Moira Penza Blocks Michele Hatchette after Tweet Storm

Penza in Pajamas

Michele Hatchette has been active on Twitter lately, exchanging tweets with Susan Dones and not actually exchanging but attempting to exchange with Moira Kim Penza.

It all began one sunny afternoon when Michele posted on the Dossier Project that she intended to name the Jane and John Does who have remained unnamed in the Neil Glazer lawsuit.

Michele Hatchette

It prompted the attorney for the Jane and John Does, Neil Glazer of Philadelphia, PA, to file a request for an immediate decision on a motion for a protective order with the judge to prevent Nicole Clyne, one of the defendants, from disclosing the names of the Does.

Philadelphia lawyer Neil Glazer


Nicki Clyne

Glazer argued that, insofar as Hatchette and Clyne both are founders of the website, The Dossier Project, it should be presumed by the judge that Clyne has control over Hatchette.

Clyne told Frank Report, “Mr. Glazer, as usual, is being presumptuous. The purpose of the Dossier Project is so that each woman has a place and a space, with her own voice, to speak her own mind. It’s absolutely ‘Glazer-esque’ to say that I have control over Michele Hatchette. That’s akin to me saying that Glazer has control over his clients, Does or otherwise.”

As of Monday, the judge had not ruled on Glazer’s request and Hatchette has not revealed the names of any of the Does.


Is this a game of chicken?

Judge Eric Komitee is presiding over the civil case.
Glazer did threaten Hatchette with the possibility of a violation of a NY felony law.
In the meantime, Hatchette is active on Twitter and she tweeted comments, in response to Alanzo (Allen Stanfield), regarding Moira Penza, who promptly blocked her.
Penza Blocked Hatchette on Twitter.

Here is the Twitter conversation:

Alanzo: @moira_penza resigned. I think she saw the corruption and the politics and the stank of being a federal prosecutor – with broken chains of evidence and punishment for exercising civil rights, and she wanted out. I would if I were her. Wouldn’t you?
Michele: 1/Moira Kim Penza blocked me so unfortunately, I can’t tag her, but confident this will find her. Moira was focused on winning this case, not investigating it. In my 20+ page affidavit I filed with the court, I share in detail her inappropriate conduct with me during my proffer.
2/I met with her naively thinking she, as the lead federal prosecutor at the time on the case, was seeking to understand the situation. I thought I was there to share the truth of my experience. Instead, she berated me for not co-signing her bogus narrative.
3/She threatened to subpoena me to testify for the prosecution when my lawyer informed her I didn’t want to meet with her for a 3rd session.
4/Note: I met with her for 2 proffer sessions about 8 months before the trial in 2018. Out of the blue, just weeks before the trial began, she called my lawyer to ask me to come in for a 3rd session to prep as a witness for the government. This was suspect to me and my lawyer.
5/When my lawyer informed Moira Kim Penza that it was unlikely I would meet with her again, she dished an addition threat: in addition to forcing me to testify for the govt via subpoena, she threatened to charge me with perjury if I did not meet with her first.
6/I don’t negotiate with terrorists so I told my lawyer to tell Moira Kim Penza that I would not be meeting with her again and if she felt the need to force me to speak to her via subpoena, then she can speak to me in court on have it for the record.

7/Not surprisingly, that subpoena never came. The next time I saw Moira Kim Penza was outside the court room just before the sentencing of #keithraniere was about to begin. She was standing next to @Indiaoxenberg whom I approached as I hadn’t seen her in almost 2 years.

8/I tapped @Indiaoxenberg on the shoulder and all we could manage to say to each other was “Hi” because Moira Kim Penza began screaming (inside a federal courthouse) for federal court guards to remove me from speaking to India.




9/Unfortunately, this was not recorded as you have to check your phones at the door, but there were several witnesses who saw Moira Kim Penza sick guards on me for simply speaking to my friend

10/Moira Kim Penza can block me on Twitter, threaten me, scream and holler all day if she wants, but the truth is the truth and if it ain’t me, it’ll be someone else who sees this through. As a federally appointed employee, her job was to serve the public, not her own interests.
11/Unfortunately, while Moira Kim Penza was a government employee, she abused her power and used the #nxivm case to land a cushy job in private practice. She traded her charge as a public servant to elevate her personal career not caring who paid for it. There is zero justice in this.
12/Moira Kim Penza, as a federal employee, further abused her power by threating me, the one she was charged to serve and protect, because my sticking to the truth threatened the story she fabricated, and she needed this story to stick to get promoted to private practice.
13/Moira Kim Penza, while a federal employee, threatened me because her focus was on one thing and one thing only: herself. Her goal was to win by any means necessary and I was getting in the way of her pay raise because I refused her invitation to lie. It’s as simple as that.


Hatchette Continued

Hatchette continued the discussion in another Twitter thread here, in response to Susan Dones tweeting about Robert Gavin of the Times Union’s story.

Susan Dones: Excellent Story Crazy what Keith Rainier #NXIVN follower will do for him. What they call Justice. [All] these #DOS women wanted to be kept anonymous. Now his top women leaders want to expose Jane & John Does. It’s their moral obligation or Rainier told them to do it. You be the Judge


Michele: Let me be clear. I, Michele Bari Hatchette, am the one leading this charge. I answer to no one but my creator. I, as a co leader of the @thedossierproj, am exercising my 1st amendment right & using our platform to do so. I don’t need to hide behind my sisters. We stand together

Susan Dones, MA LMP @SusanDones · Feb 6 Replying to @SusanDones @LucyLuFrank and 3 others: IMO, their energy is being spent in the wrong way. Heck what do I know! A lot, #NXIVM fights dirty in court. The court clerks said they had never seen so many filings in a case like mine. It wasn’t just mine, it was all of them. Terrorism by litigation is what is they did.
















Susan Dones: So why does there need to be a “Charge” & into what? This isn’t your battle Michelle; so what are you fighting for? What do you hope to gain, if you expose these Jane & John Does? What if you get some wrong? Are you willing to get sued by them? I’m trying to understand, why you


1/Great questions. When suing someone in America, the defendant has a right to know their accuser so they can defend themselves and the claims can be investigated adequately and thoroughly. You can’t do that if your accuser stays in the dark. I’m inviting them into the light.

2/My name is spelled Michele*

3/This is absolutely my fight. An injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere as the great Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King reminded us of (He also happens to be a fellow Capricorn)

4/I’m fighting for the defendants who are my brothers and sisters who cannot defend themselves adequately in this CIVIL LAWSUIT because they don’t know who their accusers are because these Jane and John Does have yet to muster the courage to put their names to their claims.

5/I’m fighting for every person in this country (that includes you) to have the right to defend themselves in a legal proceeding.

6/I’m fighting for my brothers, my father, my nephews, my partner and my future children because I don’t want them to live in a world where they can be accused of serious wrongdoing, have their lives destroyed, and not be able to face their accusers because they hide in the dark.

7/I’m fighting for every person who has ever been wrongly accused and suffered greatly and hasn’t received justice in hopes that shining a light on what’s happening here can bring them justice some day.

8/I’m fighting because my purpose in life is to serve my creator who only knows love. This comes at great risk to me, but the truth and love are more important than any fears I have I have in standing in the light.

9/I’m fighting because these Jane and John Does were people I considered friends some time ago (and I’m hoping we’ll be friends again someday). They were threatened and bullied by the media and US govt if they didn’t co-sign Moira Kim Penza’s narrative.



Possibly the last thing Moira Kim Penza wants to do is get a tweet from Michele Hatchette. So, she blocked her.

10/I’m fighting because being threatened by institutions that purport to serve the public and stand for truth and justice, should never be something a person has to go through, but sadly we see it happening more and more.

11/I’m fighting because I have a platform when many do not. My hope is that in shining a light on what has remained in the dark for far too long, we will get closer to living in a truly free county. Something my ancestors have been fighting for long before I.
12/I’m fighting because these Jane and John Does believe the boogie man is real and he’s not. I respect them enough to keep it 1000% with them and am inviting them to be the adults they say they want to be and simply put their names to their claims.
13/I’m fighting because some of these Jane and John Does are straight up lying and I have more evidence than I can count to prove they are lying. Liars and crooks should not be allowed to use the legal system to get paid. That’s what jobs are for.
14/I’m fighting because the governemnt and media are failing all of us. So sometimes ya gotta step in and do it ya self. I hope this answers your questions.
Moira Penza tweeted: “Sad that these words together give me the creeps. Won’t be buying these coasters. If you know, you know. [Link to tweet]
Keith Raniere has said, “He who has the most joy wins.” Is he having joy now?


This story is not over yet and it promises to get quite lively. Will Michele or someone else name the dozen remaining anonymous players? Will Neil Glazer name the 59 who he claims now stand ready to be named?

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  • Penza wasn’t tough enough on everyone else. She was a pansy in the end…then she ran away from being a prosecutor. Apparently they got collateral on her too.

  • Oh yeah…and that ridiculous obligatory executive success program over exaggeration of a smile that you have to have permanently affixed at all times no matter what the situation is.

  • I mean, call me crazy here but if the government subpoenaed me to testify, I think it’s valid for them to say, “It would be a bad idea to lie on the stand.” Is that not a statement of truth? I also don’t think Penza’s reaction to Michele approaching India was inappropriate. If I were India, I would have been like “Please keep those people the hell away from me.”

    • If the government DID NOT caution about committing perjury, it would be harped on endlessly as “entrapment” or some other inaccurate nonsense.

      So, you are not “crazy”. It is not a threat. It is simply the truth. By their definition of “threat,” then every time you are INFORMED of the law you are being “threatened”.

      True “criminal justice reform advocates” would consider that warning about committing perjury is a win for a potential defendant’s/witness in a criminal case.

      You should always know your rights. And hire a lawyer. And ignorance of the law is no excuse. But a warning from a prosecutor not to incriminate yourself is a positive, helpful, informative move on the prosecution’s part.

      If Penza did NOT fully inform Michele or the others who proffered about their danger to themselves through lying, then Michele would be complaining about that lapse. Right now. Maybe from a detention center.

      Criminals! They’re never gonna be happy with prosecutors. Whaddya gonna do?

  • Michele? Respectfully?

    I read your affidavit and all the weird exhibits you attached. Yet, it still seems to me that Moira did nothing but offer you a chance to view the crushing evidence against keith in this criminal case.

    I don’t believe she was baiting you or trying to convince you of anything. If your experience in DOS was totally good and totally wholesome? Good for you. It still doesn’t mean it was good for everyone no matter what you thought you saw or heard.

    The mandate of the prosecution was never to prove that DOS was good and wholesome for all participants. In fact? Nicole and India and Sylvie were all given assignments to sexually seduce raniere. And Camilla was assigned to find a virgin successor. How do you fail to understand that this is trafficking? Why was sylvie given instruction to deny sex to her husband and yet give naked pictures to raniere? Please explain how this would have helped sylvie in her marriage.

    Truly Michele, have you never heard the saying that the road to hell is paved with good intentions? Are you so lacking in empathy of others and with your head filled in this concept of pain = love that you’re incapable of understanding that things in DOS might not have been as great as they seemed?

    I’m about the same age as you. Have you never had the experience of realizing that what you believed was right might be wrong? Do you believe your judgment is faultless and always correct?

    Just a few questions for you.

    I also wonder why you seem to have so little faith in your ability for self improvement without the help of others. Your “support group” led you into criminal territory where blackmail material was required. I am so curious about whatever made you think, feel and believe that you needed anybody but yourself and your own wits to make the best of life. Who told you, and made you think, feel and believe that you were not enough?

  • I don’t think that someone who’s happy with being called the N Word should be using Martín Luther King’s name. They all knew about Camila being a child; her name for them was “Virgin Camila”. So, what about that? They saw how Raniere was a filthy liar at least because he was fucking everyone, and that’s just the tip. Clyne was Mack’s fake-wife, and that’s a crime. She is a liar that will not tell where the blackmail material she had is currently located. And maybe even a Luciferian terrorist pedophile who knew about the real nature of Nxivm. Michele was perfectly happy when Allison said that she had a beautiful c*nt, taking pictures with a few other naked women, including Camila. So, I think we can all agree her morals don’t exist or that she can’t register good from wrong

  • Sounds as if Ms. Hatchette is really just fighting inner demons. She has no right to demand anyone’s name….

  • News Flash, Michelle Hatchette:

    No one is required to speak to you.

    FYI: You’re so nuts you willingly became a slave to white women and a sex slave to a white man, who looks like a professor at a community college. WTF is your mental deficit?

    I look forward to watching your next Zoom/Podcast with the other idiots.

    It’s an easy show to summarize:
    “We’re not victims and they’re traitors”, says all of you – every episode. I believe Alonzo and Danielle Robert’s mom make up 50% the viewing audience.

    You have a great day and please hide that smile.

  • Keith’s only in jail because the prosecutor wanted a promotion. Riiiiight. It’s everyone’s fault but Keith’s.

  • It sounds like Michele is witness tampering. She’s really trying to get those names for harassment & intimidation. Sounds like another Sara Bronfman Hatchette job

  • If Michele really wants to “fight” this (she uses that word or a variation of it 12 times in her 14 tweet dialogue so I’m guessing she does), perhaps she should file a Rule 24 motion to intervene?

    If does that, then she can become a party in Glazer’s case (but not as a Defendant, as an Intervenor). Once she is a party to this case, she would have a legitimate claim to knowing all of the Plaintiffs’ names. Otherwise, I don’t see that she really has a claim to knowing their names. As it stands right now, Nicki should be informed as to all of the Defendants names as she has to defend against them. However, Michele does not currently have any legitimate reason to know their names.

    Fed R Civ P 24:

  • At least one person is showing some wisdom. It is not a good idea for Penza to engage in any discussion with the NXVIM remnant.

  • Just funny to me, but Clyne’s statement “I have control over Michele Hatchette. That’s akin to me saying that Glazer has control over his clients, Does or otherwise” is actually false. Always in criminal cases and usually in civil cases where the subject of the lawsuit is newsworthy and clients are likely to be approached to comment, attorneys demand that their clients yield control of the public narrative to the attorney. That’s why you aren’t reading statements from the 80+ plaintiffs in this case – Glazer has control over them.

    • “Always in criminal cases and usually in civil cases where the subject of the lawsuit is newsworthy and clients are likely to be approached to comment, attorneys demand that their clients yield control of the public narrative to the attorney”

      Too bad this didn’t apply to the criminal case

  • “I’m fighting for the defendants who are my brothers and sisters who cannot defend themselves adequately in this CIVIL LAWSUIT because they don’t know who their accusers are …” but “I’m fighting because some of these Jane and John Does are straight up lying and I have more evidence than I can count to prove they are lying.” (No-one knows who they are, but I know they’re lying). I’m fighting because these Jane and John Does believe the boogie man is real and he’s not.”

    Next project for the DOSsier people: We demand to know the names of all the children who believe in Father Christmas because we have more evidence that we can count to prove Santa Claus is not real.

    The killer is: “I’m fighting because these Jane and John Does were people I considered friends some time ago”. With a friend like MBH (who thinks her friends are all lying), who needs an enemy?

    On the basis of these emotional ramblings, MBH skipped the ‘critical thinking’ module.

  • Michelle, Keith’s antics have destroyed the lives of several women, and caused at least five to be placed in jail. You don’t realize you’re a victim. Honestly, why don’t you go to Florida and just enjoy the warmth and peace until this whole thing blows over. Get some job and a small apartment and find some other person to obsess over. There’s more to life than Keith Raniere.

    Rebuild your life without Nxivm.

  • “…Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King reminded us of (he also happens to be a fellow Capricorn)”. LMFAO, fellow Capricorn. Who says stupid shit like that, lol? And for fuck’s sake, please stop defiling Dr. King. Call me crazy but something tells me he wouldn’t approve of a Black woman being enslaved to White people through blackmail.

    Also, Moira Penza is just fucking hot. I mean seriously, dude.

    • Beautiful and smart can’t be beat. Moira is like another famous lawyer who is the same. It’s no surprise G. Clooney finally had to change his mind about marriage and settle down.

      • Is that the same G. Clooney that’s named on the flight logs of the “Lolita Expess” with his host J Epstein? Wonder if that famous lawyer was aware of her hubby’s antics prior?

    • “…Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King reminded us of (he also happens to be a fellow Capricorn)”.

      A fellow Capricorn……this is all the proof I need and I’m onboard with whatever Michele says from this moment onward……..

      What a fool…….

  • For the record, Moira hasn’t blocked me on Twitter.


    But even if she had, it still wouldn’t have stopped me from finding out that lead federal prosecutor Penza threatened Michelle Hatchet with a perjury charge if she testified in defense of Raniere with important information on Penza’s star witness Nicole.

    As reported on the Frank Report, and filed in a sworn affidavit to the court, Michelle says Penza’s threat was why she didn’t testify at trial.

    Isn’t that amazing? First I find out about threats Marc Elliot received from Penza, now Hatchet.

    Who else will I find out had been threatened by lead federal prosecutor Moira Penza while clawing her way to the biggest W of her career?

    Like I said in my tweet, if I’d found out this was how “justice” worked at the federal level, I would have resigned, too.

    Just like Moira did.


    • “She was the one who chose to pull her pants down in front of America. No one asked to see that. (P.S. No one else’s brands looked effed up like hers)”

      She sounds like she deserved to be threatened at a federal AND personal level.

    • Yet, she was frightened when MJB peacefully came to a public entity seeking a signature? It does seem our civil rights leave a lot to be desired.

      15 people vs. you and your lawyer for hours on end seems WAY more intimidating than 5 people seeking a few signatures.

      Threats of perjury BEFORE the trial,

      • I’m not concerned.

        Seems like two sessions of “hours on end” opportunity to tell your story, show your “evidence” is plenty.

        If you choose to lie to authorities in a federal investigation and they caution you of the criminal harm that brings upon yourself its not a “threat”.

        It’s just facts

        And scaredy cats don’t get to call other braver women who testified “cowards” and be taken seriously

    • Catch up, dude. These allegations are old news. Do you think you are bringing new revelations to the table?

  • Sheesh, so much wrong and ignorant about this whole thing.

    To start, here are the actual defendants of the case: Keith Raniere, Nancy Salzman, Clare Bronfman, Sara Bronfman, Lauren Salzman, Allison Mack, Kathy Russell, Karen Unterreiner, Dr. Brandon Porter, Dr. Danielle Roberts, Daniella Padilla Bergeron, Rosa Laura Junco, Loreta J. Garza Davila, Monica Duran, Nicki Clyne, NXIVM Corporation, Executive Success Program, Inc., Ethical Science Foundation, and First Principles.

    What name is not in that list? Michele Hatchette. She is also not a lawyer for any of the defendants because she isn’t a lawyer.

    She sure as shit should not have the names and fuck her for suggesting otherwise. Its none of her business. Just because she is butt hurt that she wasted her life doesn’t make her the moral authority on when people choose to come forward. She is being vindictive and should be treated with the contempt she is earning. And to make this sound like a moral crusade? Again, fuck you Hatchette; that ship sailed when you decided to support a pedophile, rapist, and chronic deceiver while continuing to ignore the moral implications of his behavior and your support of it. There exists no moral high ground for you to stand on. You have no rights to the names; you have no right to make them public.

    John and Jane Does are common in legal cases. Have been for decades. Just because it’s new to Hatchette doesn’t make it new, unusual, unfair or wrong. Perhaps, Hatchette should do something about her epic stupidity and consult a lawyer about this. Any rape victim will tell you the value of keeping names out of the public eye. Need a pretty recent and severe example? Look into the Girls Do Porn case. Public anonymity is an important part of the justice system. Hatchette’s inability to understand that doesn’t make it less so.

    Clyne, as a named defendant, does have a right to the names but does not a right to make them public without those people or the court’s permission. It’s not the public’s right to know those names. It is not the right of friends, family and interested parties (like Frank or Hatchette) to know those names. Being nosy does not grant you a right to know. I am curious about the names too but it’s not really any of my fucking business either. How hard is it to grasp that?


    Next bit of stupid is Alonzo (anyone surprised?) with:

    “I think she saw the corruption and the politics and the stank of being a federal prosecutor – with broken chains of evidence and punishment for exercising civil rights, and she wanted out.”

    Do you have any idea how much money Moira Penza makes, especially as a partner? Many of her firm’s clients” net worth is measured in 8 to 10 figures. She basically went from maybe $250,000 a year (that is a high estimate) to likely making $10 million or more a year and that is before whatever partner benefits and bonuses kick in. The leap in salary is akin if someone coaching pee wee football 1 year and coaching a top 25 NCAA football team the next. It’s not a small increase, it’s several orders of magnitude bigger. She, like many lawyers, simply used public practice to build their reputation for “higher” office be it at a larger law firm, starting their own law firm, going after a judgeship or, frequently, running for office at state or federal level. I mean damn, how ignorant do you have to be to not just assume “oh bigger payday” as why someone may move on from a job?

    Am not going to waste my time going into the rest of the stupidity. Just reminder to everyone else, when you are involved with a court case (hopefully never), stay the fuck away from witnesses. They and you are not supposed to be talking to each other. Not even to say “Hi”. I thought this was common knowledge but apparently not.

    Hatchette has no credibility. She should be given no credibly. She is not involved in the case except for her choice to insert herself into it. What she is doing is wrong and not for country or whatever bullshit she is telling herself. Don’t buy into that bullshit. Penza made the best move when she blocked Hatchette – and I encourage all, including Frank, to do the same: ignore her.

    • Erasend wrote:

      “I mean damn, how ignorant do you have to be to not just assume “oh bigger payday” as why someone may move on from a job?”

      And here I was stupidly assigning some kind of morality to Moira, as if she was a human being.

      It’s difficult for me to understand through my Stupid, but it seems you are teaching me that lawyers like Moira aren’t in it for the “justice” at all, as she claimed to Sarah and Nippy on their podcast, but just for the money.

      Thank you, Erasend. Without your reductive schooling I would have never known this about lawyers.


  • Moira Penza isn’t yelling, Michelle. Moira isn’t doing any of the things you listed Moira is ignoring you.

    Cult kooks who dance in booty shorts in front of a detention center nightly for their disgraced and incarcerated leader are usually avoided by serious people

    And keep your hands to yourself. Why you touching India?

    • Seriously. If India was really your “friend,” then you would be able to connect somewhere besides a federal courthouse. India wants nothing to do with you, Michele.

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