Meet the Elliot Brother You Haven’t Heard From — Brian Discusses Why He Left NXIVM

Brian Elliot

In an effort to defend Keith Alan Raniere  and explain their own roles in the NXIVM saga, several people have stepped forward to publicly state their positions. One of these is the Elliot brother we never hear from, He is Brian Elliot.

He does not need much introduction since he does that for himself. Frank Report does not necessarily agree with the opinions expressed by Elliot. But for those following the NXIVM story, it is a part of the story.

By Brian Elliot

I am an entrepreneur who has started or co-founded several businesses and nonprofit initiatives, including a national network of summer camps for children whose parents have/had cancer, a nationally recognized mentoring program for deaf children, and an LGBT rights organization.

Brian Elliot got his master’s degree at a Harvard.

I have a BA in Public Policy from Stanford University, an MPA from the Harvard Kennedy School, and an MBA from Harvard Business School, where I was both a Zuckerman and George Fellow and named a Harvard Business School Social Entrepreneurship Fellow.

I was introduced to Executive Success Programs (ESP) while running the LGBT advocacy organization I founded in New York City shortly after finishing graduate school.

Our mission was to help win marriage equality in New York State.

I enrolled in my first ESP course because I struggled to manage the day-to-day stresses and demands of leading an organization.

My first ESP intensive was transformational; it had a positive and lasting impact on my personal and professional life.

After taking the course, I noticed that my stress levels had lowered significantly, my confidence and ability to fundraise had dramatically increased, and I had become more compassionate with others with whom I disagreed.

I had gotten so much value and personal insight from the course that I decided to take many more courses offered through NXIVM companies in the following years. Their effects on my life were similarly profound and undeniable.

Brian Elliot’s work to start Friendfactor was named one of the Top 10 Inspiring Acts of 2010 by Yahoo! News. He was named a 30 under 30 Civic Leader by Splashlife, a 36 Under 36 Leader by the Jewish Week, and was a recipient of the SXSW Dewey Winburne Community Service Award in 2012. Elliot was named the 2010 Harvard Business School Social Entrepreneurship Fellow and was honored by Auburn Seminary in 2011 as a millennial leader. He was named a PopTech Fellow in 2010.

I found that the more courses I took, the more of a centered, goal-oriented, self-disciplined, and emotionally balanced leader I became.

I found the level of education of many NXIVM courses to be on par with, or even more advanced, than the classes in my formal education, particularly in the areas of understanding ethics, emotionality, leadership, and productivity.

After being a student of ESP for a couple of years, I decided to become an ESP coach and, several years later, a trainer. I eventually opened an ESP Center in San Francisco with the hopes of providing other entrepreneurs with such an impactful personal growth education.

I deeply enjoyed helping people achieve results similar to my own.

Throughout the approximately seven years that I was a participant and coach in the organization, I did not witness any conduct I believed was criminal.

Front row: Vanessa Sahagun, Marc Elliot,  Michelle Hatchette, Allison Mack, Danielle Roberts, Siobhan Hotaling, Chelsea, Nicki Clyne, India Oxenberg, Michelle Salzman
Back row: Jim Del Negro, Chris Pearson-Smith, Brian Elliot, Sehajo Haertel, Justin Elliot.

The Prosecution of Raniere

On or about March 25, 2018, I was subpoenaed to testify in front of a federal Grand Jury.  I was confused and troubled about why I was subpoenaed. At the time, I understood that the criminal investigation involved allegations regarding a women’s group, DOS. I did not know about DOS before it became public in June 2017, and I was never involved with it.

I was also surprised that I was asked to meet in person with the Government twice throughout the proceedings of the case, which I did.

During my interface with the Government, I recall a few interactions that were problematic and concerning to me.

The first interaction was communicated to me through my attorney, who relayed his initial conversation between him and the lead prosecutor, Assistant US Attorney Moira Kim Penza. He told me he had called Ms. Penza before my Grand Jury testimony to share with her a preview of the responses that my brothers and I would be offering at that hearing.

I remember my attorney summarizing his interaction with Ms. Penza by stating that, unhappy with his position, she “literally screamed.” at him on their call.

My attorney, who was a former AUSA, said he had never experienced someone behave like that towards a fellow attorney and that her lack of professionalism was astounding to him.

Even before my attorney debriefed me from his call, I was already bewildered why my brothers and I— with no prior knowledge of DOS before it went public—were being subpoenaed in the first place.

But after hearing about this prosecutor’s conduct towards my attorney, I became even more concerned about the tactics the Government might use with me if that’s how they treated my attorney.

I had never been questioned before by a prosecutor. Knowing that this prosecutor “screamed” at my attorney left me amply fearful heading into my Grand Jury appointment.

AUSA Moira Kim Penza

Secondly, in my first in-person meeting with the Government in April of 2018, my impression of that meeting was that the Government was looking for me to respond in certain ways to their questions, and was frustrated when my truthful responses about my experiences in NXVIM did not conform to their narrative.


In one instance, I remember the prosecution asking me about the use of “collateral” in NXIVM and why I did not view it as blackmail. I explained that my understanding of collateral and its use within NXIVM was that it was a voluntary tool used by consenting parties for personal growth.

My understanding of collateral was based not only on what I had learned from NXIVM courses but also from Behavioral Economics research from Yale University, which I had found on a public website called (and, to my knowledge, has no relationship to NXIVM).

I illustrated my understanding and experience of using collateral by sharing an example of how I had used it:

A friend and fellow classmate of mine from Harvard (who had also taken NXIVM courses) developed an accountability “buddy system” that involved using money as collateral.

I shared that we had designed a weekly check-in system to help us improve our self-discipline and be more successful in our respective entrepreneurial ventures. We each made weekly commitments to ourselves (such as: “Make five fundraising calls”) and reported to each other to ensure we completed each weekly task.

To give “teeth” to my commitments and incentivize myself to follow through with them, I gave $500 to my accountability partner to hold “in escrow” for me.

If I ever failed to do my self-defined weekly task by the deadline I had set, I told my friend it was his job to donate my $500 to an “anti-charity” (a charity whose mission goes against my values—this idea I had gotten from This $500 served as the additional “weight” I needed to ensure I followed through on my commitment.

Because I put this additional weight behind my goal, I always followed through with my commitment (thus, my friend never had to send in the $500).

Over time, my self-discipline dramatically improved—far more than ever before I used collateral as a tool for personal growth.

Brian Elliot

I understood this type of setup with collateral may have been hard for an outsider to understand; and more, an outsider without the context of the intricacies of the whole setup might believe my friend was holding my $500 as a tool to manipulate my behavior. However, both of us knew this setup was, in fact, entirely voluntary because I set up the commitment and the terms (if anything, I was using him as a tool to help me).

I chose appropriate collateral and gave direction to my friend on how to use it in a way that would specifically motivate me to achieve my own self-defined weekly goals.

For it to work, I had to trust that he would send the $500 to an anti-charity that I specified if I failed to do my weekly task.

In addition to sharing my understanding of collateral, I shared with the prosecution that before DOS had become public, the interactions I had with other NXIVM community members about collateral were all in line with the understanding that I had outlined—that individuals chose what collateral would be helpful for them to uphold their own goals.

That collateral was given to a trusted friend in the same type of an “accountability buddy” setup.

Only after DOS became public did I see some people’s perspectives on the voluntary nature of collateral change.

After sharing this information with the prosecutors at my proffer session, I recall them getting frustrated and seemingly unsatisfied with what I was sharing.

I then remember them pushing me to agree with their narrative that collateral was indeed blackmail, even though that narrative was wholly inconsistent with my own experience of what it was.


Brian Elliot

It was also wholly inconsistent with how I saw NXIVM community members use collateral for years—as a voluntary, proactive mechanism of self-motivation and accountability.

In the prosecution’s follow-up questions, they asked me how I felt about the way some people used collateral and if that felt weird to me, separate from my rational thoughts on the matter, which I had just explained to them in detail.

I found their questions about my feelings on the matter strange because I understood justice to be based on thoughtful and objective evaluation, not the whims of how people might feel about certain topics or what is uncomfortable for them.

As a gay man who, until this last decade, was denied the freedom to marry because it “felt unnatural” to many people, I was well aware that people’s feelings about uncomfortable matters (including those that involve consenting adults) can cloud actual justice and rational thought about those matters.

I recall sharing that some practices with collateral that I heard about “felt” odd to me, but I didn’t think that made them wrong.


The final and most concerning act the Government took in this case was an intimidation tactic used on my brothers, Marc Elliot and Justin Elliot, and myself in which the prosecution used a direct threat to suppress public discourse about character assassination in the media and its relationship to the justice system.

Inspired by conversations and ideas to promote honorable civil discourse in the media, in mid-June 2019, Marc posted to social media an advertisement for a talk he was going to give entitled, “Who’s Next?: The Rise of Character Assassination and the Loss of Human Decency.” An alternate title of this talk was “Kindness Above All: The Rise of Character Assassination and the Loss of Human Decency.”

The talk was not intended to discuss matters, evidence, or witnesses in the ongoing NXIVM trial.

I helped Marc develop some content for this talk.

On or about June 24, 2019, my brothers and I received a call from our attorney. My recollection of this call included my attorney saying the prosecution was “infuriated” by Marc’s post and that they demanded he immediately cancel the talk.I recall my attorney saying that Ms. Penza took this post as a direct attack on her integrity.

Based on this call with Ms. Penza, my attorney believed she would do anything she could to pursue all three brothers if Marc carried through with his speech.

I recall my attorney relaying that Ms. Penza said something to the effect of, “If it weren’t for the First Amendment, I would already be coming after them.”

This made no sense to me, because if our actions were only intended to be exercising First Amendment rights and raising public awareness about upholding principles of justice and human kindness in the media, I thought: “Why would that be grounds for the prosecution to ‘come after’ anyone?”

Our attorney said Ms. Penza viewed Marc’s talk as a “recruitment for NXIVM.”

This was troubling and confusing to hear for several reasons:

First, it wasn’t even clear to me if NXIVM still existed as an actual entity at that time, and thus “recruitment for NXIVM” certainly wasn’t one of the aims of the talk.

Furthermore, Marc intended his talk to be distinct from NXIVM. I recall the talk he had practiced with me was about the perils of character assassination in modern society and its potentially harmful impacts.

I remember Marc’s experience of character assassination while being part of NXIVM as one of many examples he discussed in his talk.

Our attorney, a former AUSA himself, explained the playbook for how easy it is for the Government to make anyone appear to be criminal, particularly in RICO cases.

In light of the threat I had understood the Government had tendered, I made the difficult decision to immediately sever ties with dozens of longtime friends, colleagues, and business partners who were part of the community formed around NXIVM.


Left the NXIVM Community

I also ceased helping my brother develop his talk. I made these decisions not because of knowledge of criminal activities or intent related to the talk, but because I feared the threat of malicious prosecution if I did not comply.

Within two weeks, I left New York City and moved to my Midwestern hometown.

Due to the Government’s threat, I had to completely rebuild my life, my social network, and my business.

All the while, I still could not see what was wrongful about my brother posting a talk about the loss of human decency in public discourse and the negative effects of character assassination in society and in our justice system.

I was concerned about the Government’s attempt to suppress free speech in this instance.

If anything, my experience with the Government’s threat illustrated one of the points my brother’s talk was trying to make—prejudice against anyone who was part of the NXIVM community spurred the erosion of due process and the allowance of miscarriages of justice.

Nevertheless, given the high-profile nature of this case and the degree to which I saw character assassination as a prosecutorial tactic in the case, I chose to step away from my involvement in my brother’s thwarted public education campaign altogether.

Now, almost four years later, I am sharing these occurrences at risk of instigating a similar retaliatory reaction from the Government.
Once I reestablished communications with many longtime friends who had been part of the NXIVM community, I learned that the experiences of intimidation I had with the Government was not an isolated case.

Having studied public policy and government in both my undergraduate and master’s education and having long been committed to social justice, I felt it was my civic duty to share my experience so that these concerns could be evaluated alongside the testimony of others to ensure that due process was upheld.


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  • What I’m rather interested in is the parents who raised these men? What upbringing allowed not one, not two, but three young men to be enticed into a cult and then continue to foolishly and publicly fall on a sword, defending a psychopath? The Manson girls all came from troubled childhoods. I’d bet it’s no different here.

  • Do yourself a favor, Brian, and do a deep dive into cults and the concepts of coercive control. It will be a lot more productive then attempting to divert attention away from obvious evils your “leader” committed!

  • The 500$ example he uses as “collateral” is not even comparable to what the women of DOS were enticed to give. In his example, the monetary loss of money to some group he opposes is not at all the same as the blackmail of humiliation, and degradation used against the women with their nude photos, pics of their genitals, and untrue comments they were told to make up about themselves and their love ones, even if they initially agreed to it. If this were an ex spouse or friend that one told an embarrassing revelation to or who’s risque pics you allowed them to have when you were with them were then used to cohearse you, no one would think it wasn’t wrong!

  • I remember Brian when he lived in San Francisco and he is truly a fart before turd. His Friend Factor grift business could not even organize a one car funeral.

    He is no advocate, no leader, and no entrepreneur.

    Behind the Yale credentials and mildly attractiveness is a shit stain on the panties of life who will die unloved.

    • Instead of railing against the supposed injustices of the US government, why don’t the Elliots take the opportunity to separate themselves from this former cult and speak out against Rainere’s antics? They can easily separate the “tech” and what good things it did for them from the psychopath who created it. The fact that they never seem to do this tells you they are still brainwashed and delusional about his crimes! They scream that their reputations are being soiled by others when they in fact are their own worst enemies.

  • These people that say these were ethics building courses either did not hearor participate in the Jness and SOP courses that pretty much seemed to follow the setup of the Stanford Prison Experiment which needed to be shut down because it was so traumatic to participants. Of course from the descriptions these were only upsetting to the women as they had such a misogynistic twist to them. I particularly liked the deep ethics in listening to Kieth talking about why it is not abuse to have sex with children and to call it abuse is abusing abuse. Finally the words “……I can make it a very rapeable baby ……” I can see why they are so deeply impressed with his teachings of ethics. The fact that there was not a mass exit of everyone in those lectures tells me that there had been a huge amount of mind f**kery going on so by the time these things were presented to the students it no longer rang HUGE alarm bells. So, I’m sorry that I cannot trust someone’s judgement who stayed to go through the “stripe path” and really immerse themselves in his teachings, wake up, you have been manipulated in ways you can’t see.

  • Frank
    Did Brian know Kris or did he come later into the program ?? Did not specify what year or when he entered the program.
    Does he know anything ?

  • Lots of whining about scary prosecutors and FBI.

    But not one of the dead?-enders filed a complaint.

    Most were represented by lawyers.

    Many of the lawyers were hired by Clare.

    And they all communicated.

    They could have even filed a group complaint.

    Instead they:

    Pranced nightly and curated for detainee Keith Raniere.

    Held press conferences

    Made fake justice reform websites

    Delivered an affadavit with a camera crew.

    Snuck Keith burner phones

    “Let the judge know he’s being watched”

    Cyber stalked agent Booth

    Hired e,xpert witnessses”

    Wrote many posts on this blog

    Used social media to push a false narrative and gin up outrage

    Posted on Instagram

    Harassed witnesses and victims online

    Got in trouble for threatening to release blackmail they had illegally

    Please feel free to add to this list!

  • Frank, why hasn’t Raniere’s pro se motion showed up on pacer or on Judge Garaufis’s docket yet?

    Raniere has had plenty of time to send it in on a pacer system, hasn’t he?

  • “If I ever failed to do my self-defined weekly task by the deadline I had set, I told my friend it was his job to donate my $500 to an “anti-charity” (a charity whose mission goes against my values—”

    Brian’s idea of “collateral” from a Yale course and a website that his friend shared during NX EM’s.

    More proof Keith never had an original thought or concept he didn’t plagerize and pervert to his own selfish ends.

    But I’m racking my pretty, little head trying to think of an “anti-charity” that would be the antithesis of Brian’s nobel endeavors. LGBT rights, mentoring deaf kids and camps for Cancer parents’ children.

    Hmm, how about a group of very much for-profit, virtue-signaling, hypocrite “ethicists” run by a heterosexual didler who offers girls-only camps and causes cancer treated only by his spew among his mostly childless, starved and sleep-deprived sex slaves?

    …Brian, hon, did your buddy have your collateral in a NXIVM escrow account? That’d work.

    Also, it’s awfully sexist to say a woman who may have raised her voice has “screamed” so I’m glad you put that in quotes, denoting it as hearsay.

    And if you think Moira Penza is so scary, let’s “have a conversation” about where you or one of your brothers – hard to tell you apart -went costume stalking last Holloween or where you were when that actress spewed a torrettes torrent on a group of innocent disabled kids who are, albeit, not all deaf. And the more “Luciferian” witch hunting you and your SOP brethern or agents perform on anyone, the less spooked and more confident I am that should you really hurt or “trigger” anyone, Marc WILL end up not only near his master in Tuscon hell but be END UP in KAR’s prison bunk. … Let’s see if y’all can’t get Sara B. locked up with your childish, dirty tricks and misogynistic, Luciferian antics while your at it.

  • Keith Raniere has a doccumented past of tampering with legal evidence.

    If anyone “tampered” it was Keith messing with his own child porn cache.

    It’s illegal to have child pornography.


    All child pornograpers and child porn collectors have a made up story of why it isn’t their fault that they have possession of kiddie porn.

    Doesn’t matter.

  • People that worked with Ted Bundy said what a swell, charismatic person he was when they knew him. None of them said afterwards “I only had good experiences with Ted so he couldn’t have hurt any of those women.”


  • Brian sounds credible and I empathize with the experience he had when he had nothing to do with DOS. While credentials impressive, he loses crediblity when he tries to justify collateral, and makes an absurd comparison with the DOS slave collaratal and money going to a charity he doesn’t care for.

    It undermined his position, and revealed he’ll say anything to justify conduct promoted by Raniere. Shame.

    • Agree. But I missed his credentials… Are you sure he let us know what they are? I’ll go back and reread.

  • I wonder does this guy spew lies as readily as Raniere, his resume seems fake as hell. Everyone of Raniere followers seems to think believing their own lies makes them true.

    • You’re just jealous you didn’t have the East Coast resume writing champion to help you score interviews.

  • Don’t defense lawyers record their client’s interviews with prosecutors? That would prove that mean-girl Moira Penza pounded the table and threatened their client…or not.

  • Why Brian Elliot is sticking up for Keith Raniere
    Raniere doesn’t like gay people; he has several times being gay is an act of defiance
    Maybe he is supporting his brother

  • I wonder how Eduardo Ausnsolo feels about Brian Elliot being a gay man and being around children.
    Eduardo on Twitter doesn’t think gays should be around children at all and has been very clear he doesn’t like gays.

    No need to take them off, Eduardo, several of us have copied these and your other hateful posts

  • “Wrongful” is not a word.

    Why do these dead-enders believe they must personally witness criminality for it to have taken place?

    Sometimes witnesses aren’t even aware they are seeing a crime at the time it is committed.

    If a stolen car is taken in front of you and driven away – if it was done skillfully and you weren’t really paying attention – would you know that you witnessed a theft? Or only after a cop interviewed you?

    What if a pedophile kept a teenage girl in a house you never knew existed so that he (Keith) could rape her repeatedly? Did it not happen? Because you never witnessed it?

    Did this dead-ender know Nicki and Allison were married for immigration fraud? How does a man who “fought for marriage equality” feel about their fake same sex marriage? And is this one of those criminal acts he never witnessed? But it did happen.

  • These people, like the stubborn followers of Raniere, do not want to understand what contradicts their objectives. Many years of many intelligent articles and contributions from commentators have accomplished nothing. Logic and common sense are extraneous words that they can’t do anything with.

    Criticism does not make these people think, but produces a reflexive defensive reaction. There are just people who are crazy, but do not notice it and consider themselves normal. The others, who don’t behave like them or think exactly like them, are crazy or need to be converted, convinced or reformed.

  • After three years of silence, suddenly all these statements come out, after Raniere’s pro se Rule 33 filing. Its clearly a coordinated thing. Still do not get what the point of all this is. What is it supposed to accomplish?

    In regards to actual statement, make sure you note that Brian discusses the theory of collateral while completing refusing to acknowledge how it was actually used. You cannot expect me to believe his interview did not include questions about the sexual aspects of collateral, that it was not monetary in nature like his “rational thoughts” on it.

    I picture a child covering his ears and yelling “la la la la” every time he was asked something about NXIVM and collateral that didn’t fit his “rational thoughts” on it.

    He also discusses being “prosecuted” while providing no actual concrete examples of this (closest he gets is demand to cancel some talk). He supports this with what sounds actions of self defense (“completely rebuild my life, my social network, and my business”) vs what it actually was – moving from east coast to midwest which…would require restarting a business, making new friends, and starting over in most aspects of life. In effect his complaint was “the AUSA might have been threatening me.

    I was not sure so I decided to move a thousand or so miles away just in case.” His extreme choice is all on him and no one else. Give Keith acolytes like Hatchett some credit – at least they have some spine where he clearly doesn’t.

    At least he is a consistent Raniere acolyte. Has an opportunity to show some moral fortitude and utterly fails at it.

  • This testimonial is very weird. So many things about it are weird! What innocent person uproots their life and relocates to another state because of some vague “government’s threat”?

    Who does that??? What threat? What could the government have actually done if the Elliot brothers had gone ahead with their speech, or talk, that absolutely NOTHING to do with NXIVM or KR or the trial, sometimes people just want to give public speeches about character assassination and why not, characters are assassinated every day, not just KR or NXIVM supporters, just anyone who supports anything…

  • “As a gay man I am suddenly the most important voice in what happened criminally to these women and a female child. I am the furthest thing from the kind of human Keith preyed on and abused sexually and otherwise for years and years. But somehow my, postitive experience ijust talking classes is very relevant and crucial”

  • “As a gay man,” you should care a lot about how many unprovoked attacks on the trans and gay community Eduardo Aunsuolo makes almost daily.

    The juvenile comments that your attorney allegedly made are hearsay. Did your attorney file a complaint? Make a public statement 4 years ago? Why not?

    It shows a thorough investigation that members of DOS and non-members were interviewed while conducting a criminal investigation of an organization with so many companies and branches.

    Isn’t that what all you dead-enders always beg for? All the happy Nxians to be heard from?

    Ya got your wish!

  • “My understanding of collateral was based not only on what I had learned from NXIVM courses but also from Behavioral Economics research from Yale University, which I had found on a public website called”

    Exactly. I’m also an entrepreneur who has had accountability buddies, which is a big part of why the outcome of NXIVM case, and Keith getting 120 years, has interested me.

    I guess one could argue that collateral that can destroy a person’s life and their family relationships (like false letters about molestation etc) are for more coercive, in a dangerous way, than the threat of the loss of $500 and it going to a distasteful organization. ?

    • My accountability buddy is great. We keep each other on track at work and the gym. I’ve come to trust and respect him. However, that MFer better never tell me the only way I can bench more and reach my sales goals is to secretly swallow his sweet tasting semen.

      Here’s the thing. Keith took good things and used them for bad. He’d find below-the-radar, common sense concepts and he’d angle them to reach his twisted goals. And he was a fucking master at doing this.

      He played the long game with it and surely had hundreds of irons in the fire at any given time. When he started on the accountability kick, he probably never thought he’d be able to eventually pull off DOS – but he knew that was his desired outcome.

      • Yeah, DOS was the Stanford Prison Experiment meets pyramid scheme. You can see how fascinated and obsessed Raniere was by the idea of the SPE in his chat with Grace Park in 2015. Not sure if you’ve seen it but it’s somewhere on the Frank Report.

        That study in 1971 lasted only 6 days but many of the participants were left with lasting psychological issues. DOS went on for 2 years so it’s not all that surprising how things went so crazily off the rails towards the end. And the only point of it was to service Raniere’s perverse sexual gratification and addiction to controlling women.

        • Yes, so similar to SPE! I’ve always thought that! I don’t think this is a popular opinion but I believe this guy was deeply into mind control.

          • He was big time into mind control. How else was he gonna get chicks? Riding a unicycle and reciting pi up to 100 places wasn’t doing the trick.

  • So is Brian Elliot saying he did not find it at all strange that so many women chose a close-up photo of their vagina with their face in the background for their collateral?

    What an a**hole!

    He clearly knew it was not the same type of collateral or group that he had been a part of and he did not care!

    Brian ran because he was a coward who knew what Raniere was doing and was afraid he would have to perjure himself at trial. He also probably agreed with everything Raniere was doing.

    I love the way he characterizes Marc’s speech as “educational” when it was going to be all about Raniere and how the government targeted him because of his genius. And how he lies some more that Penza gave a crap about Marc’s stupid speech and did something to stop it. Marc decided to pull the speech because, well, cowards run in the same family!

    These NXIVM leftovers are so arrogant, they think they are so important. In reality, though, no one cares about their crazy rants about their crazy cult leader.

    I also highly doubt Penza began screaming at his lawyer out of nowhere. I am sure his lawyer was sweet as pie to her. I actually doubt she screamed at all.

    If NXIVM’s courses were better than those at the esteemed institutions Brian attended, he clearly never went to class at school! I’ve seen the curriculum for some of NXIVM’s courses and they were ridiculously stupid! Any content that had any merit was stolen from someone else!

    It’s clear Brian is as big of a moron as Marc.

    I hate to break it to him but nobody cares about him or his irrelevant opinion on the experiences of numerous women who were sexually assaulted by Raniere.

    I can assure him the court won’t give a damn!

  • Wow. This guy, a Harvard graduate, cannot see the difference between putting up $500 versus:

    – requiring a constant supply of nude pics
    – signing away the deed to a home
    – providing credit cards, bank accounts
    – most of all, supplying confessions including false confessions that would inflict damage on that person or their loved ones

    It actually makes me feel ill. How little regard he must have for others when putting up $500 on cash is equivalent to supplying a “confession” that your uncle is a pedophile that has been molesting your brothers. So sick.

    Even the sheer volume of naked photos would be worth way more than 500 bucks on a website like only fans. This man is not thinking straight.

    But? Also no surprise. These nxivm followers demonstrate some of the most smug and entitled attitudes out there. Brian says the training made him more (self?) centered and goal driven, more self disciplined. But of course, he could not have learned these things by going to ordinary therapy, say with a registered psychologist who also once attended Harvard. No way! These results were only achievable because he received lessons from “the world’s smartest man”. And paid a lot of money for them, which by the way, is clearly a use of the marketing placebo effect, (the more you pay, the more you value) with a dash of elitism thrown in.

    They’re also all so cowardly. Many times now we’ve heard the pathetic complaint that “someone raised their voice at me” and now this guy is complaining someone raised their voice at his lawyer, LOL! Oh no! So intimidating! So scary! What a joke.

    You wanna talk about scary? How about being raped by someone you trusted? How about being shown videos of the actual murder of women? How about living every day of your life knowing that if you don’t obey your “master”, someone is going to tell your parents and husband that you’re a prostitute and it will be backed by the false confessions you gave and the many pictures they have of you?

    Brian should be ashamed of himself. How dare he compare these women’s experiences to putting up a small sum of money? How dare he insinuate that it was all just uncomfortable like gay marriage is uncomfortable? Shame on him!

    Folks should be warned and be careful around this guy. He might seem smart and have a lot of achievements to his credit, but he also named his price. $500. Thats what your life and your loved ones are worth to him.

    It’s the same thing, after all. It’s just a little bit of collateral to “back your word”.

  • Frank – do you have a perspective on why Mariana wasn’t branded and part of the slave ring? What is your take on the fact that Keith had a baby with Mariana and lived with her. But felt the other women needed to be part of this Master Slave ring in order to become worthy?

    Was Mariana in his opinion just innately Superior to all his other harem?

    It would be interesting to hear your analysis of why Mariana was not part of either the front line or the slave ring in general. But somehow also deemed worthy of being impregnated and caring vanguards baby and living with him. Thanks

    • That’s a great question. I do not know why. One reason is she probably would not have agreed. I do think the idea of branding started with her sister, Camila,

      Mariana had unique access to Raniere from the start. She and Pam Cafritz were together and these two I believe worked together to make Raniere comfortable.

      I recall back in the day, hearing that Mariana had jealousy issues and that she would have been displeased if she knew he was with Camila. You read in their trxts that Camila knew about Mariana but had to go out of her way to make sure Mariana did not know about her.

  • Damn Brian, what is it about you Harvard grads? So smart…yet so fucking dumb (Emiliano included).

    Now I’ll be going on your Wikipedia page and editing to reflect your association with NXIVM so people know what type of person you really are. No one cares about your experience…people only care about the peoples experience who were raped/blackmailed and branded which we already know wasn’t everyone involved in NXIVM. Try to use your brain and separate the two if you can.

    Bill Cosby didn’t rape his costars but he did rape other women…you think his costars are standing up to defend him? Nope! Cause they aren’t idiots. Crawl back in your hole in Missouri or whatever backwards ass place you are from.

  • This guy is affiliated with the gay and lesbian community? Have any of those people seen Eduardo go off on Twitter? He is one of the most hateful people toward trans and gay people ever!

    This dude shouldn’t be representing the lgbtq community in any capacity when he associates closely with such hateful, hateful people.

    It is astounding. People need to look into that organization immediately.

    And nobody who supports a convicted child of pornographer should be mentoring anybody. Thank you so much Frank for posting what this guy is up to so people can be informed and look into his background and Associates before trusting him to front any organization or Mentor anyone.

  • Brian is confusing the way he used collateral with the way collateral was used in DOS.

    His accountability buddy didn’t demand intimate secrets. His accountability buddy didn’t demand naked pictures. His accountability buddy didn’t demand he “seduce” Keith Raniere.

    I think that would have made a difference in the way Brian feels about collateral.

  • If this Harvard grad can’t see how conflating the actual concept/meaning of the word collateral with the word salad definition Raniere came up with and deadenders keep going on about in order to divert from how it is actually the concept/meaning of blackmail hidden by the word, then it appears that Harvard education is either lacking or useless, and/or this student failed to take full advantage of it.

    • Van Halen, I agree. Even putting up $500 is something that could so easily go the way of extortion. I mean, if it’s fun and lighthearted and you’re dropping a quarter in the swear jar? Probably no big deal. But asking men to put up sums of money, again, to do what they’re supposed to do, is also a terrible idea.


    Keith Raniere aka Vanguard aka Bitch 120 is asking everybody who does not believe he is a judo black black belt to resign.

    He explained he actually fought and won, but his opponents were midgets. He also took the opportunity to advise his belt was white but he dyed in black because life is all about agency and he is a bad ass master.


    Keith is in jail serving his donut to his fellow inmates but he is noticing none of them want to have his avatar baby.

    He has assigned a seduction dance to them but they said “ no need, we’ve being eating each other donuts way before you arrived. Btw, we will eat yours whenever we want”.

    Keith is really upset that nobody accepted to be his slave and on the contrary, they are forcing him to be a sex slave, something he has only made other people to be. He’s been trying to understand why whenever his neighbors come to visit and eat his donut they don’t want to hear his rumblings, he is surprised he does not need to offer a word salad before spooning with his friends.He also tried to explain his folks are fighting for justice system but his fellow inmates have not yet seen any help from his side besides a daily donut serving.

    Keith is now asking the whole population of inmates to resign because they do not accept him as their grand master and instead of calling him Vanguard they call him … Bitch 120

  • Notice how all these “spontaneous testimonials” cover the same points, in the same way? Almost like they’re scripted.

    Notice how they single out prosecutor Moira Penza just like Raniere singled her out in his maniacal diatribe from prison? Almost like he’s pulling the strings.

    He pulls the strings and his puppets dance.

    • Yes, there is certainly similarity across all of them. Some things here though do come across as unique – the fact he’s a gay man doing work for the LBGQ community and has a strong educational background. It may well be that he agreed to write a draft that would subsequently be embellished / added to at his brother’s discretion.

      Some of the points lack any serious credibility: “Due to the Government’s threat, I had to completely rebuild my life, my social network, and my business.” Over the top or what? Is he preparing to sue the Government?

    • That was my first thought too. And how similar the style of wrting is in each – Roberts, Hachette, and now Elliot. Fancy that coincidence.

      Also, I can barely remember what I ate last week, but they have perfect recall from four year ago? Hmmmmm….. Do I smell something 🦈🐬🐡🐠🐟y going on here??

  • What an annoying p.o.s these two. Stop invalidating other ppl’s experience.

    Let’s say a super cool professor, very popular among students rapes a girl. Do you keep protecting the professor because your experience inside the class was awesome ? The professor was awesome to all his 100 students but raped one. He is a fucking criminal and deserves jail. 100 students will be shocked and say he was an amazing guy, but it does not void the fact he raped someone.

    Stop with this centered opinion, this is not about you/ your experience / how you felt with that furry short disgusting guy.

    Resign now !!

    • I didn’t see him defend Keith. Interesting that you’re advocating to not invalidate people’s experiences, but you’re invalidating his, LOL.

      • no no, I believe KR was good to Marc and understand his feelings towards his master. But he can not ignore some people had shit time with him. When he speaks about assassination of character he is making clear where he stands.

    • That’s not the point here. If Raniere is guilty so be it. What they claim is due process which is bigger than Raniere.

  • Now, almost four years later, I am sharing these occurrences at risk of instigating a similar retaliatory reaction from the Government.”

    His experiences and opinions are so relevant to the case that there will be reaction from the government because… you know… they have nothing else to do, no criminals to catch, no crime to stop. And MKP is really concerned about this whole propaganda they decided to start now because being as successful as she is I can see she spends a lot of time thinking about the dead-losers-enders.

    ELLIOT BROTHERS: the case is not about YOU, if you were happy with Raniere good for you. The entire case was about what he did to OTHER PEOPLE. I hope this simple phrase was enough for you to understand.

    • Here’s a simple phrase for you to understand: “The ends don’t justify the means.” Even if he’s guilty, if what Brian is saying is true, Keith should get a new trial. Dirty tactics spoil fair trials, regardless of the defendant’s guilt. It doesn’t sound like this one was clean.

      • It was a very fair trial. Bitch 120 chose not to argue much during the trial, he was convicted by a jury. Game over!! The thing is this whole propaganda, they can claim and start a whole process about tampering, but they focus A LOT in other characters in this play, like MKP, FP, SE.

        Marc Elliot’s event is about character assassination, once again claiming his master is the best man on earth, everyone is so unfair and blind with Kueef.

        hey do not consider anything other ppl suffered, there were no bad experiences with Keith because he was Elliot’s healer. GFYS

      • Thanks for the succinct reframe. Way better than what I’d have said – “Hey, stop talking about hairy vag shots, and contemplating how Keith knows the lengths of our penises. Marinate on this – Is due process good? Why or why not? Is due process ALWAYS good? Can you come up with examples of when due process is not good? What if the FBI cheated Hitler out of his due process and stopped him from starting the holocaust?”

        Actually, I like my rambling reframe better. We should pair it up with your statement to get maximum eyes focused only on where glorious vanguard wants them. NO MORE POTTY TALK!!! THIS IS ABOUT DUE PROCESS!!!

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