Hearing For Stay-at-Home Mother, Lizzie Harding, Over Removal of Guardian Who Took Her Assets and Made Her Homeless

Liz Harding

Not Just an Issue for Britney Spears…?

Elizabeth Harding Weinstein, 49, has lost the legal right to control her assets and, as a result, effectively, the right to represent herself in court.

Judge Janet C Malone appointed a guardian to take control of her assets. Elizabeth is fighting the enforced guardianship. Her video of claims of judicial fraud can be seen here.

On Monday, January 24, at 9;30 AM [Case 31053-2021], there will be a hearing to vacate the guardianship and/or remove guardian Kenneth L. Bunting based on “abuse and misconduct.”  [Judge Robert DiBella, 111 Dr Martin Luther King Jr Blvd., White Plains NY, 10601]

Elizabeth was a stay-at-home mother of three for 17 1/2 years while married to lawyer-husband Brian Stryker Weinstein.  Prior to that, she was an ER/ICU nurse and a graduate of Columbia University.

Brian Weinstein got all the marital assets and the children too. He says his wife of 18 years and mother of his three children is crazy.

Brian is a Senior Litigation partner at Davis Polk and a member of Duke University’s Ethic Board.  Elizabeth filed for divorce from Brian on June 6, 2020.

Elizabeth alleged Brian evicted her from their home, leaving her homeless, deprived her of access to her children, seized her belongings, cut her off from and dissipated millions of dollars of personal and marital assets, denied her access to her homes, belongings, court documents, mail, and her dog.

On August 9, 2021, her husband petitioned the court to appoint a guardian to handle her affairs based on his claims of mental incompetence. Brian retained attorney Dina Kaplan to make his case.

During the guardianship case, Elizabeth argued the court lacked jurisdiction since she was not a resident of New York and presented evidence of competence which included affidavits from health experts.

Judge Mallone ruled Elizabeth was incompetent and appointed Kenneth L. Bunting to serve as her guardian.

Bunting held Elizabeth’s monthly support payments, canceled her car insurance and EZPass and in October 2021, after Elizabeth refused to cooperate, found, seized, and closed her bank account which Elizabeth used to support herself.

Bunting, as her legal guardian, requested her legal claims against Brian be “dismissed with prejudice,” including her divorce.

Without notice, service, or disclosure to Elizabeth, Bunting arranged with Brian and Judge Lewis J. Lubell to secure a divorce from Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Harding Weinstein.

During the protracted dispute, Harding was once arrested for not wearing a mask and held in quarantine for COVID. She was held for two weeks for a competency examination. Her husband retained O’Connor Professional Group to provide medical documentation to support the need to have Elizabeth committed to a psychiatric hospital.

“Orders of Protection” permitted the husband to evict Elizabeth from the house, and from her children’s lives. Brian secured an ex parte order of protection against Elizabeth arguing she wrote him emails that caused him to be nervous, anxious, distracted, and fearful.  The judge gave him a full vacate and stay away order.
Elizabeth was arrested on the street, based on violating the restraining order. Elizabeth claims to have videos showing the exact location where she was arrested was not in violation of the order.
On January 4th, 2021, when she went to file documents in the court, she was arrested for not wearing a mask, placed in solitary confinement, not permitted to phone her family, and held for a competency exam to see if she was competent to stand trial.
She is not done fighting and a growing number of court watchers are observing how a high-powered attorney, with control of millions in marital assets could gain full control of all of it and make the stay-at-home mother of his children homeless through the machinations of the court.

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  • This should not have happened period. Even if as the posters on this blog think she may have mental health challenges there should be requirements set into place like court appointed counseling, solo and with ex spouse to level out the situation, for the kids also who need the support and not chosen by either parent so unbiased.

    I am dealing with a parent whom is bipolar undiagnosed now has serious problems as an older adult and a father whom also has enormous alcohol problems, divorced and if it wasn’t for extended family grandparents and aunts etc whom provided support who knows. No one should be punished for mental health problems. Let alone deprived of love from their children. These kids will suffer even more deeper damage.

  • I just read your assessment of Liz and from someone who knows her well, you are SPOT ON!!! She is smart and she has a way that draws people in but if you don’t agree 100% with every single thing she alleges or ask any questions about her situation she will go after you in ways I have never seen. She will try and destroy you. She is a very dangerous woman in that she has nothing to lose. She has lost everything, and she will go to extremes. This was a woman who really had It all and she does not have one friend or relative who will speak to her. She is bipolar which in itself is not a terrible mental illness if treated but in my opinion, her narcissism is the what is scariest. Everything is and was about her. She did nice things for people only for recognition. She slept with women’s husbands without ever thinking twice about It. She doesn’t think rules or laws apply to her

  • If you would like the real story on Elizabeth Harding Weinstein and the truth of what has been going on the last few years and for many years before that, let me know and I would be more than happy to share. Spoiler: you are right to question all of her claims

    • I am very interested in hearing about Lizzie — at first I thought she was a victim – but then the way she started insanely attacking me for questioning any aspect of her narrative made me realize this is not a stable woman. Either email me frankparlato@gmail.com or post your comments right here….

      • Ok, so first of all, I am posting under a pseudonym because whenever someone says anything against her, she will go after them. She has called people’s employers, stood outside their homes with a video, etc., so I need to protect myself and my family as she has proven to be very dangerous. I have known Liz for many years, she is bipolar and when she takes her medication, she is a somewhat normal person, friend, mother etc. In 2020 when COVID first hit though, she went manic and decided her husband is a pedophile and was abusing her kids. Now let me say THERE HAS NEVER BEEN ANY PROOF OF THESE ALLEGATIONS. Her kids have never said anything nor has anyone else ever. She brought her “evidence” to the police and there was never an investigation (even though she says there was). The reason she lost custody was simply because her husband asked her to get evaluated by a psychiatrist due to her manic and disturbing behavior and she refused even though she says repeatedly that she is sane and competent with nothing to hide. She constantly has put her kids in danger by posting their names, pictures, address, schools and phone numbers on the internet even though she has been court ordered not to.

        When she was arrested last year, it was not because she refused to wear a mask. It was because when she was asked to in a public building, she resisted arrest and refused to obey a direct order from the officer.

        Those are just some of the inconsistencies in her incredibly fabricated story. I could go on and on but the gist is she has lost everything in the last 2 years her husband, her kids who want nothing to do with her, her home, her friends etc. Very sad but she did it all to herself

      • Ok, first of all, I am posting under a pseudonym because when others have ever said anything that conflicts with her narrative, she will go after them and their families. She has called peoples employers, stood outside peoples houses, posted personal and slanderous information about them etc so I prefer to do It this way
        I have known Liz and her family for many years. She is bipolar and when on meds, is a somewhat “normal” person, mother, wife etc but in 2020 when COVID first hit, she went off the meds and went into a hypo manic state. She decided on her own that her husband is a pedophile and had been molesting their children although none of them have ever said anything about It and vehemently denied any wrongdoing at all. Brian was worried obviously about her well being and asked her yo be evaluated by a professional and she refused. And still refuses even though she says she is a “competent” “sane” women with nothing to hide. Her manic state was putting her children in harms way and he had no choice but to get an order of protection and hence she has lost everything: her house, husband, kids, friends. He eventually had a guardian appointed because of her mania and inability to keep herself safe. She repeatedly says she does this all for her kids but in reality she puts them in danger repeatedly by posted their names, pictures, schools, addresses and phone numbers on the internet. Two of them are adults and can see her if they want but they refuse until she gets help. Brian has given her money all along but she won’t pick It up.
        She was arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest because when she was asked to wear a mask in a public building. She was also mandated to psychiatric hospital. I could go on and on and happy to answer any questions but the important thing to know is that she is a dangerous woman

  • For 17 years as a stay-at-home mom, she was competent. She files for divorce and within a year her children are stolen from her, she’s locked out of home, denied all she’s worked for throughout her life —
    And the husband is a powerful attorney who knows how to destroy and conquer.

    The judges and attorneys have a private agenda. Our government is not protecting our children or our rights. Kids are property – delivered to the monied.

  • Her greatest crime may be being vigilant or over-vigilant, being too intense, sending too many emails which may have constituted harassment. Maybe nothing more.

    What you appear to have here is a very upset woman, who feels betrayed by her husband and seeks answers and retribution – and a husband who is extremely legally equipped to use the system to punish her for his own ends.

    A tragic case.

  • I hope the cases you’ve been writing about shed light on the abject abuses women endure from abusive men who call them crazy after they draw a boundary on how they won’t be treated. Don’t forget the guardians who are appointed to protect children and do just as bad, except place children with their abusers. Everyone is forced to endure abuse for life and the abusers are happy

  • Allegations of judicial misconduct are serious, but how many make such a claim? There are people posting here on the Frank Report claiming various degrees of judicial misconduct because the judge did not punish the NXVIM crowd to their satisfaction. And how many cultists are claiming they are innocent, framed, or unfairly targeted. When you make these allegations, you need to provide evidence. Otherwise, this is just a tabloid.

    And spare me the “but what about” nonsense. If anyone wants to hear such things, go listen to Nicki Clyne and crew.

  • RE Elizabeth and Legal Representation:

    Elizabeth’s biggest mistake was/is not hiring an attorney. If you do not have legal representation, you will get destroyed.

    ‘Pro se (being your own attorney) is the biggest mistake lay people make when it comes to divorce. ‘Pro se’ individuals don’t stand a chance.

    I’m sure Claviger will back me up on this issue.

    Great piece, Frank! It’s important to illuminate what goes on in family court: i.e., divorce court.

  • I watched every single one of these Lizzie Harding videos. This woman is clearly very mentally ill. I hope she gets the help she needs.

    • I haven’t seen any videos of her but I’m curious what you identify as mentally ill behavior?

      Can you point out specific thought patterns, behaviors or actions that lead you to this conclusion?

      Is she a danger to herself or others?

    • Re Lizzie Harding Mental Health:

      She is clearly bipolar and most likely not taking her medicine.

      I hope no one is taking advantage of her financially or in other ways. Many bipolar men and women get taken advantage of — especially during manic episodes.

      I watched her different videos on other websites. She seems to have made friends with some fairly strange people. A few of the men she is in contact with are quite shady.

      Bipolar women frequently fall victim to men. I have female in-laws, who are bipolar and have fallen pray to men.

      She is an attractive woman so I can definitely see this happening to her.


      In one video of her ex-husband, he looked like he was going to cry. He still cares about her.

      I pray Lizzie has at least one felony conviction so she can’t purchase a firearm.

      This is an incredible heart-breaking story.

      • I’ve just watched 1 video and seen no evidence of mental disturbance.

        Regarding your comments. Bi-Polar can be a deceptive disorder to someone who is not familiar with the affected person. They can appear very enthusiastic, insightful, and visionary but may or may not give cause for worry. One can be left feeling very curious about them. A bi-polar person can also change and behave accusatory, paranoid and taken advantage of. Sometimes, they can leave themselves open to having actually been advantage of. So, they can reality to their claim.

        Mental Health is a controversial subject. The difficult question is: who determines what is mental health and mental disorder? This becomes more difficult when it enters the legal and financial realms.

        • Anonymous 7:19Am

          I watched every video on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. Her story resonates with me…

          …In my extended family (cousins), there happens to be 5 bipolar people, two parents and both their children. In addition, there was one schizophrenic (Luckily my dad’s adopted). I’m not a mental health professional. The trouble diagnosing bipolar people is that they can put up a good face. Schizophrenics are easy to diagnose, and they can’t hide anything or at least for an extended time period.

          Sadly, many bipolar people ditch their meds as much as Schizophrenics do. Bipolar people are subject to hallucinations and grandiosity. Recently one of my cousins believed she had met Keanu Reaves on the internet and started sending him money from her joint bank account with her husband. I’m taking about thousands of dollars.

          I feel bad for this woman, but clearly, she needs a trustee of some sort.

          Maybe I’m wrong, but if you watch all the videos, I’ll be surprised if you don’t agree. I feel compassion for this woman and all people with mental health problems.

          • I have no desire to evaluate her mental health or judge her. What I do know is that the mental health system can be used politically and financially to hurt others that don’t conform to one’s wishes. I’d be careful about labeling anyone as mentally ill and it frequently results in taking their dignity, rights, freedom and livelihood away. And, as you do that, otherwise sane people start to behave like the labels and negative roles set up for them by others.

            A healthier approach is to see this both practically and as a libertarian. Focus on specific behaviors, choices, agreements, accountability, responsibility while offering support to them.

            Best to you and those in your family

          • I agree with you 100% Penn Station. She is going to come out of this episode broke and ashamed, at the very least. I hope she gets help.

        • Spent ample time with this person. She’s self absorbed, narcissistic and gaslights quite a bit. She can be extremely charming at times and she knows how to use that to her advantage. Talk to her long enough and she’ll attempt to “correct” your line of thinking if you say something that doesn’t agree with her. She’s not a stupid person she’ll analyze everything you say but there are moments when you get the impression she’s genuinely trying to understand the world and seeking genuine answers. The she regresses back into her “psychosis”

          Attempt to probe the details of her story and she’ll get defensive .. and she’ll use various shades of truth to woo you to her side. An example if this is that we all know the justice department is corrupt as the day is long. This works in her favor because she’s not entirely wrong. She’s gone about her entire situation in a completely reckless manner to be honest. She does not display the least bit of meekness contrition or empathy if you attempt to share your woes with her. Her “crusade” is all about her and little else. She looks for events and “causes” to go to and join but instead of supporting the agenda promoted by the group she’ll hi-jack the event instead and begin calling attention to herself. A person who is self absorbed is seldom capable of working with others. She’s burned a lot of bridges and alienated a lot of people. She fits the definition of insanity as one who does the same things over and over again attempting to arrive at a different place.

          • Hello Balderdash,

            Thank you for this post. LHW lived with me for some time in 2020. I fell fast, down the LHW rabbit hole. I offered her significant help. I put LHW in contact with a few (excellent) lawyers outside of the NY system, as well as another women who went through the same exact situation as her. They all told me to RUN! Close friends and family all said, RUN! LHW was incapable of taking suggestions and became defensive and accusatory when you offered suggestions that she disagreed with. Helping her began to feel very wrong. Her priorities were all over the place and she was not focused on the care and concern of her children. I asked her to leave my home because I could not take the endless drama and bizarre QAnon like thinking anymore, nor could I watch her destroy herself and her family.

            I think of LHW and BSW and their children from time to time and I sincerely hope they all receive the help and healing they need. My heart goes out to all of them.

  • New York Times

    By Benjamin Weiser
    Jan. 19, 2022

    Ghislaine Maxwell’s Bid for a New Trial Faces a Major Hurdle
    The rule that a trial judge cannot ask what happened in the jury room could block an attempt by Ms. Maxwell’s lawyers to overturn the verdict.

    [ … ]

    In trying to assess the impact of the jury room disclosures that Juror 50 described in the news media — and potentially those of the second juror as well — the judge is likely to be blocked by one of the legal system’s most stringent and time-honored rules: She cannot ask the jurors what happened during their deliberations. And the jurors are not allowed to tell her.

    Even though jurors may speak to the news media or write about their experiences, the Supreme Court has held that any jurors’ statements or testimony about the inner workings of deliberations cannot be used by lawyers challenging a verdict, or by a judge deciding whether to overturn it.

    The only exception, the Supreme Court has said, is where overt statements during deliberations show a juror was motivated by racial animus in voting to convict.

    [ … ]


    • If a juror had sent a note about what was being said during deliberations would the judge have been able to intervene then?

  • I see there hasn’t been any change in divorce court in White Plains since I was divorced there 25 years ago.

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