Marc Elliot: My Quest to Help People With Tourette’s’ Postponed, as NXIVM Community Was Destroyed By Frank Report

Marc Ellliot appears during the introduction,

By Marc Elliot

The Launch of My Tourette’s 

The initial debut of the documentary My Tourette’s came out at the Cinequest Film Festival in late February of 2018.  It was an exciting time for everyone involved in the project. It had been more than a three year project culminating in a film that the world could experience.   The filmmaker, Alessandro Molatore, had intimately followed the lives of four people over years who decided to take the journey of trying to overcome Tourettes. Molatore did a phenomenal job capturing the uniqueness of these individuals and their personal struggles with Tourettes.     


At the Cinequest Film Festival.

The release of the film also marked another milestone for ESP and the community.  Since the inception of ESP in 1998, never before had footage been released to the public showing what happens within the ESP courses, how Rational Inquiry worked, or of Nancy working with someone, one-on-one.  

There are specific scenes in the movie where Nancy does an Exploration of Meaning (EM), that breaks a stimulus-response chain for someone.  For the first time in 20 years, people could begin to understand why thousands of people from around the world came to ESP courses, despite the company basically having no marketing online. Virtually the only information online was a number of articles on various publications referring to NXIVM as a cult.   

With Nancy Salzman

Everyone in the community, including myself, could not wait to show the world this film.  After the film made its tour of film festivals around the world, the goal was to find a major distributor to release the film internationally. 

That never happened. Instead, the film was released on YouTube for free viewing just two weeks ago. 

Watch My Tourettes Free on Youtube

What happened and why did we release the film now? 

Frank Report Ruins an Opportunity

Two reasons: As I said in my last post, Frank Report and a woman named Carysa Long-Cottrell.  

The first one is that once the Frank Report began posting articles about DOS and the NXIVM community at large, in June of 2017, nothing was the same after that within the organization.  

Regardless of the fact that we helped 11 individuals overcome severe Tourette’s, and had plans to continue to replicate these astounding results, and that we had a feature-length documentary released to film festivals around the world that showed the dramatic improvement in the lives of these sufferers, this took a backseat to the present crisis management caused by the Frank Report. 

The higher priority became dealing with students being confronted by other students and trainers who left the organization and media outlets claiming NXIVM was a “sex cult.”  

Even with the documentary doing great at film festivals, winning awards at the Harlem and Milan film festivals, it was not a priority to promote it. 

Right before the Frank Report came out in Spring of 2017, we had recently given the green light for Tourettes candidates #12 and #13 to come to Albany. Getting the “green light” meant that they had gone through the interview process with Dr. Brandon Porter, Nancy Salzman and myself, and based on the results so far, we believed we could help these two people also overcome their Tourette’s.  

Nothing was more enjoyable than for me to make that call to deliver the good news.  Imagining them getting this call and knowing that with a solid likelihood we could help them live a life where they would no longer be limited by Tourettes was magical for me.  I knew the pain of Tourettes and now I got to be a part of alleviating that pain for others.   

However, in June of 2017, the FR articles started to come. 

For Nancy, on top of running the company and helping people on a daily basis, she had to deal with an unprecedented attack on the company and community and simply couldn’t handle helping the Tourette’s Syndrome candidates. 

Every month or so, I would call the candidates telling apologizing and reluctantly share that we would need to keep pushing their training back.  


With Keith Raniere

After NXIVM officially closed its doors in the summer of 2018, I had to make one final call to the candidates to tell them we could not help them and I didn’t know when or if we would be able to try again. I continue to feel the pain of that day. 

If there is a silver lining, to this day I still speak to one of those candidates. They know we helped people and are patiently waiting for the day when we can help them.

Thus, with everything happening in the media, the courts, and our old friends attacking us, there was never a good time to release the film. Things kept getting worse. 

Fast forward to the end of the trial.    

At this point, no one had spoken positively about NXIVM to the public. Everyone was afraid since no one wanted to be targeted by the government, which had deemed anyone who “promoted Keith’s objectives” to be part of a racketeering criminal enterprise like La Cosa Nostra.  

Additionally,  no one wanted their reputation tainted by being mentioned on the Frank Report for simply sharing their positive experiences in NXIVM.  Even though NXIVM wasn’t a sex cult, the mere association could and did destroy people’s careers.   

Witnessing this “fake news” campaign travel across media outlets around the world, I felt I had to do something.  I knew the truth.  The people within the NXIVM community were some of the best people I had ever met in my life.  And the NXIVM courses improved my life in a way no other education had done.  


This community did more than help me beat Tourette’s.  NXIVM helped me learn to improve many other aspects of my life: to be a more compassionate person to people I hated. To have a better relationship withmy dad, mom and brothers. To have less judgement towards myself. To communicate more honestly with others about how I feel. To learn how to uphold a principle I believe in. To have integrity, to be true to myself.  I became vegetarian, stopped hitting the snooze button, found the courage to start a new career, and it gave me tools to learn not just to inspire people but help people beat Tourette’s. 

Attendees at Vanguard Week, a corporate retreat, which I attended annually for six  years. 
This community did not deserve what was happening to it.  No community deserves it.  No community should be persecuted, lied about, and have hate and prejudice used against them to intentionally hurt and scare them.  What makes it even worse is it was in large part done by former friends who are now financially benefiting.

It’s not unlike what happened in the Salem Witch trials where people were accused of being witches and at the mere fling of an accusation someone’s entire life, reputation and livelihood became tainted, then threatened.

Now, anyone even slightly associated, or known to be a supporter of NXIVM is thought to be of as less than human, or “brainwashed” in the media.  Thousands upon thousands of people who had a positive experience in NXIVM, who may have only taken a single course or two, now hide in fear, worried that their employer or friends might find out they had any association –because of the hate that could ensue.  No wonder so many people retroactively said they had a bad experience.

Think about it.  Right now, if someone like myself was hit by a car and the headlines was “NXIVM Supporter Died in Car Crash.”  Most people familiar with the NXIVM prosecution ir at least, instead of feeling sympathy, “eh, he deserved it.”   I never thought I’d experience something so bad and this is coming from someone who lived with Tourette’s for 20 years.  The hate I received and am still receiving for being a part of the NXIVM community for simply not becoming hateful, is more than I ever experienced living with Tourette’s.

This community was not only a good thing but an incredible force for good in the world.  There is a reason why over 17,000 people from around the world and from all walks of life from bartenders and babysitters to extraordinarily successful business executive and politicians took these courses and wanted to be a part of the NXIVM community.  I’m not very mystical, but it makes sense to me that something this good would have an equal and opposite force trying to make it so bad.
Thus, I felt morally obligated to say something, to help my friends, and to help save this extraordinary community from persecution. So, near the end of the trial, I decided to launch a new presentation in NYC.  I posted the following on Instagram:

“Who’s next?” The Rise of Characterization and Loss of Human Decency.  

Inspired by Marc’s journey of beating Tourette’s Syndrome with the help of NXIVM, a group misrepresented as a sex cult in the media. 

To my shock, within days my attorney received a call from a federal prosecutor on the case and threatened that if I went through with the presentation that I would be prosecuted and find myself in jail. I knew the prosecution was shady, but experiencing it firsthand is another thing. Ironically, the government is accusing NXIVM of using coercion against people, when that’s exactly what they were doing.  That night was probably one of the hardest nights of my life.  I knew I wasn’t doing anything wrong and these prosecutors were straight-up bullies, but I didn’t have the courage to move forward. In the end, I let fear get the best of me and I buckled to their threat. I moved out of NYC and, frankly, I felt hopeless.   

That incident was a little over two years ago.  Although the film was not contingent on me in any way to come out, with so much still going on against NXIVM and people going to jail, it was hard for anyone to make it a priority to get it out.  

Little by little though, I started to build more courage, along with other friends who were witnessing the suppression against our community.  We were able to build enough courage that we started to work to expose the injustices of this case and are continuing to do so to this day on  

Simultaneously, I’ve also been figuring out how to finally get the movie out to the world. 

So this gets me to the second reason why it came out when it did.  That is partly due to Carysa, a woman in the documentary, who through working with Nancy Salzman, beat Tourette’s in a matter of four hours. 

Stay tuned.


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  • Can Marc Elliot even prove that he had Tourette’s Syndrome in the first place. Maybe he was cured of something he didn’t even have. Maybe this is just a miraculous story or let’s call it a miracle fairy tale to portray Raniere and Nurse Salzman as saviors and healers that they really aren’t and Marc Elliot is a part of this very large scale fraud that runs through the whole NXIVM story.

  • I thought that in NXIVM, there were ‘no ultimate victims’.*

    And it’s not like he only has the Frank Report to blame – plus it was Raniere and NXIVM who first set out to destroy others with pathological vindictiveness for decades, creating diehard opposition. Frank may have played a key role in recent years, but NXIVM’s and Raniere’s long and extensive history of misdeeds and dysfunctions was exposed by many starting early on, and it’s likely that the branding outrage and other abuses of DOS would have ultimately caused it all to unravel and sullied the reputations of everyone involved, regardless.

    *Except, as in many cults, the do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do guru who, typical of narcissistic psychopaths, covertly plays the victim whenever it suits them

    • And it’s typical that anticultists reject and ignore facts if they benefit the ‘cults’ they are at war with.

      Anticultists claim to be more rational, more tolerant, and more moral than Cultists.

      “AnonyMaker” provides a perfect example here that this claim is false..


      • @Alanzo And it’s typical for AntiAntiCultists to act like contrarians who believe they know the truth about everyone else other than themselves or those whom they like are wrong, ignorant and need to educated.

  • Why dont you blame Raniere for that? Gross Pedophile. You didn’t help anyone. You should keep away from having contact with humans.

    • Since he seems to be spending all his time coordinating with Suneel, Alanzo and Anthony, I’d say he’s not in much contact with humans.

  • Clutching to My NXIVM as hard, if not harder, than you clung to My Tourette’s, M. It’s not always about you. Everyone has a hard time in their own way. Sound familiar?

    Take what you learned and go on to something new. Something that doesn’t involve emotional outbursts, MLM, and reincarnated Nazis.

  • There is a pattern with Nxivm dead-enders. When called upon to be brave and testify in court or to do their little show in spite of alleged threats, they do nothing.

    The dead-enders run. They wait. Then later they cry, “I am a victim of the United States government. Rally behind my cause”.

    Artists in frickin’ China proceed with their art against the government’s directive.

    How much of a pussy are you to not defy the (alleged) government and do your thing in the United States?

    You make a mockery of the truly oppressed!

    I would stand for anyone actually brave enough and honest enough to have handled the (alleged) threats differently.

    I would be “Your people”. But I save that support for real artists. Brave Americans.

    IF their was any truth to the alleged threats – I’d be offended by how you caved.

    But you dead-enders have cried “wolf” too many times. And are not brave people.

    Guess Nxivm tech can’t fix cowardice.

  • “…no one had spoken positively to the public about Nxium…”

    So all those creepy Raniere Talks social media promo videos featuring celebrities and Mexican politicians and… You, were, what?

  • There is so much hate here for people standing up for their Truth. Does there only have to be ONE Truth?

    What is wrong with people standing up together and becoming a community? Hateful persons point fingers at Marc Elliot, Suneel Chakravorty, and two men who choose to call themselves only Alanzo and Anthony (who can blame them since there is a witch hunt?). They are standing up for what they believe.

    What is wrong with them talking with each other? There is freedom of speech.

    What is wrong with them working together? There is freedom of association.

    What is wrong with them getting funding? There is freedom of commerce.

    They stand for American values and also Truth that transcends nations.

    Thankfully, so does Frank Parlato who does not insist on ONE Truth and provides freedom of expression for all.

    If you don’t share the values of these men, you should take a good look in the mirror and pull the logs out of your own eyes before you judge the specks in theirs’. Their sight is much clearer than yours.

    Search for Truth, not THE Truth.

    • Look who appears here right in synch with the latest NXIVM lawsuit.

      I’m sure it is complete coincidence.

    • Exactly.

      Frank Parlato continually proves his loyalty to the truth.

      The purpose of my blog has always been “Be loyal to the truth, and not to any person or group.”

      I hope to see you posting here more, Seeker of Truth.

      We need more people reminding others of the moral principles they’ve abandoned through the scourge of anticultism.


      • Alanzo has a new best friend online who agrees with him 100% just as the Elliot lawsuit is made public.

        What coincidental timing!


  • ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

    The Female Tourette Patient: Sex Differences in Tourette Disorder

    Aug 2021 DOI: 10.1016/j.neubiorev.2021.08.001 ISBN: 0149-7634

    Jordan F. Garris Mark Quigg

    To read the full-text of this research, you can request a copy directly from the authors.


    Recent progress on Tourette syndrome


    Sep 2021 DOI: 10.12703/r/10-70 ISBN: 2732-432X

    Keisuke Ueda Kevin J. Black

    To read the full-text of this research, you can request a copy directly from the authors.


  • Raniere also told Jim Del Negro not to treat his illnesses with conventional medicine. This is probable fact. And it killed Jim.

      • Sarah,

        Are you in a position to medically diagnose Ivy?

        If you know Ivy as part of the Nxivm “community” and are also a psychologist –

        Why did Keith Raniere both professionally write with – and have an intimate, long-term relationship with – a “crazy” person?

        Why didn’t the “community” get Ivy help if she was “crazy”? Or “cure” her with the ESP tec?

        • These nxivm bots wear titles like fancy dress— today she’s playing doctor, usually she likes to play teacher, its a thing…

  • Marc,

    As long as you, Suneel and the DOS women do not engage with the outside world, your words have no intrinsic value.
    They don’t mean anything. It’s just your opinion contradicting facts.
    When I say, engage with the outside world, I mean contributing to active discussions.
    You all have the habit of just depositing one big statement after the other. Using a lot of words to say that Keith, and in your case, Nancy and Clare, are wonderful people.
    The problem you all have is that thing called reality.
    Keith is serving 120 years. Clare 5 years. And Nancy 3.5 years.

    It’s my opinion that there are “some” discrepancies when it comes to your reality, and what happened.
    It’s interesting to see that you and all of the remaining nxivm people are always presenting situations as good or bad. Black or white.
    Your statements are filled with superlatives.
    Keith, Nancy, Clare. Good. Bonnie, Mark, Sarah, Anthony, Catherine and Frank. Bad.
    The latter are, according to you, responsible for the destruction of something beautiful.
    Reading your statement, I miss a balanced view. I think it’s clear by now, that you are not going to look at things from different angles.
    It would be a nice gesture to the readers on the FR if you would stop insulting our intelligence, by pretending you all seek truth.
    A thing you, remaining nxivm’ers have in common.
    Maybe Keith and Nancy did a good job when it came to Tourettes, but the rest of the so called “tech” is easily to refute.

    My problem with your statement is the simple fact that you dismiss the pain and misery of so many people, just because you had a different experience.
    Your unwillingness to see the misery caused by Keith, Nancy and Clare makes you unfit to judge others.
    You must be aware of the fact that if Keith and Clare succeeded in their endeavors, it would be possible that Frank, Susan Dones, Barbara, Sarah, Bonnie and Mark would be in jail right now.
    Would you come to their rescue to? You, the crusader against injustice. No need to answer this one, Marc. We all know you wouldn’t.

    I remember Mark Vincente saying in “The VOW” that in this case, he was on the wrong side of history.
    I understand why he could think that. But I dare to say, he couldn’t be more wrong.
    When presented with real “data”, he did the only thing he could do according to his own principles. And he did.
    It takes a pair of balls the size of a basketball to decide to destroy your own life, by doing what he did. Why would someone do that? Give me one good reason.
    Now on the other side of this spectrum, we have you. You, who has acces to the same information. And of course, you can come to a different conclusion. But there seems to be no internal struggle in your case.
    You don’t seem to be troubled by the thought: what if?
    To me, that is troubling behaviour. You keep questioning the morality/ethics of the victims. And not those of the ones who have been convicted.
    What does that tell us about your morals/ethics?

    I have a idea. Would you be willing to talk to me in a live broadcast on your instagram?
    I’m not fond of the idea to put myself out there. But in this case i would.
    Think about it. If you want you can bring other remaining nxivm people into this conversation, it would be fine by me.
    I’m not or ever was a participant in this story. I’m just a outsider. My contribution to all of this will be, my own experience of being part of a high control group.

    Thank you for your attention,
    With kind regards,


    • Joey,

      You omitted an equally important question towards the end: “What does that tell us about Marc’s I.Q.?”

      I admire your willingness to step so low as to attempt to engage these specimens into any dialogue at all.

  • A lot of Hitler’s followers looked at the good he did, as well: built roads, got VW going, put Germans back to work, tamed inflation.

    Doesn’t mean he was a good person, right?

  • Someone inquired on Elliot’s prior post about research supporting my statement that Tourette’s predominately effects children and adolescents and often resolves (without treatment) by adulthood.

    IDK why I bother but here are a couple of links starter research links for you siting the stats. Found on PAGE 1 in a Bing search.

    From the CDC (you’ll have to do the math yourself):

    And here’s a good one for parents that puts it in lay terms.
    Also, someone noted the stat that Tourette’s is 3 to 4 times more prevalent among boys than girls. True! ….Odd that 2 out of 3 of the “My Tourette’s” victim vignettes are performed by rather young, adorable, even sexy, females in very tight-fitting garb.

    (Not that I’m not looking forward to Adrian (Fluffy) Fernandez’ and Robbie Chappione’s-Del Negro’s memoirs of their little man, adolescent adventures in NXIVM-land or the cult didn’t corrupt and molest boys. Back when Keith was comparing his dick size and cum taste to Robbie’s and Fluffy was filming kiddie porn of his sister’s fucking and sucking KAR.

    Btw, sorry you lost your Dad, there Robbie.

    • My inner “Columbo” wants to know just “one other thing”: I don’t mean any disrespect for a person in your, you know, condition, Mr. Elliot, but before I forget I was wanting to ask you — when was it, again, you first met the nurse and this genius, Mr. Raniere, is it? The gentleman who you say cured you of your Tourettes Syndrome? Was that before or after you were doing all those paid speaking engagements sharing your truly miraculous survivor story of how you and your doctors already cured you?

      • Snap!

        Heidi smacks Elliot down and makes me question my assumptions regarding Elliot’s sincerity in helping people…..

        Paid speaking engagements are questionable! I didn’t realize he was getting paid. I thought he was a typical Nxivm rich kid (30-ish slacker).

    • Heidi, thanks for that research.

      It makes a great point. Gurus and cults rely on leveraging false attribution (credit) for things that would have happened in people’s lives anyway, or that were just coincidental, like a certain number of psychological and physical conditions that tend to resolve themselves over the course of time – and that people often don’t understand, how relatively common it is for those things to get better on their own.

    • Suneel, Marc, Anthony, Alanzo.

      Bronfman payroll.

      Keith is the mind behind it.

      Who is the communication channel to prison? His attorneys

    • Why do you have to label others just because you don’t agree with them? Everyone has their own opinions. No need to accuse people of “propaganda.”

  • It’s been determined to be a cult by a jury of Mr. Raniere’s peers.

    Two doctors lost their medical licenses by independent bodies.

    You can’t conduct medical experiments without following a protocol.

    Vanguard was a predator. A pathological predator, who you needed to bow to.
    Move on with your life, join another group to help Tourettes, whatever.

    Frank Report didn’t take NXIVM down. It brought itself down. FR just unveiled the truth.

    Get counseling and help yourself.

  • —my attorney received a call from a federal prosecutor on the case and threatened that if I went through with the presentation that I would be prosecuted and find myself in jail.

    Can you prove it?

    Will your attorney go on record and corroborate your account? I already know your answer is;
    “No, it’s much too dangerous.”

    You offer not one shred of evidence to back up your claim of governmental intimidation.

    News Flash!

    If Keith didn’t blackmail the women via collateral and order the women salaciously branded, you and the rest of NXIVM would be sitting around a campfire with sock puppets on your dicks.

    If you want to blame anyone, for what’s going on, blame Keith!

  • “ Even with the documentary doing great at film festivals, winning awards…”

    For those unaware, film festivals are promotional affairs where “filmmakers” pay to have their sad little movies shown. The Cinequest film festival where this Tourette’s movie debuted charges such fees.

    “After the film made its tour of film festivals around the world, the goal was to find a major distributor to release the film internationally.”

    So your sad little movie was a flop. Maybe because, I dunno, it sucked? Boring bullshit, making ridiculous claims? Let’s try that explanation before concocting some giant conspiracy.

    And as for the “awards”, the film festival circuit is awash with bullshit awards. That was how Sarah Edmondson got suckered into Nxivm, along with her old “aspiring filmmaker” boyfriend. It’s all laid out in the first chapters of her book.

    Nxivm had a long history with “aspiring filmmakers” and the film festival scam. A crowd rife with bullshit and bullshitters, blind ambition, greed, and desperate dishonesty.

    • Agreed, Sausage. It is very very expensive to enter work for any film festival apart from those that both invite and finance appearance, which can happen if the film in question is known to be excellent. This definitely wasn’t the case for ‘My Tourrettes’ — I’m willing to bet the Bronfmans paid all the entry fees, to all the festivals.

    • I agree. The best film festivals are the ones that the entry is free, and it is better that they invite you. Cinequest costs about 80 bucks and probably, your film will not be shown there. It is better that you move your own film in streaming, pay for publicity in Facebook, Google or Twitter, rather than throw away 80 bucks to a scam festival. Festivals will not give you profits, nothing. Festivals play with something called fame, part of your ego-personality. Sell your films, don’t use festivals…

  • Marc has failed in the first code of his so-called organization. $25 dollars is barely 2 beers in NYC. Why have an auditorium full of those types when you can have others with money or two sisters with millions to pop instead?

  • Hilarious! Such chutzpah!

    Nxivm imploded because Keith Raniere took to branding his initials on women’s cooches. That kind of thing tends to draw attention. So don’t blame the failure of your sad little movie on Frank. Or the Times Union. They both deserve much praise.

    As for the sad little movie, some people may be unaware that these film festivals, and the “awards” they give out, are in the promotional business. You pay to have your sad little movie “selected” (They, of course, soak the audience too, thus making money at both ends).

    Quoth Cinequest, the film fest that “selected” the Tourette flick: “Cinequest programs 85-90% of its festival from paid submissions annually”

    Paid submissions. You pay ‘em, and your sad little movie gets “selected”.

    “After the film made its tour of film festivals around the world, the goal was to find a major distributor to release the film internationally.”

    Sad little movie dies in obscurity. Not predictable at all, that. 🙄

    Nxivm has quite a history with film festivals and the hype and BS surrounding them. Sarah Edmondson and her bf of the time got hooked into Nxivm via one. (It’s in the first chapters of Edmondson’s book). Aspiring filmmakers desperate for success, they learned his short “film” had been awarded a prize. Said prizes were to be awarded aboard a cruise ship, so they had to pay for tickets. This is the kind of “offer” people with any sense throw in the trash, but nobody ever accused these two of having any sense. Blinded by ambition, they ponied up the cash.

    Once on board, they were buttonholed by Mark Vicente, who recruited them into Nxivm. They were shocked at how much their initial five-day intensive would cost, but they took the bait.

    Then they were informed that what they paid was just a deposit. So they ponied up yet more cash. Vicente had them firmly hooked. This is how foolish you had to be to join Nxivm.

    Nxivm recruited in LA, targeting people with grand ambitions and little sense. Greedy people with an inflated sense of their own destinies. People ripe to be scammed, and more than willing to scam others. People with chutzpah and sad little movies to peddle.

  • There’s no proof that any federal prosecutors threatened Marc.

    Nor is there any proof of alleged federal prosecution threats toward ANY of the many Nxivm loyalists who claim that they were threatened by “federal prosecutors”.

    That is just too unbelievable. No one in any way filed a complaint? No one kept a record? No one said, ” Wow so many friends have been threatened, I will make a record of this”? No one?

    It is always so vague… No names. No exact date & time. Most importantly, no actual details of “the threat”.

    Who wouldn’t you remember that word for word? Every aspect? Being threatened by federal prosecutors? You’d remember everything.

    So…Threatened you, Marc, with what exactly?

    When? Where? Who specifically threatened you? State it word for word explicitly.

    What was “the threat”?

    Must have been really scary to cancel your event. So let’s hear it. Hold nothing back

      • Nah, mate.

        There weren’t any threats. If they were real, he’d say exactly who, what and when.

        He cancelled the event because no one was interested in paying $25 to listen to him blather on about how amazing he, Keith and his fellow NXIVM dead-enders are.

  • Marc,

    I feel for you right now. What is going on here? Do you just want attention? You will certainly get attention here that will fuel delusions of victimhood, which is probably why you are here.

    So is it Frank’s fault the cult came down? It could not have been the sex trafficking, racketeering, and forced labor, and so on. Or do you blame Frank for exposing Keith’s crimes? Are you taking issue with the discovery of Keith’s activities, and not with the crimes Keith committed?

    Keith had become rather bold, and it was only a matter of time before he was arrested. It is fortunate for Keith’s five codefendants that his arrest did not came later. Even so, Keith left a trail of broken lives, and it appears that yours is one of them.

    Please, go get help.

  • Marc, your cult believes there are no victims and everyone is responsible for what happens to them.

    Here you are whining and claiming your cult is a victim of all those other evil people.

    You and your cult are utterly bankrupt and hypocritical.

    All the public shaming you and your fellow culties are receiving is well-deserved.

  • Critical Thinking Question for Frank Report readers:

    How many people who stand to gain financially from Neil Glazer’s lawsuit comment here anonymously, hoping to manipulate how you think about NXIVM, Keith Raniere’s criminal trial, and other related matters?

    Is this kind of covert manipulation consistent with the morally self-righteous victim personae they display publicly?



    • You mean the ones displayed by Alanzo Stanfield, Marc Elliot and Suneel Chakravorty?

    • Probably some on both sides. But a civil jury will probably be unaware of the Frank Report. Those who read it will be screened out during voir dire.

    • How much Bronfman cash do you make a month?

      Are you on retainer and bill time and materials? Or do you invoice them at the end of the month? On salary?

      If you work by the hour, what is your standard rate?

  • Stop blaming others, Marc. Take some responsibility for some of your group’s bad choices.

    I hate it when people try to make excuses and ignore personal responsibility.

    Wasn’t that concept supposed to be a major point in your organization?

    A classic example of “Dwhat I say, not what I do”.

    The lack of self-awareness these remaining supporters portray is simply off the charts.

    • Voltaire and Voltron — how apropos to the news item. You have a unique appreciation for great thinkers and fine sci-fi cartoons.

  • What a story, Marc. I’m very interested in learning more about EMs and NXIVM technology. Everything that has happened and what you are saying makes a lot of sense. I still believe Keith did some bad things but I see now that what they did to everyone else was crazy. Thanks for sharing and you have my support.

    • Anthony, we all know you are a NXIVM bitter-ender. Stop the charade. It just makes you look stupider than you look already.

    • I especially think it’s crazy that a federal prosecutor threatened Marc with jail time if he exercised his first amendment rights, and his ability to have a career as a professional speaker, if he released the “My Tourette’s” movie.

      What was the name of the federal prosecutor who threatened Marc with incarceration – with no grand jury indictment and not even any evidence of a crime?

      I think the public should know the names of those in trusted government positions who abuse their power in this way..


      • It is a crazy story. Entirely made up. No evidence to back it up. Pure fantasy.

        Bullshit, like everything that comes out of the mouth of NXIVM acolytes and their idiotic apologists.

    • Anthony,

      You have been defending ESP/Nxivm and Keith Raniere on the Frank Report for ages.

      But now you suddenly don’t know anything about what Nxivm actually did in their intensives?

      Come on.

      Readers on the Frank Report remember so well, your non-stop defending of the cult.

      backed by “the two lawyers at my work” who opined in much detail on the case but only thru your comments (according to you).

      Your latest comments are incongruous to the point of hilarity.

  • @Marc: While there is some truth to this statement, it doesn’t mention your own responsibility in what happened to the community. “This community, I felt, did not deserve what was happening to it. This community was not only a good thing but an incredible force for good in the world.”

    A community is made of people, it’s not a separate entity that can have something happen to it. You also actively participated in the destruction of the community through your own actions.

    It’s important that we all recognize how we all individually destroyed the community. For, once we do, the space for rebuilding it becomes available. You will not experience yourself so much as a victim once you start doing that and taking responsibility for rebuilding the relationships you yourself destroyed, even if that means some people are still unwilling to speak with you. At least you would have made the community whole internally.

  • Seriously, dude? You’re appealing to the FR about how the FR ruined NXIVM. Did you honestly think you’d find a support system here or did you accidentally post on the wrong site?? You swapped Tourettes for insanity.

    • What a weak community if it can be taken down by an unknown blogger who became relatively famous for helping take it down.

      Didn’t NXIVM have the smartest and most ethical man in the world-leading it? Didn’t NXIVM utter incessantly that there are no ultimate victims?


      What destroyed NXIVM is the fact that Keith Raniere is a charlatan, huckster, con-artist, snake-oil salesman, etc., who sold self-help to hide a cult to feed his ego and appetites. Like all of those who suffer from grandiosity and a lack of self-control that manifests itself in uncontrollable and insatiable lust, he…just…couldn’t…help…himself. The control he must have mockingly imposed on others discretely and never imposed upon himself came back to haunt him, and now it is imposed upon him by those greater in power because it was just a game to him — playing with ethics to hurt and destroy many people’s lives. He was seized by his forelock and the grip won’t be released. There is some good news though: he has plenty of time to repent in isolation for all of the morally reprehensible things he’s done in the sum accumulation of his life up until now, and maybe, just maybe, in the next life when the real judgement comes, the slightest door of mercy will be opened for him to be given it. As a self-proclaimed philosopher, perhaps he should’ve studied the stoics more.

      “Pride cometh before the fall.”

  • It’s so sad how blind to the truth you are. Sad because you were successful under your own recognizance, not NXIVM’s, or Nancy’s, and definitely not Keith’s. They may have helped things along, but you put in the work to overcome your Tourettes, not them.

    Sad because you show massive disrespect to the actual victims in this case by still publicly supporting Keith and Nancy, some of whom I’m sure used to be your friends and colleagues.

    Sad because you continue to ignore the huge mountain of evidence that shows culpability by them, and continue to give Raniere a platform to avoid accountability.

    I saw your advert on Instagram showing your continued support of Raniere and was massively dismayed because, for all intents and purposes, you seem like an intelligent guy who was doing incredibly well as a public speaker.

    I’ll continue to hope that you wake up and have your epiphany that for any that good NXIVM, Keith or Nancy did, their behaviour and crimes undid all that 100 fold, and they left an infinite amount of damage in their wake as a result.

  • Both Marc and Suneel are now super-patriots. All red, white and blue! Such subtle, subtle propaganda.


    Well… gays are allowed in the military, so sign up guys!

  • “Dr. Brandon Porter”

    That’s FORMER doctor Brandon Porter.


    So glad to see the culties get their just rewards.

    So happy Marc is frustrated that his scam has been exposed.

    Great job, Frank!

  • Kudos to the Frank Report for hindering the ability of the NXIVM cult to spread its propaganda and agenda of abuse.

    “To my shock, within days my attorney received a call from a federal prosecutor on the case and threatened that if I went through with the presentation that I would be prosecuted and find myself in jail.”

    Where’s the proof?

    Sounds like a lie to me. NXIVM teaches people to lie–to themselves and others.

    The NXIVM brand is forever in the toilet and so is Marc’s “personal brand.”

    The DOS brand is on many women forever.

  • I am unclear why the methodology, especially with the years that have passed, couldn’t continue minus NXIVM. Why does this “quest” require the release of a movie and a “community” to be successful? A tried and true method shouldn’t require either.

    Or is it only about getting paid some bank and the NXIVM stigma makes it unlikely to get that cash windfall?

    • Erasend,

      Because it is a cult.

      A group that revolves around a central figure.

      “Recruiting” was the top priority. Not “community”.

      The business model relied on Clare’s money and an MLM structure.

      A person had to buy their way into this so-called loving community. Ha ha ha.

      If a doctor dies, the medical community does not stop performing a procedure she perfected.

      If a medical device was created by a researcher who later was jailed – the device would still be used to save lives. If it worked.

      The line of thinking in this piece is utter rubbish.

      The guy makes a living off of being a motivational speaker and he has a strong desire for the spotlight.

      The demise of their cult hit him in the wallet and the ego. He thought this movie would bolster and sustain his cottage industry and put him on the late-night talk show circuit.

      But few people will admit such a thing plainly. Instead, it is couched in saving humanity and the great loss to all humankind. The destruction of a community. It’s laughable.

      It was NEVER about community. Or they would just soldier right on. As they did when beloved, integral and an original community member Pam died (was murdered?). Or the original Nxivm exodus happened with Susan Domes and crew.

      It is all about Keith Raniere. Always.

        • Oh look!

          Another anonymous fucktard making the argument that the government is always right and we should never scrutinize or question them.

          Is the anonymous fucktard a federal prosecutor?



          • Alanzo, such language. Why are you stooping to the vernacular of the anti-cultists? You are a strong, noble warrior of the truth. You’re better than this.

          • Alanzo, you make the same mistake as the remaining nxivm people.
            Where do commenters on the FR claim that: the government is “always” right? Where do others claim we should never scrutinize or question the government?

            Why do you always talk about the extremes? Reality is never good or bad. Black or white. Reality is a grey mass.

            By the way. When are you going to take down Scientology? The whole nxivm thing presented you with momentum. Or are you too busy being the clown on the FR?
            You seem to be unaware of the contradicting BS you share here. To me, that makes your contribution here hilarious.

            For a guy who’s been part of a high-control group, you seem to have very little knowledge when it comes to the how and why people get involved with things like nxivm or Scientology.

            Anyway, keep doing what you are doing. It reminds readers of the FR that having been part of a high-control group doesn’t necessarily make you an “expert” on these matters.

      • That just means a movie cannot be released. There is little that prevents them from repackaging the “technology” if it was effective and using it. Your average copyright (or whatever category this falls under) lawyer could probably offer a few dozen ways that makes it “new” and not under government ownership since an idea is much harder to own over physical, repeatable objects. Hell, a legal fight would be a free advertisement that would increase pressure against the government to allow/release it. Assuming it actually works, of course.

        • Yes. They need to release it so we can scrutinize their claims of “brainwashing”.

          If they are allowed to keep this secret, they can accuse anyone of brainwashing, and label anything brainwashing, and nothing can be done about it.

          This kind of precedent, if it is allowed, is very serious.


          • Thank you for standing up and speaking your Truth, Alanzo.

            You are right. If we don’t all stand up for Truth and allow the government to make up evidence any time they want by labeling someone as being “brainwashed”, we will lose our freedom. Without freedom, we cannot search for Truth.

            I will always stand beside those who search for Truth, not THE Truth.

        • You all realize this is horse#$@#%. (yeah looking at Alanzo). Thinking through the hypotheticals of “if it were real” is for fun, but that is all it is.

          If he had something real, this guy would already be everywhere, including overseas, selling his cure He just wants the movie as a form of advertisement so can push people to a company website to sell cure services. A true, workable solution would not require some movie to help sell that solution as the results would speak for themselves. He has no real-world results, so he needs the NXIVM edited version of reality to make it seem like he does.

          • Hubbard used classical brainwashing techniques in various places in Scientology. One of the first things critics and Exes did in the ’90s was to release it all onto the internet. That has allowed access by people like Stephen Kent, Hugh Urban and others to see what Hubbard created and expose those classical brainwashing techniques.

            These techniques didn’t work, of course, but Hubbard put them into Scientology because he believed in brainwashing. And we all have the evidence – even though no government has yet chosen to indict Scientology or its leaders.

            In the case of NXIVM, we have the government convicting its top leaders, sending one to prison for 120 years, and among other crimes, accusing them of ‘brainwashing’.

            And yet independent researchers do not have access to the materials to scrutinize the government’s ‘brainwashing’ claims on NXIVM. We must all assume the government is not lying.

            This was the point I was making to you, not whether NXIVM “worked”.

            What if the procedure of EMs, for instance, is not brainwashing and yet the government has characterized it as such?

            You’ll probably just respond with a grumpy “I don’t care%^*%&*(!!!”

            And you will be one more government stooge who allows them to grab more and more power until we have no rights left at all.

            The government uses cults, pedophiles and terrorists to set legal precedents that they then turn around on all of us. Remember ‘warrantless wiretapping’ in the early 2000s? That became the programs Edward Snowden revealed in 2013.

            I don’t know why I’m, once again, trying to get an anticultist to care about civil rights. It’s the exact set of principles they’ve abandoned in order to become an anticultist in the first place.

            But oh well.

            Because I believe it is so important, I thought I’d give it one more shot.


          • I followed Keith’s trial very closely – and read all the daily transcripts. But I simply cannot remember the part where anyone was accused of the crime of “brainwashing”.

            When you have a spare moment, please send me the reference to that part of the trial so I can refresh my memory.

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