Is Transgenderism a Vicious Cult Targeting Children? – A Mother’s Story

By Charlie Jacobs

The transgender ideology is a worldwide cult that has no one leader that can be conquered, prosecuted and jailed.  Its methods of obtaining disciples are varied and multiplying. Donning a face mask, keeping a distance of 6 feet apart, or getting a couple jabs in the arm will not prevent this epidemic from invading your neighborhood, family or friends. Gender ideology is the new religion and it is so powerful that it tricks people into paying to remove their own body parts without promises of everlasting life. It’s an insidious brainwashing scheme that kills softly with a tinge of compassion like all successful cults do. The feel good and the wrongness are so intertwined that both the victim and the perpetrator feel euphoric about the harm that is being exacted. Like all cults, youth and the mentally vulnerable people are the initial intended victims, sex – deviant sex – is involved, and of course, money and power.

Let’s meet some of the prey first, shall we?  Let’s start with the adolescent girls, who live in modern age of voyeurism.  The age where nothing is real unless it is posted.  Success is measured by the number of likes, or followers acquired. Have a question, forget your “Ok Boomer” parents, “Karen-moms”, or ill-informed privileged parents – ask the internet people.  They are always there when you need them, even if it’s 3:00 a.m.  They never say that you are wrong or question any outrageous suppositions.  “You be you”, “Be your truth” and “No one can deny your feelings” are the mantras. Their opinions are the ones that matter in this modern age.

It was no shock to parents to learn that the average high school and college student is more anxious than a child psychiatric patients in the 1950s.  A 2019 report found that over the period of 2009-2017 (when smart phones became ubiquitous), major depression, suicidal thoughts, suicidal attempts and completed suicides increased by 47% in children ages 12 years old to 13 years old), 60% in the 14-17 year old population and 46% in the 18 to 21 year old group.  Many parents already knew firsthand of that harm of Instagram, Snapchat and Tiktok before Francis Haugen, the Facebook whistle blower came forward with reports of known mental health harms to kids.  Parents knew the unbelievable connection between Tourette’s Syndrome and TikTok.

Despite knowing the insidious pull of online life over reality, I was not prepared for that day in August of 2020 when my daughter announced that “she” was a “he”.  I now had another son, she stated.

The Back Story

My husband and I both come from tight and stable families. Both sets of grandparents have been married for over 50 years. My immediate family is Irish Catholic with the typical large sibling pool.  I grew up with a mix of liberal and conservative sentiment. My husband’s family, although atheistic, has the same moral fabric shared by all mainstream religions.  In the late 1990s, we both left our home states for California to imbibe in the dot-com era, although neither of us are in that field.

By all accounts, we were the stereotypical family – two kids – a boy and a girl – and a dog, living in the suburbs of a large metropolitan area.  My advanced degree permitted the flexibility to go and in and out of the workforce so that I could be an involved parent. Our kids went to the local public schools, where I volunteered in the classroom, ran fundraisers, and knew all of the teachers more than just by name.  I spent so much time at the school that I received the volunteer of the year award.

Our kids played local sports and did afterschool activities, music lessons, art and alike.  From all accounts, we were a pretty perfect family.  We held off on purchasing video consoles and smart phones for our kids until age 11 to the chagrin of our kids.  We banned Instagram until 8th grade, and checked their phones regularly.  We congratulated ourselves in our fortitude. We were blissfully naïve.

We did not know that the cult had already made its way into our school.  Heck, we did not know that the cult even existed.  We thought that we were well-read but we did not know that we were reading only one side of the story on gender. The New York Times, NPR, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Atlantic and the PBS News Hour hid the cult.

The cult obtained my daughter sometime between 7th grade and the winter of 8th grade.  It was a slow burn; baby steps towards full blown indoctrination.

If one were to pick a stereotypical girl to describe, my daughter would have fit the bill. She had no desire to share in her brother’s games, trucks, dinosaurs, Legos or any sporty toys despite their closeness in age.  Her joy was dressing and undressing her Barbies and dolls, placing her Shopkins™ in little grocery carts, playing tea and dressing up in the most outrageously sparkly attire.

Her collection of Big Eyed stuffed animals was legendary.  I was her foil; in that I grew up playing mostly masculine sports with my brothers.  I was routinely mistaken for a boy until I was 14.  Undoubtedly, my daughter’s girlie-ness was self-created, and her bliss.

My daughter thrived in elementary school. She was well-adjusted, made friends easily, and did well in school.  Things started to change in 6th grade.  She started having phantom stomach aches. A couple times a month, I would be called to pick her up mid-school day for a clearly feigned illness.  Her friend group changed constantly.  One day a friend would be in and another day, she would be out.  While I was concerned, I remembered that at the same time in my life, my girlfriend groups were often disrupted.  There were lots of petty fights, cruel gossiping and meanness.

Heading into 7th grade, my daughter’s friend group continued to be almost entirely girls but the composition of the close friends shifted to be more of the fringe group.  Gone were the friends with solid parents with similar parenting styles to ours.  Her new posse consisted of girls with estranged relationships with the divorced dad, single parent homes, girls whose parents gave them full reign and permitted them to wear crop tops and cleavage showing shirts. Most of these new friends had therapist or were on some mental health medicine.  I shifted how I parented to make sure that my house was the locale for hangouts and sleepovers. I kept tight tabs on my daughter’s social activities, always being the driver especially on weekend nights, unsure of the sobriety of some of the parents.

I eventually banned some of the girls, especially the ones who were a couple years older than my daughter.  One was too risqué in dress and I had caught them direct messaging through a google document to obviate my “spying” on my daughter’s texts.  They were communicating with some “boy” from another state who was talking about how he raped someone.  The other banned friend was clearly in love with my daughter.  This one I learned a couple years later had inappropriately touched my daughter without her consent. I knew that there was something wrong with her, but trying not be a snoot, I let the friendship go on too long. I should have barred all of these new alternative kids from my daughter’s life, but I wanted to follow in my mother’s footsteps and keep an open door for all kids.

Seventh grade was also the year that my daughter copied the style of whoever was her best friend of the moment. If her friend had pink hair, she wanted pink hair.  If her friend wore overalls; she wanted overalls.  This mimicking is all normal adolescent development.

The indoctrination of the cult begins a hardcourt press.

Sometime in 7th grade the Puberty and Teen Talk occurred at her public school. Thinking that the talk was the basic “bird and the bees” discussion, we did not opt her out of the lessons.  Another irreversible parent-mistake.  The sex education class was taught by an outside vendor. This company is part of the cult. They have easy marks at the ready, and are even paid for their propaganda.  These wolves in sheep clothing, introduce their eager students to made up language and the cute gender breadman or colorful unicorn spewing lies about a separate essence in the brain called “gender” which is different than sex.  The instructor uses newly-minted words and mixes the kids up.  Nonsensical terms are thrown around.  Of course, the 11 and 12-year-old students believe what their teacher is saying.  This person is the expert.

Post class, my daughter and her group of girlfriends sat on my front lawn discussing their labels.  Each of the five girls chose a moniker other than “cis”.  A couple girls stated that they were lesbians.  One was agender, deciding that she was not interested in sex as a 12-year-old.  My daughter, always an inclusive kid, chose lesbian and pansexual.  I was baffled at the discussion that I was hearing.

By viewing my daughter’s text messages, I learned that she was “dating” her best friend.  This girlfriend was boy crazy so this confused me.

The kid also had a very checked family life – mom was 10-15 years younger than the average mom of a 7th grader, was living with her boyfriend, had a new job every 4 months or so, and sometimes forgot to pick her daughter up.  I did not really believe that they are an item, but decided that after the label discussion and this “girlfriend” status if my daughter was truly same sex-attracted, I better learn how to parent her.  I wanted to ensure that she felt loved and supported, regardless of inherent sexual attraction.

Off I went to the school-sponsored parent class on sexuality.  I am unsure whether it was the same company as the one who presented Teen Talk but I would wager it was.  The first hour was spent listing all of the stereotypical characteristics of men and women.  The finale of the discussion was to place Barbie at one end of a line and GI Joe on the other.

The two effeminate men who were teaching the class stated that unless you are a Barbie or a GI Joe, you were on the gender spectrum.  Huh? My critical brain went on overdrive.

“But no one is Barbie or GI Joe,” I stated.

“Right, that’s why we are all on the spectrum.”

“So, we are all trans?”

“Well, yes, you could say that.  We will answer all of your other question after our presentation.”

We were handed a sheet showing some 46 gender labels.

There they was: gayboy, demiboy, pansexual, non-binary, cis normative, gaygirl, lesbian, agender, …

The instructors picked a few easy ones to define.  What was the difference between gaygirl and lesbian I asked myself.  Is anybody buying this bs? I looked around.  The audience was riveted.

The instructors told us to introduce ourselves to the people around us using our preferred pronouns. We were told that this should be repeated whenever we introduce ourselves to a child regardless of age, and we should ask for theirs.

My hand shot up. I didn’t wait to be called on.  “But wait a second, I spent the most part of my children’s lives teaching them to just ‘be’ – be themselves, accept themselves, what they like and don’t like, why are we labeling kids? This does not make sense, and second, why on earth would we out a kid?  No one needs to know what sex I find attractive at introduction.  They just need my name”.

Dagger eyes shot at me from all directions.  I was persona non grata.  I was told no more questions until the end of the presentation. Not surprisingly, time ran out for questions and the two scurried out of there before I could get any answers.

This presentation was so stupid no one in the audience, the teachers, girl scout troop leaders, coaches and other parents could buy this.  But I was the insipid one. The groundwork for the cult was being laid down in plain sight by a California public school presentation.

During the spring of 7th grade, my daughter’s girlfriend, now ex-girlfriend, introduced my daughter to cutting.  My daughter tried it, was caught by another friend who reported to the school.  We retained a therapist.  This therapist concluded after three 45-minute sessions that my daughter had ADHD, and of course, told her that.

No assessment was performed, no interviews with her teachers occurred and no discussion with me was had before this diagnosis.  When queried about how she reached that diagnosis, the social worker stated that my daughter was sitting upside on her chair and super amped during the last session. Ah, you mean the Valentine’s Day session before which the school delivered to the students all of the candygrams which consisted of pixie sticks.  Might the fact that she ate pure sugar before her session have affected your visual diagnosis.  We fired her.

Our daughter was angry, not because of the termination, since she said that she cut once and only did to be like her friend.  Our daughter was angry because we didn’t believe the diagnosis.  You see, her friend group all had mental health diagnosis and she wanted one too, to go along with the pansexual label.  The more labels one has, the higher one is in the cult.

The rest of 7th grade was filled with an obsession with Anime and Cosplaying.  She had voraciously read Anime graphic books.  I read some of them and did not understand the attraction.  She moved between sewing female anime character’s costumes to sewing ultra-feminine male anime character’s costumes.  She asked for a breast binder to more accurately portray her characters.  I thought nothing of it.  I was naïve.

I took her to a mid-day Anime convention on an old naval ship.  She and her friend spent hours getting ready.  To me, it was an absolute nerd-fest, tantamount to the Trekkie conventions of my generation.  She spent most of her free time creating costumes. I thought her skill and creativity was amazing.  Little did I know that I was pushing her towards the cult.

The summer between 7th and 8th grade was filled with incongruent behavior.  She would wear a string bikini and makeup one day, and then next wear ripped black jeans and a boy’s oversized sweatshirt with military boots, dependent entirely on which friend she was with. She was obviously deciding who she wanted to be – Emo – or pretty young girl. One thing was sure though, she became sullen and hard to be around.  She started cursing and talking back, breaking every family rule with abandon.  I chalked it up to puberty.

For Christmas, I gave her a weekend at the SacAnime convention.  She and two friends, who were sisters, would share an adjoining hotel room with me. The morning of the first day, the girls spent close to four hours getting ready.  False eye lashes, knee socks, brushing out wigs.  The three girls were all female characters and looked stunningly adorable.  I dropped them at the convention, stayed a while to watch all of the creatively costumed people walk by.  The Incredibles were there, a person with a TV for a head, and Star War characters.  It all looked harmless.  I was naïve.

The girls made a new friend and invited her to dinner with us.  I asked to confirm that her mom was ok with this plan.  She complied.  This 16-year-old girl was engaging and one of the few of my daughter’s friends who looked into my eyes when she spoke.  She was clearly highly intelligent and confident. She was quirky.  She went by “they”.  I let her stay overnight with the other three girls.  I replay that night like a broken record in my head with a different response.  She was the salesperson – the hook – for the cult.

My daughter’s introduction to the cult was complete.

[…. to be continued. Readers comments are welcome.]


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  • I’m a woman w a CHECKERED past, btw. N I don’t appreciate the judgment. BUT – I have no intention of allowing these freaks to get anywhere near my children. I will be protecting their innocence at all costs. I don’t care if I’m called a bigot. They can go ahead n judge me. Just like you did.

  • I hope this mother gets jailed, she is doing domestic violence to the kid. This is disgusting, no matter if the kid is straight or not

  • John Nash won a Nobel prize for creating what is the standard for modern economic theory – that war is the basis of peace. Only through competitive free for alls, is the market free. Feminine altruism is this economic theory’s nemesis. Now we don’t have mothers, we have birthing people. We don’t have women, we have cis females, who are rather dull compared to their glittery mermaid counterparts.

    “It’s called male violence, aggression, entitlement.” 4:07 – a trans man is detransitioning and states trans women are – “calling transmen shrimp penis and fish taco” Men are ‘better than’ women, don’t even try.

    Advertising pharmaceuticals makes people think they’re sick. No different than advertising gender fluidity.

    ‘Disease mongering and drug marketing’

    ‘Drug ads can persuade people they’re sick, researcher says’

    • One is a graphic novel. Should schools ban Superman so that kids aren’t “indoctrinated” into believing that they can fly?

      Banning books is so old timey.

      Everything is available online. Everything.

      And it’s far, far, more explicit then these 2 examples.

  • RE My Opinion & What I Agree with:

    The following individuals opinions reflect how I feel about this article’s subject matter:

    November 22, 2021 at 12:44 pm

    November 22, 2021 at 1:16 am

    * Anonymous 
November 22, 2021 at 7:26 am

    Not how gender & sexuality work.
    November 22, 2021 at 12:21 pm

    • @NiceGuy, consider reading or listening to Trans by Helen Joyce. It condenses the issue for the beginner and many have found it beneficial in understanding a complicated issue.

      You keep comparing sexual orientation to identity. The reason you keep doing that, and many others like yourself, is because Gender Identity has been marketed that way. It’s a movement that requires a Cuckoo Bird technique applied to women’s rights and gay rights, movements based on material reality, not ideology. These are inherent characteristics, they aren’t related to identity, which is a malleable changeable state of being.

      I assumed you were old enough to remember the conservative Christian fundamentalists using your current arguments to explain sexual orientation. It was their position that homosexuality was an identity, changeable, malleable. Which supported their attempts at gay conversion therapy. Do you remember that? That’s where “born that way” came from? Sexual orientation is inherent, that’s why dementia patients don’t forget they’re gay, but they do forget they have a trans identity.

      It’s homophobic to say that homosexuality is an identity, that’s what the gay liberation movement fought for decades. The confusion here is purposeful, by those who have marketed this equivalence to gain confused acceptance.

      There is no scientific evidence that supports this ideology, only manufactured junk science provided by the profiteers themselves. Much like the manufacture of junk science for Big Tobacco and Climate Denial, same model of fraud.

      After you read Trans by HJ, go to one of her sources, 11th Hour Blog by Jennifer Bilek. It won’t make as much sense until you understand the foundation of the issue. And you don’t.

      I think you would benefit from investing the time. The lawsuits are just getting started, this issue is going to be at the forefront for the next several years. Why? Detransitioners and historical class-action fraud prosecution.

  • But… WHY?

    There are people alleging this kind of thing about schools all over the internet.

    Personally, I did my own research in 3 school districts where these allegations were being made. None of them panned out to be true.

    In that specific case, there was nothing to substantiate the hysterical claims being made found in any material in any grade in any school in THOSE specific districts.

    The fears about this kind of gender/sex-ed curricula were unfounded in this instance. But the rumours still persist and are repeated.

    None of the people (who turned out to be tied to political candidates and campaign fundraising groups) could ever answer the question… WHY? Why would this be happening? To what end? Who benefits?

    So #1, the accusations of these particular schools pushing a gay or trans agenda were baseless.

    #2. Who benefits from (the alleged) LBGTQ. Push? *

    #3 If it’s not just in schools and is a “cult” throughout all of society – how is this all coordinated and who is the cult leader?

    *Before you flippantly say “the left,” that doesn’t explain Caitlyn Jenner. And not all LGBTQ are lefties. Plus, Jenner is way too old to have been “indoctrinated” through the current system

    Who ultimately benefits from this “cult”?

      • Actually, I’ve seen it in the media, though depending on your point of view

        Decades ago I had an academic internship in Germany and was put up in a dorm run by the Catholic church. All the bathrooms were completely gender-neutral, just with private stalls – even the showers. I found it refreshingly practical and egalitarian. Don’t forget, we’re probably all accustomed to gender-neutral clusters of portable toilets.

        There’s not necessarily anything wrong with gender-neutral bathrooms, including removing urinals so that they can be made more inclusive and flexible (eliminating the common problem of females ending up waiting in line while males don’t, because designers have gotten the balance wrong). I would agree that some of the impetus behind it is a bit faddish at the moment, but that’s life in this imperfect world.

        • Agree, anonymaker. Germans and most of Europe have a more open mind. I’ve been to Germany, and women attendants are in the mens room. Even schools are gender neutral.

          But somehow that’s not what we’re talking about here….

    • There is no Caitlyn Jenner. Bruce Jenner is a guy in a dress. Many today do this schtick for attention. No matter what he wears or how much makeup is applied, he is still male. Sleeping in my garage won’t make me into a car.

  • My belief is that sex-based rights matter. I have a right to my beliefs, from my lived experience as an adult human female, that women don’t have male genitalia, and that we do not have to be silenced and shamed for our words, beliefs and actions in support of our girls and women’s sex based rights?

    Intact males do not belong in our female sports, prisons, or exposing themselves to our vulnerable teen girls in public spaces such as public schools, change rooms in spas….thanks for pointing out how our children are being preyed upon by wolves in sheep civil rights suits.

    Two words. Home schooling.

    A grandmother I know had to use FOIA requests to get access to materials being taught in our public school district since the 2018 Washington state voters approved a comprehensive sex education curriculum, but now the voters can’t be allowed to see what the teachers are actually using to teach our children? I believe she has published this information but I don’t have it at my fingertips, I shall see if I can get her permission to share. What’s with the secrecy?

  • While it’s unclear exactly where this story is going, the sensational wording makes it clear we’re not going to get a very objective accounting.

    Also, physiological women have chosen to live their lives as men since time immemorial – such as those who fought as (male) soldiers in the Revolutionary and Civil wars (like Jennie Hodgers aka Private Albert Cashier, distinct from others who just passed temporarily such as to be with their husbands). It’s not a new phenomenon simply caused by things like Instagram and TikTok.

    • Personally, I could care less who pees next to me. Go to car shows and concerts and plays and women are standing in line at Mens room because the line moves faster.

      The issue here is indoctrinating kids.

      Women, btw, dressed up as soldiers because they weren’t allowed to fight. Sexism. Different issue.

      • How weak is the parenting and the identity of the child to become “indoctrinated” by the slightest exposure?

        For hundreds of years in popular culture, pretty much every religion, politics, society, education, music, media, medicine, television, jobs, sports, the military, family, advertising, psychiatry, film and everything else has sought to “indoctrinate” all humans toward being hetero normative. And gender conforming.

        How has that worked out?

        Hint. Hint. There were still LGBTQ folks.

        Wouldn’t there have been only heterosexual people historically if that’s really how sexuality worked? Through “indoctrination”?

        Same with gender identity.

        If we don’t talk about it, then it won’t happen is not how being gay or trans is “combated” if that is what you really seek to prove.

        Your understanding of these things is NOT HOW gender and sexuality manifest. Refusing to understand that simple reality is causing such unnecessary gay panic and transphobia and fear.

        If you are gay or transgender, you ARE.

        No male cuts their d×ck off because they heard a teacher say a line in a health class about not bullying people who are different.

        Ask yourself. “What would it take for me to change my gender identity”? To undertake surgery and hormone replacement? To live with being stigmatized and cast out?

        If the answer is “Nothing. Nothing would cause me to change my gender identity”.

        Then you can maybe understand my point.

        You cannot shield your child from reality and social media even if you home school.

        But most of all you cannot change WHO your child is on the inside.

      • I cited Jennie Hodgers as a case of a physiological female who lived as a man both before and after their military service; unlike some, she and others didn’t cross-dress just to serve.

        And I cited military cases because they’re the best known ones. As a fan of local history, I can tell you that over the centuries and across the country, there have been many cases of physiological females who lived their lives as males, and only were found out when an accident or infirmity caused their anatomy to be revealed – and given that as in Jennie Hodgers’ case, sympathetic individuals helped keep their secrets even when uncovered, probably many more were eulogized and buried as men than we will ever know about.

        That all makes the point that not only is it hardly a new phenomenon, but such individuals (as well as physiological men passing as women) have always felt compelled to do so, even in eras when it was not only supported or popular, but when it risked derision and even punishment.

        And unfortunately, our schools have always indoctrinated kids – including in things that go against their nature, like writing only with the right hand. Perhaps the pendulum is just swinging back on its way more towards the center.

        • “Perhaps the pendulum is just swinging back on its way more towards the center.”

          When, in education did we teach that FEMALES HAVE A PENIS? When?

          That is not a swing towards the center, that is a swing toward MASS PSYCHOSIS of delusion, and the falsehoods promoted by gender ideology that are harming children.

          There is no such thing as a “child born in the wrong body”…..

          There ARE harmful sex stereotypes behind this ideology. And, a lot of moolah.

          Perhaps you can address the issues in this blog?

        • Yes. And for many years, men and young boys dressed as women to depict female characters on stage.

          More than one Shakespeare play features cross-dressing (an actor pretending to be a woman pretending to be a man).

          It did not cause mass panic or mass gender confusion.

          People have gotten so fragile.

    • I’m confused. Did we read the same article? I read the story of a very involved parent that took the time to educate herself about every aspect her daughter was experiencing. I read a story about a mother that ensured her child had healthy boundaries while trying to give her the space to explore who she is and grow. That’s what parents are supposed to do. The objectiveness is hitting you over the head. What I don’t see is the lockstep nonsensical slogans that consist of rationalizations based on nothing more than repeated propaganda. A game of misinformation telephone.

      Women throughout history have had to disguise themselves as men in order to move through the world. For their safety and survival. Are you under the impression that these women thought they were really men? No, that’s a modern incarnation driven by discarded philosophies that were then adopted by the corporate interests that profit from this cult. The idea is not so dissimilar, in that sexism and disguising prey to escape predators plays a role in the historical references and to young girls today that exist in a violent porn sick culture, in which top porn results are used to define women’s identity and role in our culture.

      Besides camouflaging one’s self to evade predators, they aren’t remotely the same thing. The modern incarnation is driven by a 6 trillion dollar industry, with multinational corporations driving the ideology, selling the sickness and the cure. Do you know what that industry needs in order to profit? More children’s bodies to alter permanently, so they’re dependent on their products for a lifetime.

      Historically, some lesbians disguised themselves as men to pass and move through the world unnoticed. Why did they do that? Much has been written on the subject of the women you mentioned, and their reasons are laid bare. Lesbians aren’t men. No surgery or pharmaceuticals are required to be a lesbian. The desire to put a heteronormative veneer on a lesbian to appear male is a self-loathing act of shame and sometimes it’s an act of camouflage to escape the hammer of exploitation, fetishization and ridicule. As has been mentioned by whistleblowers for Gender Clinics, including Tavistock in the UK, parents are bringing their gay children in for “sex reassignment” out of their own shame and homophobia in having a gay child. Transition is the new gay conversion therapy, and this mother is fighting it.

      I am the parent of a lesbian, who knew very early on, and raised her to accept herself. She was raised in a very liberal environment without the boundaries that Charlie is describing. I thought I had it right too: you do the very best you can and hope for the best. I raised my own daughter to accept herself from a very early age and that still didn’t make her immune, because she was exposed to the exact same school programs and culture that Charlie’s daughter seemed to experience as well. My daughter flirted with this culture, but we don’t have the income to participate in this cult, and that likely saved her. She grew out of it, but not before being assaulted by a man that one of the other “lesbians” brought into the group. Men aren’t lesbians, but the top porn search results will tell you that they’re the favorite prey of straight men to conquer. The Cotton Ceiling is what men who say they’re lesbians are preventing them from accessing lesbians. It’s rape culture.

      • The only thing I will ever agree with you is on people who are gender fluid and change the sexuality multiple times a day.

        I don’t think it’s possible to change your sexuality by the hour.

        • It’s never possible to change your sex, there are over 5,000 differences between men and women, right down to our DNA. Sex is determined at conception, how you decorate yourself once you’re out is “gender”. You can express gender any way you want, but adopting your favorite stereotypes about the opposite sex, getting plastic surgery and taking hormones only creates a sexist veneer. Like blackface, except womanface is currently in fashion. The bigotry is normalized.

      • So it is your belief that it is big pharma who benefits in this “cult”?

        You wrote about a 6 trillion dollar industry. But did not explicitly name the medical field.

        I appreciate your answer on this specific part of “the cult” because I truly do want to understand your point of view.

        Thanks for engaging in a respectful exchange.

        And for any further information clarifying who you think stands to benefit from it.

          • So, this is a political issue for you?

            How on earth are these “rich white men” able to “cult” every aspect of society as laid out in the original post? Genuinely curious.

            How much money can anyone conceivably make off of a really small percentage of teens who are trans?

            And making money is super easy. Especially if you are a rich white man whom the link states is behind this “trans-formation” of children.

            Why such a convoluted, ineffective and controversial plan as converting children to trans gender (not really possible. But let us accept this premise for the sake of discussion)?

            It’s very high risk and low reward as far as a money-making scheme.

            Again, I appreciate the open, civil discourse.

            Thank you.

          • PS: There is a political dimension to life. The Equality Act is pushed by Dems and Biden, to elevate gender identity over women’s sex-based rights is political erasure of females. That political?

            Regards the article about the money behind the gender ideiology. Did you read Jennifer Bilek’s article, “Who Are The Rich White Men Behind Gender Ideology?”…..please do, and Follow The Money with castrating and sterilizing our children for an inner invisible belief adults groomed them to believe.

  • “Choosing” your gender before puberty is like buying a car before you can drive. Completely bogus. If you have a penis, you’re a guy. If not, a woman. Don’t complicate things.

  • It seems to me that in this country the pendulum swings back and forth – and we can be prone to extremes.

    It wasn’t all that long ago (the ‘good old days’) that schools treated left-handed persons as deviant and tried to force them to be right-handed – based in part on implementing religious ideology about good and evil, and sometimes enforced with humiliation and physical punishment of helpless children. Now, of course, we understand that some people are innately that way, and others are even ambidextrous – it’s not simply black and white, and it has nothing to do with good versus bad.

  • RE This Article:

    Two things:

    1. Teaching sexual identity politics in public school is wrong. Basics like heterosexual or gay is one thing, BUT public school does not exist to push ideologies.
    Religion and gender identities don’t belong in public school.

    2. Charlie Jacobs, your daughter is clearly a lesbian. You should love her unconditionally. Don’t blame her or school. No one chooses to be gay anymore than we choose to heterosexual.
    Love your daughter! You chose to bring her into this world. She didn’t choose to come into it. You owe her. She does owe you. Love your daughter!

    • Loopy Guy wrote:

      “Charlie Jacobs, your daughter is clearly a lesbian. You should love her unconditionally. Don’t blame her or school. No one chooses to be gay anymore than we choose to heterosexual.”

      You think you can tell this mother that her own adolescent daughter is a ‘lesbian’ after reading this one article? And then give a mother advice about how to treat her own daughter based on your loopy and baseless conclusion?

      Stick to your own daughter. Your expertise in child-rearing has yet to be tested.

      And stop drinking. You’re not good at it.


      • Alanzo-

        —Stop Drinking.

        I’m Irish, drinking is ingrained in my culture.

        —You’re loopy.

        I’m loopy and you’re loony. I’m not the one getting chased around by imaginary organizations. OSA is simply a public relations organization. According to you Mike Rinder is liar….. What’s the truth Aloonzo?

        —You can’t give advice.

        I dispense unwanted advice. You pontificate ad nauseam.

        I’m telling a mother to love her child with unconditional love. You shoot bile out your mouth about the BS meaning of words, because you read one Philosophy book and it happened to be Plato. Christ, can you imagine, if you had read some Derek Parfit.

        —Stick to kids

        I don’t have any kids. I’m nuts – I’m not crazy. My wife and I have a wonderful dog. Do you have any children or pets, Alonzo?

  • Thank you for posting about this topic. Thank you to Charlie Jacobs for so poignantly and bravely telling this story that desperately needs to be heard.

    More of this.

  • This is an absolutely amazing article.

    Transgenderism has another name: gender dysphoria.

    It is considered a disability in New York State, and a man dressed as a woman can pee standing next to your daughter in the girl’s room because it is considered a “reasonable accommodation”.

    It’s a mental condition so bad it gets a reasonable accommodation.

    Think of that.

    And it goes hand-in-hand with depression, no less.

    There are two sexes. There are two genders. Men can’t menstruate and give birth. They’re not called Birthing People.

    They are called women only if they’re XX.

    God bless you, Frank, for publishing this. Finally, A voice.

    And God Bless Ron DeSantis for preventing them from competing in girl’s sports.

    • Why would “your daughter” be “standing” next to anyone to pee? “In the girl’s room”?

    • Actually, androgen insensitive women are physiologically female but have XY (male) chromosomes, while there are XX males (de la Chapelle syndrome). There are a variety of other complexities, some involving one or even two additional cromosomes.

      Barely half a century ago, we didn’t have the science to understand any of that. The chances are good that in coming decades we’ll learn that, for instance, there may be people with bodies apparently of one gender, but brain structures that are predominantly of the other.

      And true hermaphrodites can give birth, though they also have penises and may pass as males.

      it’s not as simple as you’ve been led to believe…

      • There is a very good chance they will find hormonal challenges in the womb. Or disoriented strands of DNA.

        Nature is not perfect.

        Still: except for the anomalies, its penis or vagina, xy/xx, male/female.

        Two genders.

        It is this way throughout the animal kingdom.

        Yes, nature sometimes makes mistakes.

        That’s why this is a classified “disability” and must be remembered as such.

        It is not “normal” in the mean, median, mode chart.

        • This.

          Unless there is a physical or physiological disability (a standard deviation from a natural norm or essence), if you’re XX, you’re female, and if you’re XY, you’re male.

          This idea that “choice” gets to deny biology is post-modern stupidity. People can choose to do whatever they want: e.g., murder, steal, irrational idiocy, etc. So the fact that humans have choice can and will never be the only determining factor for right or wrong.

          And teaching children about sexuality shouldn’t even exist until the puberty process is well on its way. They’re not emotionally or mentally developed enough prior to it to fully comprehend the totality of what sexuality entails. They should be focused on playing with other children, having fun, learning the fundamentals of education and morals, etc.

    • Yet lots of Florida public schools have the “confidential gender plan” and social transition the students without parental knowledge. Ron needs to step up before his precious kids declare they too are trans. This story is almost identical to what is going on with my 12 yr old daughter. She’s out of public school and so is her 15 yr old sister. Now we go to a Christian homeschool coop and I decide what they learn and who they hang out with.

    • Almost. There are two sexes and as many genders as there are people on the planet.
      Sex is immutable. Gender is only the stereotypes attached to cultural expectations of what those sex roles are. Everyone on the planet expresses their gender differently, it’s our personality and preferences.

      What is happening now is that sex/gender are conflated purposely in order to confuse the issue.

  • This is a great case study of some of the things that make up a culture.

    Mainstream western culture has “norms” and social constructs surrounding gender identity – males and females. They include beliefs and morals and attitudes, dress, behaviors and customs which we’re all supposed to share in common. Those norms are now being challenged and so the writer calls these invading cultural norms a “cult”.

    The writer feels their cultural norms are under attack.

    They are.

    I think that the writer standing up and asking the questions they asked was very powerful, and those questions and challenges to these new social constructs surrounding gender are very much needed. The farther a culture strays from objective fact and biology, the more alienated from reality, and insane, that culture becomes.

    I’m for giving people the freedom to live the lives they want.

    But when children are presented with issues of sex and gender before they are ready, to me, it produces real damage to the child’s self identity – who they tell themselves they are. I think that damage is very similar to the damage caused by child rape.

    Having said all that, there is a great youtube video where a trans woman, ironically, delivers one of the most intelligent and powerful presentations of what a social construct is I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen it 3 times. I literally cry at the end every time.

    Here’s the link:

    • Will watch shortly.

      My heart goes out to anyone with such a disability. But God created two: man, woman, xx, xy. This is a constant throughout nature.

      There is no other, and again, my heart goes out to anyone that must live with this disability, unsure if they’re men or women.

      But my same heart extends to the blind, the infirm, the starving and all God’s children with disabilities, both emotional or physical.

      But don’t try to inflict your pain onto children. It’s not normal, and never will be.

      Somethings in our universe are constants, and one of those constants is that men can never give birth, and women are not birthing people.

      No one should be emotionally abused for who they are , ever.

      Similarly, don’t impose who you are on others.

      Stay in your own lane.


      —when children are presented with issues of sex and gender before they are ready, to me, it produces real damage to the child’s self identity – who they tell themselves they are. I think that damage is very similar to the damage caused by child rape.

      According to Alanzo, transgendered adolescents are rape victims, but statutory rape victims aren’t victims……
      Is there any limit to Alonzo’s insanity?

      • Is there any limit to Housewifey Guy’s inability to read English?

        Never said transgendered adolescents are rape victims. And I never said statutory rape victims aren’t victims.

        Dude, you’re loopy. No wonder The Breadwinner warned you not to post to the Frank Report. She knows you too well.


        • Aloonzo-

          Good comebacks! I’m proud of you!
          My comment was intended to pull your chain. Looks like it worked.

          Frank’s not posting my comebacks to you. Hopefully he’ll post this one. Since it’s not a comeback.

  • I recently ran across a discarded name tag for a person named Kimberly.
    The name tag listed Kimberly’s preferred pronouns.

    “She, Her, Hers”.

    What the hell is happening to America?
    And please tell me what the hell is “Pat”?

    It’s Pat: Birthday Party – Saturday Night Live

    • Happy birthday to ALLEN, you know who!!!

      From your friends, Shadow and the fabulous XENU!

      We’ve been BFFs for over 75 million years!

      I’ll be sending over some Thetan hookers later….Mmmh!

  • Interesting perspective. Going back to the parents’ gender education, and the intriguing recount of the event, I don’t think I understand the significance and societal purpose of the gender spectrum and gender labeling. Seems malicious.

  • Fascinated to understand this topic. My one friend has two children that are pansexual gender fluid. Her one child started the process of changing their gender at age 16 in preparation for surgery with many bad reactions that have led to hospitalizations and suicide attempts. I was surprised as a parent that more time for the child to become an adult and for their body to physically mature weren’t factors considered prior to making this decision. We all know people that explored their sexuality (and other explorations such as hard partying, drugs, stripping, nomadic lifestyles, crazy relationships, etc.) before stabilizing into being comfortable, settled adults living a radically different life. Additionally, concern for the physiology of a growing child being infused with hormones altering their biology and the impact on the brain/mental health. Asking questions to my friend is difficult as I get judged for my lack of awareness and was once accused of likely stifling my young adult children that are in long-term heterosexual relationships with college sweethearts now engaged to be married post-grad school with all of them being the same race, religion and financial earning potential. These merits of what I deem successful parenting were used against me in my conversation inquiring about physical safety of having teens getting shots to change gender in preparation for gender re-identification surgery when they are 18, as if I were the oppressive parent stomping out any creativity or desire leading to suppressed adults. Every day, I thank God my children turned out happy and healthy, especially since I was a single mother and didn’t have a loving family or support system. My point is I felt suppressed asking questions with the narrative twisted to make me a bad person on par with a racist, so I welcome learning about this topic. Another question I had for my friend, which made her irritated, was trying to understand why her biological teen daughter, who dates a biological teen boy that she is intimately involved with and they are both changing their genders so her daughter is becoming a boy and the boyfriend is becoming a girl — my question was why are they going through all this turmoil of mental anguish, meds, shots and surgeries if they are attracted to each other and having sex; why can’t they figure it out without changing their gender and possibly causing harm to their bodies and giving up the opportunity to biologically reproduce at such a young age? My sibling never wanted to be a parent and changed their mind around age 40, as so many people do, so changing one’s mind over such matters later in life is a realistic consideration. Life is dynamic and people change, so why take away options at such a young age? My questions are not meant to be insensitive. I advocated for gay rights and owned nightclubs; was an official host for a gay ski week and a judge on the mountain; had the first lesbian night weekly party at a nightclub in DC; hosted weekly velvet rope parties at another club; hired strippers, porn actresses and prostitutes; etc. In my business, I saw everything and was gifted the opportunity to appreciate and know so many people from all walks of life, so my questions are not judgmental — they are to understand. I used to watch raves in a business venture and look down at thousands of people basically having one massive orgy paying $10 for a bottle of water or $7 for a ring pop as I would watch a young woman having sex with 2-3 men and maybe another young woman and wonder how these people would feel after the ecstasy wore off about themselves. Part of me worried if the women were choosing this without coercion and part of me admired the sexual freedom to choose this and be so open in owning their sexuality (women studies minor). So, how are all these young people in this generation going to be after tasting all 31 flavors of the gender spectrum labels and the shots and surgeries are complete? Spirituality, healthy habits, anti-aging practices and exploration of eastern philosophies became the answer for many in my generation. Yoni massages, eggs, prostate massages, neo-tantra, fantasy dates were paths to erotic exploration. Why is there so much angst to be different as opposed to being in the moment to enjoy what is?

    • This is shocking and disturbing. Something needs to change. These “educators” need to be held accountable. Sally Tang

      Joe Biden needs a sex change operation.
      Joe Biden Implicitly Endorses Allowing Children to Pursue Sex Change Therapy

  • Well written story from the perspective of what parents are experiencing. It is refreshing to read a different point of view.

  • Well written account of what parents are going through. It’s nice to read another perspective on this issue. I suggest readers read the entire story before engaging in name calling and reactive commentary.

  • Hey, Frank:

    I know you like to present a wide range of topics for discussion but Schreier’s book is full of misinformation about trans issues. I’m sorry this woman is traumatized by her child’s decision but whether or not he liked dolls or dinosaurs as a child is not how trans gender works. This mom would be better served to learn accurate details rather than falling for right-wing framing.

    • It’s a mental issue, Ruviana. Plain and simple. Nothing right-wing about it. The right-wing phobia racist horseshit has to stop.

      It’s a disability.

      There are two sexes. Two genders. No man can ever give birth, nor will I ever cow-tow to anyone thinking they can because I might hurt their f’d up feelings.

      • This is nonsense. Aside from those born “intersex,” that is aspects of male and female biology, there are differences in how people understand or perceive their gender identity. Indeed this condition was once called “gender dysphoria” much like homosexuality was once considered a mental illness. Other societies recognize this kind of fluidity and create identities, usually described as multiple genders, for people who don’t fit neatly into one or the other.

        Ideas about human behavior change over time and in response to changes in the larger world. Left-handed children used to be forced into right-handedness. I didn’t mention racism that I could see but it reminds me that 19th-century slave-owners believed that slaves who escaped had a mental illness that made them resist their enslavement. I could note the numerous beliefs people had about women in, say, the 1950s, that are now obsolete. Sex and gender are touchy uncomfortable topics for many people and this is a time of great flux and questioning. Finally, if you do regard this as a mental condition, I’d hope you treat people with kindness rather than make fun or be hostile.

        • Ruviana:

          It’s a classified DISABILITY. Under NY law gender dysphoria is a DISABILITY.

          That’s why its covered by HEALTH INSURANCE. It’s an ILLNESS.

          I’m not making this up. Research it.

          I’m not saying it doesn’t exist; of course, it exists. But it’s a MEDICAL condition.

          It’s not normal in the statistical sense. No disability is a statistical normality unless you’re in a subset.

          No disabled person should ever be bullied or discriminated against. But it is a disability.

          • So the medical field is your absolute barometer of all truth?

            And medical opinion never changes (example = smoking is fine. Vs. smoking causes cancer) right?

            Because you keep bringing NY medical classification and law up – like a certain kind of Christian brings up the bible.

            Repeatedly. And as if it were the only truth.

            So obviously, you also follow all the covid protocols NY medicine and health set out too? Right? Masking? Distancing? Vaxxing?

            Without questioning them?

            Either way. I don’t care. But this seems to be VERY important to you. In a personal experience kinda way.

            Good luck with it all.

          • Okay, you win, for the purposes of insurance it’s a disability. Does this designation also protect trans individuals from discrimination? That’s a positive outcome. Not sure why you want to argue narrow statistical norms but you do you. Glad we agree on treating all people well.

          • Whether its the vaccine or trangenderism rising to the level of a cult, just give us the truth about both. That’s all.

            The vaccine has health risks that have never been disclosed and not knowing if you’re a man or woman is not the new normal.

        • It’s amazing how many cultural beliefs surround human bodies which have a penis, and human bodies which have a vagina.

          The beliefs are infinitely variable over time, and over any given location on Earth.

          But those beliefs should never ignore or distract from objective fact.

          And the objective biology is that a body with a penis on it is male. And a body with a vagina on it is female.

          Only 0.018% percent of humans are physically “intersex”. This is also a reality, but it is extremely rare in the human population, and cultural beliefs for everyone that are based on such a rare reality are not rational, or good for the rest of society.

          Here’s the science on that percentage I just gave above:

          So, if you look down there and see a little penis, you’re a male!

          If you look and see a vagina down there, you’re a female!

          Let’s build our beliefs about gender starting from the reality down there.



          • Ruviana, I argue narrow statistical norms because that’s the only mathematical way to define “normal”.

            It’s not a disability for just health insurance. The “condition” doesn’t stop there. Men in dresses can pee in the girl’s room because they are “disabled” and need a “reasonable accommodation”. That’s the legal designation, and that designation must be taught in schools so it’s not considered “normal”.

            Statistics say if it falls outside a given range its “abnormal”.

            The left has skeward math to create the term “right wing”.

            Let’s take gay marriage. I personally could care less if two dudes get married or not.

            But if 90% of the population says ” no” to gay marriage, its not ” far right”. Its a statistical normal, center moderate.

            The left lies.

          • Marriage prior to post-modern nonsense was always between a man and a woman. Why?

            Because it’s obvious: only a man and a woman can have sex and produce children. There is a practical reason for marriage — so that children can be productively raised in a nuclear family composed of two compatible and complementary sexes, a relatively long-term process.

            What men have with men, women with women, and men and women have by themselves is not sex. It is manipulation of the sex organs for the pleasure derived from them which was only put into them by “nature” in order to drive the continuation of the species via the generation of children.

    • Many people who haven’t read Schriers book repeat others misinformation, who also haven’t read her book. If you could list the inaccuracies, that would so helpful.

      You wouldn’t want to post misinformation, would you?

    • Ruviana,
      Could you please document Shrier’s “misinformation”? I have read it and I don’t believe there is any misinformation.

      In fact, by using that very word, “misinformation” about biological sex, you were probably supplied talking points by Facebook Factcheck, which is funded by J&J foundation Big Pharma money – the same ones profiting from treating adolescence like a disease? $1500/month for each vulnerable, depressed, confused and misled/groomed teen put on hormones to destroy their puberty?

      Puberty is not a disease. No child is born in the wrong body. Let humans have personalities and preferences, without castrating or sterilizing our children, ok?

    • This isn’t a far-right or a right-wing issue. Stating it as such only highlights your complete ignorance on this subject. Women and children are most impacted by this cult, specifically gay children and autistic children. In the adult population, the most impacted are lesbians. This is a sexist and homophobic ideology and yet you keep describing it as “Right Wing”. How does that make sense to you? Or are you one of those people that use “right-wing” as a blanket term for things and people you don’t like or understand?

      This fellow is “right-wing”. I didn’t accept him at face value when I first watched this video. So I talked with doctors and scientific researchers and they said his timeline and his science checks out. You are the one that is deficient in accurate details at this point. You’ll stay that way, perhaps willingly and enthusiastically, if you continue stunting yourself with self-censorship. It gives the impression you’re in a cult and aren’t permitted to look at unsanctioned material. You seem to be doing it to yourself.

      This further explains that what OP is describing is epidemic.

      You aren’t operating with all the information available. Please do catch up before making ignorant statements.

      • Have you ever thought about….minding your own business?

        And letting other people live however they want?

        You could live your own life. And let others choose how to live their own life.

        Just something to consider.

        • Obviously, you have never raised children? This article is about a parent’s experience of the grooming of their child.

          Children cannot consent to permanently sterilizing themselves.

          Children who can’t drive or drink beer should not have their breasts cut off without any medical diagnosis. Consider that.

          • I have considered it. It is a decision up to the individual and their family. Not you.

            Have we learned nothing this year about letting people choose what to do with their own bodies medically?

            I am not in favor of children under 18 getting any non life threatening surgery.

            But am I gonna try to legislate that and tell others what they can and cannot do to their bodies? No. That’s up to them. And their guardians

            Are you in favor of mandatory vaccination? Or do you believe in personal choice?

            If a child is so susceptible to outside influence they would question their own gender identity, then it’s always going to be something swaying them.

            No mentally healthy child I have ever met in my vast experience working with kids is ever gonna cut off their breasts or penis due to peer pressure alone

            One must undergo enormous therapy (even as an adult) before being accepted for a gender reassignment surgery. Also true for hormone or chemical gender reassignment.

            I’m not sure where you are alleging a small child can just walk into a hospital and say, “Make me into a boy” and the doctors are like, ” We’ve got a 2pm opening for a double mastectomy”.

            This is obviously really important to you. Good luck on your quest. IMHO this is driven by a political agenda on your part.

            Thanks for engaging with a minimal amount of snark.

            Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

            But remember factory-farmed birds can make little girls and boys grow breasts

            (True story. Look it up)

            So be careful what you put into your family’s body

            God Bless!

  • This is happening all over the world. When kids in provincial France are identifying out of their gender, when 40k women are seeking funding for elective mastectomies, when public schools are teaching a RELIGION to impressionable students – something is wrong. Thank you for sharing your story.

    • Her daughter is not her new ‘son’. If that is your best come-back, you’ve just proven the koolaid drinking worked for you. I’m sure you are also following the commonly pushed mantras as well. yep…similar to Scientology but without one leader to point to. #NEXT

    • No, the majority of Americans believe that nobody CHANGES SEX and that adult, intact males do not belong in change rooms with vulnerable teen girls. Period.

      My beliefs are as legitimate as a gender believer. Let males wear skirt, they don’t change their sex with their costume.

      Sex matters. Sterilizing and castrating children is what we are talking about. Let adults adult. Let’s just protect children. How can a teen select to cut off their tits before they can drive or drink beer? And, that underage teen, probably depressed, many autistic and often with other psychological co-morbidities such eating or cutting….how can they give legit consent for permanent medical treatments performed WITHOUT a medical diagnosis?

      No. Listen to the de-transitioners revealing how they were groomed and railroaded with cult-like beliefs. I support #detransitioners, too.

      Love children. No child is born in the wrong body. What a sham. Puberty is not a disease. Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria (ROGD) by Dr. Lisa Littman, we are seeing a social media clustering of this new belief contagion, our kids are groomed online with lies.

      • Somewhere between 1/3 and 1/2 of Americans believe in ghosts.

        Not sure if their opinion is the best angle to bolster an argument if you’re talking science.

  • Frank, for now I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt, but this article is cruel and unnecessary. Why is it here?

  • So guessing this likely mid-western mother with a “good” Christian upbringing (aka a steady diet of fear and hate) disowns her child by age 18?

    Not a fan of how strident most in the transgender community is with their “you either agree 100% with me or you are 100% against me” nonsense. The massive chip on their shoulder and often piss poor ways they handle people just trying to understand does nothing to help their cause.

    Having said that, the child perspective is clearly “I am trying to figure out my identity and sexual desires” story where the child found words and descriptions that matched what she was feeling. What’s worse is the parent clearly can see this but instead refuses to accept anything that doesn’t align to what they think their hateful little God will permit (but in actuality is summed up as “don’t embarrass me”).

    If buy this parent’s story of “indoctrination” is taken at face value (don’t actually do this), this does mean the parent just admitted to completely failing at her job as a parent and likely in future installments will provide an argument why probably should have had children taken away from her supervision.

    The whole article is really a series of “this isn’t my fault” excuses. Any time have to re-write history by looking at small events that occur millions of times every day (friends coming over, liking anime, attending conventions, etc.) as something that in hindsight was part of a twisted dark & sinister conspiracy, then you are definitely at fault for whatever bad thing that happened. Oh god, just occurred to me – that child is dead. Suicide? Nothing about how this is written bodes well for that child. Hope wrong on this leap.

    I have to admit that blaming Anime (a multi-billion dollar entertainment industry for those not familiar on its reach) for “transgenderism” is a new one. Had not heard that excuse before. It tracks though as this is the same crowd that thinks video games are the cause of anything violent.

    For those with children, the proper response to this situation is communication. Maybe with a professional. Only the child can figure out what sex they find comfortable for themselves and what sex they want to be with. Its not really a choice despite what bible thumpers say. Or can you identify that moment when you chose to like your sex and what sex to have a crush on. I know I don’t and have yet to meet someone that did. I just know my first crush was a girl as were the ones that followed and didn’t make a “decision” on that.

    Your only role as parent in this journey is give them the tools, love, time and courage to figure it out. For most of us, that journey is short and sweet (I got a dick, I am male, I have a crush on that girl over there, journey complete) but for others its complicated and weird (I have a dick, I don’t like my dick. I have a crush on that guy but also on that girl, but I pretty sure I like that guy more but maybe not, everyone is telling me how hot the girl is and ug I just don’t feel right, wish there was someone to talk too as I just don’t know…). At the end of the day what the child chooses isn’t about you and quit trying to make it about you.

    • Anonymous,

      Listen, without open debate nothing changes. You can’t depend on cancel culture fixing anything. It just makes people more entrenched and recalcitrant.

      These people exist and if you don’t bring them out into the open, it only makes things worse.

      People like this should be allowed to illuminate themselves.

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