Fay Ray: Sue Crazy Raniere Lost Most Civil Lawsuits and Lost the Big One – Because He – Not the FBI – Is Guilty

Clare Bronfman and Keith Raniere used the legal system to create havoc for numerous defendants. Then the worm turned and they became defendants and karma came down with a will.
By Fay Ray
Raniere lied in all his legal cases.

Raniere has a history of torture through litigation. He brought suit against those who left NXIVM and spoke the truth about his sexual and criminal behavior. Then, he took them to court on false charges. 

Most of those cases – of NXIVM, Salzman, Bronfman, Raniere vs. [fill in the name] – were lost or dismissed. 

They even attempted to file criminal charges in the US, Canada, and Mexico.


  1. Raniere v. Natalie – Intervention in a bankruptcy case. Judge Robert Littlefield summed up Raniere’s litigation against Toni Natalie: “The individual challenging the Debtor’s [Natalie] discharge is her former boyfriend; this matter smacks of a jilted fellow’s attempt at revenge or retaliation against his former girlfriend, with many attempts at tripping her up along the way.” 
  2. Salzman v. Natalie – Intervention in bankruptcy case [Dismissed]
  3. After she’d videotaped Jeske tampering with her mail, Natalie secured a restraining order against Barbara Jeske, a longtime member of Raniere’s inner circle.
  4. NXIVM v. Rick Ross [Dismissed]
  5. NXIVM v Morris Sutton, Rochelle Sutton, Stephanie Franco [Dismissed]
  6. NXIVM v Paul Martin, PhD., and Wellspring Retreat, Inc. [Dismissed]
  7. NXIVM v John Hochman M.D.[Dismissed]
  8. NXIVM v. Interfor [Dismissed]
  9. NXIVM et al. v. O’Hara, Rutnik, and Polit [Dismissed]
  10. NXIVM v Douglas Rutnik [Settled for $100,000, a victory]
  11. Bronfman v. O’Hara – Intervention in bankruptcy case [Dismissed]
  12. NXIVM v. Metroland [Dismissed] 
  13. People v. O’Hara – Albany County Criminal Case [NXIVM/ESP and Clare Bronfman sought to have O’Hara indicted in Albany County (N.Y.). NXIVM made arrangements for Albany County DA David Soares to place Kristin Keeffe in his office to act as an unpaid Legal Intern. Keeffe worked on the case. The indictment was dismissed on June 19, 2007, by Albany County Court Judge Thomas Breslin. He noted that the instructions given to the Grand Jury by the District Attorney’s Office were “…so brief as to fail to provide appropriate legal instruction – and “…inadequate to comply with…Criminal procedure Law”. [Dismissed]
  14. Sitrick and Company Inc. v. NXIVM Corporation – Unpaid bill [stiffed company, so they won.]
  15. Salzman v. Continental Airlines – [Nancy Salzman alleged Continental lost her laptop – and sued for $700,000 for the value of the lost data in the computer. [Dismissed.]
  16. Bronfman v. O’Hara – Intervention in bankruptcy case [Dismissed]
  17. Precision v. Plyam et al. [Clare won a $10 million judgment but got nothing because they bankrupted the defendant.]
  18. Bronfman v. Yuri Plyam – Intervention in bankruptcy case [settled for a small fraction of the money spent in legal fees]
  19. NXIVM v. Susan Dones – Intervention in a bankruptcy case. Judge Brian D. Lynch said, “NXIVM’s claims and litigation tactics were disproportionate and largely lacking in merit.”  [Dones won.]
  20. NXIVM v. Woolhouse – Intervention in a bankruptcy case. Judge Lynch chastised NXIVM. He wrote: “Her ‘sin’ was to attempt to walk away after discovering that NXIVM was not what she thought or hoped. In return, she was labeled as ‘suppressive,’ a term that NXIVM applies to former associates who leave the company or whom NXIVM perceives to be its enemies, and subjected to protracted litigation from two large law firms and a phalanx of attorneys.” [Woolhouse won]
  21. NXIVM v. Bouchey – Intervention in bankruptcy case [Dismissed]
  22. NXIVM v. Bouchey – NYS Supreme Court – [Dismissed]
  23. Bronfman v. Bouchey – NYS Supreme Court – [Dismissed]
  24. NXIVM v. Bouchey – California SLAM case – [Dismissed]
  25. Bronfman filed a complaint against Bouchey with FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) – [Dismissed.]
  26. Bronfman filed a complaint against Bouchey with the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. – [Dismissed]
  27.  Bronfmans pressed for criminal investigation by the district attorney of Saratoga County to charge Bouchey with extortion – [Declined]
  28. NXIVM/Raniere attempted to get Toni Natalie indicted on bank fraud with U.S. Attorney Western District – [Declined]
  29. Raniere et al. filed a complaint against Natalie with the New York State Liquor Authority/Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control – [Dismissed]
  30. The Bronfmans sisters filed complaints against Yuri Plyam with the National Futures Association (NFA) – and the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). Both complaints were denied because the sisters never had any trading accounts with Mr. Plyam. The Bronfman sisters “loaned” $66 million to First Principles, Inc. to cover Raniere’s losses in the commodities account established in that entity’s name. [Dismissed]
  31. Clare Bronfman v. Parlato – NYS Supreme Court, Civil case. Bronfman alleges there was no written contract covering a $1 million load/advance she had paid to Parlato. Parlato is countersuing for $7 million. [Pending]
  32. Clare Bronfman filed a criminal complaint against Parlato in the Western District of New York. Contradicting her affidavit in the civil case, Clare told the Grand Jury there was a written contract.[Bronfman charges dismissed]
  33. NXIVM v. Canaprobe – Clare Bronfman alleged she hired Canaprobe to spy on U.S. federal judges and others and obtain their bank records and other personal information. The company provided her with fake records. [Dismissed]
  34. NXIVM v. Vanity Fair, Albany Times Union, Jim Odato, Suzanna Andrew, John Tighe. Joseph O’Hara, Barbara Bouchey, and others – Civil Computer Trespass Case [Bronfman’s perjury caused the judge to dismiss the case].
  35. People v. Natalie, Tighe, O’Hara, Bouchey – Criminal Computer Trespass Case [Case dismissed] [Bronfman’s perjury caused the prosecutor to drop the case.] Tighe pled guilty to this and possession of child porn charges. [Partial victory]. Many think that Raniere’s minions planted child porn on a computer that may not have belonged to Tighe.
  36. Raniere v Keeffe [child custody] Raniere denied being the father of a male child and created an elaborate story about the child being an orphan. Keeffe and the child fled from Raniere in 2014. Raniere then sued Keeffe for custodial rights, claiming he was the father. [Dismissed]
  37. Raniere v. Microsoft & AT&T [U.S. Court Northern District of Texas] Raniere claimed he invented a technology these companies use. He was unable to prove ownership of patents. He created a fictitious document transferring ownership from the actual patent holder. Raniere was caught. The case was dismissed. The judge admonished Raniere for lying and sanctioned him $1.2 million.
  38. Raniere v Global Technologies. Raniere sued in Washington State Court to prove he owns patents not issued in his name. He had no written contract or documentary proof. He alleges he made a verbal agreement more than 20 years ago. The patents are the same ones the federal judge admonished him for lying. [Dismissed]
  39. NXIVM [Mexico] v. Toni Zarattini, [and Joseph O’Hara, Barbara Bouchey, and others] alleging criminal extortion. Zarattini’s ‘offense’ was quitting ESP and allegedly telling others about the practice of branding women etc. [Dismissed]. Clare forwarded letters to her Mexican attorney to threaten whistleblowers.
  40. NXIVM/Clare Bronfman attempted to bring criminal charges in Vancouver against Sarah Edmondson. [No action taken]

The results of 40 lawsuits and over $30 million in legal fees are that Clare won three cases and lost 36, with one pending.

Raniere’s pathological lying is why he lost those cases. That and the fact that he is a criminal.

It is hard to win a case based on lies, when the other party brings factual evidence to the court. The word gets around in the legal community.

It doesn’t help that you get a reputation for spying on judges.

Clare Bronfman hired Elaine White and Cullen Johns to spy on Nxivm enemies including judges.
Raniere lost the cases brought against him in his first business, CBI.
In a federal court in Texas, the judge called Raniere a liar in a case he brought against AT&T/Microsoft for patent infringement, which he lost.
Raniere claimed he invented teleconferencing, which AT&T and Microsoft stole from him.
The U.S. Patent Office canceled the patents Keith Raniere claimed were his in a federal lawsuit against Microsoft.

Raniere was found guilty of seven felony charges in his criminal case – racketeering, racketeering conspiracy, sex trafficking, attempted sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy, forced labor conspiracy, and wire fraud conspiracy. In addition, the jury found that the government proved all 14 predicate racketeering acts.

He continues to say he did nothing wrong, which is fine. It’s his right. He is still guilty of everything the government charged him with and a lot more he was never charged with. Raniere gave up what was a sweet plea deal compared to a 120-year sentence.

He cannot stop lying long enough that he is not guilty of what the evidence proves. That is why he finds himself where he is today. He works with his faithful followers — Eduardo Asunsolo, Nicki Clyne, Michele Matchette, Danielle Roberts, and Suneel Chakravorty. He uses them to manipulate his situation and try to free him or reduce his sentence.

He has a handful convinced he is innocent.  They believe the FBI tampered with photos. But emails and Whatsapp messages, and a witness show Raniere took the pictures of Camila.

In his emails and text message to Camila, Raniere admits to taking those photos when she was underage.

What virgin would find him irresitible?

Text from Camila to Raniere. February 21, 2008. “Full moon is tomorrow, and that would make it 30 full moons that we’ve been together. Smiley face.”

If you subtract 30 full moons from 2008, you get 2005. Camila was 15 in 2005.

In 2014, Raniere texted Camila he was “proud to have been” her “husband for 8.75 years,” which would mean their relationship began in 2005 when she was 15.

In another text, a 55-year-old Raniere asked Camila what virgin would be interested in him given his age. Camila says any woman would find him irresistible.

He says, “Even an inexperienced 18 year old?”

Camila responds, “Even an inexperienced 15 year old.”

Raniere certainly doesn’t respond, ‘What are you talking about?’ Instead, he replies, “It needs to be a once in a lifetime person. And I have that. And I lost it.”

Yes, he had a 15-year-old Camila and lost it because she had an affair with a young man her age.

These messages reflect a relationship that began before she turned 18.

In August 2011, when she was 21, Camila told a nurse practitioner on a gynecological visit that she had been with her sexual partner for five years. That points to underage. Much more, such as an appendectomy scar and things he told Daniela. There is plenty of evidence other than the photos.

Yet his faithful say the FBI changed the dates on the photos despite text, email proof, and other proof! They say it was “planted child porn.”

They are reshaping their internal narrative using distortion of the truth by rewriting another story to manipulate the public and themselves about what happened.

Frank Report obtained from the DOJ a photo of the hard drive seized by the FBI where the 22 pictures of Cami were found.

If the FBI was going to plant evidence of child porn, why not plant thousands of pictures of child porn on Raniere’s hard drive? Why just one underage 15-year-old who was in the NXIVM community?

His faithful are projecting onto the prosecution. They asked prosecutors to sign an affidavit that they were the ones who were not playing any games with the truth. Isn’t it Raniere and the Faithful that are game-playing?

Suneel, Nicki, Marc, Michele, and Eduardo (not pictured) outside of the U.S. Attorney’s office, where Eduardo delivered the affidavit to the clerk.
Eduardo Asunsolo on the phone, outside of Moira Penza’s office building.

Raniere, his followers, and his new lawyer sought out any evidence where they could rewrite any part of it and try to twist any part of a fact.

The faithful hold court on social media, offering their so-called paid-for evidence in their Rule 33 motion. The Raniere faithful go on and on about how he hasn’t had justice.

And Raniere, who says he is broke, always has others pay his legal bills. However, to pay for the legal representation he has to date, someone would have to have the means of living within the top 01% of the U.S. Not many people could have a reserve to have that kind of money for legal bills.
It is easy to find him guilty when you leave a trail of evidence, as Raniere left behind. When those who followed him finally woke up to what he was doing, it was easy to testify against him. But unfortunately, that is what those still under his influence cannot see.

When those under his spell don’t get the results they want, they file more motions and lawsuits and post more stories about how unjust the system is against Keith Raniere.

The Misunderstood Man Raniere did no harm according to his faithful. We are just plain WRONG, crazy, and out for some vengeance for no good reason.

Sorry, kids, Raniere is guilty.

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  • Yes, needs to be said as the cult members are trying to drown out the truth with their false narrative of supposed miscarriage of justice.

    They need to look at the facts and what KR has done including those 40 lawsuits just about all lost and think about what sort of person abuses their power by bringing litigation on that scale.

    • But their whole refrain is “even the devil deserves fair treatment in the US justice system” So saying that KR has done other bad things in the past means nothing. Even if he did all these bad things he still deserves a fair trial etc. is what they will say.

    • Is there any money left in Raniere’s defense fund?
      What about the half of the house he owned?
      Does Raniere still have about $85k in assets?
      What about the $8 million inheritance from Pam Cafritz?

  • Now this is a good article! No bullshit. Straight up information. The truth! Imagine that! Well done Fay Ray!

  • It’s good to see the Frank Report speak the plain, unvarnished, common sense truth. To drop the conspiracy theorizing, drop the idle insidious speculation, drop this fake controversy.

    “When those under his spell don’t get the results they want, they file more motions and lawsuits and post more stories about how unjust the system is against Keith Raniere.“

    Those under his spell are not truth-seekers and they are not crusaders for justice. The Frank Report, in that sentence, has got their number. Bravo Frank, for saying it so well!

    • Nancy Salzman signed all the litigation behind NXIVM lawsuits. She was the Prefect and on paper the owner of NXIVM.

      Clare Bronfman paid for them

      Keith Raniere was the mastermind behind them

      Until she left, Kristin Keefe did the legal leg work

      Once Kristin left, Raniere was too lazy to do much with litigation on his own and Clare Bronfman wasn’t smart enough to do the kind of litigation support that Kristin Keefe did.

      • Fay-

        I was wondering how crucial Keefe was in helping Keith destroy people’s lives. Thanks for that insight! Hope all is well!

        If my memory serves me correctly, Keefe once bragged about going after people via litigation.

  • Excellent summary and easy to follow read. The sheer volume of litigation is startling as is the amount of money spent. Terrorism by litigation is not an exaggeration here. So much for the integrity of even respected lawfirms who apparently had no issues at al playing this game.

  • “Raniere’s pathological lying is why he lost those cases. That and the fact that he is a criminal.” Yes, he’s a pathological liar (from reported facts, I have no personal knowledge); Yes, he is a criminal (according to the jury).

    No, he lost the cases because there were no real cases, just using the law as an instrument of psychological and financial torture – and much more important, to maintain the facade he so carefully crafted and sold to his followers. Plus the hope of a ‘windfall’.

    KR is a vexatious litigant, and this will not stop. To be seen as being wrong or powerless is anathema to him. To think that he is a nobody and the world is still going round without him is a fate worse than death itself.

    There’s nothing worse than to be considered ‘irrelevant’ for someone with a narcissistic personality disorder, and in the current parlance, they need to have/find ‘their voice’. Hence the unedifying Depp v Heard trial, where Heard brazenly perjured herself, told countless lies, was vague when it comes to evidence and details, but put on a good ‘pull at your heartstrings’ show, blamed everyone but herself, talked about her ‘voice’, even came up with new definitions for the occasion: ‘I hit you; I did not punch you’, and ‘a pledge is equal to a donation’.

    All while feeling utterly convinced she’s the innocent, wronged party battling against a powerful outside forces (haters?)
    Perjury is not a problem, because narcs consider themselves ‘above the law’ and will not accept authority. Meghan Markle is another one who ‘did not intend to deceive the court’, but had (in the words of the judge) “at best, an unfortunate lapse of memory”.

    As for needing to be seen as ‘relevant’, the latest stunt in Uvalde speaks for itself.

    • Johnny Depp lost the UK defamation case. The judge found overwhelming evidence that he had abused his wife on as many as 15 occasions. This was in spite of Amber being completely under represented legally just like in the United States trial the United Kingdom case was not tried in the media.

      It was tried in a courtroom and whether or not you like Amber Heard or even believe Amber Heard 100% there is sufficient proof of Johnny Depp physically abusing her. Read the court transcripts. It is very common when someone pledges an enormous amount of money to a charity to spread the payments out. There’s nothing unusual about that whatsoever it’s done all the time mainly for tax reasons.

      The cost of being sued by Johnny Depp severely impacted Amber heard’s finances. She delayed payments. There’s really nothing untoward about that. Until you have read the entirety of the case for defamation that Johnny Depp lost you are just parroting things that you have heard and read online and most of that was paid for by Johnny Depp and his legal team and representatives.

    • Johnny Depp wanted multiple court cases.
      He is the narcissist. He has sued other many people.

      The defamation trial isn’t about any of the social media silliness that has people so emotionally invested in a late stage alcoholic junkie who has other pending cases for violence and regularly shits himself. A man who despises his fan base, ironically.

      Did JD abuse his wife even once?
      Does Amber Heard have a first amendment right to pen an op-ed that never named him?

      That’s it. That’s the entire legal case.

      It’s actually a simple free speech issue.

      Not a “who shit the bed.” Case. Nor a who do you like better? Case. Not a charity donations made (you have until after you die for your estate to fulfill those btw) or not made case. Not a “what happened at Cochella?” Case.

      Just a free speech/defamation case. Very Simple, really.

      Did he abuse her even 1 time?
      Can she write about it generally?

  • I’m glad this Ray Fay did not mention Kristin Kreuk. I love Kristin. I defend her honor. I demolished Sultan of Six and stuck his Dick in his mouth. She’s gonna be my girl Sultan. Kristin is mine. Sultan you gotta stop fucking with me. You lost Sultan. So don’t say nothing more about her.

    • You Sultan obsessed people are weirdos. Yeah, Sultan was obsessed with a celebrity, but at least she was pretty and somewhat famous, while he is just some unknown fan.

      • Anonymous 1:40-
        RE Sultan Obsession:

        Sultan was/is hilarious and a unintentional comic genius. I personally love the guy.

        I believe, I speak for Frank and everyone else on the Frank Report that we wish him well and that he moves on to a real woman.

        Sultan is a highly intelligent man with a great singing voice. It baffles my mind why he doesn’t date a regular woman. I sincerely mean this.

        Dear Sultan- you gotta Lexus, a bank account, and a dick that works. Plus you’re a nice guy. You can score a woman.

          • What’s the saddest case of Frank Report unrequited love?

            A. Sultan and Kreuk
            B. Ronnie and Lana from Ghana
            C. Kevin and Allison
            D Niceguy and Michelle Salzman
            E Nancy and Frank
            F Scott and Flowers
            G Nancy and Susan
            H Bangcock and Lauren
            I Every male dead-ender and Nicki
            J Shadow and Allison
            K Sherizzy and Chris Ambrose
            L Nutjob and Lana from Ghana

          • They are all lamentable. But you forgot the saddest of them all. Bangkok and Lauren Salzman. His friend said he died of COVID, but I think he died of a broken heart. No evidence for this. Just my gut.

          • Nutjob you neglected to mention:

            M Alanzo and Keith, every NXIVM dead-ender who posts on Twitter + Damon Brink

            N You and me. You have a serious obsession. No worries. I take it as a compliment. 😘💕👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

          • I could never forget about poor Bangcock. Frank votes for H. I vote for B ( I understand, Ronnie. I get it…). If niceguy keeps up the blatant full court press on Susan, we’ll need to add Niceguy and Susan as M.

          • Ronnie told me the last time I saw him that he only sent Nancy $230 last month so things are looking up. He’s 80 years old and he;s been sending money for 15 years or better.

          • NutJob-

            Bringing up Michelle is such utter cruelty!
            She and I will always have that night in Cambridge, when our eyes met at the Macy Grey concert. Oh the pageantry, oh the passion! Restraining orders be damned! Love conquers all!

    • Funny you say Grand Turk…..

      …….An island away from me….

      But where my ISP is located.

      How entertaining……

  • Shadowstate, are you a supporter of Tucker Carlson and the CIA?
    Quote from another:”Intelligence operatives now just openly working in the media.”

    The Week

    PLAN B

    Tucker Carlson tried to join the CIA
    APRIL 3, 2017
    Tucker Carlson.
    Getty Images
    Fox News’ Tucker Carlson was never any good at school. The conservative firebrand only managed to get into Trinity College, in Hartford, after his boarding school’s headmaster — the father of his then-girlfriend and now wife — pulled some strings on his behalf.

    Today, Carlson is the host of the popular Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News, which draws even more viewers than Megyn Kelly did when she previously held his 9 p.m. time slot. Despite being a household name for the right-leaning network, Carlson is technically a registered Democrat. He says it is so he can vote in D.C.’s predominately Democratic primaries.

    But as The New Yorker reveals, it took Carlson many years — and a few stumbles, including a failed attempt to join the CIA — to get from Trinity to television screens across the country:

    After college, [Carlson] tried and failed to persuade the CIA to employ him; the real-life agency, unlike its fictional counterparts, prefers not to hire young men who are gabby and insubordinate. Instead, he got a job in Little Rock, working for Paul Greenberg, the exacting editorial-page editor of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. [The New Yorker]


    • Tucker’s step-mom is heir to the Swanson fortune, of the TV Dinner fame. Appropriately Tucker’s TV show is the “TV Dinner” of news shows — for those who don’t care what junk they consume.

  • With the long list of lawsuits, it takes a lot of research to not lose track of them. Most already need records to put all this in the right order, but they also clearly show the system and methods behind all these lawsuits.

    It is not primarily about winning, which of course would be good, but it is about ruining the defendant financially and using legal tricks to drag out the proceedings as much as possible to put the defendants further in distress both financially and in terms of the time they need for their gainful employment when they also have to defend themselves without a lawyer [Pro Se] or have to pay higher legal fees due to the overlong proceedings.

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His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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