Tully’s Press Release on FBI Tampering Against His Client, Raniere

Joseph Tully

NEW YORKApril 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A motion seeking a stay of the appeal for Keith Raniere was filed today by Raniere’s attorney Joseph M. Tully.

The motion presents three reports from expert witnesses of new evidence of FBI tampering with a hard drive with digital photographs found on it and a camera card. The stay aims to provide time for the filing of a Rule 33 Motion seeking a new trial.

Expert reports from Dr. J. Richard Kiper, Ph.D., PMP, Steven M. Abrams, J.D., M.S, and Wayne B. Norris allege that the government tampered with key evidence that it then offered into evidence against Mr. Raniere during his jury trial. These reports were submitted along with the Stay motion, available at https://www.scribd.com/document/572090982/US-v-Raniere-Motion-to-Stay-Appeal.

Tully said of this motion, “Per the expert report of a former FBI Special Agent, computer images and photographs used to convict Mr. Raniere at jury trial were materially altered when in FBI custody. Specifically, there is evidence that computer data related to digital photographs taken of a nude female were altered so that the year that these photographs were taken was changed. This was used by the government to establish the female as being under the age of eighteen at the time the photographs were taken.”

Some of the key findings alleged in the motion include:

  • Two FBI agents “broke protocol and checked the camera and CF card out of Evidence Control twice, for a total of 24 days.”
  • “The backup folder [on the WD HDD] containing the alleged contraband has all the hallmarks of fraud…” with dates and folder names being “manually altered to look autogenerated in a manner that comported with the government’s narrative.”
  • “While in FBI custody, the CF card was accessed improperly, without authorization, and was altered. It was undoubtedly tampered with, as the thumbnails of a brunette impossibly became thumbnails of a blonde.”

Tully continues, “All three experts conclude that the most reasonable explanation for the plethora of anomalies on the WD HDD and the CF card – which all support the government’s narrative – is that the government, acting with malfeasance, tampered with the evidence – destroying, constructing, and altering it.

Dr. James Kiper is a former FBI agent who served 20 years in the agency, specializing as a computer forensic examiner. Steven M. Abrams, J.D., M.S is a licensed attorney, a retired State Constable in South Carolina, and an expert in digital forensics, which he has taught to police and military organizations around the world. Wayne B. Norris has served as an expert witness in more than 100 technology-related cases in federal, state, and municipal courts. He currently specializes in digital forensics.

Raniere is currently serving a 120-year sentence in federal prison. The case is 20-3520 -3789 in the U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals.

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  • Below is a link to Joseph Tully’s article on government abuse of RICO statutes.

    For the government, it was never about Raniere, or Cami, or anyone else that you’ve been manipulated into fighting and defending.

    For the government, it is always about raw, unrestrained power while you are blinded by their manipulation of your emotions. They use the most passionately hated people – terrorists and pedophiles – to set legal precedents which erode our rights and increase their power. And because you hate these people so much, you go blind to what’s happening, and you let them do it.

    Then they turn around with their new power and come after you.

    Wake the fuck up, dumbasses.

    Abuse of RICO: First NXIVM, Then R Kelly, Next YOU

    “We should not take glee when the government uses the broad powers of RICO to cheat to get convictions against an individual instead of a criminal organization as the RICO laws were intended to be used.


    • According to Alanzo, all attorneys are scum with the exceptions of Joseph Tully and F. Lee Bailey — which makes about as much sense as everything else Alonzo believes.

      • All attorneys are scum until they prove otherwise.

        It’s a very prudent and common sense position, based in reality.

        Much more sane than “all attorneys are heroic fighters for justice”. Now that’s insane.

        I noticed that you were incapable of addressing the point, Logical Dude. You could only present a straw man, ad hominem argument in response to Joseph Tully’s point.

        You aren’t yet another scumbag anonymous attorney posting here, are you?


  • Thanks for posting exactly what’s already been posted before about a motion that was already denied.

    What would we do without this legal brilliance? 🤔

    Viva Executive Success®!!!!!

    Viva Ring Dings®!!!!!

    Nice Guy Certified® Comedy Triple Platinum Award Winner 💿💿💿

  • “I fucked up the filing. I am really, really scared of covid in late April 2022 and flying for clients isn’t worth my time.”

  • This is the guy who also thinks it takes 15 hours to fly from LA to New York. So take what he says with a massive grain of salt.

    This lawyer is so convinced of his client’s innocence that he’s gonna just phone it in.

    This lawyer is so afraid of the “hoax” covid that he can’t fly and risk catching it years later.

    This attorney wrongly filed papers and left pages out of the motion.

    Ojay, genius.

  • The fact that Tully didn’t file this months ago is a clear indication that there is nothing but gas to the entire Raniere investigation. Gaslighting that is.

    If there was real solid proof, this information would have been filed and the said FBI agents would have been under investigation themselves and by this time at least arrested.

    The reality is, Raniere is doing what he does best. Throwing as much smoke against the mirrors to gain as much attention as he can to his followers. If he can get some press out of the situation to feed his ego, better yet.

    He doesn’t have to worry about the money for these games either as someone will continue to pay for them.

    If someone isn’t paying for them, then maybe the funds are coming from an offshore account he set up years ago with some of that “lost money of the Bronfman’s” or “cash from Mexico’.

    Regardless, Raniere will continue to take his appeals as far as he can. When those run out, he will complain his legal counsel was ineffective. When that doesn’t work, it’s the prison isn’t treating him fairly.

    It’s an unending game of “life isn’t fair and “I’m the world’s biggest victim.”

    Twitter and other social media platforms will be littered by his loyalists with how unjust the justice system has been to poor Keith Raniere.

    Wash, rinse, repeat until he grows old and dies in prison.

  • Thank God for Bronfman money or this would never be uncovered. Praying the government doesn’t bury it. Cami will still have justice even if Raniere gets a new trial. Due process cannot be waived.

  • Cami’s words, her text dialogue with raniere, set in the context of the nxivm racket evidence, was always proof enough for me.
    This has been a vindictive character assassination of a girl who has endured too much damage at the hands of raniere, as it is.

    Seems like keith never runs out of willing flying monkeys and is able to triangulate to his heart’s content, amplified 100-fold by the law and media, even while banged up.

    The best thing about this most recent failure is the heft of the karmic return…oof! … as a certain nxivm educationalistful sister used to say.

  • Let us be honest. The FBI guys had total access to the device and were experts when it comes to computers. This means they have the opportunity and ability to tamper with the evidence. This is no prove that they did so, though. It is just a FUD campaign on behalf of Raniere.

    His lawyer will simply claim that it is a possibility, even though he cannot prove it. On top of that, he will claim that the absence of proof of tampering is not the proof of absence of it.

    • They do have the opportunity to tamper, and they may be experts, but now it’s likely they got caught. The same scrutiny needs to apply to conduct of FBI agents as it does to the people or we are all screwed.

      • No one has been “caught” except child predator Keith Raniere.

        And he will never leave prison.

        You have no proof of anybody’s tampering

        Almost every person in prison will tell you that they are innocent. And liars like Raniere fuck it up further for the few who may have actually been wrongly convicted.

        Most convicted felons claim the same shit as the dead-enders. Most are guilty. Almost all criminals allege that law enforcement and prosecution were out to get them. Do you believe them all?

    • — His lawyer will simply claim that it is a possibility

      Except it is even more of a possibility that Raniere did all of the things from all of this and other evidence presented and testified to at court, solidified by Raniere’s history of behavior and beliefs which the prosecution successfully established as a pattern. If argument from probabilities is what the deadenders are going for, they’ll fail there too.

      — On top of that he will claim that the absence of proof of tampering is not the prove of absence of it.

      Which is just the fallacy of argument from ignorance. Argument from hate is another one they love to use. Or it’s the nebulous “everything is corrupt” conspiracy train to ride for their insignificant leader, just a man who not only couldn’t keep his dick in his pants, but a narcissistic misogynist who thought he was smarter than everyone else, and just had to make a game of it in his creation of a blackmail scheme to entrap women, instead of just abusing Bronfman money (which he had been doing for over a decade anyways) to buy a bunch of hookers whenever he was horny. Now he has the rest of his life to practice (at least) heterosexual abstinence.

      Basically, you could say Raniere, et al, are using gaslighting techniques against the law enforcement and the judicial system. That doesn’t work outside of his small, controlled, and isolated, cult environment. But mostly, they’re just lying for a conman, who did all the things the evidence pointed to him as doing. Liars, frauds, charlatans, etc., are their own worst enemies.

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