Combined Net Worth of 11 NXIVM Defendants Show Lawsuit Is All About Bronfmans

The two winsome Bronfman sisters -- especially pretty to the plaintiffs.

The adorable Bronfman sisters, Clare and Sara, those enablers of the Raniere machine, are the only big money defendants in Sarah Edmondson, et al, Plaintiffs, v. Keith Raniere, et al. Defendants,

It is a case with 11 defendants: Two are in prison, two are on probation, and one is awaiting her date to report to prison.

Let’s look at the estimated [by me] net worth of the defendants to see why there are, in reality, only two defendants in this case of any consequence to the 81 plaintiffs and their attorneys.

The other nine defendants are there to make the claims wide and deep enough to lasso the Bronfmans into paying.

The eleven defendants are:

sara bronfman headshot photo

Sara Bronfman: estimated net worth: $400 million. Her New York money manager has done well for her, though it would not surprise me if she has shifted most of her assets overseas to avoid attachment.

Clare Bronfman: estimated net worth: $250 million [counting Fiji, and Los Angeles real estate].  Even during her home arrest, as I recall, her annual income from her investments was as much as $35 million per year. Bronfman is at the Philadelphia Detention Center, a maximum-security facility with another five years to go.


Keith Raniere: Estimated net worth: from zero to $4 million. Raniere is at USP Tucson serving a 120-year sentence, with 99 years to go. He inherited $8 million from Pam Cafritz – but those funds are currently in limbo. The estate is tied up in tax and other legal matters and he owes some $3.4 million in restitution to his victims. It may be years before this is unraveled.

Nancy Salzman: Estimated net worth of $0 to $5 million. She had real estate holdings and cash stashed. Some $520,000 in cash was taken from her home by the FBI. There are rumors she has much more stashed but unless the cash is found that won’t be on the table.

Slim pickings here – when you consider there are 81 plaintiffs.

Allison Mack: She may have some real estate and other retirement monies plus small residuals from the days before she found Executive Success. Mack might have a net worth of between $1 million and $5 million but much of it may not be available to the plaintiffs if it is retirement money.

Lauren Salzman: $0 to $250,000. Salzman sold her house to pay for her legal defense. She probably has nothing left to pay unless her dog grooming business takes off.

Kathy Russell: $0 to $50,000. Russell was broke before she was charged, a typical scenario for Executive Success students. She has started a consulting business with her son – but it may take years before that brings in anything other than a living.

Dr. Brandon Porter: He was once a successful physician but he lost his medical license for conducting Raniere-devised human fright experiments. He filed for bankruptcy and was last seen selling term life insurance. Not much to get here for the plaintiffs.

Karen Unterreiner: $0 to $100,000.

Karen was one of Raniere’s earliest victims. She stayed with him for 40 years. She has not known to have any assets other than the townhome she shared with Raniere.

Dr. Danielle Roberts: She lost her medical license and is now selling life insurance. She sold her house to defend her license [and lost] and now says she is broke. She is living with a friend in Wisconsin to save on rent. She went from success to struggles because Raniere thought it best to have his initials etched on women’s groins and wanted the only woman in the group who had a medical license to lose to perform the brandings – which does not require a medical license to do.

He put the one person who was at risk, at risk with the brandings.

Nicki Clyne: She was once a popular and rising star TV actress before she became a NXIVM coach. She spent whatever savings she had on lawyers – as she was a target for criminal prosecution but was not charged. After the arrest of Mack, her wife and the others, she has spent much of her time working to show the injustices of the Raniere prosecution.

She has told the court she is broke, which is very likely true.

Yes, the Bronfmans are the only ones with significant assets to justify the lawsuit.

Indeed without the two sisters, there would be no lawsuit.

This lawsuit is about them.

Of course, the $10 million question is, will they settle? They are not known to do so. They are known to spend $20 million fighting lawsuits that would cost them half to settle.

Viva Executive Success!

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