Keith Harmon Snow – a Father Raping His Child Gets Custody- How CT Family Court Destroys Lives Through Parental Alienation

There is a vicious cadre of CT Family Court defenders. They raise a hue and cry that would tickle a tyrant’s heart. Let’s hear a rebuttal from Keith Harmon Snow. Snow is the author of the book: The Worst Interests of the Child.

Keith Harmon Snow:

Let’s start with something clear.

All this talk about “in the best interests of the child.”

There is no operating “in the best interest of the child” in the state of Connecticut.

The courts in the state of Connecticut turned into a private profit-based system of extortion and criminal racketeering that enriches lawyers, judges, doctors, and psychologists. Financial benefits drive lawyers and judges to create war in divorce court.

The system promotes the separation of children from parents and forces them into foster care. In the end, children are being trafficked to their abusers, and we’re talking about sex violations that are very easy to document and support…

I’ve examined over 25 cases here. I’ve interviewed over and over for this.  You need to talk to and understand what’s happening in the courts in Connecticut. And to write it off as saying, “Well, this balances that out there, and here…” is completely unconscionable.

There’s no balance. Let’s look at some specifics.

GAL Maureen Murphy billed Sunny Kelly’s case in Liberty versus Liberty at $300 an hour. And as time went on, Murphy became more and more involved in the daily business of “parenting” Max Liberty, who was being sexually abused by his father.

In this case, the GAL did not spend one hour with the kid. She spent hours and hours and hours, as much as possible, to rack up a bill of $83,170s for 277 hours of what amounts to interference and harassment of the mother.

It’s not only happening to mothers. It’s happening to fathers. It’s happening to everyone in the court system who is sucked into this vortex.

From the beginning to the bitter final decision, Murphy took the father’s side in this case. She appears in many other cases, in some cases as the lawyer representing a guardian ad litem. This was before she became a judge.

And when she became a judge at her hearing, people brought forward complaints about Murphy.  They were written off even in the press as people went back and looked at the court records, and court records have been actually doctored.

The media didn’t point this out. Nobody pointed it out to the media. So the guardian ad litem is doctoring court records. Working in collusion with judges to extort entire financial fortunes from parents. Liquidate children’s accounts and children’s trust funds, liquidate retirement accounts, to destroy people’s lives, not to stop the process and bring them back together.

In Tittle versus Tittle in Waterbury Court, Judge Robert Risha forced Susan Skipp to sign over a $41,000 retirement account, which is protected from garnishment.

The other people that extort profoundly, beyond the judges, are the psychologists, the psychiatrists, the guardians ad litem, and the appointed court visitation supervisors.

Some visitation supervisors have criminal records. They’ve gotten away with major criminal operations. They’re not even documented in the state, and they’re picked by the guardian ad litem who’s been picked by the judge.

The first case I heard about was Liberty versus Liberty. I heard about it because a friend I was working with was coming back and forth from Massachusetts to Connecticut, where she lived with the parent Sonny Kelly, and the father was abusing Max.

I heard about this over three or four years ago, and for two years, I completely denied hearing that his father was raping this child, and the court sent the kid back to the father.

I refused to accept that the idea of sexual violence of a child like that by the court supporting the father terrified me, and finally, as an international human rights investigator and a journalist, I couldn’t ignore this story.

I went to prove that it was not true. I couldn’t believe that this was happening to the mother, so that was over four years ago, and I spent two years listening to the complaints. Then finally, I spent five months investigating them, where I looked at Liberty versus Liberty, Boccia versus Deback, Bugsy versus Bugsy, Tittle versus Tittle, Zefarro versus Zefarro, Foley versus Foley, D’Angelo versus D’Angelo, Yannick versus Yannick, Taup versus Taup, Gill versus Gill.

In the case of Liberty- Liberty, the supervised visitation was forced on the mother because every time she brought forward evidence of Max being raped by his father that evidence was suppressed by the opposing lawyer, who went about proving that she was suffering from something called parental alienation syndrome, and that in fact is a discredited psychobabble theory that should not be entered into the court system in any way whatsoever.

The father, in this case, was raping the child. She would produce evidence of that. She didn’t say the father was raping my son. She said there’s something wrong with my son. She went to the pediatrician. She went to the psychologist. She went to the therapist. She went to the other therapist. Everybody sent her to the Yale sex abuse clinic. It went round and round and round, and they got more and more of these people involved until finally, the court forced her to have a visitation supervisor, N.J. Sarno and Company, LLC.

She bought a condominium on the money that he charged this woman, something like $80,000, and she hasn’t seen her son for over a year. This is criminal. The woman is not an alcoholic. She’s never hurt her son. She hasn’t seen him in over a year. That is the destruction of an entire life.

Keith Harmon Snow

Keith Harmon Snow is a three-time Project Censored award winner. A journalist, photographer, and writer who has worked in 45 countries. 

A former staff writer and photographer for the Japan International Journal, his works appeared in major Japanese newspapers, including the Yomiuri Shimbun and Asahi Weekly. Snow worked at the International Criminal Tribunal on Rwanda and as a journalist accredited with the United Nations Observers Mission in Congo (MONUC), human rights investigator for Genocide Watch, and genocide investigator for the United Nations in Ethiopia. He worked as an independent journalist and human rights investigator in Afghanistan and Mongolia.

He was the 2009 Regent’s Lecturer in Law & Society at the University of California Santa Barbara, recognized for his work contesting official narratives on war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide.

In 2011 Snow testified at the International Court of Justice in Spain regarding the war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide committed by the high officials of the Rwandan Patriotic Front/Army. Snow provided expert testimony in U.S. Department of Homeland Security refugee asylum hearings and at a special U.S. House of Representatives hearing on genocide and covert operations in Africa. 

He investigated corruption and trafficking of children and families in U.S. Family Courts and wrote the landmark book, In the Worst Interest of the Child.  

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  • Can tell you first hand any evidence you present is swept under the rug. Reunification therapy is not covered by insurance. You don’t have to submit documents to get reimbursed. The more conflict the more money. There is never just dysfunctional family. Dads a child rapist or Mom is crazy. Any one noticed it is always the child forced into therapy and never a parent. Cause the parents behavior is never the problem. 94 percent of abuse reported by children is true. Just because you are not a child rapist or severally beating someone doesn’t mean your behavior is not abusive. Children are human beings and not property. Child parent conflict is not the fault of the other parent. Lots of adult children estranged from a parent because of conflict. Every conflict is not brain washing.

  • The CT Family Court continues to be the joke of New England…all of the surrounding states agree. “In the Best Interest of the Child” (who they never let give their side of the story, no matter how old they are), should be rephrased “For the financial benefit of the CT family court system”.

  • Sadly there is story after story to come. Dispite years of complaints and supporting evidence. Abolish GALS for good. Let the residents of Connecticut vote the judges in. Enough is enough! The poor children of the state.

      • because it all the evidence showing the proof and shifting the case (money!) gets dismissed and ignored.

      • There is none. Basically their “evidence” is that GALs and custody evaluators earn money. Which apparently is supposed to convince us that these people are corrupt. Never mind that they are court ordered to be paid and earn the money regardless of which side they take. They literally believe there’s a cabal of people who are so evil that they intentionally place children with rapists and abusers all so they can make money. They also don’t seem to grasp the fact that coaching one’s child to make false sexual abuse accusations, goes way above and beyond “parental alienation”. It’s abuse. It’s trauma these kids will have to live with for years. It’s a more common method of revenge than people want to believe. And the wealthy parents are most likely the only ones who actually have the resources to fight back.

        • It is true. I am living it. The system exists to make money for the lawyers. Law is disregarded when convenient. My “GAL” has charged $120,000 and only met me one time in 4 years. The children, maybe 4 times each. In 4 years. The rest was spent acting as a second attorney for my ex and illegally involving herself in every aspect of the case despite the case being bifurcated. Don’t tell me it doesn’t happen. I am living it.

  • Thousands of CT parents signed petitions confirming their lives were destroyed by family court corruption. It goes to the top. It’s known among the players.

    They passed legislation to halt to money flow through the GAL but litigants, like me, are naive and “taken” by the BS of attorneys who work for the GAL to fuel the spending.

    Kids lives are sacrificed – in violation of constitution and deprivation of fundamental rights of children to have both parents.

    Please keep reporting. The public can’t believe the evil. I had never known it – nor could I fathom this reality.

    • There is no fundamental right for children to have both parents.

      And so everyone is clear, what they keep saying is “Child Trafficking'” is just giving the children to the father instead of the mother.

      If anything should make it clear how unfit these rejected parents are, its to equate a child being kidnapped and used sexually with one parent winning in court. Grow up. Calm down and work with your ex properly.

      • Judge Robert Nastri ruled in May that a child has a fundamental right to relationship with both parents. He is repeating what SCOTUS said in 2000 in Troxel, that the parent child bond is constitutionally protected under the 5th and 14th amendments. So grow up tin hat, there is a constitution, looks like Nastri is the first judge with balls to admit it, now that Elliot Solomon is gone from his watch tower over the rabbinical court. See the case Reich v Reich, Steven Reich.

  • How were the referenced examined 25 Family Court cases chosen? Was it a random sampling? Were they 25 cases where one or both parties had a complaint about the outcome of the case?

  • Vile and slime bags of society. The whole system is rigged in CT for profit…lining each others pockets. They will swing cases whichever way they think they can to extract as many dollars as possible for profit… COUNSELS,GAL’S,THERAPISTS,JUDGES all in on the game. There are so many family/divorce/custody cases that we don’t even hear about destroying families for the dollar.. thousands to millions here in this corrupt state.

    • You’re ignorant. Read the book. Read up on the AFCC. It’s child trafficking fir profit. It’s proven. It’s happening in courts throughout the US and kids are being denied a parent. Fathers are erased as well but less often bc they tend to have full financial control.

  • Welcome to Chicago
    At Least 47 Shot During Father’s Day Weekend in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago

    At least 47 people were shot, four of them fatally, during the Father’s Day weekend in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s (D) Chicago.

  • Some people focus on the money- liquidation of retirement- loss of all assets- but the real injury to society happens when this is repeatedly allowed to happen. This abuse is financed by HHS and all of DV to continue employment in broken systems

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