Dr. Brandon Porter Condemns DOJ for Intimidation of Him and, Worst of All, FBI Cheating Raniere

Brandon B. Porter, 48, is a defendant in the civil lawsuit Edmondson, er al v Raniere, et al. U.S. District Court Judge Eric R. Komitee presides over the case.

Neil Glazer represents the approximately 70 plaintiffs. Porter, who lives in Iowa, represents himself. This has given him a venue to make various statements about the alleged FBI tampering.

The alleged FBI tampering has nothing to do with the civil complaint.

He calls Glazer’s complaint “a sprawling text that contains few specifics.” And argues the judge should dismiss all claims against him.

In 2006, Porter earned an M.D. and Ph.D. He trained in Internal Medicine in Iowa until 2009. 

New York authorized him to practice medicine on June 12, 2009. He started practice as a hospitalist physician in Albany, NY, in 2009. 

From 2001 until 2018, he participated in Executive Success Programs and NXIVM.

On August 20, 2019, the New York State Department of Health revoked his medical license. The State Board for Professional Medical Conduct determined he conducted improper experiments.

They also determined he failed to report an illness outbreak in 2016 at Vanguard Week.

Porter calls the Glazer lawsuit “exceedingly long.” And says, “it has superfluous and inflammatory statements.” 

He says it is “not specific and makes sweeping claims” without “describing who did what to whom.”

Glazer’s lawsuit claims Porter conducted experiments on humans without oversight or informed consent.

The subjects were from the NXIVM community. The experiments included an “emotions study AKA “Human Fright Experiment.” 

There were also Tourette Syndrome studies and OCD studies. Porter performed human subject research between 2010 – 2017.

Though they are not a claim in the civil lawsuit, Porter brings up the FBI tampering claims of Keith Raniere.

He writes:

Keith Raniere has entered two Rule 33 motions in the criminal case against him, U.S. vs. Raniere. These motions reveal indisputable proof for criminal tampering of evidence while in FBI custody, and evidence for perjury by FBI analysts…
These documents reliably demonstrate that the government’s criminal case against Raniere and codefendants was poisoned with malfeasance by government representatives, making both the content and results of the trial unreliable.

He also refers to the forensic consultants who made reports for Raniere on the FBI alleged tampering.

These experts concluded that the ‘evidence’ used to convict Keith Raniere of creating and possessing child pornography was fabricated while in FBI custody.

In his civil suit, Porter also offers a timeline to support his contentions regarding the criminal case against Raniere. He argues, 

The Defense was not given sufficient time to investigate the verity of the child pornography charges.

Here is his timeline.

Timing of Child Exploitation and Pornography Charges in Relation to Defendants’ Pleas.

March 25, 2019: Keith Raniere was unlawfully kidnapped in Mexico, brought to the U.S., and arrested.

April 17, 2018; Keith Raniere was indicted, with no charges of child pornography or child exploitation.

April 20, 2018 Allison Mack arraigned. 

May 4, 2018: Judge Garaufis denied Raniere’s request for a speedy trial, and set trial date for October 1, 2018. 

July 23, 2018: The prosecution files a superseding indictment, adding four codefendants, Clare Bronfman, Kathy Russell, Lauren Salzman and Nancy Salzman. No charges of child pornography or child exploitation.

July 26, 2018: Judge Garaufis moves the trial date to January 7, 2019. Raniere Dkt. Status Conference.

By December 6, 2018: Judge Garaufis responded to the prosecution’s request for an extension of the trial date by moving the trial date to March 18, 2019. Raniere Dkt. Status Conference.

January 9, 2019: Lauren Salzman moves to sever and is concerned about the prejudice created by the sex trafficking charges primarily against Allison Mack and Keith Raniere Raniere Dkt. 268.

January 9, 2019: Clare Bronfman, Kathy Russell, and Nancy Salzman move to sever because they are concerned about the prejudicial nature of the sex trafficking charges, which do not relate to the charges against them. Raniere Dkt. 418.

January 11, 2019: The prosecution moves to adjourn (Raniere Dkt. 279), and Judge Garaufis moves the trial date to April 29, 2019.

February 21, 2019: FBI Special Agent Lever allegedly finds nude images of 15-year-old Camila on the hard drive that case agents seized in Raniere’s library on March 26, 2018. Raniere Dkt. 594-2. (This document is under seal, I was told this search warrant reveals the given date)

March 13, 2019; Prosecutors file a second superseding indictment, adding the charges of child exploitation (creating child pornography) and possessing child pornography. Raniere Dkt. 439

March 13, 2019: Nancy Salzman enters a guilty plea. Raniere Dkt. 474.

March 18, 21, and 22, 2019: codefendants Bronfman, Mack, and Russell file motions to sever the case from Raniere, claiming the new charges would make it impossible for them to have a fair trial because child exploitation is considered one of the most heinous crimes in America.

Judge Garaufis does not sever any of the defendants.

Except for Keith Raniere, all codefendants offer pleas.

March 25, 2019: Lauren Salzman entered a plea deal with prosecutors with the agreement to testify for the prosecution. Raniere Dkt. 473.

April 8, 2019: Allison Mack enters into a plea agreement. Raniere Dkt. 1084.

April 19, 2019: Kathy Russell enters into a plea agreement. Raniere Dkt. 1151.

April 19, 2019: Clare Bronfman enters into a plea agreement. Raniere Dkt. 944.

The defense was not given sufficient time to investigate the verity of the child pornography charges.

March 18, 2019 – Raniere moves to sever the child pornography charges, so they have time for a forensic evaluation of the device. Raniere Dkt. 437. Judge Garaufis denies this motion and moves the trial date to May 7, 2019.

April 22, 2019 – With less than 2 weeks until trial, Raniere’s attorneys complain they did not yet, receive forensic reports from the FBI on the alleged child pornography. They repeatedly asked the prosecution for this necessary information. Raniere Dkt. 577.

May 7, 2019 – the trial began.

Porter also weighed in on Raniere’s Rule 33 with an affidavit on how the DOJ treated him.

Outside the courthouse in Brooklyn with codefendants Brandon Porter, Danielle Roberts and Nicki Clyne and colleague Eduardo Asunsulo.

Porter wrote:

I met with a criminal defense attorney in January of 2018. My attorney contacted the investigating federal prosecutors in the Eastern District of New York, and he was told I was not a target of their criminal investigation regarding Keith Raniere.

My attorney told the prosecutors to contact him if anything came up.

However, on April 17, 2019, FBI agents came to my home in Waterford, NY, to personally serve a criminal subpoena in the matter of USA vs. Keith Raniere on me. They did this despite knowing that counsel represented me.

The FBI agents misrepresented the contents of the subpoena and tried to interview me without my counsel being present.

My children were scared I was going to be arrested.

The government’s subpoena demanded medical records from 2007 for a patient who lived in New York.

The government’s subpoena demanded medical records from 2007 for a patient who lived in New York. I wasn’t practicing medicine in New York in 2007. Since this is information that is public or readily available, the prosecutors either knew or should have known this.

The subpoena demanded records related to Camila, the person the government claimed was the victim of child pornography at the hands of Keith Raniere.

While experts later proved the evidence supporting the child pornography claims was false, and due to FBI corruption of the photograph files, I took the government subpoena to threaten to irrevocably connect me with a potential victim of child pornography if I decided to testify for Keith Raniere.

My counsel tried to contact the lead prosecutor, Assistant US Attorney Moira Kim Penza, to ask about the subpoena. He never received a response.

Since Mr. Raniere’s trial was set for May 7, 2019, less than three weeks away. I interpreted this hand-delivered subpoena by FBI agents as an intimidation tactic to get me to not be involved in the trial.

I made this conclusion for the following reasons:

a) Despite being represented by counsel, the prosecutors had personally armed FBI agents serve a subpoena

b) the subpoena was for information that the prosecutors knew, or should have known, that I was unlikely to have,

c) The prosecutors never replied to my lawyer’s inquiry into the subpoena, and

d) The subpoena was delivered just three weeks before the trial.

During Keith Raniere’s trial, I heard a story about a friend and former DOS participant, Sahajo Haetel-Kozak, who attended one day of the trial and was hastily given a false subpoena from a federal prosecutor.


Sahajo Haertel
Also, near the end of Keith Raniere’s trial, another friend, Marc Elliot, was threatened with indictment through his lawyer, by Assistant US Attorney Moira Kim Penza, if he gave a planned public speech about character assassination, how people attacked him, and NXIVM, and how to overcome differences with love.

He did not perform the speech and wouldn’t even share with me the speech he was planning to make out of fear of retribution by the Assistant U’S Attorney.

These friends of mine performed constitutionally protected acts and had committed no crimes.

It was chilling to me to experience this type of intimidation from a group of people whose roles were to seek the truth of the matter, rather than to scare their “opposition” into silence.

I understood that in a RICO case, a simple association with a government target could turn into my being indicted.

The aforementioned intimidating actions led me to believe and fear that these federal prosecutors and FBI agents were willing to suppress information that contradicted their false narratives about NXIVM, DOS, and Keith Raniere.


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  • Former doctor Brandon Porter belongs in the general jail population, not a “country club” prison. Using his status to gain the trust of his victims is heinous

  • Season 2 of HBO’s The Vow will not be focused on Sarah or Mark Vicente. Will the same accusations about being paid a lot and profiting off other people’s misery and all of Kevin’s rhetoric also be applied to the dead Enders who may appear on the documentary? Why won’t Sarah and Mark and nippy be featured? Because as stated many times it’s not their show. They are not the producers they do not have control over the content or the direction it goes. And they were not paid for their appearances.

  • NXIVM/ESP and its highest ranking members, save for Vicente and Edmondson, for some reason, were found criminally liable for things like human trafficking, forced labor, sexual assault/rape, blackmail, extortion, etc. Pretty awful stuff.

    Imagine being one of those victims, or a family member of one of those victims. Especially if that person was victimized in the 80s or 90s, before the company existed.

    Imagine getting nothing, not even seeing the name of your loved one mentioned, or honored, or remembered. Or maybe they’re not American citizens, and have no way of speaking for themselves to get the compensation they are entitled to.

    Imagine law enforcement doing nothing, imagine teachers doing nothing, despite presenting themselves as being the smartest, most self important people in the community.

    Imagine walking a mile in those shoes. And imagine that the same people who ignored you for decades, and still do, imagine them having a massive freakout because a privileged, well to do woman had a bad time watching some movie clips, as if that’s somehow important even though what your family experienced is a billion times worse.

    Imagine knowing that the privileged girl is going to get serious money for having watched six minutes’ worth of video clips. But you, you don’t exist. The girls who worked for nothing, who were hurt as children, they get nothing.

    How is this justice? How can people not see that her inclusion in the lawsuit waters down the more serious charges and demeans the real victims? How can people not see that?

    What a farce. Assigning the role of plaintiff and defendent, hero and villain, not based on what people did, but who they are, who they associate with, and what they look like.

    • I don’t have to imagine having a loved one taken in a brutal violent crime because it is actually happened to our family.

      And at no point did we do the mental exercises that you are engaging in. You are imagining how you would feel in that situation and it is definitely not reflective of how all crime victims loved ones feel.

      Could our loved ones death have been prevented if other cases before ours were handled differently? Absolutely. Did the age, sex, race or any other factor of prior victims or those of our loved one influence law enforcement? Undoubtedly a possibility.

      If crimes that were committed earlier in the timeline were handled differently than they were handled – would our loved one be alive? Absolutely!

      Did we understand and accept that crimes committed in say the early 80s are handled differently than crimes committed in the year 2000? Yes. Has Law Enforcement radically upgraded their CSI in many counties? Yes. Are crimes against children handle differently across the US for the most part now then say 10 20 30 or 40 years ago? Yes.

      Is there still room for massive improvement? Yes. Yes. Yes.

      But did we ever play any kind of mental competition about which victim was treated better and who is to blame other than the actual serial killer?

      No we did not. Because none of that would bring back our loved one. We all attended each trial. And we supported each other. None of us felt ill will towards each other. We were so delighted that Justice was served.

      And that is true of the civil judgments as well. Many of the related crimes committed weren’t prosecuted. It’s an imperfect system and there’s ways to work to improve it. And people are doing important work in that area you could definitely join them Kevin. But nothing’s going to change by comparing victims on a Blog and not doing anything in a practical way to rectify the situation.

  • Dr. Porter, with all due respect, you should not have been showing videos of Mexican ladies getting their heads chopped off as some kind of an experiment.

    • I agree with you. It was a stupid thing to do. And it’s understandable if the young woman no longer wanted to be his friend or associate with him in any way.

      But grounds for taking his medical license, and including him in a civil lawsuit where the charges are human trafficking related? Too far, and not proportionate to what he did.

  • It’s time for the fun fact of the day. Sharpen those pencils, put away your toys, and direct your attention to the front of the classroom.

    Those video clips that everyone is so upset about? The clips that cost a Doctor his license (even though there are Doctors who have literally killed people who are still practicing, but that’s another story)? We know the young woman was Sarah’s recruit and assistant (but Sarah had no clue this happened, how could she?).

    Anyone know who provided the video to the organization? Any guesses?

    Ten bonus points on the final exam to the first person who answers correctly.

    I’m sure this person had no idea that the young woman, and maybe others, had seen the video, even though he supplied the video and was one of the biggest leads in the entire organization.

    • What is a pencil?

      Mark Vicente provided the video that’s common knowledge

      It’s not weird that Mark would have a video of such an atrocity he was doing a documentary on violence in Mexicol.

      It actually doesn’t matter who originally gave anyone the footage.

      You really don’t understand that the mistake was a doctor violating a medical standard by experimenting without protocols in place in a restaurant in Albany.

      It doesn’t matter if Jesus gave Brandon the video

      .He shouldn’t have used it in the way he did

      And that is why he suffered consequences

      And no one on this blog is responsible for the consequences Brandon suffered.

      Those were decided by a governing board of humans in Brandon’s chosen field. Take up your complaints with them. No one here can do anything about it if you feel an injustice was done to Brandon.

      Can you please explain why a production assistant was going to talent’s house and cleaning? That is bizarre and unheard of it also violates about a Thousand Rules. And why would they even want a random production assistant going to their home? A lot of what you have stated makes no sense please clear that up. Did production cover insurance for you working at a non-sat location in a personal manner for talent?

  • Regardless of who “Kevin” is, I believe he raises excellent points. I say this because I have wholeheartedly agreed with the arguments he raises about Sarah and Mark.

    I have watched all the released documentaries, and while (I assumed) that a goal of the documentaries (including India’s) was to garner sympathy/empathy for these prominent “victims”- I ended up with a sour taste in my mouth when I considered the profits/income that these “victims” were surely collecting from their true confessions when they clearly profited as a result of their NXIUM involvement (minus India).

    I even pondered how they (Sarah/Mark) should be GRATEFUL for NXIUM, because, without it, they would have never met and married (up) their wonderful spouses (who BOTH appear more sympathetic characters in this horrid soap opera that KR has originated).

    HOWEVER, I softened my own outlook by the realization that NXIUM may not have been dismantled by members with less prominence.

    Meaning that only two higher-ranking members had the influence (and power/money/video footage)) to actually bring down this cult. Who would have listened to the poor scrubs who actually suffered the most? Sarah and Mark had the positions and knowledge that could shut NXIUM down.

    And they did. Not the girl from the fright experiments, not the third line DOS slaves, not even Heidi and Kim or even the “Lost Women of NXIUM”, where evidence was presented that KR (or someone) had poisoned BJ and PC.

    Sarah and mark- along with Catherine Oxenberg’s tenacity and clout- had the information and the influence to stop the horrific enterprise. I also believe that Sarah and Mark will make money in most of their ventures due to their aggressive personalities. Whatever personality traits caused these two to rise up in NXIUM will afford them the same benefit in whatever venture they pursue. I just hope they stop looking for enlightenment in others/books/cults and realize that they alone hold the key to their personal happiness.

    • Erin,

      Your options are not unique. And many agree with some of them. Or all of them. But do not agree with Kevin.

      Kevin is really hyoerbolic. Sarah and Mark have been widely criticized and mocked. On this very blog. They have MANY detractors. And they constantly publicly appologize.

      But Kevin undermines his own stance about them and India, by making wild accusations with no proof and refusing to acknowledge that many do not view Mark and Sarah as solely heroic. It’s not always that black and white. Some nxivm cult members are both abused and abusers. And some came thru with some redemption in the end by whistleblowing.

      But being unlikable or ambitious people and appearing in a documentary (that admittedly y’all watched) just isn’t the same as making child pornography, blackmailing people into being sex slaves and the actual criminal activity.

      If people wanted to bring accusations and charges against Mark, Sarah or India they could have done so, but no one did bring a criminal complaint. Accept Clare against Sarah. For bogus shit.

      • Which wild accusations did I make that you’re referring to?

        That Mark and Sarah owned, operated, managed, directed, recruited for, and profited from the two largest NXIVM/ESP centers in North America?

        That they recruited more people than most of the other recruiters put together?

        That they were the face of the organization, for what, 12 years? In Mark’s case, maybe longer?

        That they continue to profit to this day?

        That the people in their downlines include those who are named in the lawsuit in which they are plaintiffs?

        I might have been a bit harsh with my previous comments about India. She never owned a center, never made money in the organization, and lost career opportunities because of her involvement in the group. But I still don’t think it’s ok that she got a $298K payout after being named a co-conspirator.

        I’m open to your point of view. Please clarify which of the above points are incorrect.

        • Kevin you said that India was trafficking under age undocumented Mexican girls forcing them to perform unpaid labor I would like to see your proof of that because that is a crime everything else you said that while maybe distasteful to you is not Criminal. So if you’re not asking for Criminal charges to be brought against Sarah Mark or India what are you asking people to do just hate them as much as you do? What does that accomplish? You say that you’re open but when people answer you you continue to say the same things as if they have not been answered repeatedly

    • Whatever personality traits caused these two to rise up in NXIUM will afford them the same benefit in whatever venture they pursue…..personality traits like practicing E.M.’s Without a therapist license?

  • Kevin appears out of nowhere and writes 11 of 68 comments on this article. That’s over 16%. Not a bad score for someone who doesn’t know NXIVM and all the others involved, except for Allison as a work colleague, a solid effort. We need more clueless people, then there will be more comments.

    • LOL. I’d like to add WTF to the list of clueless commenters that know a hell of a lot. One thing that helps clueless people have such a vast knowledge of NXIVM seems to be their ability to use questions in a way that strangely resembles how sweet sweet Vanguard taught us to use them.

    • You’re partially right, I have spent way too much time here for my own good, I really need to tone it down.

      Please clarify how I’m clueless? Enlighten me. Share your wisdom.

      Clueless because I think Raniere did hurt girls dating back to the 80s?

      Clueless because I think the lawmakers, cops and teachers who looked the other way deserve prison more than Allison, since they were in a position to put a stop to it and chose not to?

      Clueless because I think that Roberts and Porter are paying a disproportionate price for their involvement in the organization? Especially in comparison to others who had a lot more power and influence, yet have not only suffered no consequences, but, get this, are seen as victims, and are lead plaintiffs in a case in which they are suing people for things that they themselves encouraged and profited from for over 12 years? Not as simple members, but as owners, operators, and recruiters for the two biggest centers in North America?

      Enlighten me. Not with ESP style ad hominem attacks (ironic since you guys think you’re taking a stand against ESP, but have been manipulated into doing it’s bidding), but with iron clad information, or documentation, or something that explains the things that are disturbing to me.

      I’m open to any new information.

      • Porter and Roberts are paying the price because they’re maintaining their idiotic association to Raniere and this cult. They effectively gave up their licenses for it and a grifting conman. They wouldn’t have if they showed remorse and moved on with their lives instead of doubling down in their stupidity.

      • But it’s not a competition. That’s not how it works. You think that your feeling that Allison should be unprosecuted now that she’s pled guilty because somebody else in your opinion is in some way more guilty of something in the 80s makes no sense that’s not how it works you’re going to have to let that go. You may think you’re making some really incredible insightful argument but you’re just shouting into the wind. No one is going to go back to the 80s and handle that right and consequently have that somehow affect Allison’s reality today. If you want to actually make a difference then work to change how Justice is carried out currently and make an impact on the system. But I can’t go back to the 1950s and say this person got away with a hate crime so this other person who committed a hate crime today and was convicted should be set free that doesn’t make any sense

  • Unsure how I’m mistaken for a “dead ender” impersonating someone. I think Raniere hurt underage girls going back to the 80s.
    I believe Heidi in terms of what he did to her sister. I believe that the women who are disparaged and belittled on this site would be better off if they moved on from this and stopped giving certain people the blood that they feed off of to push their agendas, namely the massive lawsuit that seeks to make them into the scapegoats for the enrichment of two of the biggest culprits in the whole affair.

    My point is simple, yet misunderstood; if everything that NXIVM/ESP did is bad, evil, crooked and horrible, with nothing good having ever come from it, fine. But if that’s the position you take, then you can’t give a pass to the two biggest players in the whole affair not currently incarcerated, who recruited more people together than everyone else combined, who profited while they were in and have continued profiting after getting out.

    I accept people not agreeing with me on everything. That’s ok. Giving these two a pass while maintaining that everyone else in the group, who had none of the authority or rank that they had, is evil and deserving of a life of misery and heartache, is something I will not accept.

    Brandon Porter and Danielle Roberts are defendents in a lawsuit in which Mark Vicente and Sarah Edmondson are plaintiffs. That is nuts. Scapegoating and passing the blame in it’s dirtiest, grimiest form. 100% carny. There should be a fixed ring toss game at the civil trial with a cotton candy machine and a one-legged midget.

    How many EMs did Vicente and Edmondson perform, despite having no license to give therapy? Ignoring that, giving them a complete pass for that, for something that would drive people nuts if one of the defendants had done it, and then turning around and freaking out over the weird film clips, as if that’s worse when you know it’s not. As if Sarah had no clue about the clips even though it was her assistant and recruit who saw the clips and eventually reported it. Carny, carny, carny. “Oh, don’t look at me, I knew nothing about what was going on in the businesses I owned. I knew nothing about the guy who I associated with longer than any of the defendants. 10C? From 2008? You mean the company that never got off the ground, but had my name on it, that was pitched at an A Capella Event where some nerds almost beat up Keith and Allison, and then trashed a hotel…no, what’s that, I never heard of it, or heard of anything to do with the message boards associated with the event?”

    She’s literally using ESP tactics to shift the blame and manipulate people who are supposedly against ESP into supporting her ESP-inspired PR campaign against people who never profited from ESP courses like she did. A carny and her army of marks, supporting the tactics they think they’re opposing. Carny. Carny. Carny.

    • Personally I do not “misunderstand” you. I disagree with you. We can disagree, right?

      And people can take whatever position they want, in any manner that they want, for their own reasons. You included. You “cant” tell people they “can’t” have a distinction within that position.”. Well, you CAN. But then people can not listen to your bossy directive. And still decide they disagree with you on certain people from the cult and their degree of criminal culpability.

      You set up a lot of forced fake choices. Why isn’t it enough for you to just state your opinion without condemning others and making it so personal? It’s not an attack on you. It’s just a person who sees things in a different manner.

    • I disagree too. Sarah is not a carny. Not sure why you’d say that about her. She was the first to show her brand. That woman does deserve some respect.

  • One of the dead-enders told the same “watched American History X in high school” comparison on social medis awhile ago. Same writing style as “Kevin” too.

    • The guy is named in a massive lawsuit for having shown an adult woman a clip from that movie. It’s not a stretch that one of his friends would bring it up on a social media page.

      The only person I’ve ever met that’s involved in any of this is Allison, and that was for work from before any of this happened. I cleaned houses and ran errands. I wasn’t in her inner circle, but she was nice to me and other lower end production people and assistants, which is why all of this seems out of place.

      When you’re nobody and you can’t get a job, and people aren’t nice to you, and then you luck into something where things get better, you stay loyal to those people. I don’t know how else to explain it.

  • Unsure if anyone being sued in the lawsuits ever reads this blog. If they do, hear me loud and clear: the vampires suing you, they are dependent on you continuing to support Raniere and the organization. It’s what they’re using to justify these lawsuits and feed off of you. Stop making videos. Take down your websites. Stop trying to free Raniere from prison. If he cared about you, about your safety, your well-being, your futures, he’s tell you the same. That he hasn’t goes to show how selfish he is.

    Move forward with your lives, and find peace. If you do, you win. The real culprits feeding off you will start over and find more people to exploit, which will show people here who think that Edmondson and Vicente are the victims that they are the villains. They will never stop. They will always need a host to feed off of. You’ve done that for them long enough.

  • I had a hard time sleeping last night. I had a flashback to when someone I thought was a friend showed me a disturbing YouTube video. Please provide Neil’s contact info ASAP so I can sue for a gazillion big ones that the person doesn’t have. I’m sure that I won’t be laughed out of the room.

    Can you guys at least do a go fund me so I can get a new night light?

    I thought being homeless as a teen was tough. I thought watching a kid get put into a chokehold and knocked out cold for trying to use the bathroom when we were in middle school, I thought that was tough. I thought being punched in the face by a therapist as a none-yrar-olf for asking for clarification on her instructions, only to see everyone, my parents included, have the woman’s back, I thought that was tough. The SERE course that my co-worker took 30-years-ago, when they dumped her in a jungle, beat her and withheld food for days as part of her training, I thought that made her tough.

    Boy was I wrong. And shame on Sarah E for bringing this poor victim into the organization and subjecting her to groups like JNESS and madmen like Dr. Porter, with his scary movie clips and all. I’m sure Sarah had no idea any of this was happening, despite being one of the highest ranking members in the entire company, and having recruited the woman, and being the woman’s direct employer. Funny how she’s literally in the middle of everything and yet knew nothing. You marks.

    • “Kevin” Doesn’t want Nxium painted as entirely as he put it “bad bad bad”.

      Kevin thinks certain people in ESP/Nxivm were unfairly treated in the media and the court of law.

      Kevin criticizes people for taking a hard line about people such as convicted criminal and his alleged former coworker Alison Mack.

      What is Kevin’s solution for this unfair hatred of people who were a part of ESP or Nxium?

      Kevin thinks that there should be additional people who have more disdain, hatred and a tide of public opinion against them.

      Specifically India and Sarah and Mark Vicente.

      Kevin’s initial complaint is not to view the cult as just “bad bad.” Kevin’s solution is to target intensely in a very negative fashion people that he feels should be treated as “bad bad bad.”

      Kevin wants empathy for people like Allison Danielle and Brandon Porter. Kevin chooses to believe that if he can get other people on Frank report to hate on additional different people from this criminal organization it will somehow even things out or improve the lives of his favorite cult members who have been (he feels unfairly) criticized and in some cases punished for their actions.

      In other words: Don’t hate on the whole Nxium cult. It’s really sad that certain people are being hated on. And had their careers ruined. There should be less judgement and vitriol.

      Kevin’s solution? Mire judgement and vitriolic comments made by Kevin. Just against different former Nxivm members

      Let’s all hate on and target more people from the cult but just the ones that Kevin has chosen to hate on.. Us what Kevin preaches

      Not a math major. But I do not think the solution of less hate and “bad bad bad opinions” about ESP/Nxivm is more hate and “bad bad bad” about additional different members of ESP.

      Pretty sure that hate plus additional hate j(ust towards different people£ still equals more hate. The sum total of the parts of hate will be greater if you follow Kevin’s directive.

      In fact even if you choose to believe that Kevin’s personal favorites from the Nxium saga are good people and are somehow swayed by Kevin to believe that other people that Kevin personally hates are the “bad bad bad” ones..it would still be a break even on the hate.

      Kevin’s agenda is not what he claims it to be. You don’t improve the lives and or public reputation of some people by rallying the public to hate other different people from the same organization. Clearly Kevin is here to stand up for some of his friends and to try to take shots at his and their perceived enemies. Just like a good cult member would do. Especially if Keith asked them.

  • Susan Dones, MA LMT
    23. July
    Cult play book 101
    Cult leader saya
    Cults Inner Circle says
    Send out their flying monkeys with word salad about what a bad person you are
    Everyone who has given their authority over to the Cult goes, this has to be true….
    They cannot think for themselves any longer

  • Kevin knew about “undocumented teenage girls being trafficked”by India and her master Allison and didn’t report it.

    Kevin knows exactly how many EMs people got and gave.

    Kevin knows everything about everyone past or present in Nxivm’s finances.

    Kevin claimed to be a work colleague of Allison Mack on Smallville. That’s easy enough to look up.

    Kevin. Really, really hates Sarah and India. But defends all the dead-enders.

    Kevin knows nothing about Nxivm.

    But Kevin is very emotional about the cult being considered “all bad”.

    Kevin thinks the dead-enders (and don’t call them.that! Kevin doesn’t like it) are the real victims.

    Kevin knows nothing about Nxivm. But also…Way more than other commenters.

    In fact Kevin knows everything.

    Which is it?

    Kevin is full.of shit.

    Hi, Nick! Hi, Danielle! Hi, Michele! How’s the dead-ending going? Any progress on getting your shared boyfriend out of sex offender prison? What is he 60 now?

    And you sex slaves are waaay to old for him as sex partners now.

    Find Keith a “virgin successor ” yet? Try tinder again. Ha ha ha

    • I hate that a select group of people have taken a fall for what the more powerful, high-ranking people did, while those high-ranking people get to play victim.

      What I know about the organization is only based on what’s available to the public. Based on all of the information, I believe that KR victimized young girls dating back to the 1980s, and that the same kinds of people calling him and his supporters the devil today, when it’s safe and popular to do so, they did nothing when vulnerable kids could have used the help.

      That if KR is the devil, and NXIVM/ESP is a criminal enterprise, that Sarah and Mark belong in prison. At the very least, they owe every person they recruited restitution. But since they’re identified as heroes in the greater narrative, more simple-minded people aren’t able to reach that conclusion.

      Allison is being punished, her career, finances and reputation ruined, for her role in the organization. That a person who did things identical in nature to her, that she’s getting a $298K payout from the same Govt that put Allison in prison, that is wrong. The girls who performed uncompensated labor for for India via delegates, they aren’t being given anything. That is wrong. Who knows how many people did work for Sarah in her Vancouver center and were never paid. But that doesn’t matter, because she’s the hero, so no need to worry about matters such as those.

      There are some bad people here who have been made into heroes based on Madison Avenue advertising. And there are some working professionals, people who earned professional licenses, who earned what they have, which is more than can be said for some of these heroes, who played small, insignificant roles in the organization and who have been made into comic book style super villains.

      You call them dead-enders, you call them stupid, because they haven’t walked away from Raniere. But Vicente and Edmondson and Oxenberg and the others who were loyal and who are sitting pretty because they had a change of heart at the most convenient time, they’re not dumb at all, right?

      • You’re against Allison being so-called punished? Or you’re okay with Allison being punished as long as everyone else that you personally have judged worthy of punishment is also punished?

        Why don’t you spend your time digging up all the actual crimes Sarah and Mark committed and submitting the evidence to law enforcement?

        That would make more sense if you truly believe they’re guilty of trafficking young girls and forcing people to perform free labor. Find those victims too and get them to come forward and press charges against Sarah and Mark?

  • My previous comment below may have been insensitive and inconsiderate of the woman who was impacted by the fright study, who ultimately reported Dr. Porter.

    For that, I apologize. And I hope the woman who recruited her into the organization, who employed the young woman as her personal assistant (no telling if she was paid…I would guess that she wasn’t), I hope she apologizes as well, not just to her, but to all of the people she recruited and whose lives she harmed.

    I also hope the Canucks win the Stanley Cup in my lifetime, and for Taylor Swift to fall madly in love with me, both of which are more likely to happen than for this particular person to ever admit wrongdoing, to ever acknowledge that she is a big part of the problem. There’s a lawsuit to win, and a big payday sure beats earning an honest living.

  • “Kevin’s” another deadender just doing the old cult thing, initially feigning ignorance, but then eventually revealing himself in his support of it as he diminishes the acts of the hanger ons and criticizes those who turned against the cult and his/her master.

    • I disagree that Kevenis a deadender, doesn’t seem like it to me at all. Just seems like he is looking at the human side of the people involved and not painting them with a broad brush as angels or devils. and I hate it when anyone with questions or a divergent opinion is accused of being a member of a cult. Alanzo was right that people around here act more like cult members sometimes than actual cult members do!

    • Except that I believe that Raniere did assault those young girls in the 80s, and should have been put in jail as soon as anyone knew about it. Except that I’ve never so much as taken an ESP/NXIVM class. Except that I hope the women you disparage as “dead enders” walk away from all of this and restart their lives.

      If ESP/NXIVM is bad, then Vicente and Edmondson are bad. There’s no amount of carny nonsense that changes that. Taking what those two did and dumping it on some fall people who had no power in the group, that’s such a cowardly thing.

      • If Mark and Sarah had not spoken up and gone to law enforcement, NXIVM might still be up and running. They are whistleblowers who have both spoken about the guilt they feel about bringing people into what they thought was a good thing. They realized it was not just bad but illegal and blew it up.

        I’m curious what “Kevin” 🤨 would have done? Should Mark and Sarah have turned THEMSELVES in? Should all the people who were on the stripe path turn themselves in to law enforcement for giving unlicensed therapy? How does “Kevin” know that Sarah DIDN’T apologize to people, or Mark, or India?

        He could he know? “Kevin’s” gripe looks very personal and emotional, not logical.

        I don’t see Sarah, Mark, India, or any of the others really disparaging anyone except for Keith, possibly Nancy and Claire – unlike those from the Dossier Project, the whistleblowers haven’t been wasting time posting weird videos and photos on their social media that seem aimed at jabbing at their former friends.

  • I was told to look more into the horrible, unforgivable deeds of one Dr. Brandon Porter. So I did. Apparently he showed his consenting adult subjects clips from the movie “American History X,” a major motion picture in which Edward Norton would have won an Academy Award for Best Actor if he hadn’t had a dispute with the film’s director.

    I mean, the horror! The madness! Lock this man up, and throw away the key, stat! Never mind that my ninth grade teacher showed us this same movie when I was 14-years-old. Does anyone have Neil Glaser’s contact info so I can get in on the lawsuit, and add my 60-something retired History and Human Rights teacher as a defendant? Those Long Island teacher pensions are a gold mine. I mean, it’s not as much as India’s $298K payout, but it’s more than the big nothing burger that the most vulnerable ESP members received. You know, the ones who did uncompensated work for the benefit of some of the plaintiffs in the civil lawsuit?

    Oh, and some of my work teammates got tattoos last week as part of a team building exercise. I haven’t alerted the FBI yet, so does that make me an accomplice to the crime? Or do none of those rules apply since they were all men, and men have agency and are expected to take responsibility for their decisions, good or bad? Isn’t it sad that the awful, negative, mostly false stereotypes about women that Dossier members believe, isn’t it sad that their harshest detractors are the ones who reinforce them?

    You know what the best part is? That I’ve been around real violence, that I’ve been on the receiving end of real violence, and the same people who want to kill this guy for showing weird videos to adults, adults who were more than capable of handling such images, who want to kill Danielle for giving a brand that adult women consented to, they didn’t have any problem when real violence was happening to children at the hands of certified therapists, and still don’t care that it happens today. As long as the children on the receiving end aren’t anyone important. Didn’t seem to mind the bruises and botches on the most vulnerable kids, didn’t mind when kids who needed extra help with certain things would get smacked and hit by the adults charged with their care.

    You think Raniere is the devil? Maybe he is. I think he’s strange, that’s for sure. Could have had access to all the kids he wanted, and would have been protected by the same people who put him in prison. All he had to do was become a teacher or school psychologist. Would have gotten away with it until he died. The schools are like the Catholic Church on steroids, and with a union, and with the support of the woke, virtue signaling soccer mom’s whose kids are getting…well, you know. Oh no, he wasn’t doing nothing. Just checking to make sure the girl wasn’t stealing any candy, eh? And you would all buy it or look the other way, because his victims wouldn’t have been Madison Avenue’s coveted demographic. Just saying.

    But Porter and Roberts, bad, bad, bad. That what they did is nothing compared to what the people suing them did, well, just look the other way on that. Seems to be what everyone here has done anyway.

    • ^^^ Prime example of WhataboutISM right here. BTW, Keith was a tutor, that’s how he preyed on an early victim, age 12 was it? I suppose you think the typed up police report was fabricated, as well.

      • Not at all. I believe the 12-year-old, and I believe Heidi regarding what happened to her sister. That’s my point. That they should have been protected, and weren’t, because the same kinds of people who freak out and virtue signal over nothing “fright studies” involving grown adults couldn’t have cared less about vulnerable kids genuinely in need of protection.

        That’s what I find the most disturbing. How many underage kids were ignored by police and lawmakers over three decades, only for those entities to spring into action because a rich woman high up in the organization called the NY Times? If it was bad from the beginning, it should have been stopped from the beginning. And low fish shouldn’t be the ones left holding the bag while big fish collect cash payouts.

        • I like your thinking on this Kevin.
          And I agree many Top People Skated and left the docs holding the bag.

        • Worked in “woke” and “virtue signaling” and “just saying”. I think you just got dated social media tribalism
          B-i-n-g-o !

          The more you comment “Kevin” the cleaner it becomes who you are !

          People can and do care about multiple people and things at the same time.

          Bonus points for that old internet tactic, “But what about Hitler? you didn’t mention Hitler in every single comment you made so you must love Hitler” it’s an oldie but still a popular one with the oldies. Good job bringing it back into play. Unfortunately it is still uneffective

      • Yeah. “Kevin” is vile. Why is he talking about people killing Danielle and Brandon? So creepy. No one has said that kind of comment but this “Kevin”. What violent hyperbole.

          • Why would I or anyone besides Danielle have access to her emails? Obviously if you can prove such a thing then prove it but no one on this page has been talking about killing anyone except for Kevin. And he’s brought it up in more than one place on this blog.. He also commented suggesting that another commenter kill themselves. Like seriously what the f*** is wrong with this Kevin character?

    • Ever seen that movie “We Need to Talk About Kevin”? I hear it’s better when you adjust the telly a little?

      I saw a movie recently that was a a little more disturbing. A snuff movie showing a bunch of Mexican banditos mercilessly hacking up a group of 5 women. Not sure what they’d done, but perhaps they were a little too woke? I hear that’s considered a crime in some parts. I digress.

      We all know that Brandon was just furthering his medical understanding, his speciality of course being psychiatry and neuroscience LOL. And those electrode caps he was using – they really looked to be state-of-the-art. He must have garnered some fascinating data, not like the pseudoscientists at NASA (all this rubbish about climate change)!

      So you’ve been on the receiving end of real violence? Well, haven’t we all at various stages of our lives. It’s called growing up, ‘Kevin’, and it’s maybe one of the things you still need to do.

    • This fucking dead-ender “kevin”.

      So full if shit.

      1st he comes out HARD defending Allison. With Brandon he defended him without allegedly knowing anything. Then kevon allegedly looks into it more…. And shockingly! Comes to the same opinion he expressed when he alleedly knew not so much.

      And he really hates India. And Sarah. Oh. And can someone please get Suneel – erhm – Kevin – Sarah’s tax returns for the last 7 years? He needs to research them before post I g the exact same opinion about her that he always posts.

      It’s a moving target when deaking with Kevin’s transparent bullshit. He posts a lie. It is disprove. He pretends that’s not his real point. It’s about something else really.

      Sound familiar?

    • THEY didn’t have any problem when real violence was happening to children at the hands of certified therapists and still don’t care that it happens today.

      As long as the children on the receiving end aren’t anyone important. Didn’t seem to mind the bruises and botches on the most vulnerable kids, didn’t mind when kids who needed extra help with certain things would get smacked and hit by the adults charged with their care…..care to elaborate, Kevin?

    • “my ninth grade teacher showed us this same movie when I was 14-years-old”

      American History X is rated R, which means kids under 17 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Showing it to a classroom of 14 year olds is the kind of thing that can get a teacher in hot water. “Up to and including termination”, as the phrase goes.

      Similarly, Porter got into hot water for his violation of professional standards in the field of medicine. Professions have their rules and standards, and if you don’t like it write a letter.

      • They weren’t under 17

        My Drivers Education class sprung flying heads on me @ 16 btw.
        Only the wealthy get off easy and princesses.

        • Like Clare? Very wealthy and a princess. Did she get off easy?

          It’s sad that you hate women. And your self.

          Nxivm fucked you up.

          Seek help. Real help.

          The answers aren’t at the end of Keith’s diseased old dick.

      • So Kevin was 14 Circa 1998 let’s say 2000 we can check what year American History X was available to screen inside of school but was also working on smallville? Which started and what like maybe 2001 or so? With Allison Mack as Kevin previously stated? As part of the crew?

    • Just doing the math on your age range now… as there is no Kevin verified who regularly worked on Smallville thus far. But the narrowed age range is so helpful, thanks!

      Okay so that movie came out in…
      And it was available to screen in a classroom…
      And your were in high school ALLEGEDLY but also worked on Smallville with Allison…

      Yeah. It’s not adding up…

    • As you know, or should be able to infer cos you claim to have done a little reading now. Porter’s experiment began with a failrly normal recordable baseline: American HistoryX, thats what you do in an experiment calculated to measure an emotion, a cognitive reaction, you start with a base, a normaliser, something widely known as having a parental guidance rating, but no real stretch for adults to bear.

      then you up the ante: snuff videos, so you can measure the reaction to the veiwing of real life violence against the aforementioned baseline – see? peoples reactions would give a good indication of who was and was not, deeply affected, useful if you need a very particular type of service from your slave.

      Somewhat mortifying if you dont know what your in for and you are not indifferent to the torture mutilation and rape of others, Kevin.

  • Brandon- Nothing you said is real.

    It’s not true that there were unlawful subpoenas. The government wasn’t threatening you, they needed your medical records. That’s it.. Raniere got you all so damn paranoid.

    All this is a lie. It always was. Nobody was ever after Raniere just like there is nobody after you. Raniere made it all up to cover his pedophilia. Raniere just wasn’t that important.

    Lastly, the civil court doesn’t care about Raniere’s baseless motion. You harmed people. You did sick things. Take responsibility and do better.

  • I do wonder why these pyramid paying folk, devote so much time on someone who has given them nothing but trouble, when they could be devoting that time to their familes. I suggest Doctor Porter, sorry, Mr Porter should take some time to assess his priorities.

  • He says it is “not specific and makes sweeping claims” without “describing who did what to whom.” … he forgot ‘how’ and ‘why’.
    Was he referring to the Motion 33?

  • Porter has every right to be concerned with the ethical acts of Penza and company. Why is it okay for the FBI to grossly violate protocol?

    What’s the point of establishing protocol regarding evidence collection if no one is held accountable when they blatantly violate their own protocols?

    They had the camera and card for 17 days? They withheld the photos and released just before trial- giving no time to prepare a defense?

    There was no due process. None.

    • Brandon does “have every right to “be concerned”. And he can exercise that right to be concerned all day/everyday.

      The rest of your comment in the form.of loaded rhetorical questions contains no proof of any malfeasance.

      Now put some money in your vanguard’s commissary those snacks don’t pay for themselves!

    • You are so right. But this is all justified in the Frank Parlato Nexium saga on the basis that the defendants are bad people anyway so get them any way you can. What a country!!

  • Don’t know much about him except he did some kind of experiment where people watched some disturbing images.

    If these were adults and everyone gave consent, and he was never charged with a crime, what’s the issue? That he’s weird? That his beliefs are weird? That people were made uncomfortable for 30 seconds? Those aren’t grounds for suing someone.

    Is there some kind of proof that the people who saw these images did not give consent? Proof that the images caused lasting psychological damage?

    Seeing small timers made into scapegoats while the big, big fish walk away, unscathed, with cash payouts…it’s more weird and more disturbing than the videos he showed people.

    • You really ought to read up and know more about what it is youre speaking on because from this, you clearly have no clue.

      • That’s exactly what I’m saying, that I don’t have a lot of information about what he did. Which is why I’m asking for additional information. Because from what I’ve read, he had people watch some weird videos, which doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, unless I’m missing something.

        • It was not a night in watching videos. How can you have missed this? It was an EXPERIMENT.
          a FRIGHT EXPERIMENT. How do you normalise such a thing and continue to misrepresent the vileness of it, by banging on and on about it not being “that big of a deal’.

          You’re on your own pal.

        • Do you often have such strong opinions about things you admittedly don’t know much about? Do you frequently form a really strong opinion and then go back and do the research?

          That sounds so much like a dead-ender. They also like to demand people prove negatives. And move the ball constantly…

    • so in your mind a ‘snuff’ video merely equates to ‘a video’ ? good to know.

      Hope there are no children in your home, or, indeed noone ever shows up to yours for netflix and chill.

      Do you also fit your guests with brain electrodes?

      How long would be too long to watch a rape? decapitation? if 30 seconds is ok?

      you are a very silly creature. Poor Alison. With a friend like you blithely showering your ignorance, sadism and whiny envy over those who got, at least, some compensation for the fuckery you feel is nothing.

      This speaks volumes about you – Kevin. You sound like a shoo-in for a cult. Just fix the punctuality issue, that made you too late for this one.

      • I don’t get it. I get that it’s weird. I get that people wouldn’t invite this guy to a family BBQ after having watched those videos. I don’t get how it’s grounds for including him in a lawsuit that ties him to crimes that he did not participate in (but which some of the plaintiffs did).

        As far as children go, maybe you should be more concerned about the children who are living with the owner, operator, manager, director, recruiter for and profiteer of the second largest NXIVM/ESP center in North America. You know, the woman who performed over 1,500 EMs on people despite not having a license to perform therapy. Oh, that’s right, she gets a pass. But the two doctors who had no executive or managerial authority in the organization, they don’t.


        • The 2 doctors “authority” was as a medical professional.

          As doctors they violated those standards

          That’s not my opinion.

          That was a decision made by a body of
          oversight within their chosen profession.

          Take your complaints about that “unfair” choice to the proper responsible party.

          No blog commenter on Frank Report took part in any of the 2 doctors disciplinary action. Kvetching here about their unfavorable outcome is unproductive and will accomplish nothing.

        • Are you saying that you honestly believe that Sarah Edmonson’s children are in danger because of their own mother?

          If you do then report it to authorities.

          If you do not – then fuck off for writing such a loathsome comment.

          Aren’t you the same “Kevin” who whines on and on about the unkind and unfair character atracks on : Danielke, Brandon, Allison.

          You’re such a little cult follower bitch, Nicki.

    • Get up to speed, Kevin.

      While still a doctor, Brandon performed unregulated medical experiments on “slaves” in a restaurant in Albany.

      That’s not okay. And it’s not a blog opinion. It’s a medical standard that is upheld and Brandon violated it.

      It’s darling that you have all these emitional ideas andl strong opinions without any real or true knowledge of the case. But you’re shouting into the wind (again).

      Frank Report is not the court who decides the civil judgements. Contact them. Frank Report is not the governing medical body that disciplined Brandon. Contact them with your complaints.

      Thought you worked with Allison Mack? And that was where all your passion for the convicted criminals of the Nxivm cult came from? It seems that you are back to defend them all blindly this time…. Interesting.

      But your biggest agenda seems to be to take shots at India. Sarah. And a few others. Why? Is it because they are weird?

      See how empty that sounds?

      I like “weird” people personally. Not fan of people who abuse power and their professional positions though. Lije a rogue doctor who violates trust, for example.

      • At least Kevin puts his name on his posts. I actually read what he says and give him respect for sharing his thoughts. Tough to do the same or distinguish between the many anon commenters.

        Why not use a consistent non-anonymous moniker so we can all interact?

        • Lol. That’s not his name. And he never worked on Smallville with Allison Mack.

          There. Used my name. Or “a name”.

          Whoop de doo. Now it’s a more credible comment.


          • Do whatever you want. If you are consistent with a moniker, others can interact with you. If you don’t care, keep being anonymous and I’ll keep skipping over your posts.

          • Nutjob you are cliquey and just as anon as anyone on this board.

            Ive been commenting here since what, around a year after the site’s inception: a long time. Some people are just interested in the intelligence of others’ thinking – it really is the thought that counts, and not the name. –

            Some of us left the playground a while ago, and dont want to have to account to a ‘prefect’ – and even regularly commenting with a ‘moniker’ – even politely enjoining your comments, doesn’t necessarily get a response. because you’re cliquey, hierarchical.

            You think you are part of some sort of uber FR crew. A bit culty?

          • What about my comment bothers you or is incorrect? Obviously, you don’t care to interact with me if you are always anon. I’m playing your game. Be Rosa consistently if you want to play mine.

          • BTW I started commenting about a month after Frank broke the DOS story and was reading (checking in to see nothing new being written) FR for months prior to that. I was anon for a long time (too long) and eventually chose to go by my birth certificate name of Nutjob. This helped me not get lost in the voices of anons, and helped me have more consistent back-and-forths with other commenters.

      • My issue is that the narrative of NXIVM/ESP is that it’s bad, bad, bad, and anyone associated with it must also be bad, bad, bad. And people in the organization who had no managerial or executive authority, customers really, have paid a terrible price.

        But others who played much bigger roles, who had such authority, who owned centers and made money and recruited people and performed EMs despite not having a license to perform therapy, they’ve been given a pass. Why? That’s what I take issue with. The gross inconsistencies in the way people have been treated for doing the same things, based on whether they fall into the “good guy” or “bad guy” category.

        India did things that you would be screaming and hollering about if a so called “dead ender” or if Allison had done them. Having underage Mexican girls work for you and not compensating them? Is that not forced labor? If they weren’t legally documented, is that not trafficking? Does it even matter, since none of this matters since she’s in the “hero” camp, and these things would only bother you if she wasn’t?

        Sarah performed EMs without a license to practice therapy. Why isn’t she being investigated? Why hasn’t Canada’s CPS been to her home? If Dr. Roberts had kids, CPS would have already taken them. But Sarah, she doesn’t have to answer to any of that, because she’s just awesome, for some reason.

        And if you’re traumatized from seeing some disturbing images? That’s what we choose to get mad at? This is who we’re going after? Not Vicente? Not Edmondson? Oh, they get a pass, forgive me for mentioning them.

        • Hmm I was unaware India had underage Mexican girls working for no pay, does seem duplicitous, doesn’t it?

          Never thought about Sarah performing EMs WITHOUT a license to preform therapy, her Moms a therapist too, she Should have known better, valid points.

        • Kevin after careful consideration of your comments over a period of time I have decided that you’re full of s***. On one hand you’re playing that you don’t really know that much about this case when it’s clear that you know plenty.

          On the other hand you’re telling a commenter now that if they knew what you know about these teenage girls working for India they would feel differently right after you posted a comment saying that you don’t really know that much about all of this case and you’re here asking questions. I see you dead Ender and I call b*******.

          Gave you the benefit of the doubt and played along for long enough there’s too many inconsistencies in your comments over a long time. and the arguments you raised here you have raised before questions have been asked and answered. One day you’re only concerned because you actually know Allison from working on set with her.

          The next day you don’t know how unions or the industry work and are unable to Google the things that you want to find out. You seem to have very extensive but very specific and biased information. Done interacting with you and your absolutely transparent b*******. Most recently you wanted proof of Sarah’s finances in reverse.

          Meaning you want people to prove what money Sarah wasn’t paid for a project. It’s f****** ridiculous. Call her accountant maybe you can get her tax papers or pay stubs. The bottom line is nothing is going to change your mind about anything and you’re totally f****** Faking It by asking questions that you have according to you more answers to than anyone that you’re asking.

          People are wasting their time if they cannot see through your really really poor performance as a disinterested party or oh I’m sorry close friend of Allison. Or Defender of brandon? Or the judge and jury of India and Sarah? Which one is it today? Just a guy who has a casual interest and doesn’t know a lot but then also no stuff that no one else knows? What a f****** waste of time you are!

        • Wow! According to Kevin (who claims to have Insider information) he alleges that India was not compensating teenagers for their labor.

          Then he makes a distinction that they were Mexican teenagers and that it was also trafficking. Allison was India’s master. She held India’s blackmail. She had complete control over India’s life. They were even living together. Allison was in constant contact with India. India could do nothing without Allison’s permission.

          Not sure why Kevin never notified the authorities? Maybe because he is Allison’s work friend? At least that’s what he previously has stated.

          It sounds like Allison Mack was ordering India to traffic young girls who were in the country undocumented (according to Kevin) for free labor.

          Allison could have put a stop to this egregious behavior on India’s part. If she didn’t. -‘it’s probably because Allison ordered India to exploit these vulnerable teenagers.

          It’s so disturbing that nobody would come forward prior to the trial if they had such Insider information.

          Why would a person wait until after the trial and then just comment on a blog? Why not do everything they could to rescue these girls and prevent such terrible atrocities from occurring? Why didn’t anyone else in the self-help community help these girls?

          Why would Allison order (and/or allow) India to do such a terrible thing? She controlled every calorie India put into her mouth. Allison controlled the grooming of India’s pubic hair. She gave India the seduction assignment to be raped by Keith.

          India had to do whatever Allison ordered her to do. At all times! This does not reflect well on Allison at all! Or Kevin. Why didn’t he go to authorities?

          It’s also confusing how Kevin always knows who didn’t get paid and who did get paid for what work. During the cult years Kevin alleges India (guess through Allison’s orders?) wasn’t paying teenagers who worked for the delegates program. And after the cultl years, Kevin is also absolutely positive about Sarah Edmondson’s finances. Sounds like Kevin has a lot of very, very specific ( kind of “had to be there”) Nxivm information. Spanning like a decade? Interesting.

        • So defending Allison because you allegedly worked with her was b*******? I thought you worked on Smallville? Now you have the shared goal of the Dead Enders which is really just about over all not painting this cult with only a negative brush?

          That’s weird and very coincidental. And you really stand up for Brandon losing his medical license. Even though you allegedly didn’t know anything about it. You really hate india. You really hate sarah. It’s hard to hide who you really are! Especially if you keep prolifically writing and forgetting things you said before.

        • But your comments actually call for MORE people to be called “bad”. Your “point” consistently is that you want DIFFERENT former members of Nxivm to be considered “bad bad bad”.

          And you take really cheap shots. Calling them “carny” and making egregious remarks about their fitness as parents.

          How are you any different from your own critique of others?

          And why is it so urgent for that they agree and express disgust and disfain for those you’ve judged as deserving of ire?

          You’ve got your options. They’ve got theirs.

          And neither will probably change.

          The criminal trial is over. It won’t be relitigated.

          Is your goal to try and influence the still ongoing civil judgements for Brandon, Danielle and NICKI etc?

        • To rephrase your statement Kevin…

          You are saying that your “issue” is that the “narrative of Nxium” is that it is all “bad” and therefore you want people to consider Sarah, Mark and everyone who had a high level position as bad? And India too.

          Is that correct? This is about a narrative? That you feel that you’ve identified. And with which you disagree

          And about all the people you feel strongly negative about being disliked or criticized equally to those you don’t?

          I don’t think that’s an achievable goal, Kevin

          It’s also not a very productive goal. What do you care what other people’s opinions are? You’re never going to have control over people’s opinion. And why do you want to?

          Let It Go

  • Did the FBI plant evidence on Raniere? What does Jonathan Frakes have to say on this matter:


    The FBI planted fucking nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zippo.

    Raniere took those pictures of Cami.

    You deadenders are a bunch of clowns, much, much bigger than the rest of those who joined this cult and stayed in it for years instead of taking the so-called “fake” media seriously and vetting the history of the statutory rapist blowhard who sat at its top and now rightfully sits in prison for his crimes.

    • How do you know the photos were of Camila? How many photos were there? Who identified them as Camila?

      If there were photos of Camila when were they taken?

      Camila never testified in court under oath, so who was it that identified the photos to confirm it was Camila at 15?

      • — Camila never testified in court under oath,

        Did the defense rebut the claim in court that they were Cami’s photos? They had every opportunity to cast reasonable doubt on them.

        But Cami did testify under a legal oath somewhere — at the restitution hearing.

        The deadenders NEVER testified to any government oath, at any time, anywhere. In fact, Queen deadender Nicki herself effectively refused to testify for fear of incriminating herself, her lawyer establishing this fact in legal documents by stating that she would plead the Fifth if ever called to the stand.

        Like her master, Nicki is a blathering hypocrite.

        The prosecution laid out a case. Asserted those pictures were of were Cami. Had people testify under oath to the notion. Had hard physical evidence from computer data owned by, and text messages between the Creeper himself and Cami proving the start of their underage sexual relationship, establishing their argument. The jury saw it all as BEYOND reasonable doubt. Too bad for the deadenders.

      • Anonymous at 8:54

        That’s incorrect. Cami did testify under oath at the restitution hearing that Raniere took naked pictures of her when she was 15 years old.

        Raniere’s a pig! It’s all right in front of your face -pedo, rapist, misogynist, con man!
        Stop lying to yourself

      • Is this Earth? What is time? If a tree falls in Albany does a dead-ender get their wings?

        There was a trial. It lasted weeks. Your vanguard lost. Get a fucking grip culty face.

      • She was prevented from testifying by Bromfman lawyers. They told her she would be arrested by the Feds and deported from the US.

  • Penza will be known for creating the template for prosecuting criminals like Raniere. R. Kelly’s prosecutors cited her work. Many more to come. Quite a legacy.

    • Speaking of R. Kelly the music critic for the Chicago Sun-Times, Jim DeRogatis wrote a book about R. Kelly.
      DeRogatis claimed that his research uncovered over fifty women who had been molested by R. Kelly while they were under the age of consent.
      Soulless: The Case Against R. Kelly Hardcover – June 4, 2019
      by Jim DeRogatis (Author)

  • This guy.

    What a fucking idiot.

    Followed Keith for 17 years..

    “Experts proved” lol. Nope. They did not.

    His kids were scared? Really Mr. Fright Experiment? So scaring people is bad now?

  • “Porter… represents himself.”

    Here’s hoping that, for his sake, he’s a better lawyer than he was a doctor.

    So this nut, like Chakravorty, is a believer in the fantastical tale of tampering. Frank, beware the company you keep.

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