Knox Woods Subdivision Might Become a Cult Favorite; Prices Rising– NXIVM Tours Envisioned?

Knox Woods is a subdivision of townhomes in Half Moon, New York, a suburb of Albany, the state capital of New York.  It was built during the 1980s. Its most famous resident was Keith Raniere who lived there from 1989 until around 2016, when he moved just outside the subdivision to the home of one of his followers.

According to online information, the prices for townhomes in Knox Woods, Half Moon, New York, has jumped since Raniere and some two dozen followers relocated out of the subdivision. Raniere presently lives in Tucson, AZ.

Information online shows that townhomes in Knox Wood, ranging from 900-1300 square feet have jumped in price from around $120,000 – $200,000 to $175,000 to $250,000 and higher.

Re-Max shows sales prices


For more than 25 years, Keith Raniere lived in a modest townhome in Knox Woods.


Some think the inflation-driven real estate market caused the increase.
Others think the bounce is caused by the departure of Raniere and his ollowers, as if the neighborhood can be enjoyed as the peaceful, safe, tree-lined neighborhood it was developed to be, without concerns that a creepy cult is living all around them.
Allison Mack jogging in Knox Woods.

Personally, I believe the increase is caused by people seeing the “cult” value of owning property there.  In fact, Knox Woods might end up with a cult following.  I can envision bus tours of Knox Woods with people driven past NXIVM townhouses, while a guide describes what went on behind closed doors.

There could also be walking tours, following in the footsteps of Raniere, who used to make daily [and nightly] jaunts with any number of his followers, usually an attractive female, pontificating on the wonders of life, philosophy, primal energy, work, ethics, devotion, mathematics. problem-solving, teacher-student relationships, tribute, pain, joy, and raw, carnal sex.

Keith Raniere walking in Knox Woods with the winsome Dani Padilla.


The US Government offered this photo of a street in Knox Woods as an exhibit in the trial of Keith Raniere. During the trial of Raniere, for the Albany Times Union, wrote about the reaction of neighbors to revelations of criminal and salacious details. By that time, most, but not all, of the members of NXIVM had left the subdivision.

The Times Union provides a link to government exhibits showing various townhomes and maps where NXIVM members lived in Knox Woods and nearby neighborhoods.

Gavin wrote,  “In Knox Woods, residents still speak about NXIVM in hushed tones.

“But his [Raniere’s] past presence in the suburban complex — and the strong belief among many Knox Woods residents that some of Raniere’s followers still live there — remains in the thoughts and fears of locals.”

Today, all the NXIVM members have left Knox Woods. Not a single one remains to tell the story of a subdivision that had members on nearly every street, and a place for NXIVM members who lived elsewhere to visit as if on a pilgrimage as if it were akin to Vatican City, and instead of a pope in residence, there was a Vanguard.

Flintlock Lane used to be the heart of Knox Woods. It is where Vanguard lived for more than 25 years.

There are 21 streets in Knox Woods with a Revolutionary War theme for names: Burgoyne Drive • Cromwell Drive • Flintlock Lane • Generals Way • Grenadier Court • Hale Drive • Hancock Way • Independence Boulevard • Knox Boulevard • Liberty Lane • Mayfield Drive • Minuteman Court • Monmouth Way • Putnam Court • Raleigh Drive • Redcoat Court • Schuyler Court • Victory Way • Washington Lane • Wilton Court • Yorktown Drive.

Knox Woods a subdivision of townhouses in the Albany area.

During her closing statement at Raniere’s trial, Moira Penza told the jury a little about Knox Woods.

It could be very valuable on a bus tour.

Penza: Knox Woods, Clifton Park, New York. At first glance, it looks like an ordinary subdivision in an ordinary suburb. Manicured lawns, tree-lined streets, scenic train ride from New York City…It looked like the American dream, but …looks can be deceiving.

And it’s what is inside that counts.

127 Grenadier Court, a naked woman, held down, her arms above her head like a sacrifice, screaming, while the defendant’s initials are branded into her body.”

127 Grenadier – Allison Mack’s rented townhome where branding of DOS slaves occurred. 2 Flintlock Lane, newly married Sylvie ordered to open her legs for the defendant before she could be intimate with her husband.

1, 2, 3 Flintlock Lane – the Raniere compound.

There are three townhomes. Kristin Keeffe lived in 1 Flintlock with hers and Raniere’s son. Mariana and Pam Cafritz lived in 2 Flintlock.

Karen and, over the years, various other women of Raniere’s inner circle lived at 3 Flintlock, which she and Raniere owned. Raniere split his time between 2 and 3 Flintlock and any other house of his followers he cared to enjoy.

8 Hale Drive, the defendant’s executive library. A library with a sauna, a hot tub, a loft bed, and a collection of sexually explicit photos including several of 15-year-old Camila, his trophy, his sexual conquest.


8 Hale Drive: ‘The Library’ is the townhouse on the left.

Keith Raniere in his library.

120 Victory Way, Nicole, lying naked on a cold wooden table. Her wrists, her ankles bound, blindfolded, not knowing that a video camera is pointed at her.

120 Victory Way and 12 Wilton Court, where Danielastayed alone in her room for 700 days in a row, with a pen, a piece of paper, and a foam pad on the verge of suicide.
12 Wilton Court.


People have yet to grasp how significant the NXIVM story is and the crucial role played by Raniere in learning about the mind, and the potential ability of one to influence others.  Raniere has had followers devoted to him for more than 30 years through Consumers’ Buyline, and NXIVM, and continues to this day.

Most of his followers have renounced him, but there are still a good number who long for the day when he will return and lead them again.

Meantime, as we await his release, perhaps the best we can do is evoke the past, find a bus, a tour guide, start the tours in Knox Woods, rake in the dough, and control more of the world’s wealth.

Viva Executive Success!




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  • My New Years wish is that all the supporters of Patriot God find someplace else to clutter up cyberspace with inane bs. They add nothing and should be ghosted.

  • Frank
    When something is important to me and I am asked by a family to do something or to look into something – there is time made and I do my best at the task –

    I make sure that task has my FULL attention and it is NOT dropped until it is done correctly.

    Over the years – I have been taught to be open, honest and speak my mind. Where and when will these investigations be followed up on, sir? When?


    • Peter we are working on it now. When it will be complete cannot be answered since the mystery is buried somewhere – maybe deep at sea. Some people know, but will they speak?

    • Peter, if its your family member, what kind of investigation are you doing? Since I’m sure you devoted a ton of resources yourself, you should show Frank what you have.

  • Frank
    This is Peter – I see someone else is asking you to be honest – gee- seems you have NO truth in you – why? Evil really does rule your life.
    I have asked you to answer me – and you have acted like a basket case. Lol -!!!!!!
    Why do YOU NOT follow up on investigations and your word ? YOUR word is NOTHING- YOU do NOT do what YOU say YOU are going to do. Looser -!!!!!!
    People are on to YOU – give it up and be a man, jerk -!!!!
    Answer me and be a tall man


    • You sure have a good way of encouraging people to do what you want. You must have read how to win friends and influence people.

      • See this all Frank does! You ask him nicely at first, then all he does is ignore you and procrastinate to the point of frustrating the living daylights out of you, then when you rightfully retaliate in frustration at his lack of morals and character, he flips the guns on you and gaslights you and still doesn’t answer the question and deal straight in the process and phrases things in language like “not getting what you want” to make you seem like a spoiled brat in a toy store!

        This is the bullshit Frank does to everybody! This is what he does to Patriot God and his posts! I hate to say it, but I’m starting to agree with Patriot God that maybe foreigners shouldn’t have this amount of power in country to fund websites like this! Especially people who are as braindead, mentally retarded, lack any kind of professionalism or morals, and seem as mentally arrested and juvenile as Frank Parlato!

        Frank is a slow, imbecilic, mentally incompetent asshole, who has no proper social/professional skills whatsoever and needs to be yanked off this website and punished the shit out of and this website needs to given over to somebody who is mentally competent to run it!

        Welcome to our world and what we’ve had to put up with every single day with Frank’s bullshit! As much as I hate NXIVM, maybe for once NXIVM was right and this is why NXIVM sued the shit out of him because he did to them this kind of retarded shit and they had enough money and power to not put up with it and then Frank threw a temper tantrum and tried to punish them back just like he does to people here when he’s clearly at fault and not keeping his word about shit!

        Somebody just needs to yank this website away from him! He’s too big of a mentally incompetent bitch to handle it!

  • Frank!

    Can you please just be straight up with us?!

    Are you going to post Patriot God’s comments or not?!

    You said that you would and none of them have been posted for weeks!

    Can you please just be real and stop acting like you’re going to do something that you’re not sincerely going to do?!

    Can you please stop hiding like a pussy about this and give us an answer about this?!

    Are you going to post all of Patriot God’s comments on all the other articles or not?!

    Just deal straight, Frank! Seriously!

    • Bro,

      As I told the other guy complaining about all of this a few articles back, Frank is an “Americana” fraud!

      Just look at him. He brags and boasts that he allegedly would catch rattlesnakes and get bitten a lot (but somehow he’s still alive 😒), but he’s such a pussy and that when a random person on the internet confronts him about a legitimate issue that he has in regards to stealing other people’s first amendment rights by his outdated and fucked up little comments system while touts how much he cares about the constitution and tells him *NOT* to be a “pussy” about it, he runs away, ignores you, and shows you how big of a pussy that we all know that he really is deep down in the inside!

      He’s a fucking scared little bitch, dude! He knows that he’s being two-faced about our constitution and that’s why he always either hides or never deals with the confrontation point blank! When I talked about this last time all he could say was,

      “why don’t you start your own blog and live the dream?”

      When I have no money whatsoever and regardless I should *NOT* have to go and make my own blog because Frank shouldn’t be touting his pseudo-patriotism on news channels only to demonstrate how counter-productive, antithetical, hypocritical, and draconian he is towards our constitution when point blank given the opportunity to do so is n his own website!

      By his logic, he website should be the epitome of free speech and it isn’t, he delays your words (except for his own of course), most of the time never being able to even see your posts, despite how much time and effort you wrote on it but Frank doesn’t give shit!

      We shouldn’t even have to make our own blog because I just want be able to comment on this one without being oppressed! If he gave one shit about free speech, he would change and update his comment section system immediately!

      But he doesn’t! Nor does he want to give a “straight answer” about it! All he does is spin your wheels about it and then he runs away and hides like an absolute pussy!

      Sorry bro, it probably isn’t going to happen based on how much time has passed!

      Frank, if you try to reply to me again despite all of chances that you’ve had to to be respected on this topic! Don’t bother! Your little stupid flat-brain arguments are never going to change my mind over a point blank breach of our constitution!

      We see what you’re really are, Frank, a complete fraud!!!!! 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

      • I might be wrong, but I think this guy doesn’t like me. Still I am not sure why Frank Report should exist to post lengthy, random and extremely off-topic comments by the so-called Patriot King. I do not believe the US Constitution requires me to publish anything any one submits. I think rather it works in reverse. The government may not stop me from publishing what I want to publish.

        That said, as I have always asserted, Patriot God [or King] as she fancies herself, has to get back on her medication.

        • “I might be wrong, but I think this guy doesn’t like me.”

          No! Really what was your first clue?!

          “Still I am not sure why Frank Report should exist to post lengthy, random and extremely off-topic comments by the so-called Patriot King.”

          It’s Patriot *God* now! He stopped calling himself “King” because it started giving people the wrong idea that he supported a monarchy in this country! Had you have actually paid attention to his posts, you would’ve understood that before he stopped using this website because of you!

          I know this type of laughable rephrasing of arguments is what you do! You claim to support free speech (which you really don’t)! You claim to be a patriot (which you really aren’t)! You said you would allow Patriot God to post whatever he wanted again (which isn’t true and you lied)! This isn’t even really about Patriot God, this is about what frustrates him frustrates everybody else as well! You claim all of these things I listed above, but you have an outdated comment system compared to everybody else’s on other websites, that makes you wait days upon days until you approve the posts and then you and your staff can’t handle it all and wind up half-ass posting up comments and neglecting some of them or their replies because you can’t handle it all! You’re being selfish to your staff and your readers!

          You claim to be against Orwellian shit like this, when your system is the most Orwellian of all in this situation! This is worse than what Big Tech does! You should get a new commenting system that allows people to INSTANTANEOUSLY post, edit, reply, and delete their own comments at will and let people interact at their whim and not yours! That’s true freedom of speech, Frank! And if you give half of a shit about it like you claim, then you will repent of this and implement it *IMMEDIATELY*!

          But once again, you just rephrase things while you accuse others of what YOU do when you say,

          “post lengthy, random and extremely off-topic comments”

          Ummmmmm. How many other people do the same shit and you don’t bitch about it or deny them the right to do it?! How many other times has Shadow posted “random” and “off-topic” YouTube videos as well as many others?! What about all the other people who post “lengthy, random and extremely off-topic comments” like Shivani who posts “lengthy”, “random”, and “off-topic” shit about some actress’s “bouncing tits” and you call her one of the most smartest commenters on here?! What about all the other “random” comments making fun of what the NXIVM girls look like and all the other bullshit?!

          What about all of them, Frank?!

          Also, Patriot God isn’t off topic! He comments about the articles in a white nationalist lens and because you don’t like that, you just slander him and claim that it’s “post lengthy, random and extremely off-topic comments”!

          But who cares even if he is “lengthy, random and extremely off-topic comments”. The fact you would even say that as an excuse to not post him is why people think you’re retarded! This isn’t about a website “exist[ing]” for him. This website should “exist” for free speech in general no matter who posts “lengthy, random and extremely off-topic comments”! Especially since you’re a hypocrite and allow others to do the same and even praise them for it! Meanwhile you *PROMISED* to post up Patriot God’s comments that you neglected and still haven’t posted up because you’re dishonest!

          But of course you don’t truly give a shit about your word and what you’ve said! You don’t even really know what our US Constitution says demonstrated by your little comment here,

          “I do not believe the US Constitution requires me to publish anything any one submits. I think rather it works in reverse. The government may not stop me from publishing what I want to publish.”

          Spoken like a true idiot! Yeah, this is why our 1st amendment rights “work in reverse” on your website! What I find funny is somebody a few articles ago talked to you about this and you told them “you have a fair point” but now you say this! How mentally unstable are you, Frank?! You seem like your brain is a clusterfuck of a train of thought! One second you agree with something the next, you are against it and then the next, you agree with it?! What is wrong with your unstable brain?! The government may not stop you because much like you, even they don’t understand what the constitution means anymore and are going to have to be re-educated on it! That’s why our justice system is such a bad joke!

          That said, as I have always asserted, Patriot God [or King] as she fancies herself, has to get back on her medication.

          I know and know here’s your little “random and extremely off-topic comment”! Here’s your hypocrisy point blank!

          Now after YOU’VE taken your thinking medication so you can actually process thoughts again. Here’s what you can do to make this right again! I’m going to spell it out so simple that even a 10 year old can understand because of how hard it is for you to mentally comprehend shit!

          1. Post up ALL of Patriot God’s comments on all the other articles that you *PROMISED* that you would, but still continue to neglect, despite your word! Do this *NOT ONLY* for Patriot God but EVERYBODY else as well!

          2. Get a new commenting system where people can *INSTANTLY* post, edit, reply, and delete their own comments, at their whim!

          3. Take the burden of your control problems off of your readers, you and your very small staff’s back and only focus on publishing articles instead of controlling people’s free speech and stressing everybody out and apologize to everybody who you owed to publish their comments, but selfishly neglected to!

          There’s THREE easy steps for you, Frank! It’s spread out for in plain English! Stop being stupid and keep your damn word for once like everybody has called you out on and you keep hiding and not doing like a pussy!

          Stop acting like Keith Raniere does and stop being a hypocrite in everything that you do! This isn’t rocket science! Use your goddamn brain for once!

  • Times Union

    New U.S. attorney says prosecutions alone won’t stop violence, opioid epidemic
    Longtime federal prosecutor Carla Freedman takes the helm of a jurisdiction that stretches from Albany to Binghamton, Syracuse and the Canadian border

    Robert Gavin
    Dec. 21, 2021,Updated: Dec. 21, 2021 1:22 p.m.

    ALBANY – In 1988, future U.S. Attorney Carla Freedman was interviewing for a job with Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau when she noticed the legendary prosecutor seething over a scandal that involved the false arrests of transit riders.

    Morgenthau’s passion to seek justice for the falsely accused — and ability to achieve justice from the position of a prosecutor — struck Freedman, who until that point had planned a career as a public defender.

    “A light bulb moment literally went off,” Freedman recalled Thursday during an interview in her second-floor Albany office inside the James T. Foley U.S. Courthouse on Broadway. “And I felt like if what you really want to do is do justice and make sure the right thing is done and the right people are prosecuted for the right crimes, you’re better off being a prosecutor. You’re really the gatekeeper.”

    Thirty-three years later, Freedman said she maintains that philosophy in her new role: U.S. Attorney for the 32-county Northern District of New York.

    “Our job is not to just seek convictions,” Freedman told the Times Union. “Of course, we’re looking to convict those people that have committed crimes, but equally important is making sure that innocent people are not charged.”

    Freedman added: “I’ve never had a regret. I’ve loved every minute of being a prosecutor.”

    [ … ]

    Some of the biggest cases tied to Albany in recent years — including the Buffalo Billion bid-rigging case, which included SUNY Polytechnic Institute founder Alain Kaloyeros, and the racketeering and sex trafficking case against NXIVM leader Keith Raniere — have been prosecuted in either the Manhattan-based Southern District of New York or Brooklyn-based Eastern District of New York. Freedman said her office won’t back away from such cases, but said at times it makes sense for larger offices to tackle those cases.

    “I’m sure that there are people that look and say why is a case that happened in Albany being prosecuted in Brooklyn and Manhattan,” Freedman said. “I think there’s always a lot of factors, not the least of which is an office that is as resource-rich as they are begins to make the case.

    “I would tell you,” Freedman continued, “in the big picture, the important thing is that the case is made. If there’s a corrupt official, it doesn’t matter whether it’s my office or another office that’s taking it. We’re not about statistics. We shouldn’t be. We should be about working on these cases together.”

    [ … ]

  • Can somebody who lives in the NYC area, please go hunt down Frank Parlato and beat the living shit out of him for not posting up Patriot God’s comments like he said that he would?!

  • Question! Why is Frank Niggerlato (As Patriot God calls him) not posting up Patriot God’s comments like he said that he would?! 🤔

  • Frank
    This is Peter- Kim’s cousin. I am curious as to why you refuse to answer comments about investigations that YOU, sir, promised to a family to do ? Why is it that you refuse to answer what YOU told them you were going to do ?
    This is a simple answer, sir. Either you lied to them , and NEVER meant to do them or YOU just don’t care ? Which is it ? This is NOT difficult – you wanted to do the investigation – when you thought your name was going to be in lights –
    Now that others have taken it over – YOU, sir are lost. YOU see that your name will NEVER be in lights as far as Kris is concerned.
    Why do you refuse to answer my comments ?
    I would appreciate hearing from you –


  • A lot of these price increases are based on the fact that people are fleeing the crime and corruption enjoyed in the big cities run by Democratic party machines.

    Census: U.S. population growth slows as New York, California, Illinois see steep declines

    California lost 367,299 people this past year through domestic migration, which accounts for those moving into the state and those moving out. For the first time since 1850, California’s population declined in last year’s Census estiates, when it lost 70,000 residents. Increasing taxes, restrictive policies on businesses and ongoing lockdowns have led individuals and Silicon Valley companies to exit the Golden State in record numbers over the past two years.

    New York lost the next most people over the past year – 352,185 on net – because of migration.

    Illinois, which has been losing population for years, lost the third most – 122,460.

    Ted Dabrowski, president of the nonprofit Wirepoints, told The Center Square that Illinois’ high taxes are just part of the reason people are leaving Illinois.

    “It is also the high level of corruption and overall, a lack of opportunity because high taxes and corruption are job killers in the end,” Dabrowski said.

    California, Illinois and New York are all blue states governed by Democratic trifectas. All three states lost a member of Congress during the latest decennial Census because of their declining populations.

    Red states Florida (220,890), Texas (170,307) and Arizona (93,026) saw the largest net domestic migration gains.

    “Between 2020 and 2021, 33 states saw population increases and 17 states and the District of Columbia lost population, 11 of which had losses of over 10,000 people,” the Census Bureau reported. “This is a historically large number of states to lose population in year.”

    Elections have consequences.

  • Knox Woods used to be my favorite town. I’ve gotten to travel so much more since NXIVM shut down officially.

    I’ll always be a faithful friend to all of them.

    • With a name like Emma Gerrd you must have acid reflux disease.

      Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is a digestive disorder that affects the ring of muscle between your esophagus and your stomach. This ring is called the lower esophageal sphincter (LES). If you have it, you may get heartburn

  • The walking tour can have a whole side business

    The 2:00 AM tour could have the puddle to drink out of

    The tree to run into

    The 500, 800 & 1000 DOS diet

    Stick on DOS brands

    Master / Slave DOS T-shirts

    It was my issue T-shirt

    The list can go on and one

  • Frank,

    Why aren’t these places demolished? Why aren’t these places taken down instead of sold – they expectedly are places where rapes and murder happened – why is it that they would be allowed to be sold in this manner? These are crime scenes.

    When the girls who were kidnapped and then found 12 years later, by their captives- they destroyed the house.

    Why would this not be the same for these homes and places?

    These are horrible memories for some folks. It would look like, these horrible issues would be handled by the courts. Is this NOT a factor in any of the factors in this case? Where is the law when you need them?

    Raniere had multiple women in these places, and it would look like the community would want these places gone. Is this NOT a factor? Why or why not?

  • Well, I have lived in Knoxwoods for 20 years. When I bought my place, it was a nice place to raise a family but since Keith took it over, it was never the same. Prices are now sky high. My condo has gone up in value and condos are selling for high prices and in 1 or 2 days on the market. It’s so crazy that there were 3 offers on one place. Does it really have to do with Keith being gone?

    • No….it is happening all over Clifton Park and Saratoga County. It’s a seller’s market right now and people are paying more than the value of homes.

    • Nope. Keith isn’t that significant.

      Rising housing costs is all due to the greedy money suppliers who answer to no government and their butt buddy bankers who have used COVID (which they created) as a cover so that they could print trillions of dollars (money created out thin air) to “consolidate” their control and power, part of which comes by annihilating competitors or so they can be “bought” on the cheap and so they can recoup any of their poor business investments. Of course, since they own significant stakes in the media, big business, think tanks, academia, governments via their control of puppet politicians, etc., which they keep “buying” with their scammed money created out of thin air (which they control), they can create the illusion that all of this is “necessary” when it just benefits their greedy selves. Of course, this drives up the cost of the stock market, mortgage securities, real estate, etc., when it’s just really hiding inflation in their “increase” of value which hurts mostly middle class and lower incomes, i.e., the majority of people. But people are too dumb nowadays being distracted by Hollywood stupidity and gladiator sports entertainment to actually see what’s going on.

  • Hey Frank,

    Can you please tell your moderators to stop censoring Patriot God and his fellow patriotic fans and friends?!

    You said that you weren’t going to censor him anymore and I haven’t seen him post anything for weeks!

    It seems like somebody is still holding him in a virtual prison by delaying his comments from being posted, half-ass posting them, or deliberately not posting them at all. Maybe I’m wrong and he’s just not posting anything, but please just tell all of your moderators not to do that just to be sure, please.


    #Free Patriot God & his fellow patriots of the If We Believe Campaign & There’s A Better Way Campaign

    • It could be sponsored by the drug Nexium because it causes the same reaction as Keith:

      What are the bad side effects of Nexium?

      Common Nexium side effects include headache and nausea.

      • I find the expression “The Purple Pill” particularly funny as another name for Nexium when thinking of NXIVM.


        Nexium (esomeprazole) is a prescription drug used to treat GERD, ulcers and other stomach acid-related conditions. It belongs to a class of drugs called proton pump inhibitors. Common Nexium side effects include headache and nausea. Serious side effects of Nexium include kidney damage and bone fractures.

        Nexium, also known by its generic name esomeprazole, is one of the most widely prescribed drugs for stomach-acid-related conditions in the United States. Americans may know the drug by its nickname, “The Purple Pill.”

        Nexium comes in several versions. It premiered as a prescription drug in 1989. Over-the-counter (OTC), generic and store brands followed.

        [ … ]

  • For those of you who only think about Corona, Christmas and presents, don’t forget that Kristin Kreuk’s birthday is 12/30/2021 and she will be 39 years old.

  • Ah, Knox Woods. If only this had been in the good old days, of torches and pitchforks. The good people of Independence, Missouri and Carthage, Illinois had a straightforward and energetic way of dealing with cult nuisance Joseph Smith. Admittedly, the Carthage mob got out of hand and hanged the bastard. The Missouri folks just ran him and his nutcake followers out of town.

    I can just see it… townsfolk besieging 8 Hale Drive… shattering glass… smoking torches… Keith driven out onto the lawn in his socks and tighty whities…tarred and feathered in the driveway…the lamentation of the women…

    A lot of crazy religious cults that began during the “Great Awakening” got their start in rural New York. Must be something in the water.

    • “The good people of Independence, Missouri and Carthage, Illinois had a straightforward and energetic way of dealing with cult nuisance Joseph Smith. Admittedly, the Carthage mob got out of hand and hanged the bastard.

      Such a fine specimen of an anticultist you are, AT.

      They didn’t hang Joseph Smith in the Carthage jail, they shot him through the bars of his cell.

      Ignorance and intolerance, stupidity and evil – these things often go together to create an anticultist.


      • Look! Someone has a PhD in googling Wikipedia. Impressive!

        You should start your own blog, I’m sure it will be a success. An executive success!

  • I prefer the walking tour to the bus tour. And Keith’s distinctive gait should be implemented as part of the tour. Maybe make us all bounce and prance around the neighborhood, as we get the lowdown on the historic filth that Knox Woods has to offer?

    • Nutjob, what additional crimes that occurred in Know Woods can you help identify and prosecute?

      Why are you focused on the silliness of Keith’s walk?

      Why change the subject from the serious to the ridiculous?

      • Oh I got a slew of crimes I’m just sitting on. Wait till the day I tell your pansy ass all about em. How’s your disease ridden cock?

      • Since our goalie apparently doesn’t appreciate Shakes The Clown humor, I’ll be nicer in reply #2 so I can avoid the redacting stick.

        Whatcha working on, Ms. Anon? Maybe I can add something to your big investigation. Tell us what YOU ARE focused on. New leads? Got some pending indictments to share? How can I help?

        • I think Anonymous thinks you’re like the Mike Rinder of NXIVM, Nutjob.

          You ran all the criminal shit for Keith for decades and now you’re refusing to spill.

        • The questions make you uncomfortable and highly reactive. Uncontrollably so. Frank had to reign you in.

          So you deflect away from your guilt. Just like Keith taught you. Are you still taking Shifter refresher courses via correspondence?

          What is it that has you running so scared? Photos on hard drives? Maybe you should take a page out of Suneel’s playbook and lay low for a while.

        • The anonymous commenter believes you are the Mike Rinder of NXIVM, with decades of running criminal activity for Keith and, like Rinder, you are doing everything you can to distract away and keep people from exposing it.


          • I’d like to leave a sarcastic comment about how you Pied Pipered these Scientology trolls to FR, but FR has Niceguy to roll out, so we’re not appearing to be much better…

            BTW, the commenter is correct. I was Keith’s wingman for decades and have dirty hands when it comes to everything. That’s exactly why I make fun of Keith’s gait – to distract the haters from my luck of slipping under the radar.

  • Wel,l if you’ve got lemons, make lemonade!
    If you’ve got sows’ ears, make silk purses.
    America was built on making profits out of tragedy.

    NXIVM now has its own Dance Party on Instagram.
    Bringing light to the darkest places sometimes means dancing outside a federal prison and sending Xs and Os to remind them they are not forgotten.

    And Nicki Clyne has a new Instagram page called The Nicki Clyne Show.


    1 post
    111 following
    The Nicki Clyne Show
    ⚡️Challenging narratives, one conversation at a time
    ⚡️Please subscribe to my YouTube channel

    • Desperately trying to gain some credibility, Nicki Slyme goes solo shaking her ass atop Suneel’s car, whilst dozens of prisoners spank it at their windows.

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Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

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Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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