‘Forced Retirement’ of Judge Emons Brings Hope That Corrupt CT Family Court Judges Will Be Removed

Former judge Jane B. Emons

Former CT Family Court Judge Jane B. Emons was the only judge in recent years to be retired when the CT House of Representatives declined to vote on her retainment in 2018.

In CT, judges are reappointed every eight years.

Former Judge Jane Emons lights the way for removing incompetent judges by studying how she was removed.

In Emons, however, the people find hope. If it could happen to her, it could happen to other abusive family court judges.

What happened to Emons was that a few select, brave parents and their friends – parents who lost their children by the invidious rulings of the woman they called “the monster in black” protested.

They organized. They wrote to legislators. They testified at hearings. They held press conferences. They wrote op-eds; one of them got arrested. Several attorneys risked their careers by speaking out against her.

They took to social media. Best of all, they bought a billboard.

Peter T. Szymonik, a leading advocate for CT Family Court reform, wrote, “countless parents testified against Jane Emons, a nightmare family court judge who had 11 federal lawsuits filed against her because she violated parents’ civil and fundamental rights who appeared before her.

“She covered up and ignored the sexual abuse of a child. She was often seen standing up and screaming at parents and attorneys who appeared before her in her courtroom.

“Yet Atty Gen. William Tong allowed her reappointment to sail out of the Judiciary Committee and instead be decided by the House of Representatives – when she should never have gotten that far.

“The House of Representatives and [former] Speaker Joe Aresimowicz did the right thing. They acted in the interests of the people and citizens of this state by opting to ‘retire’ Jane Emons by not bringing her reappointment up for a vote.”

Don’t feel bad for Emons.

Though many observers thought she had an unspecified personality disorder, she landed comfortably and is now a family law attorney working on the other side of the bench, helping affluent parents remove the less affluent parent from their children’s lives in “high conflict” divorce and custody cases.

As an associate for Cohen and Wolf, Emons practices alongside attorney Jocelyn Hurwitz, the guardian ad litem who billed $200,000 and recommended the three Ambrose children successively to Judges Jane Grossman and Gerard Adelman should have no contact with their primary attachment figure, their stay-at-home mother.

The father had the money.

A success story like the removal from the bench of Jane Emons should give us hope that one day the removal of children from the less affluent parent will cease in CT, for judges who do it will know they will be retired by the will of the people.

There are numerous family court judges in CT who, like Jane Emons, should not be returned to the bench for the same reasons.


This grandmotherly lady, who looks like she would care for your child as if it were her own, is former CT Family Court Judge Jane B. Emons. When she was on the bench, she treated litigants’ children as if they were her own and sold them to the highest bidder.

Several Judges Are Bad or Worse

Judge Jane Emons is our inspiration for a better future.

Her fate brings us to hope that the CT Family Court will stop making the state look ridiculous for continuing to call CT the “Constitution State.”

And a judiciary in CT’s position cannot afford to be made to look ridiculous.

Like Jane Emons.

Qui Transtulite Sustinet.


Judges of Emons’ Ilk

Judge Jane Grossman



Judge Erika M. Tindall


Judge Gerard Adelman.


Judge Donna Nelson Heller


Judge Mark Gould


Judge Anna Ficeto


Judge Margarita Hartley Moore

Judge Thomas Moukawsher


Judge Jose Suarez

Guardian ad litem

Jane Emons’ associate, guardian ad litem Jocelyn Hurwitz, is paid by parents to look out for the children’s best interests.

Which children, you ask? Her children, of course.

We wonder how she would feel if a judge ordered her to have no contact with her children, giving sole legal and physical custody to their father.

Hurwitz is hired to do just that – and has done so to many, many competent and loving mothers and their children, using the device of parental alienation.


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  • Jane Emmons should be sued

    Yet she knew the people could do nothing. Her disregard for the law went on and on she called other judges to vote her way did not allow people to speak refused to look at evidence did all her backroom dealings.

    Not on the record. How does she even have the right to practice law. She lied under oath. I was sitting right there and heard her lie. What happened to the constition when I am told by Tong before I testified that freedom of speech did not count at the hearing.

    I have a room full of witnesses who were present. She has made a joke out of conn judicial system and a discrase. She went as far as saying have a trial and then I will make final disission. What happened to fair unbiased trials.

  • Judge Anna Ficeto throws second grade temper tantrums from the bench. Very lady like. Very judicial. Good choice Malloy. She’s another turd in the family court system.

  • Ficeto should be next. She is the very same. Lazy, incompetent, corrupt and makes colossal errors. She came a hair away from a federal lawsuit in my case and should consider herself lucky. I would have dragged her through the mud.

  • Lynda Munro was chosen by my ex to mediate. Prior to that, our judge ordered my ex minimal time with our children.

    During the initial meeting with Munro, it obvious to myself, our GAL, and my attorney, that Munro was working for my ex.

    I attempted to get back in front of a judge to get out of the mediation.

    That morning in court, my ex’s attorney didn’t show up. Rather, his mother (also an attorney), showed up in his place. She said no judge would ever allow me to get out of the mediation, and if I went in front of the judge, Munro would certainly find out, and things would get “much worse” for my children and I.

    Come to find out, my ex’s attorney and his mother, were both professionally tied to Munro, and major funders of the AFCC.

  • Be sure to leave truthful, factual online reviews for the judges (robing room), attorneys and experts. Tell others what you wished someone had told you so you could have avoid a lot of heartache. I was able to successfully object to one of the worst custody evaluators in my county thanks to the poo reviews others left about him.

  • For those who are interested and want to learn something in addition, if they do not know it yet:

    Connecticut State Motto.

    The motto “Qui Transtulit Sustinet,” (He Who Transplanted Still Sustains), has been associated with the various versions of the seal from the creation of the Saybrook Colony Seal. While the origin of the motto is uncertain, the late Charles J. Hoadly, a former State Librarian, suggested in an article entitled “The Public Seal of Connecticut,” which appeared in the 1889 edition of the Connecticut State Register and Manual, that we look to the 80th Psalm as a possible source. “Thou hast brought a vine out of Egypt: thou hast cast out the heathen, and planted it.”

    Reproduced from the Connecticut State Register & Manual with permission of the Secretary of the State.


  • It is shocking to see how many of the people involved are women. I know it is ‘sexist’ nowadays to think in ‘gender’ terms, but the stereotype of the ‘mother’ endures. This may explain in a small way how the whole scandal has been left to grow to such proportion.

    Looking at the ‘grandmotherly’ face of Judge Emons, for example, one would not think she would be capable of knowingly harming children (for money? career advancement? an easy life?) and not scrutinize her decisions closely, until it became a recurrent pattern.

    By naming the people involved, FR may help us let go of stereotypes and see reality for what it is: women, mothers, grandmothers – and well-educated ones in powerful jobs at that – are just as capable of being venal and harm children, and in some cases accept or condone pedophilia.

    In this instance, you can’t even blame Keith R for ‘brainwashing’ them.

    • This is so true. The majority of the actors involved are women– they are cruel, evil, and have no souls. Among them… Janis Laliberte, Jocelyn Hurwitz, Mary Brigham, Nancy Aldrich (who feigns being a democrat and empowering women…more to come on Nanc), Jessica Biren-Caverly and Linda Smith to name just a few. All women. All conspiring to traffick children in exchange for money.
      Case after case… Thank you Frank for staying true to the children who have been silenced and abused by these courthouse criminals!

    • Is there a count of how many children Emons aided in the sexual abuse of? My daughter is one.

  • We need billboards to get rid of custody evaluator, Jessica Biren Caverly, and the most vicious GALs and attorneys who bring lies to the judges.

    Billboards for Criminal Charges against: Jessica Biren-Caverly, psychologist, paid executioner who uses her CT psychology license to vilify mothers (usually), undermine credibility of children, and deliver children to the abusive parent.

    Criminal GALs who lie and abuse children: Jocelyn Hurwitz, star of “In the Worst Interest of the Child” by Keith Harmon Snow, Janis Laliberte, seasoned child trafficker, and Sue Cousineau– each conceal evidence and participate in the abuse of children. All for the money.

  • THANK YOU, FRANK! Please continue to expose the corruption and brazen child abuse by monsters in black robes–
    ADELMAN MUST GO! Brave parents attended his reappointment hearing in 2017– TONG was there when Adelman LIED to the Judiciary Panel, and they still reappointed him.

    Gonzalez was a fierce advocate of the people, she was then removed from the Judicial Committee. Rep. Edwin Vargas called it what it is– a rubber stamp.

    “Gonzalez, meanwhile, characterized Adelman as a harsh and ill-tempered judge, saying she has sat in his courtroom multiple times. Her criticism also prompted others to urge fellow lawmakers to send a statement to judges.

    “If we don’t stand up to one judge in this chamber, I think we’re sending the wrong message that this whole reappointment process is just a rubber stamp,” said Rep. Edwin Vargas.

    They are destroying families! Thank you, Frank, for caring enough to explain to the American public that racketeering– RICO is rampant in CT courts.

  • The demise of Emons scared the ruling elite of Corrupticut, the people had won, got rid of a judicial monster, Patrick Carroll was shocked that a sovereign people could express their will and boot Emons, the Branch spox stated it sent a CHILL thru the state bench, that the judges were vulnerable to the will of the people. A fitting end to a terrible judge.

      • Murphy was the guardian ad litem in the Liberti case where little Max became the sex play toy of Robert Liberti. Maureen Murphy is a dyke, ugly old hag. She was rewarded for expert trafficking in the case, which was directed by the pedo ring, where Elaine Gordon was under so much pressure at the start of the trial, she up and retired from the bench to get out of doing the nasty deed of cutting mom out of the picture and condemning Max to a life of being a sex toy for his dad and the ring.

        Lynda Munro took over, as she was judicial trash who wanted to please the powerful.

        The trial was a sham; Murphy provided all the proper recommendations, and she even wrote the decision for Munro to sign. Not hard to spot the writing style. Murphy went on to the bench to do the pedo work of trafficking kids.

        When Murphy came up for reappointment, there was a push to investigate her conduct in the Liberti case.

        The reappointment hearings were delayed, and the pressure was building in the legislature to find out what this monster was all about. The long and short of it, Murphy was facing exposure of criminal conduct, the questioning of her under oath was only going to result in pleas of the Fifth Amendment, which would not lead to reappointment, the call for investigation intensified, then quietly she withdrew from being reappointed and slithered off into the darkness with no press coverage.


        • I am a victim of Emons. A divorce done over extreme stress in which Emons obligated me to sign an inequitable divorce leaving homeless end childless.

          I can’t afford a lawyer. Have asked my Senator to reopen these cases as they knew this judge was hurting families. He said that is not his jurisdiction but sits as the head of judiciary today.

          For the last 8 years I have lived through parental alienation. One of my sons talks to me to humiliate and hurt me.

          He was my best friend. Now he hates me.

          If anyone can aid please please help

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