FBI Tampering? Suneel’s Expert – FBI Forensic Examiner Dr. James Richard Kiper – ‘the Real McCoy’ – Maybe Top Expert in Nation

Dr, James Richard Kiper, retired FBI agent testifying in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

If Suneel Chakravorty is wrong about everything else in his support of Raniere, in his belief in his goodness, in his contention that the US DOJ unfairly convicted him, that the judge was biased — he may not be wrong about his expert: James Richard Kiper Ph.D.

Chakravorty stated that three forensic experts examined some of the evidence from Raniere’s trial and stated that the FBI most likely tampered with it in the prosecution of Keith Raniere. The evidence in question was the Camila photos.

We do not know if or when the Rule 33 motion is to be filed. The deadline is June 2022.

A Rule 33 is a motion for a new trial and must be based on evidence that was newly discovered after the trial – and that could not have been discovered before or during the trial.

This Rule 33, if it is ever filed, is to be based purportedly on “newly discovered evidence” from three computer forensic experts whose reports claim that the FBI tampered with photographs of Camila that were used as evidence to convict Raniere of child porn and the sexual exploitation of a child.

We learned from Chakravorty the names of these experts. The primary one is Kiper.  The others, Steve Abrams Esq. and Wayne Norris, serve as corroborators of Dr. Kiper.

According to Chakravorty, Kiper and the others stated:

  • Nude Photos were added to the camera card while the device was in FBI custody, between 4/11/19 and 6/11/19. [Exhibits were substituted during the trial.]
  • Dates and times of nude photos on the hard drive were manually altered.
  • Folder names that contained the nude photos were manually set to certain, very precise dates and times in 2005, to corroborate the “fabricated” photo dates.
  • The backup folder on the hard drive containing the nude photos was backdated and manually placed on the hard drive and efforts were made to conceal the alterations to make it look like a legitimate, automatic computer backup.
Dr. James Richard Kiper

Who is Dr. Kiper?

Dr. James Richard Kiper retired from the FBI in 2019, having served 20 years in the agency, mainly as a computer forensic examiner. He was, according to his resume, Unit Chief of the FBI Academy in Quantico, as part of the Investigative Training Unit.

He supervised curriculum and instructors for the FBI New Agent Training Program and National Academy in Cybercrime, Counterterrorism, and Counterintelligence, and served as Leadership Coordinator for the FBI Academy and advanced instructor in the FBI Instructor Development Program.

Went Around the World to Train Nations in Computer Forensics 

While at the FBI, Kiper was chosen to develop and deliver cybercrime investigations training to law enforcement “partners” in the following countries on behalf of the FBI and the Department of Defense International Counterproliferation Program.

  1. Albania,
  2. Bosnia,
  3. Singapore,
  4. Moldova,
  5. Georgia,
  6. Bulgaria,
  7. Colombia,
  8. Serbia,
  9. Azerbaijan,
  10. Saudi Arabia,
  11. Philippines


Since retiring, he continues to teach the detection of cybercrime around the world.

In addition to being a teacher, Dr. Kiper had a career in the field, detecting and solving crimes. Among some of his duties were:

  1. Coordinating the largest telemarketing fraud victim restitution in the history of the Department of Justice at the time
  2. In the field during the 2017 WannaCry Ransomware attack
  3. In the field during the October 2018 political mail bombing case
  4. Handled six American citizen kidnappings.
  5. Served in various FBI investigative programs, doing investigations, working especially in the transnational street gangs program
  6. Coordinated with FBI Crisis Negotiation personnel
  7. Coordinated with FBI Victim Witness Specialists

He also provided FBI training to the Salvadoran National Police, including tactical and investigative training, and spearheaded the first-ever U.S.-led witness security training for El Salvador, which culminated in a Witness Security Conference that was televised nationally in El Salvador.

Dr. Kiper distinguished himself also as a watchdog for the American public. His case is well known. 

In 2011, Kiper observed that funds were being misused and mismanaged – and at a level that it might be called waste and fraud – at the FBI training academy. He raised the issue with his immediate superiors at the FBI, doing so without a lawyer present.

Rather than correct the problem, they retaliated and removed him from his position, despite the fact that he had outstanding evaluations from his supervisors, and that he had received several awards during his tenure at the Training Division.

The story is well known. Certain officials made accusations against him for having made whistleblower disclosures, but he was vindicated. Based on his efforts and the fight he waged against retaliation, he got a law passed in Congress – the FBI Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act of 2016 – which clarifies that FBI whistleblowers are protected if they report wrongdoing to their supervisors or through their managerial chain of command.

Dr. Kiper worked with US Senator Charles E. Grassley in writing the law, enacted because of his perseverance.

“This is a really important provision for the patriotic men and women at the FBI who have gone without the whistleblower protections given to other federal employees for far too long.,” Senator Grassley said.

Kiper Claims Tampering

Dr. James Richard Kiper

Dr. Kiper stated in his report on behalf of Raniere: “In my 20 years as an FBI agent, I have never observed or claimed that an FBI employee tampered with evidence, digital or otherwise. But in this case, I strongly believe the multiple, intentional alterations to the digital information I have discovered constitute evidence manipulation. And when so many human-generated alterations happen to align with the government’s narrative, I believe any reasonable person would conclude that evidence tampering had taken place. My analysis demonstrates that some of these alterations definitely took place while the devices were in the custody of the FBI. Therefore, in the absence of any other plausible explanation it is my expert opinion that the FBI must have been involved in this evidence tampering.”

Some six years before he wrote this, Dr. Kiper testified before the United States Senate, Committee on the Judiciary Whistleblower Retaliation at the FBI: Improving Protections and Oversight, on March 4, 2015.

He said:

“Like thousands of other FBI employees, I work hard at my job every day… I take seriously my responsibility to keep the American people safe, but I also recognize the importance of effectively managing the resources they have entrusted to me…  However, I never imagined that my desire to promote excellence would be used against me… I was making a disclosure of wrongdoing to ‘an appropriate recipient.’ I was just trying to do the right thing – as I’ve always done. I made these disclosures to the highest-ranking officials at my work site, hoping these executives would at least consider making positive changes… Thank you for considering the expansion of the FBI Whistleblower protections so that the FBI is held accountable for its actions and held to the standard of its motto ‘Fidelity, Bravery, and Integrity.’”

Suneel Claims Experts Were Paid Normal Fees

Obviously, whenever one hires experts, the experts know that they are hired by clients hoping to hear certain results.

In the Raniere case, the additional issue is that Clare Bronfman has funded the Raniere defense to the tune of millions.

The question naturally arises, did Bronfman’s money influence Dr. Kiper?


According to Suneel Chakravorty, who has Raniere’s power of attorney, “The cyber experts charged their standard fee and I and a few friends of Mr. Raniere paid for their services.  The total monies spent on this investigation into the tampering are, including expert consultation and equipment, to the best of my knowledge and records, amount to $98,666.71.

“As far as the experts, I did not ask them to simply affirm the findings. I asked them to either corroborate them or disprove them. I doubt they would have affirmed anything they did not believe to be true, based on their sterling credentials and reputations, yet I made it clear that if there were any innocent explanations for the findings, we wanted to know.”

Would Dr. Kiper alter findings for the sake of dollars and cents? He did not when it came time to stand up to his superiors at the FBI or when he spoke before Congress.

We have to presume that Dr. Kiper means what he says when he states, “In the absence of any other plausible explanation, it is my expert opinion that the FBI must have been involved in this evidence tampering.”

So, is there another plausible explanation? I think it is high time we interview Dr. Kiper. He seems like an expert we can trust.

Is it possible that despite Raniere’s despicable nature and the fact that he would cheat on a dime to save himself, and that maybe Suneel is wrong about anything concerning Raniere, Kiper seems like the real McCoy to me?

I do not see how I can ignore this.  Let us explore if there is any other plausible explanation. I look forward to interviewing Kiper if he will agree to it.

This investigation is underway…


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Frank Parlato


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  • 2930 Rockaway Avenue Oceanside NY is a black site covert team above the 4th floor up the stairs run by ex fbi cia global intelligence firm of Brosnan Security and supported by Nassau County police knowing that there is a criminal operation here of a digital slavery directed energy weapons crimes against humanity religious Jewish persecution. A slow kill genocide a cointelpro Gangstalking harassment program electronic torture program. For a reference see Catherine Austinn Fitts on zdigital slavery. Housed in this covert run black site are paid recruited Human Resources to carry out this program. The police are even aware and cover up not only participate in the crimes and as I said cover up up of election fraud, infiltration of Apple laci g cells with Pegasus esims and more, murder at 404 Forest Ave in Locust Valley, Verizon further destroying privacy by providing access to servers for embezzlement at 100 Village Square another black site housing Chase that is accessed. TXR was set up with the gambinos to recruit him and his assets. While Woodcrest gained a tax break as was the case with 60 Front Street in East Rockaway with Fairfield. They also run 349 Central Ave in Lawrence and a rent a room lure to lure people as Human Resources at 589 Merrick Road in Rockville Center. We need this to get to Jim Jordan before the session begins along with judicialwatch.org and whisper expose facts.org aclu.org Dr. James Richard Kiper for forensics on the cyber embezzlements, and more.

  • The problem here is that this is Frank and his bias towards extreme right wing conservatives again.

    I believe Frank is enamored by Kiper and is intending to make Kiper more credible by lavishing such praise on him, which potentially creates yet another ally of the Frank Report and right wing extremism. Kiper’s close history and association to Sen. Grassley, who is an known enabler of Trump’s lies, makes him ripe for criticism. It does not surprise me that Suneel and Nicki were able to dig him up, considering they too have fallen down the anti-gov propaganda hole of nonsense, lies, and conspiracies.

    Read FrankReport’s support of another former FBI agent, Mr. J. Gary DiLaura (who has written many articles for FR), whose views are total fucking bullshit and a disgrace to have ever appeared here, as an example of what I am referring to:

    Mr. DiLaura submits a photograph that he suggests 75 year old Buffalo, NY protester Martin Gugino faked his own injury by intentionally falling harder than he was pushed by police and using fake blood somehow pouring out of his ear, as an effort to smear police the police department. In reality, Mr. Gugino spent 4 weeks in the hospital and has long lasting injuries.

    “The matter becomes an extreme injustice if Gugino faked his bleeding. This would suggest he pre-planned the event to spark mayhem and destroy people’s lives. That would make Gugino the criminal, not the cops.” – FrankReport Correspondent

    “This video in slow motion below seems to show Gugino doing something with his cell phone . Some suggest he was trying to hack info from the police.” FrankReport Corresondent


    If Frank is going to allow obvious conspiracy lies like that on his website from a former FBI agent and endorse the person suggesting it, then you must use also caution when considering Frank’s endorsement of Kiper and his credentials. Unfortunately, I am unable to consider Frank as a reliable judge of FBI agent expertise.

  • The real question is who did the tampering on the drive the experts examined.
    My bet: it was folks from NXIVM true-believers.

    • Haha! Yeah.

      They shout to the world; “We have ‘proof’ that the FBI tampered with the evidence!” What they don’t append to it is this: “…with evidence from a drive we (the cultists) gave to the experts.” So, in between this drive — which came from publicly unknown whereabouts — and the experts, sits a chain of custody of THEM with no lockdown, seal, or any other method or means to maintain the so-called “integrity” of the data that the public can safely assume comes from God knows where. Just the mere word of cultists, defending their cult leader, whose freedom is their main motivation, as he is considered the highest “ethical” criteria and most “ethical” (and brilliant) being to them.

      Obviously, there is no reason for them to fib here. [wink, wink]

      And they — and their main cheerleader, Gonzo — have the audacity to question the integrity of the FBI.

    • Yes, it’s all a wild goose chase if the “experts” and apologists are now looking at a drive copy which has alterations that the original does not.

      One possibility besides deliberate tampering, is just that some of the “experts” brought in earlier, messed around enough with the drive copy to leave apparent alterations that some of the more recent “experts” have run across.

      Also, as has been pointed out, the copy the defense was given has had illegal images removed, so it has by definition been altered to start with. It’s possible that at least some of what the “experts” are finding are artifacts of the necessary cleanup, or some other fault in the copy process.

      And, the original drive itself might have anomalies from the backup process used at NXIVM, Raniere’s opening of the files in the years since their creation, etc.

  • We still don’t have enough our answers

    How could these experts examine a hard drive with the photos that Suneel Chakravorty says were added after the FBI had it in their possession for a long time.
    The hard drive given to Raniere’s attorneys didn’t contain the photos of Cami on it?

    Who is the one tampering with evidence Suneel? Where did the photos of Cami come of from your experts looked at?

    Where did the photos of Cami come from you looked at Suneel Chakravorty?

    Where did the photos of Cami come from that Frank Parlato has seen Suneel?

    Where did the photos of Cami come from that Frank Parlato friend from another state looked at Suneel?

    We want to know. We know they were not on Raniere’s discovery evidence. So how can your experts say anything about the discovery evidence?

    They can only report on what you provide them.

    We are still waiting on CHAIN OF CUSTODY information on who gave the HD to these experts. What could of happened to it between the time it left Raniere’s lawyers and went to these experts?

    Yet Feank Parlato who says he’s an investigation reporter hasn’t gotten that information.

    Yet, Frank write a story as if there was a CLEAN EXCHANGE and no tampering on Raniere’s side. He wants to make it all about the FBI but doesn’t ask any hard questions about Suneel or Raniere’s side tampering? Why is that Frank?

    We don’t trust Suneel or Nicki to be honest any more than we can throw the smell guy.

    This case doesn’t and ne er has hinged on these photos. There was plenty of evidence to lock Raniere’s ass up for more years than he would live without the charges of child porn.

    There was no need for the FBI to tamper with evidence in order to get a win in this case. Raniere’s other behaviors was enough to make any normal person stomach turn and find him guilty on all other counts.

    A 60 -80 year sentence would of made any one of us happy.

    As far as Frank Parlato claims as the other defendants only turning to plea deals after the child porn charges, that is fact less and his guessing.

    We want to know more than what Suneel Chakravorty is sharing. If fluffy statements and Frank Parlato’s stand by my NXIVM faithful is getting tiresome.

    Let’s dig into the truth of this or move the hell on. It wash, rise and repeat. Readers are growing sick of the BS Feank

    Grow a pair and do what you use to do, a real investigation.

  • Work with cybercrimes is not necessarily work in cyberforensics, any more than a beat cop’s enforcement role to prevent crime, catch it in the act or at least track it down through old fashioned ‘shoe leather’ techniques like canvassing for witnesses and checking with informants, is the detective’s investigative work with sophisticated tools like fingerprinting and DNA analysis. A quick check turns up that “Dr.” Kiper’s Ph.D. is actually in education (like Dr. Jill Biden’s – and it is actually the norm in education, for people with PhDs to be referred to as “Dr.”)

    Kiper is almost certainly nowhere near the – or even a – top expert in cyber forensics*. As I’ve said before, it’s virtually stock in trade of conspiracy theorists (which Suneel essentially is, in this context) that they trot out supposed experts who turn out not to actually be fully qualified and deeply experienced in truly relevant fields.**

    It’s possible that Kiper is reasonably well qualified, but with the misrepresentation and self-promotion (he’s apparently pushing his own business – which is in cyber protection and training, not cyber forensics), it’s hard to figure out the truth, thus raising doubts.

    * He and his company are not on any of the lists such as this, that come up in a search for either ‘US top cyber forensics experts’ or even ‘US top cyber forensics experts Kiper’:

    Top 30 Cybersecurity Experts You Should Follow in 2021
    > https://cybersecurityventures.com/top-30-cybersecurity-experts-you-should-follow-in-2021/

    ** For example, virtually everyone claimed to be a military intelligence officer, a favorite canard for adding seeming authority to conspiracy theories, for instance, turns out to have had only minor and temporary duties related to intelligence, if any at all.

    • Good catch!

      So this guy is an administrator and an educator, not really a computer forensics expert. Let alone a “top” expert.

      I don’t know specifically about the education field, but I’ve worked with PhDs in the hard sciences and none of them wanted to be referred to as Dr. It’s regarded as terribly pretentious and a sign of insecurity. I think the “Dr. Kiper” title is part of his self-promotion tactic.

      Also to be kept in mind is that he is in an adversarial relationship with the FBI, his former employer, after the whistleblower affair. He can’t be regarded as impartial.

      • He apparently does have some experience in computer forensics, though whether he could really be called an expert is unclear to me. Claims that appear inflated and misrepresented are a red flag that frequently means someone is under-qualified or un-qualified, and not very professional or rigorous either.

        Also, unlike say hard sciences, it is, in fact, common for PhDs in education to be referred to by the title “Doctor”. That is also done in theology, and, thus there are people known titles such as “Rev. Dr.”. I think is misleading in this case, and inappropriate unless perhaps Kiper is just advertising his training business, as he does not have a “hard” degree in computer science relevant to digital forensics.

    • AnonyMaker,

      You make good points. The fact the good doctor posts his A+ Certification prominently on his LinkedIn is somewhat curious. I myself was a programmer, any true geek can pass the test with ease and the Net+ certification is almost as big a joke.

      My obtuse point being Kipp has little working knowledge of reading and writing computer code or data files like the jpeg of Cami.

      These facts alone do not preclude him from offering an opinion, but it should be noted he depends on prepackaged software tools to render his opinions.


      It’s the equivalent of you claiming to be a tax expert but all you really do is use TurboTax.

      The parlance for someone like Kipp in the IT community is the derisive term “script kiddy”.

    • Exactly.

      “He supervised curriculum and instructors for the FBI New Agent Training Program and National Academy in Cybercrime, Counterterrorism, and Counterintelligence”

      His doctorate in Education is relevant for someone who runs training, but that doesn’t mean he knows anything about photo metadata.

      The Director of Network Project Management at my company reports to me, but that doesn’t mean I can set up a LAN properly other than something very simple. It definitely doesn’t make me capable to doing network intrusion forensics.

      Kiper’s whistleblowing was about the procurement process of a crappy IT system; nothing at all to do with anything remotely to do with an investigation or a court case.

      This is not someone you hire to get out of Raniere’s jam.

      If the Rule 33 motion is ever filed, it isn’t going to work.

      Enjoy prison, Keith.

    • AnonyMaker-

      Great finds!

      I want to add:

      I looked deeper into Kiper’s actual overall IT education. The bulk of his relevant computer forensic education comes from certificate courses at GIAC Certification Programs:

      Interestingly, you can take an exam from the comforts of your own home. It’s not at all dubious.

      Certification tests in the IT field can be fairly tough tests to pass or incredibly easily, such as Kipper’s A+ certification he proudly displays.

      I very much doubt Kipper is any good at reading/or interpreting bit code.

      In a nutshell it seems Kipp depends entirely on 3rd party software analysis to render an opinion. Only being able to interpret binary code via 3rd party software is rife with problems.

      The best analogy, I can give is if you used, the WebMD symptom checker to diagnose what is ailing you. Do so at your own peril.

      The same holds true for computer forensics using 3rd party tools. At best Kipps opinion is as good as the algorithms the software uses.

      Let me know if you have anything to add! I’d be interested in hearing more from you.

    • AnonyMaker-

      In regards to Kipper’s computer skills, he would have had to write a technical report/paper similar to the following PDF:


      Please note, once again, the report depends on the algorithms of 3rd party software. There is no way of knowing how well the 3rd party software programs – i.e., the algorithms – were written.

      Plus, and most importantly, computer forensics, as it exists today, is purely subjective in nature, not objective.

      It’s not like a DNA match! I do think lay people, like the appellate judges, truly understood how “1/2 ass” computer forensics is. These IT forensic experts aren’t true computer scientists or engineers.


      Please let me know what you think, esepecially if you have any strong opinions, I would greatly appreciate it.

  • I’m just going to ask the question again. If the evidence is so compelling, why does Raniere not have active counsel? Where is Fernich?

      • That’s my point. If the evidence is so compelling, why doesn’t Raniere have counsel right now? Why have a number of defense attorneys stepped away from the appeal?

          • Keith knew the stakes of having an upcoming court case.

            But the smartest pedophile and child pornographer in the world chose to violate prison rules.

            Luckily, Keith “vanguard” Raniere is one of the top 3 problem solvers in the world.

            So, Keith’ll figure it out…

          • Frank-

            Do you have any kind of educated guess s to what Raniere has done to warrant such an extended time the SHU?

        • Bonjean lives for this shit and keith couldn’t keep her around.

          That being said, Nicki may have tried to brand her and her daughters, so that tends to ruin things in for some people 🤷‍♂️

    • Disgraced doctor Danielle is couch surfing in Wisconsin?

      That explains the worst photos ever taken of her with the weird 80s spiral curl hair & use of words like”slacks”.

      • Roberts has no regrets about the branding or her own involvement in the cult. In fact, she is miffed that she escaped prosecution during the cult’s federal criminal trial.

        “The fact that Moira Penza [the lead government attorney in the Raniere trial] did not consider me as a subject of the investigation is somewhat of an insult to me,” said Roberts. “It means, in this court case, she considered me a victim. She did not consider the third possibility: that nothing wrong was done and that we were consenting adults participating with full agency. Some people were willing to take responsibility for that while others claimed to be victims of their choices.”

    • According to the article post from
      Vegas ⭐️ Star:

      Frank Parlato cost Danielle her job, and Sarah Edmondson caused Danielle to lose her medical license. Danielle has stated she bears no responsibility. Danielle, it should be noted, has a perfect Gluteus Maximus (ass).

      So it seems, Frank Parlato allegedly cost poor Miss Robert’s her job. Before we rush to judgment, maybe we should wait to hear from Frank.

      I wait with baited breath…..

    • Two comments. (1) She refers to DOS in the present tense in the first line (“ DOS is a tremendous organization”). D, are you telling folks DOS is still active?

      (2) They keep mentioning the Sarah Endonson branding video which (A) Raniere identifies as collateral in the Allison Mack recording played at the trial, and (B) Lauren testified she and Nicki edited. They’re touting a video they know is edited. It’s absurd to use that as proof.

      • DOS still exists –

        Thank you so much for pointing these facts out.

        Frank keeps referring to photos that he’s seen of Camila – that have been altered, by devoted cult members

        As if the photos mean anything. They don’t

        Much like the branding video of Sarah Edmondson. It is irrelevant at that point. They have been manipulated!

        How can you take anything seriously when it has already been edited by the absolute DieHard Believers in the defendant?

        Answer: you cannot. It is so silly.

      • Shocking Revelation!!!!

        New York Post Article!!!

        In the New Yorker Post story, Danielle is accused of attempting to recruit a TEENAGE girl.

        Is this why Danielle Roberts fled to Wisconsin?

    • Thanks for the link. Interesting read.
      Danielle never ceases to amaze me.

      ““They took my medical license, which cost me $300,000 in schooling. They destroyed my career and my reputation. These are the hardest years of my life,” Roberts said. “But I am proud of who I am and who I am becoming by staying true to myself despite tremendous forces to turn against my friends or claim to be victims.”


      My comment:
      These things that happened in her life since NXIVM burned to the ground are without a doubt incredibly consequential for her. She portrays herself as a victim (though not as a victim of Raniere).

      If she wants to take full responsibility for her actions, then so be it. However, the fact that she can’t admit;
      – that she did something wrong;
      – that DOS had some dark sides to it (collateral and sexual assignments involving Keith);
      – that Keith did some really bad things to numerous people;
      is definitely not something she should be proud of.

      “The fact that Moira Penza [the lead government attorney in the Raniere trial did not consider me as a subject of the investigation is somewhat of an insult to me,” said Roberts.

      My comment: Danielle will be elated that she is a defendant in the civil case. The next best thing.


      “She describes her relationship with Raniere as platonic but did say: “He kissed me romantically once. I loved him deeply in a lot of ways. I was open. I respected him. If something developed between us, I would have been open to it.”

      My comment: The New York Post interprets her description of her relation with Raniere as platonic, but I think her description reveals that it was more than platonic.


      “Roberts said she sold her Westbury, NY, home to make ends meet in February 2019. That August, she lost her job as an aerobics instructor “after a client I tried to help with a shoulder injury said that I tried recruiting her daughter into an organization; this is untrue.”

      My comment: This is a remark that sparked my curiosity: what actually happened here?


      “I think Keith is a brilliant man and that DOS is a tremendous organization,” she told The Post during an exclusive interview.

      My comment: After everything that has been presented in court, all the discovery that has been made public, Danielle still thinks Keith is brilliant. This is something I cannot understand. She is unwilling or incapable of coming to terms with reality. However, I do feel some sympathy for this woman that has lost everything.

  • Frank – you keep overlooking the fact that nobody believes a word out of Suneel’s mouth but you.

    So Suneel says he got paid normal wages – so what? Suneel has, if anything, proven over these last months that he is not well-intentioned, as some of us thought, but rather just as much of a fanatical liar as Nicki. His words mean nothing.

    So, Suneel well overpaid for a disgruntled FBI guy to say he “strongly believes” the pics were tampered with. Last I checked, “strongly believes” is not evidence.

    The time for an expert opinion was at the trial, and, tellingly, Raniere’s seasoned lawyers chose not to call one and even made a motion based on the fact that the pics were not admissible due to the fact that they were from 2005. These were the same lawyers who conversed with him every day of the trial and for a significant time beforehand and even after. Why didn’t they include this in their Rule 33 motion about Nicki and Michelle’s ridiculous claims?

    There’s no way Raniere can get around that one in his motion.

    He also will never get around the procedural bar that he could have discovered this information earlier, even before trial. Even if it were true, which it definitely is not, it does not constitute “newly discovered evidence”.

    So, why are we still discussing a motion that will fail and that has never been filed in the months we have been discussing it ad nauseam?

    My guess is for clickbait and for you to have an audience for your support of Suneel and Nicki, which I can fairly say sickens most of us here.

    And, now it appears you are going to delve into this disgruntled FBI guy’s useless belief.

    There is something called beating a dead horse, Frank. The horse is dead, rotting even – time to move on before the rest of your readers tune out to the content here that is worthwhile.

    I’m out for the rest of this one.

    • This is silly as we have no idea what exactly it is that was examined by these new experts: it’s clearly NOT the drive that is possession of the FBI (They wouldn’t release that due to it containing child porn). SWo what is the provenance of the drive that eventually made it to the experts? Until THAT is answered and proven, I can’t read another article on this topic as it’s senseless to do so, an excercise in futility. A big old game of who’s on first. Even if we knew the provenance of this drive, it wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) contain the underage nudes so what exactly would an opinion prove relative to the dates of the underage nudes? In Texas, this is called a goat rodeo. Enough of these goat rodeos, already please.

    • Suneel seems to be pushing everyone’s buttons – including Frank!

      Why bother to answer any questions straight forward – this makes Frank investigate more, which saves the die-hards money and time. Stop doing their legwork, Frank!

  • You can pay any “expert witness” to say anything. Everyone knows it.

    This ex-FBI employee is treated as a paragon of virtue and nobility. But Brian Booth is mocked, stalked and derided just for doing his current job.

    If “the feds lie” to “win” is the deeply held and often spouted line of defense for Keith Raniere – what about this ex-fed? Why wouldn’t he also “lie to win”?

    I notice that no one is making stupid Pinocchio memes to tarnish this ex-FBI employee’s reputation. As Suneel did (without provable facts) to Brian Booth.

    If Suneel truly believes that the FBI agents lie and all the other really immature, negative and sweeping generalizations about FBI workers that he and Nicki constantly post on social media, didn’t they just hire a proven liar to defend Keith Raniere?

    So hypocritical.

    • Kipp belongs to the……..
      Hollywood Church of the Nazarene

      It takes a cultist to protect a cultist. Suneel’s expert is a mega-church cultist.

  • Kiper has an impressive background.
    Ignore his testimony at your peril.

    As for Senator Grassley, he is one of the most impressive members of the US Congress.
    He has been a Senator for 42 years and is running for an eighth term.
    Before entering the US Senate, Grassley served six years as a member of the House of Representatives.

    Grassley makes a point of visiting every county in Iowa, all 99 of them, at least once a year.
    During his four decades in the Senate, Grassley has chaired the Senate Finance Committee, the Senate Narcotics Committee, the Senate Judiciary Committee, and the Senate Aging Committee.
    Grassley has long been a champion of Federal whistleblowers and the need to protect those who expose government corruption.
    Over the years, my brother has worked with Grassley and his office on various infrastructure projects.

    Grassley is an Iowa icon.
    Chuck Grassley, 88, Does Push-Ups In Re-Election Campaign Ad As He Seeks Eighth Term In US Senate

    • Shadowstate,

      I love how you pick and choose which FBI agents are corrupt, and which ones are honest.

      Is your selection process based on a Magic-8 Ball, Ouija board, or the voices in your head?

    • Shadowstate1958,

      —Over the years, my brother, a mailman by trade, delivered mail to Grassley. Sometimes the mail was metered, and other times it was stamped. Grassley’s various infrastructure projects depended on the prompt delivery of the mail.

      Sir, I am sure you take great pride in your brother’s solemn work. Thank you for sharing a small part of your life’s story.

  • To Everyone,

    ““expert” report and maybe need to learn more but it looks to me that the hard drive create date was in 2003,”

    Can someone please post a link or point me in the direction of the “expert report”?



  • If this issue ever gets before an appeals judge, which is doubtful on legal grounds, it will be one ex-FBI analyst with a grudge against the Bureau going against a current FBI analyst, drawing opposite expert conclusions. They cancel out and Raniere stays in prison.

    What makes this the top guy in the nation? I’d expect the NSA to have the top computer people. Not to mention the private sector. The Israelis could probably run rings around the whole bunch.

    This guy seems to have spent his entire career stuck in one place, the FBI. Unimpressive. And the fact that he ended up in an adversarial relationship with his former employer compromises his objectivity. His noisy claim to the contrary just throws a cloud over his honesty.

    • “This guy seems to have spent his entire career stuck in one place, the FBI” Aristotle’s Sausage

      Anthony Fauci has been in the Federal government since 1968, almost as long as J. Edna Hoover.

      Perhaps we should investigate Anthony Fauci for his potential abuse of power.

  • Which expert did Suneel pay to alter the data on the images to make it look like the FBI altered the images? Round and round in circles we go…

  • Let’s take all this as fact: the FBI tampered with evidence. Then what? It does nothing to disprove 95% of the case against Raniere. At most, the child porno charges are dropped, and let’s say his sentence is cut by half (to be extremely generous). 60 years is still a life sentence.

    But now let’s just say the entire case is overturned. Double jeopardy does NOT apply. He can be charged all over again. Considering the infamy and that it made a few careers, it will be retried. Only the child pornography charges could be left out. Maybe. Camila could decide to testify – which, considering her involvement of late in proceedings to try to get money and speak against Raniere – seems plausible. Really though, the very last thing Raniere wants is a re-trial. Before he had a host of top lieutenants not interested in speaking against him. Now I suspect most would, including Mack and company, as they could negotiate reduced sentences.

    But to stay focused on the pedo charges, this leads to 2 questions I have.

    1) Where did the “Nude Photos were added to the camera card while the device was in FBI custody” come from? Is the theory that the FBI made up the pictures? If not, the list of who would have them and have motive to want them is pretty damn short (Only one name comes to mind…)

    2) What is their plan to prevent Camila from testifying? Whatever their grand plan is, they either know for a fact her testimony helps them or they know for a fact they can prevent her from hurting their case.

    The answers to either or both these questions could be the difference (in this hypothetical) of the child porn charges being re-instated regardless of their tampering efforts. Considering most of the NXIVM faithful deeply believe Raniere is a pious man who did nothing wrong, the answers could utterly destroy that as there would be no “but government lied!” to hang their delusions on.

    To me, until those two questions have answers, all the other theories are meaningless because it just means taking a long winding (and expensive) road to ultimately the exact same destination – Raniere in jail for 120 years for many charges including child pornography.

  • In other words, Suneel paid off a nerd whose experience is mainly with script kiddies in the third world, but not with child sexual abuse material. Just like he has no experience with NXIVM, just Clare Bronfman’s butthole

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