Debunking Lauren’s Bogus, BS Claim to Moral Superiority for Her or Her Grifter Mother Nancy Salzman

Nancy and Lauren Salzman, two grifters off to con the world....

My comments on Lauren Salzman’s letter of support for her mother written to Judge Nicholas Garaufis are related to one aspect of her argument.

Her letter, at over 2,000 words, is revealing and at times persuasive, but largely a masterpiece lesson on how to be a grifter.

Lauren expends a good number of words about how her mother – and by implication, she herself – were not the only guilty ones who promoted Keith Raniere.

But, unlike the others, she and her mother bravely stepped forward. Lauren writes that not many, other than Nancy and she, were willing to:

  1. Step forward and accept the truth,
  2. To say, ‘… I accept responsibility.’
  3. The number of people who have taken this step, in relation to the universe of culpable actors, is relatively few.
  4. My mother stood up shortly after our arrests,
  5. Upon learning the fast-emerging truths [about Raniere] of what had happened, she spoke the truth to her co-defendants.
  6. She acted decisively on her belief in what was being revealed [about Keith].
  7. She pleaded guilty, and in so doing, changed the course of the case, by forging a path for others to do the same.
  8. Many hundreds of people … promoted Keith … and reaped significant financial and other benefits.
  9. Many were fervent supporters championing his rise to power.
  10. Very few have owned up to their participation as perpetrators as readily as they don the victim’s cloak.

Lauren and Nancy were among the top three or four people reaping rewards from NXIVM. Yet Lauren is trying to make the judge believe that others should share the blame and, more importantly, he should understand their claim to moral superiority.

For mother and daughter, this epitomizes their character. This is precisely who Nancy and Lauren Salzman were in NXIVM. Hypocrites.

Does anyone, even Lauren, believe that Nancy, or Lauren herself, would have stood up and admitted wrongdoing if they were not facing prison?

Nancy Salzman and Keith Raniere

Her mother did more than anyone to promote Keith.

Above: The six NXIVM defendants, Upper Row: Kathy Russell, Keith Raniere, Nancy Salzman, Lower Allison Mack, Lauren Salzman, Clare Bronfman

Lauren Salzman  writes,  “I think it is easiest to view the six of us charged as the full complement of ‘bad guys’ now brought to justice, which is hardly the complete picture, and fails to serve the interests of relating the whole truth. My mom has taken responsibility.”

Yes, agreed. Nancy took responsibility only when she had to.  She cannot quite excuse herself on the claim that, thanks to the prosecutors and discovery in the case, she finally learned the ugly truth about Keith Raniere. Especially since she pleaded guilty before the second superseding indictment was revealed.

I would be fascinated to learn what she claims she really did not know.  I doubt there was much. Between mother and daughter, they knew almost everything. Yet they continued to promote him.

Lauren, at least, knows how to “don the victim’s cloak” well. It did not fit Nancy as snugly.

Lauren got probation, posing and mugging as an innocent dog groomer.

Nancy, posing as the nurturing, loving, honest, brave soul who stood up and took responsibility on the very day she finally learned how enormously evil Raniere was, did not work. The judge gave the 66-year-old 42 months in federal prison.

Nancy Salman walked into court hoping for probation. But the judge did not buy that she was a victim.

It may not have worked because it simply was not true.

There were plenty of ways for her to find out if Keith was a good guy or not for years. There were plenty of allegations made prior to her arrest. [See the Times Union’s Secrets of NXIVM series in 2012 or more specifically In Raniere’s ShadowsInstead of investigating the truth of those allegations, she helped spread a deliberate misinformation campaign to the community to debunk the stories, some of which she knew were true.]

But she did not have to read back then about Raniere’s enormous evil. She witnessed a lot of it herself. Her victim’s cloak is a little threadbare when you consider Nancy:

  1. Knew about – and participated in – the vindictive lawsuits, even those against her former friends and therapy clients.
  2. Knew about his harem.
  3. Knew about his penchant for lying to women about his monogamy.
  4. Lied herself to women to keep them with Raniere and gave women therapy sessions to trick them into staying with Raniere based on his lies, which she knew were lies.
  5. Knew about his taking naked photos.
  6. Knew of his propensity for collecting material for potential blackmail.
  7. Participated in the spying on people Raniere designated as enemies.
  8. Knew of the allegations of underage sex, she even taught the comparative morality of it in classes.
  9. Knew, as well as her daughter, that Daniela was confined in a room for almost two years for kissing her future son-in-law.
  10. Knew or should have known about Camila, and his underage rape of her, for she prepared the way for him.
  11. Despite Lauren saying Nancy knew nothing of DOS, before I broke the story in June 2017, Nancy learned about it then and this was more than a year before she was arrested. She did nothing to break from Raniere. She supported him and enabled him to continue.

And when he vamoosed to Mexico, she remained behind to enable the NXIVM community to continue, and held them together.

And Lauren wants us to believe that Nancy Salzman did not once glean the remotest possibility of the enormity of Keith’s evil until after she was arrested. Then and only then did she “appreciate the enormity of what she had participated in.” Then “she was quick to decide what was right, and do it.”

I don’t buy it.

Nancy looks down upon her lover and business partner, Keith Raniere, whom she worked with and fronted for, for 20 years, but this expert therapist and life coach knew nothing about his true evil until the government pointed out the way?

Lauren does raise an interesting point in her letter:  That Keith demoted her and Nancy in 2009 when Barbara Bouchey, Susan Dones and the others of the NXIVM 9 left because they did not think Raniere should be sleeping with so many teachers and students of NXIVM.

And lying to them as well, and on top of that keeping it a secret from the greater NXIVM community.

Nancy must have known Keith was an enormously selfish person when she was demoted. She might have left him too. Instead, she and her daughter stuck to Keith and lied to the community about Bouchey’s claims.

Then came a stunning moment. Nancy shunned her children’s father, and encouraged her daughters, Michelle and Lauren, to shun their father because Keith demanded it.

Dr. Michael Salzman. Nancy and Keith Raniere told Lauren and Michelle that they must shun their father because he would not fire a woman Keith desired fired.

I do not know about you, but anyone, in my book, who demands that a daughter shun father – not because of any foul deed of the father, but only because he would not fire a housekeeper, one of  the women who left NXIVM, has the enormity of evil written all over them.

You would have to be an ass clown not to know this pig is all evil.

Keith Raniere, the soul of purity and innocence, and ethics, as the Salzmans promoted him.,

Funny, too, Lauren refused to speak to her dad from 2009 until after she was in trouble in 2018.  Her father took her back with welcoming arms, which shows one good father is worth a million Vanguards.

Like her mother, Lauren came to the table late, donning the victim’s cloak, begging forgiveness.

OK let’s grant forgiveness, if we can to the two Salzmans.

But only after you realize the enormous hypocrisy of your pretension to moral superiority based on your accepting responsibility, or bravely standing up for the right. You did neither. You came crawling because you had to and now pretend you did it because you have a strong inner moral compass and are brave enough, unlike many others, to live it and to do it.

From my perch, neither mother nor daughter did that a single time in their lives and they certainly did not do that in their mea culpa ala Raniere.

This letter shows the cleverness of the Salzmans and how they managed to hold sway in NXIVM for 20 years, covering up for Raniere.

It does not show any true contrition.

It is them donning the victim’s cloak, as they profess superiority over others, equally culpable, they claim, but far less noble and not as brave or truthful as they.

I call it bullshit. For that’s what it is.


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Frank Parlato


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  • “ This letter shows the cleverness of the Salzmans and how they managed to hold sway in NXIVM for 20 years, covering up for Raniere.

    It does not show any true contrition.”

    Bravo, Frank! Truer words were never spoken.

  • Lauren wrote this about her grandmother

    “My grandma is in the midst of declining mental health. She has lit fires in her home several times. She has fallen and cut her head open twice. She requires round-the-clock care and can’t be left unsupervised. She now often forgets who we are and how we’re related to her.”

    You cannot make this shit up and most likely a Big Fat Lie Nancy & her attorney file in Nancy’s sentencing memorandum.

    If Lauren’s description of her grandmother is true, which I believe it is, how the hell did Nancy’s mom write a letter of support for her that was clear as a bell?

    A woman who is losing her mental capacity to the point she cannot remember her own family, cannot write a letter that supports her daughter that is clear and to the point to the Judge.

    This is what Nancy was arrested for in this case. Changing things in a civil suit.

    Now it appears she has gone and done the same thing in her own criminal case.

    How many other letters has she done this with? Two we know of so far.

    • I can follow your kind of thought as a non-clinical person that you likely are; however, declining mental clarity (outside of defined progressive organic syndromes such as Alzheimer’s) does not always align with the expectation of consistently linear cognitive decline. My grandmother (and many of my patients) can be very forgetful on any given day or not be able to perform activities of daily living safely or effectively especially when experiencing stress on a given day, yet they can have very fluid and insightful conversations. Very often, topics that stir their emotions with a focused purpose can cause them to be very clear and even eloquent. Periods of calling family members by the wrong name can be interspersed with great verbal discourse and insights reminiscent of many years past.

      Spend some time in a senior center for advanced aging (yet not organically incoherent or demented individuals) – I’m sure this will then make sense to you.

      • — How many autographed photos of Allison Pimp Mack were sold?

        Including or not including the ones you purchased?

      • Big Seller- you’re crass and must be a new commenter.

        Vanguard never ‘spackled about’ his ambrosia; it’s much too precious.
        He used the 3-eyed Turtle.

        BTW: TinkerBell used Vanguard’s ejaculate to make people fly.

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        • Special Collectors Editions:
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          The Salzman Family,
          All Albany,
          or The Girls of Smallville.

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    • Nxivm was Keith Raniere’s very, very, very low rent playboy mansion.

      Instead of a mansion in Holmby Hills and a bunny house across the street – it was condos in Albany and a creepy sex lair with a filthy indoor hot tub in lieu of a grotto.

      The bunnies got branded by their vaginas with Keith’s initials instead of rabbit ear tattoos. And the playmate of the year was “cancered” when she got too old…

      Young women had to pose naked and f×ck an old dude or have threesomes to move up in the harem and have job opportunities.

      Both organizations claimed to be “empowering” to women. Both organizations made women pledge monogamy to an old man who ruled over them with an iron fist.

      Both companies had so many rules for the women and dictated exactly how the women looked. Their hairstyles how they dressed… Their weight. How the women groomed their pubic hair.

      Two old men living their whole lives to f×ck and f×ck with young women under a delusion of grandeur… At least Hefner was a little more honest about his intentions.


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    • Good product description. Too bad you support the darkness. Those who take liberties with children and enforce blackmail schemes on adults.

      Nicki Clyne? I wish you could grow up and take some notice of what you’re supporting.

    • I am going to order the, “Oh my gods, Cali fucked Raniere” hoodie.

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  • Nancy loved to be the center of attention. She wants to be the bride at every wedding, the corpse at every funeral!

  • All of Raniere’s co-defendants are grifters and charlatans like him.

    They all knew that Raniere has a predilection for child molestation.

    I knew it just by reading one Frank Report story where Raniere was quoted as telling his supporters that 12-year-old children can consent to sex with an adult.
    It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out what Raniere is.

    The only reasonable response by Raniere’s followers is to leave NXIVM as soon as possible.

    So when Allison Mack pretends to act shocked by Raniere’s fetish, she is lying.
    Mack falsely accused her own father of child molestation knowing damned well that her fairy tale would impress Raniere.
    And Mack encouraged other young women to falsely accuse their relatives of child molestation.

    So why should the liar Allison Mack pretend to be shocked by Raniere’s child molestation?

    Say what you will about Nicki Clyne, at least she is not a lying hypocrite who pretends to be shocked by Raniere’s attraction to children.

    • I disagree, Shadow. Clyne is a lying hypocrite. In her interview with Scott Adams mere days before Keith’s sentencing, she was asked about the charges against Keith and the evidence presented by the prosecution of Keith molesting Camila. She was happy she could tell everything about EXIF data, tampered photos, corrupt FBI, etc. Scott asked her if the woman in question, Camila, had testified. Clyne said she had not. Then Clyne said that if there was evidence that Keith was a child molester, she would obviously distance herself from him. A few days later, there was the bombshell testimony of Camila at Keith’s sentencing. But Clyne didn’t disavow Keith afterward. On the contrary, in a later interview (One for an American podcast), she said Camila was under a lot of pressure from her family to testify as she did and that she had a financial incentive to testify the way she did. Indirectly, Clyne said that Camila was lying. Clyne wants to be with Keith so badly that she is incapable of rationally making an assessment of the whole situation. It is rather sad.

  • Well, if Nancy only discovered like a big surprise that Raniere was evil after his arrest, then she was not punished, coerced, commanded, to inflict to others all she did inflict, then she did it only because she wanted to do it, then she’s fully responsible and guilty of her acts, period.

  • Frank – Here’s a thought. Can we be sure that some of these letters of support are genuine? What if they were birthday tribute letters to Nancy Salzman that have been adapted?

  • The EMs and NLP that mindfucked women into Vanguard’s bed also worked to get some into Prefect’s bed too. It works for the goose as well as the gander.

  • What a pack of lies

    Lauren and her mom Em’d the crap out of all the women who had issues with Raniere having sex with other women when they wanted to be the only ONE

    They all knew about each other after the secret was out that Raniere wasn’t faithful to Just One.

    Nancy Salzman knew Lauren took her place in Keith’s bed early on.

    Lauren was lying to the Judge when she wrote her support letter in an attempt to get her mom the same kind of deal she got.

    Will it ever end with these women?

    Bet $10.00 after they are no longer in danger with the government, the Salzmans will be running another slime ball school of self-help making more money than when they were in NXIVM.

    They won’t need their Lord and Master Raniere either. He will still be in prison

  • Frank Parlato Forgot Two Major Things Lauren Said That Is Screaming Bloody Murder To Be Torn Apart By Frank says:

    Hey Frank,

    You should’ve also commented on the part where Lauren was talking about Keith and how, “He scammed her [Nancy] into leveraging her life savings and the goodwill she had built over her long self-made career”

    “the *GOODWILL* she had built over her long *SELF-MADE CAREER*”?! That’s absolutely adorable! 😅😂🤣😭😆

    Nancy lied about her credentials and siphoned money off somebody else as a parasite!

    The second part that was really interesting was where Lauren said, “Unfortunately, individuals who rightly became disaffected with Keith before his arrest were attacked viciously and written off as scorned lovers, disaffected ex-employees, controlling parents of the more privileged and sheltered NXIVM members, some of whom had themselves engaged in highly questionable, if not overtly criminal conduct, so it was difficult to discern that, at bottom, they were telling the truth versus being vindictive, as was fed to us loyalists.”

    Yet, they didn’t investigate it for themselves to ascertain the validity of what was obviously being spoon-fed to them by Keith and they almost seemingly non-hesitantly spread it across the NXIVM community and slandered their friends and victims seemingly without any thought of what they were doing as well as the ummmmm, oooooohhhhh I don’t know……….. *THE ETHICALITY* OF IT! I love how they always touted the word “ethical” and how that goddamn word, only to always do the exact opposite of it while they hypocritically and narcissistically boasted they were practically the embodiments of it! It just makes me want to slap both of their faces off

    They’re all like mentally retarded children! Nancy is just so fake it’s ridiculous! I bet she put Lauren up to this and dictated to her what to say! I’d be absolutely shocked to find out otherwise! She really comes across to me as a two-faced yenta bitch! How in the world is anybody this stupid to fall for her bullshit?! It’s so fucking obvious and I’ve never even met the goddamn piece of shit bitch! It’s like you have to have Asperger’s syndrome or some type of social deficiency or mental deformity to fall for this! They can run their mouths on “The Vow” about how “normal people can fall for this” all they want! I honestly believe that a lot of these people were incredibly insecure, sheltered, mentally ill, and/or probably mentally retarded!

    It’s very obvious that she’s a backstabbing yenta too! She’s like that fake piece of shit parasitical neighbor who gives empty smiles and is ostensibly friendly but secretly talks shit about everybody in the neighborhood behind their backs while she pretends to be your friend like a pussy and then feeds on all the drama so that she can feel “noticed”, that everybody wants to slap her face off for! It reeks off her in every video I ever saw of her like horrible body odor! She’s visibly a fucking cunt! It’s right there in front of your face! Only an idiot can’t see it!

    Frank, you seriously need to cover those other quotes I pointed out to you in this article! They’re both VITALLY IMPORTANT and I’m shocked as shit that you didn’t mention that! I’d thought you’d be on the ball in every direction possible tearing them both new assholes on those two quotes, but you were nowhere to be found on those two things, man!

    Go tackle these two bullshit quotes! They need a good thrashing from you!

    Get your shit together, Lad!

    • ==They’re all like mentally retarded children!

      Don’t group them with the above who are totally innocent of their fate. These people weren’t given such impeded minds and they knew exactly what they were doing which makes them much worse.

      • Frank Parlato Forgot Two Major Things Lauren Said That Is Screaming Bloody Murder To Be Torn Apart By Frank says:

        To: Anonymous
        October 10, 2021 at 8:12 am

        “==They’re all like mentally retarded children!

        Don’t group them with the above who are totally innocent of their fate. These people weren’t given such impeded minds and they knew exactly what they were doing which makes them much worse.”

        First of all, the term “mentally retarded”, is a multi-faceted term now and is commonly used in slang in modern language nowadays!

        Second of all, there is a spectrum of mental retardation and some mentally retarded kids are punks (NOT ALL, NOT ALL, ALL! NOT EVERYBODY AND NOT ALL!) they’re are many thugs, criminals, and even murderers are literally mentally retarded!

        Real psychologically diagnosed psychopaths by psychologists are in many ways mentally retarded and/or mentally arrested! That’s why a lot of them are incoherent! There’s been many studies about this! Just go look at how Charles Manson (a medically diagnosed sociopath) writes letters! Go read his letter to Marilyn Manson for using part of his name as his stage name and see what I mean! You can’t look at them all like that! There are so many factors and different levels of accountability that you can’t just slap “innocence on all of them! It is way more complicated than that!

        All I was trying to say is that their brains are underdeveloped and don’t work right and they are complete clusterfucks of a train of thought, are mentally unstable, and socially inept and don’t give a shit and act like sketchy punks! I thought that was clear! Let’s not split hairs over an argument that you have no idea what you’re talking about and will lose! BIG TIME!

    • Think I am going to avoid the next moon cycle when “Frank Parlato Forgot Two Major Things Lauren Said That Is Screaming Bloody Murder To Be Torn Apart By Frank” might post again. Serious problems this person has not least on one of the most disadvantaged in society too. Can we call them a Karen now?

      • Frank Parlato Forgot Two Major Things Lauren Said That Is Screaming Bloody Murder To Be Torn Apart By Frank says:

        Hey Inception!

        You want run your mouth, then why don’t you just speak straight and just say what “serious problems” I have?! I don’t know you’re trolling me like this! You can’t post anything on here without some whinny little bitch like you being randomly offended and talking shit for no reason! So let’s hear your “brilliant” reason why you’re running your mouth about mental health?! Thrill me with your acumen, please!

      • Frank Parlato Forgot Two Major Things Lauren Said That Is Screaming Bloody Murder To Be Torn Apart By Frank says:

        Btw Inception,

        if you’re white and want to use the word “Karen” that a bunch of [redacted] coined to mock white women, sure you use that word, but know you’re an idiot to use a word that was deliberately coined for the sole purpose of shitting on the white race (INCLUDING YOU)!

        If you’re of another race and want to call people “Karen”, sure you can that! Just know that sooner or later you’re going to get your ass kicked by some white person that knows the truth about what that word was originally intended for and might wind up in a hospital! You were warned!

  • You are right. And Nancy deserved a sentence at least half of what KR got. The judge was way too lenient. She knew what she was doing and she enjoyed it immensely.

    • Frank Parlato Forgot Two Major Things Lauren Said That Is Screaming Bloody Murder To Be Torn Apart By Frank says:

      Yeah, I’m also pissed as shit that Lauren didn’t get any time! I’m hoping that more charges are going to come as they hinted in “The Vow” and “Seduced” documentaries! The prosecutors in their interview said that “we just wanted to quickly put these charges on him and then bring more later”! They also allegedly said to Nicki Clyne that they, “we’re going after the head, and then we’re coming for the tail”!

      So I’m hoping after Kathy Russell is sentenced and the lawsuits are done, that there’s going to be more charges on everybody else and even more charges for the already convicted co-defendants!

      It’s bullshit that Allison, Clare, and even NANCY got prison time, and Lauren didn’t when she was in this before fucking Clare, WAY BEFORE ALLISON and even aided in getting Allison involved with NXIVM along with Kristen Kreuk! They all need to be arrested and serve prison time! I do believe that Lauren wasn’t as bad as other people but for fucksake, she needs some goddamn prison time! I truly hope the prosecutors aren’t just talking shit and they’re going to do what they said!


      RIDICULOUS! 😠😡🤬

      • They can still get Lauren on other stuff and crimes….and get Michelle finally. Michelle does nxivm under the sculpted vegan.

        • Frank Parlato Forgot Two Major Things Lauren Said That Is Screaming Bloody Murder To Be Torn Apart By Frank (I’m Changing My Name To “Fuck NXIVM” After This) says:

          I hope they do! But the problem with Lauren specifically is more about the fact she has a cooperation deal with the government than about her lenient sentence! So if she gets charged with more crimes, will that cooperation agreement be applicable to those charges?!

          We must also take into consideration – from what has been said by the prosecutors themselves – that she has confessed to all of her crimes as part of her cooperation agreement! Of course, it’s always possible that she deliberately left shit out or even lied (Even though she was threatened to lose all of her immunity if she did and admitted that on record)! I don’t know if that happened for sure, but this is a Salzman that we’re dealing with here! So skepticism is our best friend with the likes of them until we are certain of the truth otherwise!

          But nevertheless, let’s for the hypothetical sake of argument, say she told the entire truth and COMPLETELY confessed to all of her crimes, then by part of her cooperation agreement, she can’t be legally charged for those crimes unless she somehow violated her contract! That’s the only thing we could hope for or unless she gets charged for crimes that she didn’t have to confess to and her immunity isn’t applicable to them!

          That seems like the only way Lauren will get any jail time at this moment!

          Now, in regards to her sister, Michelle Salzman, I’m almost certain more charges are coming and there will be more waves of arrests after the civil suit and all of the remaining parts of this current case are finished up! One of the prosecutors said: “First we’re coming for the head and then we’re coming for the tail”! Another prosecutor (or perhaps the same one) on one of the documentaries said, that they were trying to quickly stick them with charges and then bring more later!

          So, if we are to believe the words out of the mouths of the government officials handling this case, then this is FAR FROM OVER! Not to mention the fact of just from common sense in of itself of how the government works, why would they go to all that trouble for a deal with Lauren to sell everybody out in the first place, if they’re not going to arrest anybody else and there’s not going to be any more trials?!


          Now where Lauren is going to fit in all of this?! We have yet to find out! I hope she gets prison time, though! That will be complete and utter bullshit if she doesn’t!

      • What prosecutors say in a television interview is as newsworthy as last year’s weather report. Who cares? The prosecutors least of all. They know what to say in front of cameras to come across well.

        • In some cases I believe that’s true. However, what you also have to take into consideration is that the prosecutor also “threatened” this to Nicki Clyne herself WITH NO CAMERA AND/OR TV and if they truly did “lie”, then they’re going to piss off A LOT OF PEOPLE! I think it’s a pretty safe bet they will arrest more NXIVM members asap, but you also don’t understand that the prosecutor DOES IN FACT, HAVE THE POWER TO BRING THOSE CHARGES! You’re dead wrong!

      • — Lauren aided in getting Allison involved with NXIVM along with Kristen Kreuk! They all need to be arrested and serve prison time! —

        Was Lauren the one who really recruited Kreuk? It’s never been made clear who recruited Hildreth and Kreuk. How did these two get associated with Nx when the only NXer in Vancouver they might have known back then was fellow actor Sarah Edmonson.

        • To: Anonymous
          October 11, 2021 at 7:21 am

          “— Lauren aided in getting Allison involved with NXIVM along with Kristen Kreuk! They all need to be arrested and serve prison time! —

          Was Lauren the one who really recruited Kreuk? It’s never been made clear who recruited Hildreth and Kreuk. How did these two get associated with Nx when the only NXer in Vancouver they might have known back then was fellow actor Sarah Edmonson.“

          I completely agree! I don’t think there should be any goddamn “immunity deals” for anybody! I also think Kristen Kruek, Kristen Keeffe, Ivy Nevares, Sarah Edmondson, Nippy, Mark Vicente, Bonnie, Toni Natalie, Barbara Bouchey, Catherine Oxenberg, Camilla Fernandez, Marianna Fernandez, And Daniela Fernandez, India Oxenberg, and even Nicole as well as many many others, should be arrested and be doing jail time also!

          EVERYBODY who either danced with Keith and/or NXIVM (whether before or after NXIVM was established), should get their feet twisted all the way around and every bone in them and toe on them snapped off and shattered and not be able to “walk away” scott free (so to speak)!

          Fuck this whole “victim vs perpetrator” bullshit mentality! THEY ARE ALL VICTIMS/PERPETRATORS AND SHOULD ALL GET PRISON TIME FOR IT!

          HUNT ALL OF THEIR ASSES DOWN LIKE DOGS AND CONVICT AND IMPRISON THEM ALL! Can some get more leniency than others?! Sure! But EVERYBODY SINGLE MOTHERFUCKER INVOLVED IN THIS NEEDS TO BE DOING SOME KIND OF STINT! What really needs to be dishes out by Judge Garaufis is 3 YEARS MINIMUM, 5 YEARS MINIMUM, and even 10 YEARS MINIMUM prison time for certain individuals!

          I think Lauren Salzman, Allison Mack, Nicki Clyne, Kristen Kreuk, Danielle Roberts, Daniella Padilla, India Oxenberg, Sarah Edmondson, Nippy, Mark Vicente, Emiliano Salinas, etc should be doing AT LEAST 5 years and I think Nancy should be AT LEAST doing 10 years!

          I think Kathy Russel should’ve gotten AT LEAST 3 years if not

          I think everybody in the harem (and yes I know that not everybody listed above was apart of the harem! This is just a generalized statement) should AT THE VERY LEAST be getting a minimum of 5 years and some harem members, EVEN LONGER!

          I would also be making sure that Keith Raniere got the death penalty AT LEAST either by rope, or electric chair (firing squad and lethal injection are too good for him)! That’s a start! But preferably I think we should bring back some medieval torture devices such as the impaler where they made you sit on top of a large pole and pulled you down by your neck with ropes and the pole went through your asshole and came out of your mouth and pushed all your internal organs ot of your mouth and shut! It was an excruciatingly painful death! These are an even better start! But I think we could become a little artistically creative with all of our special little friends! 😉


          Hopefully more charges are coming and this bullshit is only temporary and we’re all going to see some REAL justice and REAL deterrence take place! Show everybody that we’re not playing and this bullshit come hell or high water is going to stop!

          Unfortunately, as sad as it is to say, even that “justice” and “deterrence” (if it even happens at all) will not be as beautiful as listed above! 😩🥺😢😭😞

  • The letters in the brief follow a single pattern. That is, to say what a great humanitarian Nancy is and that we should not sentence her to prison because “she made my life better”. Personally, I wouldn’t doubt she is a good therapist. In fact, I imagine she is a very good one. However, that is avoidant of the main point, accountability.

    Just as there is no accountability in Lauren’s letter for her mother’s crimes, there is no accountability in any of the other statements. No one is listing the crimes as Frank has brilliantly done in the above article. No one is stating what she did was wrong. No one has given examples of her actions that would show contrition. No one has offered how she has changed her life since being charged to account for her crimes. No one seems to get it. Everyone has their excuses that seem to boil down to this: “Keith Made Me Do It”.

    Personally, I’m amazed and angered that the members and supporters of a professional personal growth program whose credo was “There are no victims” lack a basic sense of responsibility and accountability. It is shameful and the letters are shameful.

    And, The Forgotten Ones lack the same sense of accountability. They focus their attention outward on reforming the prison system when it’s their own morals and bad behavior that need reformation. I admire their idealism but true reform starts with oneself and self-honesty. How can Dr. Roberts ignore the lies, deception and abusive behavior of Raniere, Bronfman and Salzman and request Raniere’s freedom? Raniere, Bronfman and Salzman are all criminals – and criminals need to be held and change their lives for society to be safe.

    For all of them, it comes down to this. Admitting to oneself and the world: “I screwed up badly, I hurt others very badly with my behavior, I deserve the punishment I’ve gotten and I will take that punishment and use it as motivation to change, and I will take all the necessary steps to change and will make that effort the main focus of my life”.

    So, Lauren Salzman, David Dash of Rhinebeck, NY, Ben Myers and all the other self-righteous acolytes of Nxivm/ESP, get honest with yourself and the world and admit what your leaders have done, what you have done, and how you are going to change your own life.

  • Inner circle NXIVM members were liars selling its utter bullshyte for years. Do these morally decrepit people think that we with brains would believe their after the fact bullshyte that the didn’t really know who the Vanguard was? That they were just gullible fools who were tricked into believing that the Vanguard was a celibate monk and that Gaelen was not his son but he was delivered by a stork?

    • I don’t buy it either. They weren’t as stupid as they want us to believe now. A person can be under the sway of coercive control and be intentionally/happily evil. I don’t trust any of these people, even the one’s who have come out against KR so strongly, especially the ones who have turned it into an income stream with podcasts and films.

  • I don’t understand how Frank can write this article and then support Nicki who also was aware of DOS, collateral, the harem, allegations of sex with minors, and is currently still defending Raniere despite all of these things to this very second. Why does Nicki get a pass?

    • Why does Nicki get a pass? Frank is a single man with a dick. Nicki is a cute blond with a cunt. Nicki knows how to manipulate when she needs to. That’s what actresses do, they act, they manipulate emotions. Frank’s dick is bigger than his brain.

    • Frank isn’t consistent in this area because his guiding principles are first about what best serves Frank (clicks, revenue, etc.). Journalistic principles, public service, etc are just secondary to him.

  • “ And he, the master craftsman that painted this picture, was so good at what he did that before 2017 only a handful of people were able to divine that he was not who he purported to be.”

    Yes, Lauren. And your mother was one of them. And she did nothing…….

    • Lauren

      There is something deeply wrong with your brain or moral compass or both. When I met Keith and your mother in 1999, I liked some of the ESP ideas they were selling but it was obvious they were not being honest.

      1) Other personal growth programs (EST Training, The Forum, NLP/ Milton Erickson, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Rational Emotive Therapy) used similar technology 30 to 50 years earlier and none of them ever claimed they invented the technology.

      2) I’ve taught at Harvard Medical School and I’ve been around a lot of smart people, but none of them ever claimed they were the smartest person in the world. In fact, it’s specious to claim such a thing exists; and if there were, it would be almost impossible to quantify.

      3) Requesting to be called Vanguard and Prefect and to bow in acknowledgment to them spoke more to monarchy and feudalism than to the values of egalitarian democracy. Why would anyone want to worship someone especially someone who is not forthcoming about where they developed their technology and their qualifications?

      It was obvious to me in 1999 that something was rotten in the state of Denmark and I did not want to stick around to have it infect me. At that point, I completely lost touch with the group until the NYT article and my original experience all came flashing back to me.

      Didn’t you get signs that something was way off? Why did you ignore them? Why are you still protecting your mother now? Can’t you see how that holds you back from living honestly, freely and courageously?

  • Never underestimate someone’s capacity for self-deception. You can see that quite clearly in many of the comments posted on this site.

  • I think they (Nancy and Lauren) were ass clowns, and I believe the letter.

    I took it differently when she said many more than 6 were culpable. IMO, this point needed to be made as part of the big picture point that Nancy wasn’t truly Keith’s 2nd in command. There was no 2nd in command.

    And the 5 co-defendants DID end up taking it on the chin for all those who squeaked by uncharged. I thought this point was another good one to remind the judge of.

    • Well, if any of us ever commits mass murder or some other heinous act — know this — you can count on NutJob to defend you.

    • I think John Wayne Gacy was a total ass clown, but he didn’t eat ass like
      Jeffrey Dahmer did.

      We all make mistakes, and is having buried people under your home’s driveway such a bad thing?

      You all want blood, but is blood what you want? Blood, blood, more blood!

    • Warning: Too much Ass Clowning can lead to suicide!

      I wonder if Nut Job, can explain to Kim Snyder, how Nancy Salzman was just being an ass-clown, when Kim’s sister, Karen Snyder, committed suicide.

      Kim asked Nancy to explain what exactly transpired before Karen committed suicide, and Nancy never answered Kim.

      “Golly gee wiz, Nancy was to busy being an ass-clown, to be involved in a suicide.”
      -Nut Job

      Below is an excellent article on the Karen Snyder suicide and Nancy Salzman’s involvement:

      Frank Parlato has a Discovery TV Special on the Kim Snyder suicide.

      Apparently, according to Nut Job, Ass Clowning is a suitable excuse for doing shitty things, such as eating from a salad bar, mass murder, or helping to drive someone to suicide.

      • Don’t type lies about me. I’ve written dozens of comments about Kristin Snyder. Other than calling you a liar, I’m not dignifying your post with a response. Thanks for the link, though. Never knew about that investigation discovery show… Maybe you should watch it and learn the names of the victims.

    • True that there were others who should have been indicted, but that doesn’t reduce Nancy’s guilt and culpability.

      Re: “2nd in command”… you are playing a silly word choice game. The Prefect held more power than anyone beside KR.

      • Agree with everything. Even the silly word choice comment.

        But it doesn’t change the point that “Prefect held more power than anyone besides KR” is another silly word choice game. It was Keith’s show. He had roles for everyone – including Nancy. The FACT that Nancy was demoted and ostracized after the NXIVM 9 defection is clear-cut evidence of this. Keith got what Keith wanted. Always.

    • Nut Job-

      You’re right! Everyone is guilty of being an ass clown.

      One time my wife, caught me in bed, with a crack pipe and two other men.

      Call me up if you ever make it to Plano!

    • Nut Job
      I don’t believe Nancy should suffer in an eternal hell.

      I do believe to excuse her criminal culpability by saying she was an “ass clown” is a slap in the face and insult to all the victims.

      Nancy willfully and consciously helped to destroy people’s lives and cover-up NXIVM involvement in a suicide. That’s being an ass clown?

      • To Niceguy and the others (if they aren’t all Niceguy) commenting above him, Ass clown was Frank’s word. It was used by me because Frank used it first. It is necessary to first read Frank’s article in order to understand the context of my comment.

  • Great assessment, Frank. I was thinking the same things when reading the letter. Let’s just hope Nancy does indeed make it to prison, without excuses and stalls frrom lawyers. She deserves it.

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