Eduardo: Government Did Not Deny FBI Altered Camila Photographs in Latest Filing

Eduardo Asunsolo, moments after he became a US citizen, January 20, 2020.

By Eduardo Asunsolo

Did the FBI alter Camila’s photos?

Assistant US Attorney Kevin Trowel wrote, “Raniere’s assertion of government’s malfeasance’ is frivolous.”

If Trowel had let it go at that, it might have stood.

But Trowel continued, “The crux of Raniere’s argument appears to be that the Federal Bureau of Investigation manipulated ‘computer images and photographs’ of Raniere’s victim Camila ‘to make it appear that these photographs were taken in 2005,’ i.e. when Camila was a minor.

“But, as noted in the government’s brief on appeal, Camila appeared at Raniere’s sentencing, and herself confirmed that ‘in September 2005, ‘when she was still fifteen, [Raniere] took naked pictures of [her].'”

Of course, Trowell knows that what Camila said at Raniere’s sentencing is not evidence. The appellate judges know that too. If Trowel was sure the Rule 33 motion was frivolous, why depend on inadmissible evidence?

Is this the government’s defense?

What is damning to Trowel’s argument is that he does not deny the FBI altered the photographs. He says Camila says Raniere took naked pictures of her when she was 15.

He does not say, “The FBI did not tamper.”

His argument is a red herring.

Camila did not testify at trial. She spoke at the sentencing. The government arranged for her to come. The sentencing was a year and four months after the trial. Camila’s appearance, I think, was in response to a group of us saying the government tampered with the photos. We said it for weeks before the sentencing on October 27, 2020.

The Nxivm 5, L-R Suneel Chakravorty, Nicki Clyne, Eduardo Asunsolo, Michele Hatchette and Marc Elliot.


Marc Elliot, Eduardo Asunsolo, Suneel Chakravorty, Michele Hatchette and Nicki Clyne  speak to the press about how the government tampered with the Camila photos on October 27, 2020.

Camila had not been heard from before. But then she shows up. The judge did not swear her in. The defense did not cross-examine.

At sentencing, she said, “He first had sex with me on September 18, 2005… I was 15… During these secret meetings, when I was still 15, he took naked pictures — naked pictures of me… He would have with me some type of sexual contact during every meeting. He wanted to take a picture with no exception.”

So, Trowel argues Camila says Raniere took photos of her. So, the FBI did not tamper. Yet, Camila did NOT say the photos were authentic.

Camila might have said, “I reviewed the photos. They were photos when I was 15. I posed for Keith for these photos. The dates are accurate. November 2 and November 22, 2005. Those are the photos like the FBI said.”

But she did not.

There are more questions.

Like why Camila was not present during the trial. I am pretty sure if the government wanted Camila, they would have had her. They had no problem kidnapping Keith in Mexico.

Keith Raniere is led away in handcuffs on March 25, 2018 in Mexico


Keith Raniere captured in Mexico on March 25, 2018

The FBI found Camila in Mexico, but they did not want her. Camila would be the last person they wanted if they tampered with her photos.

They had her sister, Daniela. She testified for days at the trial. It troubled me that the government did not ask Daniela to identify the photos of Camila.

Daniela would have been the most reliable witness to identify photos of her sister. Instead, they used a witness who never met Camila — FBI Special Agent Michael Weniger.

The prosecution also asked Daniela if Keith took nude pictures of her in 2005. Daniela said yes. She described the photos and the camera.

The prosecution had 167 photos of 12 women, including Camila, which they alleged Keith took in 2005.

Everything depended on 2005. Because in 2005, Camila was 15.

Canon Camera

The prosecution had nude photos of Daniela. But the prosecution did not show Daniela her photos allegedly taken in 2005.

Raniere alleges the FBI tampered with Daniela’s pictures. For example, her thumbnail photos on the hard drive are her. She is a brunette. But on the matching images on the camera card, the thumbnails are another woman, a blond.

Daniela – artist sketch

The prosecution did not show Daniela her photos.

They got Daniela to testify that Raniere took nude photos of her in 2005. But they did not show her the photos.

Lauren Salzman in Court
A courtroom sketch shows Lauren Salzman on the stand. Keith Raniere takes notes in the foreground.

Lauren Salzman, another witness, was asked about nude photos. Lauren said Raniere took them in 2005. But again, they did not show her the photos.

There is this weird disconnect of people saying Raniere took their photos. And the prosecution never showing them the photos. To confirm these photos are the right ones.

This issue is not about whether Keith took nude photos in 2005 or later. The issue is not him or Camila.

Do we tolerate American law enforcement creating or destroying evidence? For example, did the FBI tamper with Camila’s photos?

There is nothing frivolous about raising that question at all.

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Nice Guy
Nice Guy
1 year ago

RE: Eduardo’s Latest is Writing:

This is the exact same article Eduardo always writes: insane, overwrought, crappy tropes, CONSPIRACY ridden, illogical, clichéd, irrational, absurd analogies, no real facts, moral platitudes, BAD DATA.

Side Note:
My favorites all time Eduardo analogy is when he compared the NXIVM saga to the STAR WARS saga. Yep, Keith Raniere is Luke Skywalker and Clare is Princess Leah. LMAO!

Weird Question
Weird Question
1 year ago

“There is this weird disconnect of people saying Raniere took their photos. And the prosecution never showing them the photos. To confirm these photos are the right ones.”

The only weird thing is that Eduardo believes this is weird……

No one in court at the time, including the press, defense attorneys, the judge, and of course the World’s smartest man, noticed this “weird thing”.

1 year ago

You have only one goal here: free your Master. So please spare us the bullshit that you are on this crusade because you care about justice. Unlike Keith, there are people in jail that are innocent. Start defending them instead…….

Thumbnails mismatch. You gotta be kidding me. Could be a thousand reasons for that, One of them: just another practical joke by Keith himself. You are way over the top in this selffulfilling prophecy. Assumptions gallore that will go nowhere in the real world.

Dead-enders gonna dead-end
Dead-enders gonna dead-end
1 year ago

What about Rosa Laura Junco’s young daughter being promised to Keith?

And the hunt for the virgin successor?

The goal of the dead-enders is to separate and isolate mountains of evidence showing Keith’s depravity and abuse.

There are decades worth of the victims of vanguard. Years and years of behavioral patterns. Rhiannon comes to mind.

It is the totality. But the dead-enders pick one element. They lie about it relentlessly and try to normalize that single thread. But the whole cloth of Keith’s life was rotten. Picking apart the fabric just leaves holes.

It’s the totality of it all. When you’re willing to look at it all – the truth about Keith Raniere the sexual predator is undeniable and indefensible.

1 year ago


Eduardo didn’t seem to read Trowel’s response.

Trowel said that the government would respond to these ‘frivolous’ allegations in the PROPER FORUM, when DIRECTED TO by the appeals court, at a future date, just as he’s supposed to do. LOL.

Why would he respond now, to a motion that hasn’t even been scheduled yet?

Oh… And by the way, using the word ‘frivolous’ (to describe the allegations of tampering) means that he DENIED that any tampering happened, because the word ‘frivolous’ means ‘without merit’ (untrue).

So, yes, the government did deny it.

Read a dictionary.

Right now, Trowel’s preparing to argue the main appeal on Tuesday.

According to Reddit, this motion (to delay the main appeal in favor of the Rule 33 motion) was already denied due to missing paperwork. LOL.

It looks like the initial appeal is still happening on Tuesday.

Frank and company have failed yet again, to deliver anything they promise us.

They’ve spent months building up this Rule 33 motion for FR readers, promising to file it months ago, promising that the top attorneys in the nation were dotting every ‘i’ and crossing every ‘t’ (only to have this filing FAIL due to improper paperwork). LOL.

Now, this Rule 33 motion will probably get delayed for another 9 months, until after the main appeal is resolved. What a joke.

Ha ha.

Frank should put a tent over this circus.

Frank and his NXIVM pals have almost no credibility here, IMO.

All they do is dangle shit in front of us, while rarely delivering anything they say.

1 year ago
Reply to  Magoo

Magoo your perspective is as refreshing as the morning dew.

Sniveling, Craven, Cowardly, Anonymous & Cruel
Sniveling, Craven, Cowardly, Anonymous & Cruel
1 year ago

Oh my sweet Lord Jesus!

The NXIVM leftovers are going to do what people have mockingly suggested they do: “serve” another one of their joke affidavits!

This is so fucking funny I am going to give myself a hernia from laughing. All the while Keith continues to rot in jail.

This puts such a huge smile on my face.

Thanks NXIVM leftovers… you are the comedy gift that keeps on giving!

You can add your name to their list of supporters. Have fun with it!

But now they’ve got some new rubes roped into their BS:

Ian Miles Cheong, Writer and Journalist, Human Events

Chase Geiser, Podcast Host, One American Podcast

Mark Eglinton, Author

Geoffery King, System Administrator, State of California

Stephen Palmer, Retired military and stay at home dad

Damn! Now THAT’S in impressive lineup. You know the prosecutors will be shaking in their boots (or stilettos) knowing that imprisonment is right around the corner.

Viva Executive Success®!!!!!

Viva Ring Dings®!!!!!

Nice Guy Certified® Comedy Triple Platinum Award Winner 💿💿💿

1 year ago

They did it again! First time they stormed the DA’s Office requesting the prosecutors to sign their ridiculous declarations.
Now they do it again, 3or 4 years after their first attempt. The chances that these declarations will be signed: zero.

1 year ago

Commenting about the following tweet, Nicki Clyne lays out what she has learned about defense attorneys within our system of justice:


’One of the sad things I found out is almost no one cares. During one of my hearings an FBI agent lied on the stand. When I pointed it out to my government appointed attorney, he said we don’t want to mess with that. I fired him shortly thereafter.’

@NickiClyne responds:

’A rarely discussed issue in criminal justice is the complicity of defense attorneys in government corruption. All too often, they are either too lazy or too afraid to stand up for their clients’ rights.’

‘Most defense attorneys have submitted to the fact that it’s not a fair fight, so they see little incentive in sticking their necks out. Lack of skin in the game is a major problem.’

‘Since 98% of convictions are achieved through plea deals, many lawyers think more like horse traders than advocates for justice and due process.’

‘Not to mention the fact that a lot of defense attorneys, especially in the federal system, run in the same social circles as the prosecutors and judges they see in court. They belong to the same country clubs. Their kids go to the same schools.’

‘The impetus to not disrupt the status quo is very real and understandable, yet when an individual’s liberty is at stake, you’d hope attorneys would prioritize their client’s rights over social status. Sadly, lawyers’ reputations are built more by connections than wins in court.’

Why do I post this?

Because this is from a woman in the arena. Nicki Clyne is alone, representing herself, in Philly Neil’s withering lawsuit against her.

And because too many readers of the Frank Report give attorneys too much credit. If you’ve read Plato’s Republic, you know that it is the attorney in our system of jurisprudence who is the modern-day sophist.

NEVER respect an attorney or what they have to say before they prove themselves worthy of that respect. And even then, never let your guard down whenever they open their mouths.


1 year ago
Reply to  Alanzo

What are two attorneys at the bottom of the ocean? A good start…….

1 year ago
Reply to  Alanzo

Has Nicki tweeted about her days of sucking Keith’s old hairy balls yet? Or her marriage fraud? Maybe we should hire an expert to investigate that. Lol

1 year ago
Reply to  Alanzo

LOL. Shut up.

There are plenty of lawyers out there fighting for mistreated or wrongly convicted citizens who have taken on the corruption/injustice/errors and won. The deadenders attempting to hitch a ride on their train will never get their Vanguard free.
Because Keith actually IS a conman, sexual predator, statutory rapist, child pornographer, and is simply NOT ONE OF THEM. This is the same tactic he has always abused: the respectability of others — whether people or principles — for his own bad-intentioned manipulations.

Occam’s Razor.

The faster the delusional followers realize this, the faster they can move on with their lives.

1 year ago
Reply to  Alanzo


You say:

“This is from a woman in the arena.”

I say to you:

Hey, Doofus! Please stop being so melodramatic.

BTW: Keith loved attorneys back when he was using them to bankrupt people via litigation and fabricated criminal charges.

1 year ago

Two words. John Tighe.

1 year ago
Reply to  Pyriel



1 year ago

It wasn’t just Camila who said the photos were from when she was underage.

The dead-enders lord and savior, Keith Raniere, himself also said that is when the filthy photos were created by him.

The first days of another recent high-profile trial and Nicki Clyne was already promoting a popular opinion of who was “lying” isn’t that exactly what they have asked people NOT to do in Keith’s case?

What about not rushing to judgements? What about how if you weren’t actually there, you cannot know the truth? Guess it only applies to Keith Raniere. And most of the dead-enders do this instant Twitter judgement of ongoing court cases, as well.

The dead-enders will say or do anything to try and prove the unprovable about child predator Keith Alan Raniere.

It’s disgusting how they pretend to have any guiding principles, morality or consistent values. They don’t care about due process.

They should just tell the truth.

The dead-enders don’t care that Keith was a kid fucker and child pornographer.

The dead-enders just want Keith back at any cost. They are even more lost without him than they were lost with him in Albany

Does nobody in their lives love any of them enough to tell them the truth? Keith sure doesn’t…

1 year ago

If the FBI altered evidence to prejudice a jury and gain a precedent-setting RICO conviction, FrankReport AntiCultists® believe it means Keith Raniere is innocent of all charges and nothing ever happened to Cami.

That’s a nightmare they can’t confront, so their emotions cause them to conflate FBI criminal conduct with Keith Raniere’s criminal conduct.

Typical of the “us vs them” chowderheaded belligerence that blinds anticultists of all types, the Frank Report Romper Room reasoning is this:

If the FBI committed criminal acts, then Keith Raniere did not.

If Keith Raniere committed criminal acts, then the FBI did not.

Since Keith Raniere committed criminal acts, then the FBI did nothing wrong!

Here’s what no one is asking:

What if the government prejudiced the jury in this case to be able to use RICO with greatly expanded, almost unlimited, powers? What if that’s why Moira Penza used evidence in this trial, and Judge Garaufis accepted it, which the FBI itself testified had a broken chain of custody?


1 year ago

Feank, what do you get out of continuously posting the same story over and over?

Personally, I’m sick of this.

It’s the same thing.

File the damn thing or stop talking about it.

Let this be dealt with in a court of law.

Do you get paid each time you run this crap, Frank?

How many more times do we have to suffer with this?

Don’t you have anything else to write about or are you making too much money on the side from this group to run their stuff?

The little boy who keeps yelling wolf
The little boy who keeps yelling wolf
1 year ago

Do you keep telling this story to convince your and your loyalists friends?

If you and your lawyer believe it’s true, why didn’t you file the Rule 33 motion months ago?

Why isn’t the FBI under investigation, tampering is a crime?

You have proven nothing in a court of law.

Put your motion where the sun doesn’t shine or release it so it can be ruled on?

Stop yelling WOLF, when no one sees the wolf, it’s just a stupid story you continue to tell over and over and over.

Put up or shut up.

What are you guys so afraid of?

1 year ago

Eduardo, at the point it is just more blah, blah, blah. It is not for the Government to deny anything, it is taken for granted that they did not do it unless KR/you can PROVE (not suspect) the FBI tampered with the files.

All these circular arguments are pointless and have become dreary, leading nowhere. You might as well file a motion asking the prosecutors (any one of them will do): “When did you stop beating your wife?”. Because Messrs. C & A strongly suspect you do and have 3 reports from experts in avionics, gender studies and US-Ukraine relations to prove it, after looking at the ‘evidence’ of your blinking pattern.

And if you have any conscience left or compassion, STOP implying that Camila lied. SC himself stated ‘I’m not investigating whether KR is guilty of having sex with an underage girl’. Why not? That is the central issue at stake here, NOT whether she testified under oath or not.

To be or not to be
To be or not to be
1 year ago

Perhaps you should focus on beefing up that acting resume instead of supporting a pedophile. LOL

Not to be
Not to be
1 year ago

But he can make “animal sounds” and do “movement improv” and has “long hair”.

Certainly a casting director needs whatever the fuck that all adds up to.

1 year ago

The man that loves a pedo still keeps trying to claim the high moral ground by making a nonsense point and probably patting himself on the back for it. I get it, he is ok with pedophilia and doesn’t mind that Keith fucked a minor. We all know this now about the NXIVM acolytes. Don’t have to wave a flag constantly about it. Have some pride.

I guess to this fool not saying verbatim “The government and the FBI deny the charges” makes it a dodge. What an idiot. How does anyone take this guy seriously?

1 year ago

“They had no problem kidnapping Keith in Mexico.”

Kidnapped. Lol You have DOS dead-ender Nicki Clyne to thank for that since she led them there. 😂

1 year ago

I’m slowly becoming convinced

Felix Yusupov
Felix Yusupov
1 year ago
Reply to  Rasputin

Hey, Rasputin:

I thought you died! Felix Yusupov
From the Smithsonian magazine
comment image

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