? And it was described to me as a price club for vacations and microwaves. It was a really long time ago. So, maybe I’m wrong.

  • Are the numbers Raniete quotes accurate? Or was he a self proclaimed millionaire at 30?

    In terms of owing $40,000 I don’t trust Raniere but don’t trust the government. It’s unclear how there was no fraud but Raniere happened to hand over $40,000? How was this number arrived at?

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