Fay Ray: Yep, No New Trial for Raniere

MK10ART's Justice and Keith Raniere

By Fay Wray

Many of us don’t believe the FBI tampered with the photos of Camila and the other 11 women.

However, Raniere’s most devoted supporters do. 

I’ll only believe it if someone from the FBI is arrested, tried, and convicted.

MK10ART’s recent painting of the NXIVM 5

To the best of our knowledge, this “altering” could have been done by Raniere’s followers before it was given to Raniere’s expert witnesses. 

We don’t know their “chain of custody.” We don’t know how the images were given to them. 

MK10art portrait of Raniere behind bars.

The jury convicted Raniere of

1. Racketeering,

2. Racketeering conspiracy,

3. Sex trafficking,

4. Attempted sex trafficking,

5. Sex trafficking conspiracy,

6. Forced labor conspiracy,

7. Wire fraud conspiracy


Do any of the photos shown in court fit into the above charges?  They were icing on the cake to show the jury what a scumbag he is. He was not charged with child pornography or sex with a minor in this case.

The NDNY would have brought these charges.

Raniere got what amounts to life in prison. So why would the NDNY waste time and money to bring more charges against him?

NXIVM will stop at nothing to please their Master by putting together a package like this Rule 33 motion.

Someone(s) will get the money together to find and pay for an attorney that will file a crazy motion like this Rule 33, even though it doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell.

Raniere will stop at nothing to get out of prison. He will take his case to the Supreme Court. He will ask every outgoing president for a pardon. 

He will attempt every game in the book to get out until he has exhausted everything. Only then will he settle into his lifelong prison sentence.

Mk10ART Nicki Clyne

One of Raniere’s loyalists retweeted a tweet a few days ago. Was it pure projection? 

It was regarding the FBI, but it is what many in NXIVM did. 

The Tweet said, “Join the FBI today to do illegal things quasi-legally.”

How many people joined NXIVM and did illegal things is the real question. How many did quasi-legal things? 

That is why the government used RICO against NXIVM.

How many joined and did immoral things that damaged others that the government didn’t charge? 

Crimes happened in the NDNY that were too old to prosecute. The NDNY ignored NXIVM on purpose or had bigger fish to fry, as many were told.

MK 10’s portrait of Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis

Judge Garaufis will not recuse himself from the Rule 33 motion or any other motion that Raniere brings.

It was a fair trial. Raniere didn’t allow his attorneys to put on any defense other than cross-examination.

Raniere’s ego, as usual, got in the way of his attorneys presenting the best case possible. Raniere’s constant handing to his attorney’s post-it notes, his need for control, and his belief that he was smarter than them was visible to the jury.

The other thing that Raniere did was to keep all these trophies. Like every other psychopath out there, Raniere never got rid of anything. He kept his photos, videos, writings, and notes.

He left for Mexico, thinking he would be safe there. Thinking because he rubbed shoulders with some of the rich and famous there, they would keep the police away from him. 

Despite knowing the FBI was looking for him, he was cozy with his group of women who pleased him the most. He knew they were looking for him because they visited the compound he stayed at with his baby momma and child.

MK0ART portrait of Raniere as Sweeney Todd

He didn’t bother to get rid of anything that could be used against him before he left the US. His ego wouldn’t allow him to destroy his collection of photos and other evidence.

Raniere believed he was immune to prosecution by the NDNY. He somehow had that tightly taken care of with whatever money could buy and whatever blackmail he had on those who would come after him, it’s suspected.

Raniere disregarded other districts of New York State. He didn’t consider that the EDNY would take up a case against him until it was too late. 

The man overlooked that some Mexicans were angry at him and had more power than those he influenced. They sent the Mexican Federal Police to serve the US warrant to arrest Raniere.

It has always been Raniere’s ego that has been an issue with all of his lawsuits. The reason he has lost so many cases is because of that. How can his criminal case be any different?

Because he has the money to do so, he has remained in legal cases despite knowing he would lose. He has sued people, knowing his suit is full of lies, to punish them for leaving him and telling the truth about him. Again, it’s all about his ego and his lies. 


Why would his Rule 33 motion be any different?

How soon will Judge Garaufis rule on Rule 33? 

That is hard to predict. He could rule on it quickly or let it ride out for a long time. He has nothing to win or lose either way. How many would like to see Raniere sit and wait for Garaufis to think about this good and hard before he rules on this?

I don’t think his Rule 33 motion will give Raniere another bite at the apple and get a new trial.

This is not new evidence. Raniere’s first legal team had their experts on the hard drive photos and got to ask as many questions as they wanted regarding the photos during the trail. They had as much time as the prosecution did regarding the evidence.


Raniere’s followers want to make it a big deal that it took the FBI too much time to discover the child porn on the hard drive. When you have as much evidence as the DOJ/FBI did, you don’t always find it all at once. 

They also want to make a big deal because the photos were transferred to another hard drive. 

We don’t know what else was on the hard drive that the photo experts didn’t have a “need to know” on the larger drive to see. To move it back to the original drive for the trial would make showing evidence at the trial more convenient. There is nothing illegal about that, and doesn’t mean it was “tampered with” – just moved twice.

They are not directly related to any of the charges. The grand scheme of things boils down to it being moot. This does not warrant a new trial based on the facts.

Mk10 ART

Raniere is grasping at straws, at the last minute, before his appeal, which is written in a way that will get him nowhere.

I have to hand it to his attorney, Joe Tully. He must be making bank on this filing. Raniere’s other attorneys had refused to touch the Rule 33 motion with a 100-foot pole.

Tully doesn’t give a damn what it means for his career to file this pile of shite in a federal court, accusing the FBI of tampering with evidence on top of everything else.

Maybe because he doesn’t have to practice law in NY state, he can crawl back to California on his belly like the snake he is.

Yep, No New Trial for Raniere

He doesn’t care; it’s not his money.

Raniere does his twith all his legal cases. So why should this one be any different?

The judge most likely knows Raniere will pull every trick in the book to keep himself inside the courtroom. It’s what he does.

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[…] Fay Ray: Yep, No New Trial for Raniere […]

1 year ago

Alonzo vacuums in the nude, *BUT he doesn’t own a vacuum. It’s a different type vacuuming he does…Mmmh, so tantalizing.

*Note: “But” is a play on words. Teehee!

1 year ago

This is interesting. When you were raised in a cult, and you first realised there was something wrong.

1 year ago

Where did Pee Onyu get her fantastic name?
Was it original with her?
Where was Pee Onyu living in September, 2017?
Was Pee Onyu visiting New York City at the time?
Maybe Pea Onyu stole her name from the Australian singer Sis.

Sia – I’m Gonna Pee On You live at Webster Hall, NYC [09/17]

No freedom for KR
No freedom for KR
1 year ago

KR went to trial, was found guilty, end of story

He is doing 120 years

Him and his loyalists can try to rewrite history all they want

Make up shit, it will never change facts, evidence that he is guilty of everything he was charged with & more.

Enjoy your time in prison or not KR, we all are.

120 gives us all great joy.

NXIVM 5 can spin their wheels all they want, we like to see them jump through his hoops and buy his lies.

120 years.

He is going to lie the rest of his life in prison and die there.

No more freedom for KR.

Play your games, but no freedom for you.

Institution man.

Clifton Parker
Clifton Parker
1 year ago

Good grief! Of course he going to file this motion….and the next…and then the appeal…and another appeal. Hell — he has 120 years ahead of him of doing nothing, so he might as well fill his time. These appeals could take up a good 10 or more years of his lonely, solitary life in a concrete cell — he might as well waste ink and other people’s money.

Aristotle’s Sausage
Aristotle’s Sausage
1 year ago

No new trial, appeal denied. Raniere simply has no grounds for an appeal.

When this motion finally crosses Judge Garaufis’ desk, if indeed it ever does, it’s going to implode against a wall of fact.

Judge Garaufis heard Camila in his own courtroom state that Raniere took explicit naked photos of her when she was 15 years old.

Garaufis saw those photos himself, in evidence in his own courtroom.

Therefore, he knows that vague allegations of evidence tampering are simply not credible and can be dismissed out of hand.

As does any reasonable person.

1 year ago

Yep. Fay Ray has just described the MO of a narcissist (someone suffering from Narcissist Personality Disorder). It won’t end with this filing, because KR is utterly convinced of his ‘genius’ and cannot admit he’s wrong: he’s probably already working on the next ‘loophole’ he can exploit. It’s interesting that Mark Vicente is working on a documentary about ‘narcissism’: wonder what gave him the idea for his project?

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