Guest View: Suneel Won’t Answer Tough Questions, so Frank Has to Start Asking and Investigating

The mission of the FBI

This is a blog interested in the truth, which is, as it has been observed, “always fair.” I like to hear both sides of the question and a commenter who titled his/her comment only by “We want to know”, and who I am calling Mark Question has some piquant comments about Suneel and questions for me. 

By Mark Question  

Without Suneel, what is there to write about NXIVM? He’s the hot ticket right now.

Come on, Frank, asking Suneel to answer questions? He isn’t going to answer the tough ones that put his theory into question.

You have to do it.

It’s all about shooting holes into what he has to say.

Where the heck did those pictures come from? We know they didn’t come from Raniere’s discovery evidence.

The only way they could have…

Western digital hard drive similar to the one seized from Raniere’s library. Did Raniere’s lawyers clone it before returning it to the government?

If Raniere’s first attorneys made a clone copy of the hard drive before they were ordered to return it. OOPS. That would be illegal now.

That would be very very bad…

If they gave that copy to anyone, say a so-called NXIVM computer expert…?!?!?

It’s happened before in other legal cases.

Slap my face and call me late for dinner

Look up NXIVM Computer Trespassing Case. Had the NXIVM Dirty All Over It.

Someone could have changed the ‘data” on this hard drive before it was turned over to Suneel’s experts to make it look like the FBI did it.

That is why this entire thing smells fishy, but from the guy who doesn’t like to take a shower.

Keith Raniere played a mean game of volleyball. Did he shower afterward?

Why would the FBI – who had so much information on Raniere to lock him up for at least 70-80 years – go to the trouble of changing a few things on Raniere’s hard drive to get a few more decades?

Raniere wasn’t going to outlive a 60-year sentence let alone a 120-year sentence.

Why hasn’t any of Raniere’s attorneys taken the Rule 33 motion Raniere’s faithful have been working on and filed it?

Why after so many years of crying foul play by the NXIVM-Five cult followers and all this so-called proof they say they have, hasn’t any investigation been started?

The Nxivm Five: L-R, Suneel Chakravorty, Nicki Clyne, Eduardo Asunsolo, Michele Hatchette, and Marc Elliot outside of Brooklyn federal court.

It’s more than likely a group of fools attempting to fight windmills. They cry injustice because they can. It’s just crying but they have no real evidence.

Dancing in front of the MDC made an impact on the public. They looked like fools and crazy cult followers. What was their purpose?

Nicki Clyne and her faithful women DOS following defending Keith Rainiere’s mission of women being weak and victims. Really, who’s the biggest crybaby now? Raniere himself, the ultimate VICTIM. Do they think that made a positive public impact?

Eight DOS women from the website

Now his faithful are working tirelessly doing everything they can to prove he was doing no harm and no one is buying it but them. What a bunch of lost, misguided followers.

What must their families think?

It was bad enough when the Cult of NXIVM was up and running. Now that it has burned to the ground, four of its leaders going to prison, and these faithful are still hanging on to “No, No, No… Raniere’s a good guy”.

Raniere’s been sentenced to 120 years and your fight is over some metadata BS.

There is a forest of data that Raniere’s is the scum of the earth and his faithful are looking at one f&*%8,% tree.

This is what happens with cult followers. This is what happens when a guy like Raniere gets into your mind and takes control. People cannot think clearly for themselves any longer, they lose their ability to see the entire forest.

Frank Parlato should start investigating

Now that Frank has been hanging out with the NXIVM Five and Nicki Clyne and Suneel Chakravorty live close by and work closely with him, is he seeing the entire forest still?

Let’s hope so. Let’s hope he starts exploring the questions that need to be asked on the other side of this investigation.

Frank knows how NXIVM works. Frank knows how Raniere works,

Let’s hope he remembers and hasn’t forgotten there is a forest out there and not just a few trees.

Suneel isn’t going to answer these questions until he has to – under oath. Frank, you’re going to have to start your own investigation and answer these for your readers or stop posting this one-sided BS.

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  • Remember “if the glove doesn’t fit, you must acquit?” It was nonsense then, and nonsense now.

    But it summarizes this weird human belief that if one part of a thing is questionable, then the whole thing must be. Which is also nonsense. If I bring you a list of say 100 facts and you manage to make just 1 of them possibly questionable, idiots (of which they are legion) decide “oh so 100/100 items in this list are questionable”. No, it just means 1/100 items are questionable.

    You see this all the time from political pundits. You will point out X did Y, they suddenly go “but Z did A!”. By trying to make it about Z and A, they hope to invalidate your point about X and Y. Which it really doesn’t.

    That is what Suneel et al are doing. They are desperate about the metadata because they think if they convince people that one piece of data is false, therefore EVERYTHING else about the case is false. Which isn’t true. All they would have proved is the metadata was false. That by itself doesn’t prove/disprove or validate/invalidate anything else about the case.

    Raniere’s immoral behavior would still remain immoral behavior. Deep down, Suneel knows this which is why he dodges all attempts to discuss just the moral aspect of NXIVM and Raniere, instead staying laser-focused on this one tiny legal area. To him, to concede this ground would be to concede the entire fight, so he and the others will hang on to it with everything they have.

  • This is a solid point of view.

    Frank won’t post my comment on a different piece about Suneel’s idiocy.

    Here it is again:

    Frank is looking at “altered” photos of Cami.

    Frank has no idea how those photos were manipulated unless Frank did the altering.

    Frank can repeat that they were altered to obscure Cami’s breasts and genitals, but Frank does not know how else the photo was changed. Unless Frank did the photoshopping. Frank says he did not.

    Once a photo is altered – it’s altered.

    And in this case, it was not done by a neutral party. Which is even more suspect.

    There is a history of manufacturing evidence for court cases within Nxivm.

    It is a non-starter for anyone (including Frank) to view a manipulated photo in a non-legal setting and make any claim about it.

    Now Frank’s illogical conclusion that if the FBI brings a charge against Suneel, it proves they have something to hide…

    The FBI has a sworn duty to protect children from sexual exploitation, child pornography, and sexual abuse crimes

    They MUST look into possession of child pornography. Distribution of child pornography and making copies of child pornography.

    It is their sacred duty.

    Suneel does not get a pass. Not Because a blogger thinks he should or for any other reason.

    You want fairness? You want equality in the court system? You want to “Make Justice Blind”?

    That includes Suneel.

    Don’t want to be investigated for kiddie porn? Don’t possess it. Don’t manufacture it. Don’t distribute it. No matter who you are, it is illegal. No matter how you try to defend having it or circulating it.

    Do you know how many men justify sexually exploiting children as “helping them”? Or even “trying to end child sexual abuse”?

    If the FBI goes after Suneel, it’s because they think they gave a case. Not any other reason.

    Frank: Post my other comments, please.

    Thank you.

    • I was told that I was shown altered photos. It was shown to me simply to show that there were no scars on a clearly adult Cami’s photo. I am glad they did not show me the photos unaltered. I do not know if the photos were altered beyond the modesty blurring.

      What is missed here is that the people who showed it to me did want to protect Camila’s privacy so they blurred it before showing it to me. Did they alter the scar? I do not know. I was told that the original unaltered photos shows no scar. This does not mean Camila has no scar — she does – since other photos show them, I was told.

      Of course the people who showed it to me are trying to help Raniere and they know I am not Raniere’s fan. However they know I care about due process. I personally do not think they scar or absence of a scar is a terribly important issue. What is important is whether the FBI tampered with evidence. If they did – that is as despicable as Raniere.

      I do not know if the FBI tampered

      • Thank you for your thoughtful response.

        We do know that Raniere’s devoted followers have a history of manipulating evidence in legal cases.

        That has been established.

        We can agree to disagree about them wanting to protect Camila.

      • Anonymous (Suneel)-

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        My ass is so dirty faggots be running from it and flies flock to it.

        As for the aliens, I’m sorry, but you, Suneel look like a motherfucking 👽 alien.

        • To anyone,

          I am well aware no one cares, but I want to explain my 10:24 am comment. I plagiarized Richard Pryor. The contextual information is my own. The style, crassness, and vulgar language is pure Pryor. If I made you physically ill, I apologize profusely.

          Two of my other favorite comics:
          1. Don Rickles, greatest insult artist of all time.
          2. Rodney Dangerfield, the father of self-deprecating standup comedy.

          • Peaches

            I truly am sorry I wrote something so crass.

            Suneel gloating and flaunting the fact that he and Nicki are holding Camila’s blackmail material (naked pictures) makes me beyond irate.

            I am sorry for everything I wrote with the exception of Suneel.

            Suneel is an abhorrent human being. At this stage of the game, Suneel’s actions are his own. Tormenting a woman with blackmail material is beyond disgusting and makes me enraged.

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