Aristotle Lambastes Allison Mack and Friend, Kevin, Recalls Smallville Silliness

By Aristotle’s Sausage

Michael Rosenbaum, who played Lex Luthor on Smallville, has had several of his former fellow castmates on his podcast over the years.

At first, both he and Tom Welling (Clark Kent) claimed the whole Nxivm cult thing came as a total surprise. They didn’t even know Mack that well, etc. When Rosenbaum had Kristin Kreuk on the podcast, he didn’t mention Nxivm or Mack. He avoided the elephant in the room.

Michael Rosenbaum
Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luther
Tom Welling and Allison Mack

Since then, Rosenbaum and Welling opened up on the subject. And it came out that Mack had actively tried to recruit other cast members into Raniere’s cult.

Erica Durance reveals how Mack worked it. It seemed to Durance that Mack wanted people to think she wanted to be friends with Durance. It was highly manipulative, very much about presenting a phony persona. And Mack was very good at it. She tried very hard to appear sincere.
It seems very much that Mack was feigning friendship so that Durance would be unable in good grace to turn down the offer to give Nxivm a try.

Mack presented Nxivm as a group of people supporting each other, very much a community. Durance saw through the ruse. It reminded her of her right-wing religious conservative upbringing. The “community” is less supportive than it is judgemental.
Manipulative. Coercive.

Erica Durance

The Durance interview is interesting. And it supports my contention that only fools join cults. Anyone with a bit of self-will and a bit of skepticism steers clear.

Mark Vicente

Mark Vicente was (is) a successful filmmaker and producer in the relatively small world of Canadian film and TV. Hardly surprising that Durance, a professional actress, gave him a follow on Twitter.

A couple of other Smallville cast members were subjected to Nxivm recruitment efforts. I don’t know by whom. Callum Blue took a couple of courses before quitting in disgust. Laura Vandervoort, another guest star, refused to have any part of the cult and was pissed about the recruitment attempt.

So Raniere succeeded only in getting two Vancouver-based show people to join his cult, Kreuk, and Mack. [and Nicki Clyne]

And Nxivm put a LOT of effort into poaching amongst the small, close-knit Vancouver arts community. There aren’t that many people out there foolish enough to join cults. Even among the granola-munching Pacific Northwest artsy set.

I remember that bitter fan feud between the pro-Chloe and pro-Lois set. So who is the “real” Lois? It’s all rather hilarious in retrospect. (Not that it wasn’t hilarious back then.)

Allison Mack from a promotional video for Jness.

Allison Mack’s character on Smallville, Chloe, was pretty much the same character Mack played in previous roles. She was perky, bright, and likable but always somehow eclipsed by a prettier, more popular girl. Mack was quite good at this kind of role and naturally attracted lots of sympathy.

So Smallville Chloe would wear lumpy sweaters and clumsy shoes. The boy she liked, Clark Kent, only had eyes for the doll-like perfection that was petite, glowing Lana (Kreuk), and of course, the fans were all like, “I hate that bitch.”

Kristin Kreuk, Nicki Clyne, and Allison Mack when all three were members of NXIVM.
Kristin Kreuk at Necker Island – 2010 – at a Nxivm retreat.

These fans fantasized that Chloe, a budding journalist who ran the high school newspaper(!), would turn out to be Lois Lane. Who, of course, is the love of Superman’s life in DC Comics “canon.”

That would show that bitch Lana Lang! (Did I mention we all hate her?)

Then round about seasons 4-5, who shows up in the Kent cornfield but Lois Lane (Erica Durance)? WTF!!! This came as a terrible shock to the Chloe-Is-Lois fans. They felt betrayed. They were pissed off.

To make matters worse, Lois (Durance) was “tall, thin, big tits, your basic nightmare” (“When Harry Met Sally” quote). She made Chloe look like a lump of cheese.

The Chloe fans, the Chlois supporters, all hated the bitch. Like present-day commenter Lena, they referred to her as a “drunken bimbo.”
This little drama played out on the discussion boards Television Without Pity (TWoP) and Kryptonsite. But, of course, this was still fairly early in the Internet, and social media wasn’t yet a thing. And Christ on a bike, was it vitriolic!

There was an episode where Lana, who was horsey and entitled just like Clare Bronfman, got trampled by her panicking horse. Broke her leg. From then on, the horse was fondly referred to on the boards as “Stompy.”

It was all pretty funny. Mostly. Some of it got kinda stalker-ish and scary, even to the point of violent threats against the actors and producers. Some of which were let stand by the moderators, who were by no means neutral.

Ah, those were the good old days.

As for Mack, her friend Kevin, some makeup person who worked with Mack 20 years ago, is “suffering terribly” because of “what happened with her?” What bullshit.

And it didn’t happen with her. It didn’t happen to her. She did it to herself. And to others. She’s blameworthy, so she gets blamed. She committed felonies, and now she’s serving time in prison.

She got what she deserved.

Allison Mack was into helping women empower themselves by branding women on their pussies with the initials of a man named Raniere

Allison Mack is a criminal, and anyone under the illusion that she wasn’t now should know better and move on.

So “Kevin,” if you are what you say you are and knew her for close to a decade, maybe you should have tried harder to keep her out of that fucking cult.

Allison Mack

It seems to me you’re the one who failed her.

And you have some goddam nerve faulting people for commenting anonymously, “Kevin.” You must be a real glutton for punishment, coming here of all places, if you’re all that torn up hearing unpleasant things about dear sweet Allison. Did you watch The Vow repeatedly, too, a box of tissues at hand? Buy the DVD?

If you’re bothered hearing your friend disparaged, you ought to choose better friends because Allison Mack is a real piece of work. She’s a racketeer, an extortionist, and a liar. You must be some fine judge of character if you knew her for a decade and remained ignorant of who and what she is. Allison Mack had women branded on their pussies with her lovers’ initials. AND SHE TOOK CREDIT FOR THIS. That’s some seriously fucked up shit, “Kevin.”

And you still think she’s a nice person who shouldn’t have mean things said about her? The woman who ran Keith Rainiere’s sex trafficking operation for him? Who collected slaves-actual slaves- for him? What’s wrong with you?

No seriously. What’s wrong with you, man?

I read your whiny little “I’m offended” article in its entirety and was unimpressed. Hard to believe, I know.

I found your argument ridiculous, which is why I ridiculed it.

You may find this difficult to believe, but not everybody agrees with your opinions. This is not, as you seem to assume, because others are ignorant or lazy. Instead, other people may disagree because – gasp! – YOU are wrong.

Ponder this, and it is you who may learn something.

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  • Off Topic:

    One of the funniest things I’ve read on the Frank Report:

    “Run far away from here, Kevin. Save yourself from having to convince human excrement that they are even tillable soil. They’re not, and never will be.”

    Such a sea of melodrama….
    …A Pantomime of words…..

    …..And what a goddamn ridiculous thing to say — Mother F’er must be drunk on RingDings®️ again. LMAO!!!!

    Must award Alanzo Comedy Gold!

    Here is a song dedicated to Keith & Alonzo:

  • Speaking as a woman, this right here is serial-killer level creepy: ”You don’t think I feel terrible about that? It’s the first thing I think about when I wake up, and the last thing I think about before I go to sleep, every night, for the last four years.”

    This isn’t sad, it’s gross and unhealthy considering the timeline and facts of the “relationship,” as stated. It’s so blatantly bizarre I think it’s a troll. The Air Force (the most delicate of all the branches!) is a nice touch.

  • Whatever Mack was thinking is irrelevant, as is what anyone thinks of her. She got caught, and plead guilty so that she would not have to face a jury. Had her case gone to trial, she may have been convicted of sex trafficking.

    Her fate was decided by a court, like it or not. She is in jail, and is very fortunate that it is only for a few years. She committed crimes and got caught. She destroyed her own life and career. Pretty easy to understand, so there is no need to ponder. What the public or her costars think means nothing.

    Even after her release she will be supervised for three years. She was under house arrest before her sentencing. By the time she is free, she will have spent about eight years confined, and the cult will have consumed about 20 years of her life. And she got lucky.

    I do not feel sorry for her and I do not feel angry at her, and I find people that do perplexing.

  • Aristotle-

    “I found your argument ridiculous, which is why I ridiculed it.”
    (Aristotle Sausage Eater)

    You wrote a 1000 word essay on why Kevin
    deserves to be ridiculed — it sounds to me like you want Kevin’s sausage. Mmh?

    Sausage, you’re a superfan of Smallville. What does that make you? LMAO @ U!

    • No shit Nice-Guy!!!

      Is Sausage the new Durance Sultan of Six? I mean he sounds seriously personally offended. He nails down every detail of the show and remembers comments from more than a fucking decade ago. But then pretends to not know which season Durance appeared like we are stupid enough to believe that. I think that this might even be an old feud from some whatever-the-hell-nobody-cares-about message board.

      My guess is Kevin and Sausage go way back because unless I missed it, this Smallville rant is a first on FR for Sausage. I think Kevin smoked out Sausage and this is what we got, a FrankReport cat-fight on our hands over Allison Mack and Erika Durance.

      “Smallville Sausage” Ice-nine deems thee.

  • Hey Frank, you damn ominide!

    I see you censored my pleasant and warm greeting that I gave to everybody on here when I first came in here a few days ago, you small-dicked Orwellian little piece of fucking shit!

    When are you going to do the article on Michele Hatchette’s slander of white people like you said that you would to my Lord and Savior (who is also your Lord and Savior too)?!

    Stop playing games and get your head out of your ass!

    • Wasn’t it established in court that her marriage to Mack was a sham? So why hasn’t Clyne been deported?

  • Interesting that some immediately recognized it as recruiting attempt for a cult. Why can some see it and others fall prey?

    • Because it starts with love bombing and some people are very vulnerable to flattery and attention. That’s not the answer every time but I think that’s how they get to a lot of people.

      Also, you had people who very much wanted to be involved in the entertainment industry and they felt they were going to make connections. Things like that made them vulnerable. Appealing to people’s egos. Confirming for them their secret belief that they are special very special.

    • A thousand reasons applicable to that individual. People are not carbon copies of each other, people are wired differently and have had different, unique set of circumstances to form their identity. Why are some people murderers but others not? Why do some people cheat and others not? Why are some people well suited to work wiping arses for a living and others not? etc.etc.

  • Vicente isn’t a Canadian film-maker, he’s South African born and nearly entirely works in the US. He was part “owner” of the NXIVM Center in Vancouver.

    You left Grace Park out of the list of Vancouver actors in NXIVM. Most would say she is more prominent than either Allison Mack or Kristen Kreuk. She did make a cleaner getaway than the others.

    You also left out actor Sarah Edmondson, the other owner of the Vancouver Center. Less prominent, but made a living screen and voice acting before NXIVM, and still does afterwards (although her podcast “A Little Bit Culty” is probably most of her income now).

    A little-known bit of Sarah E. fun. A few years ago, there was a summer-replacement series “Salvation” about a comet due to hit the Earth and kill everyone. One minor sub-plot was an end-of-the-world cult arising. Sarah E. was cast as one of the cult leaders! She rocked it!

  • “ Allison Mack is a criminal, and anyone under the illusion that she wasn’t now should know better and move on.

    So “Kevin,” if you are what you say you are and knew her for close to a decade, maybe you should have tried harder to keep her out of that fucking cult.”

    THANK YOU, you literally took the words right out of my mouth from when I read the article before and thought, wow he must not actually know the real Allison at all. I honestly think that because of all of this stuff I don’t think that Allison knows who the real Allison is either.

  • I’m having a back and forth with a guy who calls himself Aristotle’s Sausage. I really need to get out more.

    I wasn’t a makeup person, I was a production assistant, and also ran errands when the actors would be on set all day.

    I’m not sure how many times I have to say that I don’t excuse any criminal conduct and don’t dismiss the testimony of people who got hurt. My point is that many of us knew a different person than the one portrayed on tv. That many of us are having a hard time dealing with this. And that people should take time to think about what they say and consider the impact it has on others.

    Somehow that’s been twisted into me being a colleague type with hurt feelings demanding an apology. False, false and false. You can say anything you want to. And I’m just as welcome to respond to it.

    I had a hard time in school and having a real job was one of the things that gave my life value and purpose. I felt welcomed there, like I belonged, and I had never had that before. It’s an important part of my life and I don’t like seeing it torn apart. Allison is serving her time, so why all the cheap shots from people who were her friends? Why is that necessary?

    I don’t remember there being any tension between the women, they seemed to get along fine. I don’t remember any issues with fan sites or stalkers (except for guys who would occasionally send dirty pics). This was before I had social media, so I wouldn’t have known about it. Curious how people know all that stuff.

    • Kevin I absolutely believe that you are not condoning criminal Behavior. I would also ask you to be open to the fact that knowing someone at work is not the same as knowing them in their personal life. And just being male vs female and not another actor or actress would create a very different dynamic between you and Allison both on and off set.

    • “I’m having a back and forth with a guy who calls himself Aristotle’s Sausage. I really need to get out more.”

      Exactly Kevin.

      I’ve read your posts and support your humane attempts to provide understanding here fully.

      But you need to understand: these commenters here on the Frank Report are pieces of shit.

      As an example, “Aristotle’s Sausage” is actually known here as “Aristotle’s Turd”.

      Need I say more?

      Go far away from here, Kevin. Save yourself from having to convince human excrement that they are even tillable soil. They’re not, and never will be.


      • And yet here you are involving yourself in a conversation that has nothing to do with you once again.

        Kevin doesn’t need you to rescue him. People are having productive conversations with him. You add nothing but name-calling cluttering up the comments section and hypocrisy. Go back away. The Frank report is so much better without you.

        And you have just acknowledged that there’s nothing here for you either. Goodbye!

      • Lol as an objective outsider…the dumbest shit I’ve read on here has been from Alanzo hands down. Total fool

          • Alanzo-

            Haha is not me. You know me better than that…..

            Objective outsider or total fool are not cruel enough insults for a wet [redacted] three men [redacted] like you.

            I’m glad you’re okay. I was worried you’d recently OD on a man’s [redacted] and become a postmortem organ donor.

      • Nah. It’s not that bad, Kevin. (at least not always that bad)

        Your points are heard and make an impact. The vast majority of readers don’t comment. It’s always good to stand up for what you think is right.

    • Do you still beat yourself up (or off) about how you did not save Chloe?

      Kevin May 26, 2022 at 7:10 pm: “You don’t think I feel terrible about that? It’s the first thing I think about when I wake up, and the last thing I think about before I go to sleep, every night, for the last four years.”

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