Suneel: Only a Gullible Fool Can Ignore the Cami Tampering Evidence: Part 1 -Why Didn’t FBI Agents Find the Cami Photos Sooner?

They handles the evidence pretty sloppily at FBI offices, Why it almost seems they kept evidence in their back pocket until they needed it.

Ed. Note: This is the first part of Suneel Chakravorty’s challenge. I am, whenever possible, using his last name so whatever internet record he creates he can get the credit or calumny. Below is the picture of the kid. 

By Suneel Chakravorty

I have challenged Frank Parlato to let me present my evidence for why I believe the photos of Camila used in the trial of Keith Raniere were falsified, tampered, and incompetent evidence.

Before I dive into this, let me be clear about one thing.

I am NOT trying to prove that Camila and Keith Raniere didn’t have a sexual relationship where they had sex.

I was not around. How can I know? Did he have underage, inappropriate relationships with her and others?

And did it include sexual intercourse or taking nude photographs in violation of federal or New York State laws?

I am not arguing what age these two began their sexual relationship. I will leave that to Mr. Morals, the guy that attacked Raniere from the day he was indicted in 2015.

Frank Parlato never needed evidence. He did not stick to any strict standard but he know demands it of me.

Very good.  But I do not have proof and neither does he of Camila’s supposed abuse. All we have is Camila’s word and some very dubious evidence presented by the feds.

Now I don’t think there is any doubt they had an intimate relationship, but I don’t think there is any way to prove when it started, at least not with the evidence we have at the present moment.

Camila, who is pursuing money both in restitution and in a civil law suit, says it happened. One of her motives is money. Perhaps she is telling the truth and possibly she is not.

Keith Raniere, who I have found, in my personal interactions thus far, to be an honest man, has never admitted it.  That said, he also has a motive to deny it even if it was true. His freedom.

Keith Raniere

Camila did not testify in the trial but she made a statement at Raniere’s sentencing.

We just do not know.

That includes Raniere’s attorney Marc Agnifilo’s comments at Raniere’s sentencing.

Marc Agnifilo, Raniere’s lead  defense attorney at trial.

It includes Camila’s unsworn victim impact statement and her sworn affidavit which Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis referenced in his restitution decision, and which, to my knowledge, is not public, so we have no access to it and is therefore unpersuasive.

An unsworn statement is meaningless and a secret sworn statement is less than what I or the public can use as evidence. It might be persuasive to Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis.

Both of these gentlemen, Parlato and Garaufis, come from a different era, when men opened doors for women and pulled their chairs up under them so the delicate creatures would be properly pampered and kept in their gilded cages.

Garaufis was shocked and sickened by the idea that women might not be a protected species. To me, this is an antiquated viewpoint. Not necessarily bad-intended but they are living in a world that has long passed – where women need special legal protection under the law, because they are weak.

Judge Garuafis
Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis presided over the  trial and sentencing of Raniere.

Camila, who came to court, just in time to pocket half a million in restitution, was never subject to cross-examination, but even if someone has been cross-examined, still, the human tongue is capable of articulating things that are untrue.

Someone saying something doesn’t make it true, and it doesn’t make it not true either. But perhaps with both Garaufis and Parlato and a lot of others, they only believe what they want to believe.

But we can get ourselves into a lot of trouble if we believe someone, even Cami, will not lie.

It brings to mind an episode of The Twilight Zone, “Hocus-Pocus and Frisby,” where Mr. Frisby is known to tell tall, boastful tales about himself and is overhead bragging by aliens who do not understand that humans can lie.

Consequently, they believed everything he said and kidnapped him for their zoo, because they thought he was the finest human specimen.

When he explained that his only extraordinary credential is that he is a big liar, the aliens, appearing to be confounded, ask what this term, “lie” means.

I think Judge Garaufis may be rather like that. So is Neil Glazer and Parlato. They do not believe women, like Cami, can lie.

We have to recognize that, we have to be smarter than those aliens, or the judge and the man who hosts this site.

We must comprehend that humans, even women, even supposed victims, can lie.

Fortunately for Frisby, he pulled out his harmonica and started to play, and the sound seemed to have a severe effect on the aliens’ nervous systems, like a death sound.

Frisby pulls out his harmonica, which emits what to the aliens a death sound.

That is what you get when you don’t believe someone can lie.

Anybody who is foolish enough, and that includes you, Frank, not that you’re foolish, that you shouldn’t take anybody’s word, especially unsworn or uncross-examined word, as gospel, and even when some things are sworn and cross-examined, there are still lies.

I am reminded of the opening of book The Brass Verdict, written by Michael Connelly:

Everybody lies.

Cops lie. Lawyers lie. Witnesses lie. The victims lie.

A trial is a contest of lies. And everybody in the courtroom knows this. The judge knows this. 

Even the jury knows this. They come into the building knowing they will be lied to. They take their seats in the box and agree to be lied to.

The trick if you are sitting at the defense table is to be patient. To wait. Not for any lie. But for the one you can grab onto and forge like hot iron into a sharpened blade. You then use that blade to rip the case open and spill its guts out on the floor.

That’s my job, to forge the blade. To sharpen it. To use it without mercy or conscience. To be the truth in a place where everybody lies.”

The Brass Verdict by Michael Connelly

Don’t tell me about the sanctity or veracity of court cases because everybody lies in court cases.

So, what am I looking to prove?

That evidence presented at trial of sexual exploitation of a child, Camila, and the possession of child pornography was not good evidence. It was false, should not have been admitted, and at least some FBI agents and prosecutors must have known this. 

I hold the prosecution and federal agents culpable, although I think it would have been appropriate for Raniere’s defense to have made stronger objections.

I am not saying they are not fine lawyers. I am saying they should have objected to the way evidence was admitted.

I also hold the judge responsible, in part, for not intervening to some degree and overlooking substantial procedural errors.

Below are my “Nuanced Nine” reasons why the Cami evidence fails.

Gullible readers who are in the cult of the government-can-do-no-wrong need not read any further.

1. Why Didn’t They Find It Sooner?

Let’s look at the timeline:

  • On March 27, 2018 FBI agents raided 8 Hale Drive, the alleged “lair” of sex trafficking, where DOS collateral could be. They collected about a dozen electronic devices.
  • On August 8, 2018 – 4.5 months later – FBI agents finally turned in the hard drive and a few other devices collected from the raid to the forensic lab for analysis.
  • On February 21, 2019 – eleven months after seizure – they “discovered” the Camila photos on the hard drive.
FBI raid of Nancy Salzman’s home (photo credit: Albany Times Union)
Receipt of the items seized from 8 Hale Drive on March 27, 2018, including a dozen or so electronic devices.

This seizure was about DOS and naked photos. So why would you rush to look at a hard drive taken from the defendant’s so-called “sex lair”? Why would you bother looking at the hard drive where he has his hot tub and loft bed there?

You’d just toss it aside for a couple of months?

Come on all you gullible readers. The whole Raniere case was about DOS and collateral and naked photographs when it first began.

They had his hard drive taken from 8 Hale Drive, the “executive library.” You mean to tell me they didn’t scour that hard drive for 11 months?

If these agents didn’t do so, they were derelict.

With over 100 women who gave collateral, which the government wanted to locate, you’re telling me it took them 11 months to find the under-age photographs on the hard drive ?

Do you believe that? If so, I have some swampland in Brooklyn and a bridge in Florida to sell you.

There were a finite number of pictures on the hard drive – less than 4,200 photographs, if you exclude music covers and things like that.

Agents could comb through 4,200 photographs in a day, and there were only 168 in the “Studies” folder, the so-called “2005 series,” of which 22 were allegedly of Camila.

Do you mean to say that the FBI agents just stumbled upon those 22 photographs, 11 months later, in February 2019?

Did they stumble upon all 168 of the naked photos in February, or just Camila? Did they find the 168 photos earlier and didn’t identify? Or identified some of them but not Camila?

Or they identified all of them but didn’t know Camila was only 15 at the time?

The Government Had Access to Daniela, Cami’s Sister

There’s no way on God’s green earth that this group of FBI stalwarts didn’t thoroughly check this limited-in-content hard drive for 11 months. Why didn’t they find the photos of Camila sooner?

Because they weren’t there any sooner.

2. Keystone Kop Bungling of Evidence

Here are more facts:

#1: FBI protocol dictates that digital evidence should be turned into Evidence Control within ten days of being seized. (Nassar OIG).

Here, FBI case agents, including lead agent Michael Lever, held onto the hard drive for 4.5 months before turning it into the FBI Computer Analysis Response Team (CART) on August 8, 2018.

It is odd that case agents did not turn in the camera card at that same time. They continued to hold onto it.

#2: On September 19, 2018, before the camera card got to CART, but while it was in the custody of the case agents, some unknown person got into it and altered data on it (Testimony of Brian Booth, June 13, 2019, Pages 4972 – 4973)

Here is the transcript where Paul DerOhanessian, Raniere’s attorney, cross-examined FBI Senior Forensic Examiner Brian Booth:

One of Keith Raniere’s defense attorneys, Paul DerOhannsian, cross examined FBI Senior Forensic Examiner Brian Booth
FBI Senior Forensic Examiner Brian Booth, my version of him, at least.


Q The metadata for JPEGs 224, 225, 227 to 241, and 243 from Government Exhibit 524, the media card, changed after it was collected on March 27, 2018, correct?

A The access dates appear to be.

Q The metadata for Exhibit 524, the media card, reflects that the digital evidence on Exhibit 524 changed while it was in the possession of the FBI, correct?

A Which — which metadata are you specifically —

Q The date accessed.

A You’re talking from the file system?

Q I’m talking about the data that we just looked at.

A That file system data appears to have been changed.

Q When we say “changed,” it was changed while it was in the possession of the FBI?

A If I’m taking the dates on when we received it, it would appear so.


#3: The case agents held onto the camera card for 11 months, before turning it into CART on February 22, 2019, the day after the alleged “discovery” of child pornography. (Testimony of Brian Booth, June 13, 2019, Page 4906)

Keep in mind this timeline of court dates:

  • On May 4, 2018, trial was set for October 1, 2018. (See Page 4 of the transcript of the hearing that day)
  • On July 25, 2018, the government moved for a delay and the trial was delayed to January 7, 2019. (See page 8 of the transcript of the hearing that day)
  • On October 15, 2018, the Court approved the government’s motion for delay and trial was delayed to March 18, 2019.
  • On January 11, 2019, the government moved to delay yet again, and the Court approved it (See Dkt. 287) and the trial was set for April 29, 2019.
If you refer to the timeline, you’ll notice that there were various trial dates set. The judge set the trial date of October, and still the case agents held onto the hard drive and camera card until August, by which time the trial had been delayed to January.

Every time the government had a date, the FBI agents held onto the camera card, and the government would move for a delay, and they still held onto it, then in February they made their Columbus-like discovery of America, or was it Mexico.

Each time a trial date got close, did Lever or any of the case agents think to themselves, oh gosh, we have a trial coming up, better make sure this potentially critical evidence, the camera card, is turned in and analyzed right away?

No, they didn’t. They kept holding onto it.

Do I need to pull out my harmonica here?

The only thing that makes sense is that Lever and his fellow agents knew that the trial would be delayed, because the prosecution told them. They knew they were in no rush. They knew the judge would give the prosecution everything they asked for.

The old-fashioned Garaufis, was offended by Raniere’s morality. Multiple women, allowing them to have their own decision making process, not holding the door open for them, in fact, perhaps, having them serve him.

It was too much for Garaufis and Moira Kim Penza knew it.

But why did Lever hold onto the camera card?

Was it his insurance policy, to assure a conviction?

The camera card is what connected the 22 nude photos of Camila to the camera and then to Raniere as the photographer.  Without the camera card, they would have the possession charge but not the exploitation charge.

Then on February 22, 2019, the camera card is turned into the FBI CART Lab.

The agents would not be so blatant as to fool us by putting Camila’s photos on the camera card because any reasonable person would say, wouldn’t Keith have taken those damning photos off the camera card? No, they only put some of the pictures of the so-called “2005 series” on there to support the sexual exploitation charge.

The camera card was just supporting evidence for the hard drive, and the prosecution didn’t have to use it much in the trial, because Raniere’s attorneys did what many of us do: make a presumption of regularity, that the prosecutors won’t lie and federal agents won’t cheat and tamper.

But cops lie. Prosecutors lie. Etc.

Prior to trial, on April 19, 2019, the government made a motion to preclude any evidence regarding the government’s motives for prosecution (See Dkt 567).

I call it the anti-tampering defense motion:

They wrote the following:

“The Court should preclude the defendant from presenting evidence or arguments concerning the government’s alleged motive for this prosecution, alleged government misconduct in the course of this prosecution, or the existence, non-existence or outcome of any previous investigation. The defendant and his co-defendants have raised allegations of this sort in their pretrial motions, [5] and they are irrelevant to the question of guilt that will be before the jury at trial. See Fed. R. Evid. 401. To the extent the defendant seeks to raise these arguments or offer evidence in support of them at trial, their purpose would be to seek jury nullification, rather than to cast factual doubt on the government’s case. The probative value of such evidence would be substantially outweighed by unfair prejudice. See Fed. R. Evid. 403.”


See, e.g., DE 198 (suggesting government overreach resulting from a “firestorm of press” and the “ire of the Justice Department”); DE 283 (alleging that “prosecutors’ conduct and statements [to Kathy Russell] were misleading”).


On April 27, 2019, less than two weeks before trial Agnifilo responded (See Dkt 595):

“The defense does not intend to discuss the government’s motives for prosecution. In 29 years trying cases, I cannot think of a time that I have ever raised such an issue, as it tends to be irrelevant.”

Agnifilo tried to intimate without daring to aggravate the judge that something fishy was going on.

The prosecution made a motion. Agnifilo signed away an important part of the defense. But he had to anyway. Judge Garaufis always ruled for the prosecution.

Check that out yourself.

This is only part #1. What say you, Frank Parlato?


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  • RE: The Scoring of the 1st Round 🥊

    This is by far Suneel’s best article to date. Hard hitting facts paired with delusional logic.

    Lookout, Parlato, there’s a new Sheriff in town and his name is Suneel!

  • “….the human tongue is capable of articulating things that are untrue.” And then we were forced to read the rest of your article that backs up this statement completely!

    Frank — I assume you had to do very little editing on this one, since not a single piece of that hot evidence burning in Suneel’s filing cabinet made it’s way out.

    You laid out the FBI evidence timeline, with no evidence of detriment presented (as Alanzo likes to say, “Show me proof.”). Holding on to something for a period does not mean a thing. But yes, it could also mean, “timing is everything.” I recently held on to a detrimental recording of a very powerful person in NYS government berating and swearing at me (his employee). I held on to it for four years. And then one day the timing was right and the recording went public — and that very powerful man resigned. He met Karma on a chilly day in early December — and I suspect that you will be meeting Karma soon too, Suneel.

  • Although Frank is going to be doing his own response to each of Suneel’s posts concerning the trial of Keith Raniere, I cannot allow some parts of what Suneel has included in his first post to pass by without some comment. In this regard, however, I will limit my comments to legal-related issues in order to avoid, as much as possible, any overlap with Frank’s response.

    First, every delay in Keith’s trial was approved by his lawyers – and presumably by Keith himself. That’s because there was so much evidence involved in the case that both sides needed extra time to prepare for the trial.

    Second, non-specific claims are meaningless. Thus, claiming that Keith was “denied due process” without identifying the specific actions, inactions or decisions behind that claim has no merit whatsoever. In this regard, the term “denied due process” is not some magical phrase with infinite possible meanings. On the contrary, that term is inextricably bound to the specific rules, statutes and case law that determine what specific “due process” is due in any specific circumstance – and what constitutes a violation of that constitutional right.

    Third, asserting that something is possible is not the same as providing evidence that the something actually happened. Thus, asserting that one or more witnesses in Keith’s trial may have lied is totally meaningless. In order to make a valid point with respect to this matter, Suneel would need to provide compelling evidence that a specific witness lied about one or more specific issues – and that the lie(s) in question had a direct impact on the jury’s verdict.

    Fourth, even if Suneel’s assertion that Keith’s lawyers should have done more than they did were true, that has nothing to do with due process. The reality is that Keith had an exceptionally good defense team – and that they were not constrained in terms of cross-examining prosecution witnesses, nor prevented from calling whatever defense witnesses they wanted to call to testify on Keith’s behalf. And, once again, Suneel has failed to provide any specifics in terms of what Keith’s lawyers should have done – or should not have done – during the course of the trial.

    Fifth, Suneel’s assertion that Judge Garaufis erred during the trial “…for not intervening to some degree and overlooking substantial procedural errors” indicates that he does not truly understand the role of a judge who is overseeing a criminal trial. In addition, Suneel, once again, failed to provide any specifics as to what exactly these alleged errors were.

    I could go on and on in terms of other legal principles that Suneel either doesn’t understand or decided to ignore in his post – but I will hold off doing so until Frank has had a chance to post his full response.

    In closing, let me just say that wishing our criminal justice system worked differently is not the same as proving that specific errors were made with respect to a case that didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to turn out.

    • KR, Suneel is trying to convince himself, and this is not the first time that he has demanded that others believe the lies he tells himself.

    • Suneel, read this response carefully.

      This is how a lawyer who has been professionally trained and is experienced in presenting and arguing for a case should write.

      Your armchair lawyer skills are pathetic because your argumentation skills are just as lackluster.

      You have merely graduated from the Keith Raniere school of pompous grandiosity, which no one on the planet except your fellow clique of dead-enders respect.

      Stick to teaching Python.

  • Suneel & Everyone:

    RE Evidence Handling Time Lag:

    —They had his hard drive taken from 8 Hale Drive, the “executive library.” You mean to tell me they didn’t scour that hard drive for 11 months?

    Unfortunately, the FBI Forensics Department is incredibly backlogged. In some cases, evidence isn’t examined for over a year. Time sensitive issues such as evidence involved in terrorism are given priority. A sex cult guru isn’t worthy of being expedited. The DOJ only had so many resources.

    Below are 2 articles:

    DOJ/FBI Forensic Backlog

    Side Note:
    Suneel has yet to explain why/how Frank, 70 former NXIVM members, the FBI, DOJ, and the global media all conspired to frame and crucify Raniere.
    I can only imagine Suneel’s convoluted explanation.

  • Frank – Can you remind us of how much stuff the FBI had to look through? And how much was encrypted? Slippery Sun-eel seems to not have much idea about the length of time such a complicated investigation can take.

  • Suneel, you are literal garbage for the way you talk about women in general but especially someone that was sexually assaulted as a minor. If talking that way about a victim is “your side of the story,” it’s a wonder to me that Frank even entertains your drivel at all.

    I could go on for days about what a crap human you come across as, but there isn’t much point. You are unrepentant and *I* am a believer in karma.

    Have the day you deserve puppet!

  • Not reading any more Suneel. He has nothing new to write. And he’s an awful writer.

    People with “proof” present it in court.

    They keep it brief. To the point. Facts only.

    Suneel is a liar. He lied to Brandon Porter. Or Suneel conspired with Brandon Porter? And lied to Frank Report readers?

    Either way, Suneel is a proven liar.

    Brandon Porter asked Suneel NOT to use the materials that he provided Suneel to expose any “Doe”. But Suneel did anyway.

    What kind of person does that to an embattled friend in the middle of a court case?

    Suneel lied about Brian Booth. He got caught.

    Suneel is not a credible person. He’s a dancing fool for a pedophile.

  • People in here seem to be very naive (at the least) or they are blind due to their hate against Raniere. This really is about our justice system being screwed. Think about it. If it is proven that the FBI did this, it doesn’t mean Raniere gets out free, it just means they will have to do a better job proving the accusation, which is very likely true. Now about, Frank. It is sad to see a journalist being biased but it is how all journalist are now. He is still offended by how Raniere treated him for not doing a good job before. Grow up, Frank, take the feedback in. Or are you also just interested in making a buck out of Raniere forever?

  • The whole reason for this “challenge”, this ballyhooed gunfight / boxing match, is that Chakravorty supposedly had new evidence. I quote:

    “Here is Suneel’s email:

    Dear Frank,

    The time has come, I believe, to resolve our differences. I think it may be possible since I have plenty of new information…”

    He just demonstrated that he does not have any new information. He has stated these speculations and wacky suppositions of his half a dozen times already on this site. We all know his opinion on the “question” of Raniere’s guilt. He’s a Nxivm dead-ender. We know that already for chrissake. He has NO NEW INFORMATION.

    I’m done reading Chakravorty’s long and increasingly angry insane screeds in defense of convicted sex-cult leader Raniere. He’s a hamster on a wheel. He’s Squeaky Fromme. (She’s got a book out and I’m not reading that either.)

  • Suneel, as always, you have a small part of the story memorized. But you have no empathy for those trying to do the right thing and their duty.

    I can imagine looking at picture after picture of good girls who got talked into posing naked with looks of embarrassment and shame and failing to note the date of the creation of the file in the meta data. Especially when I would be just initially identifying who they were by name. Girl 1 is, Girl 2 is, etc. Then I would look at the dates to get a time of when they entered the providing nudes stage. To get a summary of how big the group was and how long they stayed.

    And with the length of KAR’s desire for nudes of his girls, there are a lot of devices and technical changes and improvements to photos. So many devices, formats, and resolution levels. With just DOS members, this would have been an enormous number of pictures.

    Then knowing Cami had surgery prior to becoming an adult and having to check all her pictures to see if any contained a scarless area of her body as compared to the brands and her surgery scar would have taken months.

    And I am just guessing that KAR was a porn producing machine through decades.

    Recognizing what they had and how it mattered could have taken a year. And the feds probably still missed stuff. Or have it but cannot positively link it to a violation and jurisdiction of law. Alaska probably looks a lot like Canada.

    Your word salad in the first half of your piece here is meaningless emotion. Your “facts” don’t answer the question: if the pic is a fake, how can you tell?

    Shadows? Lighting? Edge lines or unnatural or color pixel not developed for the source device?

    You’re a tech guy from Harvard; surely, you can do better than the old meta data format is inadequate to modern standards.

    Harvard boy must have been ill today. Grade D “passing” for effort.

  • Sorry, I couldn’t get past the statement that all you had was Cami’s word. I try to be partial and keep my cool but when it comes to the sexual abuse of anyone, ESPECIALLY a minor I will not tolerate it!

    I am a survivor of child sexual abuse. I was raped at 13 by a 30-year-old man. He stole everything from me. He stole all my trust and my self-worth, and damaged the relationship I had with my family. He started with telling me that nobody would believe me and everyone would blame me. He thought it was hilarious to use my religion against me, saying even God would have nothing to do with me (again, I was 13 and terrified). Finally, he said if anyone found out he would kill my family and threatened to rape my little sister before he killed her. He completely broke me. I am 55 and it was only in the last two years that I have been able to talk about it. THAT IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU RAPE A CHILD, YOU INCREDIBLE PIECE OF SHIT! The fact that Cami can talk about it now is a testament to her bravery and inner strength. Keith did everything he could to break her, and she is trying to get her life back. A life that could have been amazing, filled with joy, laughter and love had he not met your precious vanguard. Hell is where he belongs, and you should be right there with him.

    • I’m sorry to hear about your story but get over it. Too much drama. This is about justice not victimized and traumas.

      • The victims or Raniere (many who had trauma) had justice served by Raniere’s conviction and effective life sentence and now are seeking financial reimbursement for his crimes so they can live out the rest of their lives with some compensation for their loss.

        Get over it, dead-enders. It’s too much drama associated with a narcissistic sex-cult predator who couldn’t keep his ego and dick in check and and got caught. He’s not getting out of prison.

      • Zen, you are a real POS. A perfect example of the kind of despicable human being that makes it so hard for people who have been severely traumatized by abusers to speak about their experiences. May someone slam you against a wall and forcibly fuck you up the ass repeatedly for a few months, and then just get over it.

  • Wow,

    Suneel is complaining that the FBI did not find the evidence against His Majesty, Keith A. Raniere, any sooner. I am waiting for the day when he comes forward and claims that the absence of evidence of tampering is not the evidence of absence.

  • Suneel has just shot himself in the foot and lost any remaining goodwill: he states he wants to present his ‘evidence’, then proceeds to ramble on about his speculations, all the while casting anyone who doesn’t agree with his ideas and opinions as ‘Gullible fools’, ‘old f.rts with outdated notions’, ‘haters’ ‘complotists’… but the coup de grace is when he claims: ‘everybody lies’ ergo Suneel lies, and any nxivm stalwart telling him their stories to validate his point of view is also lying. At this stage, it’s not clear whether Suneel wants to convince himself or the world.

  • For those interested in pathological narcissism (Raniere has all the hallmarks of it), H G Tudor on youtube has very good analyses of how they operate – and the motivation behind their behaviour. Raniere is mentioned in the ‘cult’ section (that should get Alanzo’s interest). Also a recent piece called ‘My Pet’ (under the ‘Harry’s wife section’) he talks about why narcissists give everyone pet names: for manipulation, ownership, to demean, to dehumanize etc. KR is mentioned in the piece, as an example. Did he not give all the women ‘pet names’, most of them made to demean under the guise of being ‘cute’ (Lauren’s, for example).

    • Anon@ 5:48 am

      Really pertinent information.

      Always been aware that from “forlorn” (Lauren) “Norelco” (one of the 3 sisters) pretty much all of the nicknames were mean-spirited or meant to humiliate and embarrass.

      Reading about how narcissists use “pet” nicknames to grant favor and then take it away, control, put people into boxed up roles, manipulate, charm and punish – is pretty fascinating.

  • Wow. Suneel I feel for you. This is a complex web of self-deception. If you have evidence of evidence tampering, then present it to a court. Supposition and wishful thinking are not evidence.

  • The only word I can use to describe this is twaddle. Pure twaddle.

    Normally this is where I would tell Suneel to go fuck himself, but that would imply that he is more than a eunuch.

    Suneel, bless your heart, this must have taken you weeks to write, but I don’t think you understand the words you are using.

    There are two separate issues here and Suneel doesn’t seem to be able to separate the court experience and the ethical evidence. I am not even going to get into this due process drama. I am not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV and I don’t pretend to know more than I do.

    This poppycock that Suneel bases his entire argument is that people lie. If we agree with Suneel that everyone lies, who is telling the truth?

    Can we have two separate duals at sunset? One where the legal issues are dealt with and another regarding the ethical and moral issues?

    Suneel, I think that you might want to do some self-introspection and contemplate how bad you and your life must be, if the resident diagnosed psychopath judges you. I have like 3% of the empathy compared to the rest of the population and I am using it all right now for all of the women involved in this, especially Camilla.

    Do you know who else I would feel bad for if I cared? Nicki, Michele and Suneel’s parents. I assume they are listening to all the cult experts and making sure they don’t alienate the ones who need saving. Let’s just hope that their parents don’t get visited by any Witnesses, Mormons or Scientologists who try and convert them! I definitely would not think that was funny in any way. Definitely not. I mean, maybe not. No, I will totally think it’s funny and giggle myself to sleep tonight thinking about it.

    Actions have consequences, you twats.

  • More word salads, opinions, assumptions and what-about-isms, sly digs at the judge being of a different generation, and accusations of lies without basis (everyone lies according to Suneel … therefore Suneel also lies – why should we believe otherwise?) Either present irrefutable proof that can withstand forensic examination in court or you don’t have anything interesting to offer. Also learn to marshall your facts, edit and make salient points: This is reading like a tedious ‘stream of consciousness’ writing.

    • While some may be offended or simply shake there head at a Keith mouthpiece teaching them about lying, I’m impressed with the complete lack of awareness and/or brazenness.

        • No idea. I don’t know any of them.

          Of course, there are two sides to every story, and they are not incorrect on everything.

          Not looking at the big picture of Raniere’s intent and actions is what I don’t get. If they looked, they’d see it.

  • This doesn’t prove anything, except that everything is being focused on what everyone else does and how they lie when they’re not the ones on trial and not the ones who are in need of a lie, if the majority of people he’s encountered in life complain about abuse, twisting words just like this, and covering his misdeeds, only a person who lies themselves will assume this about all others because they don’t understand any pure motives, just manipulative ones. I say part 1 was a huge failure and is just garbage. Abusers and rapists lie more and more often.

    And don’t say it’s about lifestyle, because I live in a non conformist sexual and gender role breaking lifestyle and none of that ever made it okay for someone to manipulate me or mistreat women nay, anyone in the name of feminism and empowerment.

  • I won’t believe any of Suneel Chakravorty’s crap about the hard drive tampering unless the said FBI agent was found guilty in a court of law.

    No lawyer has had the guts the file the Rule 33 on Chakravorty’s so-called expert evidence. That says something

    It’s not like Raniere is waiting to celebrate his birthday with the filing of the Rule 33 now, is it Chakravorty?

    It would be too late as time is ticking away on any new evidence isn’t it, you hard working NXIVM Five + members?

    So now Suneel wants to hold his kangaroo court on the Frank Report.

    I vote guilty on all counts for Raniere

  • “That is what you get when you don’t believe someone can lie.”

    Exactly. You believe Raniere is honest. You are wrong. I was his girlfriend for 4 years. He lied to get me into the relationship. He lied to get me to have sex with him. He lied to keep me in the relationship. He lied and lied and lied.

    Cami is not the only underage victim of statutory rape by Keith Raniere. We have at least 4 names of underage victims – Gina Melita, Gina Hutchinson, Rhiannon, and Camila. Those are only the ones we know of.

    You work from a false premise of Raniere’s honesty and you impugn the honesty of his victims. What he did to them was illegal. And you can’t even see the hypocrisy of your own statement above. So, what you get when you don’t believe that Raniere lies is deserved scorn and disrespect from those of us who have been victimized by him.

    I don’t need or want any pity or support from you. When one has recovered from being a victim, one has still experienced and survived the circumstances. I’m a survivor of Raniere and his lies. Insisting he is honest makes you look like a fool to those of us who know. Accusing the victims of dishonesty makes you reprehensible.

    • You are courageous for being honest and open. It is not your fault someone did these things to you and helping stop it makes you a bright shining light in this world. Using women IS NOT being a feminist or an honest person, or someone they truly gave consent to. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re anything but a truth teller against pathetic abusers who need to use others to feel anything at all.

  • Sunneel

    From my direct observation, Marc Agnifilo was more interested in being liked by everyone in the court room than being an outspoken, effective representative of the defendant. William Kunstler would have never allowed Penza and Garaufis to form a cozy partnership. Jose Baez would have highlighted every contradiction that came out of Penza’s mouth and the jury would have eaten it up. Agnifilo could have hammered away at these points, demanded witnesses for KR to appear, brought this trial to the media with fire. Instead, he collected his pay check and went to sleep. Not many FR readers were at the pre-trial hearings and trial itself. I sat right next to Edmondston during pre-trial. And don’t expect anything from Frank, he does this site purely as a feeder for his profit ventures turning tragedy into info-tainment. He only knows exploitation, not journalism. And you, are you any different than Frank? Why the fuck are you doing this? Aren’t there more important causes in the world than NIcki Clyne and Raniere?

  • and whatabout-isms doesn’t provide us with any proof of anything. I will give you that it is somewhat suspicious that the FBI waited a long time to log the camera card with CART. A reasonable explanation is that the smartest man in the world likely had expertly encrypted the drive. The CART team likely lacked the tools or knowledge in their workgroup to crack the encryption and so an outside firm or expert elsewhere within the FBI did so.

      • Geez, Alanzo. Why are you so predictable? You are so gullible that you fall into the cult trap again and again. It’s sad really. You might as well go and have Roberts brand you now because you are already DOS mindf**ked.

      • Why did you have, “personal interactions” with Neil Glazer?

        You wanted everyone to know about it yet you won’t answer a simple follow-up query to your statement.

        Please answer. Thank you.

        • Good point., anon @4:57 pm

          He often resorts to homophobia as a put down. He also attacks people’s wives which is so bizarre. And women in general. He obsesses on K.R. Claviger’s gender (why?) Brings up “two moms” as some kind of ultimate insult in arguments.

          He also uses physical or mental disabilities as slurs against people.

          He is an all around deeply disturbed person

    • Yeah, that’s good imagery. But you meant it literally. Fucking yourself with your own cock up your own ass would take a lot of flexibility. Can you do it? If so, would you? You’ve got class. Yes, you do.

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