Guardian-Ad-Litem Ensures ‘Worst Interest of the Child’ But Best Payday for Family Court Lawyers

Now the cat is out of the bag.

Judge Thomas Moukawsher has admitted that Connecticut Family Court is corrupt as all hell, a stinking cesspool that exists only to serve bottom-feeding lawyers and mental health therapists who plunder parents’ assets in custody disputes.

Judge Thomas Moukawsher

No one who knows the facts can argue that Judge Moukawsher is not right.

The judge said Family Court “isn’t serving the public interest very well….  Cases haven’t moved quickly enough- glacially in some instances….. In some cases, over-analysis by costly experts and guardians-ad-litem has unfairly delayed cases from getting decided or has even financially broken the parties with enormous expenses. Judges traditionally don’t police this aspect of a case, so it has too often gotten out of hand…,  Sometimes the lawyers tie up a case for years with frivolous motions, harassing discovery, and baseless accusations that divert the court in custody cases from where it should focus like a laser: on getting a decision about the best interests of the children.”

Yes, it is all about money and never about children.  And topmost of that laser focus of making money for lawyers is the corrupt system of appointing a guardian-ad-litem, a lawyer who is supposed to represent the best interest of the child, but is nevertheless a lawyer, who makes more money, the greater the conflict.

Bottom line: Whenever possible give primary custody of the children to the worse parent and the better parent will fight to protect the child.

Bottom line: When one parent has the money, please him but keep the conflict going.

Bottom line: Do not ever settle conflicts quickly or you will piss off everyone in the racket.

Bottom line: Please the one who referred you to the case; they know how to keep the conflict going.

Keith Harmon Snow


Journalist Keith Harmon Snow spent four months investigating corruption and trafficking of children and families in U.S. Family Courts.  In 2014 he testified before the Connecticut Task Force to Study Legal Disputes Involving the Care & Custody of Minor Children.  In 2015, he wrote The Worst Interests of the Child: The Trafficking of Children and Parents Through U.S. Family Courts

Here are some of his findings.

Pay particular attention to his points about the Guardians-ad-litem. [GAL]

Snow wrote, “The guardian ad litem serves a gatekeeper function placing lawyers in positions of power, manipulation and coercive control.”

“Corruption and judicial abuse is being perpetrated through GAL systems” and “unfounded accusations and outright lies–[are] leveled against the [protective parent] are repeated and perpetuated by other professionals…  on and on — until the original false accusations  [take] on lives of their own.”

He wrote, “The same names keep coming up as custody evaluators, psychologists and psychiatrists. The relationship between the GAL and custody evaluators is similar to the relationships between judges and attorneys.  No attorney wants to anger or alienate a judge, because they want to win cases, and so, generally, they do not defend their clients too vigorously.  Custody evaluators rely on guardians ad litem for recommendations and court appointments, and so they don’t in any way discourage or alienate these GAL lawyers.  One hand washes the other, and lucrative contracts are awarded to the custody evaluators.  The children do not matter.”

“Documents are packed with aberrant ‘facts’ fabricated by court-appointed professionals, twisted to fit the aberrant diagnoses that these court professionals relied on to perpetuate uncertainty, prolong their ‘professional’ client-patient relationships, by court order, enabling them to bill… hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

“Protective mothers in Connecticut have been slammed.”

“Connecticut courts conspire to assist GALs…. in abusing and denying the constitutional and human rights of protective mothers…  GALs have quasi-judicial powers allowing them to commit procedural crimes and threaten protective parents — it’s not just moms — with sanctions that include reductions in visitation rights with their children.  The decisions by these GALS have been rubber-stamped by the CT courts.”

GALs regularly make over $100,000 and sometimes as much as $300,000 in high conflict custody disputes.

Attorneys use their court position to favor contacts who would punish parents for trying to protect their children.

Most of the professionals…  brought onto the case are court-appointed custody evaluators, and willing adversaries against the protective parent.

In the Connecticut Court system the biggest offenders [show] up in one judicial abuse case after another .

“The problem of violence and judicial abuse in Family Courts would not be possible without the support of the Connecticut Department of Children and Families.  The DCF provides one of the portals through which massive U.S. Department of Health and Human Services funding is going. Like the judicial abuse, there are no serious checks and balances on the DCF system.”

Snow mentions among the most avaricious of the GALs, Jocelyn Hurwitz, of Cohen and Wolf., the GAL for Chris Ambrose.\, is among the topmost. She knows how to please the lawyers and mental health professionals who depend on high conflicts disputes for their livings.

Snow writes of another case where Hurwitz was the GAL: “Hurwitz did not present the evidence of Mr. Wilson’s destructive behavior to Dr. Robson or to the court, but instead kept it buried in her file. Hurwitz also did not correct Dr. Robson’s testimony or his report.  The evidence supported the complaints that Mrs. Wilson’s two girls had made against their father.

“The decision by Judge Richard Burke is fraught with irregularities. GAL Jocelyn Hurwitz violated CT state laws by faxing a copy of the full custody decision to the officials at the school attended by the two children in Darien CT, prior to it being a final decision.”

Jocelyn Hurwitz, GAL. Attorney from Cohen & Wolfe has more than `187,000 reasons to make sure the Ambrose children do not see their mother.

“This scandal is one of the most important censored stories in our country today,” writes Lundy Bancroft, author of Why Does He Do That?: Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men.

Garland Waller, the producer of No Way Out But One said, “I might not believe what Mr. Snow has written if I had not independently investigated two dozen cases…  and found ample evidence of the precise dynamics [Snow] lays out…. It is a national scandal that family courts systematically fail to protect children from physical and/or sexual abuse by a predatory parent. What is equally scandalous is the silence of the mainstream media to cover the issue…”

The point is Family Court is about money — all about money. Only money.  Family Court has no accountability and absolute control.
Most of the time, if there is money involved, and there is a protective parent and an abuser, the child is given to the abuser for this ensures the protective parent will keep on fighting and continue the billing cycle for the GAL, the attorneys and the mental health experts.
Judge Moukawsher said, “over-analysis by costly experts and guardians-ad-litem has unfairly delayed cases from getting decided or has even financially broken the parties with enormous expenses. Judges traditionally don’t police this aspect of a case, so it has too often gotten out of hand”
You bet judge. It is out of hand. Now it is time to reign these rascals in, cut them off and provide what truly is in the best interest of the children – which can never be a rapacious attorney dependent on billable hours.
Jocelyn ‘Wolf’ Hurwitz
Beware of that smile: The wolf of Cohen and Wolf – Jocelyn Hurwitz – she’ll eat your children for breakfast, fully masticating them and you too. Think thrice before you agree to appoint her as guardian ad litem.

Marie White’s painting of Jocelyn Hurwitz

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  • Please help me. I have an innocent 6 month old baby boy. The father is abusive and very wealthy and lives out of state. He hired the biggest most connected law firm that has the AFC / Gal in their back pocket, everything they want the attorney for the child says yes too. Please please help me!!! Help my baby boy. I have no clue what to do.

  • I am currently awaiting appeal of judgement from my custody case in NC. We have had 50/50 joint custody for over 13years. It has been a high-conflict case. I filed the court motion petitioning the court for full-custody. My ex-husband introduced a GAL to the case. After 2-yrs of litigation, the Judge awarded primary custody to my ex-husband of our 15-year-old child. The basis of judgement, the GAL recommended that the child should live with Dad. That’s it. The GAL’s recommendations were NOT based on abuse of any kind, rather she stated BOTH are good homes, and there’s NO suspected abuse or evidence of abuse, but the girl should live with her dad. But there is abuse and alienating behaviors from the father & his current spouse towards my daughter. On that day, my world flipped upside down. I lost my daughter because someone was paid. Of course I fit the description of the “protective” mother. There’s no way I can stop fighting for my rights and the rights of my daughter.

    • I have had a corrupt situation happen to me in Wake County (North Carolina). I need to talk to several of you on here to compare notes and get help, if possible. The GAL has displayed very obvious corruption.


  • I think this is the most accurate report of GALs I have ever read. Mine is in the 14th circuit of SC where my ex’s college roommate is an attorney “working for” Alex Murdaugh and his family…

    Murdaughs also “take care of the police” so that when ex and new wife burned the house down the day after her car was registered on the HHI plantation, the police did not write a report, refer to evaluate for arson, and refused to let SLED investigate when I contacted them.

    Would you be willing/able to talk with me in the hopes of getting this word out?

    • Dee Dee, we have the same name but spelled differently. I live in North Carolina as well. We have been the victims of GAL abuse in Wake County. I stumbled across this article and, wow, can I relate to a lot that is being said.

  • Incredibly interesting topic – look forward to hearing more. The quote that really grabbed me was the admission that judges do not police over-billing and abusive practices by attorneys. This is so, so true – and its at the heart of many of these issues. Even judges who are not corrupt are willing to allow almost any amount of horsing around by lawyers.

  • The GAL should be held accountable and sued! The Connecticut Courts should also be held accountable! This whole thing is absurd! The term “in the best interest of the children” is something the Connecticut courts don’t believe at all! A mother should NEVER be kept from her children. Supervised visits should be the absolute worst case. In addition, not listening to the children…especially, in the potential cases for abuse, should NEVER be silenced!

    I can’t wait for all these Connecticut frauds to fall hard!

    • Totally agree with you Scott!

      I’m astonished this is even possible! Where is the government?

      Does Connecticut not have a ministry of children services? Is this maybe just a Canadian thing?

      In Canada, the children would have been taken by authorities, away from both parents, and both, most likely, would have received visitation.

      There would not be one single lawyer appointed to the kids. They would have entire teams behind them to help protect their best interests.

      Connecticut sounds like a horrible place to be a child and I hope all these disgusting people who treat the suffering of children like a payday get back all the pain they’ve caused, and that it be multiplied!

      Their behavior is revolting.

  • CT family court is corrupt like every other court in America. You mention trial by jury which is meaningless. Jurors don’t know anything about following their conscience.
    Until jurors wake up, judges in CT can get away with anything.

    • Two grown sons. It doesn’t matter if you have kids or not when you’re a sadist, which these people are. Jocelyn’s history is documented and known. She let two girls– Sandra MacVicar vs Bugsy– be abused by their father. She was a special education teacher also, and raised her girls. The father an attorney– same as Ambrose. Jocelyn buried all the evidence, and delivered her girls to sole custody of the father– Ultimately, it was revealed evidence of abuse was buried, but DCF refused to ever legally return custody to the mother. It’s a money making game. Kids are bought.
      Jocelyn Hurwitz is highly sought by lawyers in CT because she knows how to control the narrative, has connections with the cottage industry of psychologists who play the game– and she’s protected for the money she extracts as she destroys the healthy parent, and destroys mother-child bonds. Keith Harmon Snow uncovered it. It’s permitted in family court. NO FINDINGS OF BEING AN UNFIT PARENT EXIST IN ANY OF THESE CASES! Her contract violates CT laws! It’s condoned by the judges.

  • Looking out for Jocelyn Hurwitz – she is definitely the devil. Wonder where she lives in CT. Getting sick of these money-hungry lawyers – not sure if this was the goal of their [redacted]

  • This is all happening to me too and it’s been going on for 9 years! I am a great mom and I’m being robbed of my children and savings. My case is out of Massachusetts and I live in New Hampshire

    • It’s a silent epidemic that plagues family courts throughout the US. The evidence is there. People don’t want to look at it because it’s impossible to believe our own government would permit such a scam– sacrificing childhoods and destroying parental bonds. It’s child abuse — by our own government!
      Some states are worse than others, but the pattern is the same. National media WILL NOT cover it. Why is that? CT media will not report on family courts. The Judiciary sees to it, that it does not happen. Public exposure is the only way.

    • Six years so far in my Massachusetts case. No one in government seems to care that women and children are being abused legally, not only by their former partners, but also by the court system. There are enough of us out here who are angry, broke, and heartbroken, and we’re doing this alone. We would do better if we banded together.

  • Keith Harmon Snow’s investigation proved the sadistic abuse of children by Jocelyn Hurwitz and conspirators. GAL Hurwitz took two girls from a protective mother– they both expressed their father was abusive, but as with the Ambrose case and MANY others, Jocelyn Hurwitz manipulates and controls all the players– custody evaluators, therapists, DCF– all of it. Same players. A decade has passed and Jocelyn Hurwitz is protected by the courts and Cohen & Wolf. Sue Cossineau, Candace Fay… the list of criminal GALs is known.

    How many childhoods must be destroyed before the federal government puts an end to this racketeering? Where is Tong? Lamont? Anyone? Too busy counting your share of the profits? Child trafficking — Keith Harmon Snow nailed it. Nothing changed. Criminals rule CT. No CT news stations will EVER cover these stories. CT Family courts have that covered too–

    Keep writing until these heathens are exposed and charged as the criminals they are.

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