Mark Hildreth Breaks Silence on NXIVM: ‘Horrendous Betrayal of Trust’

Mark Hildreth

Mark Hildreth has broken his silence. He has mentioned NXIVM on Twitter:

Hildreth’s Comment


“A brief comment on nxivm. Over several years, I participated in what I understood to be personal and professional development seminars offered under the umbrella of the nxivm organization. I met a number of people who seemed dedicated to personal growth and improving mental health. Following legal proceedings that commenced subsequent to my time there, I learned of coercive and inhumane behaviors that had evidently been occurring in secret.  I am deeply disturbed by what came to light and embarrassed by my former association with this organization. I hope that all of the survivors are able to heal and move forward from what was a horrendous betrayal of trust.”

Hildreth is a singer and actor.

Hildreth finally came out and made a statement at the end of 2021. He quietly left in mid-2017, at about the time Frank Report broke the story of DOS and its branding women.

Hildreth is likely referring to the trial of Raniere when he wrote, “Following legal proceedings that commenced subsequent to my time there, I learned of coercive and inhumane behaviors that had evidently been occurring in secret.”

No doubt there were revelations that he and others learned during the trial in 2019, but he might have known of some around the time he quit NXIVM. A lot of people told him.

In his defense, Hildreth did not live in Albany, so he was not in Raniere’s personal orbit much.  He came on occasion for classes. He once filmed an interview with Raniere that appeared on Keith Raniere Conversations series. Hildreth’s video was removed after he quit.

Hildreth did participate in NXIVM, as he wrote. He was a proctor. He had his Orange Sash by 2011. He was a Jness senior trainer/mentor.  He was coleader of The Source, Allison Mack’s and Raniere’s acting class. He was a member of Raniere’s a cappella singing group, Simply Human.  He went to the NXIVM retreat at Necker Island. He joined at the same time as his then-girlfriend Kristin Kreuk, who in turn recruited Mack.

Hildreth with Kreuk and Allison Mack

Mark Vicente, Sarah Edmondson [standing] Mark Hildreth, Kristin Kreuk below
Hildreth also recruited Nicole, who he dated. His intention was not bad when he suggested Nicole attend NXIVM classes in 2013. It’s clear he thought it would help her. Hildreth even lent Nicole the money to take the class.

It was the year after the Albany Times Union came out with their series The Secrets of NXIVM, where several women accused Raniere of statutory rape – which was available online.  If he told Nicole, and others, not to google Raniere, it was because Hildreth did not believe the things written about Raniere. Hildreth told Nicole the best way to go to the class was with an open mind and have no expectations. It’s better, he said, to have her own experience.

Nicole trusted Mark and so she went.

Two years later, Nicole endured an incident that made her the sex trafficking victim in the Raniere case, the woman tied down to a table blindfolded, and sexually assaulted by Camila, at Raniere’s command.

But Hildreth knew nothing about this until after it happened. He advised Nicole to get a lawyer.

Mark Hildreth with Kristin Kreuk

At the end of the day, Hildreth should not be blamed for his silence, or his participation in NXIVM. He believed in it. He extended himself to a lot of people and recruited a few.

He made it known he was a supporter of Raniere and did a lot to try to persuade others that the bad stuff online about NXIVM and Raniere should not be believed.

He did his best to stay out of the fallout when NXIVM and Raniere imploded. Largely he did.

Hildreth is part of the NXIVM saga, in a relatively minor role. If he could, he would erase all memory of his participation in the group and his adoration of Raniere.

Mark Hildreth and Allison Mack were part of Simply Human.

Mark Hildreth [r] and Allison Mack [l] sit with Keith Raniere [c] at Vanguard Week

Mark Hildreth and others sit and listen to Keith Raniere.


Hildreth became disillusioned. His reaction was silence. He opted not to speak. Not to say a word until NXIVM was dead and buried. Now he has come out – tepidly.

I think it is true he knew of very little that was evil in NXIVM. He thought it was good. He perhaps should have been more skeptical and chased down the evidence found online about Raniere.

But he did what he believed until he could believe no more. He is the young man who found a guru and gave much of his life to him only to be disillusioned. It’s a hard thing to be disillusioned. Not only does your golden idol break, but so do all your dreams of the better world you had hoped to make, dreams and ambitions you lodged in your head on so many occasions that this man, this wondrous, joyful man, Raniere, offered hope for a new, better world, and you were part of it.

For 12 or 13 years part of every day was spent thinking about Raniere, your mentor, your teacher, the guy who really cared about you. Then one day you find it was all fraud. You got conned. Next the rascal is going to prison. You kinda lose faith in yourself. Faith in your judgment. Faith in the world. And then too NXIVM is so odious — what if others find out. Will they mistake my innocent participation with something so very devious, scandalous, criminal?

It was hard times no doubt for Hildreth. He waded into NXIVM then tried to get out, slowly, quietly, and hold his peace. But inwardly he had no peace. He was betrayed by others and he was trying hard not to betray himself. Yes it was, it was a horrendous betrayal of trust.

In a sense, Hildreth was another Raniere victim. He wasn’t branded or sexually abused. But he had many dark days and restless nights no doubt over the embarrassment of being deceived. The rascal stole years of his life. But yet, and here’s the inner conflict that so many of NXIVM members who left face — there was good in NXIVM, there were things he learned that were good and made him better, smarter.

He knew that.

And then too, belief is a thing. Hildreth believed with the faith of youth and faith makes changes for the good. Hildreth might very well be a better man because of his faith in Raniere and NXIVM. The challenge now is to reconcile the lost faith in his flawed god Raniere with the fact that he could have had such faith in what he saw as his goodness.

If he can learn not to be embarrassed and own his role – even if it meant he was deceived and not cry, or call it horrendous or a betrayal of trust — but a lesson about life, that nothing is horrendous if we face it boldly –  one day he may even thank the wicked Raniere and the experience for teaching him some hard but worthy lessons of life. Like so many others who struggle with their lost faith, that the goodness he saw might have been a reflection of himself.

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  • Even a post not about her generates lots of comments and fantasies about Kreuk. She has kept her mouth shut and hid from the press, but she keeps being dragged into the limelight.

    Inline image

  • Even though today you are now one short year of 40 and of middle age, I’ll always cherish my memory of enjoying your fresh bloom of youth during my years in Nxivm and in you, and where we learned how to love and obey from our master, Vanguard. Even now, with every orgasm I think of you and Keith when you were so young and ravishing and ravished and when Keith was so kind to share with me your sweet loveliness, sadly now faded and just a memory.
    Mark H

  • Isn’t Mark H. the same dude who posted the whole, “This is my friend, Keith…” He’s a great, sensitive guy blah blah blah — real, real late into the whole tragic Nxivm cult saga?

    Keith used Mark to procure younger, more successful and better-looking women to the cult.

    Mark vouched for Keith and was the “way in” to people and places that Keith’s own stunted, grubby hands could never reach on their own.

    These public figures from TV as a face to the cult also added a misplaced layer of trust for the common folk that Keith sought to exploit.

    Strangely, some people feel they “know” people who’ve been in their home…if only on television.

    Mark also betrayed his friends’ and peers’ trust. But I do not get the feeling that Mark has truly come to terms with it. Or learned a lesson about recruiting people and abusing his own limited power. That takes some humility. And empathy for those Keith used and abused.

    • You can’t blame Mark for wanting to get into the pants of Kristin. He’s a guy after all and Kristin was one of the prettiest young women on television at the time on a very popular WB show.

      Kristin chose this dude. She chose to join a cult despite all of the warning signs saying it was a cult. The first NXIVM module was basically set up to trick people into believing it wasn’t a cult and these people fell for it. It takes two to tango. Her sticking with this guy and sharing a house and bedroom with this schmuck for (seven?) years says a lot about her choice in men.

    • — Strangely, some people feel they “know” people who’ve been in their home…if only on television.

      Yep. Actors are there to fool you for a little while. Their ability to convincingly lie is a requirement for their jobs. The good girl image portrayed on TV and class act in real life could just be an “act”, which is what they do. Mark’s former girlfriend has convinced me that she’s so proud of her Asian heritage, I completely forget the fact that she’s only ever dated white guys.

      • “I completely forget the fact that she’s only ever dated white guys”.

        Hi, Spanky. But in your imagination, you commit blasphemous acts on her and you are brown.

        • Nah. Spanky is a white guy who travelled to the cult compound to save Kreuk, but when she wasn’t there, he instead shared a bed with one of the NXIVM ladies, according to Frank.

      • — Kreuk has only ever dated white guys —

        Could you supply a list of guys she dated? And by “dated” do you mean long-term BFs or one night stands? How do you know she hasn’t gone to bed with lots of BBCs after a hard day’s work of the set?

      • Kristin is as European as she is Asian. If she dated Asian men exclusively, would you be seething over her lack of “pride” in her Dutch ancestry?

  • ‘When the “Colonel’s” verbal assaults turn physical (they will, if not already) can Frank be prosecuted for not reporting him to the police or mental health agencies?’



    • Little guy — that’s some pretty big talk for a sniveling coward, which you have admitted in therapy that you are. What can I say… other than please get back on your meds. I prescribed them for a reason and your illness cannot be managed without them.

      • Frank for the last time, that’s *NOT* “Patriot God”. That is a completely different person called Colonel James Ludlow.

        By the way, Frank I find it really interesting how big of a hypocrite that you are that you’d call the Colonel a “sniveling coward” when you gave your word about not stealing Patriot God’s and his friend’s free speech anymore and in your comments further down on this page, you confessed that you’re still doing it, despite another guy posting of evidence further down this page of you point blank saying that you’d stop. But now you won’t post it because it’s “off-topic”. Wow! You must not really read your comments section then by that logic or you’re just a liar and it’s most likely the latter!

        This is “some pretty big talk” from a pussy-ass big who won’t even let somebody talk at all and steals their free speech from them in the most cowardly way possible! The only “sniveling coward” is somebody who steals another man’s free speech and won’t let him defend himself! So why don’t you speak for yourself and actually take some ADD and Alzheimer’s meds so you can actually comprehend what our US Constitution says, you small-dicked punk!

        • “not stealing Patriot God’s and his friend’s free speech anymore”

          You and your ilk have such a misinformed, uneducated, dense idea of the meaning of free speech. Free speech is you being allowed to say (pretty much) whatever you want. It is NOT others being required to print or broadcast anything you say.

          You and your racist, incel buddies are free to start your own blog and “get off” on each others BS.

    • Pea, if your claim is true (big IF) did Hildreth offer Kreuk’s body to Kieth to be ravaged?

      Or did Kreuk offer her body to Keith as “a horrendous betrayal” to Hildreth?

      You have never clarified the circumstances of your story.

    • Pea Onyu said: Keith ravaged Kruek’s body

      More likely her face, considering his fetish and her beauty. Cum, Rinse, Repeat

  • WSJ Opinion


    The Emperor Has No MAGA Hat
    Jussie Smollett’s case isn’t as exceptional as we’d like to think.

    Jussie Smollett’s tale was always far-fetched. The actor initially claimed to have been attacked [ … ]

    Yet, as Holman Jenkins, Jr., writes in “Jussie Smollett’s Enablers Weren’t His Friends” (Business World, Dec. 18), leading left-wing figures could not be seen “hinting even slightly that there was anything fishy.” Joe Biden tweeted: “We are with you, Jussie.” Vice President Kamala Harris said Mr. Smollett is “one of the kindest, most gentle human beings I know” and “the attempted victim of a modern-day lynching.”

    [ … ]

    • Good point, Shadow. People often are quick to jump to conclusions that support their biases. Such as the 60 million who still believe Trump won, without evidence.

  • The Guardian

    Prince Andrew lawyer seeks to halt US case as accuser ‘lives in Australia’
    Lawyer argues court does not have jurisdiction as Virginia Giuffre’s ties to Colorado are ‘very limited’

    Wed 29 Dec 2021 09.39 GMT

    Prince Andrew’s lawyer has called for the US civil case against the royal over alleged sexual assault to be stopped because his accuser is “actually domiciled in Australia”.

    [ … ]

  • Let me guess… Hildreth’s career isn’t going anywhere and he needs all the attention he can get.

    What a pitiful loser.

  • In my opinion, Hildreth was a facilitator for Keith during a crucial point in time. I hope he knows that many of the CW actresses would have gone on to continue their B- list paths without this guy roping them in. I hope he feels bad about that.

  • No. Hildreth is right. Absent the spin and sensationalism, it’s simply revealed as a horrendous betrayal of trust by Raniere . Nothing more.

      • “sop” a noun
        a thing given or done as a concession of no great value to appease someone.

        Maybe Keith gave the SOP-boys his wisdom as a concession for his fucking their women.

      • Is this a recent photograph? This Christmas? She needs to see a doctor. She looks anorexic. I watched some recent videos interviews on YouTube and she looked good. Now her face is skin over bone. How did this happen in such a short time? No more NXIVM/Clyne bashing at this moment: she has a serious medical issue by the looks of it and needs help.

    • One very thirsty old girl. How sad at her age to choose to spend Christmas all alone, yet sharing images of oneself online.

      If a family celebration is unavailable for whatever reason, are there no crisis centres to work in over Christmas in NYC?

      • I guess her lawyer told her she doesn’t have to make anymore sandwiches for the homeless. She already has the pic for social media. So, on Christmas day she can be her best self alone snapping pictures of herself.

    • Verdict: WOULD
      Looks much better than when she was on BSG, likely had some slight tweaks performed, as most women do these days. At the very least you know she’s probably a total maniac in the sac!

      • I wouldn’t count on that last part. Starving ruins your sex drive. Hormones dry up. Fur grows all over your body. Lanugo. It’s a real thing. Presents in those who are malnourished. And their breath… It’s unlike any other bad breath smell. It smells of death. Decay. A body eating itself. So… Yah. Good times in the “sac”.

          • Ha ha! Unfortunately, a tic tac would not help. Yes, some stank is from not enough saliva production and other malnutrition-related tooth decay, etc. Smells.

            But the stench really comes from inside the body. Ketoacidosis, metabolic acidosis, ketosis and such. There’s little hope of masking it fully.

            But you could always take your mind off of the terrible odor emanating from pores, stomach, mouth and everything by gently petting the body fur and staring at Keith’s initials branded near her vagina.

  • Frank seems surprisingly sympathetic and almost forgiving of Hildreth, which contrasts with Frank’s past harsh criticism of Kristin Kreuk. Is Frank mellowing — or is this sexism?

    Both Kreuk and Hildreth were working actors who were not in daily contact with the inner workings of NX. They joined together and both were coaches, but Hildreth also became a Proctor and stayed in the cult years after Kreuk left. He was a leader in several NX programs (SOP, Source, Jness) while Kreuk fronted the mysterious GBD. When NX was exposed. both hid from the Press, only making short tepid statements absolving themselves of knowledge or complicity in the evils of NX, but Hildreth only made his now, years after Kreuk.

    So why was Kreuk criticized on the FR in many posts for not publicly trying to bring down NX or helping those in the cult…while Hildreth, who also did nothing, is forgiven as a poor, pitiable victim?

    • It’ time to understand that Kristin Kreuk and maybe even Allison Mack were deceived and were victims of Raniere.

      • Frank, how on Earth was Kristin Kreuk a “victim” of Keith Raniere?

        Nothing happened to her.

        She knew about allegations at least by 2012 and according to you and your sources, was still a member of Nxivm in 2016, doing courses and EMs, by choice.

        She allegedly stopped coaching in 2013 after breaking up with Mark Hildreth that year and moved to Toronto. She didn’t leave the cult and someone even thanked her for her “encouragement” on the Nxivm course he did in 2015.

        She knew what the allegations were and didn’t leave the cult.

        She literally was named in the same 2012 Times Union expose that revealed her cult leader was a pedophile, along with a police report, and she still stayed in Nxivm.

        Choosing to ignore what is out there is your own fault.

        She is not a victim. Neither is Mark Hildreth or Allison Mack.

        There is a point where someone can’t claim ignorance and victimhood.

        Oh boy, this will bring out the mentally ill simps…

    • I believe Vanguard considered all Nxivm women potential harem slaves, and lovely Kreuk would have been a prime target for his cream-dreams. But I’ve never seen any photos of them together, not even in innocent settings. Was Kreuk too shy to be photographed with her sex-god master, or was she just being careful to protect her good-girl image. Or maybe they were never even close?

      BTW, I can’t remember any photos of her with her boyfriend Hildreth at Nxivm events either. When photographed, Kreuk was always with Mack. What does that mean?

      All women of Nxivm — celebs like Kreuk and “commoners” who may have only taken a course or two — will be labeled as ex members of a SEX CULT, even if they never attended a private showing of Vanguard’s limp little penis.

  • How many people here who trash anyone and everyone who took a course in any NXIVM program are members of the catholic church?

    By your same retarded reasoning you are a pedophile and need to be sent to prison.

    The Stupid here is suffocating..


    • Every time someone criticizes NIXVM, Alanzo shows up to change the topic, usually to Scientology but now he’s switching it up and trying to sidetrack us onto the Catholic church.

      Alanzo is pissed off that most people aren’t dumb or emotionally insecure enough to get sucked into cults and associated criminality.

      He can’t get over that he fell for the Scientology scam (worked for the evil OSA) and the Rupert Sheldrake nonsense + whatever New Age pseudo-wisdom he’s reading at the moment.

      • You’ll never see Alanzo say a single word about the sexual abuse that is so prevalent in Scientology other than to criticize those who raise the topic, Pyriel.

        He’ll be calling you a blind, retarded, tribal ninny in a few short minutes.

        Maybe he’s got something to hide, maybe not.

        It certainly shows you where his alliances and sympathies lie.

        • You know who needs to talk more about sexual abuse in scientology?

          Mike Rinder.

          As the head of the Office of Special Affairs for David Miscavige for 22 years, it was his job to hide all that.

          Any sexual abuse, including Danny Masterson’s alleged sexual abuse, was a “flap” with the potential to harm the Church and it was Rinder’s job to handle and make it go away.

          You know all those allegations of “the Church” intimidating Mastersons accusers into silence? Who do you think planned, coordinated and managed all that intimidation?

          Mike Rinder.

          But I’ll bet you would never accuse Mike Rinder of hiding sexual abuse in Scientology like you have accused me here.

          I believe, but do not know, that Mike Rinder has been subpoenaed in Masterson’s criminal trial. And he will need to testify under oath about that. We’ll all be seeing about this very soon.

          Your lies and sinister insinuations about me are really laughable. Anyone who knows anything about the structure of scientology and where I fit into it – including you – knows you’re full of shit.

          Do you think if you just keep accusing me of all kinds of sinister things people will believe you?

          Yes. I think you do.


          • Surprise, surprise, surprise. Alanzo is raving and drooling about the man he’s most jealous of: Mike Rinder. No one could predict that, right? That’s the only thing he can type that keeps him from cutting and pasting “blind, retarded, tribal ninny.”

            Alanzo’s anger and sexual frustration make for boring, repetitive internet postings.

          • “Surprise, surprise, surprise. Alanzo is raving and drooling about the man he’s most jealous of: Mike Rinder. No one could predict that, right? That’s the only thing he can type that keeps him from cutting and pasting “blind, retarded, tribal ninny.”

            Alanzo’s anger and sexual frustration make for boring, repetitive internet postings.

            The Anonymous poster loses interest in sexual abuse in Scientology once he realizes this is where Mike Rinder’s con is most easily exposed. He abandons that and immediately becomes interested in manufacturing my “jealousies” and “sexual frustrations”.

            They are only interested in Scientology’s criminal activity if it can be blamed on a critic of theirs. When that fails they go back to making up shit about them.

      • huntingpeople2 shows up to agree with Alanzo not long before Alanzo posts.

        What a coincidence! Never seen that happen before.

        Wonder why… 🤔

  • Oh Bullshit, Frank. What a fluff piece. Is this what investigative journalism is?

    Mark Hildreth knew exactly what was going on. He was part of the inner group and he was given *special privileges* at NXIVM because he recruited Kristin Kook and other actresses.

    Is this what the Frank Report is now? Writing fluff pieces for cult leaders?

    Gimme a fucking break, Frank.

  • This is BS. AFAIK Hildreth recruited Kreuk. That has been reported many times. Yet here he gets a passive “joined at the same time as Kreuk” which minimizes his role. And this entire article excuses his silence, his lack of public statement, his role, his knowledge of what was going on etc., etc. while for years now this site has slagged off Kreuk again and again for those exact same reasons.

    He gets a “Well he didn’t live in Albany so he didn’t know what was happening” while Kreuk who also didn’t live in Albany gets no such pass.

    He gets a glowing pass for not saying anything while Kreuk gets crucified again and again even though she made a public statement years before Hildreth did.

    • It is interesting that every movie she has had a major role in has been a bomb. And usually critics don’t blame her acting as the main reason — they are just BAD FILMS.
      Is poor Kristin offered only crap movies or is she or her agent really bad at judging scripts?

  • These NXIVM cult weirdos always seem to try and define themselves as morally righteous people who were wronged. They never take any personal responsibility. They just shift the blame, pretend they knew of no wrongdoing and pretend they have been victimised. Do they actually believe this or do they want to believe this?

    Mark Hildreth spent a decade in NXIVM and there was plenty of information out there. He would have more insider knowledge than just reading stuff online. He, like the rest, is a pretentious moron with low self esteem, hence wanting to be an actor and singer for external validation and spending a decade in a cult that just attracted sad people like flies to shit, pretending to be a morally superior being to others.

    Fuck the lot of them. There is gullible and then there is plain fucking stupid. And pretentious. One might wonder if Mark Hildreth has a brand above his pussy.

    • animus liber

      Sorry for misspelling Mark Hildreth’s name. I am not familiar with his name or his work as an actor, and I did not pay attention to the correct spelling of Hildreth.

  • Kind of over this phenomenon of people pointing out any of the “good” that was in Nxivm.

    Or that they learned things that made them “smarter” from being in the cult.

    False knowledge isn’t knowledge. And as humans, we grow and learn daily no matter where we are or what we are doing. That’s just nature. Most children learn to speak and walk with little to no effort at all.

    The cult members of Nxivm would have learned more working at McDonald’s those same years they put into Nxivm.

    You could argue that Nxivm held them back instead. Being told not to read?! Or think for themselves? Quitting careers?

    Much of the inner Nxivm circle lived as arrested adolescents. Just like Raniere.

    Not working. Or starting families.

    Playing secret clubhouse games.

    This kind of logic that ESP/Nxivm had a positive effect on someone who was already successful like Mark is akin to saying that doing drugs made someone a better musician.

    Did it? Or would they have been an even better musician off of drugs? (And still be alive in many cases).

    “Everything happens for a reason”

    “It is what it is”

    And the rest of that tripe is a coping technique. And prohibits honesty and productive thinking.

    Nxivm sucked. ESP was no better than any other self-help. Keith was a terrible person to idolize. And idol worship in general is so lame. It was all ridiculous. And examining your own ego and self-importance or loneliness or whatever made you so vulnerable to this nonsense is the path forward.

    If you eat a pie and later learn it was full of sh×t do you still keep talking about how delicious the crust was years later?

    No. It was a sh×t pie for f×ck’s sake.

    Call it what is was and become someone who doesn’t eat sh×t going forward.

    • ==Kind of over this phenomenon of people pointing out any of the “good” that was in Nxivm.


      It was an exclusive social club…a clique…which was centered around the adulation of its leader, and where its members thought they were better than outsiders, who they treated as less than themselves. In other words, it was exactly as people called it — a cult.

      And there was plenty of information out there that it was a cult. They can’t stick their heads in the sand like an ostrich and pretend there wasn’t. Plenty of people told you and you didn’t listen.

    • My sentiments, exactly. Except, your “u” in fuck and “i” in shit are missing. Looks like you have an “x” issue, too.

    • ‘Shit’ and ‘fuck’ do not need to be censored. There are people for whom these expressions are included in every sentence. It must be due to their education and social milieu.

  • Well I’m not buying Hildreth’s bullshit.

    His “brief comments” (why brief?) are deceptive. He gives the impression that he was a lowly follower, that the evil was kept secret and he had no way of knowing, and he was long gone before shenanigans came to light.

    That’s all crap, as Frank’s commentary proves. Hildreth was a higher-up in Nxivm, its shenanigans had been publicly exposed and Hildreth knew that they had been exposed. He strove actively to conceal them.

    How come Hildreth never uses the word “cult” in his few brief comments? It sums the organization up perfectly. In one nice short word. I guess he’s not really interested in brevity. More interested I think in keeping it brief to avoid incriminating himself.

    He believed Nxivm was doing good? So what? Does he think being wrong, being either stupid or blind is a virtue? He was actively promoting a cult, recruiting for it, and profiting thereby. Let’s not forget that this was a pyramid scheme. People upstream in the stripe path were getting $$$. And promised more with each step up the ladder.

    I’m not buying this argument that everyone but Raniere in this organization (this criminal enterprise, this cult, this pyramid scheme, this money-making scam) was somehow a victim and not to be blamed.

    I, for one, despise two-faced people like Hildreth. Look at him on stage with the Nxivm Glee Club as they deliver groveling, teary-eyed tribute to Dear Vanguard. And then he has the gall to claim he didn’t know it was a cult. Does he think we’re idiots?

    I find Hildreth’s running for cover cowardly and dishonest and his spin statement is vile. Reminds me of Alec Baldwin’s “the gun just went off” “I never touched the trigger” bullshit. Both of these “men” are hiding behind excuses, flimsy excuses, and both are posing as innocent victims.

    It makes me want to puke.

  • What a softie article on Mark Hildreth compared to the dozens of articles that rebuked his then girlfriend that pervaded this site over the years, even though he directly recruited her, was one step away from recruiting Allison Mack, and directly recruited a sex trafficked victim of Raniere.

    It must be because you’re a misogynist.

      • 🤨😏😩 Of course an illiterate guido-nigger like you wouldn’t know what that meant!

        It’s a word created by libtard-feminist kikes that if you dare want women to fulfill the role that God made them to do, you’re a “woman-hater”! That’s what it means!

        Now that we’ve gotten that taken care of, do YOU know what POST UP *PATRIOT GOD’S COMMENTS LIKE YOU FUCKING SAID THAT YOU WOULD*, MEANS?! 😡🤬







        GET MOVING, NIGGER!!!!!!!





        • Patriot is off his meds again. And most of his comments I am not posting but this one has a marginal semblance of being on topic before it drifts off to complimenting me by calling me guido and nigger.

          As I previously diagnosed, Patriot has an acute epileptoid manifestation of the panphobic melancholiac with paranoidal delusory affectation, coupled with erotomania. It is exacerbated by his excessive onanism coupled with absence of female companionship, which often goes, if you will pardon the pun, hand in hand with such practices.

          I strongly suggest Patriot go offline and avoid this website for about six years. His condition may not be curable but it can be managed.

          • When the “Colonel’s” verbal assaults turn physical (they will, if not already) can Frank be prosecuted for not reporting him to the police or mental health agencies?

          • Dude!

            You said you would let Patriot God and his friends post to entertain us and now you admit you’ve been a lying little bitch about this the whole time over him not staying on topic when fucking ShadowState constantly posts random videos like he just did about some guy who took his dead cat and made him into a flying drone?!

            Dude, you’re a fucking hypocrite!

            How small is your dick that you have to censor everybody like this to make yourself feel good about not getting laid and then project all your problems onto the Colonel like a pussy?!

            JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!!!!!!

          • Frank,

            Why do you constantly lie about everything you say? You broke your fucking word!

            I hope I don’t go to New York one day because if I see you, you’re dead!

            🖕🏻Fuck you!🖕🏻 You lying two-faced dick!

            We see you, Frank! So just keep hiding like a little pussy now that you’ve shown your true colors!

          • Patriot – please don’t be shy. Come on down and let’s meet and I’ll show you how a Sicilian-guido-nigger takes care of punks like you.

          • Somebody needs to go to New York and kick Frank’s lying ass! Please, God, somebody just beat the ever-living guido out of him!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

      • A “misogynist” is a slur that soy boys use against other males they have an inferiority complex against to impress women they will never have sex with, or a slur that feminists (ugly chicks) use to attack men and play the victim card.

        It’s all a bit gay.

        • Misogynist has been a legitimate term in all major and minor dictionaries for decades.

          Unlike “soy boy”, which is a recent reactionary pejorative term used by “incels” (a specific form of misogynist) to make themselves feel better about their lonely selves against men who *will* sleep with women the former will never have sex with. Men who have confidence in themselves and have no problems attaining women don’t go on the Internet to anonymously cast patronizing epithets against those who aren’t as blessed as them for the simple fact that they don’t need to prove a superiority that already exists in reality which trumps any and everything virtually.

          • Merriam-Webster Dictionary

            “soy boy”

            The word you’ve entered isn’t in the dictionary. Click on a spelling suggestion below or try again using the search bar above.

          • No.

            We call incels and lefties “soy boys” because they are pussies, not the other way around.

            Next you will claim that simps who pay internet whores to see pictures of their tits are alpha males.

          • Posted in 2018 on the Daily Dot:

            Where soy boy originated from, however, is unclear. The Daily Dot suggests that it could have been started by Mike Cernovich, a far right social media personality, who’s been using the term to insult people on Twitter for months.

            According to Know Your Meme, the first use of “soy boy” appeared on 4Chan.

            But YouTube political commentator James Allsup, who was caught protesting with white supremacists in Charlottesville, has claimed he invented the insult.

            Outside far right communities, there isn’t much awareness of the term. But if soy boy goes the way of cuck, it could enter the mainstream before too long.

            But cuck was ultimately commandeered by the general public and used as an insult against the far right, removing its offensiveness. Whether the same will happen to soy boy remains to be seen.

      • Merriam-Webster

        misogynist noun

        plural misogynists

        Definition of misogynist (Entry 1 of 2)

        : a person who hates or discriminates against women : a misogynistic person

  • I have the same level of respect for Mark Hildreth as I do for Kristin Kreuk, Mark Vicente, Sarah Edmondson, Nicki Clyne and every single person who took more than one NXIVM course.


    Bunch of air-headed idiots, at best.

    Anyone with a yellow sash or higher is a criminal and should spend time in jail.

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