Suneel Explains Quest to Investigate FBI Tampering and Defend Raniere – It Was ‘the Lie’

Suneel Chakravorty says he does not have and never has had a copy of the hard drive because he refused to sign the protective order.

Veritas liberabit.

The truth will set you free.

For me, the truth is there are many things I don’t know.  I don’t know if some, many or all the allegations of Keith Raniere’s past are true or not. I don’t know if his intentions were good or not.

I barely knew Raniere before his arrest in Texas. I had become a student in Executive Success Programs for about a year and was an unpaid volunteer coach for about a year.  I was not a fulltime NXIVM “member” or student.

I had my own self employment work as a computer tech consultant. I made a very good living.

Still, after his arrest, I became intrigued because a company I was associated with, a company I had spent time learning their product – a curriculum, which I believed held valuable lessons, and were comprised of a group I perceived as being very good people, was now, astonishingly, involved in a criminal prosecution and a worldwide scandal.

I wanted to hear the facts for myself.

I attended Raniere’s trial. I went every day and stayed all day, through all six weeks of trial.

The Theodore Roosevelt US Courthouse in Brooklyn where the Raniere trial was held.

It was the first trial I ever attended. I was not favorably impressed at how theatrical it all was, so often full of emotion, some of it seemingly exaggerated, and an awful lot of tears. Sylvie cried, and Daniela cried, Nicole cried, Jay cried. Lauren Salzman cried so much the judge stopped the cross examination. Even Mark Vicente cried, seemingly on cue.

Somehow I had naively thought it would be far more sober, more “just the facts.”

As the days wore on, something did not sit right with me.

Witnesses who had said they loved NXIVM for years now testified it was all evil. Witnesses who said they loved Raniere more than anything in life, now testified he was horrible.

What could account for such a change in perspective?

Toward the end of the trial I heard FBI Senior Forensic Examiner Brian Booth testify that EXIF data is hard to change. Now he was speaking my language; my expertise is computers. I damn well knew this was a lie. EXIF data is easy to change.

Brian Booth had been a forensic examiner with the FBI for over a decade. He knew very damn well that EXIF data is not hard to change. It is easy. So why did he lie?

I felt the case was handled in a very one-sided fashion, as things always went the prosecution’s way. For example, the way Raniere was apprehended in Mexico, outside the FBI’s jurisdiction, without extradition or deportation paperwork, to the way he was denied bail.

Raniere was apprehended in Mexico, outside the jurisdiction of the EDNY, and it was claimed he was fleeing justice.There were things that caused me to doubt and not blindly trust the prosecution. But nothing was tangible, nothing concrete, until I heard Booth lie about EXIF data.

This began my quest to find out what happened.  With a defendant known to be as despicable as Raniere, why would an FBI witness need to lie?

MK10ART – Keith Raniere in prison.

After his conviction, I would say that Raniere became a friend of mine. I’ve spent time with him at his various prisons both before and after his sentencing.

Please don’t take this as condoning abuse. I don’t condone abuse, whether by Raniere, the FBI, prosecutors, or anyone.

So far, I have focused on the government because cheating by government is always a bigger threat to liberty than the crimes of one man.

I will not dismiss lightly the allegations made against Raniere. I am examining them, even allegations that are not necessarily criminal but morally repugnant.

In the end, if I find Raniere is, as they say, a monster, I will be disillusioned. I will condemn him.

But if the FBI cheated to get Raniere, even if he turns out to be the Devil himself, I will condemn that too..

Raniere said at Vanguard Week: “I am very devilish. I think I am probably the worst coach in the world because I am just a demon.”


The motto of the FBI is Fidelity, Bravery, and Integrity. It should be held to that standard.

Finally, some people think I only want to save Keith Raniere at all costs, whether innocent or guilty, whether the FBI tampered or not.

People think I’m brainwashed and idiotic.

Still you have my promise that I am going to investigate Raniere. I will expose anything I find that merits publication – good or evil.

More importantly, for all Americans, I’m going to prove one way or the other if the FBI tampered with evidence in this case. For me, it’s the right thing to do.


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  • It was “the lie” Suneel recently told about Booth, for me.

    Now I know that Suneel will jump right to a conclusion, just because Suneel desperately wants it to be true.

    Suneel doesn’t even fact-check his claims.

    Suneel has no integrity. He perceives that a man just doing his job is a personal enemy.

    Suneel has tried to destroy Booth’s reputation using wild, desperate and really silly accusations to target Booth.

    In Suneel’s zeal to find a smoking gun and paint Booth as a criminal, Suneel has sacrificed his own credibility. And it was over the dumbest possible issue (a LinkedIn profile!) That would have no bearing on Keith getting a retrial. So petty.

    It’s been an ineffective campaign. And laughable.

    Honestly, Suneel is putting Booth in danger. He and Nicki are putting lies about Booth out on social media and trying to gin up outrage toward the man. With no real basis for it.

    They dehumanize him by making Booth into a cartoon. It is a classic terrorist tactic. To try and make your “enemy” an enemy of all people. And to reduce them to a caricature or symbol of some great, nebulous evil.

    Booth is just a man. He testified as part of his job. One can disagree with him, but this “lie” narrative is way over the top. It’s a hyperbolic and distorted view of reality.

  • Gotta admit this trial was a freaking soap opera and changing EXIF data is google search and a few clicks away for anyone with half a brain… even a brainwashed one 🙂

  • Thanks for your insights, Suneel. We disagree about Raniere’s “goodness” but I’m all for exposing the horrific corruption in our justice system and agree that if the government cheated in any way it threatens us all and needs to be exposed. You’re brave as hell to attempt this and take the hits you’ll inevitably take in doing so. Here here.

  • I personally don’t believe in brainwashing so I don’t see Suneel as such. He’s absolutely right about EXIF data and his suspicions make sense to me just given how freaking easy EXIF data is to change. I don’t love the fact that he supports Raniere but he has some valid points and if he is indeed after the truth, I’m all for hearing his side.

  • I followed the trial closely and was also alarmed when Booth testified that EXIF data is near impossible to change. This is such a clear and blatant lie that it calls into question why the FBI would say this and the prosecution pound this point over and over. It is off. Something is off at least as it relates to the photos but it seems in many other areas of this case.

  • Suneel,

    Kay Rose has been trying to contact you. And Nicki. She doesn’t understand why you’ve abandoned her at MDC.

    Kay Rose asks that you continue to wave glow sticks and dance for “The Forgotten Ones” (ironic name now).

    Also… Who won the “Save Keith Raniere” criminal justice contest? Have they received their reward money yet?

    How is the” Raniere Speaks” podcast going?

    Why don’t you, Suneel, care about proving the innocence of your employer, Clare Bronfman?

    What about Allison? Have you and Nicki danced outside her prison yet?


  • This pretense of objectivity is a shallow rhetorical ploy and classic cult tactic. Raniere would be proud.

    “I don’t know what’s true… what’s the harm in asking questions?”

    This is how Raniere fooled the weak-minded. Well sorry, I’m not one of Nxivm’s pinheaded drones.

    Why doesn’t Suneel know? A jury of 12 citizens convicted Raniere of multiple felonies. Sex trafficking, racketeering. Why does he reject their conclusion?

    A month-long criminal trial presented multiple lines of testimony and multiple pieces of physical evidence proving Raniere’s guilt. Including his own emails and a recording of him in his own voice describing how women were to be held down legs apart “like a sacrifice” and branded. Why is all this ignored? Is that being “open-minded?” Is that searching objectively for the truth?

    Of course not.

    And look at this obsessive rehashing of the EXIF kerfuffle. Is EXIF data “easy” or “difficult” to falsify? Who cares. It’s a side issue at best. As KRC has explained in detail (and with remarkable patience), this has little to nothing to do with Raniere’s criminal conviction. What then is the motive for attempting to draw so much attention to this arid side (or non-) issue?

    So what’s the harm in asking questions? What’s the harm in debating if the Earth is really round or flat? Whether it’s okay for adults to have sex with children?

    I’m fine with people asking questions. It’s when they deny facts that I call foul. It’s when they dismiss a mountain of evidence and try to call it “objective inquiry”. It’s when that latch onto a single minor issue and try to pretend it’s the linchpin, hanging onto it like a dog with a bone.

    Nxivm had what they called “Explorations of Meaning” (EMs), which were neither explorations nor meaningful. They were cult indoctrination sessions.

    This EXIF data (non-) issue is just like one of those EMs.

    • Aristotle’s Sausage asked:

      “Why doesn’t Suneel know? A jury of 12 citizens convicted Raniere of multiple felonies. Sex trafficking, racketeering. Why does he reject their conclusion?

      Suneel sat there in the court room every day the jury did.

      He heard all the evidence they heard.

      The difference: He was a part of NXIVM.

      The jury was not.

      You claim that this makes Suneel irrational, “weak minded” and unable to think clearly.

      But you could also claim, if you were a bit more Aristotelian, that Suneel’s eye-witness, years long, experience in NXIVM could give him important evidence which the jury did not have. And which the prosecutors and the judge would not allow. And, for some reason, the defense did not present.

      Why can’t you consider this claim?

      I’ve talked to many Nxians who were there in court every day just like Suneel and the jury were. They say similar things: What was presented during this government show trial did not at all reflect their experience.

      Aristotle’s Sausage: You have a bias against “cult members.” Your assumption is that they are irrational.

      I’ve never seen you question this assumption of yours.

      Aristotle would be ashamed: Your unexamined assumptions have allowed your passions to corrupt your reasoning.

      So your conclusions have multiple flaws.


      • “I’ve talked to many Nxians [named Nicki Clyne] who were there in court every day just like Suneel.”

        Fixed that for you.

      • Alanzo- Suneel was in nxivm for 2 seconds before it folded. KR didn’t even know him then. of course, what was presented in the trial didn’t “match his experience”. Most of the members didn’t experience the abuse, the sex trafficking, etc… That doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. There was enough proof to convict, even outside the hard drive. To focus on that is a classic “shifter” strategy that keith taught. Have you read the transcripts? Time to get up to speed.

  • Suneel, please explain how after learning that extortion and branding of human slaves is a method commonly used by human traffickers and that trophy taking (such as in the binder of vulvas) is common to serial predators, how you don’t know whether his intentions were good or bad?

    Under what conditions would these actions be viewed as “good”?

    Awaiting your response.

  • Suneel, I challenge you to spend an equivalent amount of time ‘investigating’ how keith’s first enemy, John Tighe, was set up by keith with planted child pornographic images on a computer (that as I recall, might not have even been his computer). Why don’t you look into that if you are interested in finding out what keith has really been up to in the interest of justice. Frank can give you everything you need to start.

    • Amen! Yes, please consider John Tighe.

      These nxivm crooks hacked and sued people to the ground. I wouldn’t put it past them to have messed with John Tighe.

      If Cuneel truly cared about CP charges and that the government lies about them, he could check that one out, too.

      Maybe John Tighe also went to jail due to the unreliability of EXIF data?

  • Suneel, if I abused data lineage way before some other people destroying lives and whatnot then found when my camera which had some naughty photos on it then claimed to be abused by the same principle, is that fair? Just asking for a friend.

  • Dear Suneel,

    Another question.
    When you say that you do this for all Americans, does that mean others who can identify with your cause can join you?
    When I say join your cause, I mean the crusade against the government. Not getting Keith out of jail.
    I mean that all of them bring their own similar case.

    I found this online.

    I’m probably the last one on the FR to know it exists.
    I would like to take this opportunity to quote you. It’s the conclusion under your first piece on your website.

    You state: Conclusion.
    “As you can see, I am a staunch defender of Keith Raniere, I believe in his innocence, and I believe he did not get a fair trial. I welcome you to comment.
    Note: This article originally appeared on the Frank Report.”
    End of quote.

    I think with this conclusion you have shown your hand. There’s no further need for discussion. You are a staunch defender of Keith. The thing now is for you to just admit what you are all about.
    You are the liaison. You are acting on Keith’s behalf. And only on Keith’s behalf.

    That is my conclusion. For now.

  • This post’s inset image from Raniere’s arrest video reminded me. Did we ever get clarity or insight into how they came to be shared here? I wouldn’t ask Frank to reveal a source, but as far as us commenters piecing it together, someone there at the Villa took and shared it.

    Lauren, Allison, Nicki,… and others? Was one of the first-line Villa-Vacationers communicating directly with Frank? Perhaps they shared the video with someone who was less sympathetic to Keith’s plight and they, in turn, passed it along to Frank, and then on to all of us. For completeness, I’d love to have this area explored. “We’re going to follow them”. Brings a smile to my face each and every time.

    • “We’re going to follow them”. Yes, that was funny: the bad-ass DOS women (AKA Keith’s angels) were going to kick butt and free their master from the Mexican SWAT team. It doesn’t get much better than that.

      Looking forward to some group sex in the morning and finding yourself in a prison in the evening. There is a warm wave of joy flowing through my body when I think about how he must have felt that evening…..

    • Frank,

      Is there a longer cut/edit of the arrest video floating around that you can share?

      I realized that the inset image appears to show Raniere being escorted in handcuffs in Mexico. The original 2018 arrest video didn’t show that portion, only Allison & co. reacting after Raniere was already in the car.

      (see ).

      The frame posted above appears to match the location of the 2018 arrest video with similar cobblestones, and Keith is wearing the blue t-shirt that he was later photographed wearing inside the police car (the other image leaked that day where his eyes are blacked/blocked out).

      Any info you can share would be appreciated!

  • Suneel, here’s one of the patents Raniere was filing, if you’re interested in ‘seeing’ the man. Worth reading – it may be one of the rare moments when KR looked into the mirror and was able to be ‘truthful’ with himself and see himself clearly for what he is … (the old ‘takes one to know one’ adage).

    Though I would be more inclined to use ‘ultra narcissist’ as well as sociopath, as there seems to be an element of ‘me, me, me, how great I am, I can change the world just by snapping my fingers’ to his make-up. Not that it matters, the effect on his entourage is pretty much the same: ultimately destructive, under an appealing veneer of ‘constructive’, ‘make the world a better place’ ideas.

  • The updated photo for Suneel with the old-school Yankee flag behind him is a subtle, funny touch, Frank. Yes, your Suneel loves to wrap himself in the flag. A regular patriot his is. A real John Hancock.

    Bollucks, he’s either entirely lost the plot or he’s sane enough to realize how wrong he is and the embarrassment of admitting it is too much to bear. Painted himself into a corner he has.

  • The trial was more emotional than factual. Well no $@#%. Have you not noticed I keep pointing out how damn dumb juries are for this very reason? Welcome to the problem with jury trials the world over. It’s pretty bad that I assume an adult man of a least a few decades of life experience is just now reaching this realization. Hell, most of the fiction on the court systems focuses on this very aspect of jury trials to generate their drama be it TV, movies or books.

    As for this “quest”, Claviger got into it why it doesn’t matter so let’s go with a thought exercise. Let say the FBI goes to the judge and just declares “The hard drive was a plant. A few of our boys got bored one day, made up those pictures, and then planted them on the drive. Don’t ask how we really nailed the look of a 15-year-old Camila.” What then? The answer is nothing. Because the case didn’t hinge on Camila. She was fuel for the fire of hatred the prosecution was building against Raniere (back to the emotion of trials thing), but by no means was she the only source of fuel, not by a long shot.

    But continuing the thought exercise, the judge does something unlikely and just tosses it all and orders a retrial. Due to the reason he tosses it, all the Camila evidence and testimony cannot be used. Sucks for Camila because there goes what little justice she got since the worse treatment she received (rape and imprisonment) would be as if it never happened like Suneel wants… So Camila is gone, what remains for that retrial that most definitely would occur?

    Literally everything else. All the testimony, all the stories of DOS, all the other evidence, records, etc. All the immoral behavior Keith engaged in. All of the other charges would still apply and would remain. A crapload of potential witnesses since many ex-DOS and ex-NXIVM members have had time to sit with this, and step forward. Hell, since a retrial, the prosecutor can hedge their bets and add NEW charges. Mexico could get involved and decide they want to try Keith for rape of their citizens. It could become a legal mess. But one thing that would not change – he would eventually be proven guilty, again for everything else about the trial that Suneel ignores.

    But again, let’s go with best case everything for Keith. His lawyers just kick ass and they win the re-trial. Raniere is declared innocent. Does this really change anything about what Keith did? For most morally bound people, the answer is an easy “No”. Clearly, for Suneel, that isn’t the case.

    He says “In the end, if I find Raniere is, as they say, a monster, I will be disillusioned. I will condemn him.” In effect, Suneel is saying “I see nothing wrong with anything Keith did except maybe his behavior towards a minor which based on unnecessary crying during trial and nonsense about EXIF data, I think are lies and planted evidence”.

    He continues to ignore everything, literally everything else about the trial. DOS, marking woman, caging & raping Camila, the sexual behavior, the collateral, the scams, all of it. Even post-trial statements from Camila herself. Hell, he is complaining about crying while clearly not understanding WHY they might be crying. Nothing “monster”-like there apparently. Suneel seems to think the whole trial hinges on pictures. To him, the trial is only about Camila, all that other stuff was just irrelevant nonsense.

    If Suneel wants to make the argument of wanting to out the FBI for engaging in the bad behavior of fixing evidence, awesome. Doubt any of us have a problem with that goal. But that isn’t his goal. His goal is to somehow magic away Keith’s immoral and illegal behavior because “fake pictures.” It’s no different than Clyne’s bizarre defense of “woman willingly participated” and “DOS was good for women” and, thus, nothing wrong was done.

    He and others, refuse to understand a fundamental truth – immoral behavior and illegal behavior are not the same thing. They can heavily overlap, but they are not one and the same. Suneel just keeps hoping if he mas some legal victory, the result will be to wipe away illegal behavior and, thus, the immoral behavior. This, in turn, will result in Keith the innocent emerging. Even if I assume everything comes up Keith and he is declared innocent legally, he will always be guilty morally. His behavior, both with Camila, and with others effortlessly proves he is “a monster.” Few of us need the justice system to reach that rather obvious conclusion.

    • EraSend-

      Juries are dumb, mostly because jurors will allow the strongest personality to dominate jury deliberations. I’ve experienced it firsthand.

      The only time juries are generally smart is when they deliver the type of verdict the general public or you personally would like to see. 🙂

      So I agree with you, a wholeheartedly, 45%! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • “The only time juries are generally smart is when they deliver the type of verdict the general public or you personally would like to see.”

        I agree with this 100%


  • Suneel,

    Here we go again, the hard-drive debate. Bi-annually you show up, on the Frank Report with new “evidence” that the drive was tampered with – it’s always the same story…

    ….But that doesn’t stop you and it doesn’t stop us from debating you. It almost seems like you need our pushback and rancor for Raniere, to validate your belief/conviction.

    What truly do you believe has changed?

    Lastly, there is the quality of your paid experts…… I’ll save that for another day.

    I had hoped you had left Nxivm and moved on with your life.

    Take care, Suneel!

  • Reading this makes me wonder if Suneel’s lack of empathy for anyone other than Keith or other NXIVM true believers has something to do with his own inability to be comfortable with and open about his own sexual identity as a man.

    • Yup, the closeted ones are easier to manipulate. Any national intelligence bureaus understand this. But I think his ‘lack of empathy’ is actually paid for, possibly in cold, hard, bitcoin!

      • DOSA JISM needs to make perfectly clear that we do NOT pay anyone in bitcoin, regardless of its temperature or resistance to localized plastic deformation induced by either mechanical indentation or abrasion!

        Anonymous (if that’s your real name) needs to word clear “check” and “Kathy Russell’s sweaty tutu.”

  • Suneel,

    It’s a bit unsettling that you use your own emotions to describe your first experience in a courtroom. Only to observe, that you were disappointed, people were emotional. Emotions that seemed “exaggerated” to you. An “awful” lot of tears you say.
    Are you saying that your emotions on that day, are more valid than the ones who testified? You hear an FBI agent tell lies, and you were triggered to think, this case stinks. But the many, emotional, testimonies didn’t trigger the same thoughts?

    Suneel, I have a theory…

    The fact that every time you get the change, you start explaining your connection to Keith, while at the same time you disconnect yourself from him or the case, is a facade.
    Because of the restrictions, Keith is not able to communicate directly with, let’s say, the remaining DOS ladies. And that’s where you come in. I think that’s why you make those claims about your connection with Keith. I think you are presented as the innocent outsider. Another one who is “willing” to look at this case from all sides. Wanting to “discuss” all possible angles this case has.

    Keith has been convicted for over two years now. How many victims have you talked to about their experiences? When are you going to share your finds?

    A lot of what you say makes no sense. You say: the crimes of the government are more important than the crimes of one man. I agree.
    But if I was in your shoes, my first priority wouldn’t be looking at the accuser. But at the accused I’m publicly going to defend.
    I have to be damn sure, he is NOT what others claim he is. Especially in this case.

    In the end, we are left with your promise of you investigating Keith Raniere and the promise you will publish the things you find. Good or evil.
    But here is the catch: You will publish everything that you merit is suitable for publication. That’s the same “game” the DOS women play. They claim they want to engage. But what follows is the disclaimer that tells you that, to get a normal answer to a normal question you have to be: honest, respectful, ask meaningful questions, etc.:in other words: you are welcome to engage, but first you are being measured, by their standards.

    You do, however, also promise, that you will display every lie the government came up with in this case.
    And you made it your mission to take this task upon you, not only for Keith but for all Americans.
    The man who can’t acknowledge the suffering of his former Nxivm compadres is now on a quest to save all Americans from the lying government.

    Somehow i’m not buying it. Does that surprise you?

    • Suneel got all worked up at Booth’s Exif testimony. Apparently, he didn’t get worked over the audio played in court of Raniere giving instructions to Mack for the branding ritual. “Held down like a sacrifice”.

      Apparently, Suneel is still “collecting data” over that one.

      Just like Ashe the android in the movie Alien, who didn’t want to rush judgment of the homicidal ectomorph creatures.

  • To assist other readers in understanding Suneel’s op-ed, I’m providing the following textual expansions.

    “I attended Raniere’s trial. I went every day and stayed all day, through all six weeks of trial. It was the first trial I ever attended. I was not favorably impressed at how theatrical it all was, so often full of emotion, some of it seemingly exaggerated, and an awful lot of tears. Sylvie cried, and Daniela cried, Nicole cried, Jay cried. Lauren Salzman cried so much the judge stopped the cross examination.”

    I literally couldn’t understand what all this crying was about. I mean, it’s not like all these women had all been, you know, coerced, lied to, had their huge parts of their lives destroyed, and been sexually manipulated or assaulted.

    “Even Mark Vicente cried, seemingly on cue.”

    And that’s when things got *super weird* because someone with a *Y chromosome* cried some big ol’ man tears! (I hope it’s not contagious.)

    “Somehow I had naively thought it would be far more sober, more ‘just the facts.’”

    I was under the assumption that people would get on the stand and factually recount what happened to them devoid of all human emotion. It never occurred to me that the events that transpired in the past would be painful for them to recollect and therefore might cause things like, for example, water to spontaneously pour from their eye sockets.

    “As the days wore on, something did not sit right with me. Witnesses who had said they loved NXIVM for years now testified it was all evil. Witnesses who said they loved Raniere more than anything in life, now testified he was horrible.”

    Clearly I have no ability to understand how other people might have felt betrayed by the subterfuge of NXIVM’s and Raniere’s actions and therefore cannot fathom how someone might have, you know, a radical shift in opinion.

    “Toward the end of the trial I heard FBI Senior Forensic Examiner Brian Booth testify that EXIF data is hard to change. Now he was speaking my language; my expertise is computers.”

    Yes! Computers! Here’s something I can focus on that has nothing to do with human empathy.

    And I think everyone knows the story from here. Take it away, Suneel.

    • Ha ha ha. .

      “…witnesses that said they loved Raniere more than anything in life…”

      That’s not weird. Not weird at all. Cult.

  • How many men do you know who have been accused on record twice of raping a child?

    In 2 unrelated cases?

    First Rhiannon all those years ago. Police report. Detailed account. On record. Full name.

    Then unrelated many years later, Cami. With pornographic photos at 15. Texts. Raniere’s own words.

    • There are more alleged rapes. Do a search in the Frank Report search bar up top at the header of this webpage

  • [waves at Suneel]

    You ever going to get around to explaining me?

    Are you going to give me a blow job to calm me down?

    You once wrote an article that talked a ton about blow jobs, but failed to pay me any notice.


  • So to clarify… Suneel pranced about in front of the detention center, gave interviews, wrote essays, made and abandoned “Free Keith Raniere” websites and justice reform movements, accused people of lying, and defended Keith’s innocence BEFORE doing the forthcoming deep dive and research…

    But he claims to be objective? Now.

    This is so lame and boring.

    At least tell us who got the Free Keith Raniere prize money and what ever happened to the not totally made-up female MDC inmate Kay Rose.

  • You keep saying you’re going to investigate the “other side of Raniere”.

    I don’t believe you, Suneel. You have had years to do this. You’re a liar.

    You sat in a courthouse for six weeks and couldn’t take in any of the “data” regarding the truth of his sins against humanity or laws that were broken.

    Why, because you hung out with Raniere’s faithful.

    Did you ask anyone else about their experiences? Those who stood in the very same line waiting to get in the courtroom? The ones who Raniere had screwed over?

    Heck, we know you hang out with Frank now and his blog is full of stories, Suneel. Don’t you read them?

    When people testified, you witnessed their detoxification from their years of VanLove. They had opened their eyes and saw the evil for themselves. You saw their embarrassment. How horrible it was for them to realize WTF they had belong to, promoted, and what they once loved.

    Your investment in NXIVM was small, Suneel. You never had a relationship with Salzman or Raniere, none.

    You were not lied to by them. Were you even in Albany?

    These women had sex with this man. Manipulated into having sex with him. You will never understand this, you cannot, so don’t pretend.

    You have no idea what it is like to have spent years – decades – in NXIVM and found out the man you looked up to had done such horrible things and was a mobster on top of being a sexual predator. How can this not bother you?

    This kind of betrayal, you won’t understand until you wake up, if ever from the vat of kool-aid you have slipped yourself into and put your name, your reputation into supporting Keith Raniere. You will always now be attached to supporting a sex cult leader.

    This you choose to call his trial theater. Funny that you chose to spend a great deal of your time with ex-actresses Nicki Clyne.

    Clyne has justified all of Raniere’s behaviors in her head so it only makes sense she has justified them to you.

    All the while, when you had access, you spent a lot of time with the Master himself, Keith Raniere. He has justified himself to you.

    Why would you need to look for information that tells you anything different, Suneel? In your mind, Keith Raniere is a good guy. You hang out with people who reinforce this all the time.

    Some would say you have no objective thoughts about this matter, nor have you done anything to take in data regarding what Keith Raniere and his evil empire really did to break the law.

    You have focused on the one thing you believe you are an expert in. Spent how much time and energy on this, attempting to cast a shadow of doubt to win over Raniere’s cling-ons in hopes that he will become a free man.

    So for now or until the end of time, enjoy what so many have enjoyed. Keith Raniereis the best. He’s the world’s smartest man. He’s going to change humanity.

    He got away with it until he couldn’t.

    Enjoy your time in the spotlight, Suneel. This is not what I would want to be known for. It’s not my journey.

  • As one of “all Americans” I solemnly absolve you of your arrogant, grandiose and self-appointed role of saving Keith Raniere on my behalf.

    Thank you for this not needed by you made-up role or asked for service. There are openings in the United States military for computer experts, please apply.

  • Same old shyte.

    I took a course. People were nice. Therefore, Raniere couldn’t have done all the things he did.

    Booth “lied” even though he never made a blanket statement that it was hard for EXIF data to be changed. So much other evidence against him was completely ignored.

    Raniere isn’t your friend, Suneel. He’d throw you under the bus if doing so would allow him to switch places with you. He’s done it to others.

    You’ve figuratively become a blog commenting dancing monkey for him.

  • Wow, a lot of FUD in the beginning, but there are definitely some fishing things here:

    The second paragraph says he was a short-time member with limited exposure to the people and for that reason limited knowledge of the things happening within. This completely contradicts what is written in the 5th paragraph. How can he know whether it was exaggerated or not? This can mean one of two things, his involvement was deeper than it is convenient to admit or it is plain PR BS. Make your choice.

    Three sentences further down, he says these people loved Raniere for years and changed their minds. He cannot know this. As he stated himself, he is just a low-level and short-time member and will hardly know all these people close enough to make this statement.

    So what is it now?

  • The arrogance to presume your investigation will merit truth where the exhaustive official investigation has not? That 12 jurors were not smart enough to make a decision based on fact? That a man crying is smirk-worthy. A man that has known the defendant on a far deeper level than you. KR was found guilty of MANY crimes. I felt sorry for you Suneel, not anymore.

    • Yeah, but that child porn stuff is what he is probably spending most of the time for. The branding shit and the kompromat will still stick, especially after releasing the branding video of Sarah Edmondson.

        • He is working the CP issue. He is stating the Cami pictures were taken after her 18th birthday and dated back to make it a crime. His game is pretty easy to read.

  • Well done, Suneel. Well done.

    We are proud of you. Keep it up and we will ensure that you get to take a “car ride” with Eduardo Asunsolo in the not-too-distant future.

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