Suneel: Evidence Points to FBI Fraud: I Fight for Justice

He won't back down.

By Suneel Chakravorty

I am a first-generation American and first-born son, born in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. My family is from India.

I graduated from Harvard with a degree in mathematics. After college, I established a software consulting company in New York City.

Suneel Chakravorty

Starting in October 2016, I took personal growth courses with Executive Success Programs. Then came the international media scandal a year later, and the criminal case. I attended the trial of Keith Raniere.

Child pornography was the severest charge. Allegedly, Keith took 22 nude photos of a 15-year-old. She didn’t testify, so how did they prove she was 15? Something called EXIF data.

EXIF data is information created by the camera and saved inside the digital photo. In short, it’s a birth certificate for the photo. It includes the date and time of the camera’s clock. It includes the make, model, and the camera’s serial number. And camera settings like zoom, flash, etc.  If the camera clock is correct and no one changes it, EXIF data tells the creation date – down to the second.

The EXIF data of Camila’s photos had dates in 2005 when she would have been 15. EXIF data was the government’s proof of her age.

For a heinous crime, you should have solid proof. EXIF data is easy to change. I knew that because of my computer background. Many programs make it easy to change EXIF data.

Yet FBI computer forensic examiner Brian Booth testified that EXIF data is difficult to change. When he said that, I thought the government’s expert witness was incompetent or lying. I hoped Raniere’s defense team would pick up on this.

The prosecution argued Keith took the photos in 2005. That’s what the EXIF dates and folder names said.

The prosecution told the jury to trust the EXIF dates, because their FBI expert said it was “the most reliable” data.  Keith’s lawyers didn’t punch it hard enough. The prosecution “proved” the most serious charge by a falsehood.


Michele Hatchette and Suneel Chakravorty 

The whole trial seemed surreal. I felt the judge always favored the government. I never saw any instance where he ruled in favor of the defense. Rather than proving serious crimes, the prosecutors brought in salacious evidence and testimony. They dirtied Keith up before the jury.  But what stuck with me most was that wrongful testimony. That EXIF data is difficult to change when it isn’t.

After the trial, I decided to visit Keith in prison. I worried that might put me in the line of fire or ruin my reputation, but I decided to show up anyway. We met weekly for a few months about various issues in his trial.

These included the novel way the government charged him with sex trafficking. A single incident of oral sex with two women, with no money changing hands.

In February 2020, Keith and I talked about the alleged contraband. I told him the FBI expert made a wrong statement about EXIF data. Keith said the FBI falsified the evidence.

I believed he might be right, although I did not know we could prove it. We couldn’t get access to the original hard drive. The FBI kept that in their forensic lab, called CART (Computer Analysis Response Team). After the conviction, the government did not have to let Raniere’s defense team see it again.

This CART logo for the FBI Miami field office was designed by J. Richard Kiper.

Keith said he looked through the forensic reports at trial. The other photos – women who were adults in 2005 – were in the wrong directories. Many other things he noticed were wrong.

If the FBI falsified evidence, I wanted to expose that. I had the skill set to help. I got a spreadsheet from the defense counsel. It contained file system data of the hard drive and the camera card. These file system data were where the photos came from. The spreadsheet had the dates and times of the photos. It had the names of the folders and all the other files on the devices. It contained file names (IMG_0083, etc.), dates and times, file sizes, and other metadata. It did not contain any photos or anything sensitive.

Keith also received a copy of the spreadsheet.

We started talking about the spreadsheet. We’re both math people, so we looked for patterns. He found dates and times that didn’t make sense. He asked me to look at them. I found strange patterns in the file data and asked him to look. We went back and forth. Often, I was the devil’s advocate, trying to debunk his theories and find holes in them.

You can alter EXIF Data with a ‘HEX Editor.’

We found breaks in the pattern – or anomalies. Neither of us could find an innocent explanation. We thought these anomalies showed tampering.

I started looking for qualified experts who could look at these anomalies. I wanted them to verify it was tampering or explain it another way.

The initial experts said they couldn’t get involved unless they had the evidence. That would be impossible, so I had to keep looking for someone who could get started with what we had. After I mentioned the FBI tampering, some experts stopped returning my emails. Or they said they had a conflict of interest.

Some findings required an understanding greater than a run-of-the-mill expert. I started looking for top experts in specific subject areas.

I was looking for an expert in “FAT file systems,” which are the file systems found on hard drives and camera cards. A file system is a way to organize files, like photos, on a device. It tells how they get stored, how you retrieve them, how to delete files, etc.

I found an expert in India whose doctoral work was FAT file systems. I asked him to look at the information. He concluded that some findings appeared to support the manual manipulation of dates. The dates did not match anything a user would normally do.


Dr. Keshava Munegowda is one of Make Justice Blind’s forensic experts

I started looking for US-based experts. I wanted experts who could corroborate or debunk this expert’s findings. From July to October 2020, I found several computer forensics experts to look at the findings. No expert could find an innocent explanation.

Some experts declined to give an opinion beyond that. Others concluded manual manipulation had taken place based on the spreadsheets.


The NXIVM Five


Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis

We presented some of these findings in a letter to the judge asking him to adjourn Keith’s sentencing. Nothing happened. The judge sentenced Keith to 120 years.

After the sentencing, I shifted focus. I made sure Keith’s appellate lawyers wrote and filed his appeal. Some months after the sentencing, the Bureau of Prison assigned Keith to USP Tucson. He and I were able to speak again. We restarted the investigation. We discovered more findings that looked like tampering.

USP Tucson is a maximum-security prison operated especially for sex offenders to provide a place where they can be relatively safe. At other max security prisons, prisoners target sex offenders.

I started making calls to experts. We needed experts who wouldn’t be afraid of exposing government corruption. We needed experts who had enough expertise to analyze patterns from a spreadsheet. I came across Dr. James Richard Kiper, Ph.D.

He was one of a handful of experts I emailed or called that day. When I spoke to him, he told me he had retired from the FBI two years prior. I thought Dr. Kiper might not be willing to look at the information because of a pro-FBI bias.

If he saw evidence of tampering and it implicated FBI agents, would he point that out?

He said yes. He told me he loved the FBI but was an FBI whistleblower. He didn’t shy away from pointing out wrongdoing, he said he was a scientist. So, he sticks to the facts. It doesn’t matter who did what. What matters is the data.

Some of Keith’s friends and I paid to retain him. Dr. Kiper was paid his standard rate.

Three or four anomalies pointed to someone manipulating dates and times to look like 2005. There was one part of an anomaly Dr. Kiper debunked. But the rest of the findings, he could not explain as innocent. But he needed to confirm that the spreadsheet matched the actual evidence.

That was in March 2021. Over the next few months, I re-engaged Steve Abrams. He gave a preliminary opinion before Keith’s sentencing. I retained another expert, Wayne Norris.

Steven M. Abrams, J.D., M.S is a licensed attorney, a retired State Constable in South Carolina, and an expert in digital forensics, He has taught police and military organizations around the world.

By May 2021, we had three reputable experts. None of them had a connection with Keith. They were all pro-law enforcement and had never claimed government tampering before. They all said the evidence in the spreadsheet pointed to tampering. To be sure, the experts needed to verify the information with the source evidence.

They signed onto Keith’s defense team and got access to FBI forensic reports of the devices. They got access to a defense copy of the hard drive. This did not have the alleged contraband.

The experts confirmed that the information in the spreadsheet matched the official FBI forensic reports. In addition, it matched the redacted copy of the hard drive.

Over the next ten months, these experts analyzed the evidence and found further evidence of tampering. Meanwhile, I tried to get an attorney to understand this issue. Someone brave enough to go up against the FBI.

Keith Raniere 

Throughout this 2+ year investigation, Keith and I worked over the prison phone line. We were aware that the government could listen at any time. We had nothing to hide. It was imperative to communicate and get to the bottom of this. Unfortunately, his attorneys at that time did not focus on this issue. I’m not sure they believed the FBI faked the evidence or that we could prove it.

The more I saw, though, the more I believed. The experts believed it too. We had three experts who looked at the evidence. All three concluded that tampering had taken place.

We found attorney Joseph Tully. Finally, an attorney who reviewed the evidence and understood and believed it.

Joseph Tully, appellate attorney for Keith Raniere.

That’s where we are now. And we have a motion for a new trial.

About the author

Suneel Chakravorty


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  • Why Frank has this fraud, child sexual abuse cult leader lover, and overall make up stuff idiot on his website is beyond anything sensible in this world…….? This dude needs to find a life outside of this miserable dude Keith. it’s very weird he kept a photo of underage Camilla in his possession… Sicko

  • Suneel- you were in Nxivm for a relatively short period when the story broke. What occurred that make you devote your existence to a man you barely knew?

    The quest for Justice is needed, but regardless of exif data, Raniere did horrible things.

    Do you think Sylvia Lloyd is lying? Or simply see his actions as not criminal.

    Holding the fbi accountable is a worthy endeavor and they should be investigated. But do you plan on seeking Justice for others in the future or is your quest simply as a result of your personal connection to Raniere and Clare?

    • Suneel was able to get along better with his family on vacation after an intensive.

      Freeing a pedophile is a fair trade in his mind

  • Let’s look at something Frank has refused to explore.

    At first, I was wondering why Suneel’s team had waited until the last minute to file the request to delay Keith’s appeal (in favor of asking the court to hear Keith’s Rule 33 motion immediately).

    Yeah, it failed, but that’s not the point I’m making.

    My point is… Why would Suneel’s team attempt to do this at the last minute?

    What ‘benefit’ would Keith receive IF his Rule 33 motion were heard ‘immediately’ as opposed to next year, after the appeal is concluded?

    Also… What ‘benefit’ would Suneel’s team receive IF prosecutors were successfully shocked, at the very last minute, and were forced to respond to the Rule 33 much sooner?

    But then, I finally realized what their logic was.

    You see… Suneel’s team spent the last year searching for experts and also consulting with experts.

    However, the government has had no such time period to consult with anybody yet (since prosecutors are very busy with the appeal and with other cases; and until they see the ‘details’ of this Rule 33 motion, they’re not gonna consult any experts about this motion).

    Thus, by attempting to RUSH the Rule 33 process (by shocking the government at the last minute) —– Suneel’s team was trying to force the government to respond to the Rule 33 motion probably within weeks (or a couple months). This would have left prosecutors with very little time to consult outside experts to analyze the data in a slow and methodical manner.

    Thus, I can only surmise that Suneel’s team was trying to LIMIT the amount of time that prosecutors would have to consult with outside experts (to refute Rick Kiper’s allegations).

    This tells me that Suneel is probably not 100% confident that the allegations made (about FBI tampering) are as irrefutable as he wants us to believe.

    Why? Because IF their evidence is truly ‘irrefutable’ (and no other credible explanations are within the realm of possibility) —– then it wouldn’t be necessary to ATTEMPT to LIMIT the government’s time to respond to the Rule 33 motion.

    Frank is too stupid to understand anything I’m talking about, as he’s ‘reputationally’ invested in seeing this Rule 33 motion succeed; as he thinks it’s his next Pulitzer story, LOL.

    IMHO, Suneel just doesn’t seem as confident as he wants us to believe.

    This tells me he realizes that there are probably OTHER EXPLANATIONS to explain the same data that Rick Kiper is referring to.

    IMO, this is a more interesting line of ‘inquiry’ (for FrankReport to explore) than to continue posting REDUNDANT articles, where both Suneel and Frank keep repeating the same things they’ve already told us, ad nauseam, in the past.

  • Suneel,
    Go home to your family while you still have a buck to your name. You are nothing to these people without your money. Close your checkbook and see…

  • Keith was sentenced to 120 years in prison. We knew he was innocent and that the government had faked the evidence against him. We had to find a way to prove it.

    Then we got the evidence. The experts analyzed the newly provided evidence. They found more anomalies and discrepancies. It was clear that the government had been hiding something.

  • Vanguard has suffered enough. I think it’s time you heartless beasts with your bloodthirsty savagery understand how he has suffered. Grow up and become half the man he is. I’m sick of you all and sick of the Frank Report.

    • Vanguard has suffered enough? This man, if you can call him a man, has destroyed countless lives. He’s in jail for only four years now. So no, he hasn’t suffered enough.

    • Ohhh my poor Vanguard! He doesn’t mean to be a creepy pedophile/rapist/blackmailer…he has positive intentions I swear!

      Hahaha! Can’t all you deadenders have a nice little cult koolaid party and leave this world forever?

  • What happened at Suneel’s hearing yesterday? Why haven’t you posted that Frank? You posted Raniere’s right away?
    I thought the truth was always fair

  • Suneel-

    In August of 2019 and September of 2021, I asked you for information regarding the hard drive in question and challenged you to debate on the technical merits of your claims. You ignored me.

    I wish to have serious discourse.
    No ad hominem or hyperbole, just an open technical debate based on the science.

    I challenge you again. Will you accept or hide once again?

    I’ll publish a refutation of your current article and you can reply.

    Have a great weekend! Sincerely.





  • Nicki Clyne is being civilly sued.

    Amber Heard is being civilly sued.

    Nicki rails against MEDIA HATE BIAS and

    Nicki Clyne posted her judgement of Amber Heard before Amber ever took the stand.

    Nicki wants people to be open to hearing Nicki’s side of the story.

    Nicki Clyne accuses everyone who speaks out against Keith Raniere as guilty of MEDIA HATE BIAS. Keith’s detractors aren’t examining all the evidence and facts.

    DOS critics are just listening to the MEDIA.

    Nicki Clyne does not afford Amber Heard any chance of testifying. Nicki made up her mind and tweeted before Amber testified.

    Where did she get her information? MEDIA HATE BIAS.

  • Beelzebub Van Dorn
    May 6, 2022 at 1:21 am
    We must believe that the judicial system is fair, good and noble. That is why articles like this are dangerous and improper for it undermines faith in the judiciary. We must believe in an independent judiciary or there isn’t any reason to have one. Like other countries that have no independent judiciary, ours would be under the executive branch.

    Please do not write any more columns like this. Beelzebub

    Violence is already beginning

    America is already at War!
    It is a War of Choice by Joe Biden and the people around him.
    It is a War not only against Russia but also against any American who opposes Biden’s agenda.
    An agenda of unlimited abortion and a population impoverished by endless inflation and ravaged by famine and energy shortages.
    Why else would Biden create a Ministry of Truth run by Nina Jankowicz, aka “Mary Poppins on Crack.”
    The first casualty of war is truth.

    Violence is already beginning

  • Won’t read more Suneel. Only here for the comments. Suneel repeats the same bullshit for years, so it is unnecessary to read.

    • There’s no need to read Suneel articles same shit over and over. Crazy he’s insistent on continuing to co sign Raniere silliness. Maybe he’ll get the message once the appeal and Rule 37 are DENIED.

      Asshats the whole lot of them

    • This one is actually different. It’s short and makes points without as much angling. And it discloses the backstory. Worth the read imo

      • Nutjob – my thoughts exactly. Very different in tone compared to his other pieces. Nice writin, Suneel.

        • Keith may have been ahead of the game when he learned sleight of hand during the 80s and 90s. But that ship has sailed. Since everyone is scared to question the nude emperor, he still teaches the same “which time should I drop by to see you, Monday at 11 or Wednesday at 2?” old-school bullshit.

          To Suneel – fuck that psycho, He’s a dinosaur who will eventually eat his young. If you want to free him or if you want to “pursue the truth”, realize that your Harvard education runs circles around Keith’s “how can I trick these idiots into doing what I want them to do” approach. You write what’s up – and imagine that – people pay attention.

  • RE Suneel & His Supposed Experts and Frank’s Misguided Trust:

    The fact that Suneel is mentioning the HEX EDITOR and FAT32 is a tacit admission that his experts, with their 3rd party software and inability at reading CODE, aren’t truly qualified to judge whether or not a digital image has been altered.

    It’s preposterous to give any weight to the opinions of these motley
    experts (charlatans).

    Compliment to Suneel:
    I’ll acknowledge that Suneel’s skills qualify him to judge whether or not digital images have been altered. Suneel can read machine code and *MASM. If Raniere weren’t involved, I’d trust Suneel’s opinion any pseudo expert. Suneel knows I’m right.

  • — Yet FBI computer forensic examiner Brian Booth testified that EXIF data is difficult to change.

    How many times are they going to repeat this falsehood? No, he didn’t. He said it was “not easy” to change for the regular consumer and actually implied it could be done with specialized software. That something is “not easy” does not necessarily make it difficult. There is a range of values on such a quantifiable scale.

    What the dead-enders want us to believe is that not only did Keith not take those pictures at the time specified, the FBI planted, tampered with, and/or manipulated the evidence to make it look like he did. If that was the case, then they should have done it DURING the trial, where the defense team had plenty of opportunity to do so if they thought such an accusation had any merit. They did not, and so they attempted to make it look like that evidence did not fit the criteria of beyond reasonable doubt. Unfortunately for them, the prosecution had loads of other evidence that strongly supported, e.g., Cami and Keith’s text messages, Daniela’s testimony at trial, Cami’s testimony in a victim impact statement, the claim that Keith took those pictures and self-incriminated himself.

    The ridiculous spew about Keith telling Suneel that the pictures appeared in the wrong directories and other excuses is laughable. Keith is a known liar, manipulator, abuser, statutory rapist, breaker of laws, etc., who was convicted on much more than just possession of child porn. He’s going to say whatever he can until his last breath that will enable him to get out of prison.

    The fact of the matter is either Keith did or didn’t take those pictures at the time Cami was 15. That is the TRUTH. There is no in-between. Either he is lying or government agents, Daniela, Cami, etc. are lying. Only the deadenders (and their tiny train of anti-FBI supporters on Twitter) and the Frank Report give any credence to the latter. Even their paid experts don’t go so far as to claim that the FBI willfully planted false evidence to convict Raniere, only that some of the files were accessed and modified while they were in the FBI’s possession.

    • I absolutely agree with you – either KR took nude photos of Camilla when she was 15 or he didn’t! The jury believed he did (among the many other acts they believed him guilty of)! Also, how are these photos being studied – is Suneel in possession of this child porn that was allegedly “planted”?

    • Clearly EXIF is a nuanced topic given so many experts cannot agree. To your point, Booth testified it’s ‘not easy to change’ which is clearly the case. Perhaps the defense and the dead-enders would be more satisfied if he had said ‘it’s nuanced to change’? Could we have another ‘turn of phrase’ (on account of / because of vis a vis ‘difficult to change / nuanced to change) appeal issue here??? Bahahaha 😂

  • Like a broken record.

    Do people still know that expression? Back in the day of vinyl records, if they got all scratched up the needle would jump a groove and play the same bit over and over. It was really fucking annoying. Just like this article.

    We’re back to the Exif files again. Good grief!

    Exif files, FAT files, blah blah. Cut the bullshit. Camila says Raniere took naked pictures of her. That confirms it. End of story.

    Only the cult faithful believe this silly speculation about planting faked evidence. Just like the cult faithful, and only them, felt that “the whole trial seemed surreal. I felt the judge always favored the government…”

    They all felt this enormous miscarriage of Justice taking place. Only them. Only the Nxivm cult loyalists. All the other people in the courtroom, the normies, noticed nothing of the kind.

    Funny that, huh?

  • RE: Suneel use of HEX EDITOR:

    I mentioned the Hex Editor and FAT 32 (the proper name) multiple times and you ignored me. I explained how every OS and OS updates, and hardware system confirmations are going to leave DIFFERENT PATTERNS on the “computer hard drive” as well as the “external drive”and that you would have to use the same EXACT system and repeat the process in order to prove TAMPERING!

    Suneel hasn’t proved anything!

    I mentioned all of these facts multiple times over the course of the last year. Thanks for ignoring my points! FU Frank! FU!!!!

    …And FU too, SUNNEL, you were too scared to acknowledge my points because you knew you’d lose the debate.
    (You’re cognizant you’re lying!)

  • Suneel Chakravorty is another one of the most courageous people I’ve come across in the last 2 years.

    He is everything the anticultists hate – highly educated, hyper-intelligent, fiercely independent, and possessing a rebellious and skeptical stance against mainstream lies and the entrenched decay of their power elite.

    In my experience with Suneel, he is more loyal to the truth than to any person or group.

    The more I learn about “cults vs anticults”, the more I see that it is really a matter of “the US government vs its own citizens”.

    Anticultists can’t see this. Their lizard brain hatred and fear of “cults” will destroy all our rights – just so they can fulfill their bloodlust for those who live and believe differently. The government will use their dumbass anticult thuggery to attack American citizens who, like Suneel, are fighting for the rights of those same anticultists who attack him.

    The message: Don’t be an anticultist.

    But how Alanzo?

    How can I de-brainwash myself from anticultism?

    The same way a person de-brainwashes himself from cultism:

    Seek out, identify, and embrace facts – no matter whose ‘side’ they benefit. Be more loyal to the truth than to any person or group.

    Like Suneel.


    • Again. Man who fell for a cult for 16 years calling Suneel “one of the most courageous people I’ve come across in the last 2 years”. The jokes write themselves.

    • —Seek out, identify, and embrace facts – no matter whose ‘side’ they benefit. Be more loyal to the truth than to any person or group.

      Follow your own advice dickwad!

    • Alonzo wants to bang Suneel and torture Nice Guy……

      ……Sounds like Alonzo could be the love of Shadow’s life.

    • Bravo!
      But, don’t want to leave my name be tracked down by FR psycho’s like Shadow State and Nice Guy.

    • @Alanzo, You have a good point. However, you don’t get it yourself, which is why you will be limited in having others appreciate you for your views. To make it clearer, you belong to the anti-anti-cult cult. When you truly get his, and get out of this recursive cultish tendency of yours, you would be able to inspire many others, rather than next just becoming a member of the anti anti-anti-anticult-cult cult. Get it?

      There are no cults nor are their any anti-cults. These are your thoughts that you have made to make sense of the world as you see it, when you get that the world isn’t defined by yours thoughts and that there is nothing fundamentally wrong with people, whether they are part of a cult or anti cult, ot anti-anti-cult cult etc…, and rather they are all just people, struggling to live their best lives and do the best they can, you won’t come across as a condescending person and every side will appreciate you for what you have to give.

      • Even though it made my head spin, I think there may be something of value here. But luckily, I can move on and let Alanzo figure that out for himself.

          • @Alanzo I hope you’ll find this translation of a quote by Kant worth pondering over.

            “I can never convince another person otherwise than by his own thoughts. Therefore, I must assume that he has a good and true mind; otherwise it is useless to hope that I can win him over to my side by my arguments. In the same way, I cannot touch the heart of another except with his own feelings. So I must assume that the other person has a certain goodness of heart; otherwise, he will never feel repulsed by vice and motivated by virtue at my description of vice and at my praise of virtue.”

    • @Alanzo, Have you heard about the scientific method? If you did, you would realize that your claim that Suneel is fighting for the rights of everyone, doesn’t actually have a lot of evidence. The evidence you are pointing to, is all circumstantial since Raniere is the only person for him Suneel has put his reputation on the line.

      He hasn’t done the same for those that oppose Raniere or even anyone else. This doesn’t mean that he won’t, but that you are largely making your claims out of your own emotionality and desire to see goodness in people even where there isn’t evidence to support that view. Mind you I am not saying Suneel is a bad guy. I am simply pointing out your own blind spot.

    • —He is everything the anticultists hate – highly educated, hyper-intelligent, fiercely independent, and possessing a rebellious and skeptical stance against mainstream lies and the entrenched decay of their power elite.

      I wonder if Alonzo came before, during, or after he wrote this…….

      • Well Alanzo has “come across” Suneel in his own words. Though probably just Suneel’s image.

  • Please, Frank. No more Suneel articles/rants. The guy’s a broken record. More importantly he’s broken inside and doesn’t want to be fixed. Let him fade away and figure out his regret. Continuously posting his thoughts is only fueling that fire because it’s keeping his ridiculous theory alive.

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His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” He also appeared in "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM, and was credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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