Suneel Challenges Frank Parlato on Raniere, Cami and Nicole

A man named Suneel Chakravorty sent me this email. It speaks for itself. I added the pictures and captions.

Date: February 20, 2022

Subject line: A challenge

From: Suneel Chakravorty [email redacted]

To: Frank Parlato []

Suneel Chakravorty

Here is Suneel’s email:

Dear Frank,

The time has come, I believe, to resolve our differences.  I think it may be possible since I have plenty of new information and I believe you have some as well that may make it possible to get to the truth.

Frank Parlato, nemesis of Keith Raniere.

I see our differences as threefold:

  1. You believe Keith Raniere is a criminal, whereas I believe he’s been misunderstood.
  2. You believe Keith victimized Camila. Although you are open to the idea that the FBI falsified in some manner the photographs of Camila, you do not believe it happened – or rather that you are not convinced. I am convinced that the photographs presented at trial were either not Camila, were not of her at age 15, or were of Camila at age 15 but not found on a hard drive at 8 Hale Drive by virtue of an FBI raid. I know you haven’t eliminated the possibility that the photographs were planted or otherwise falsified, but you think it sounds more like a Keith Raniere “Hail Mary.” I believe those were your exact words.
  3. You believe Nicole is a victim of sex trafficking, forced labor and other crimes, whereas I believe Nicole is no victim of federal sex trafficking and the charges involving her are preposterous, overblown, and exaggerated – possibly as much as any I can imagine. The charges are dangerous because they set precedent that is a slippery slope that can turn consensual sex into criminal, commercial sex trafficking at the whim of prosecutors.
MK10ART’s painting of Camila


FBI Special Agent Michael Lever at the raid of Nancy Salzman’s home on March 27, 2018.

I have ample evidence in the form of emails and text messages, sent to various individuals who have permitted me to publish them, as well as materials published online by people including Nicole that tell a story diametrically different from the narrative I believe you continue to believe and to promote.

I don’t believe you’ve seen this material, and I think it will be an eye-opener.

Nicole, the sex trafficking victim.

Therefore, I want to issue you a challenge to examine all the evidence, in the spirit of honest investigation. I believe that you are someone who says he is interested in the truth. I think you can help resolve our differences, particularly with #2 – Camila.

We can do this on the record or off the record, but I would prefer everything to be on the record.

Here are my conditions:

  • I will be permitted to present everything I have, with nothing suppressed, no matter how supportive it is of my position and no matter how problematic it may be to your position, or to the position of anyone who has a vested interest.
  • I publish in my own name.
  • If you have any evidence that is exculpatory, the equivalent of “Brady material,” you won’t suppress it.
  • If I have any material that proves Keith is guilty, I won’t suppress it.

I pledge to adhere to truth; I am not interested in playing games, like those played by prosecutors and defense attorneys when they hide evidence, suppress things, and twist and spin things to manipulate a jury.

Prosecutors and defense attorneys succeed in manipulating even the most intelligent, broad-minded and intellectual of juries.

What I am proposing is a different scenario. Neither of us are censored, there are no sidebars, and everything is on the record. For that to occur, I need to present evidence that might reveal that some of the so-called victims are opportunists or prevaricators, and not be censored. This will be fact evidence, and when it is my opinion, I will make it evident.

If you accept my offer, please respond by email.

Keith Raniere

There is equity in my proposal. I think that of all the people who have criticized Keith Raniere, you were the most severe. I believe that you crafted the narrative against him, a fabulist, who led the media to turn Keith into a criminal before he got anywhere near trial, before he was indicted, before they falsely apprehended him in Mexico.

Keith Raniere led away in handcuffs on March 25, 2018 in Mexico.

Kindly let me know if you accept the challenge.



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  • Suneel – give it up man. This is ridiculous and you are making a huge fool of yourself. Go back to teaching javascript, you freaking dweeb

    • Actually, the Dali Llama told Raniere, rather prophetically, that Raniere shouldn’t be afraid of justice if he is innocent.

  • Some of the comments here are like a case study in confirmation bias.

    If facts are presented which run against your existing beliefs, watch out for feelings of boredom, confusion, and an underlying & ominous sense of threat that beliefs you hold, the way you make sense of the world, might be false.

    This usually results in lashing out at the people presenting the facts that challenge your beliefs, trying to undermine their character, genuine sincerity, etc. You may get the thought that “they are being paid” so what they are saying can’t be true. You’ll be presented with numerous reasons to not look at the new facts.

    We all feel uncomfortable when our beliefs are challenged with facts that contradict them. So notice these uncomfortable feelings when they arise. Resist the urge to lash out. Keep reading and keep thinking with the new facts. Upgrade and improve your beliefs by bolstering them with new foundations.

    Take it from an Ex-Cult member and Ex-AntiCult member: The discomfort will pass and you will evolve and grow from the experience.

    Good luck.


    • “Keep reading and keep thinking with the new facts.”

      Hey Suneel, I think Alanzo is talking to you.

      Open your mind to the possibility that there is a Raniere history that doesn’t include Camila and Nicole.

      • NutJob-

        Obviously, Alanzo is talking to Suneel, we all figured that out, including Suneel.

        Hey, NutJob, did you know the Stones’ song Brown Sugar isn’t about sugar? I bet you figured that one out too, you smarty pants.

      • Yes, that is certainly one legitimate interpretation of this line, Nutjob.

        The thing is, I’m pretty sure Suneel knows this already.

        “Whataboutism” is a distraction technique, however. The challenge has been narrowly defined to make some kind of progress in the morass of whataboutism that anticultists spew whenever they feel the facts challenging their beliefs.

        Stay focused. Stay on target.

        Your mindset could be blown.


        • Nope. “The challenge” IS the distraction technique. Cami and Nicole ARE the distraction technique.

          Suneel has had lots of time to look at the entire picture of Vanguard. Either 1) He knows what’s up. Or, 2) He doesn’t know what’s up because he refuses to look at anything other than Camila and Nicole.

          “Whataboutism” is the only card in Suneel’s deck. Suneel – “Oh yeah, WHAT ABOUT CAMILA AND NICOLE!!!”

          I’ve read his posts. Most on FR have given consideration to his points. And here we go again….more whataboutism about the same two things. We’ve already played this whataboutism with you, Suneel. Whatabout everything else (other than Keith’s bio)?

          The challenge has been narrowly defined. Ya got that right. Let’s not let any virgin Cami texts get in the way of a good ol’ challenge.

          Suneel wants Vanguard free. Suneel doesn’t care if Vanguard is guilty.

          • NutJob-

            I owe you a BIG apology! I didn’t really read this 12:58 comment.

            Now, I get the sarcasm. Very funny!

            I’m sorry my sock puppet referred to you as Dennis Miller.
            Anybody see Alonzo’s sock puppet Ex? Last week, I was wearing it. 😉

          • I always liked Dennis Miller – even on MNF. Took that as a compliment. You posting as an anon puss, blows. I did see the return of Captain Moonbeam – is that you?

      • NutJob,

        Really, is that what Alanzo is up to?

        Suneel and everyone else figured it out too NutJob🤡. But thanks anyway!

        Hey, did you know The Rolling Stones’ song Brown Sugar isn’t about sugar?

        • Confusing repeat post, but thanks for the Brown sugar reference – that helped…??
          Either you are bad at using sarcasm, or you are wrong. Apparently, I am bad at using sarcasm, if you took my comment to Suneel at face value.

          • Nutjob said:

            “Fuck Suneel”@ 11:45 pm
            “Hey Suneel” @ 12:58pm
            “It’s sarcasm” @ 2:49pm

            I say to NutJob:
            Oh, I’m sorry ‘Dennis Miller’, I don’t get your confusing and crappy sarcasm. Maybe it’s why you were fired from Saturday Night Live and Monday Night Football!

    • “You may get the thought that “they are being paid” so what they are saying can’t be true.”-Alanzo

      Anybody remember the exact number of times Alonzo accused me of being paid by OSA?

      I think it’s around five. 😉

      • Good point. When you called Alanzo a poopyhead, we now know why he awkwardly said you were on the OSA payroll.

        What about all the Bronfman cash that was going to Alanzo? I wonder if that’s still rolling in…

        • Bronfman cash don’t make me laugh. All the NX’ers are aware Alanzo is a cult groupie.

          You probably don’t remember, AnonyMaker mentioned Alonzo was on the OSA payroll and that Alonzo infiltrated an anti-cult organization. At some point, OSA cut Alonzo off.

          AnonyMaker has never lied or been wrong, not even once, in all these years.

          • Alanzo has a post on his blog about his OSA career. It was very entertaining.

            AnonyMaker is always right. He just has a little Buzz Killington in him. He squashes every good FR conspiracy theory that starts to grow legs.

          • Nutjob wrote:

            “AnonyMaker is always right. He just has a little Buzz Killington in him. He squashes every good FR conspiracy theory that starts to grow legs.

            Actually Nutjob, no. AnonyMaker isn’t always right.

            AnonyMaker is an ideologue. If you share his ideology, then it seems he’s always right to you because it affirms the ideology you share with him. But ideologies are always too simplistic to accurately explain, or even approximate, reality. Ideologies always have holes when matched up with the real world. This is why Anonymaker is often wrong – especially when it comes to Scientology, Scientologists, and Ex-Scientologists – something he has no real world or personal experience with.

            And Nice Guy is just a stupid, constantly lying loopy troll who can’t think his way out of a paper bag.

            Here is Part 1 of that story again, just to make sure it is not misrepresented.


            All of this is part of confirmation bias – do what you can to undermine or discredit the person who is the source of factual information that challenges your beliefs.

            Don’t look at the facts they present, though, because that is too uncomfortable.

            And who wants to be uncomfortable?


          • I’ll say this about AnonyMaker – he’s difficult to argue with because he comes across as rational and unswayed by emotional reactions.

            That’s why I was asking you about your past lives with him. I was curious what your disagreements were about. Even when you (Alanzo) disagree with him on FR – from an observer without a dog in the fight – it looks like you two are often splitting hairs. It has also appeared like you don’t give him any rope. But I get it if there’s a history.

            I used to think Anonymaker should go a little easier on some of the hanger-on NXIVM members (basically anyone but Keith). However, he was always less crazed about doling out blame and hate than almost every other commenter on FR.

        • NutJob 8:52

          AnonyMaker is a complete conspiracy buzzkill — no sooner does 5G Fred report on the latest conspiracy, than AnonyMaker show up and ruins the fun. 😉

          I love Family Guy!

      • “Anybody remember the exact number of times Alonzo accused me of being paid by OSA?”

        Care to cite even one time I accused you of this?

        Just cut and paste it as a reply to this comment.

        I never once accused you of being paid by OSA, Frank Report’s Number 1 Loopy Lying Troll.


  • Frank, I’ll read your response. But I am not reading any more from this guy.

    Please really do the DOS handbook post.

    Please report on Marc Elliot’s SLAP filing from STARZ.

    Please give the prison status updates. You talk to the loyalists regularly. You have the info.


    • Frank can only report on what the NXIVM Five say he can report on.

      That is why no report on Marc Elliott SLAPP motion, even though it’s been out for a while. NXIVM Five say not on our platform, Frank. You can report on your girlfriends’ children but not the embarrassing SLAPP motion of Marc.

      Suneel, whatever he wants.

      Nothing about Marc, Frank

      Nancy Salzman, sure she betrayed Keith Raniere, our lord and Master.

      Alonzo, give him as much space as he wants, he supports us.

      You see, Frank readers, The NXIVM Five has taken over the Frank Report.

      It’s all about them now.

      Why is the million dollar question.

      • Interesting!

        We know that Frank can get all the “data” on Keith’s prison stay too. From his Raniere loyalist pals… But no. Stingy. Disappointing.

        We should have known it was over when Frank would not share with readers why Keith was in the SHU so long. And took Keith’s grievance up as his own.

        And where’s that DOS handbook post?

        • Please Kind Sir or Madam, be patient won’t you? Much is going on in the world of NXIVM – but we will get you your request just as soon as we can and I think you will be pleasantly surprised, if not astonished.

    • Yes…And since there are not any new filings requesting another delay, her new location should show up on the register of federal prisoners later today.

      • Soloway’s letter to Judge Garaufis asked for “postponement of the date of her surrender to federal custody, extending such date to and including Monday February 21, 2022.”

        It said “Including Monday February 21, 2022.”

        • Not sure what point you’re trying to make — but I agree that yesterday was the deadline by which Nancy had to report to prison. And, as you’ll see in a soon-to-be-published post, she did just that.

          • I meant that the way I read it, the postponement includes Monday, February 21 st, 2022.
            The wording is tricky.

    • Federal Bureau of Prisons


      All visiting at this facility has been suspended until further notice.

      Level 3 Operations
      Level 3
      Operations are being modified at this facility due to COVID-19. Learn more ….

      This facility may have modified visiting hours and regulations provided below. For questions or concerns please contact the facility using the phone number or email address listed on this page.


      ROUTE 37

      DANBURY, CT 06811


      Phone: 203-743-6471

      Fax: 203-312-5110

      Level 3
      Medical isolation rate ≥ 7%
      Facility vaccination rate < to 50%
      Community transmission rate ≥ 100 per 100,000 over the last 7 days

  • Why is this blog so focused on this nutter? Come on, Frank, get off the Suneel train. Or at least stop putting his picture up — creeps me out every time.

    • I agree. Suneel looks like an extraterrestrial.

      But the most important thing is to not waste your time with these deadenders.

      • StevenJ,
        I know it is superficial but I have to admit it is the first impression that springs to my mind also when I stare at that portrait!

      • Great example of confirmation bias right here.

        Can’t address the ideas, instead says the speaker of the idea “looks like an extraterrestrial”.

        Underlying this is a fear or resistance that Suneel might reveal facts that may challenge his beliefs, and that his beliefs – which he is known for in the group here – might be wrong.

        This can be horrifying for a person. It feels like a real threat. They must fight back any way they can.

        StevenJ is going with “he looks like an extraterrestrial.” It doesn’t matter how ridiculous the defense of his beliefs is, as long as he makes it, and he gets buy-in from his fellow group members.


    • Agree.
      Seeing his photo is the worst. At least the tortured, horrible writing can just be skipped. But that visual!

    • RE Chest Hair vs Alien Face:

      What’s more disgusting, Suneel’s face or the chest hair of Keith Raniere?

      👽 vs 🦧

      More importantly, what do women and gay men prefer?

      My guess is the warm fur, but an alien probe sounds intriguing. It’s definitely worthy of contemplation.

  • “I believe that you [Frank] crafted the narrative against him, a fabulist [raconteur] who led the media to turn Keith into a criminal.”- Suneel Chakravorty

    Call me crazy, but I think what Suneel is saying is that, Editor at Large, Frank Parlato, is disingenuous.

    Frank is accused of being the greatest propagandist of all time. According to Suneel, Frank has managed to pull the wool over the world’s eyes.

    Suneel has thrown down the gauntlet and our editor will of course accept the challenge. Tallyho!

    Suneel is so distraught without the trollop, Nicki Clyne, he’s creating fictional narratives in his head. Poor chap seriously needs to get laid.

  • Fuck Suneel and Raniere. #1 is a distraction. #2 & #3 are the only things Raniere thinks he can defend himself against. DON’T NOTICE ALLLLLL THE OTHER SHIT I’VE DONE FOR DECADES, CHECK OUT #2 & #3…..

    I don’t blame Raniere for attempting to put up the only fight he can put up. I do blame Suneel for willfully ignoring everything Keith has done over the years, and thinking us dumb fucks will lazer in on 2 & 3.

    • Right?!

      Who cares?!

      It’s a legal matter.

      This arrogant dolt thinks he’s gonna free Keith through lame opinion pieces on this blog?

      It’s getting so boring. Repetitive.

        • He’s just like the Flat Earthers. Frank is just drumming up clicks. An expert on sexual consent would shut down this so-called debate in one second.

          • Parlato flip flops like bacon on a griddle, it’s just for clicks. Recent months he’s shown true colors. I am guessing his personal stress is taking a toll.

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