Raniere Speaks – Ten Post-Conviction Phone Calls From Prison Released

Keith Raniere

Nicki Clyne has made the glad tidings known: Keith Raniere speaks.  Yes he does, He speaks and it’s on a website dedicated to his speech. It is called, happily enough, Raniere Speaks.

She asks auditors to “Decide for yourself.”

From the website:

Since he was arrested in March 2018, Keith Raniere has been in federal prison. Denied bail despite no evidence of being a flight risk or a danger to society, Mr. Raniere spent the 15 months leading up to his trial in harsh conditions and unable to speak to any of his co-defendants, family, or loved ones.

He did not speak at his trial nor present a defense.

After he was convicted on all counts in July 2019, he was permitted to make phone calls, where he began sharing details of his case and his experience in prison over a recorded line, with a trusted friend. For the first time ever, these phone calls are being released to the public in a series of podcasts, starting with these 10 recordings.

Keith was sentenced to 120 years and currently resides at a penitentiary in Tucson, Arizona, yet he maintains his innocence. Listen to find out why. https://www.ranierespeaks.com/


Is Keith truly the monster he is made out to be? Or has his true identity been erased and replaced with a hateful narrative? Decide for yourself whether he deserves to serve 120 years in prison, or if he is a victim of “Eracism,” and serving the sentence of a fabricated identity.

Let us hear his voice.  Let us present an excerpted version of the 10 transcripts of his first series of podcasts.

By Keith Raniere .

There are people who dislike me for all sorts of reasons… most… are not valid but there are certainly a lot of reasons someone could not like someone like me….

In my case, not only do I believe I am innocent and all the people that I’ve had analyze the case believe I am innocent, but the procedures done have been very bad….

I have always tried to do good things…. I’m given this big spotlight and what we need to do is show the injustice. No matter what a person thinks of me…. For this particular series of podcasts, I want to divide it into two sections.

One, we’ll have discussions about me being the Devil, all the bad things that people think and what I would say about them, and the other side is discussing the law and how it affects me and my conduct and what I have allegedly done….

Lady Justice is supposed to be blind… and not have people like politicians and media whispering in her ears. Lady Justice being blind is the most important thing and we have to treat people that we love and we want to exonerate from charges the exact same way we treat people who we hate and we want to indict and we want to convict. So those that we want to convict get the same benefits as those that we would never convict but they’ve been charged….

My name is Keith Raniere and I face life in prison for crimes that I didn’t commit…. I want people who are listening to…  imagine the following. You are arrested and taken away and for almost a month after you’ve spoken to one attorney or so initially, you’re not allowed to speak to attorneys, you’re kept away from everyone you know, and then when you’re finally transferred to an end-facility you interface with attorneys but you’re not allowed to speak to anyone of your family, friends and in my case I have a seven-month old boy, for 16 months….

I didn’t get to have meetings with co-defendants…. these are things that are caused in part by the prisons, in part by the court system, in part by almost strategic necessity. And then I go through trial… This was a high-profile trial ridden with prejudice and with hate. And you go through six-and-a-half week s of this and the question is, why didn’t you present a defense? In my particular case… there’s something called RICO, which is racketeering.

And essentially what it says is my inner circle, which are my friends, are a crime organization and… what’s been going on is that the prosecution… has been going to all different people and saying, ‘You’re a potential target. You’re a target.’…. if someone comes to your house and tells you’re a target of the FBI, you go get a lawyer…

Now what’s a defense attorney going to tell you? “Here you have an association with this group of people. This association is causing you this problems, especially if you’re innocent.” Keep in mind, we are all innocent….  so when an innocent person goes to a defense attorney, the defense attorney sees that that person’s association with a group is causing them this problem, they tell them “Look, don’t speak to those people. Those people might be innocent but for your best interest”….

If you were a friend of mine and you were going to be a witness in my defense, would you really be able to go up there and take anything but the Fifth Amendment? Because anything you do may endanger that you end up in this group of my friends, this inner circle So there’s no one to speak to….  After six-and-half weeks of prejudice, there was a strategic decision by the legal team that I shouldn’t get up and speak against such prejudice….

We have… extraordinary appeal chances…. in this case, the things that were allowed in trial, the things that went on seemed so adverse to us, what we want to do in this case is preserve my appeal rights…. And if you go up there and testify, it gives the prosecution, it gives the court… the ability to make your appeal not as good, to either cover up for mistakes or create some sort of a justification and that’s the last thing we wanted to do….

I have a very experienced, wise team that said…. the prosecution hasn’t proven their case…. There has been tremendous prejudice and hate…. the people hate you but juries sometimes can see through that sort of a thing…. Instead of…  putting your community through further damage, possibly ruining your appeal rights…  let’s put it in the jury’s hands because the elements haven’t even been close to made. And the rest was history, unfortunately in not a good way….

So why I am I speaking out now? This is almost my first opportunity….

In this particular case, I have the spotlight because I am white… I am male…. I am educated… and I have crimes that … are media-worthy…. I am the exact candidate for prejudice because I’m white and one of the problems I have is because I’m not black. If I were black or if I were of color, or one of other things where people have tremendous prejudice, then there would be all sorts of rallying and support because in this country right now it is sad, but those people need it and those types of people… and I am the most privileged class of all.. I mean how could you get more privileged than white.. male.. educated… of a reasonable background? But that is the exact reason why 1) I have this tremendous spotlight and 2) there’s no one to help…. my life is made out to be much bigger than I am…

I had come up with … a little quote that says “In our country, Hitler doesn’t stand a chance of fighting a false robbery charge.” What does that mean?… I’m just using Hitler as the person that is very very hated.

Certainly I’m not of that magnitude but I am right now a hated person. And there are whole classes of people that are hated people. And our justice system… is supposed to be blind meaning that whether … if you have someone you absolutely hate and someone you absolutely love, both … have the right to the same trial….

So Hitler..  if he is accused falsely of robbery, he is innocent… our justice system should let him free. That is the fundamental aspect of our justice system. So I’m a person that’s been tainted with all sorts of hate, in all sorts of ways, and I come before the justice system and this shows the problems of the justice system.

I think one of the things that people don’t understand… is the prosecutor is not someone who is just an opponent of the defense. The prosecutor represents our whole civilization, represents literally our sovereign power, the power of our government, what the nature of our government is, and…  they’re not supposed to be looking to win.

They are literally the pursuit of truth. They’re the force that within the middle of the trial, if they were to see the defendant is innocent, they should be the first one to say “Stop the trial. This defendant is innocent. We must go elsewhere,”

But it’s incredible to see how the prosecutors of modern day have transformed so much into making it about winning… In one of the books I’ve read, there’s a thing related to prosecutors… where… they literally supposedly had a game where they would take someone like Mother Teresa and try to see what crimes they could indict her for. Making it about winning is the opposite… of justice…

So one of the things that’s interesting to look at…  is how much the prosecutor did is about winning as opposed to justice. For example there’s a key piece of evidence we have…. we have a text stream from one of the major witnesses and this text stream was deleted between this person and myself and they deleted it from their phone but it has a picture of them and all sorts of things relating to them and the prosecution desperately did everything they could not to get that in. If it’s the pursuit of truth, they should want it in, if it’s true…. But that’s not at all what has happened…

I am white, I am male, I am educated and if I weren’t those things, I would probably be in a far worse position. I might be facing the death sentence…  If I were African-American I might be not only facing the death sentence but with no media coverage… no one would ever hear of me.  I’d be completely swept under the rug.

I have the opposite advantage, I have this incredible media coverage but I’m in relatively a good place compared to many others, but my position can really show the prejudice of… the justice system….

There has to be some defining event and my hope is that my media is exaggerated enough and big enough and I am innocent enough…  to… being a turning point…  I find myself in this absurd situation which is all of these incredible things being said…

Pam Cafritz was my life partner of 30 years, and she died of cancer November 2016. She was a prominent community leader and she founded an international women’s organized named JNESS. She was also the beloved friend and mentor to literally thousands of people. The community, including the sorority sisters from the community, was helping to put together a memorial service for her.

One person in the community who was also in the now infamous sorority was Nicole. Nicole told me she would do anything to help. She was the person to whom I had coached, helped negotiate a better job and better job conditions and had given access to as much cash as she needed to pay for things like rent, courses and travel. Unbeknownst to me she had worked five to six hours to transcribe a video of my deceased partner for the the memorial. The prosecution is calling this forced labor. If Nicole believes she should’ve been paid she could’ve just taken money from the cash that had been made available to her. This forced labor charge in the minimum doesn’t meet the knowingness or coercion elements of the crime.

Considering the very sad circumstances surrounding the charge, it’s cruel to charge it and insulting to all the victims who have actually experienced the raw ugliness of forced labor. On a common sense level, with so many sisters from the sorority and people from just the community doing these exact same things out of love for Pam, the community and Nicole derived a lot of benefits from that community and doing these things for other things like friendship, it strains credibility that Nicole alone was subject to forced labor somehow. It’s also difficult to believe that Nicole didn’t do these things simply out of friendship or out of love for Pam or even human care, as she claimed at the time….

Nicole out of hundreds of people, many of whom were sorority sisters, doing exactly the same things, but out of love and care for the saddest of human tragedies… the loss of a loved one, with ample cash at her disposal, decided to call this whole thing forced labor. To me this is sickening….

Take someone simple like Clare. Clare is worth a lot of money. But Clare is someone who has no previous history and in her portion of the case, the charges against her, there’s no violence at all, there’s no drugs at all, there’s no sex at all. It’s things relating maybe to immigration, stuff like that, you know. And the monies that are involved in her case, some people in here have tens of millions of dollars of fraud, the stuff with her visa stuff or whatever not even a hundred thousand dollars…

I would ask someone what do you think her bail would be?  And people guess 500,000, 800,000 even something that’s a million. That it’s 100,000,000 dollars… bail… and not only that, an ankle bracelet and not only that, she can’t speak to people, she has … in-house arrest; she has some time… she can leave, monitored or whatever, but she can’t go anywhere. She can’t go out to clubs. She can’t speak to friends, girlfriends, ex-wives for example that Harvey Weinstein can. I haven’t spoken to her in like 21 months now…  she pled… and she’s facing 22 to 27 months and… it’s not like she’s facing 10 years, 15 years, 20 years, and yet… 100,000,000 dollars. An ankle bracelet. And house arrest where she can’t speak to people, even her family….

it helps illustrate the exaggeration, how they want to make this is a big big bad thing, and we are, literally, a bunch of simple people that live a suburban lifestyle and they’re making it into a horror picture…

Clare Bronfman was freed on $100 million bail.

It’s my firm belief that if even the people who are my skeptics were standing alongside me when I made each decision that I have in my life…, they would really understand… I put a lot of mindfulness into then, but they are decisions that are understandable. They are not impulsive….

I am what I am and you get what you get when you speak to me and you hear me. And you know it doesn’t vary. But the fact that again this exaggeration almost demands that there be constructed a Mr. Hyde, demands that there be constructed this alternate life that is, I would say, not only exaggerated but crazy….


… I spoke about the bail. And there’s Clare’s bail and you know I compared it to… Harvey Weinstein’s bail for a million dollars and… he was out on the town… One time he didn’t wear his bracelet… My co-defendants, who all I believe had to wear bracelets, except for one, their bails were like 5 million dollars and even 10 million dollars and these are people that aren’t particularly wealthy.

And the one that, this one woman who is a co-defendant who lives a very modest life and doesn’t have much money at all, lives in an apartment that costs $1,000 a month, her bail was a quarter of a million dollars. So what has happened is, you have this incredible exaggeration of the case, and it’s an interplay between the prosecution making these exaggerated claims and the media making these exaggerated things and there’s this bigger than life thing and then it comes to court and these bails are assigned that are bigger than life too!…

When it comes time for me to ask for bail they went as far as to say…  he’ll first put down 10 million dollars of bail, he’ll be in home confinement with bracelet and… he won’t leave and won’t speak to anyone else will be vetted by the past person who was the head of the secret service and… he will have two armed guards guarding him 24/7 with a supervisor and they still wouldn’t let me have bail.

Think of that, how all this exaggeration from the media and the prosecution is then codified in effect into an accepted thing, that the court says well of course we’re going to give them these incredible bails, they must be horrible criminals.

The moral of this, to some degree is, you take some very simple average people, people who are vegetarians, people, who believe in non-violence, we’ve never had any weapons, we don’t do any drugs … and make them into massive criminals…  such a bad criminal we can’t even tell you how bad he is… and then it gets codified, it gets believed, by these massive bail amounts….

I feel that I’ve been granted this incredible opportunity… this incredible exposure that is wrongful and it is so wrongful when it is revealed it is something that will demonstrate injustice…  there’s so much media coverage and exaggeration…  and so much untruth in the justice system with the prosecution with the way it was handled through the courts….

So my case, as crazy as it sounds,… people have to understand, I’m just the tip of the iceberg. There are people that are so far worse off than I am. There are people on death row, apparently hours before being executed that are completely innocent….

Some people might say “oh my goodness well, you know, that’s the problem you know of course we get rid of a lot of bad criminals, every once in awhile we get rid of an innocent person, we kill an innocent person.” That is supposed to be unacceptable to justice and especially, it’s not done by any error that couldn’t be prevented.

All of these errors could be prevented but what you have is political agenda, media agenda, and you have a deep type of prejudice that enters into the process that doesn’t need to be there.

So what you have is… prosecutors that are seeking to win but…  a prosecutor is supposed to uphold the defendant as much as the people who are the victims, meaning that if a defendant is innocent, they’re supposed to seek the truth, not just try to win at all costs.

And what we will show in my case is the “win” attitude, the “win at all costs” attitude, even keep information away from the jury that the prosecution knows is true and seeks truth and shows truth and they don’t want the jury to see it because they might lose and that is one of the most horrible things that can happen…. And has happened.

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  • I don’t know why the recordings need to censored – all I could make out was “I’m the devil and or hitler and I should have a fair trial’ and ‘I don’t understand the job of an attorney’ ‘I don’t understand how the court system works’ despite spending years taking people to court and ‘I’m white which is why I’m screwed, I’d have support if black and this was a big case’ (maybe he hasn’t heard of R Kelly) and ‘it would be so much worse if I was black and no one knew who I was’ hang on – aren’t you screwed because your white and well educated (sure ok) with a sprinkle of ‘I hung out with people that Jeffrey Epstein knew’ and something about Harvey Weinstein. So the main takeaways are he’s not black, he thinks he is well educated and he’s a bit like Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein, the devil and Hiltler. He doesn’t understand how the justice system works but he does understand that if you are guilty, your attorney will tell you not to speak in case you can appeal on a technicality. Righto

  • Frank-

    This is a great post. Thank for sharing these gems. It really highlights how ‘duplicitous’ and self-serving Raniere is.

  • Here’s a great example of the hypocritical information control anticultists regularly engage in.

    The hysterical & anonymous subbreddit that calls itself TheNXIVMCase, run by the pinheaded and thoroughly flipped out “Inccoruptible_BK”, ran a campaign to get SoundCloud to censor these recordings.

    Her post ran an off-reddit brigading campaign to make sure no one is allowed to see these recordings for themselves so they can make up their own minds.

    Cults, anticultists charge, are structured around 4 things – Behavior Control, Information Control, Thought Control & Emotional Control the “BITE Model” as gerry-rigged from Leon Festinger by the 70’s cult deprogrammer Stephen Hassan, a former Moonie who wrote “The Cult of Trump”.

    Here’s the post:

    ‘NXIVM member Nicole Clyne is sharing out sound recordings of Keith Raniere. They are hosted on SoundCloud who forbid such material from being hosted on their site. Here’s how to act.

    “At 7:16 p.m. EST today, Nicole Clyne used her Twitter account to share a link containing multple audio files purporting to be Keith Raniere from jail.”*

    blah blah blah

    Question: When anticultists engage in cult-like behavior, are they actually more moral, more sane, and more free-speech-loving than the ‘cults’ they persecute every day?

    Answer: no

    I would hope that, in the interest of freedom of thought and freedom of speech, Frank will be able to get these recordings and host them himself. If he can’t host them, I can and we can link to them here.

    Don’t let anticultists fool you into thinking they are any better than ‘cults’. All humans engage in tribalistic behavior like this, but anticultists are completely blind to it – thus their hypocrisy as demonstrated above.


    • Garbanzo, why don’t you host the recordings on your blog? Why are you begging Frank to do your work for you?

      Are you too busy stuffing your blind, mentally-challenged gaping mouth with Ring Dings®?

      Here’s some free advertising for you: https://alanzosblog.com/

      Everyone, you can find his pure, uncensored wisdom at that link. Awfully strange why he relies on this blog to get his message out.

      Couldn’t be because his own blog gets hardly any traffic? Naw, no way.

      Well… I’ve done my part to help him get the word out.

      • It is also up to the platform to decide their guidelines. It’s a business. No shirt, no shoes, no service.

        No difference.

        If you don’t like it – start your own platform.

        People can complain, people can tell them they think they should do this or they should do that, but in the end, it is their company.

        It’s shocking to me how many adults cannot grasp that concept.

        Then again, look how many people just on this blog alone cannot grasp the concept of it right here.

        Or is it usually the same 1 or 2 people over and over again?

        • I think you missed my point.

          My point was that anticult discussion groups, such as TheNXIVMCase, regularly engage in Information Control, and Thought Control, two aspects of cult behavior – per their spiritual leader Steven Hassan.

          Of course SoundCloud can run their business anyway they want. That was never my point, did you somehow you think it was?

          Anticultists are supposed to be anti-cult, right? When they go around trying to censor ideas their leaders don’t want discussed, they are being very hypocritical – acting like cults themselves.

          It’s enough to make you think that their ideals of “Freedom of Mind” and freedom of thought aren’t really their ideals at all.


          • “I love that Reddit group.”

            Of course you love it. It’s your little anticult bubble world, where everything supports and reflects the ideology of your group and its leaders, and all alternative and contradictory information is deleted.

            It is as much of a thought-controlled and information-controlled environment as any cult. If they could engage in behavior control and emotional control they would.

            The hypocrisy of anticultists never ceases to astound.


    • Hey, Ring Ding-Bat, you can read the transcripts on the website Frank linked to, so everyone can soak in Raniere’s wizdumb even if you can’t hear his melodious voice.

      Does it make you sad you can’t hear him? Do you like to play his recordings on a loop to help you feel safe at night?

    • —Don’t let *sic anticultists fool you into thinking they are any better than ‘cults’.

      We aren’t fooling anyone — we are better than cultists. 😉

      We ❤️ Alanzo!

  • I won’t listen to this crap but it gives his faithful followers hope their Master will be released from prison…. someday

    It gives Vanguard’s followers something to pine over because they don’t have him at V-Week any longer.

    Jailhouse talks will have to do when they can get them. How desperate they must be to hold onto their Master

    Now that Raniere’s has been denied a 2nd trial what do they have to hold onto?

    Oh ya, the Rule 33 motion we have heard so much about for months on end.

    Waiting for the naked lady to sing on the Rule 33 motion. Maybe another attorney is needed who is crazy enough to file it. None in the past have been willing. Some of us have been eating popcorn and have a Rule 33 pool to see if Tully will file it.

  • Listen to this blindfolded and with sturdy ear plugs, that is all Keith and his merry few ever asked of the prosecution judge and jury.

    Here’s hoping the campaign to “make the media dumb” and the more urgent campaign to “make keith black” meet with some similar executive success this year— to which, viva etc.

  • I do find it odd that Keith’s co-conspirators received much lighter sentences (when compared to the maximum penalty) than he did. I have no doubt that at least some of the women were his victims as well as his co-conspirators, but they did get very lucky. I wonder if their sentences would have been harsher had they been men.

  • How can this be a podcast? On episode 4 of the “podcast” he is explaining how the “podcast” will possibly be organized.

    • God, Natashka! Don’t ridicule the World’s greatest mind. You anti-cultists are all the same. Nan, nana, boo, boo, you are
      doo-doo! 💩💩💩

      That’ll show you!

  • If Keith is talking this much in sex offender prison, then every person he talks about is potentially in danger.

    Yeah, Keith (barring a legal miracle) is doing 120 years.

    But what about the rest of those psychos?

    How long before one of them is paroled and decides to pay one of Keith’s branded slaves a visit?

    Keith has gotten in trouble for putting Nicki Clyne in communication with a fellow inmate. That’s why he was in the SHU.

    You think that was the only time?

    What if some violent, desperate, creep thinks Keith’s heiresses will pay for revenge on an enemy?

    Keith’s been busted for burner phones.

    You know prisoners use those cell phones amongst each other too – to plan prison attacks on staff and escapes, right?

    As well as fellow criminals outside?

    Think any prisoners might be interested in one of the trusting, wealthy marks from Nxivm?

    Or all the pretty girls posing for porn on demand and giving group blow jobs?

    And Keith already had one of the detainees in MDC rip off Clare. Or I’m sorry, “many anonymous donors”.

    And these Nxivm idiots think every man in jail is a falsely accused angel.

    Friend or foe of Raniere – watch your 6.

    And you “prison reform advocates” better pray that the DOB is keeping close tabs on vanguard’ and company’s communication.

    You know those institutional phone calls some of you all don’t think should be monitored? You may be grateful they were scrutinized some day…

    Would you tell a prison full of convicted sex offenders about your baby boy? His mama? All of your former female sex partners?

    These Nxivm morons are gonna be the definition of “fuck around and find out”.

    Guess who is in a prison for sexual offenders?

    Violent sexual criminals.

    I’m not even saying the smartest and most vindictive man in the world would purposely set such a potential tragedy in motion. (He would)

    But the guy is really stupid. With a big mouth.

    Not the best combo in prison.

    • BTW based on the dates of the calls, I believe Raniere was still in Brooklyn MDC when these calls were made.

      • Get that. Dude’s got a BIG mouth.

        And the SHU incident was at Keith’s new digs. Right?

        So Raniere still “speaks”.

        Really, really stupid in prison.

        Bet Keith thinks the inmates are all his friends too.

        • — Get that. Dude’s got a BIG mouth.

          Dude’s a narcissistic megalomaniac.

          He NEEDS attention. He THRIVES on it.

          He held a 10 DAY birthday celebration for himself every year where he was obsequiously fawned over by a group of sycophants for several years. I cringe thinking about just one person doing that to me for five minutes, let alone dozens.

    • You’re totally correct. His inability to stop talking endangers everyone he’s ever known and he doesn’t care. And he’s probably unaware of the potential danger he’s in from the unit shot caller.

  • It’s just so batshit crazy for Clyne to proudly post this as if it would even cause a wrinkle of doubt. It’s fucking creepy to realize just how mentally sick she is. I didn’t grasp the extent of her madness till now. Holy shit!!!

  • Where do I go to join NXIVM so I can get a daily dose of this guy’s phone calls?

    I’ve never heard such deep, philosophical wisdom previously.

    He’s obviously the smartest guy alive, probably who has ever lived.

    Does he offer private volley ball coaching?

    I’m wondering if he would be willing to mentor my 12 year old daughter? Maybe if I make a generous donation?

  • Keith Raniere, the king of logical fallacies.

    He claims that he was convicted because he is morally repugnant.

    And? He is completely right!

    Crimes are morally repugnant.

    For what other reason would society have created laws and punishments?

  • Frank –

    Are you okay?

    Your new pic makes you look sad, doubting, and confused.

    Have you learned things in your blogging travels that have changed your perspective?

    Do tell!


  • Keith is all over the place.

    He does make a great point:
    “I am the exact candidate for prejudice because I’m white and one of the problems I have is because I’m not black. If I were black or if I were of color, or one of other things where people have tremendous prejudice, then there would be all sorts of rallying and support because in this country right now it is sad”

    But then Keith immediately compares himself to Hitler being convicted of robbery, and then says Hitler should set free if not found guilty of robbery, (and not be convicted of the mass genocide of 6 million people and invasion of multiple continents apparently).

    Then Keith says:
    “I am white, I am male, I am educated and if I weren’t those things, I would probably be in a far worse position. I might be facing the death sentence… If I were African-American I might be not only facing the death sentence but with no media coverage… no one would ever hear of me. I’d be completely swept under the rug. I have the opposite advantage, I have this incredible media coverage but I’m in relatively a good place compared to many others…”

    Then Keith says:
    “So my case, as crazy as it sounds,… people have to understand, I’m just the tip of the iceberg. There are people that are so far worse off than I am. There are people on death row, apparently hours before being executed that are completely innocent…”

    Then he says:
    “So my case, as crazy as it sounds,… people have to understand, I’m just the tip of the iceberg. There are people that are so far worse off than I am. There are people on death row, apparently hours before being executed that are completely innocent…”

    This is typical NXIVM / ESP programming… talk in circles and just keep talking.

    Truthfully, from what I read, Keith is guilty and deserves prison and penalties and a way to prevent him from continuing MLM and cults in multiple different forms, like when he lost Buyers Buyline and still opened up an MLM immediately after (ESP originally, which morphed into NXIVM). Keith (et al) are all evil horrible disgusting people, but people like Michelle Myers Salzman and her husband get nothing, Sara Bronfman gets nothing, bookeeper gets nothing, branding doctor gets nothing, Lauren Salzman only gets 5 years probation, Nancy Loshin Salzman (who was the brains and President of the entire operation) only gets 3.5 years, Nancy’s parents who supported the cult get nothing, Allison only gets 3 years, nikki clyne got nothing, kim constable gets nothing, clare bronfman gets 7 years, Nancy’s family who muled and hid the money for her don’t even get investigated, scores of other high level operatives escape procecution and get nothing, and more nxixm spin-offs have started under different company names and industries and continue nxivm….and keith gets 120 years? Look, keith deserves the 120 years in prison. He’s scum. But the others deserve more and some even deserve something! At the very least – Nancy, Lauren, Michelle, and Allison deserve a ton more than they were handed. Keith might have been the visionary thinker in the beginning in the 90’s, but those four ladies took his ideas to a completely different level and carried what he wanted to a much crazier operation. I truly believe even Keith probably didn’t expect things to go as crazy as they did, but he jump started 4 other crazy women, and look what they did! Even Keith couldn’t stop the train he started after these women got going. I think in the end he ended up not even running nxivm, and he was just sitting back enjoying the free girls and attention at his disposal. The women who ran nxivm are the real criminals in the end. Places like the Sculpted Vegan and Symmetry Financial Group already formed and people like Dr. Roberts are already publicizing they are doing life coaching again!!! What Keith and Nancy did wrong is just not make it a non-profit religious organization. Organizations like Scientology, Landmark Forum, Branch Davidians, Jehovas Witnesses, Mormons….all get away without paying people and having multiple wives and controlling everyones every move. But Keith and Nancy couldn’t…they were too greedy….too narcisistic…. If they just paid taxes, paid employees, and didn’t run the sex part of their cult, they would have been fine. The rest of their brainwashing manipulation of people and ripping them off and doing MLM by itself and running “life coaches” all by itself wasn’t illegal…. Nancy really wasn’t that good. She’s an old ugly hack of a woman who would never have made it in the real world, nor any of the other “coaches”. Losers in life who will continue MLM coaching till the end of time.

    And life/professional coaching itself is still legal in the United States. Until the government publically recognizes that “coaching” is the EXACT same thing as psychotherapy, except done for people who NEVER got a licensed mental or behavioral health degree, NXIVM will live on. Why go to 4 to 8 years of college to become a licensed social worker, pscyhologist or pyschiatrist? All you need to do is be a life coach. You do the same thing, charge twice what a licensed person would…and you don’t even need medical malpractice insurance. Who in their right mind would ever go into an mental or behavioral program in a college? Just graduate 8th grade, dress like a slut, smile, talk a lot about yourself, make people feel like crap about themselves, and then send them a $5,000 bill. Sounds much more interesting.

    The real travesty is all the politicans and law enforcement related people that protected nxivm and it’s people the entire time and continue to protect various people and the fact that these people aren’t being exposed or held accountable. That’s the real problem. Nxivm will continue in different names because the same people that allowed nxivm to continue for so long knowing how bad it was, will continue spin-offs and continuations of these types of cults through different people and organizations. So many politicians, wealthy entertainment folks, law enforcement (front line and back office), and wealthy business people are tied into these types of (sex) cults – that Keith is only a blip on the radar on how bad it really is out there. Nothing has changed. The only thing is all the people who benefit from (sex) cults have hidden under a rock for a few months and have already moved on to the next sex cult. Until the people who FREQUENT sex cults are brought down, there will always be a leader to step up and create an environment for this to continue to happen.

    • Yes, indeed, L. What KR doesn’t realize is that he is indeed an object lesson into the ‘inner workings’ of pathological narcissists and through him, many people can learn to spot the narcs in their lives and give them a wide berth before they get their claws into you. They are experts at manipulation and at using your emotions because they have cognitive empathy (they know what makes you tick and use that to get their own way), but are, in fact, totally devoid of emotional empathy: it’s all about me, me, me. The other great ‘play’ that is staged worldwide right now is the Megan Markle saga: although she is a lesser narc, it has all the hallmarks of a narc in action: me, me, me, I’m the savior of the world, I’m a victim, everyone hates me because … but everyone really loves me and any man I meet wants me, I was changing the world at age 13, re-invention of history, it’s never my fault … it’s quite entertaining if you watch the whole saga evolve through the prism of the narc’s m.o. One difference is KR is a more ‘evolved’ narc, so more devious and subtle and ‘deadly’.

  • Nicki Clyne seems to still have a Canadian passport. Why else does Nicki need Canadian size passport photos?

    Nicki Clyne
    Any of my Canadian pals know where to get Canadian size passport photos in the US? The Post Office no longer does it (nor Walgreens or CVS).
    · 6. Jan. 2022·Twitter Web App

  • “I believe I am innocent”.

    I am NOT innocent. But I “believe” that I am.

    Didn’t Vanguard also believe he shot a blue light out of his penis?

  • The fact they think people could listen to this and be swayed to think he might be innocent is shocking. He just repeats himself over and over again and sounds, let’s say, less than intelligent.

    These loyalists amaze me at just how delusional they are. The fact they think these meandering ramblings would help his case is all the proof you need that they don’t occupy the same reality as the rest of us.

  • Raniere is just another crazy person delivering a long rambling incoherent monologue, switching subjects randomly, contradicting himself, careening off the rails and losing whatever point he was trying to make. If he has a point to make at all.

    A jailbird who insists he’s innocent. Just like all the other 842 inmates at USP Tucson.

    Raniere’s racism is a new and ugly look for him:

    “I am the exact candidate for prejudice because I’m white and one of the problems I have is because I’m not black.”

    The self-pity, the ugliness of it all. Still his loyal followers continue to worship him as a paragon of virtue and wisdom. And his former followers pretend that he was some kind of evil genius who “misled” them.

    • I did wonder how long it would take him to use that particular self-pity play. Typical narcissist will jump on any ‘current’ bandwagon to play the ‘victim’ card. Same as the other ‘lesser narc’ Meghan Markle: all her working life, she self-identified as ‘caucasian’/italian. When she met her prince, she suddenly became a poc and the ‘race card’ became an ace in her pack. Anyone heard her express concern for the black community before 2014, say, when she started to rewrite her history? The self-pity, the ugliness of it all, as you say.

  • Interesting.

    Out of all of his many, many complaints, Raniere never mentions that Cami’s photograph was planted by the FBI! NEVER! And, he’s ranting about how prosecutors only want to win!

    How Nicki thought it would be a good idea to post these ramblings when Raniere never even hints at the falsity of these photographs is beyond me. It appears she doesn’t think very much at all.

    Nicki just handed the prosecution EVIDENCE that this claim is bullshit. Good luck to them with any Rule 33 motion, if they were ever even serious about filing the motion. In fact, I will personally email the government a link to this post should the leftovers ever file!

    And now, I have a prediction: a new, just found writing from Raniere, suppressed by his cruel jailers who are in cahoots with the government to keep a good man down, but exposed by a secret double agent (from India) who refuses to see justice averted – Raniere’s tell-all diatribe about how he was framed with the altered picture of Cami, out of hate, hate, hate! OR “Raniere’s Lost Recordings.”

    I could pick apart each and every lie in Raniere’s nonsense, but why? Does any rational person living in reality actually believe he is innocent? Of course not! Does any rational person really believe he was denied justice? Of course not! At this point, this is all just entertainment for most of us, to see how Raniere will attempt to spin the obvious (he must be exhausted!). Most of us have stopped taking Nicki seriously for a long time now.

    Sidenote: I had vowed never to read or post on this site again. And, not because of Alonzo – he is merely a cult member apologist desperately trying to justify the weakness of his character. Rather, because of Frank, whom I have lost all respect for, the little that I ever had. So, now I browse and if something interests me, I’ll read. And, this, I just had to point out. Let’s see if Frank’s bias will allow him to post it.

    Another side note: John Tighe is very interesting! What a contrast to Frank who uncovered DOS only out of vengeance. John actually has a conscience. He is a true hero!

    And now, back to browsing!

    • Sherizzy.
      Censoring free speech is “repugnant” to Frank if it’s on other platforms. But if it was a comment on here supporting you, then it HAD to be censored.

      I know you cannot understand it right now. But please think about it after fasting, running your miles, starving, and not sleeping for a week!

    • Sherizzy’s strength of character prompted her to write:

      “Sidenote: I had vowed never to read or post on this site again. And, not because of Alonzo – he is merely a cult member apologist desperately trying to justify the weakness of his character.

      Yeah, it was through weakness of character that I left Scientology in 1999 after gathering enough experience at different levels to see the patterns of deception built into Scientology. My weak character urged me to risk everything I’d built in my life to become a critic of them and expose that deception publicly on the Internet, knowing they would come after me. But I did it anyway because of the weakness of my character.

      But you, on the other hand, admit to a vow you made to yourself to never read or comment here again, and now you’ve broken it.

      By the way, you used to accuse me of being on David Miscavige’s payroll, but now I’m just a ‘cult apologist’?

      Has your strength of character prompted you to shift your shit-slinging once again?


      • Oh, Alanzo,

        Blah, blah, blah, and more blah – always the same nonsense spewing from your mouth.

        I called you a “cult member apologist” as in you are a member and an apologist for other cult members.

        And, yes, anyone who claims to have left one cult only to vehemently support another equally destructive cult has a very weak character.

        So interesting how we never see you write with such passion against cults as you do opposing “anti-cultists.” Hmmm…

    • Ahem, ahem, Alanzo, left Scientology because he didn’t receive a promotion. His true genius was undervalued……

      So you’re right, Sherrizy, Alanzo is of bad character and [redacted] hygiene.

      “A vow you made to yourself to and now you’ve broken it.”-Alanzo

      OMG, Sherrizy broke her “vow”?!?!?

      LMFAO @ Alanzo!!!!

        • Frank-

          Two things:

          1. I am confirming Sherrizy’s statement, Alonzo is of “bad character.”

          2. I’m making fun of Alonzo for keeping Sherrizy to her “promise” of leaving the Frank Report forever. It’s comical to me that Alanzo believes it’s proof Sherrizy is of poor character.
          My writing is poor and inarticulate, much like Alanzo’s philosophical treatises. I shall do better in the future.

  • Nothing says,”Very simple average people” like being able to offer up 10 million dollars bail and pay for the past “head of of secret service” and “two armed guards”.

    It’s so laughable.

    I particularly enjoy that it is “cruel” to charge someone with a crime if anyone they love has ever died.

    That’s in the bill of rights, no?

  • “Lady Justice is supposed to be blind.”

    No you egomaniac who is “blinded” by his own arrogance. She’s BLINDFOLDED (which means she can see, otherwise it would be unnecessary), but only when holding up the balance that is the scales of justice, which signifies that she is free from bias when it comes to WEIGHING the evidence. There’s a difference.

    The application of justice can never be “blind”. Metaphorically speaking, a functioning mind “sees” the correct application of logic, just like a functioning moral conscience “sees” correct character. To have perspicacity of the mind is to have inSIGHT. We idiomatically use this terminology all the time – “Oh now I see it!” – which means – “Oh now I understand!”.

    I couldn’t read past the paragraph where he said this. How did his followers listen to this blowhard ramble on so much?

    • I think by ‘make justice blind’ they meant they wanted to gouge out the eyes of ‘justice’ because such an action would improve its quality and strengthen even more the success of Law [raise it up to executive success levels]. Cruelty, like picket fences, like the offer of a vegan xmas meal — makes good neighbors: i.e., good as in blind. Like, how do you know it’s a blindfold and not a bandage, right?

      • Yes, as reported by the Frank Report a couple of weeks ago, Dr Roberts was raising money to be able to pay her attorneys for her appeal. She has announced that she has raised that money and her appeal to get her license back is moving forward.


  • Keith makes a lot more sense if you are starving to death and sleep-deprived.

    When your biggest point is: “Harvey Weinstein is worse than Clare”, you may need to work harder on your appeal than your podcast.

    Keith… Doesn’t seem to get… Anything.

    That’s not really how court, trials and crimes work.

    But Keith really throws it ALL at the prison wall. It makes one remember when vanguard’s acolytes would comment, “if Keith were black tho!” On this blog.

    You can actually trace back all the cult members’ comments in defense of the cult leader to these nonsensical ramblings from 2019. It’s all there.

    Not an ounce of “Here’s where I made a mistake.” Or “upon reflection, I am responsible for ____(fill in the blank any part of his downfall)” or “I am deeply regretful of ___&amp”; “I would like to apologize for ____”.

    And does Keith just have a “7 month old child”? Or does he also have an older son he never mentions? That he denied was his child? That must feel good to not even rate a mention.

    None of it is Keith Raniere’s fault. He is the ultimate victim. Shocking.

    Keith literally thinks he can talk his way out of his prison home for sex criminals over a few collect phone calls.

  • “One person in the community who was also in the now infamous sorority was Nicole. Nicole told me she would do anything to help. She was the person to whom I had coached, helped negotiate a better job and better job conditions and had given access to as much cash as she needed to pay for things like rent, courses and travel. Unbeknownst to me she had worked five to six hours to transcribe a video of my deceased partner for the the memorial. The prosecution is calling this forced labor.”

    Great example of the aptly termed “ex-shit”.

    Or was Nicole forced to testify that this 5 or 6 hours was “forced labor” to fill in one of the predicate acts necessary for a RICO conviction?

    I used to think that the Frank Report took down NXIVM. Unless the Frank Report can run a government show trial, then the Frank Report was just used as a foil for the government’s crusade.

    Keith Raniere probably deserves some prison time. But it’s clear that many pieces of this RICO prosecution were pure fiction.

    No wonder Moira Penza resigned.


  • “Lady Justice is supposed to be blind… and not have people like politicians and media whispering in her ears.” Proof, please? Who? When? Why? Did he forget to mention ‘and not have ultra-wealthy people whisper in law enforcement ears?’. John Tighe would have something to say about that, and probably with more proof.
    Jeez, what a textbook diatribe from an ultra narcissist (of the pathological kind). Poor me, not my fault, I’m a world savior, so misunderstood, there’s no ultimate victim but look, I’m the ultimate victim here, being white, male and educated so nobody cares (duh, maybe people don’t care because they see through you and your manipulations?) … etc., ad nauseam. Maybe his disciples all gave in, just to get away from his word salads and his self-pity?

    • “Lady Justice is supposed to be blind… and not have people like politicians and media whispering in her ears.”

      Perhaps it’s time to up the ante and “make Justice deaf as a doorpost” as well. Just to be on the safe side.

  • Keith’s usual drivel. Snorzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Telling me I had to signup 6 new people for ESP and not be paid so I could prove my sales talent is called forced labor synonymous with slavery. I was a highly successful professional salesperson when he told me this. Proof enough for me to conclude he was a fraud and dumb.

    I didn’t get past the first 2 minutes of the trash he is spewing from prison.

  • All the shit on that site is at least 1 year old. They tried if it would gain some traction and abandoned the boat when they saw it fail. It is a typical NXIVM project in those regards.

  • It’s absurd for Nicki Clyne not to be arrested.

    And it’s a slap in the face to the victims of this idiotic sect.

  • Free speech is one thing, giving a voice to a documented liar, manipulator and misogynistic is quite another. The hypocrite of all hypocrites has caused damage to everyone he has come into contact with, he is the common denominator. A jury of his peers found him guilty. He had millions of dollars worth of legal representation. His ‘narrative’ does not make sense, he’s a victim of the system because he is a white male?? Seriously?? Firstly, is he now choosing to be a victim and NOT take responsibility for his actions in the world? NXIVM 101 would prohibit this, wouldn’t it? Secondly, he fled Clifton Park – he didn’t stay and use his tools to better his situation? The founder of Society of Protectors quivering in a cupboard? (Don’t get me started on the women’s group given a nonsensical group of letters ‘Jness’ that means nothing while the men’s group is called ‘Society of Protectors’? If that isn’t the most basic contempt for women…)

    • Jness is an abbreviation from “Jeunesse” which is French for “youth”. We all know Keith likes them (very) young…….

  • To grab from a previous post with slight modifications after trying to find use of the words in above (not going to bother to listen to podcasts):

    There are three things that brought NXIVM down. Three things that NXIVM fans, especially the DOSsier Project and Clyne, continue to refuse to confront and acknowledge: (1) collateral; (2) branding; and (3) Camila.

    Raniere avoided those three things – and that tells you everything you need to know about the pile of bullshit he is trying to sell.

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