Damon ‘I Will Endeavor Not to Feed the Hatred I Have Felt Toward Frank’

Damon Brink is trying not to hate me, and for that, I won’t thank him.  I will thank him for putting his name behind his words.

As readers know, Damon has created a website, Let’s Not Be Frank. It makes a guy feel good when somebody goes to the trouble of making an anti-version website against whatever he thinks that guy is putting out in the world or to ride off his notoriety by hating him.

It’s important to have critics, even haters. But it is embarrassing when haters are anonymous cowards who won’t even stand behind what they say.

I know that Damon – and many other people – think I destroyed a beautiful NXIVM community, and I am sorry that I damaged their fantasy land.

Damon wants to start NXIVM again, and good for him. I hope he finds a better Vanguard. His last one was kind of freaky – the kind you don’t bring home to your wife.

MK10 ART presents a fine visual image of the recommitment ceremony planned for Keith Raniere.

Here is Damon’s latest anti-Frank message, found on his home page.

Damon Brink’s Message to Readers

By Damon Brink

Thank you.

This site exists as an alternative to the Frank Report website, for now, as the name says.

It’s my personal opinion and experience that The Frank Report exists to destroy people. The website has fostered, intentionally, a hateful narrative that has made it impossible to asses, question, evaluate and discover actual truth while also doing irreparable damage to many people and families.

I believe Frank Parlatto’s goal is not to uphold Justice, Honor or Freedom but to uphold himself and the narrative he’s created at the expense of anyone who doesn’t agree. It is obvious to me that even when the FR publishes articles that seemingly promote Justice, Honor or Freedom, it’s simply a self-serving and temporary diversion that allows Frank to appear as if he cares for these things.

This, of course, is my opinion and this website, Let’s Not Be Frank, is a reflection of that opinion protected, as Frank Report is, by the 1st Amendment.

NXIVM and Keith Raniere present issues that are vital to be evaluated and discussed, vigorously, aggressively, and even angrily at times but also, if one feels inclined, joyfully.

We’re living in a world today where it’s more important than ever to find voices and platforms that allow for deep dissection and evaluation and discovery without the fear or burden of hateful reaction. There’s plenty of hateful reaction, we don’t need to create spaces that have more of it.

I have felt hatred towards Frank and many of the contributors to the Frank Report for the damages they have intentfully done to me, my family and many friends not to mention the damage to the ideals of Justice and Freedom.

I will endeavor not to feed that hatred.

This site will attempt Free Speech and will attempt Justice without hateful or destructive intent towards people and I pledge to examine my own intent and responsibility in publishing and if I find that I have been hateful in my own expression, I will acknowledge it here and make an attempt to remedy any damage I caused.

For now there won’t be any comments. If you would like to contribute or you’d like me to address anything, please use the “Tell Your Story” tab and submit what you’d like. We will have a discussion about it and take whatever next steps seems good.


A Let’s Be Frank, frank Frank Reply

Hello Damon,

I am glad you explained the meaning of your website; that it refers to me, Frank, and not the lower case, frank, which is being honest, and direct, especially when dealing with unpalatable matters like, for instance, branding women on their pubis with your initials but telling them it’s the four elements.

Mk10ART’s Mexico branding – or is it the four elements?

I hope while you’re trying not to be Frank, you will be frank, which sometimes will make you as lonesome as a woman in a room for two years because she was frank enough to tell Keith she kissed a man.

“I have felt hatred towards Frank…,” you write, “for the damages… intentfully done to me, my family and many friends not to mention the damage to the ideals of Justice and Freedom.”

“Intentfully” is a word I have only heard in NXIVM.  It would be easy to ridicule the use of such a word. But I will only correct it by telling you I have done things with intent, intentionally, intensely, and, at times, I intensified my efforts and was fully intent, but I did not intentfully try to damage you.

I Explain Fully

“Fully” is a suffix that creeps into our language more and more like Keith said Robbie’s DNA did inside Cami after she had an affair with him and, consequently, she had to end her quest for motherhood and find Keith a virgin successor to replace herself which dolefully – though she workfully went out and aimfully tried – she failed but hopefully not purposefully.

The virgins she found were either too old, too fat, too plain, or lesbian, and in one case though young enough, her parents would have freaked out about this kinkyful person who was in his mid 50s looking for a teenage virgin to take his DNA.

Marie White’s painting of Keith Raniere emitting his DNA as he photographs a virgin successor.

But where to draw the line on words that end with fully? I remember there was a debate over whether to use fully after hope, and include it in the dictionary. There were lexicographers who were opposed and those in favor.

I will only say it is knowledgeful to know, and when you don’t, you can be ridiculousful, like if you use the word intentful.

Damage You, et al

You write I damaged you, your family and friends. I assume you refer to more than Keith, Nancy, Lauren, Kathy, Allison, and Clare. I explained before: Keith and Clare were trying to put me in prison. Clare filed a false criminal complaint against me. They salivated at the prospect.  Keith led an organization with zealous followers, and it gave him power.

Marie White’s Vanguard

MK10ART’s Clare Bronfman

In order to weaken him and set Clare and Keith up for prison for crimes they really did commit but were able to avoid prosecution because they had protection from law enforcement in the Northern District of New York, I had to wreck their organization and make their followers flee.

That’s war, and with all wars, there is collateral damage though not the same kind of collateral Keith got on women whom he called his slaves and grand slaves.

It was not a stupidful plan because it worked.  As proof of the effectiveness of my good strategy, the last Vanguard Week had about 120 attendees, down from 500 the year before.

Marie White’s painting of Frank Parlato examining the pubic brand of a DOS slave to determine if it was true that someone would idiotfully brand women with their initials and tell them it was the four elements.

Yeah, Damon, if you continue to be willfully blind to what your Vanguard has done, I think you will do yourself a lot more damage. It could be damageful.

There may have been good in NXIVM, but it was like a jug of good milk with a bit of poison mixed in with old Vanguard.

Lies were the poison that spoiled NXIVM, not me. Raniere was a lieful person. He would liefully tell one whopper after another.

Finally, I would ask you to do one thing. Please correct the spelling of my last name. There is only one ‘t’ in Parlato, and it’s a shitful thing to do to someone to spell someone’s name wrong.

Thank you.



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  • Why does Damon Brink keep referring to the DOS slaves as “girls”?

    The entire defense of DOS is based on the premise that they were “women”. Not girls.

  • Damon Brink wrote on his 9 March blog post titled, “Sarah and Nippy and Mark and Bonnie”

    “Girls will be girls and especially Espian girls. Nothing like a little celebrity status for an Espian girl and so with the seed of a brilliant idea, the girls fuck it up by lying, conniving, pretending and basically doing what girls do. Turns out Keith lies quite a bit as well. Regardless, the girls, some of them, are lying to each other and lying about some pretty important things.

    That bolded part is what the Anti-NXIVMs can’t allow to be discussed. It’s “us vs them” with these anticultists and it’s for blood with these guys.

    Great blog post from someone who actually knows all involved.

    Question: Can the anti-NXIVMs tolerate these ideas?

    I already know the answer to this, but I’ll pretend otherwise.



    • Hi Alonzo-

      You sick [redacted). You’re sharing a sick [redacted] man’s poorly written poetry, mocking rape victims. You are pathetic. Even if you weren’t mentally ill, you’d still be a filthy-ass loser. You deserve your pathetic excuse of a life. You own it. No wonder, your dad couldn’t stand you.

      To the editorial board-
      I get threatened with censorship and you allow this reprehensible garbage from Alonzo and Damon Brink?

      The first time I commented on this web forum was because a man was mocking a woman whose sister committed suicide; and her sister was most likely driven to suicide by Raniere, and those sorry excuses for women who followed him.

      Alanzo can taunt rape victims, but I can’t taunt Alonzo?
      This the second time I’ve been pissed-off at the staff in 4 years; please contemplate it.

      I may be a crank, but it’s the editorial board, who need their F’ing heads examined.

      New Readers:

      Heidi’s sister, Gina, committed suicide under suspicious circumstances. It’s believed Raniere drove her to it. Frank produced a television special on Discovery ID that covered Gina’s suicide. Cami is like Gina: both fell victim to a malevolent and evil man.

      The special is entitled The Lost Women of NXIVM. The special is worth watching!

      Frank’s special is playing on Hulu:

      Congrats to Frank! His special has never stopped being played on the air.

      • Drunken dipshit troll “Nice Guy” wrote:

        “To the editorial board-
        I get threatened with censorship and you allow this reprehensible garbage from Alonzo and Damon Brink?

        Obviously the beer isn’t working.

        You need to switch to whiskey.


        • Al0nzo-

          I prefer Kentucky bourbon, over flat regular whiskey, which has poor taste. Cognac and Vodka are my favs for hard alcohol. What do you like?
          You have a dreamy evening and tell your mommy I said hi.

  • I love MK10ART’s painting of the KR
    brand / symbol wearing a sombrero. Another sublime masterpiece.

  • Frank,

    You are the wordsmith. This is one of your best pieces, not because you’re ripping Damon, but, because your language, style, idioms, e.t.c, are on point.

    There’s no ass-kissing, in my complement, I’m just paying homage to a top notch writer!

        • I don’t think Frank chased anyone away by lacking moderation. I suspect traffic is the same. Comments are down because legal proceedings are heating up and a lot of people simply don’t trust former nxians. My opinion.

        • 😂🤣😂

          Thank you SO MUCH for pointing out that Frank made a joke that played on the theme of his post!

          No way I would have noticed that without your sage wisdom, Damllen!

          Viva Executive Success®!!!!!


          Viva Ring Dings®!!!!!



        • “”Thanks, Nice Guy, I really depreciate your comment. LOL”- Alanzo

          Boohoo! Boohoo! I need a Whambulance!
          Frank hurt my feelings by being mean, hurtful, and oh so cruel! And a loser laughed at me. Boohoo!
          Oh….wait…. I’m not Alanzo the crybaby, I’m Nice Guy the crank. LMAO!

          “Sticks and stones can break your bones, but names can never hurt you.”

        • Frank-

          It ain’t me – you know it, BUT it’s funny as shit.

      • That wasn’t me! LMAO!

        Kudos, Alonzo! Funny Shit!

        I can acknowledge your humor, albeit you are a pedo-cult lover.

  • Frank

    You wrote this:

    “Damon Brink is trying not to hate me, and for that, I won’t thank him. I will thank him for putting his name behind his words.”

    And yet you fill the comment section of your blog with the worst, most cruel, lying and racist anonymous trolls – personally attacking your commenters and hiding who they are.

    You and I have discussed important sources who have been driven away from your blog by this.

    Tell us Frank:

    Why don’t you moderate your blog?


    • Tomorrow, Alonzo and Damon will be preforming the “Illinois high-five” before the start of the Illinois vs Houston game…

      ….Looks like everyone will be scoring tomorrow. Mmmh!

    • Damllen, if you write so offendedfully by the hate that the Frank Report anonymousfully enables, why do you post here morefully than anywhere else?

      It wouldn’t be because no one reads your blog or pays attention to you on Twitter/Reddit/etc would it? Is it because you write so blindfully and retardfully?

      You are great comic relief. Keep those pearls of wisdom coming.

      Sadfully, none of Keith’s branded, over-the-hill cast-offs want to wear your pearl necklace. Even Suneel and Eduardo don’t act interestedfully.

      Viva Executive Success®!!!!!


      Viva Ring Dings®!!!!!



      • — Want to wear your pearl necklace.

        I award you comedy double Platinum! I’ve never heard anyone use “it” that way. I’m still laughing! You’re twice as good as me with all of your different quips!

        I’m retiring!

        • [bows deeply and humbly, oh so humbly]

          I learned everything I know from you, Nice Guy.

          And L Ron Hubbard. Hip hip hooray!!!

          Viva Executive Success®!!!!!

          Viva Ring Dings®!!!!!

          Nice Guy Certified® Comedy Double Platinum Award Winner 🪙🪙

  • LOL he’s such an idiot!! as far as I can see there’s Nothing to hate about you! you tell the truth and helped shut down a female-abusing MLM Ponzi scheme CULT!! that guy needs Help! you have inspired me and helped me feel better about myself overcoming my own bullies and achieving what I want in life, because sometimes the people putting you down are the very scummiest people there are. all the best to you frank

  • It is clear that Damon can’t take in the full picture of what Raniere has done to damage and harm others.

    To wake up and smell the Cult is a difficult thing for many playlist. Look at how long and to what extremes Raniere had to do before his house of cards crumbled.

    It was by no means a Heavens Gates situation but he had women thinking by having sex with him, they would grow emotionally and spiritually.

    He wasn’t even an attractive man and later on as old and couldn’t kept it up. He still had women fighting for his time.

    Maybe this isn’t something Damon will never understand in this lifetime. What do does it mean for a man to have this kind of control over over women?

    Maybe if he can just learn enough. Damon can have those powers also? Start his own Cult or be a strong male figure in the New NXIVM.

    Maybe during those meetings with Raniere at the MDC or in follow-up letters, Damon is on the fast-track to be the new Vanguard.

    He is supporting Nancy, Lauren, Keith. And the NXIVM community.

  • Curious if Damon will be a man of his word and acknowledge when he screwed up.
    Damon – care to walk back the shitful Twitter ambush of Susan Dones?

  • Hahaha. A wonder-fully written piece. You handle language master-fully and will not slave-ishly follow the meaningless ‘newspeak’ that is so prevalent today. Your article was definitefully intentful in its mockery and makes for delight-ful reading. Sometimes mockery and making something sound so crazily ridiculous-ful is the only way to pierce through the armour of ego and defences. The pen is mightier than the sword in many cases and you are undoubt-fully an expert at verbal fencing.

  • Frank-

    I’ll be sending you my piece on Damon his harassment of individuals on Twitter who are ex-members of NXIVM.

    I just am editing it — I don’t want it to be my once-a-year alcohol infused articles. LOL

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