Guest View: Facts or Suneel’s BS – What Ya Gonna Believe?

A sketch from Keith Raniere's 2007 patent application: Can a Luciferian Be Rehabilitated. It is eerily similar to the Human Fright - sorry Suneel I meant the Emotions Study

By Lola 

Here is what really happened with the NXIVM studies that Suneel Chakravorty isn’t telling everyone.

Suneel is attempting to re-write history after the facts were determined by the State of New York in an investigation into the practices of Brandon Porter that got him fired from his job at the hospital he was working at and later the removal of his medical license. Brandon Porter is no longer about to work as a medical doctor or a researcher anywhere in the United States due to breaking the law the way he did with Keith Raniere and NXIVM.

Dr. Brandon Porter lost his NYS medical license for experiments purportedly conducted without employing proper protocols, including lack of informed consent.

Suneel is blowing smoke in an attempt to cloud the issues with each of the three research projects NXIVM and Porter did.

Why? Mostly to keep those still loyal to NXIVM involved. Why? Because none will do real research outside of what is posted or what Frank will post for them.

If they are wiling to read one article, that will give them some other data points that they were taught to look for in their first 16-day intensive, here you go.

If not, remain sheep.

What studies did NXIVM conduct? NXIVM conducted three studies: one on obsessive-compulsive disorder; another on Tourette’s Syndrome; and, finally, the Fright Study.

What is the law on human subject research that applies to NXIVM’s research? The Public Health Law of New York State law has a section that defines what the state considers to be regulated research and how human subjects are to be treated.

What part of the Public Health Law did NXIVM break? “Protection of Human Subjects” puts several requirements on human subject research, including the participation of at least five persons in a Human Research Review Committee (HRRC), an entity that is more or less a specialized equivalent to the more commonly broadly used Institutional Review Board (IRB). None of the studies were reviewed by any HRRC.

Does it matter what kind of video people in the Fright Study were shown? No. The study was illegal from the start. It would be illegal if Porter showed Disney movies, too.

Was there valid science done in either of the NXIVM experiments? No.

The Department of Health found inconsistencies with accepted norms of scientific research. These included:
– Subjects were not put into random, anonymized trials; their identifying information was exposed, leaving open questions of bias.

– Data from multiple recording devices was left unsecured. Nor were the results even analyzed by Porter.

– Per New York State, the three research studies were “without results or benefits to science, medicine or humankind.”

What did Brandon Porter do when confronted? In 2017, the Chief of Hospital Medicine for St. Peter’s Hospital (Brandon Porter’s institution) asked him about his participation. Porter admitted it. St. Peter’s Hospital Network gave Porter a month before asking him to resign – which is what he did.

What about the “Consent Form” Suneel Chakravorty shared?

Without a Human Research Review Committee, this form is just window dressing. It also deviates from this template the State endorses. And in the end, it is moot because state law holds that… Consent Template Revised with HIPAA_August 2020_revised.docx

No such voluntary informed consent shall include any language through which the human subject waives, or appears to waive, any of his legal rights, including any release of any individual, institution or agency, or any agents thereof, from liability for negligence.”

Why does Chakravorty need to relitigate this? NXIVM’s current legal strategy appears to involve splitting the civil case against them. At present, the lawsuit is against NXIVM as a collective racketeering enterprise, but Clare Bronfman’s (and other defendants’) distinct interest clearly lies in severing her own civil case from Keith Raniere’s and others. And Chakravorty is good at nothing if not for doing shit-work for Bronfman.

Keith Raniere with Clare Bronfman

What is the evidence both Raniere and Clare Bronfman knew about the illegal studies? Raniere took direct responsibility for the Tourette’s Study, flogging it in an attempt to get bailed out after his arrest.

Clare Bronfman also took direct responsibility for her own participation in promoting the bogus claims of the Tourette’s study through her credit for the My Tourette’s film.

Clare Bronfman and Sara Bronfman’s foundation is explicitly linked to the purchase of equipment used for the studies.

How long is the evidence trail for NXIVM’s illegal experiments? Possibly for over a decade. The experiments definitively ended in 2017 with Porter’s resignation from St. Peter’s. They were likely contemplated as early as 2007, when Raniere first filed a patent application, “Determination of whether a Luciferin can be rehabilitated.”

From the patent

The patent depicts a device and process that is nearly identical to witnesses’ description of the Fright Study – and incidentally, this patent contains three mentions of showing a subject a “torture movie.”

That the patent pre-dates the experiment should only further cast doubt as to the motives for the experiment.


An aspect of the present invention is a method for determining whether a Luciferian can be rehabilitated. The method includes stimulating the Luciferian with a first stimulus and recording a first physiological response by the Luciferian to said first stimulus. The method includes determining, from the first physiological response, a first polarity of the Luciferian’s response to the first stimulus. The method includes stimulating the Luciferian with a second stimulus and recording a second physiological response by the Luciferian to said second stimulus. Further, the method includes determining, from the second physiological response, a second polarity of the Luciferian’s response to the second stimulus. The method includes comparing the first polarity to the second polarity to determine whether the second polarity has a greater value than the first polarity; and determining, from said comparing of first polarity and second polarity, whether the Luciferian can be rehabilitated.


It takes one to know one. Can this Luciferian be rehabilitated?


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  • Why put so much effort into analyzing Suneel’s foolish ramblings? You do realize that Suneel is trying to convince himself, not readers here at the Frank Report? If Suneel stops repeating lies, he might start to realize the truth. So he repeats what he wishes were true.

    You can see this behavior in many posters here.

  • It is going to be hard from here on out for Suneel or his NXIVM loyalists to try to blow smoke up anyone ass now that the real facts are out for everyone to see.

    Thank you to whoever put this together. It’s really good information on how NXIVM never got the authority to do their research, never followed through and proves it was garbage.

    No longer can Suneel Chakravorty try to pull the wool over anyone’s eye but this Sheep Squad.

    They won’t take in any real scientific or factual evidence anyway.

  • Yes! This patent from 2007!

    I don’t understand why it hasn’t received more attention. He made more than a few of these things and the entire collection definitely has a certain tone.




    All caught my interest for specific reasons.

    All of them are super tedious and hard to read. In my experience you really have to hold on and listen to a lot of boring repetition before you can start to see the ideas play through.

    In reading the entire collection, I found some of the applications were a bit silly and some of them were even a little bit smart! But? You can’t exactly patent “exercise” and everyone plus their dog already dreamed up how to find their lost keys.

    Taken together with the NXIVM NDA and what we know about DOS? I believe keith is obsessed with control. I believe he thinks he is probably the smartest person on earth and is super hilarious! I’m sure he’s very proud about being the grandmaster of a worldwide sisterhood where the women are “all mine” and he can demand nude pictures from whomever and whenever he wants!

    And if some women wanna be a part of that? It’s okay. Just don’t lie to your friends and trick them into participating with you. Or be surprised if they get angry when you do!

  • Excellent job, Lola.

    The patent (and patent pending) is a farcical way keith had to fool people into believing how intellectual he was. They were all nonsense and hooey inflating his own self-admiration. It bolsters my opinion that this Luciferian hogwash was just a made-up way he got Porter to think he was doing some legitimate scientific research. It held no value, never did. keith just used it as a way to justify the Human Fright Experiments and fuck around with people and be a dickhead.

    Vanity Fair did a great analysis of his bogus patent filings and also how the patent filing system can be exploited. They describe another one of keith’s inventions:

    “One example, the “Method Apparatus for Improving Performance,” is apparently a way of increasing performance on a treadmill by increasing speed over time. Laymen might recognize this approach as “exercise.” “The examiner, in this case, literally rejected it six times. [Raniere] just [keeps] coming back,” Nazer said. “My opinion, having reviewed the prosecution history, is that if you just play that game for long enough, you can eventually get a patent, even when the underlying application is just a pile of garbage.” The U.S.P.T.O. granted that one in 2016.”

    You can take a garbage idea, slap ‘patent pending’ on your promotional materials to impress people, and then keep hammering away at the patent office until someone there gives in, or it sits in pending status forever.

    • ==Laymen might recognize this approach as “exercise.”

      I cracked up.

      “One of the top three problem solvers in the world” tried to patent exercise.

      What a fucking insult to actual nerds.

    • The Keith Raniere patent nonsense was also an attempted extortion through litigation get rich quick scheme.

      If you get enough broad patents, then potentially you can nuisance sue a successful entrepreneur or inventor to prohibit them from using your “patented technology” and force them into a licensing deal with you. The patent holder.

      Sometimes, the company will give in and pay up to the patent holder just so that they can move forward and into production.

      Remember Keith Raniere and the whole, “I invented teleconferencing lawsuit”? With Microsoft, if I recall correctly?

      Marc Cuban from, “Shark Tank” has spoken out firmly and often against the US Patent System and how easily it can be exploited and abused in multiple ways.

  • Funny how those who spent thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars have nothing to say about that hard cold fact.

    Suneel Chakravorty and his buddies want to vomit their words of what was done in rewriting history.

    When the real facts are brought back to light, none of them have anything to stay.

    Only goes to show they are a bunch of idiots trying to lie their way through the past making up historical fantasy.

  • Frank Parlato accused of plagiarism for copying and pasting a post from Reddit:

    Frank Report plagiarized my work

    Two days after I published the self-post “It’s the illegality, stupid,” I’ve learned that the Frank Report plagiarized it almost word-for-word*.*

    The article on Frank Report is falsely attributed to a guest writer, “Lola” and was retitled “Guest View: Facts or Suneel’s BS – What Ya Gonna Believe?”

    I don’t make an accusation of plagiarism lightly. Even if everybody who cares already knows the details, I’ll recap it for posterity:

    This is the second time I’ve found my work on Frank Report. The first time, Parlato ran nearly the entirety of my writing on Allison Mack’s divorce (compare with the version on FR). In that instance he did at least admit that the original work wasn’t his, but he improperly attributed my work to Reddit. At the time, I took it to be an honest Boomer mistake, and I let it slide.

    This time, however, Frank Report copied and pasted several paragraphs of my work; Frank Report does not give proper attribution at all. Frank Report removes sections critical of Parlato, mischaracterizing my work. Finally, Frank Report also invents a guest writer from whole cloth to avoid giving credit and, apparently, to let Frank Parlato dodge responsibility.

    Should he attempt to rewrite history and claim that there really is a “Lola” who gave his blog some kind of exclusive, here’s the Pepsi challenge: here’s the first Wayback Machine snapshot of my work on Reddit vs.the first Wayback Machine snapshot of Frank Report’s repost. Compare date stamps. (He’s free to put Chakravorty, P.I. on the case to argue how Internet Archive data was manipulated).

    In both instances where my work appeared on his website, nobody at Frank Report notified me, much less asked for my permission, though I have a Direct Message box just like every other Reddit user. Parlato or his surrogate of choice on Reddit –there are several candidates from what I understand– are all free to contact me using it in case they would like a nice explicit letter refusing them permission to do this in the future.

    Parlato is a newspaper editor; he lists himself as Editor in Chief of Frank Report; he is presently writing a whole series of articles where he accuses someone’s ex-husband of being a plagiarist. He should know what he did, and he should know it is wrong.

    I will state here that my wish is that Parlato simply remove both the articles. If he wants to do a rewrite, I’m fine with my research being cited in his own articles. I rely almost entirely on open source information that only requires knowing where to look, so I can hardly claim to own it.

    But my writing takes time, and I do not donate that to Frank Report to keep Parlato’s clout chase going. And if he gets mad about getting called out, he should talk to his anger management counselor.

    It’s my understanding that what appears on Reddit is in the public domain. This particular gasbag has been putting her gassy opinions onto Reddit precisely because it is in the public domain, and she hopes it gets into search engines so her vicious personal attacks on others gets a wider audience.

    So Frank gives her a wider audience and this is how she repays him.



    • I never take anyone really seriously who publishes anonymously like Q Anon or Corruptible Coward. Put your name on it, stand behind what you write. You want to crap on me, fine. Have the courage to reveal your identity when you take your dump.

      Otherwise, who should give a crap about what you write? It was not intentional, by the way – merely posting a reader comment in a more prominent place on Frank Report. It was, after all, well written.

      But at the end of the day: If you’re anonymous, you aren’t owning what you write. So, sue me. Oh no, you can’t because you can’t sue anonymously…

      • What a weak-ass reply for somebody who considers themselves a “journalist”. That is perhaps the most humorous insightful post you have ever made. Cheers, Frankie

        • Good point anonymous… that’s the really humorous part – you’re brave anonymous comment. Grow up. Sign your own name and I will respect your work. And give it full attribution. Meantime I reserve the right for anyone anonymous who craps on me for me to take their shit and throw it out there anywhere I want.

          Until they put their name on it.

          • Boy, this is not the Frank I read several years ago, Mr. free speech, Mr. I’ll let any idiot post here, Mr. I welcome all assholes, Frank Parlato. What happened to him? Hmmmmmmm? Be careful what you wish for. Did you think nobody would look at your history?

          • Unlike you I am not an anonymous brave-heart. So I expect scrutiny.

            I never – as far as I recall – have claimed to be an angel. But I want to be an angel – but not yet.

          • Respect my post?? I couldn’t give two shits if u respect me. I know the truth. Remember you’re the one with blog, not me.

          • I don’t respect anonymous cowards but I will fight to the death for your right to be one.

      • Let me get this right: Are you saying it’s OK to plagiarize if someone’s using an anonymous name, but you won’t plagiarize if they’re using their real name…? And how do you know it’s their “real” name? Wow…just wow, Frank. Even for you…….

        • Anonymous cowards don’t own what they write. You want to own something? Then put your name to it.

          Or in the case of Corruptible Coward – sue me. Oh yeah, you can’t, because then you would have to reveal your cowardly self. Come out into the sunshine – and then crap all over me. Don’t be a coward and attack someone and hide behind the toilet paper.

    • The person who says they wrote this took the information from public documents in the first place.

      This all came from NXIVM members court hearings.

      Why the big fuss?

      If they want credit for their work, come out and we will all say great work. For now, great work whoever you are.

    • Alonzo,

      Give me a break! The author of this Reddit is clearly you – the same as CatButt was you. You are whacked.

      Sure, Alonzo, you were on Reddit, and you happened to come across this “author” attacking the Frank Report – then the “author” shows up here, immediately after you post her rant, and admonishes Frank.

      Alonzo, you are so Goddamn transparent.

      F*ck you Alonzo! Your brand of insanity is starting to get nauseating.

      • Why do I hate Alonzo…

        ….Besides Alonzo being a crazy-evil-asshole, the other reason is that after Scott Johnson left, the Frank Report comment section finally had adult conversations without an asshole chiming in….Alonzo, who happens to be a million times worse than Johnson, ruined the new atmosphere.

      • “NiceGuy” wrote:

        “Give me a break! The author of this Reddit is clearly you”

        You are a complete and total dumbass.

        [redacted – don’t post links to anonymous {coward’s} websites]


        • Alonzo-

          You’ve been banned, by my count from 3 web forums, and a conservative estimate that at least 20+ people posted how much they hate you and how crazy you are; those 20+ people, probably represent 5% of the people who hate you. I’m at the end of a very long line — you crazy fuck’ing, melodramatic Queen.

          FU Mr. RingDings!

          BTW: We’re on a web forum. Don’t lose sight of that fact….

          • Alonzo you called Nice Guy “obsequious,” “sycophantic” and a “little buttlicker.”

            He is not obsequious.

          • —You Nice Guy “obsequious,” “sycophantic” and a “little buttlicker.”

            Once, again, pure projection – after all your ass kissing of Suneel, has he reached out to you? It’s a rhetorical question, the answer is no.

            Aloonzo, have a great weekend hanging out alone. 😉


            Fun time weekend ahead for you, Alonzo: eating, craping, cranking it, and sleeping. Sadly, Alonzo, can’t afford to do much else. No beer money, it’s just RingDings®️and whole milk.
            What a tool bag you are…


            Alonzo, do you want me to start a Go Fund Me so you can replace your worn-out pink Crocs?

      • Frank— isn’t this the same argument as the dead-enders are using in their attempts to undermine witnesses? Except most of your anons ( I am occasionally one, when I need to or feel like it) are here out of respect for your enterprise and contribute a good deal of useful intelligence unencumbered by any desire to be a ‘personality’ on the FR. Some of us have served you to the best of our abilities, from the very beginning. Why would you treat that with contempt instead of being a little thankful perhaps, that so many choose to serve your site in good faith?

        • Hey, I am good with anonymity – we have tons of anonymity here – and I’m fine – even with those who criticize me with name calling – like the occasionally amusing but usually stupidly dull Patriot God.

          But when some anonymous coward continues to dump on me while pretending to be some kind of righteous social justice “my shit don’t stink” asshole like BK Corruptible Coward, it is then I say, “Come on out coward and name yourself” and we will find out whether your shit smells.

          Otherwise have at it -= call me names but don’t pretend you’re so high up – unless you can stand by what you say.

          • Just stating a fact. Which is the opposite of what you’ve pitched here for years.

            I have no desire to operate a blog, but I love how you think you’re not touchable. You have started a blog, started writing words, and want people to come here. They didn’t come looking for you.

            When you start being a hypocrite is when people start putting a “bead” on you. Be careful what you wish for.

          • I agree one should be careful of what they wish for – and what I wish for is, when cowards criticize others anonymously or even threaten them, I wish for them to get an infusion of something they lack — courage and prove it by putting their real names behind what they write or say.

  • Thanks for this post, Lola.

    The “rational thinkers” who are Raniere loyalists seem unable to grasp concepts such as law on human subject research.

    Not surprisingly, they appear to believe that an ex-Doctor and his friends can argue their way out of such violations as if it were simply a parking ticket at a broken meter.

    Raniere loyalists frequently try to separate each cult atrocity. It is important to look holistically at the cult’s actions. And the greater context of who/what/where/why these abhorrent actions were taking place.

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