Pro-NXIVM Website, ‘Let’s Not Be Frank’; Nancy Pays $150K and Other NXIVM News

Damon Brink starts new website that is decidedly not the Frank Report.

I am touched and flattered.

A former NXIVM member, Damon Brink, started a website, and I may have been the motivation. He calls it Let’s Not Be Frank.

His website is dedicated to not having the “hate” of the Frank Report, hence the name.

He wants an alternative, an anti-Frank Report “to live and grow as an example of a way to process difficult situations” – like everybody hating the leaders of NXIVM and it being called a cult by media and government officials as if “cult” was a term of art.

“Let’s Not Be Frank” so far has six stories. Perhaps with our help, it can grow.

The stories are:

Do You Think It’s Hateful?: This is about a story published on Frank Report, Wake up, Suneel; Raniere Lied About His Baby Son & Mother, which Damon rebuts paragraph by paragraph to show the hate.

Why: This is a short philosophical piece that some hateful people might call “word salad.”

Should We Throw ESP Into Mt. Doom : Here, Damon asks questions : Did Keith have sex with Cami when she was underage? [He says there is no proof] and why did the DOS First Line Masters lie about the brand being Raniere’s initials? He wants evidence beyond a reasonable doubt.

Damon adds some wistful hope that NXIVM will come back again, new and improved, which I am sure some hateful commenters like Nice Guy, Shadow, Ice Nine, maybe Nutjob, and others will make hateful comments about.

Sarah and Nippy and Mark and Bonnie: This is a not so flattering piece on Sarah Edmondson, Nippy, and Mark Vicente that denounces them – a story that, if published on another site,  might be on the border of hateful.

The Goodness of Nancy and Lauren: This is about the mother and daughter leaders of NXIVM, who played with Brink’s son and paid for diaper service and bought him gifts and other kindly, human gestures that endear them to the readers who don’t hate too much.

Stories Without Hate Are Important:   This speaks about how the DOJ prosecutors and the FBI did not permit any other narrative but their bogus one, a narrative calculated to make people hate.

Here are a few Brink quotes:


Vanguard Week Celebrants

“Most people who participated [in NXIVM] were there because they wanted to grow or at least they “wanted to want,” in ESP speak.


“There was an authoritarian and hypocritical theme running through the organization. There was a lot of do as I say and not as do. There were people who didn’t get paid for their work. There were people made to feel guilty and pressured to take trainings and enroll. There was secrecy, lies, and, yes, abusive behavior.”


MK10ART’s sketch of Keith Raniere

“So no matter where you are with ESP, NXIVM, Keith, DOS, and the whole thing… it’s possible to treat it with compassion and love.”


MK10ART – a hateful but highly amusing sketch of the two faces of Raniere.

“Currently, one of the problems, in this case, is that there’s a sea of horrible accusations and a very small island of actual legal proof.”


MK10ART painting of Keith Raniere on trial.

“[P]eople who seek the standard of “beyond a reasonable doubt” [for Raniere et al.], would not be vilified in a serious society that cared about justice and ultimately compassion and love.”


MK10 ART – The tangled web of the Vanguard.

“Maybe we can determine that we were all brainwashed and that what we learned is patently false and wrong, maybe we will discover, through this exploration, that our experiences were not our own and that what we all have (anyone who’s been through at least a 16 day) is somehow the product of an insidious plot to destroy those who became involved and it all should be purged from the world, like the Ring of Power and thrown into the pit at Mount Doom to finally be destroyed.

Or maybe we will find that there’s more to the story, both out there and in our hearts. I’m not convinced either way, but I hope it’s the latter.”


Brainwashing is real and dangerous, as this image proves

“I began to see those that claimed ultimate victimhood treat other people… I couldn’t believe what I was hearing from people [who left NXIVM] in regard to what had “been done to them”. I knew all these people. I’d spent so much intimate time with most of them; we’d shared amazing amounts of personal info, tears, laughter, hugs, pain… and to hear people describing what they went through as if they had been passive actors in the thing from the beginning when what I knew of them was exactly the opposite, well, it was hard to take.”


Keith Raniere Trial Prosecution
The prosecution speaks at Keith Raniere’s trial

“It became clear that there was a narrative, and the narrative was – NO QUESTIONS. If you’re not in full-on hatred and immediate judgment of your [NXIVM] life as a mistake and a con-job perpetrated by Keith and his NXIVM minions (which happened to be most of [those] who [were]  pointing fingers), then you deserved the worst shame and public punishment until you broke.”


The face of hate – according to Damon Brink: Frank Parlato

“There could be no room for anything except what those claiming victimhood were saying… there was a heavy price to pay if you said anything that wasn’t LOCK STEP anti-ESP.”


Damon Brink deplores those who hate Keith Raniere.

“But so many people… had a different experience and over the past five years as we’ve all watched the media, the in-justice system and a small group of people completely take over the narrative, it’s become clear that if someone doesn’t do something when we all die, there will be no other history of what actually happened.

Imagine that…being gone and having the narrative that is running virtually unquestioned be the story of your life in ESP!”


“If you had a different experience of people, place, or time while in NXIVM, please share it.”


Keith Raniere has said, “He who has the most joy wins.”.

“And if you have a story about a joyful or loving experience in ESP or with an ESPIAN, I hope you will also share it here.”


Salzman Pays $150,000 in Fines

Nancy Salzman was sentenced to 42 months in prison plus $150,000 in fines.

This unfortunate woman had a prison assignment in Camp Cupcake – the women’s prison camo in Alderson, WV. She lamentably sought a 30-day delay to report to prison to take her elderly mom to a medical appointment and avoid an outbreak of COVID at the Alderson, WV camp.

She, or her lawyers, decided to persuade the judge to grant her a one-month extension by blasting the Bureau of Prisons – and Alderson in particular – for their bone-headed and dishonest handling of the COVID-19 outbreak at Alderson in a public filing.

The judge granted her a 30-day extension, but, during that period of time, the BOP reassigned her to Misery Mountain – the Hazelton Correctional Facility in WV. Now, she is in prison ten times worse than what she could have had if she had not requested an extra 30-days to care for her elderly mother and to avoid COVID without denigrating Camp Cupcake.

Asked what a new inmate could expect, a former inmate of Alderson said: “Nobody’s going to beat you up….the camp situation is, if you get into a fight, they’re going to send you to an FCI (federal correctional institute- like Hazelton). The camp is the easiest time you can do….once you get to a camp, you’re not going to do anything to blow that.”

Before going to prison, Salzman had to tender over two checks – both dated February 22, 2022: one for $50,000 and the other for $100,000 – her fines for her crime of conviction – racketeering conspiracy.


Clyne Can Dance

Nicki Clyne appeared on a YouTube video Deprogrammed with Keri Smith. She appeared with Brian Edward from Mythinformed. The show was streamed live for more than an hour on March 11 at 1 EST and is available on YouTube.

I want to thank Shadow State for taking the time to follow Nicki’s every online activity and report them to me without even being asked.

Below is a picture of himself he sent to me with the request to use it in connection to his offerings.

Shadow has been a gracious commenter providing much helpful information. Before Allison Mack went to prison, Shadow served Frank Report readers in much the same way he currently does with Clyne,

Shadow informed me that Clyne is “dancing her feet off!. Nicki looks healthier than her spouse, doesn’t she?”

The spouse Shadow refers to is Allison Mack, who is in Dublin Prison in California, serving a three-year sentence.


Nippy and Sarah to Appear in Texas Today

Sarah and Nippy  @alittlebitculty will be appearing in one form or another in Austin, Texas, to throw the first-ever
@alittlebitculty   LIVE show on Monday 3/14 @ 4 pm (in the Downtown Marriott’s Moontower Hall).


Mack Impersonator

What’s better than having a website dedicated to being the opposite of what you are?

Why someone that impersonates you.

Check out Ashley Dulaney as Allison Mack.



Pea Has Poem, ‘Moira Kissed Me’

Pea Onyu, a photo she sent me.

An annoying individual, who goes by the moniker Pea Onyu, claimed it was her real name and that her parents were Aleutian and Bavarian. Her name is not pronounced, she said, as the vulgar might think it is, but rather, she says, it is to be pronounced, “PIE-ah-AYE-ah   Wah-ON-wah-Ya-Wa-how.”

Later ,she admitted she made the name up, along with her fictitious parents, and that the name is meant to be pronounced like the vulgar thought.

Pea submitted a poem to me that she claims she wrote. I suppose it is meant to be subtle sarcasm, but it is not subtle at all. Had I not promised her that I would keep her identity secret, this poem would prompt me to disclose it.

Instead, I will publish the poem so that readers may understand the depth of her devotion to her cause.


Moira Kissed Me

by Pea Onyu

Moira kissed me

when we met

Jumping in her high heels from the prosecutor’s chair, she sat in

Raniere, you fool sex trafficker,

forced laborer who loves to get adult women in your harem.

Put this evidence in.


Say the defendants won’t take plea deals,

Say they knew they did nothing wrong

Say that without a child victim, the conviction will miss me,

Say I have to plant child porn,

But don’t forget to add, Moira kissed me.



I began a modest YouTube effort – taking NXIVM archival material and adding music.

I am experimenting with background music, especially using themes that are not apropos for the subject matter.

For example, I employ a pretentious, portending theme led by French horns and topped by a trumpet overlaying in a one-note crescendo, alternating and combining with symphonic strings, in a descending harmonic semi-dissident progression to create a dark, somber, pensive mood, then resolving in the three-chord progression ending with the triumphant tonic, as an introduction for what is less than a one minute video.

I employ a tender and lyrical, flowing statement, carried by a warm B-flat trumpet with enough vibrato to evoke the mood of lonely sadness to open the phrase, followed by mellow strings, with a touch of con sordino, legato, and use it for the background for Keith Raniere telling his followers he is a demon.


An upbeat, percussive theme, with a small horn section with predictable harmonies, yet employing a surprising 5/4 time signature, alternating with 3/4, and fade-out with piano accompanies the less than flattering photos provided by the government for the jury to see – of the six NXIVM convicts, along with captions concerning their sentences.


My next short video, to be published soon, will be about the government’s statement of Lauren Salzman’s help with their prosecution, set to a background of haunting strings, supplemented by a theremin, with a raft of diminished 5ths, followed by my next, a reenactment of Lauren’s cross-examination when it was terminated by Judge Garaufis, with sad minor strains played by an accordion, and a violin played slightly flat, with the use of minor 7ths, and the occasional suspended chord, for a hint of tension but ultimately bereavement.

Viva Executive Success!


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Frank Parlato


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  • Interesting factoid- New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision records show that the correctional facility assignment letters sent to Nancy and her lawyer always said Hazelton from the get go. Never said Alderson.

    Maybe the West Virginia part confused them and the lawyer perpetuated a false narrative or misunderstanding? Maybe Nancy wanted to sound special by saying she was going where the rich and famous had gone?

    Think about it- the other women are in medium security prisons. Makes sense Nancy would be assigned there too. The original story really made no sense.

    They don’t suddenly reassign you to another higher level of prison. You go the level you were assigned to even if in another location

  • OMG – a lot to go through!

    Ashley Dulaney was sooooo good at taking off AM, effortless dead ringer.

    Checked out the Nicki Clyne thing too, protofascism at its most unsubtle, using selective media storylines to castigate people with various mental health disorders, showing total disdain and a complete lack of empathy, a far cry from her Black Lives Matter advocacy, signaling in her own words a lack of “congruence’. As in the Springsteen song “like a river that don’t know where it’s flowing” she “took the wrong turn and just kept going”.

  • What about all the false accusations made against men by the DOS slaves to be used as blackmail?

    You can’t put that genie back in he bottle.

    That’s a REAL “ripple effect” of ruined lives.

    Totally innocent people.

    Fathers accused of incest.

    Ex boyfriends accused of battery.

    Partners made out to be child abusers.

    Business contacts accused of criminal activity.

    Brothers painted as molesters.

    Men depicted as rapists.

    All lies. All knowingly told lies.

    Written in letters. Recorded on phones.

    Lies. Lies. Lies.

    Told purposefully.

    Created to destroy lives. To blackmail.

    All at the behest of Keith Alan Raniere.

    The most ethical man in the world.

    • Successor-

      Excellent point!

      I forgot about Raniere trying to have Ester Carlson’s son framed for sexual assault all because her son fooled around with a harem member.

      • I bet that every single time keith found out about a dude fooling around with a woman he claimed as his own, he worked an angle to frame or insinuate a sexual assault on the part of the dude.

  • If they’re Not frank they will Suck! lol As all cultists do. No offense though– I wouldn’t wanna be “hateful” of the criminally convicted cultists out there hahaha

  • So, I could understand Brunk genuinely wanting to create a safe space for former NXIVM members to decompress.

    But instead, it sounds more like a sort of childishly oppositional “I’m going to show you” sort of thing. And that certainly doesn’t give the impression that NXIVM succeeded in making them into better people.

    Also, ex-members would likely want to discuss their experience, without continuing to be loyal to or defend the guru or the organization – which Brink seems to still be overly focused on.

    • Discussing your experience while taking some responsibility for it is only being loyal to yourself. There is no invitation to be loyal to Keith, it is an invitation that wasn’t afforded before due to the environment and the perceived (as well as very real threat and consequence of being terrorized and financially damaged). It is an invitation to be more honorable and open to the fact that there was good and good people doing good things. People operating as friends – trying to be a good friend and thinking they were doing what people wanted to do and that they were asking to do even if the motivations carried human mistakes.

      The “defense” of Keith hasn’t been an excuse of action or to say the accusations are OK if true. Suneel has repeated that. Nicki has repeated that. Damon has repeated that. There are holes in accusers’ stories. There are completely fabricated aspects to stores (that the accuser may genuinely believe and may not realize they are lying?) it is not the “truth” of the matter. There was way more nuance and innocent mistakes. There was way more discussion and disagreement and “adult” decisions made in this whole mess.

      Why not allow for the space to temper the accusations with what others experienced. Even the faults of the accusers. They are not saints.

      To make such extreme accusations – the kind that are amped for legal leverage but are not accurate or representative – and call it taking “responsibility” is kind of a joke.

      Anyway – my interpretation of Brink’s invitation is to allow for what wasn’t previously provided to legal actions, threats, treating this as a black and white right/wrong scenario that isn’t representative and recognize that most people have good intent.

      This site has done damage to so many people and has had a ripple effect. It is not just your targets that you are hurting for the sake of a cause. This site has misrepresented people and justified it in a number of ways. If you happen to have a conversation with Frank – he will walk back on how people have been represented here. But ce’ la’ vie – it is for an agenda that has become more important than the people.

      Mark, Bonnie, Sarah and Nippy et al have been very irresponsible in the pursuit of serving themselves. They hurt people and they are OK with it. I am going to guess this will not bring a tear to their eye at all. It is just more material for their entertainment.

      That is the other thing – people have somewhat cherry-picked Brink’s writing. Or taken issue with certain statements and chose to highlight this or that line. If read as a whole – you see that he also has good thoughts about the people he disagrees with. It is not black and white. He sees the actions as not being good, but gets it and gets that we are human. And because we were friends at one point, I think he tries to remember that there was good.

      If you don’t allow for diverse voices and consider the person and their experience (ideally also not hit up by trolls – but one can only dream) – you create a propaganda machine that starts to feel like Hitler’s regime. Doing exactly what you told yourself you were fighting against.

      All these other cheap shots at Brink are just that – cheap troll shots that don’t have accurate information in them and that also hurt Sally. She is way stronger than your accusations of Damon make her out to be.

      • Blah, blah, Hitler!

        If you think that people sharing opinions on a blog “feels like Hitler’s regime,” you need to go to the Holocaust Museum. STAT. Or the Simon Wiesenthal Center. Or read a book. See a holocaust movie if you struggle with reading. Anything really. Watch a survivor documentary.

        The death of millions and millions of humans in the most horrible manner and the criticism of Nxivm are equitable in your mind?

        Even if your limited brain and empathy cannot grasp the full scope and horror of the holocaust – train yourself not to use it comparatively with a rich people self-help group’s hurt feelings, okay?

        Like a dog shitting on a rug. You don’t have to know WHY it’s bad. Just don’t do it. Okay? It’s deeply offensive and not at all helpful to what you hope to accomplish with your word salad.

        To sum up.

        You Nxivm dead-enders are not the same level persecuted people as Jews in Nazi Germany. You never were. You never will be. It’s fucking disgusting when you when you compare yourselves in any way.

        Don’t. Shit. On. The. Rug.

  • Firstly, to address Mr. Parlato’s choice in music. I like the theme music dude, but I’m having trouble figuring out which Bogie movie you took it from. Movie music from that era all sounds the same to me. Probably someone here on FR knows where you got it. Anyway, we know Frank is a Maltese Falcon fan and has the hots for Mary Astor (not bad btw), so I’m going with that.

    So, despite your challenge Frank, I have no interest in going tit-for-tat with a someone like Damon Brink on his “the world is flat” arguments.

    As for his NXIVM full of love not hate or whatever, I don’t care if I got that right because I didn’t read it all. keith had full influence over everyone in nxivm when Damon’s wife Sally was dying from cancer. Everyone did what keith told them to do. So, I do recommend he thank keith for donations from billionaire Emiliano Salinas and his $500 bucks, Clare and Sara for contributing absolutely nothing, and for good measure, he should send a thank you card to Suneel for his $25.00 if he hasn’t already. Nothing says Executive Success like folks with an extra $25 bucks.

    He might also thank keith and Nancy for encouraging him to quit his job and move somewhere to live without proper health insurance for him and his family.

    pas de haine, juste de l’amour, oui?

    • So, the Bronfman’s give Raniere $68 million to piss away in the stock market, $24 million in a failed real estate, countless millions to sue people, and they can’t give a few dollars to help fund a sick woman in NXIVM?

      What does that say about Raniere’s priorities?

      But this guy Brink still wants to support this sick SOB and his cult? WTF?

  • RE Damon Brink Scumbag Move:

    Damon Brink’s wife had cancer and the couple didn’t have the money to pay for treatment. Damon told his wife not to ask anyone for the money, because he decided it was unethical.

    Think about this — Damon would rather his wife die of cancer than ALLOW HER to ask anyone for money.

    If it were my wife, I would move heaven and earth — do whatever it takes to get her treatment, including asking family, friends, etc., for money.

    Damon didn’t lift a finger.

    Damon, if you’re reading this, you’re f*cking scum. In fact, your actions or lack thereof put you in the same league as Raniere.

    The only reason Frank didn’t mention this story is because he’s too magnanimous.

    • Cheap shot at a family. Misrepresents. Hateful. Hopefully, you are privileged enough to never have to face a situation where you need to move heaven and earth and what that entails. Maybe you have experienced that, and if so, I am sorry. But if not, you have no idea and that is what makes this a cheap shot at a FAMILY not just Damon. I would like to call you names, too. Do I get a pass if I refrain and just say that I want to?

        The shot is at Damon!
        The story comes firsthand from his wife.

        Now run along, back to Morons’ Ville.

        • Nice Guy is a loopy dipshit troll who posts multiple comments under different names, using cruelty to make people react. That’s all he wants.

          Why he is even here is a mystery.


          • Alanzo-

            The only mystery is how you manage to still collect welfare. What’s your secret?

          • —Using cruelty to make people react.

            Alonzo, I’m using cruelty? You posted, on your blog, the video of nude Sarah Edmondson being branded.
            That’s not cruel? You are so delusional.

            People hate you. It’s why you’ve been kicked off of so many websites. You’re posting the videos of Sarah to get Suneel to like you. Suneel is never going to be your friend, cuz he thinks you’re a fruity loser. 😉

            I can’t wait until you get contacted by Neal Glazer regarding the videos. Hope you’ve got the money for an attorney, because otherwise Neal is going to ass rape you in legalese….

            LMAO at Aloozer!

          • Thank you all powerful and knowing Alanzo! How would we survive without your pearls of wisdom?

          • Muahahaha……..Nice guy has been here forever, the real question is ..”ALOONZO, WHY ARE YOU HERE?” Did Frank recruit you too?

          • Alanzo-

            Look up what Damon’s ex-wife said about Damon and the cancer. She’s the one that told the story, not me.

          • Hey Jabalonzo-

            I posted the whole ugly truth about your Twitter buddy.

            Apparently losers flock together like birds of the same feather. Hardy! Har! Har!

            Maybe you can introduce Damon to RingDings®️. Mmh?!?!?

          • Cruel Dipshit Troll “Nice Guy” wrote:

            “Damon Brink’s wife had cancer and the couple didn’t have the money to pay for treatment. Damon told his wife not to ask anyone for the money, because he decided it was unethical.

            I just read the article. It had nothing in there about Damon’s position on his wife’s cancer. You added that in because you are a cruel dipshit troll who wants to blame husbands for the deaths of their wives.

            You’re 41 years old. In the next 20 years you are going to experience things that I hope crush you, emotionally and spiritually. Life will do this to you, no one else needs to. If you survive them, you will emerge a better person.

            If you don’t survive them, the world will be better off without one more cruel dipshit troll like you.


          • Thank you, Pyriel. Here is the truth from Damon’s wife:

            “Damon and I continue to have conversations about how sad and hurt he was that the media has clung to that quote. His perspective and his remembrance have not been published. How Damon remembers it is totally different from how I remember it. He remembers having a conversation like we had in the training The Ethicist, where you would challenge yourself to find your values by asking hard questions like, “Would you die for a principle? Would you die for a cause? Would you die for another person?” All I remember hearing is, “You should die instead of taking the Go Fund me money.” But what if he said, “Would you die instead of taking the Go Fund Me money?” It changes everything.

            I don’t think that mentally I was in any position to be having that conversation. I was full of fear. I was scared of dying. I was scared of leaving my child motherless. I couldn’t think straight.

            All I heard was, “You should die instead of taking the Go Fund Me money.”

            Is that what he said? I don’t think so. Probably not. Was he trying to harm me? NO. He was doing the most loving thing he could think of at the time. He was doing his best. He did not want his wife and mother of his child to die. I truly believe that this situation was very hard for him and he was doing the most loving thing he could think of. I couldn’t see it then. I see it now.

            The bottom line is that I hurt Damon and many of the people who helped support me. For that, I am sorry. What I hope this article brings to people is a small taste of the complexity of the ESP community. It was NOT ALL BAD. And it was NOT ALL GOOD. The truth is somewhere in the middle.

            And this is exactly why “Nice Guy” is a cruel dipshit troll. He takes these human truths from the worst of human tragedies and twists them for maximum cruelty on his targets.

            Such stunning cruelty.

            What a piece of shit.


          • Thanks again! I was able to find the New York Times article that talks about how Damon is such a scum!

            This guy is a pathetic evil turd!

  • Out of the 17,000 people who took course work through NXIVM, how many stand behind Raniere?

    Maybe 15
    What does that tell you Mr. Brink?

    So, there might be some that hide under rocks because they are ashamed to say they support Raniere

    We have the NXIVM Five, you, Brandon Porter, the rest of the woman from DOSsier and some who sell insurance in FL.

    That isn’t very many, Mr. Brink.

    When you have an entire larger group and the Justice system saying different

    Well….. what can I say Mr. Brink?

    • That’s a good point of perspective.

      Add in the remaining loyal Mexican members, and those who remain under the radar, and it’s probably in the ballpark of a hundred, maybe two. But that’s still barely 1%, if that.

      It’s pretty typical that groups like cults have very high turnover, particularly from whatever their point of entry or initial program is.

      The interesting question would be how many of that total number feel, or justify, that they got something significant out of whatever NXIVM courses they did, even if they’re not loyal to Raniere or the group. That’s likely to be a quite a bit larger number, if only because people are adverse to coming to terms with having made a complete mistake, though there’s often an argument to be made that the lower level courses that often borrow or plagiarize legitimate material can have some value.

      • “So, you’re telling me there’s a chance” is the quote that comes to mind. Unfortunately, the quote is from Dumb and Dumber (not a preferred title for this situation, but, hey, I like his optimism and the humility).

        Given a bone and taken it back. Only could be a large number because of they are adverse to making a complete mistake. Wouldn’t plagiarizing legitimate material make it legitimate? Yes – Nxivm material pulled from all kinds of material whether it be books, poems, movies and other methods from all sorts of personal development programs. There are many people whose jaws are dropping because they are reading things that are “just like Nxivm material”. All I can say is, DUH. Nxivm material was designed to be inductive for people to have their own a-ha moments related to how they personally identify with the material and to have supports that are needed to see blind spots.

        People were helping people be more compassionate and reconcile inconsistencies in themselves if they want – or own it – we were still figuring out how to own it. There was natural human error and pride and interpretations that made it a messy system at times. There were wrong actions. Maybe complete mistakes even. I’ll give you that. But people were trying.

        The opposite to success is not trying. Viva success that. I am going with trying. (at least today and anonymously – LOL – trying is scary – kudos to Brink).

      • Those in Mexico have not stepped up and are not openly supporting Raniere as far as I know.

        They seem to be hiding under rocks.

        It’s only about 15+- that openly support Raniere anymore.

        The rest have left his side.

        Frank, do you have any information on what is going on in Mexico?

    • Wow. How many times has a larger group and the justice system not been right? Bandwagon.

      You are missing the point. There are many experiences not represented. Many people misrepresented. It is not black and white. People have been silenced; therefore, you don’t know where people stand. Is it that people can’t get away from the 2 party system for fear of what they might lose?

      • No one has been “silenced”.

        For years Nxivm and Keith loyalists have started websites. Tweeted. Gone on Dateline NBC. Created the DOSsier project. Done podcasts. Been interviewed on the news. Written essays here on Frank Report. And that’s just some of their chances to speak publicly.

        There is a difference between being “silenced” and just not that many people are interested in what you are saying.

        But to write that the cult dead-enders have been “silenced” is factually wrong.

        It is such a tired talking point. Usually HEARD while a person is NOT being silenced.

        For example, you are NOT being “silenced” because you just wrote about it. Right. Here.

        • True. I did start to write about it here. I am only comfortable anonymously due to the threats and things that have happened as a result of having a different opinion. I have made choices accordingly. It is a sad reality.

          Not being understood is not being silenced. True. It does not mean there isn’t truth in my experience. It doesn’t mean that words have been taken and bastardized.

          It is not an experience that is meant to or have any aspiration of annihilating another’s experience. I share it to add some perspective.

          Maybe at some point I would have enough guts to put a name behind it. But I also know the reality that brings. People try to make sure you struggle to exist (unless, of course, I would be willing to adopt the dominant narrative).

          Is that word salad? That label seems so slippery.

          • Thanks for acknowledging and receiving my words to you.

            May I return the favor?

            If all that you truly seek is another human to validate the fact that you had a positive experience with Nxivm – then I shall be that person today.

            You had a positive experience with Nxivm. I see you. I hear you. I believe you.

            And I will also continue to acknowledge and hear and believe those others who did not have a positive experience with Nxivm.

            Both realities can be true.

            Are you open to their very differing but still valid as true and real experience?

  • A picture of Pea Onyu as a child growing up in a Bavarian castle or an Aleutian tent:
    (Note the Reddish tint to Pea’s hair).

    A picture of Nicki Clyne “reading” the newspaper with her father.

    A picture of Nicki Clyne’s aunts with her father, circa 1963

    Picture of Nicki Clyne with friend 2016

    Is this a picture of the Bavarian/Aleutian Princess?

    Still from the movie “John Tucker Must Die”

  • Even the Devil deserves an advocate.
    So Damon Brink, defend your Vanguard to your dying breath.
    But please be aware that hating evil is normal and laudable.
    For every person who desires slavery, there are ten people who will fight and die for freedom.

    Damon, Are you the captain of your soul?

    Out of the night that covers me,
    Black as the pit from pole to pole,
    I thank whatever gods may be
    For my unconquerable soul.

    In the fell clutch of circumstance
    I have not winced nor cried aloud.
    Under the bludgeonings of chance
    My head is bloody, but unbowed.

    Beyond this place of wrath and tears
    Looms but the Horror of the shade,
    And yet the menace of the years
    Finds and shall find me unafraid.

    It matters not how strait the gate,
    How charged with punishments the scroll,
    I am the master of my fate,
    I am the captain of my soul.

  • “Currently, one of the problems, in this case, is that there’s a sea of horrible accusations and a very small island of actual legal proof.” -Damon Brink

    I think he kind of has a point there.

    • Only in cult fairy tale land where a court trial never happened (or iT wAS a cORRupT jUSTicE sYSTem!) since legal proof beyond a reasonable doubt was already established in one resulting in a conviction.

      • Anonymous @1.29pm. Could it be Mr Brink was referring to Suneel’s attempts to ‘fight for justice’? …. a sea of accusations (and conjectures) and a rickety, leaky canoe of actual legal proof.

  • Topics I’d like Damon to write about:
    – Why did he believe keith had made over 1000 millionaires? Does he still believe it?

    – What does he think of keith’s resume/bio? Assuming Damon knows it was all – at best – a huge exaggeration, how does he feel about being misled?

    – What are his thoughts on all of the underaged females who claimed keith courted and slept with them?

    – Why does he think keith was so vicious and hateful when he relentlessly attacked his perceived enemies?

    – Does Damon understand the battle Frank Parlato found himself in, and does he understand why Frank Report was so aggressive in its articles?

    – What were the biggest benefits he gained from taking the NXIVM courses? Would he do it all over again if he had the choice?

    – Is keith a good person?

    – How does he differentiate between the good in NXIVM, the bad in NXIVM, and the bullshit in NXIVM? How does where he stands on this compare and contrast with where the dead-enders are?

    An idea – Can Frank Report post his articles? If yes, this could be a good way for Damon to make his points to a larger readership, and bring balance to the “hate”.

    • As an adult middle-aged man Keith Raniere wasn’t “courting” 12 year olds like Rhiannon. Keith was grooming them.

      “Courting” would better apply to Keith’s manipulation of underage victim’s families.

      Leading to the misplaced trust that allowed Keith access to the minor children that Keith Raniere repeatedly raped and exploited in explicit child pornography.

    • Thanks for summarizing the important questions that any defender of ESP and Nxivm should be ready to answer.

      Most Nx’ers are not willing to answer these; they choose to deflect to arcane points of the trial where there is neither proof or disproof.

      • Just as I predicted… the Damon/Allen bromance begins. Now they are “Damllen.”

        Viva Ring Dings®!!!!!



        • Yes, Damon is a real human, hence he preferred to watch his wife die rather than help her battle!!!

          What an interesting perspective on reality!! It’s like watching serial killers give interviews smilingly!!

          Except some psychpaths CAN control their urges so they continue roaming freely!

          • Accusing a husband of “preferring to watch his wife die” of cancer is incredibly stupid and cruel.

            I’ve seen anticultists accuse mothers of causing their childrens’ suicides, and this one is right up the alley of a soulless and alienated anticult troll like “Alex”.

            Amazing what pieces of shit anticultists are.


          • Alex-

            Alonzo is priceless….

            “Accusing a husband of preferring to watch his wife die” of cancer is incredibly stupid and cruel.”-Alonzo

            …..Meanwhile Alonzo is posting the branding and torture of naked women on his website.
            Alonzo is such a idiotic loon. LMAO!

      • So, I just read the deceptive and hateful way Damon went after Susan Dones (OF ALL PEOPLE???) on Twitter. It’s already clear what Damon’s angle is: He’s going to dole out the hate by calling YOU “hateful”. Angle himself as a self-righteous, kind-hearted, tolerant, benevolent victim of the anti-nxivm world. Then prove he’s correct by calling you “hateful”.

        Pathetic, Damon. Have you been studying up on Raniere’s tactics over the last couple of years? Bait-and-switch. Lying. Pretend to be a pussy and then attack, attack, attack.

      • Damon already read it…..

        Tell me something tool bag – what’s your purpose on the Frank Report other than being a interloper?


        Who’s fatter you or Damon?

    • Do I get a pass — to say your questions are ridiculous, considering they are being asked to a Vanguard sycophant who’d let his own wife die or can I bitch slap you into next week?

      • Try again. You make no sense and sound like a jackwagon dipshit who failed in his attempt at a double bind.

      • Alanzo-

        LMFAO!!! 👍🏼
        Finally a good zinger!!!’🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

        Keep’m coming baby! 😉

      • Alonzo-

        Yeah, you caught me I’m into troll porn. Do you have any candids with Suneel?

        I’d love to see you eating RingDings®️ out of Suneel’s ass!

      • Alanz,

        can you guarantee you are not Scott Johnson?

        Did you find FR through Craig’s List..”looking for trolling assholes” listing, too? That is usually Frank’s go to troll source.

  • Damon is…uh… Never mind.

    “Lets not be Frank” to the average person would mean, ” let’s not speak openly, honestly or be forthcoming”

    In a sense it is the most accurate of names.

    It describes the word jumble and disorganized, impenetrable thinking to follow.

    Laying out the intent of Damon’s ramblings which is: To only tell only a glossy, happy version that promotes and glorifies the cult.

    Please don’t give this fool clicks as there is a monetizing element to this uh, erhm, uh × cough× noble endeavor that Damon undertakes

    Why doesn’t this brave society of protectors member have the wherewithal to dispute the Frank Report pieces right here on Paraloto’s blog? Damon obviously reads it obsessively.

    This is a man who misses the island of misfit toys that he believed was his home.

    And that’s sad. But very immature too. Buy your own diapers. Put away the superhero sash and emblem. Be a good husband and dad. Be your own leader. Move on.

  • So, a group of snowflakes do not like what mean old Frank is saying and start their own website.

    So what?

  • I love the MK10ART pictures that appear in this article, especially the NXIVM ouroboros and the “NXIVM bait and switch.”

  • Regarding that little clip of Keith offering a glimpse of what’s coming, I still believe he is an exceptional human travelling in the wrong direction on the highway.

    No matter how mediocre he might have been at university, how superficial his theories are, how destructive his personal shortcomings are, it takes an absolutely exceptional talent to achieve what he has! This stands even if it was only enabled by a chance meeting of fate.

    • Alex-
      Keith f*cked a bunch of ugly and mediocre looking broads, how is he so accomplished? NXIVM was a poor man’s Scientology for a pack of losers.

      • I have an entirely different view of the women of NXIVM who were intimate with Keith. Almost every one of them was accomplished and intelligent and for those not completely enmeshed in the physical alone, they offered an abundance of beauty. Keith may have had one of the great harems of his time or any time.

        The women – and I saw many of them in person – were women that most men would be delighted to spend time with. I may do a post on this in the coming days. The rich character of Raniere’s harem.

  • ROFL

    What a stupid name for a website, especially considering the circumstances. Do these NXIVM idiots have no foresight? I know that they are trying to “get back” at you, Frank, for being such a thorn in their side by punning your name, but these NXIVM clowns practically titled their website “Let’s Not Be Forthright/Straightforward”.

    Which is EXACTLY what NXIVM/DOS, its leader, and many of its members/followers were.


  • Where did Nancy Salzman get 150,000 dollars after all the legal fees she been paying?

    She had to turn over most of her assets to the government

  • At least Raniere’s Cult wasn’t as bad as Heaven’s Gate and the followers not as stupid

    I watched the special this past week & 36 people took their lives believing a UFO was going to pick them up

    The sad thing about Raniere’s followers is they seem stuck. Even after all that evidence has been presented that Raniere was framed. They still uphold him

    What is with that?

  • That’s an oooooold photo of a much slimmer Damon Brink.

    All his NXIVM training has turned his brain to mush.

    He’d loose weight if he ate word salad instead of psuedo-philosophical Ring Dings® 🍩🧐🍩

    I bet a certain commenter is going to become fast friends with him. Maybe even combine forces to start a joint blog!!!!

    Viva Ring Dings®!!!!!



  • “Shadow has been a gracious commenter providing much helpful information.”

    In the 1930s, there was an excellent radio show called The Shadow that enchanted millions of people. The Shadow was a serialized detective show, and each week, the announcer would ask in a deep baritone voice: “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!“

    The Shadow’s 1930’s eerie radio opening theme (40 seconds)

  • Good Lord – the pretentious word salad is on FIERCE display on that “Let’s not be Frank” blog. I thought the posts about the monument and Nancy/Lauren were thoughtful and earnest. The post about Sarah, Nippy, Mark and Bonnie – was informed and clearly the writer had a balanced POV. Some people did good and bad during their NX tenure.

    But the writer of that Q&A post was definitely angry, defensive and self righteous. Most importantly – hypocritical to not only the mission/vision behind the blog but also the overarching message of their post. How many times can you say “hate/hateful/hatefulness” while also playing the victim at the same time?

    • Two wrongs don’t make a right. The slander coming from Nippy, Sarah, Mark, and Bonnie is wrong and hypocritical. The lack of character and the bullying they celebrate and find enjoyment in these days is pretentious.

      Brink is much more balanced in his assessment. He doesn’t jump on the bandwagons. He is much more willing to be reflective and take the heat.

      From reading the Frank Report, even a balanced perspective seems to be threatening. Why?

      Brink takes more responsibility than any of those four who are strategic, manipulative, self-serving, opportunistic and who’s actual care for others is non-existent (although it is hard to say that Nippy really cares about anyone – he prefers to keep his bullying machismo fully intact with insensitive quips that are just sickening and heart breaking to watch. His brand of male “masculinity” is the type that was intended to be challenged and evolved with ESP curriculum).

      Is this hate to call out these character flaws of people who have cried wolf so outrageously, feigning victimhood and destroying anyone who might question the integrity of the claims? There is definite anger. Rightfully so. Rightfully so as Brink acknowledges. Why bully the underdogs in this? Outside of the trolls who also don’t help.

      Brink knowingly faces the fire and that, in itself, is a loving thing to do. I think he is entitled to the space after the damage he has sustained as a result of this blog and as a result of Nippy, Sarah, Mark and Bonnie et al’s campaign to hurt anyone who disagrees. They did this to people who did not hold the same level of authority as they did.

      They have become (or possibly always were) the thing they tell themselves they are fighting. People might want to consider if they have jumped “cults” to the Mark, Bonnie, Nippy and Sarah show.

      • Interesting perspective.

        What about Alanzo releasing Sarah Edmondson’s branding blackmail on his blog? Does that “wrong” make a “right”? Or just one more “wrong”?

        • Do you have a link to that? Wanting to see if this is true? Regardless – should it have been released anywhere? It could have been left to the courts, but she began a media campaign that involved lies. I did see it elsewhere and her story telling is not as innocent and integrous as she would like everyone to believe. I get that she may have had a lot of emotions around it that can impact her memory, but she misrepresented it. I don’t see it as a release of “blackmail”. There are other people who chose to get a brand and shared this information publicly and no other videos released. From my perspective, it was in response to her sensationalization and misrepresentation of it.

          • Keith Raniere saw it as blackmail. Vanguard is recorded stating that the branding videos would be used in that manner.

            Keith Raniere was the grandmaster and architect of the slave ring. So, I’ll take Keith at his word. The fully naked with legs apart visual recordings were meant as leverage to blackmail slaves.

            Alanzo told the story himself. But you’ve already stated your opinion on his releasing Sarah’s blackmail.

            So. Again. You bring up a “wrong” (Sarah’s alleged lies) to make what Alanzo did a “right”? You’ve stated previously that you were against such actions.

            @ 717am you open a comment with, “two wrongs don’t make a right”.

            Do they make a “right”only if it’s against someone you that have a problem with like Sarah?

            Or are two wrongs a right but only if it serves your purposes?

            Are your principles so fluid? Is this situational morality? Ncivm ethics? Or just plain ol’ hypocrisy?

      • Damon Brink “more responsible” than Nippy, Sarah, Mark, and Bonnie?

        Which one of those four is buying shitcoins while their spouse is dying?

        • There is no reply button on my end to respond to Anonymous at 10:25 so putting it here.


          Good catch on challenging the 2 wrongs don’t make a right statement I made and questioning whether I am being consistent. The video release may have been a wrong. There is still part of me that doesn’t think so (maybe just emotionally). It would be nice to have a more just system to work through it, wouldn’t it?

          I don’t believe Keith used the word “blackmail”. He used collateral. They are different, but I get that the distinction is not important to most.

          I missed Alanzo’s story. Did Alanzo talk about the discrepancies between her portrayal of the experience and the video? I went to his site quick to see if it was an easy find, but didn’t see it. My perspective is my own.

          Sarah’s story didn’t match up. The video gives a perspective on that. She has gotten a lot of miles on that brand.

          • Nothing could make me post a nude, vulnerable human’s image on the internet against their will. Nothing.

            It’s pretty simple really. I would not do that to you. To your mom. To your daughter. To your son. To a total stranger. I would not do that to any other person.

            I would not do it in a box. I would not do it with a fox.

            All the other stuff is noise. Justification.

            Posting a recording or photo like that against another person’s wishes is deeply traumatizing. It’s cruel. It dehumanizing. And it’s now out there on the internet forever

            Of course, this is the obvious truth. Even if you love Keith and despise Sarah.

            Keith knew how psychologically damaging even the threat of releasing that recording would be and that’s why it was made.

            But thank you for (mostly) acknowledging that the choice to publicly expose her nude body was taken from Sarah and that isn’t right.

          • —I don’t believe Keith used the word “blackmail”. He used collateral. They are different

            So what? You and Keith are buffoons if that is some sort of an argument. Words can be different and refer to the same exact concept. Words are just symbols. This is glaringly apparent if you just consider languages. You can call something “collateral”, but if the way it is applied in practice is exactly like blackmail, then it becomes blackmail despite you calling it such.

            This is simple logic. I can call the sky yellow all the fuck I want and the sun blue all the fuck I want. And if I’m calling all my yellow shirts blue and all my blue shirts yellow, or any other item with those colors in the same exact way, I’m still referring to the exact same concept as you but using the agreed upon words wrongly. Just like Keith and you (if you believe him) are using the word “collateral” wrongly and are hiding what it actually refers to — blackmail — with it.

      • —Brink knowingly faces the fire and that, in itself, is a loving thing to do.

        Is this Michelle Hatchette everyone’s favorite modern sex slave?

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