Raniere Still in SHU – Apparently Missed Deadline for Filing Supplemental Brief for Appeal

Keith Raniere instructed his first line DOS slaves to make the pictures conform to what he wanted - some three times a week.

The deadline was October 20, 2021 for filing a 5,000-word supplemental brief for the appeal of his conviction to the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.

As of 3:00 PM (EDT) on October 21st, there is nothing on the docket for Keith Alan Raniere.

Of course, the inmate formerly known as Vanguard has been in the Special Housing Unit, better known as the SHU, a medieval torture process employed by US prisons where prisoners are kept in a small cage for 23 hours per day. That left him pretty much out of contact with the world, let alone the calendar.

Marie White’s sketch of Keith Raniere as VanDouche.

Raniere went into the SHU on July 22nd, and tomorrow it will be three months that he has been lodged in the tiny cage. I am told that for some of the time he has been in the SHU, he’s had a roommate, of one stripe or another.

His meals are served in the cage, and I am informed he has no access to the commissary. He does have access to a toilet and concrete bed which are his to use inside the tiny cell.

An example of a meal Keith Raniere likely gets for his delight and satisfaction. It is not surprising that he’s lost weight in the last three months. Though not as restrictive as the diets some of the women of DOS went on, it might be less tasty. Being on the prison diet, some observers note, with its lack of nutrients, often causes dental problems such as the loss of teeth. Fortunately for him, the prison system will provide him with dentures.

He has limited access to showers [I am told he gets but one per week] but gets an hour out of the cell on most days to exercise and 30 minutes of phone time per month.

Other than that, he merely sits or sleeps or dreams, perhaps of being the Vanguard again.

I am told that his hair has grown long and grey and he has lost some weight.

Keith Raniere resides behind the fences at USP Tucson, a maximum-security prison especially managed to house sex offenders.

The timing is curious concerning his movement from his cell block into the SHU. He was sent there just at about the time he was granted leave to file a supplemental brief for his appeal by the Second Circuit.

In the SHU, a prisoner is severely limited as to contact with attorneys.

Raniere reportedly was sent to the SHU, however, not to prevent him from working on his own defense but, instead, because he committed an alleged infraction of prison rules that required investigation. Normally, a determination is made at the end of the investigation as to whether the inmate did, in fact, commit an infraction. But that may not have happened in this case.

Prior to his incarceration, Nicki Clyne served Raniere as one of his first line slaves.

Reportedly, his infraction had to do with someone from his cell block having contact on a phone call with Nicki Clyne that was alleged to be improper. A source from the Raniere camp tells me that the investigation was completed about 30 days ago and it is unclear if wrongdoing or not was uncovered.

Raniere remains in the SHU.

Another theory is that at the restitution hearing, where Raniere appeared via teleconference on July 20th, either through his appearance or through the theatrics of his attorney, Marc Fernich, created a desire on the part of officials with the Bureau of Prisons, which is under the control of the Department of Justice, to lay it on the lad. Raniere’s speculated offense to the DOJ and Judge Garaufis was that he claimed to know nothing about the whereabouts of the collateral.

Does Marc Fernich still represent Keith Raniere?

In fact, after the government suggested that the judge should require Raniere to return or destroy the collateral, Raniere told the judge, “I have never handled the collateral, do not know anything about it, do not have it.”

It is not impossible, according to some observers of the doings of prisons and their interrelatedness to judges and prosecutors, that Raniere was placed in the SHU for his uncannily interesting response concerning collateral – to wit – he barely knew anything about it.

This is interesting when you consider he created the concept of having blackmail-worthy material as part of the master-slave sorority he devised called DOS.

As a side note, I believe I have finally learned where most, if not all, of the collateral of some 100 plus DOS women went and, if it has not been destroyed, who has it currently.  In a post I intend to publish today or tomorrow, I will reveal what happened to the collateral after the Frank Report broke the story of DOS in June 2017.

To ease the minds of any women who provided collateral, I do not believe that it is in any imminent danger of being released. It is my hope that the DOJ will take steps to recover it from the party who was last known to have it or to confirm she has destroyed it. By the way, do not jump to conclusions as to who has or had possession of it or where it was stored.

Judge Garuafis
US District Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis

Another potential reason why Raniere might be in the SHU is the flare-up that occurred between Judge Garaufis and Raniere’s attorney, Marc Fernich, during the July 20th hearing. There was an astounding scene where the two glared at each other  – and I mean this literally – for 30 minutes – as court onlookers watched in astonishment. The SHU assignment might be fallout from that very unpleasant scene. I plan to give a more detailed description of that amazing scene in an upcoming post.

In the meantime, it appears Raniere has missed the deadline for filing his supplemental appeal brief – and is living a kind of living death in the SHU.

I understand that he can receive visitors bi-weekly on Saturdays but that they can only speak to him through a glass barrier. I also understand that all his conversations may be and probably are recorded.  All of his phone calls are also subject to recording.

Raniere apparently is permitted to have some prearranged meetings with attorneys on the phone and in person. It is not known if these are secretly monitored, though they are not supposed to be.

It is also unclear whether his counsel of record, Marc Fernich and Jeffrey Lichtman, still represent Raniere. I am told they have not traveled to Tucson where Raniere is held.

It would seem that if they are still representing Raniere, they would have met the deadline obligations or at least informed the appellate court that they would not. On the other hand, I have not seen a notice of withdrawal either.

It is possible that the attorneys filed the brief, albeit improperly, under seal, like Nancy Salzman did with her sentencing memorandum, but that seems unlikely.

If Raniere’s attorneys, if he still has attorneys, missed the filing deadline, under normal circumstances it would mean he loses his opportunity to file the supplemental appeal.

However, the fact of his being in the SHU the entire time he has been seeking to file it might be a mitigating factor. When he is finally released from the SHU, if he is ever released, he might be able to prevail on a motion permitting him to file the supplemental brief even though he missed the deadline.

On the other hand, it may have dawned on the Vanguard that he may not require a supplemental brief insofar as he might feel that his former attorney Jennifer Bonjean’s appeal on his behalf is sufficient.

As for his Rule 33 motion, we are awaiting word from the Raniere camp as to when – or even if – the motion will be filed. As Frank Report readers know, Raniere is claiming that the FBI tampered with evidence of child porn.  The deadline for the Rule 33, which is a motion for a new trial based on evidence discovered after a trial, is June 2022.

Viva Executive Success!

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  • 3 mos. is only a fraction of the time Dani spent in the prison cell that Keith and his cohorts held her in. And she didn’t get the hour of sweet freedom per day Keith is somehow entitled to. Nor did she try to set-up a cell block mate to put a hit on an “enemy.” (My guess.)

  • All these ethical breaches to heal. It will take Nicki C several lifetimes to be able to do that, if ever. I can imagine any conversation between KR and NC: You know I don’t blame you, it was all my fault, I didn’t do enough … word salad … you did (any of the above, so this can play out for a looong time) … more word salad … actions have consequences, even if you had the best intentions … more word salad to reinforce guilt … Think about what you can do to heal this breach … word salad … I thought you love me, if our vow means anything to you, yada, yada – a dig at the women who broke their vow … ethics … word salad … you know what you have to do … more word salad … be true to your vow … Suneel will liaise with you … and when justice is finally done and I am free of all these haters, we will, you and me … you are the only one for me … word salad … save the world … you will have my avatar baby … word salad … but first you have to prove you deserve my seed, otherwise I die …

    • How any of these women fall for this manipulative BS is beyond me. There must be something in the mind fuckery of NXIVM that triggers some mental block that binds — albeit, not in most — but in a small minority such that they persist in this quackery.

  • Since we now know that Keith has had cellmates, we know he’s not in solitary confinement.

    It could be that he’s in protective custody because other inmates have threatened him.

    True, he is surrounded by chomos like himself, but there are other reasons inmates make enemies, especially self-important assholes. Supposed judo and volley ball skills aren’t much use in a prison dust up. We know he got messed up several times in MDC, so no surprise if history repeats itself.

    It doesn’t matter though. As long as he isn’t free to share the planet with the rest of us as a free man so he can continue his habits of child rape and dreams of world domination, the world is a better off.

    • Most SHUs in federal prisons have 1-person cells and 2-person cells. And when there’s an overflow of prisoners in the SHU, those become 2-man cells and 3-man cells.

      Some prisons – such as the Supermax in Colorado – have true solitary confinement cells.

  • Frank
    You are sticking up for this monster 👿 still? Why? For what purpose ? He is a rapist and a killer – what is wrong with you ? Why are you still doing this ?
    Nothing on the victims – we see the true colors of this blog. Too bad you can’t see the damage you have done to the families of the victims with this mess.
    Kim – you haven’t attempted to contact us to answer any questions – why?

  • Jeeez Frank, desperate much? Or have you been murdered and someone has taken your place? Or do you need your head examined? Or all three?

    98% of this is conjecture. But if that 2% of “living a living death” is true, KR deserves every drop of his misery. BOO FUCKING HOO!

    Why don’t you dedicate your life to someone who doesn’t deserve to be imprisoned? It’s a way more respectable prospect….oh wait…that’s right……..Maybe they’ll remodel the SHU for your potential arrival.

    • Nice wit. But Raniere thought I’d be in the SHU and he would live to laugh at it. So did Clare Bronfman. Both miscalculated, as you do now.

  • Medieval torture? Hardly. Tiny cage? No. Is the picture of the tray with a meager slice of bread and a dollop of gruel what Raniere is actually being fed? Again no.

    Apparently he’s not even in solitary confinement. Not if he has a roommate.

    Apparently he’s in the Special Housing Unit because he violated prison rules. He does have a history of doing this at MCI. Making up his own rules and thinking he’s special is certainly in line with his “philosophy”.

    Or maybe he’s in the SHU to keep his arrogant, chatty, wimpy self-important self safe from the other prisoners.

    In any case, Raniere’s lawyers are the ones who file briefs with the court. Not him personally.

    • Yeah, not sure what Frank’s game is here misrepresenting Raniere’s placement inside USP Tucson. It’s so intellectually dishonest. But why?

  • NXIVM license plate explained –from LA TIMES

    Before he got his vanity plate, Robert Heppler and his friends would send pictures in their group chat of clever plates they saw around the city. It got him thinking about what his would say. “You want to wow the world,” he said. “You want to be shocking. You want to be sensational.”

    He considered, then rejected, a few options — a call to “NVR4GT” 9/11, a “NOTPOOR” plate he decided sounded “really pretentious” — before settling on the name of the Keith Raniere-led sex cult just as the news of sexual abuse allegations was breaking. He took a screenshot of the mock-up and sent it to the group chat.

    “Everyone I showed that to all died; they were like, ‘This is hilarious,’” he said. “And I felt because it was so early, because the movies hadn’t come out yet, that they couldn’t ban it.”

    Heppler’s provocative sense of humor hasn’t translated well. As awareness of NXIVM rose, the reactions to the plate grew angrier. “I don’t know if harassed is the right word, but you know in the movie ‘Inception’ when all the population starts turning on them when they’re in their dreams?” he said. “I’ll see their eyes read it, and then I’ll see their brain say, ‘Oh, my God, this makes me mad.’”

    People take pictures and glare, someone left a bag of dog poop on his windshield, his driver’s side mirror was smashed in (this may have been a coincidence) and he suspects a woman got into a car accident while trying to take a photo of his plate. The tipping point came when parents at his son’s private school complained about the plate and his car was banned from campus.

  • Ah, it is so sweet to see justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream!

    Raniere deserves what he’s getting.

    I hope he lives a long, long life in his new home.

    Viva El Anti-Cult!

  • “Reportedly, his infraction had to do with someone from his cell block having contact on a phone call with Nicki Clyne that was alleged to be improper”

    This part got my interest. Would love to hear details on this weirdness.

    • Yes, so would I.

      For somebody who is madly in love with Keith, she is doing a poor job in helping him, because she:
      1) revealed his whereabouts in Mexico by posting a photo on social media;
      2) didn’t remove digital evidence as I understand she was tasked to do;
      4) initiated the dancing in front of the prison, that sealed Keith’s image as a cult leader;
      5) got him in the SHU.


  • There is an old vantard,
    He lives in the SHU
    And every last DOS slave
    Are forgetting who they blew.

    Viva Executive Success!

    • Awesome poem! 😉

      Hickory Dickory dock
      Vanguard had Nicki
      Sucking his c*ck
      Now he sucks on
      Ricks’s big c*ck
      Hickory Dickory dock

  • The whole trial and pre and subsequent proceedings are all a sham. Right from Raniere’s illegal arrest in Mexico to the hanging Judge, the outcomes have been predetermined. There has been no democracy nor human rights present in his trial or his treatment. It is just a shameful mess that satisfies only the blood lust of the masses.

    You should all be ashamed at the way democracy is being eroded away.

    • You should be ashamed. Go fix it!

      See, I don’t agree with you. And if I did – I would do something.

      Keith Raniere was legally picked up. He had a long trial and a jury (His choice) and unlimited money to hire a defense.

      I fight for the truly disadvantaged and wronged.

    • NX dead-enders have the talking points well memorized. It’s too bad it’s all nonsense. For folks who believe there are no ultimate victims, they certainly sound like victims.

    • It brings me joy to know the bitter-enders like you are miserable.

      Here’s to hoping more of you – e.g. Suneel – ending up in prison as well.

      Viva El Anti-Cult!

    • I just read that the US and Mexico have an extridtion treaty meaning that there was nothing illegal about keith being arrested in Mexico.

      Also, Keith decided to forgo his right to present a defence.

      I don’t see how either of these facts are causing an erosion of democracy?

      • There was no extradition procedure for Raniere. He was not extradited under a mutual legal assistance treaty. Raniere was deported from Mexico to the USA by Mexican authorities.

      • While the U.S. and Mexico do have an extradition treaty, that process was not used when Keith was expelled from Mexico. Instead, the Mexican Federal Police simply expelled Keith from the country – and delivered him to the Mexico/U.S. Border – where several FBI agents just happened to be hanging around that day. Imagine their surprise when they realized it was none other than Keith Raniere – the very guy they had been looking for – who was being dumped across the border by the Mexican Federal police. Talk about a lucky break!

    • “ There has been no democracy nor human rights present in his trial or his treatment”

      America is a democracy (although forces are at work to end it), so I don’t understand what point you are trying to make. America also has a justice and prison system that we all agree has room for improvement. But to say his human rights were violated at his trial is a little over the top at best…….

      I would say the system did a good job removing a dangerous man from society, although I think a sentence of 120 years is excessive. 20 years would have been enough.

      • Technically, the US government is a Republic, where guaranteed individual rights are supposed to supersede all other rights. (Note: This really doesn’t need to be said, but violating the Constitution and impeding, denying, violating, etc., the rights guaranteed by it of other citizens within the Republic is not an individual right). Democracies can become totalitarian, the extreme of which is idiotic mob rule, and the founding fathers were well aware of that.

  • That’s not what all prison food looks like. It can be yucky but it’s plentiful. They are required to meet a daily standard for calories. They also give desserts and fruit. Many prisons grow their own fresh vegetables.

    It’s probably healthier than Keith’s former diet.

    You may have a good point about prison conditions but when you are hyperbolic, it really doesn’t serve prison reform.

    “His hair has grown long and grey” in 3 months?

    As stated previously many times: all inmates’ calls and other communication are monitored.

    Keith is not in the SHU for dramatic made-up reasons. Keith is in there for breaking the rules. Good job, Nicki! Way to “help” prisoners.

    They are convicted sex offenders. Talking to a woman inappropriately is a legitimate issue. Who knows what the criminal in question did to be in a sex offender prison.

    Knowing Keith, he was bartering a “slave”. Do you know what a male inmate in for sex crimes would give to speak to a woman? A lot.

    Keith isn’t being singled out. And that’s the real complaint. Keith Raniere is not being treated as “special”.

    Keith is a convict. Being treated as a convict. Keith broke the rules. Keith got the punishment.

    It’s prison. It’s punitive.

    • Frank’s exaggerations and conjecture qualify as comedy today. Cheers mates! The more readers/posters, the more money….It’s a profit deal, people!

  • Was it Nicki Clyne who told you there was no wrongdoing by Raniere and her?

    I wouldn’t trust her word on that.

    The only proof would be is if Clyne was given the go-ahead to contract and visit Raniere again.

    Otherwise, the outcome of the investigation is still unknown or Raniere was found guilty of something.

    How will we really know?

    Aren’t you just guessing?

  • ‘As for his Rule 33, we are awaiting word from the Raniere camp as to when or even if the motion will be filed. As readers know, Raniere is claiming that the FBI tampered with evidence of child porn.’

    Two things about this:
    One, isn’t it more that Raniere’s followers are pushing for this for Raniere? If his lawyers were interested in doing this, wouldn’t it have been done by now?

    Isn’t it Suneel Chakravorty who has taken the lead in the investigation on the so-called FBI tampering based on what Raniere has been feeding Suneel’s mind full of crap since Suneel started to visit Raniere at the MDC?

    “The deadline for the Rule 33, which is a motion for a new trial based on evidence discovered”

    Does this really fit into NEW EVIDENCE? All the legal minds I have talked to have said, no it doesn’t. Raniere and his followers are grasping at straws.

    That’s the main reason why Raniere’s attorneys have not already filed the Rule 33 motion. It’s their names that go on the motion. None of them want to take this kind of stand with their stamp of approval.

    If Raniere wants to do the Rule 33 motion, it’s going to cost him big dollars with an attorney who is bent enough and will to do it for the money.

    Either that or Raniere is going to have to represent himself.

  • purse strings have been severed finally, there will be no more attorneys funded. Clare has finally come to her senses (at least enough to win perhaps her own freedom). Talk of a Rule 33 is nothing but a red herring and made-up fable by Keith and perpetuated by Nicki and Suneel. Keith knows why he’s really in the SHU and it’s for none of the reasons speculated. As for who has the collateral, my money is on Michelle.

  • “ In a post I intend to publish today or tomorrow I will reveal what happened to the collateral”
    Now THAT is a cliffhanger…….

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