Raniere: Alone I Cared for My Mother and Suffered With Her

In our last post, Heidi discussed her recollections of Keith’s tales about his mother.
With extraordinary luck, FR came across Raniere’s prison recollections of mom and dad and growing up as a genius.

By Keith Raniere

I was born in Brooklyn on August 26, 1960. My father, James Raniere, was a successful advertising executive who often traveled and was away from home.

My mother, Vera Oschypko, was a beautiful, graceful woman who was a professional ballroom dancer and dance instructor.

My father died in the Spring of 2020. Unfortunately, because of my false incarceration, I was unable to speak to my father, and I was unable to acknowledge his illness or passing.

My dad and I.

I was an only child. From early childhood, I demonstrated some gifts nurtured by my parents and mentors.

I spoke in complete sentences by the age of one. I was able to read by the age of two.
Still, as I was growing up, my small family did not have much money or material possessions.

When I was six years old, my family moved from Brooklyn to Suffern, New York, in Rockland County. It was then that I observed my parents arguing a lot.

Rockland County Journal-News
Nyack, New York
Friday, March 15, 1968

It was apparent to me that my frail family was about to fracture. Like many young children facing the prospect of divorced parents, I thought deeply about whether there was anything I could do to stop my parents from arguing and prevent my family from ending.

Without brothers, sisters, or a close extended family, the notion that my three-member family would cease to exist caused me unrelenting sadness.

About two years after moving, when I was about eight years old, my parents separated and later divorced.

After my father left home, I typically saw him a few times a week. He took me to martial arts lessons and was as present in my life as possible.

My father made efforts to remain in my life despite the divorce. But, even at ten years of age, I saw my mother, who suffered from severe heart disease, would be the primary source of support, comfort, and love.

An autodidact, I directed my learning abilities to the subject of learning itself, studying the science and art of learning to find optimized learning strategies and methodologies.

I applied this skill to athletics. At age eleven, I excelled in judo and was an East Coast Judo Champion.



Keith Raniere

Keith Raniere around the time his mother passed away.

I also excelled in numerous other sports, including volleyball, tennis, table tennis, diving, softball, cycling, and skiing. By the age of twelve, I taught myself to play piano at the concert level.

My passion and aptitude for music would inspire me to master many other musical instruments.
I taught myself high school mathematics in nineteen hours at 12.

But it was hard as a boy, caring for my mother, knowing I might soon lose her all the while.
I wanted to be a hero, because a hero would save his mother and somehow transcend the self-evident reality around him and change it for the better.

I know that people who turn out to be heroes do not see their lives as great or special amid the struggle, but only see this much later.

Because of the difficult circumstances I was in, I realized at a young age I could mindfully and intentfully choose to be a good, caring, considerate person at each moment for the rest of my life, regardless of the hardships.

I realized at 12 years old that the desire and ability to change reality for the better – in a sense, being a hero – was a matter of character, choices, and practice.

By developing and exhibiting this character, I could stand up to the reality that was pressing in on me. I started this discipline by committing myself to not harming animals or eating meat and avoiding being materialistic.

When I was 13, my mother’s heart condition grew worse. She had open-heart surgery. In a sense, neither my mother nor I recovered from her surgery.

I confronted a reality where my mother could die at any moment, leaving me alone in the world.
That same year, I taught myself three years of college mathematics and became a professional computer programmer.

For almost five years, I spent much time caring for my mother. I ensured she kept her medical appointments and urged her to take care of herself.

But, I could see my mother was not taking care of herself. She was drinking heavily and slowly giving in to the loneliness and sorrow she was evidently feeling all the time. But, I stuck by her faithfully.

During my High School years, except for going to school, I spent a lot of time at home.
I did not pursue friendships. I did not travel often. I did not have many carefree pleasures some children find in childhood. Instead, I was devoted to my sad, lonely mother, whom I knew was dying.

Watching my mother, once a graceful dancer, experiencing such sorrow had a profound impact on me.

Despite my difficult circumstances at home, I excelled academically in High School. I completed ninth grade at Suffern High School, transferred to the Rockland County Day School for tenth and eleventh grades, but left High School a year early.

The Headmaster of Rockland County Day Schools said I was a “brilliant student of mathematics and science”.

He said I was “probably as well prepared for college academically, socially and emotionally” as any of the high school seniors.” The letter goes on to say I had “outgrown all the school’s learnings in math and science.”

At the age of 17, and having misgivings over leaving my mother, I started at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (“RPI”) in Troy, New York, in August 1977. From my first semester onward, I began taking Ph.D. level mathematics courses, ultimately taking most graduate-level physics and mathematics courses available at the time.

I returned home the following summer.

I was to return to RPI for my sophomore year on Sunday, August 27, 1978. The previous day, Saturday, August 26, 1978, was my 18th birthday.

For my birthday that year, I had a celebration for my mother, giving thanks to her for what she endured and for giving me the opportunities I had.

It was one of the times I saw beyond the daily struggles and attained a perspective befitting my mother’s tireless effort devoted to our lives together.

As it turned out, my celebration on my 18th birthday for my mother would be the last time I would see her alive in our home.

My mother died on December 13, 1978, the week before Fall Semester final exams.

The tradition of using my birthday to celebrate the efforts of others, as well as the beauty and opportunity life presents, continued throughout my life.

After NXIVM was created, it became known as V-Week.

As much as Frank Parlato and other critics try to make V-Week a megalomaniacal party for me, it was a beloved, annual, end-of-summer celebration of all the people who made our lives possible and wonderful.

It celebrated not only my birthday, but also those of everyone whose birthdays fall within the period of the celebration.

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  • Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a complex mental health condition in which a person might crave admiration, have an inflated sense of superiority, and lack empathy.

    A person with NPD might use certain strategies to cover up feelings of vulnerability and low self-worth.
    “Narcissistic wound,” is what some people with NPD might feel when they encounter criticism, loss, or perceived abandonment.

    Even though they may not show it, they may experience humiliation and rejection. It’s their feelings in these situations that may be considered narcissistic injuries.

  • With all his gifts, patents, and intelligence, did Keith ever figure out how to get Kristin Kook to kneel before him?

  • He is a bit of a show off. I had some excellent childhood skills at music and later exam results, mensa, pretty good lawyer but I would not go on and on and on about it to anyone. However I support his and everyone’s rights of freedom of speech.

    • You are supporting his right to lie. That is what this is all about. No one has a right to lie unchallenged.

      • Particularly when those lies were used to ensnare people, including minors, into a criminal racketeering organization, commit fraud, tax evasion, trafficking, etc. And as a lawyer, you support this idea? what the fucking fuck!

  • Keith only wants to be memorialized in history. Us talking about him just gives him the legacy he wants…even if demented and warped.

  • “I thought deeply”

    No you didn’t. You were six years old. No one thinks “deeply” at that age, not even child prodigies, which you never were.

  • This is fucking hilarious…Amazing how full of shit this guy was…it’s even more funny there are still people that follow him like lost puppies…what a bunch of losers haha

  • Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley charges the FBI and DOJ with corruption!
    Sen. Grassley confronts Merrick Garland, Christopher Wray
    Whistleblowers: FBI closed Hunter Biden probe, leaked ‘Russian disinfo’ claim

    FBI whistleblowers charge the bureau closed an investigation of the information on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop and leaked to media the false claim that the evidence the hard drive contained of an international influence-peddling scheme in which Joe Biden profited was part of a Russian disinformation campaign, according to Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa.

    Grassley, in a letter Monday to Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray, said the whistleblowers brought him evidence of political corruption at high levels in the FBI.

    “If these allegations are true and accurate, the Justice Department and FBI are – and have been – institutionally corrupted to their very core to the point in which the United States Congress and the American people will have no confidence in the equal application of the law,” Grassley wrote.

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    Shortly before the November 2020 presidential election, 51 former national security officials signed a letter stating, without evidence, the contents of the Hunter Biden laptop had the hallmarks of a “Russian influence” operation. In March 2022, the New York Times belatedly acknowledged the reported contents of the laptop are authentic.

    Significantly, Grassley wrote, whistleblowers alleged Auten’s assessment was opened in the same month, August 2020, that Grassley and Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., received “an unsolicited and unnecessary briefing” from the FBI that purportedly related to the senators’ Biden investigation.

    The contents of the briefing, the senator said, were later leaked to media to “paint the investigation in a false light.”

    Grassley concluded his letter to Garland and Ray with a call for a probe of “systemic and existential problems” in both the DOJ and the FBI.

    • Of course there is corruption in the FBI. They tried to lose the laptop from the very beginning. Pictures of Natalie Biden in her underwear with coke dripping out of her nose taken by hunter. People want to ignore it and can’t figure out why rainiere has latched on to accusing them of planting evidence. As much as I believe rainiere is where he belongs, I still don’t trust a government alphabet agency like the FBI.

    • Wow, Shadow, seems like you’re getting onto the same page as our dear old friend Kevin Clyne and the DOSsheep Project. It would seem you have the following In common:

      Love for loony right wing extremism
      Adoration of narcissistic psycho cult leaders
      Obsession with baseless conspiracy theories
      Disdain for MSM and “liberal wokeist agenda”
      Distrust of Federal agencies, especially the DOJ and FBI
      etc etc etc

      I hear the DOSsheep Project are looking for a new male Grand Master and you just might fit the bill. Lots of potential middle-aged pussy on tap there if you feel you’re UP to it (don’t forget the Viagra, but make sure you take extra heart medication first!)

    • Shadow-

      You claim(above comment) you’ve been in contact with Hunter Biden – can you divulge the nature of your dialogue?

  • Ghislaine Maxwell Transferred to Low Security Prison With Comfy Cells, Yoga and Movies
    British socialite and sex convict Jeffrey Epstein’s accomplice will spend 15 years of her imprisonment in a low-security prison in Florida, which boasts of dormitory housing instead of grim cells.
    Despite being sentenced to meet her 75th birthday in prison, the 60-year-old socialite is now likely to ‘celebrate’ the occasion in a fairly comfortable environment after being found guilty of sex trafficking minors.

    British socialite and sex convict Jeffrey Epstein’s accomplice, Ghislaine Maxwell, will spend 15 years of her imprisonment in a low-security prison in Florida, which boasts of dormitory housing instead of grim cells, as well as a range of “indoor and outdoor activities” available to inmates.
    The convict, who was found guilty of grooming and sex trafficking minors for the disgraced financier, was transferred to the Tallahassee Federal Correctional Institution (FCI), which allows inmates to engage in various outdoor sports, as well as participate in yoga classes. It also grants them access to certain indoor entertainment such as “movies” or “talent shows,” the bureau of prisons’ handbook reveals.

    The convicts at the FCI Tallahassee are also allowed access to books, magazines and newspapers, as well as listen to music from the radio or players.

    The prison’s database shows that Maxwell is currently set to be released on 17 July 2037, ahead of her 76th birthday.

    She was convicted to a 20-year prison sentence, part of which was deducted due to the time she spent in custody awaiting the trial and the verdict. Her accomplice, Jeffrey Epstein, did not live to face conviction, having hanged himself in a jail cell despite being placed on a suicide watch for a limited period not long prior to it.

    • Wikipedia in excerpt
      Jeffrey Epstein

      Conviction and sentencing (2008–2011)
      On June 30, 2008, after Epstein pleaded guilty to a state charge (one of two) of procuring for prostitution a girl below age 18, he was sentenced to 18 months in prison. While most convicted sex offenders in Florida are sent to state prison, Epstein was instead housed in a private wing of the Palm Beach County Stockade and, according to the sheriff’s office, was after 3+1⁄2 months allowed to leave the jail on “work release” for up to 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. This contravened the sheriff’s own policies requiring a maximum remaining sentence of 10 months and making sex offenders ineligible for the privilege. He was allowed to come and go outside of specified release hours.

      Epstein’s cell door was left unlocked, and he had access to the attorney room where a television was installed for him, before he was moved to the Stockade’s previously unstaffed infirmary. He worked at the office of a foundation he had created shortly before reporting to jail; he dissolved it after he had served his time. The Sheriff’s Office received $128,000 from Epstein’s non-profit to pay for the costs of extra services being provided during his work release. His office was monitored by “permit deputies” whose overtime was paid by Epstein. They were required to wear suits, and checked in “welcomed guests” at the “front desk”. Later the Sheriff’s Office said these guest logs were destroyed per the department’s “records retention” rules (although inexplicably the Stockade visitor logs were not). He was allowed to use his own driver to drive him between jail and his office and other appointments.

      Epstein served almost 13 months before being released on July 22, 2009, for a year of probation on house arrest until August 2010.While on probation he was allowed numerous trips on his corporate jet to his residences in Manhattan and the U.S. Virgin Islands. He was allowed long shopping trips and to walk around Palm Beach “for exercise”.


  • After these recent Frank Report posts it seems like your readership is due for another DOS handbook lesson.

    We don’t want to fall behind in training and education.

    Otherwise disintegration is a possibility.

    Please and thank you.

  • I wonder does he actually know that his own bullshit isn’t real, like seriously, does he really think it is possible to be speaking in full sentances at age 1 or any of the other laughable stuff he said about himself. You would have to be knocked on the head pretty damn hard to beleive it. His followers must be ridiculously stup

    I mean if he does believe it, he must have some other brain problems other than being a complete psychopath.19 hours for all mathmatics in highschool would be impossible. There are probably 25,000 questions or more in all of the high school math. That gives you 3 seconds to answer each question and this doesn’t include reading all the supporting materials too.

  • I agree with Peaches – the way Raniere kissed people was revolting. Why does he smash his nose into the other person? Tilt your head!

  • This man is a huge talent. He was a computer technician and programmer before there was home computers. Genius.

  • Are volleyballs made from the skin of animal corpses?

    Are the animals skinned alive? Put into vats of boiling water?

    How many animals were tortured and killed to feed vanguard’s volleyball habit?

  • I actually somewhat believe Keith. Children of high ability can and do speak in sentences by age one and can start reading by age 2. It’s actually not that uncommon.

    I think Keith should ask the prison psychologists if he can take an IQ test. I do not believe it will be anywhere near 240, firstly because the scales basically tap out at 180 and also because they start to become unreliable after 3 standard deviations. All it really takes to join mensa is a score over 130 (2 standard deviations). This is 2% of the population or 1 in 50 people. Not exactly uncommon. If he was speaking at age one though, I’d guess his verbal IQ is probably on the high end and somewhere around the 145 mark (this would be approx 1 in every 400 people). But? His performance IQ and thereby his full scale IQ could still be lower or higher or the same.

    I bet if he asked nicely, the psychologists would be happy to oblige. I also think he will never do that because he knows full well that his score of 240 (on a take home test) is basically a joke. I also don’t think he could handle being told anything other than that he is “smarter” than 200 billion people. (That would be for IQ 200 and see how rare that is? It’s basically a theorical statistic as there are only 7.7 billion people in the entire world).

    As for the rest of his sad story, it’s sad. Very unfortunate to be a child of divorce and to lose a parent at a young age. But once again? Not uncommon at all. I’m sorry he lost his mom but it seems to me the guy actually had a fairly privileged childhood in many ways.

    At the end of the day though, neither a high IQ nor an unfortunate childhood really matter that much. It’s what you do with it that counts.

    It’s actually a bit sad to think that this guy (who maybe does bear some of the marks of genius) decided to use his gifts to create an army of enslaved women instead of all the other things he could have done.

    I’ve always thought it’s funny, too, because IQ can kind of be likened to computers. The brain of a high IQ person is like a MacBook pro vs an Asus. And Keith decided to call his group DOS. Like disk operating system, lol! Funny joke for an old fart like him! Ha ha!

    • I second that on the IQ test. Of course he’d never do it. From what I’ve seen, heard and read his IQ is in the 90-100 range of mediocrity. That said, he’s obviously great at talking complete bollocks and garnering the affections of intelligent women. My question: what is it about him that they can’t see through him???

      • Peter, first of all, you’re right. I’ve read Keith’s patents and actually he doesn’t really seem that smart. He can definitely parrot the writing format and style of a patent but his ideas are very strange and not particularly clear. Hence why none were approved. To be honest? If there was ever a bet placed on the subject? I’d probably be on your side, Peter.

        And why can’t people see through this guy? I have no idea. I’ve listened to his rambling videos and have wondered the exact same thing.

        He actually reminds me of someone I used to know who had schizophrenia. You could listen to this person talk for a long time without ever really getting to any form of a point. I remember walking away from those conversations wondering if I missed something?

        My guess for Keith, though, is that he did this on purpose. Ramble, ramble, kind of inducing a sort of hypnotic trance, while injecting a few of his ideas in there. Leave people confused but give them homework. They’ll not want to seem stupid, plus they’ve paid a lot money to be there so the target will jump through mental hoops trying to make sense of what they’ve heard and thereby construct a sort of ah-ha moment for themselves. And now, nobody pressured them to think a certain way. They adopted that conclusion themselves.

        I could be wrong. I never took a class. It just seems like an excellent strategy. Make people believe his ideas were their ideas.

        Or maybe he was just kind of sexy looking back in his day when he was younger with his longer hair and a beard? Before he really started crafting his dick operating system, lol? I can sort of see why maybe Barbara thought he was cute. Not sure how she missed all the red flags, though.

        I think DOS manual chapter 6 might also explain some of the allure. The way he says “come to me, submit to me in every way, with your body and your everything”. He tries to make it sensible by explaining the benefits of a borg mentality but I still sense some erotic undertones.

        I guess Keith is probably just good at manipulating people, especially women. Not a gift I’d ever want. Influence, sure. Manipulate? No. Brings nothing but trouble. Case in point right here for Keith. Also doesn’t necessarily mean he’s smart. Most convicts actually have lower than average IQs.

        • Many thanks, My2cents, for your comprehensive reply. You make some interesting points.

          Yes, I know exactly what you mean when you talk about your friend with schizophrenia. That’s something I have observed in certain people over the years who had not been formally diagnosed. I admit to spending quite a bit of time examining Raniere in interviews etc trying to get some understanding of what makes him tick, and how he was able to manipulate his targets. For me this is something he was probably born with – like his father he was a salesman, unlike his father he was unscrupulous, more a psychopath than a sociopath (see https://www.verywellmind.com/what-is-a-sociopath-380184).

          You’re also spot on about his flagrant plagiarism of other people’s ideas to use as a way of manipulating others to buy into his bullshit. There’s a hilarious short summary (15 minutes) of this on Youtube:


          But yes, things like NLP techniques used in marathon EM sessions and intensives beat out all rational thinking from course particpants, and as you say, the more money you spend, the more you justify to yourself it was all worth it and you learned so much. The longer you stay in, the more brainwashed you become.

          I can’t believe any sane person could take that DOS manual even remotely seriously. I think it shows how completely demented the First Line were at that stage. It wouldn’t be out of place in a Monty Python film!

          • Oh, thanks for replying to my reply, Robert. I was worried maybe I was talking too much and to the wind.

            Ya, I am actually shocked (I even made the dumbest comment as I was so speechless!) by what we are seeing in the DOS manual and have no idea why those dossier girls think there was anything good about this at all.

            It took till lesson 6 for them to learn that they would no longer have any autonomy of themselves whatsoever? Hello, that should have been the agreement before you even viewed chapter 1. And actually, never in the agreement at all.

            This is abuse.

      • John, I’m just saying, even if Keith had/has some “gifted” traits, it’s not that rare. 1 in 50 people will qualify for mensa. Most just wouldn’t bother. He’s nothing too special and I challenge him to prove me wrong.

        Of course he’ll probably just blame the psychologist for not being able to keep up with him when he gets his results, lol!

        • Great points. My2cents If you were ever in the gifted program in school you know it was not a very high bar hahaha.

          And yes, I get that I’m making fun of myself if I were there in the gifted program too.

          It’s not a very big gap between average intelligence and what’s considered low intelligence either.

          There are many people working beside each other, parents, neighbors living their lives and they’re just on the edge of being below average intelligence.

          It actually explains a lot when you think (deeply. Like Keith at 6 years old) about things.

          It’s not like there’s some big mysterious jump from being on the higher Echelon of intelligence or in the lower Echelon of intelligence from average intelligence.

          It’s a pretty small marginfrom average into being what is considered gifted or impaired

          • Hey, thanks Anon! I never thought of that!

            And yet it’s such a reasonable possibility!

            I’m not sure this is what you were suggesting but maybe Keith is impaired.

            Could explain a lot. And also why people thought he was so magical. Maybe the guy is nearly unable to completely form a thought but has a really high verbal ability or something?

            Hmm. I’m so curious.

          • Interesting. My take on this:

            Raniere targets intelligent, talented people who are naive, trusting, and struggle with self esteem. In addition, those people are often at a crossroads of some sort in life when he targets them. I know I fit this description when I met him.

            He leads with interest and questions and “empathy”, and fairly early on in your acquaintance with him, he makes sure you are supplied with the information that he has an 240 IQ, the highest ever recorded. Subsequent babblings leave you feeling like you just can’t quite grasp what he is trying to get at. All that naivety, trust, and lack of self esteem convinces you it is your issue – that you just can’t keep up with the “smartest man in the world.”

            I believe it’s a deliberate tactic and he knows exactly what he’s saying is “word salad” intended to leave people bamboozled. If being a psychopath counts as impairment, I agree – he’s impaired.

    • If he was in Supermax, the Unabomber would give him an IQ test, but he would never take it. If Vanfraud is so smart, he would have figured out how to escape by now.

      The proof that even the prison system has zero faith in Vanfraud is in the fact that they didn’t even send him to Supermax like they did the crazy, but actually smart, Unabomber. Keith should at least pretend the CIA thought he was smart enough for them to want to experiment on, like they did to the Unabomber.

      Instead he just wasted the tiny intellectual gifts he did have, by studying only how to manipulate people, much like Manson did in prison. That still never made him any friends, because he is a psychopath who would never know how to really be a friend to anyone, even himself.

      Vanfraud is most impressed by the acts of kindness that he observes in others, because there are probably zero moments in his life, when he even thought of a single kind thing to do or say to anyone. Vanfraud never possessed the one trait that actually reveals truly great intelligence in any human being; his every action and course of study was done with the intent of using others in order to benefit himself.

      That is his sole purpose in life, to manipulate those who are actually kind, the one thing he could never be. His lack of any kindness, shows just how common and base and devolved his true nature is, he has succeeded only in becoming an excellent example of the reversal of human evolution and a slave to the prison system, one that he could never escape from, much like his own hideous true nature and reflection.

      Personally, I have no idea how I spoke at one, because I was only one year old and still pooping my pants. I would be impressed, if vanfraud could change his own diapers then.

      I could read since I was two, but only because my big sister insisted on teaching me, and I had these books that were created by a teacher, and then later her concept was stolen by the assholes who claimed that they created hooked on phonics.

      If vanfraud really studied learning concepts that actually worked, he would have at least ripped off the teacher first, and made millions upon millions of dollars selling hooked on phonics, like the other uninnovative assholes just like him did.

      He may have even tried once, but probably could never get it financed, because he probably insisted that the program be called hooked on Keith.

      So, he went with the common con of pyramid scheme instead, he never even invented his own con. Everything he ever did was already done by countless other losers and psychopaths before him, and resulted in the usual end for those who prey on others via use of common cons, a life sentence in prison, and no plans to even try to escape, because of the simple fact that no one has already showed him how to do it, and we all know he could never even conceive of outsmarting even one jail guard, like that hick who at least had a ball in a cheap motel for a few weeks, actually succeeded in doing.

      One would think that Vanfraud could at least figure out how to suck enough prison guard dick by now, to at least get a few weeks in a cheap motel somewhere, before he got caught too.

      Sorry, this is my first post here. I kind of regret it already. I have to admit I get a lot of laughs from this place, mostly from reading about the ridiculous egos of the manchildren that the frank report seems to have done an excellent job in collecting and reporting about.

      The rest is just plain sad and tragic. I feel for all the kind souls that Vanfraud and other greedy soulless monsters were able to manipulate and worse, because they all just wanted to help others and make the world a kinder place, although it does seem that many only wanted to help the world, by hanging out with mostly all white and mostly all rich people, and not one of them ever thought to roll up their sleeves and build housing with habitat for humanity, or to live among, and help, impoverished peoples, and go join the peace corps, maybe because they wanted to only help by making thousands of dollars recruiting others, with their ultimate goal being a week long party each year and celebrating Vanfraud and each other.
      I wonder how many have even spent even one day of their lives feeding others at a soup kitchen, or volunteering anywhere, anywhere at all.

      • Nice, Nomatter. You are absolutely right about KR’s envy of kindness, it has to be hard to witness these moments in the world, in life and know that you have no connection with and no facility for, the only human quality that can create and comprehend real joy.

  • Bragging about your accomplishments as a baby is a Will Ferrell character level idiocy. It’s really hard to parody a parody and improve on the comedic gold that Keith spins while being totally serious.

  • Keith should have had Nancy do an EM on him. They would have told other people that the mom dying and being sick was just stories that they tell themselves and that they need to be cleared. Other people aren’t allowed to live in their past and blame that on their current ways of being, but Keith and Nancy are allowed to do that?

  • Ph.D. programs consist of research work not coursework!

    Same as another bagel served by Raniere to Alison M., in a YouTube video, where he enlightened the audience about the absence of colour intensity measurement technology, an absence existing solely inside Raniere’s skull. Whatever one tells Allison, is good as gold. She swallows liquids like she has been transplanted the brain of a German Shepherd dog!

    • Yeah, copped that one too. He hasn’t a bloody clue! Apparently he barely scraped his primary degree….

  • Woman’s Work-From-Home Business Pitch Contains Concerning Number Of Assurances It’s Not A Pyramid Scheme

    SHREVEPORT, LA — During a meeting about an “exciting opportunity,” Emily Levin became progressively more anxious as her old high-school friend Taylor Selick continued to assure her that this work-from-home business was not, in fact, a pyramid scheme.

    “So you can see from this chart, that the company structure is definitely, positively, not a pyramid,” said Mrs. Selick. “We start by building out a base of people below us who buy into our product line, in a very non-pyramid sort of way. Did I mention this isn’t one of those pyramid schemes?”

    As Mrs. Selick continued her explanation of how to recruit people into your “triangle of influence,” Ms. Levin remembered why she had muted posts from her old friend. “I should have known better,” said Ms. Levin afterwards. “I just moved back to town and am trying to rekindle some friendships, but I should have started running as soon as I saw the pantsuit.”

    At publishing time, Ms. Levin had reportedly agreed to buy a “Startup Pack” from Mrs. Selick in exchange for never having to hear about her business opportunity ever again.

  • Just like Nancy…when she asked for leniency when her own mom was sick. It’s always an excuse….always someone else or something else to blame….my dad is sick. my mom is sick….my parents were bad….someone was sick…flat tire on way to work…dental appointment….tired…cat sick….death in family…..dad has cancer…..always an excuse that seams reasonable at the time….but always so many and all the time.

  • Frank Keith acts like he was only estranged from his father for the year he was incarcerated and then his dad passed away. Do you know if Keith ever allowed his father to meet his grandchildren? Did Keith even tell his father he was a grandfather ? What was keeping Keith from seeing his dad for the decades that Keith was laying around in Albany giving people venereal disease and eating pizza?

  • It’s hard to believe that a woman constantly on the edge of dying and taking all kinds of strong medications, recovering from heart surgery had the wherewithal to be abusing Keith. That is a tough recovery. Like, can’t tie your own shoes tough.

    More likely Keith was abusive to his mom

    V-week is recorded. It is all tribute to Keith. .

  • Frank, some more perspective about this document would be interesting. Was it really a new e-mail from prison to Suneel or one of his followers? Or is this something from the archives? If it’s new, that would say something about his state of mind after a few years behind bars: still believing his own BS, or at least thinking that slinging it would have some effect on someone.

    The lie about being able to speak in complete sentences at age 12 months is laughable to anyone who’s been a parent of a child that age. While it’s not utterly impossible, it’s extremely unlikely that an infant can process grammar rules and can articulate multiple words in a row in a way that we can understand. Babies “outsource” language understanding to adults, who are much more experienced, until they can learn enough at ages around 4-5 to start speaking in a more complex manner. They throw out one or two words and it’s our job to understand and respond.

    In this recitation of Keith Raniere’s achievements, I’m reminded of all the whoppers Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard told about himself, along relatively similar lines. The “L. Ron Hubbard life exhibit” in Hollywood preserves dozens of cameras that Hubbard owned. But if you look at the photo shoots he directed for Scientology magazines, the best that can be said about his work is “banal.” He also claimed to be a great musician, but if you listen to anything he wrote and performed (google “The Power of Source” or “Thank You For Listening” along with Hubbard’s name then break out the ear bleach), it’s beyond awful.

    • Haha, when I see that “speaking in complete sentences” brag, I just assume he knows that “no” is a complete sentence.

      • yeah he was advanced in that he was using the sentence “NO!” one whole year before the terrible twos – when that mighty sentence really gets some airtime!

        it’s the beginning of will, sense of self etc. childcare professionals love to hear it as its evidence of healthy mental progression. Best is when its delivered with the cadence of a pteridactyl! – and goes on for months!

        “Dont worry” we tell the parents, “little x will soon be old enough to take up the violin/tenor sax/bodhran”

    • Keith didn’t write this. Whoever did forgot to change pronouns, “I was to return to RPI for his sophomore year on Sunday, August 27, 1978.” …’his’ sophomore year. I suspect Frank is having a little fun with us at Keith’s expense.

  • Keith was 13 when he was a computer programmer ? That means 1973. What kind of computers did he work on in 1973?

  • Amazingful! My heart is expandful! I am feeling weepful and emotionful! He shared his birthday celebrations and it was really also a party for all the birthdays that fell in that week. He was only being generousful and sharingful! Frank, you have been wrongful!

    • Do you wish one of them was kneeling? If so, which one please and what do you see happening? 🤔😐😧

  • I read Heidi’s article differently today. While reading I took out all of her opinions and Fantasies and tried to decipher any truth that she’s speaking these days. You have to do the same thing when you read Kim Snyder’s articles as well. They both kind of just make things up along the way to suit their narrative in my opinion of course.

  • “I realized at 12 years old that the desire and ability to change reality for the better – in a sense, being a hero – was a matter of character, choices, and practice.

    By developing and exhibiting this character, I could stand up to the reality that was pressing in on me. I started this discipline by committing myself to not harming animals or eating meat and avoiding being materialistic.”

    Raniere became “vegetarian” after I met him (most probably to impress a vegetarian woman we knew) – so that was around age 20, not 12. Rewriting history to make himself an enlightened guru child. What rot. Given his propensity for lying, all the rest is probably exaggeration and rot as well.

    Although I have to agree with him that he wasn’t particularly materialistic – the gaining and holding of things wasn’t what thrilled him (except for maybe all those trophy vagina shots of his conquests). Power over and feeling superior to other people (especially women) and adulation – that was what he really enjoyed.

  • What a phony. I can’t believe anyone ever took this clown seriously.

    The egotistical self-promotion would make a stone lion blush.

    Imagine hearing the sugary self praise this fool heaps on himself and then signing up for a $5,000 course of his. ‘Cuz he’s such a genius. Even he says so!

    Only idiots join cults.

    • You’re not smarter than someone who graduated from Medical School. Neither am I.

      So what would that make us?

      • You’re the one defending this cult, so that makes you an idiot. There is no “us”.

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