The Heiress And The Sex Cult – Video Promo – Plus 2003 Email Where Keith Asks Her to Be a ‘Slave Eternally’

The Heiress and the Sex Cult is about Clare Bronfman.

Tonight, TNT will premiere “The Heiress and the Sex Cult”. It is an hour-long episode that focuses on Clare Bronfman.

The episode is part of TNT’s documentary series “Rich and Shameless.”  It will premiere on Sunday after NBA Western Conference finals game three.

I appear in the episode and had a role in the production as a consulting producer.

The promo is described: 

Watch The Heiress And The Sex Cult on TNT. Clare Bronfman, heiress to one of the largest fortunes in the world, meets a charismatic self-help guru and suddenly becomes the financier of one of the most abusive cults of the 21st century.

The Heiress and The Sex Cult Trailor

Here are a few screenshots.

Here is a photo of Clare and Keith in their early days.

Susan Dones: “She’s the perfect mark for a cult.”

Sarah Berman author: “Was she a victim or was she an accomplice?


Aerial of Clare Bronfman on horseback.
Maja Milkovich: “He found a little hole that he could sink his hooks through and pull her in.”


Frank Parlato: “Clare now had only one man in her life, a psychopath.”


There are some who think the TNT show is a way to silence the supporters of Keith Raniere who are calling out the FBI on allegations of tampering with evidence.

Eduardo Asúnsolo tweeted: “Keep an eye on this documentary which promotes LIES. It comes out to dirty NXIVM right after we filed proof that the FBI PLANTED CHILD PORN EVIDENCE. Who’s behind this documentary trying to silence government corruption?”

I do not see a connection.

I filmed my part in the documentary in February 2021. My film date was well before the Rule 33 motion came out.

I believe the producers, RAW TV, began working on this documentary in 2020, so I doubt that they had any inkling of a possible Rule 33 motion or FBI evidence tampering.

Duncan Levin
I previously reported that Clare Bronfman’s lawyer, Duncan Levin, has threatened to sue TNT if the show is defamatory.

I doubt very much anything like that will happen. I suspect that the documentary, at best 48 minutes, might take an open-minded view of Bronfman. That view is that she might be a victim of Raniere and not just an abusive litigator, despite her lawyers’ threat of a defamation suit.


I filmed my appearance for this documentary in the Florida Keys and enjoyed working with the producers.
Below are a couple of MK10ARt’s recent paintings of Clare Bronfman.
MK10ART’s Clare Bronfman


MK10ART’s Clare Bronfman
Without getting into the details of the production, I would say that RAW TV was more than usually thorough about vetting everything.

They took a position from the start that they wanted to be fair to Bronfman and if it so happened she had victims, fair to her victims too.

Slave for Eternity?

So, what was the relationship between Clare and Keith?  One old email exchange I have tells a bit of the story.  Keith asked Clare if she wanted to be his slave forever. This was in 2003, 12 years before DOS.

Clare wrote:

May 29th, 2003

Dear Keith.

Thank you. So I’ve been thinking about your question. As I begin to open my eyes, I am recognizing the responsibility I hold in the position I am in.

When I combine that with the knowledge I have learned from you, I feel like I have this huge responsibility. I would like your help in fully understanding it and in the best ways to go about using the position I am in to have a forward-moving and positive effect in the world.

I am very unlearned in business and would love some help in that area. I feel that my family is walking into some very large business deals with their eyes closed and I do not hold sufficient credibility, and certainly not the knowledge to help. I would like you to teach and advise me in these areas and in exchange?

Love, Clare.

Keith responded with an email with the subject

A slave for eternity…?

Actually, why me? What specifically do you want to achieve through and by the end of this life?

Love Keith.

And then followed a series of emails and visits and much, much more. If there was a hook, it was set back then, in 2003, when the little girl first came to Keith as the know-all greatest ethical guru the world had ever known.

Clare Bronfman with Keith Raniere

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  • Of course

    Eduardo Asúnsolo tweeted: “Keep an eye on this documentary which promotes LIES. It comes out to dirty NXIVM right after we filed proof that the FBI PLANTED CHILD PORN EVIDENCE.

    It’s all he can think of these days

    He has no idea what it takes to put a show like this together.

    Getting the interviews together started in late 2020 & filming started in early 2021

    Long before Raniere and his brainless followers put their cooked up plan that the FBI tampered with Cami photos

    Long before the Rule 33 motion was even filed.

    What a brainless idiot

  • The comments from Nexivm are typical of the unfounded statements they make pretending they are facts. It happens time and time again and is similar to Putin and others and many cults – they think if they can state something as truth everyone will believe it without checking. Then people check (if they have any sense) and it is clear that this was filmed well in advance. Same point on Keith R having privileged removed – happened after his appeal deadline things. There are countess instances of this. Always have an open mind and always check facts as these people like to think if they shout loud from the rooftops that black is white eventually people will believe them.

  • I thought the documentary was well done. Frank, question. Where are the main whistleblowers Sarah Edmonson, Mark Vicente, and the rest? I was very surprised they did not appear on this. Were they asked and declined?

    • I don’t know if they were asked and declined. They did suffer a long period of terror at Clare’s money-hands.

      • Considering how widespread the knowledge of Clare’s lawsuits was, any ex-Nxer was smart NOT to make a fuss when you leave.

  • My Aunt Sally recently passed away at the age of 88.
    She had a Bachelor’s degree followed by a Master’s degree and a Doctorate degree.
    All three degrees were in the Sciences.
    She would be shocked and ashamed to share the same gender as the “ladies” of NXIVM.

    • Would Aunt Sally be shocked and ashamed the people who support and believe a con-man who lost an election?

  • Seeing prior Clare when she was healthy thin but not Nxium emaciated was surprising.

    A lot of these women were probably mean because they were fucking hungry.

    Who wouldn’t be cranky if they were starving and Keith was only offering his diseased dick to eat? Blech!

  • I read on Wikipedia that Clare is sanctioned (“permanent illegibility”) by US equestrian to ever have a position in that sport (and possibly any sport).

    The U.S. Center for SafeSport maintains a Centralized Disciplinary Database as a resource designed to keep the public informed when individuals connected with the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Movements, including US Equestrian, are either subject to certain temporary restrictions pending investigation by the Center or are subject to certain sanctions after an investigation found them in violation of the SafeSport Code.

    Yes, her name is on the list as of 2018.

    She can go horse jumping again, her original passion, when she gets out, but she will not be able to rehabilitate herself by pursuing a formal position in any sport organisation.

  • I do believe the media is trying to silence keiths appeal, but I think the timing of this show is a coincidence. It takes months or years for shows to come out, and as you said you filmed your portion in early 2021.

    • But he has been working behind the scenes for all those months ,years with two hands tied behind his back in regards to the rule 33 and imprisonment, SHU, etc.

  • Eduardo Asúnsolo is a broken record
    Everything out of his mouth is about interfering with Raniere’s Rule 33
    A lot too many thing too much
    If a bear shits in the woods in Vancouver BC, it might interfere with Raniere’s Rule 33
    If a baby cuts a tooth, Raniere will surely lose his Rule 33 hearing
    If the sunsets in the West, Raniere will lose his Rule 33 tampering case
    Eduardo Asúnsolo has set up his Twitter account so when or if Raniere’s case ends in a loss, it was everyone’s fault but the fact there was no tampering

  • It’s odd that the episode ran only 50 minutes, including commercials. Did Clare’s lawsuit threat scare the producers into cutting 10 minutes of embarrassing things out?

  • I’m glad the photo of Clare Bronfman on horseback is taken from a distance, because who wants to see a close-up of a horse’s ass and an ass of a horse.

  • “Trailer” not “Trailor”.

    These dead-enders are nuts. The audacity of Nicki Clyne who is being civilly sued and whines endlessly about it to judge Amber Heard on the MEDIA reports before the trial even got going.

    Some “justice for the most hated advocate”

    I guess it only matters if Keith raniere is judged by the media and in the court of public opinion. If it’s any other person it’s okay to just jump to a conclusion without having any information. Including the fact that in the UK the verdict did not go JD’s way. The trial transcripts are out there and they are revelatory but no one reads them they just retweet other people’s uninformed opinions. Which I thought was what the cult dead-enders are always complaining about? Media. Hate. Bias.

    And now they are promoting even more far-fetched an impossible conspiracy theories.

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