Wake up, Suneel; Raniere Lied About His Baby Son & Mother

Kristin Keeffe

First, a guest view by an anonymous reader and then my comments – directed at Suneel.

Guest View by Scooby Dooby

Keith Raniere is a liar. He fathered a child and lied to almost the entire Nxivm community about his paternity. For years.

Keith certainly did not list “father” on his bullshit resume. Not a proud papa.

The child was living right there in the cult epicenter. But he was denied his birthright.

Keith Raniere.

Keith Raniere refused to claim his own son and told everyone that the child was an orphan. Whom he and the boy’s real mother adopted. Brutal. That poor kid.

No one found it strange? No one asked any questions? Like, how did two unmarried people come to adopt a baby together? And why? Where did this baby come from?

Just like when Daniela (a consistent presence in the community) disappeared. Really, no questions?! Daniela’s parents are still there. Her sisters are still there. Her brother is in Albany too. But where is Daniela?

And then Daniela suddenly reappears. At a volleyball game. Nobody’s curious? About this person that you once saw everyday? Where did she go for 2 years? Why is she back?

Artist sketch of a woman who looks not unlike Daniela. After Daniela disappeared from the NXIVM community, a handful of people knew she was in solitary confinement in her parent’s home.


No one knows where she lives in Albany. Why was it a secret? No one asks? Her place is right there. Where they all have homes. But her residence somehow remains a mystery? No one sees it?

Cami lived secretly at 120 Victory Way right in the heart of Knox Woods

Keith is clearly fucking 20 – 25 different people, Including 3 sisters from the same family. But everyone believes he’s a celibate renunciate?

The list of (alleged) obliviousness goes on and on. The Nxivm community was not the best at investigation. Or even observation! And based on the loyalists they still are not.

They have tunnel vision and disturbingly low natural curiosity. They all seem willfully blind as well. Detectives they are not.

Suneel is not a reliable narrator and lacks much firsthand knowledge of all the inner circle and it’s dynamics.

The major players and their experience are mostly only known to Suneel thru other people. And many of those people are notoriously untrustworthy liars. Like Keith Raniere.

Who lied about his own baby son.



My Message to Suneel Based on the Above

Frank Parlato

Note it well ,Suneel; this is for your delectation. The above, though from an anonymous reader, raises points about Vanguard’s ethics, and harkens to 2006, long before you were around, when Kristin Keeffe secretly gave birth to Raniere’s son, Gaelyn.

She and Raniere told the NXIVM community that the baby was an orphan whose mother died during childbirth and the father unknown.

It was said that Barbara Jeske, one of Raniere’s long time harem members, had once dated the maternal grandfather of the child and he thought of her through the years as a kindly soul. Since the mother, an only child, was dead, the father unknown, and the grandfather knew no other as kindly as Jeske.

He buried his daughter and now had a child only days old. As his only relative, he was in no position to raise a baby.

He called Jeske.

Barbara Jeske and Kristin Keeffe went out of state to pick up the orphan, they told the NXIVM community.

Kind hearted, when she heard, she volunteered to take the child. Keeffe volunteered to go with her to  – the version I recall was to Minnesota – to pick up the newborn.

When they came back, with the baby, it was decided that Jeske was not in a position to take care of the baby but, happily, Keeffe, who had only gone along for the trip, was willing to do it.

Best yet, Keith would graciously teach the lad his brilliant techniques, and treat him almost like a son.

Raniere amazed the NXIVM community by his genius when he actually created Rainbow Cultural Garden for the foundling. From a doomed start to a brilliant future, Vanguard’s greatness shone through. Perhaps if there had been a rainstorm or lightning at any time those first few weeks, the awestruck followers no doubt attributed to the powers Raniere wielded over the weather.

For the record, I was told this story when I worked as a consultant for NXIVM in 2007. I worked with Kristin and I saw the boy, as a toddler, and felt great sympathy for him.  

“What a sad start to life,” I thought.

Much later, I found Gaelyn was Raniere and Keeffe’s child and the lie was told to preserve Raniere’s secret life, to prevent women with whom he had promised to sire his firstborn from finding out he had promised other women the same and to prevent the greater NXIVM community from learning he had an intimate relationship with Keeffe, which would lead to their question about who else was he with? At the time his public girlfriend was Barbara Bouchey.

Barbara Bouchey on the lap of Keith Raniere.


Kristin Keeffe, the mother of Gaelyn

It is sad the mother participated in a lie about her own maternity, but at least she got to keep him. Other women were required to abort. She might have also except she was skinny and ill at the time. She did not know she was pregnant until the eight month.

Her choices were narrow: Leave NXIVM, if she could, or tell the lie Raniere needed. She was dependent on Raniere for her support. She had no savings, and an infant in her arms. She believed in his goodness then and, as I recall, she was told that the Illuminati or Edgar Bronfman Sr, the Mossad, or the all-powerful Stephen Herbits, or any number of powerful figures in the secret world of global conspiracy were poised to get Raniere and would mark the son if they knew it was his.

Stephen Herbits had a distinguished career in government and private business. He served as Edgar Bronfman’s top executive in Seagrams and the World Jewish Congress. Keith Raniere liked to use Herbits as a kind of bogey man, an enforcer for Bronfman Sr. who hated Raniere, he said, for his influence on his two daughters, Raniere said that Herbits had power to influence presidents, kings and potentates and the secret Illuminati who control the world’s wealth.

The Ethicist Vanguard

Keith Raniere proclaimed himself to be the ethicist for the NXIVM community. An ethicist is one whose judgment on ethics and ethical codes has come to be trusted by a specific community and is expressed in some way that makes it possible for others to mimic or approximate that judgment. Following the advice of ethicists is one means of acquiring knowledge or as they say in NXIVM, “data.”

Suneel, it strikes me that lying about your child is unethical unless of course you are the ethicist for your community then anything you do is ethical and you alone decide who has committed an unethical deed, or as they say in NXIVM “an ethical breach.”

It strikes me that enough ethical breaches equal an immoral monster.

I understand that you do not want to bend your mind to unkind truth. You are busy jousting with what may be an FBI windmill. [Unlike you, I am open to seeing your evidence, but it has been scanty so far.]

Still, I ask you Suneel, if you had a son, would you deny your paternity? If not, how is your Vanguard different than you?

Perhaps you do not believe this story of secrets and lies about his son, but I assure you I was there. I was told it, and it has been proven to be untrue.

I agree with Scooby Do: one of the most despicable acts he did was to deny a son.

I know the boy and spent time with him during two intervals in his life. He is a wonderful lad, very bright, well-mannered and funny too. Maybe you can help him have a brighter future. Who knows?

So, my challenge to you is to explore this and to study the ethics of you Vanguard. It won’t affect the process of your FBI tampering, but it might affect you. It might help you more than you know.


A challenge between Frank Parlato and Suneel Chakravorty is ongoing – on Keith Raniere and his prosecution.

Finally, a word or two of worldly wisdom from the monk Gracian:

Never, from Sympathy with the Unfortunate, involve Yourself in his Fate.

One man’s misfortune is another man’s luck, for one cannot be lucky without many being unlucky.

It is a peculiarity of the unfortunate to arouse people’s goodwill who desire to compensate them for the blows of fortune with their useless favor… Vengeance on the wing is exchanged for compassion afoot. Yet it is to be noticed how fate shuffles the cards. There are men who always consort with the unlucky, and he that yesterday flew high and happy stands today miserable at their side. That argues nobility of soul, but not worldly wisdom.


Drop Raniere, he is not interested in your welfare and, unless of course, you succeed in making him beloved or proving your FBI en-evidence, this abnormal consorting with him and his followers may wind up putting you, your reputation and your bright future in jeopardy.

Drop the fool, or at least stop being starry-eyed about him, as if he walks on water, or his excreta smells like the  zephyr through an orchard.


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  • Nicki Clyne Dances Up a Storm!
    Welcome to World War 3

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    nickiclyne I don’t know anything about Tik Tok dances, but I’ve been doing impromptu dance performances since before most of these influencers were born, so I figure I might as well join the party 💃🏼✨


    • She’s an excellent dancer. What a shame such a caring and joyful (yes!) woman was caught up in a cult and has chosen such a destructive path.

    • Shadow-

      Will you please write a post card to Vanguard informing him that his right-hand man, Suneel, is doinking Niki.

  • Where is the very, very small battalion of Keith Raniere defenders who show up en masse to comment about how the great Vanguard is so honest and wonderful?

    Suneel? This is your esteemed, ethical leader. Whom you would have Frank Report readers believe over a 100 other people.

    Nicki, this is your “partner of 10 years”.

    Dr. D? Ratchet Hatchette?

    Angelica. You have children. You must have an opinion.

    Not even Anthony?!

  • Federal Bureau of Prisons


    Register Number: 86743-054

    Age: 51

    Race: White

    Sex: Male

    Located at: Terminal Island FCI

    Release Date: UNKNOWN

  • Attempts to make these dedicated Nxivm dead-enders see the light and drop Raniere are doomed to failure.

    Any evidence of their Vanguard’s fucked-up selfish immoral illegal actions will roll off them like water off a duck’s back.

    I mean the guy branded women with his initials. On their pussies. After blackmailing them. If that doesn’t make an impression on the Leftovers, nothing will.

    Dedicated cult followers believe the most insane shit. They believe the Mother Ship is going to come for them on March 1st. When it doesn’t show up, they set June 13th as the date. When it doesn’t show up, rinse and repeat.

    I’m not making that example up by the way. It’s precisely how cult followers think. When reality conflicts with belief, they ignore reality.

    This was proven and documented by sociologist Leon Festinger. I’ve cited him before, so I won’t repeat myself. Read his book When Prophecy Fails, about the Seeker UFO cult. It’s a fascinating read.

    So if anyone thinks they’re going to convince Chakravorty or Clyne or any of the Nxian Leftovers with logic or evidence, you’re whistling into the wind.

    None of which matters of course. What matters is that Raniere is in Federal prison where he’s going to stay for the rest of his life. The crackpot theories of one Suneel Chakravorty don’t amount to a handful of Arizona sand when it comes to persuading a Federal appeals judge of his Vanguard’s innocence.

    Chakravorty is Squeaky Fromme, proclaiming her pal Charles Manson’s innocence.

    He’s a hamster on a wheel.

    Try convincing the hamster that he can run on that wheel as fast as he fucking likes, he’s never getting out of his cage. Go on, craft an argument using logic and evidence. He’s gonna keep running on that wheel.

    • “This was proven and documented by sociologist Leon Festinger. I’ve cited him before, so I won’t repeat myself. Read his book When Prophecy Fails, about the Seeker UFO cult. It’s a fascinating read.

      Yes it is a fascinating read. But when you say “it’s precisely how cult members think”, you’re missing the whole point of the book and of Leon Festinger’s work. He did not write this book, or develop the foundations of the subject of social psychology, to show how cult members think. He wrote the book to show how people think.

      For instance, AT, I’ve never seen you change your mind on here in the last year, no matter what evidence or points are presented to you. You truly embody the idea of “When reality conflicts with belief, AT ignores reality.”

      If I’m wrong about this, present one think you’ve changed your mind about in the last year here on the Frank Report.

      You protect your belief system with prejudicial stereotypes and derision of anyone who believes differently than you do, and you hope there are more people on here who agree with you. You are not concerned with whether what you say is true – only that enough people agree with it too so you can hide behind them.

      You are a great example of what Leon Festinger was writing about.


      • I like to bully people by casually dropping hints that I know more about them than I actually do.

      • You mean I haven’t been convinced by Chakravorty? Why would I be?

        No, bad arguments don’t change my mind. Screwed-up rhetorical ploys and innuendo don’t change my mind. What changes my mind is evidence.

        I used to like Woody Allen. And I thought Bill Cosby was a great guy, before. Allison Mack and Joss Whedon, ditto.

        Now I know they’re assholes, the four of ‘em. Because of evidence.

        I’ve been wrong lots of times. And yeah, it’s hard to admit being wrong. But that’s not what Festinger was talking about. And it’s not what’s going on with Chakravorty and other cult true believers. They deny reality. As in delusional. Because they’re committed. Their belief is irrational.

        • “And it’s not what’s going on with Chakravorty and other cult true believers. They deny reality. As in delusional. Because they’re committed. Their belief is irrational.

          Can you objectively state Chakravorty’s belief – without any fear or favor? Without trying to make it seem ridiculous or unpopular for your friends here?

          Can you delete your own beliefs about what Chakravorty believes, and try to reproduce it here in completely objective language?

          Bet you can’t.

          As for thinking about other peoples’ beliefs, AT, this is where the rubber meets the road.


          • To speak your language, whataboutism is where the rubber meets the road. The Suneels only want to focus on FBI tampering and Nicole. They refuse to look at the totality of who/what Raniere is. Everyone else is reading about alleged FBI tampering and will read whatever Suneel is prepped to write about Nicole – but we can’t stop remembering the totality of Raniere.

            You want me to change my mind? Let’s say I agree that the FBI fucked shit up with the Cami photo, and let’s say I agree with whatever is coming down the pike about Nicole. That doesn’t change who/what Raniere is. My mind wouldn’t change on anything. I’d acknowledge something, but whatever – I never had a strong enough opinion on either topic for it to qualify as a changing of my mind.

            This brings us to the point Frank keeps attempting to get the Suneels to understand/agree to. Everybody can read the photo & Nicole articles. And we can all agree to look at the information objectively. For the most part, I think FR readers are doing this. BUT Frank is simply asking for the Suneels to look at the totality of who/what Raniere is. I don’t see anything that tells me this is occurring.

          • Alonzo-

            All of your philosophical arguments are applicable to yourself as well.

            You do not use “objects language” in anything you write.

    • Pray tell Alanzo – how is it a straw man argument? Part of the deal of our challenge was to investigate both Raniere and his prosecution.

      • “Drop the fool, or at least stop being starry eyed about him, as if he walks on water, or his excreta smells like the zephyr through an orchard.”

        Right so when Suneel presents evidence in his argument about the broken chain of custody, you respond with what a liar Raniere was, and that he’s not worth “following”.

        If Suneel presents an argument about the broken chain of custody, address that.

        Then your arguments won’t be attacking a straw man.


      • Frank-

        Alonzo never backs up his assertions or insinuations. It’s his modus operandi, along with not showering.

        • He’s also not a man of his word. He has not answered why he had “personal interactions” with Neil Glazer.

          Even after he volunteered to do so.

          He wrote that if John Tighe answered HIS question, then he would do the same.

          He still has not.

  • “Drop the fool, or at least stop being starry eyed about him, as if he walks on water, or his excreta smells like the zephyr through an orchard.”

    Ahaha – how delightfully poetic of you! Here’s my contribution for you:

    Frank P and Suneel waged a battle
    of words over “truth” vs “twaddle”.
    While Frank’s tone stayed restrained
    all his words were in vain –
    Suneel can’t comprehend; he’s too addled.

    I applaud your determination to fight the good fight, Frank. I wouldn’t have the patience.

    • L- if you knew Suneel, you might be willing to help. He really is a good soul. He wants to be fair and honest. He is just blind to all evidence that does not support his “free Raniere” efforts.

      I understand it. He spent so much time and effort on NXIVM, threw away his business, stopped everything and went to his trial, and now has suspended his life for four years in a quest that he believes in. Too bad. Otherwise, he is hard-working and loyal to his friends, and comes from a fine family.

      • All I can do is post my experiences. Either Suneel reads them and begins to understand the real nature of Raniere or he doesn’t. He may be a decent person although I think his attitude towards women sounds pretty off-putting. People get to understanding in their own damn time – and sometimes it’s too late. Took me 4 years to extricate myself from the realm of Raniere, and I certainly damaged and lost some relationships along the way. Good on you for having the patience to continue trying to reach Suneel; all I’ve got are my truths and my humor.

        • Suneel definitely has a low opinion of women.

          Mostly because he was rejected by them until he found a woman (Nicki) that could accept him for his money. 😉

      • “He wants to be fair and honest. He is just blind to all evidence that does not support his free Raniere efforts.” There is an unbridgeable chasm between these two sentences. How can you be fair and honest if you turn a blind eye to all evidence that does not support your ideology? Suneel sounds like a very empathetic person, and I can see why you wish to help him if you can. From his writings though (of course I don’t know him personally), he sounds like he’s suffering from a bad case of addiction and his drug of choice is Raniere. Nothing will help him until he comes to realize (a la 12 steps) that he is ‘powerless over Raniere — that his live has become unmanageable’. Could it be that by trying to help him, you are ‘enabling’ him in his delusions?

        • “How can you be fair and honest if you turn a blind eye to all evidence that does not support your ideology?”

          Such a great question.

          But it will only be asked to make the other “side” wrong.


          • ‘But it will only be asked to make the other “side” wrong.’

            This sentence shows the rigid limitations of your thinking, Alonzo. Your inability to evaluate and analyze is very evident to anyone that isn’t you. Those that encourage you in this ignorance have only your worst interests at heart. You serve nxivm’s purpose very well. It’s a shame there isn’t a Necker Island type jolly to reward you with.

          • Another great question:

            Why did you have “personal interactions” with Neil Glazer?

      • SMFH. Come on, Suneel. Have a conversation with yourself. No matter how thin you slice it, there are always two sides. Be fair to yourself by being honest about the entirety of the Raniere situation.

    • L-

      Love the creative writing! You’re talented!

      I probably don’t have to tell you that….


    • There once was a blogger named Frank,
      For whom Suneel was stroking his crank.
      Suneel made a mess (word is he wears a dress),
      So Viva Executive Success!

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