Erica Durance Didn’t Like Allison Mack & Short, New Interpretive Book ‘Allison’ Published

By Anna B. Mercury

Allison Mack, 39, is a former co-star of Smallville. She is the current star at FCI Dublin, a low-security prison in Alameda County, California.

Screen Rant recently had a story: Smallville’s Erica Durance Discusses Relationship With Allison Mack

Allison Mack, Erika Durance and Kristin Kreuk.

Durance joined Smallville in season four as Lois Lane, Chloe’s cousin. Chloe is Mack’s character on Smallville. Durance and Mack spent seven seasons together

Erika Durance

Screen Rant’s JD Smithey writes, “their personalities never quite meshed in real life. Durance attributed the hostility to two clashing personalities… Luckily, the personal distance between the individuals also helped deter Durance from any interest she might have possibly had in NXIVM.”

In an interview with Smallville actor Michael Rosenbaum’s podcast Inside of You, Durance said:

I said [to Allison] the idea of sharing all of my personal secrets brings up a visceral reaction in me. She didn’t bring it up until the latter part of the seasons. We had an interesting relationship, me and Allison. I think that she felt like she wanted to like me.

I think that she wanted people to see that she wanted to like me but I don’t think having me there was something that was great for her. Maybe it came off as her being threatened but I found there was too many little idiosyncrasies that would happen. I would walk away and was like, ‘I thought we got along today.’

Then I would go home and be like, ‘Well, that was mean.’ Nobody would ever see it. There was all sorts of those little things that would go on…I think she liked being in that position of knowledge and wanting to recruit. I think she really believed in it but I didn’t really trust her motivation when it came to me.

Animated Smallville

An animated Smallville series, with most of the original cast, is in the works. Tom Welling and Rosenbaum head the project. Durance agreed to join.

What about Mack? Right now, her role in FCI Dublin will make a second gig unlikely. But Mack’s incarceration ends December 15, 2023 — one year and six months from now. Maybe her castmates will welcome her back and help her make a comeback.

A Book About Mack?

The book is only 74 pages. But then again the price is a modest $10.50.  The book is Allison by Marisa Silva-Dunbar

What is the book about? I am not sure I have figured it out. But here is what A.E. Copenhaver, author of My Days of Dark Green Euphoria, winner of the Siskiyou Prize for New Environmental Literature, says:

Through an ingenious combination of original poetry by Silva-Dunbar, set like jewels in a crown alongside erasure, found, and remixed writing, Allison is a book not to be trifled with-an eagle-eyed, nuanced, and honest exploration of the real-life character of Allison Mack.

Silva-Dunbar’s powerful treatment of Mack’s lived experience-from her charmed beginning to her eventual conviction-courts readers through the psychological labyrinth constructed by fallen NXIVM leader Keith Raniere.

At times shattering, at other times hopeful and restorative, Silva-Dunbar’s Allison guides us through this terrifying house of mirrors-shows us the subtle horrors of manipulation, coercion, perfectionism-the grisly demons that can grow in the margins of our consciousness and take over our entire existence.

Allison is a must-read not only for those who grew up idolizing the bright, talented actor Allison Mack (and who might still be struggling to come to terms with what happened to her), but also for people who have condemned her, for anyone who is curious about the arabesque-like revolutions of the human mind.

Allison reminds us what we can become by losing ourselves-and how close we can be to committing atrocities at any time-but Allison also asks readers to consider what we can become if we allow ourselves to heal and redefine our souls. Above all, this book humanizes with vivid, searching prose that most essential experience of living through darkness and, finally, emerging into the light.

Allison Mack enjoys a meal just prior to entering prison.

I couldn’t figure out what this A. E. Copenhaver was talking about. It made me have arabesque-like revolutions in my brain just trying to figure out whether I wanted to lose myself by committing the atrocity of buying the book but then again how could I not search for the essential prose that might redefine my soul and Allison’s soul too? Plus it is only $10.50.

Here are a few of MK10ART’s wonderful paintings of Mack to humanize the lass.

MK10ART Allison Mack and Jessica Joan

MK!0 Art’s portrait of Allison Mack –
Keith Raniere is in a cell with his friends.

MK10ART painting of Allison Christin Mack
MK10ART’s painting of tragic Allison Mack.

MK10ART’s painting of Allison Mack being accompanied out of court with her attorneys, Sean Buckley [l] and William McGovern [r]

Allison Mack has readers split– some calling for leniency and others demanding punishment. MK10ART.

With Lama Tenzin

MK10ART – the two of them fought for control – Esther Chiappone Carlson and Allison Mack.
MK10ART’s Study of Allison Mack.
MK10ART portrait of Allison Mack and her brand.

MK10ART – From Slave Master to Straight Jacket

MK10Art’s depiction of Allison Mack reflecting on her moments with Keith and Dani.
MK10ARTs painting of Keith and Allison
MK10ART’s subtle painting of Allison and handsome Keith.
MK10ART’s splendid painting of Kristin Kreuk (who introduced Allison to Nxivm) wrapping her body around Allison Mack.

Painting by MK10ART
MK10ART’s painting of Allison “Pimp” Mack
MK10ART’s painting of the branding with Allison Mack, Keith Raniere, and Clare Bronfman.




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  • There are 2 sides to every story and when Allison gets done writing her own book I bet she will have plenty to say about
    Erica Durance – who says she Didn’t Like Allison Mack.

    Well perhaps Erica Durance was a pompous ass to work with. 2 sides to the coin.

    Easy for those who knew Allison to trash her when she is stuck for what? 2 more years in prison? But I believe her side will come out of all this because I believe she will write her own book. At the very least be on social media and podcasts, but I see a high dollar amount in Allison’s future for writing a book which I would buy.

    Allison has nothing left to do but bide her time, and her time will come and it will be most interesting to read her side of it.

  • What so many forget is that Allison has friends, family members and former co-workers who are devastated by what happened with her, who are suffering terribly. We were never in NXIVM and have no connection to any crimes.

    We know a different Allison than the one the public knows. And this really hurts. She was good to the crew on Smallville and to her assistants pre-NXIVM. When she gets torn to pieces, so do we. Think about that the next time you leave a comment or write a column about her.

    • Kevin, I would recommend that any family or friends of Mack avoid websites about Nxivm where she is known as a convicted felon.

      • It’s not as easy as it sounds. Many of her friends who worked with her 15-20 years ago haven’t had contact with her in over a decade, and don’t have a way of communicating with her other than writing to her in prison. There are so many websites, podcasts and documentaries that have made her a topic of discussion, with people dumping on her because it’s the popular thing to do.

        She isn’t able to defend herself, and it’s beyond cruel when a former co-worker goes on another co-worker’s podcast and makes claims about her, knowing that she won’t be able to respond to them. Allison is being punished and serving her time in accordance with her sentence. Why isn’t that enough? Why do people have to beat her up when she has nothing left?

        And as far as what Erica said, I’ll wait for Allison to address the comments herself. The truth is a lot different than the popular “Allison was mean to me” narrative that’s in style right now. That members of the crew, her makeup and costume team and her assistants pre-NXIVM have never been contacted by law enforcement or the press to get a more accurate picture of her is troubling.

        • Oh come off it. Some makeup person who worked with Mack 20 years ago is “suffering terribly” because of “what happened with her?”

          What bullshit.

          And it didn’t happen with her, it didn’t happen to her, she did it to herself. And to others. She’s blameworthy so she gets blamed. She committed felonies, and now she’s serving time in prison.

          She got what she deserved.

          Allison Mack is a criminal, and anyone who was under the illusion that she wasn’t now should know better and move on.

          • No. What’s bullshit is a guy who hides behind a fake name and doesn’t know her and has never worked in the business pretending to be an authority on her life and what happened.

            You’re a random guy who never met her. I knew her for close to a decade. You have as much of a place talking about her as I do talking about a member of your family.

            And not once have I defended anything she’s done that was criminal, nor have I disparaged anyone who had a bad experience with her. What I have a problem with is the exploitative way her legal issues have been, and continue to be addressed.

    • Why is it only Allison Mack’s family and her friends or former friends and her former co-workers who suffer?

      What about all the other people who also have a family member who is a convicted criminal serving their sentence in prison? That’s many, many millions of people that are affected. Who is talking about them?

      Allison Mack is not an isolated case. Her fate as a convicted criminal is not exceptional and she shares it with a great many other people. Stay grounded in reality. Everything is put into perspective. No one condemns people just because they are or were close to someone who is or was a criminal.

      The ones who suffer the most are the victims of these criminals who do not get any help or have to suffer forever from the crimes they suffered, be it psychological or physical or financial damages that can never be repaired.

      • You are 100% correct. Friends and family members of prisoners who are not famous also suffer, and I agree that their suffering should be acknowledged and that they should be free of discrimination in their lives. I never argued otherwise.

        The difference is that Allison is still getting beat up in public, and will continue getting beat up once she gets out. The average inmate isn’t the subject of multiple documentaries and podcasts. When does it end? When are people going to leave her alone?

        • Kevin, with all due respect where were you all when Allison was basically emaciated in thrall to a sociopath and committing immigration fraud with a fake marriage?

          Why weren’t you there for Allison back then?

          Allison chose to put herself in the position of having control over other people. Control over their health and well-being, control.ovet their Mental Health, their sex lives – there was nothing that Allison did not get herself involved in with in multiple people’s lives and those people are allowed to tell their story.

          And those people have feelings about the damage that Allison wrought upon them. If you choose to be a damaging force in the story of other people’s lives then you have lost control of your own narrative.

          That’s an important lesson. Do you want to be the person that someone is talking about hurting them in their support or recovery group? I know that I dont!

          Allison could have chosen to mind her own business and live her own life and let other people live theirs. She didn’t. There are consequences for that. You cannot protect Allison from that Fallout.

          • Fair questions. I was on the crew and worked as an assistant until the later seasons when I changed careers and enlisted in the Air Force. I was not aware that Allison was in any danger or needed help. I didn’t know what NXIVM was or that her health was failing. You don’t think I feel terrible about that? It’s the first thing I think about when I wake up, and the last thing I think about before I go to sleep, every night, for the last four years.

            I’m not excusing anything that happened between Allison and the other women, because I wasn’t there for any of it. They have a right to tell their stories. But how many seasons of The Vow are necessary to tell the story? How many podcasts? How many books? The line between telling their stories and exploiting the situation has been crossed, with the end result being that Allison will be eventually seen as a sympathetic figure.

            I don’t like the gossiping and speculation, and I don’t like that there are people who continue to be hurt by this unnecessarily.

          • “You don’t think I feel terrible about that? It’s the first thing I think about when I wake up, and the last thing I think about before I go to sleep, every night, for the last four years”

            Kevin…first, get help. Second, you were not responsible for what Mack did, especially since you were not around when she broke bad. Third, get help. If you are not simply over-dramatizing your anguish (which would still be a problem) it is not healthy to be so obsessed with someone else’s problems. Get help.

    • Kevin I think its Alison who should have considered the effects of her actions, and not commentators on a blog dedicated to the bringing down of the cult she so willingly served.

      • Point taken. But you won. NXIVM is dead and Allison is in prison. Congratulations. So why is everyone still here? Five years from now, are you guys going to be following her around if she goes to the grocery store to pick up milk? It’s weird.

        • Kevin,

          Thank you so much for answering my question about not helping Alison back then.

          What you said makes sense. I really appreciate your willingness to have a respectful conversation about it. I actually think there is an opportunity if “The Vow” continues for Allison to join the conversation.

          There is an opportunity for Allison to write a book about what happened. I think that you would be surprised how willing people such as myself are to hearing what Allison actually experienced in Alison’s own words.

          I also think there is an American tradition of giving people second acts and multiple chances. I think Alison going to prison was the right move. When she gets out she can hold her head high. Allison can look people in the eye and say, ” I served my debt to society and I’m trying to move on”.

          Allison writing apology letters to the friends that she enslaved into Keith’s master/slave scheme was the right move.

          If Alison continues to make the Right Moves when she gets out of prison, her future is bright. I don’t count Allison out at all. But I do hope that she doesn’t fall back in with the cult dead-end followers.

          I hope Allison keeps her family and friends like you close. I hope that she remains accountable. And then I wish her the very best in life. Thank you again, Kevin, for being able to have respectful discourse. On a Blog! That’s impressive.

  • Will the great Sultan of Six weigh in or is he too busy stocking a new celebrity?

    Rumor is Natalie Portman……

  • Was Allison the naive Little Red Riding Hood and Raniere the big bad wolf as in the fairy tale? No. Weren’t Allison Mack and Keith Raniere and others the wolf pack in search of human, i.e., female prey? Yes. Alas. None of this was a fairy tale, it was the real cruel reality! Unfortunately, there are too many who want to make others believe that they are all the poor little Red Riding Hood as in the fairy tale. Why there is no happy ending, because they are guilty as sin.

  • Poor Mr. Shadow had to do a diaper change after reading this story.

    Talcum powder………..Mmmh!

  • Rosenbaum, who played Lex Luthor on Smallville, has had several of his former fellow cast mates on his podcast over the years. At first both he and Tom Welling (Clark Kent) claimed the whole Nxivm cult thing came as a total surprise to them, they didn’t even know Mack that well, etc. when Rosenbaum had Kreuk on the podcast he didn’t mention Nxivm or Mack. He totally avoided the elephant in the room.

    Since then, Rosenbaum and Welling opened up on the subject. And it came out that Mack had actively tried to recruit other cast members into Raniere’s cult.

    Erica Durance reveals how Mack worked it. Curiously it seemed to her (Durance) that Mack wanted people to think that she (Mack) wanted to be friends with Durance. It was highly manipulative, very much about presenting a phony persona. And Mack was very good at it. She tried very hard to appear sincere.

    It seems very much that Mack was feigning friendship so that Durance would be unable in good grace to turn down the offer to give Nxivm a try.

    Mack presented Nxivm as a group of people being supportive of each other, very much a community. Durance saw through the ruse. It reminded her of her right-wing religious conservative upbringing. The “community” less supportive than it is judgemental. Manipulative. Coercive.

    It’s an interesting interview. And it support my contention that only fools join cults. Anyone with a bit of self will and a bit of skepticism steers clear.

    • Exactly. Mack would have scored bonus points with Keith had she been able to lure Durance in. Keith would have been especially joyful with Durance joining NXIVM. Of course, he would have put her on a diet to lose some weight. She would have been a great “project” for Keith.

  • And is Erica Durance going to mention Kristin Kreuk was deep in the NXIVM cult at the same time?

    Did Kristin Kreuk not attempt to recruit her into the NXIVM cult?

    At the time all three “actresses” were on that show, Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack were deep in the cult together and according to the leaked 2011 coach list, both were equal rank in the cult and this was after Kreuk left that television show.

    Erica Durance was even following NXIVM cultist Mark Vicente on her twitter page.

    She almost certainly did a course or more and if so, Kristin Kreuk would of recruited her.

    Frank, you should ask around if she was in the cult in any way.

    On the Crazy Days Crazy Nights website, it claims there was an actress who was in NXIVM that has not been reported on by the press.

    Very possibly Erica Durance.

    • “Erica Durance was even following NXIVM cultist Mark Vicente on her twitter page”

      Interesting. When? If during Smallville it does seem likely that Erica might have been in Nx with Mack and Kreuk, but now doesn’t want to admit it.

      • Mark Vicente was (is) a successful filmmaker and producer in the rather small world of Canadian film and TV. Hardly surprising that Durance, a professional actress, gave him a follow on Twitter.

        A couple of other Smallville cast members were subjected to Nxivm recruitment efforts, I don’t know by whom. Callum Blue actually took a couple of courses before quitting in disgust. Laura Vandervoort, another guest star, refused to have any part of the cult and was pissed about the recruitment attempt.

        So Raniere succeeded only in getting two people from the Vancouver based show to join his cult, Kreuk and Mack. And Nxivm put a LOT of effort into poaching amongst the small close-knit Vancouver arts community. There just aren’t that many people out there foolish enough to join cults. Even among the granola munching Pacific Northwest artsy set.

        • Mark Vicente is not successful nor is he famous, or Canadian.

          His big claim to “fame” is pretending to be an anti-cult hero-victim.

          No, if Erica Durance was following him on twitter, it is because she met him, through someone she knows from NXIVM.

          As for Laura Vandervoort, she claims she had nothing to do with NXIVM, but perhaps she is lying.

          And again, she did not say anything about Kristin Kreuk trying to recruit her.

          Why is it only Allsion Mack seen as the sneaky manipulative recruiter, when Kreuk recruited her and was in just as deep, with her involvement diminishing between 2013 and 2016.

  • Allison Mack lives at the Dublin Federal Prison approximately thirteen miles from the Lawrence Livermore scientific Laboratory run by the Department of Energy.

    Could Allison Mack be working on a top secret project at Lawrence Livermore?
    What are the odds?
    About one in a trillion?

    A day at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

  • P.S. Did this post really need 6 million paintings of Allison Mack? It was hell to scroll down to the comments section

    • P.S. Did this post really need 6 million paintings of Allison Mack? It was hell to scroll down to the comments section W.T. F.

      All it needs is one of the nudie photos that Mack gave to her Vanguard.

  • I’d much rather read a book of NXIVM limericks penned by NiceGuy. Isn’t he the one who used to post limericks? Hurry up and seize the opportunity Nice Guy! Title your book “Keith” before it’s taken.

    • There was a fiend named the Vanguard
      With a dick that was never quite hard
      The girls he would grace
      With cum on their face
      Till DOS “hoists him on his own petard”

      –via Hamlet

      • I’m Nice Goy? Coming from a SHIKSA like you I’ll take that as a compliment.

        I lived in Long Island and it’s impossible not to pick up some Yiddish.

        • In addition it’s not possible to pick up Sicilian slang when you live in LongIsland,
          ain’t that right Stugots Parlato?

          • My wife use to occasionally call be stugots over 20 years ago — I told my future mother in-law that her daughter occasionally called me stugots “sweetheart” in Sicilian. My wife’s mother laughed and laughed! 😉

    • “Ode to WTF”

      There was a guy named “What the Fuck”
      and always [redacted] with toy duck
      He bitched and moaned,
      and dated all the Ramones
      WTF died servicing a “BlumpTruck”

    • “Ode to WTF”

      There was a guy named “What the Fuck”
      and always [redacted] with a toy duck
      He bitched and moaned,
      and dated all the Ramones
      WTF died servicing a “BlumpTruck”

    • Ode to Kristin

      So pretty and slim with long hair
      Kook was Kieth’s cum dream so fair
      Did Superboy ever bone her
      Did Vanguard ever own her
      She’s over the hill so who cares

      • “So pretty and slim with long hair”


        “Kook was Kieth’s cum dream so fair”


        “Did Superboy ever bone her”?


        “Did Vanguard ever own her”?


        “She’s over the hill so who cares”

        Says the chicken shit anonymous incel who hides his face from the world.

  • I didn’t read this article, but i can say for certain that Durance’s two friends are much more appealing than Allison or Kristin

    • Durance’s two “friends” are teasing a wardrobe malfunction. Mack and Kreuk may want to identify as gay for the night.

  • Allison didn’t do anything wrong. She helped a few women and a bunch of whiney babies fell into prosecutors’ laps courtesy of opportunists. Neil Glazer Frank Parlato and Catherine Oxenberg.

    Allison cared about Nik and Jessica more than they did.

    • “ Cared about?” Lol have another sip of koolade crazy pants. I’m sure Allison isn’t 100% a shitty person but def high 90s and is right where she should be…courtesy of of a jury. A jury that had all the facts. Unlike you. Do something with your life…I dare you.

    • Wouldn’t the best judge of if Allison cared about them be Nicole and Jessica? And Jessica and Nicole have made it crystal clear through Underoath testimony and witness impact statement that they very much do not feel that Allison cared for them. In fact very much the opposite of caring for them.

  • Erica Durance grew up on a turkey farm in Canada.
    Durance was born in Calgary and grew up on a turkey farm with her older brother and sister in Three Hills, Alberta, Canada

    Kids who grow up on farms are generally more “grounded” than kids like Allison Mack who is basically a displaced “Valley Girl” only dumber.

    Examples of Valley girl in a Sentence
    He said I talk like a Valley girl. And I said, “Like, whatever!”.

    Ten bucks and fifty cents for a book on Allison Pimp Mack.
    If it is printed on rough paper it might make for expensive toilet paper.

  • I really dislike Erica Durance–her third rate version of Lois Lane will always be a drunken bimbo–and the entire point of this interview is to somehow imply that Allison Mack was threatened by her and that’s why they weren’t friends.

    It couldn’t possibly be because Durance tried to inflate her own role and importance to Smallville to a ridiculous extent.

    In seasons 4 to 8 she was only in 12 episodes, in S9 she was in 17 episodes and it was only in the last season, season 10, that she was put in all 22 episodes but to read her interviews, she was the star of the show and storylines were built around her–none of that was true–and the only credit I will give her is that she managed to avoid getting in a cult. Yeah?!

  • A must read? Looks like a cash grab. Allison’s life should be viewed as a cautionary tale, and a warning not to idolize others.

  • “I couldn’t figure out what this A. E. Copenhaver was talking about.” – Well said, Anna. Absolutely none of that made any mother fucking sense to Ice-nine. That’s raniere level word salad. East Coast Judo Champion Blackbelt level shit.

    “the arabesque-like revolutions of the human mind…”

    I had to google ‘arabesque’.

    1 : an ornament or style that employs flower, foliage, or fruit and sometimes animal and figural outlines to produce an intricate pattern of interlaced lines

    Nothing about coerced sex slavery, human mutilation, and threesomes with vanguards ’employs flower, foilage, or fruit…’ of my human mind (btw why add ‘human’ there, were there animals reading this so they weren’t confused that this was intended just for humans?). idk maybe I’m alone on this one ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • No surprise about the relationship. Allison Mack had a rabid and very nasty group of online fans. They were horrible to the other females on the show and especially to Durance when she showed up since some of them were so delusional they though Mack’s character was going to be revealed as Lois Lane. The horrible behavior was encouraged by moderators at fansites like Kryptonsite and TWoP, some of whom were devoted NXIVM people like Tabby Chapman. Mack never spoke out about the behavior of her fans so I would bet Durance got pissed off about that.

    • Tabby here. I loath my “chlois” days to be sure. I had made some pretty harsh commentary about Durance and the character she played back then. It’s a period in my life that is rather embarrassing. Later, I had met Durance on a couple of occasions.

      I treated her with utmost respect. She was shy and quiet and polite each time I was around her. I would agree with some of her assessment. I believe Durance had zero interest in nxivm, and found it bizarre (from overhearing her in conversation at a baby shower once).

      • Thanks for sharing Tabby. Your comments are always welcome as far as I’m concerned. Curiously, when you say that you made some ‘pretty harsh commentary about Durance…” , was that because you were instructed to do so, with specific instructions by Allison or others to attack certain people? What kind of harsh commentary do you mean (if you are ok to share), and why against Erika?

        What I’m trying to understand is the role those with authority would have and how they would go about specifically instructing subordinates that are otherwise good folks to do bad things. For example, John Tighe says he was routinely harassed, bullied, and intimidated at home, church, etc by NXIVM henchmen. It appears you were instructed to bully others via online forum (perhaps indirectly?). I believe you’ve mentioned you have taken counseling (which is great) to help with recovery. I wonder how others deal with it. Or I could also be completely off on all of this, apologies.

        • Tabby again. No, this was before I ever met Allison when I was a die hard “Chloe is Lois” fan. All the fans in general were vitriolic at times but there was a push by the “chlois” “faction” I guess to hate on Durance. Much easier to talk shit about people when you don’t know them personally. Once I started meeting everyone, I became humbled and stopped posting online in general except a few spoilers here and there of episodes I’d seen filmed or edited.

        • As far as the other information you are asking… Let me put my graduate hat on and get a little academic here… there are a lot of scholarly articles and blogs posted by cult experts on the topic of how authority was distributed amongst nxivm, and they are fairly accurate in my own experience. The question of how to get otherwise good folks to do bad things has been formally experimented on and has a lot of information regarding it on such experiments like the Standford Prison Experiment and the Milgram Experiment.

          In NXIVM, they used a number of different methods, depending on which ones their own subject responded to. They had a little cognitive restructuring right off the bat. Some people didn’t respond well to that, so they’d use social shaming in the class. If that still didn’t work, they’d use the person as an example. If that didin’t work, they’d force an EM for that person. If the EM didnt’ work, they’d force classes on that person by telling them they couldn’t move forward until the inner deficiency was resolved, which resets the cycle. And since most people there dedicated their lives to nxivm, thus losing “outside” friends and family, they’d have every thing to lose if they chose not to comply. They had a ton of other methods available until there was nothing left for the person to fight against.

          This is how coercion works. One method of coercion is to set people up with impossible “choices” and then if they had destructive effects from either of the choices, oh well… they made the choice, right? Wrong, though. When you tell someone “You have two choices: red shirt or blue shirt. If you pick the blue shirt then you’ll be punished. It’s your choice.” That’s coercive control… and not a choice at all. Our primal insticts are to stay alive and safe. We are programmed to stay alive and safe, so we will usually pick the option that doesn’t threaten that safety. And when it’s artificially injected, it’s no longer a choice or option.

          Hope this helped.

          • Thank you Ice 9 and Tabby for an enlightening and enjoyable read. Love what you say about your Chlois days being ‘weirder than Tolkein’ Tabby, – perfectly put! all the best.

      • Hi Tabby. Thank you for that and very graciously put.

        I remember that bitter fan feud between the pro-Chloe and pro-Lois set. Who is the “real” Lois? It’s all rather hilarious in retrospect. (Not that it wasn’t hilarious back then.)

          • Originally Lana was the ‘enemy.’ But that was before Durance… The presence of Durance made the Chloisers really out of control because it challenged the “Chloe is Lois” theory. It’s really weird, looking back. Really weird. And before then, I studied the made-up Tolkein Elvish language Sindarin… and that’s not even as weird to me as my Chlois days.

          • I was a chloiser…I online knew Tabby. She was warned by us crazy chloisers that Allison was in a cult and that she was being pulled in. We were ignored. Tabby didn’t like when we would post criticism of Allison or Chloe’s story…now I wonder if that came from Allison herself?

            A show where a man could fly and when aroused could cover his heyes into heat vision, but taking a pen name is bizarre?

      • Thanks for your first- person observation, Tabby. Hope you’re well, girl.

        You should write an Allison book. About working with her. The whole shebang. If ya do, I will read it. Think your whole story and perspective would be fascinating.

        Actually… It should be a “Tabby book”. I want to hear about you. Heard enough about her.

        It would make a good movie too!

        • Thanks for the suggestion. It’s crossed my mind a time or two. Maybe in a few years, when I can help more victims of coercive control and help people find their happy endings after cult survival through The Freedom Train Project Incorporated, my 501(c)(3) I created to help victims of cults leave and thrive. Right now I’m operating with an all volunteer staff, myself included, and MOST of my professional focus is on that or on my doctoral program in forensic psychology, public policy and law. But maybe once I’ve got some funding and can help a larger number of people (my first major milestone is 2k per year), then my story will have a way to conclude. Right now, it’s still ongoing, chapters being written as we go.

          • I’m one more reader thanking you for your input. And good luck with your Project…maybe Frank can set up a GoFundMe site for you.

          • Tabby,

            Thank you for the Freedom Train Project information I didn’t know about that endeavor! Well, whenever you get around to it, I’m ready to read it. Wishing you all of the best in everything.

      • Tabby, thanks for the gracious reply. We are all human (me included). I am happy you were able to escape from the clutches of NXIVM. Be well.

      • Can you state with absolute certainty that Erica Durance didn’t even take a single NXIVM course?

        Why was Erica Durance following NXIVM cultist Mark Vicente on her twitter account?

        Did Kristin Kreuk not try and recruit Erica Durance too seeing as she spent her Smallville years in NXIVM?

        Why was Erica Durance talking about the NXIVM cult at a baby shower unless there were other NXIVM people present?

        Kristin Kreuk was coaching in NXIVM until at least 2013 and was still a member with a coach up until at least 2016 and Kreuk and Durance are friends.

        • How could I know any of that? I don’t know motivations, or even if these are facts. Nor do I care who people are following on social media. Only up until a few months ago I was following Clyne, but that didn’t mean that we were friends. Also, twitter makes it incredibly hard to clean out your list, and I don’t even know if that’s why she was still following anyone you feel she shouldn’t be following. I’d still be following Vicinte myself if he wasn’t the one to unfriend me first… because I don’t care to take the time to clean out social media. They make it too annoyingly hard to do that. And still, I have no idea about any of your questions.

          Except the baby shower was just a normal baby shower, with someone who was in ethos, but worked on Smallville so of course all of her friends were invited. It was a mixed group as is MOST baby showers.

          • “Except the baby shower was just a normal baby shower, with someone who was in ethos, but worked on Smallville”

            Someone who worked on Smallville and was involved with NXIVM. Makes one wonder how many people who worked on that show were recruited by the two actresses Ally Wack and Kristin “I had no idea whatsoever” Kreuk.

            Why did Mark Vicente unfriend you? He seems like someone who wants to be the most important person in the NXIVM story.

          • I don’t know why Mark unfriended me. I know when it occured, shortly after The Vow aired, Sept 1, 2020… there was some a conversation that happened on my facebook by commenters (not me, but I didn’t stop the conversation), calling out Mark’s narrative considering his role in the organization. His whole family unfriended/blocked me. I received a message that it wasn’t okay that I didn’t take up for Mark after all he’d been through. I scoured the Internet looking for evidence of where he took up for me after all I’d been through, and couldn’t find it anywhere. So, I really don’t know what anyone’s intent was.

            Sarcasm aside, you ask a lot of questions about intent. Most of the time, I don’t know WHY someone would behave the way they do towards me. I just know it happened and how it felt and have been working on seeing how it affected me.

      • Hey Tabby, I was going to ask you that you said in your victim impact statement that Allison Mack would say all kinds of things to you (about your weight and other things). I was wondering if you will ever reveal in detail all the things that she said and if you thought that she when she was doing these things if that she thought that it was just trying to put “tough love” on you to “help you” or was it out of sadism and to be a bully?

        I’m also wondering if you still respond to people who contact you on your Seduced website? I tried to contact you about a year or so ago because your victim impact testimony was one that really impacted me, but you never replied.

        • I still struggle with telling my own story. There’s still some healing left that I need to do. I can make the victim impact statement available. I actually have a LONG email drafted to you that I haven’t had the courage to send yet. Please bear with me. 🙂 One day I can tell my story in an understandable format. Right now I can tolerate little bits at a time in the retelling and generally need prompting to talk about it (as opposed to just freely being able to access it all in a chronilogical way).

          As far as what her motivations were, I don’t know her motivations. I can’t tell if she was just being a jerk at times, or if she truly thought the things she said about me. I’ll never know that, really. She wasn’t the only person who said things to me about my weight either. One proctor once said in the middle of a level 2 intensive, surrounded by three other people, “Tabby, i’ve finally figured out why I don’t like you. Because you remind me of how fat I don’t want to be.” and continued on talking more about this amazing ephiphane she had. I was made to feel that I had to keep listening to stuff like that so that I could break through the barrier that kept me fat. They liked to attack my love of wanting children paired with whatever deficient personality trait they perceived I had. Allison told me while I’m overweight, I’d ruin any child I’d have. Another proctor refused to let me coach because I had yet to reach my goal weight, and therefore wasn’t a good representation of the company. It was all a giant mind-fuck about weight, constantly. And much more.

          Anyway, hopefully this response helps with some of the questions you had.

          • Well it’s good to know that you actually were planning on replying to me. I just wish that you would’ve said something like you said to me here when I did send it so I would’ve known this and wouldn’t have been lead to believe that you were either ignoring me (like many other people do on both sides of the NXIVM situation do to people) or that the Seduced website became defunct and wasn’t being used anymore to communicate with people when I did write that.

            I poured my heart out and it really hurt my feelings that nobody replied.

            Anyways, good to see that you’re not like most people in the NXIVM situation who claim to want to interact with the public only to hypocritically act like cowards and hide. I didn’t want to believe that, but I saw it so many times with other people involved with this that it was becoming ver hard not to believe.

            Most people on both sides of the NXIVM situation are very rude and don’t reply, but then run around acting like they want “open dialogue”! It’s ridiculous how both sides of the spectrum act and makes me want to slap the living shit out of all of them for it!

            As you can see, I admire your character much more than the other fake people on both sides of the spectrum!

            In regards to you saying,

            “As far as what her motivations were, I don’t know her motivations. I can’t tell if she was just being a jerk at times, or if she truly thought the things she said about me.”

            I mean I sort of get it, but I still don’t understand what that means without knowing what was said in detail. If you’re not ready to share that yet, then I understand. What I was trying to get at was I have constantly heard about how “sweet of a girl” Allison was.

            And she came across as somebody who would never scoot to the level of fat shaming somebody (especially since she was so insecure about herself and her own body). My question was more of when said these things (but it’s kind of hard to know if I don’t understand what was said) was it more like an asshole in high school bullying somebody like “haha fat ass!” or “you’re a fat fuck, haha!” or was it more like “you’re overweight and I want to help you so that you can have a more enriched and healthy life and if I have to hard on you to help you then so be it! It’s for your own good!”?

            Which way did it come across more?

            I just can’t believe she would honestly do the first with no other shade of color in her intentions! But if she did, then I would really hate her! And I don’t understand why you would want her to have any leniency in her sentencing for something that abusive?

            It seemed like anybody who was overweight in NXIVM was sadistically bullied like a high school and if anybody went to NXIVM who was overweight, despite paying the ridiculous amount of money they did for the courses, you were essentially just paying a lot of to be bullied at high school all over again (if not worse) and wasn’t treated like a human being.

            That was what I was trying to figure out. If you could even walk in the damn building and be treated like a human being for while overweight or if everybody would just shit on you without mercy? If that’s the case I don’t know how in the world you stayed that long and put up with that?!

            I guess I will just have to wait until your heart is ready to reveal everything Allison (and others said) in complete detail before I can make a better judgment on that!

            I don’t know how long you knew Allison before she got into NXIVM, but my other question is was Allison like this before she got involved? Was she prone to body shaming others before NXIVM and did she make you feel uncomfortable with this before she got sucked into this ordeal?

            The reason I want to know is to be able to see if this was just purely NXIVM influence or did she already has this sadistic bitch streak in her before NXIVM and NXIVM course just brought out and exacerbated what was already in her with ease?

            I also want to know this because I want to understand if she did in fact act like that prior, then how in the world did you even want to be her friend to begin with? I just really want have a better picture of this and want to know on a scale of that 1-10 how bad this abuse about being overweight was for people who paid for this because I hear too many different opinions and I would think you would know better than others.

            In regards to that bitch proctor you told me about, it makes me mad even hearing it! I don’t know how you had evough self-control to not walk up and slap that bitch into a coma or at least cuss her out or something! If you reported it, would the higher ups just justify it?

            Did they honestly think saying something like that was “ethical”?! That is sick if that’s the case! I honestly don’t know how you put up with it that long and kept paying them an insane amount money only to be treated like that if this is the case?!

            I could understand if it came across as more of a “tough love” kind of like on “The Biggest Loser” TV show, but this shit sounds even more fucked up than people in middle school or high school! It sounds more like they just HATED the living shit out of people who were overweight and didn’t even regard them as human beings! If that was me, somebody would’ve gotten their ass kicked for the amount of shit that I’ve heard was done, especially with the insane amount of my money that I paid out of my own wallet only to be treated like that?! Are you fucking kidding me?!

            That’s why I’m trying to better judge it to see. Because many people acted like the people in NXIVM were “loving people” and were very “graceful” in their approaches to people in situations like this. I wonder how they’d justify this, you know what I mean?

            My other question is if Allison get rehabilitated (and allegedly she is already fully embracing the process), will you ever be her friend again after she reaches the other side and gets out of prison? If her treatment is as bad as I have been lead to believe with what she did to you, I personally would hate her guts! What say you?

            Anyways, I guess I will have to wait to hear your full story in detail and hear as close to verbatim as possible in regards of what was said by Allison and others in exact quotations and the environment(s) surrounding it as well as the general treatment that you and others in your position faced to make a better judgment.

            I greatly look forward to hearing your story in full detail when you’re ready. And yes I would love to see your victim impact statement in its entirety if you’re ready to publish it. I also greatly anticipate reading your email ASAP! Don’t forget to send it to me! Lol!

            Thanks so much for finally replying to me! It’s good to hear from you! 😊

          • I also wanted to know (which I forgot to ask in my previous reply) was if that Proctor was randomly doing this or if there was some context to it? Also was this like a

            “this is why I don’t like you and this is me saying I’m sorry and it’s my own ‘inner deficiency’ making me feel like this”,

            type of thing or was this just her being a narcissistic bitch about how great this “epiphany” was?

            If you’re comfortable answering this, I would also like to know more context about this as well.


      • Hey Tabby, I was going to ask you that you said in your victim impact statement that Allison Mack would say all kinds of things to you (about your weight and other things). I was wondering if you will ever reveal in detail all the things that she said and if you thought that she when she was doing these things if that she thought that it was just trying to put “tough love” on you to “help you” or was it out of sadism and to be a bully?

        I’m also wondering if you still respond to people who contact you on your Seduced website? I tried to contact you about a year or so ago because your victim impact testimony was one that really impacted me, but you never replied.

  • Interesting. Anna’s writing style is so similar to Frank. Really similar writing styles. Maybe shes6 a relative? Hahaha

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