Primer on All Evidence Showing Raniere Took Pics of 15 Year Old Camila — as We Wait for Motion for New Trial Based on FBI Tampering

Keith Raniere in his library where the hard drive with Cami's nude photos were allegedly found. Were they tampered with by the FBI?

According to sources close to him, Keith Raniere is expected to file a federal Rule 33 motion, seeking a new trial based on evidence that the FBI tampered with the hard drive found in his library which contained 22 nude photos of a Mexican girl, Camila when she was 15.

Raniere was charged with predicate acts of possession of child porn and two counts of sexual exploitation of a child based on his alleged photographing of Camila on November 2nd and November 24th in 2005.

The evidence was the photos, the FBI’s dating them forensically, the camera card showing similar photos taken by a Canon camera, and other fact and expert witness testimony. Camila did not testify.

Nxivm Camila
Mk10ART’s sketch of Camila.

Here is how the prosecution proved that Raniere took photos of Camila when she was 15:

Lauren Salzman

Lauren Salzman Nude Photos Taken Around the Same Time

Lauren Salzman, a cooperating witness, testified that Raniere took nude photos of her towards the end of 2005.

She was examined by Assistant US Attorney Tanya Hajjar.

Q Did there come a time when the defendant took intimate photographs of you?

A Yes.

Q When approximately was that?

A Somewhere before 2006. Like around 2005, I think.


And so he took, I think, two pictures. But they were like — they were looking up at me from like the angle of — it’s like an up-close crotch shot, like — like vagina looking up where you could see my whole upper body and face.


Q What kind of camera did the defendant use to take these photographs?

A Like a normal camera, like a camera with a flash. Not like phone camera, like a — like a photographer’s camera.

The prosecution was to later admit into evidence 145 nude photos, of 11 women, including Salzman, and 22 photos of Camila.

There were dated by FBI forensics as having been taken in late 2005.  Six of the photos were of Salzman and were dated December 26.

Though the prosecution possessed her photos, they did not show them to Salzman to identify.

Daniela Had Evidence

Artist sketch of Daniela

Daniela, the older sister of Camila, also testified that Raniere took nude photos of her.

Daniela was examined by AUSA Moira Penza

Nude Photos

Q Did the defendant ever take naked pictures of you?

A Yes.

Q Do you remember when that was?

A I remember the period of time. I think it was around — after I crossed [into the USA illegally], before the fight [with Raniere] — it would have been, like, around 2005, somewhere around 2005.

Q What do you remember about that?

A I remember he got a camera. I remember he was looking for a camera and he got a camera that Loretta was supposed to know a lot about cameras. …  I think it was, like, a Cannon camera. It was a big one. Not a small one. It was a big, professional camera.

The type of Canon camera that was found in Raniere’s library.

Though they possessed the photos of Daniela that she had described, the prosecution did not show them to her to identify.

Raniere told Her He Had Sex With Camila

Daniela testified that Raniere told her he had sex with Camila when she was underage.

Q Did you ever come to learn that the defendant was having sex with your sister Camilla?

A Yes.


A It was — some time before fall 2006.

Q How — why do you have that frame of reference?

A I have that frame of reference and that certainty because I had a conversation with Keith about that and after fall 2006, I never spoke to Keith again.

Q Can you describe the conversation that you had with the defendant?

A Yes. I asked him if he was having sex with my sister. He asked me if I minded.

Appendectomy Dates Photos

Daniela testified that Camila underwent an appendectomy when she was sixteen and that it left a visible scar on her abdomen.

Q  Can you explain where on her body the wound was?
A Yes. It was in her, you know, in the lower — I don’t know what that part is called.
THE COURT: Abdomen.
A  In her lower abdomen. In the —

THE COURT: You can stand up and show on your body where it was.

A Okay. So in her lower abdomen. (Indicating.)

THE COURT: On the right side, correct?

THE WITNESS: Yes, as I remember, on the right side. 

A And like a big slit. It was, like, a slit that was wide open. It was wide open. I remember my mom used to take — may I sit down now?

Q  Daniela, you’ve seen Camila’s abdomen?

A Yes.

Q You saw it before she had the surgery?

A Yes.

Q And you’ve seen it after the surgery?

A Yes.

Q Do you know — if you saw an image of Camila where there is no scar on her abdomen, would you know how old she was?

A Yes.

Q How old would she be?

A She would be 16 or younger.

The prosecution did not show the scar-less photos to Daniela for her to identify.

Abortion Helps Too

Daniela also said that Camila had an abortion.

Q So what happens after you find out that Camilla is pregnant?

A I find out she’s pregnant and I want to be there for her and it’s — I’m recruited to help.

Q Who recruits you?

A Pam.

Q And what is your conversation with Pam?

A That, you know, she’s going to have an abortion.

Q That Camilla is going to have an abortion?

A Uh-huh.

Abortion and Appendectomy Tied Together

Elizabeth Butler, a nurse practitioner who worked at the clinic that provided an abortion to Camila was called to testify.

She gave the date of Camila’s abortion as October 12, 2010, when Camila was 20.  Based on medical forms she filled out, Camila said she was sexually active since she was 15 and that she had an appendectomy when she was 16.

Butler was examined by AUSA Penza

Q And then if we look in her medical history, family history, it says: Appendectomy, age 16; is that right?

A Yes.


Q And then underneath that, it says five years with partner?
A Yes.
Q And that would been in response to the sexually active question?
A Yes. She would have been asked how old she — or she was when she became sexually active or how long she’s been sexually active and how many partners she’s been with.
Q Okay. And so this would indicate that she had been for five years with the same partner?
A Same partner.

FBI Agent and Prosecutor Read Emails and Texts

AUSA Tanya Hajjar

FBI Special Agent Meghan Rees and Assistant US Attorney Tanya Hajjar recited many Camila and Raniere texts and emails, with Hajjar reading Raniere and Rees portraying Camila.

Several of these evidenced that Camila and Raniere began a sexual relationship when she was 15.

Raniere Says He Was Her Husband

Q [Hajjar reading Raniere lamenting that Camila, 24, had an affair with another man]

It is such a painful, bittersweet thing… The truth of our life together that could have been made real yet now is forever a secret and nullified… I love you so much… I’m so proud to have been your husband for 8.75 years… and shared a home for four… Yet I am also so heartbroken…

Q Now, at this time when the defendant says 8.75 years, what’s the date attached to that?

A September 4th, 2014.

This dated the start of the “husband and wife” relationship to December 2005, when Camila was 15.

Camila Counts Full Moons

Another email shows Camila dated the start of the relationship.  Referring to the email, Hajjar asks Rees the following:

Q What is the e-mail address that it is to?

A It is to [Raniere’s email]

Q And what’s the date?

A February 21st, 2008.

Q And what’s the subject?

A Full moon.

Q Can you read the text, please.

A “Full moon is tomorrow and that would make it 30 full moons that we’ve been together.” Smiley face [emoji].

If the email is dated correctly Camila is wrong about the full moon. It was not “tomorrow” but that day.

If the year is correct, it does not matter much. Subtracting 30 full moons brings the date to prior to November 2005, making her 15 years old.

Child Porn Hinted At

One of the texts indicates that Raniere was in possession of the photos of Camila when she was 15. It also suggests that Camila had nude photos, possibly taken by Raniere later that 2015 on his cell phone.

[Hajjar reading Raniere] Yes, of course. You have copies? You know I guard the other pictures, right?

[Rees as Camila]: I have copies. And original.

[Hajjar as Raniere:] They’re off my phone. You know I have the others, yes?

[Rees as Camila]: From way back when?

[Hajjar as Raniere] I wanted the original forever. I thought it was truly mine. Yes, from way back.

From this point on, we go to forensics. with the jury well aware of the evidence that Raniere and Camila began a relationship when she was 15 and Raniere was fond of taking nude photos.

FBI Agent Testifies He Seized Devices

FBI Special Agent Christopher Mills testified that he seized a Canon camera, with a camera card inside, and a Western Digital hard drive from 8 Hale Drive, Raniere’s library.

A photo of a Lexar camera card similar to the one seized at the executive library of Keith Raniere.

FBI Forensic Examiner Gives Evidence of 2005 Date of Photos

After SA Mills testified, FBI Forensic Examiner Brian Booth testified about the forensic data on the Camila photos found on the hard drive as well as other evidence that dated the Camila photos and showed that the camera used to take the photos was the one seized at Raniere’s library.

Since Booth’s evidence is the evidence being challenged by the Rule 33 motion, we will address his testimony further in a separate post.

In short, he provided forensic evidence, relying on the fact that the EXIF data, the data put on the digital photos by the Canon camera, which, he said, is not changed when transferred to other devices, showed that the photos were taken in 2005.

He testified that the EXIF data is very hard to change on a photo.

During Booth’s testimony, the prosecution introduced 145 nude photos of 11 adult women, posed similarly. FE Booth testified as to their origin, dating them to 2005.

Separately, the following day, and carried in in a red binder by FBI SA Rees, the Camila photos were shown briefly to the jury.

When the Camila photos were shown, jurors reacted visibly; some of them turned away and others shielded their eyes.

FBI Agent Testifies He Saw No Appendectomy Scar on Photos

FBI Special Agent Michael Weniger testified that he reviewed the photos of Camila on the hard drive and there were no visible appendectomy scars.

A  I determined that in the Studies folder those images do not reflect a scar where the appendectomy occurred.

Q And so what did that tell you?

A That told me that the scar — that those photographs were taken before the appendectomy surgery in 2007. I should add that the appendectomy surgery occurred when Camila was 16 years old.



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  • Top Questions I would like to ask keith if he were to have taken the witness stand:

    1. How often do you masturbate with other men?

    2. Would you ever allow Robbie a rematch in the penis showing contest?

    3. If you don’t get wet when it rains, do you get wet when you shower? What about golden showers?

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    5. Weren’t you just totally bummed out that you didn’t get that group blow job? You needed just one more day man!

    • Great list. Nothing to add. (Other than going the serious route and asking how he poisons people and who his hitman was)

      I think niceguy has thoughts on #1, 3B, and 4.

      • Nutjob-

        You’re number 4 pick is 1/2 right, I like a Brazilian wax on my ladies. I am partial to a little fuzz patch, it’s generational.
        Stanfield believes the ASO is out to get him. Sorry, but he is not Leah Remini.
        He is paranoid and likes attention.

        • If he’s really posting stuff about murder cover-ups, they won’t leave him alone. It’s not like he’s battling Amway or even NXIVM. I’ve heard enough stories to know to keep my nose down, and not to get anywhere close to that organization.

      • Mexican Lady:

        These are members of Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs, or those duped by them.

        Thank you for including me in your Frank Report get-together.

        I appreciate it.


        • Alanzo, your paranoia is showing. Are you off your meds?

        • Alanzo Stanfield, in appreciation for all you do to promote the benefits of your favorite food – Hot Pockets – we are pleased to present you with a coupon code good for 5% off your next purchase of the new, improved Cult Defender Flavor Hot Pockets.

          Discount Code: SADCULTYWITHOUTFOLLOWERS2021

          Expires 9/26/21

        • You are right. I did invite you, Alonzo. I had forgotten about it. I was depressed. I feel better now. I can’t believe I called you a weirdo. I hoped Frank Report would not post my comment because I was hurting others. But here we are.

  • Why didn’t Alanzo testify under oath in Keith Raniere’s criminal trial?

    Why doesn’t Alanzo just expose the judge’s stupidity to shame him into silence? That’ll free Keith!

    BTW, are the dead-enders still following The Convicted One’s advice and ensuring he wins his Rule 33 appeal by showing up at the prosecutors’ offices and demanding they sign affidavits? And making sure the judge knows he’s being watched?

  • It is such a bummer to click on a Frank Report article hoping they’ll be some funny new comment or interesting information about the actual post and its topic but instead it’s just crazy qanon political and covid-19 nonsense. This used to be a place a reader can come and escape from all of that completely over-saturated mainstream media nonsense. It’s really sad to lose this refuge. Is there really anyone left in the world who hasn’t heard about Hunter Biden or ventilators or masks or current politics ad nauseam? We all hear plenty of that we all see plenty of that and if you’re like me, you also avoid all of that. This last little corner has been invaded and flooded. What a bummer…

    • Your comments have been echoed countless times before. Frank even published a list of rules about it once a year ago or so. He applied it to a few folks, but has continued to let Shadow run amok, unabated the entirety of the Frank Report’s existence. I think Shadow might be working in Frank’s office or something. Who knows. But your complaining about it, while totally justified and on point, will get nowhere. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • Anon- have you actually followed this story? Something to “escape from, “ that completely over-saturated mainstream media nonsense.”???
      People’s lives were ruined over a long period of time and he got 120 years.
      Have you been following along?

  • Giuliani charges Hunter Biden’s laptop held ‘child porn’
    ‘Pictures of the young girl with no clothes on

    Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York City and former lawyer for President Donald Trump, is charging that Hunter Biden had “child porn” on the drive of a laptop computer he abandoned at a repair shop.

    The Gateway Pundit outlines the accusations made by Giuliani during an interview with Rob Schmitt on Newsmax.

    • Giuliani aka Re-count Dracula: lying about pretty much everything the last few years. So, not one to believed just by his word. And, if he has evidence of this, he should go to the police. These are serious allegations. This Hunter fellow is an odd character, so it may be true.

      But again, FR is not for this content, as has been pointed to Shadow about a zillion times, even by Frank himself.

      Shadow keeps ignoring this and keeps posting his political rants. It’s quite rude actually…….

  • The Biden Tyrannical Regime is bribing School Districts for imposing mask mandates in violation of state laws.
    Joe Biden wants to control America’s local schools to promote his Fascist tyranny.

    Biden Administration Doles Out Money To Florida Schools Penalized For Imposing Mask Mandates Against State Rules

    The U.S. Department of Education awarded its first grant Thursday to a Florida school district after the state withheld funding because the district imposed a mask mandate, part of a broader effort by the federal government to fight state-level bans on school mask orders.

    The U.S. Education Department awarded Alachua County’s school board $147,719 as part of its Project to Support America’s Families and Educators (Project SAFE) grant program.

    Project SAFE was announced in early September to provide federal funds to schools that have had funding withheld or been financially penalized for imposing Covid-19 mitigation measures like mask mandates.

    Alachua County is one of two in Florida to have state funding stripped over its mask orders, along with Broward County, and the Florida government plans to withhold an amount each month that’s equivalent to the school board members’ salaries.

    School districts in at least 10 Florida counties have enacted mask orders that violate state rules prohibiting them from imposing mask mandates, and the Florida Department of Education has moved forward with plans to similarly punish other school boards that don’t comply.

    • “Tyrannical, fascist”
      These are big words Shadow…….calling Biden a fascist, on par with Hitler and Mussolini…..
      That pretty much tanks any reasonable discussion……

      And again: take this garbage somewhere else…..

    • I agree, Shadowstate. He is literally overstepping his constitutional powers and acting like personal choice doesn’t matter.

      While keeping the southern border open, but the millions crossing there don’t have to get the vaccine.

      That is just a start. Lets not forget his bankrupting the country.

      He is an extremely dangerous man.

      • To FMN
        Biden has a long record as the dumbest, least distinguished member of the US Senate.

        Even Barack Obama admitted that Biden was not Presidential material.

        “Barack Obama reportedly said: ‘Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to (expletive) things up'”

        “(YAHOO) – Barack Obama reportedly spoke with a Democrat, expressing his private doubts about Joe Biden becoming the Democrat presidential nominee in 2020.

        According to Politico, the former president said: “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f… things up.”

        Mr. Obama was also said to have spoken about his own understanding of the 2020 Democrat electorate in Iowa.

        “And you know who really doesn’t have it? Joe Biden,” he reportedly said.”

        I can testify that Biden is extremely unpopular in Iowa, a swing state.
        Recent polls show that 62% of the public in Iowa indicate disapprove of Biden’s performance.

        In a recent restaurant conversation I heard two men talking:

        Man #1 “You lie like Joe Biden.”

        Man #2 “I don’t mind that you call me a liar but don’t compare me to Biden.”

        As for Joe Biden’s mask mandates go to Iowa University campuses and 95% or more of the students do not wear masks.
        Biden is a sick joke.
        And we have three more years of his clownish behavior to endure.

        • Shadowstate: agree on all points. He’s a dangerous Son of a Bitch.
          BUT– IF WE CAN TAKE THE House, Senate or both next year, we can stop this prick in his tracks.

  • Why are American public schools promoting Pedophilia?

    Video: School Board Attempts To Silence Parent Reading Out Pedo Porn Books From Its Own Library

    Parents jeer at school officials who don’t want to hear disgusting gay pedo porn being given to children

    A school board in Virginia attempted to cut off a mother who read out loud from disgusting pedophilia porn books stocked in the school’s own library as part of a “diversity and inclusion” drive.

    Stacy Langton addressed Fairfax High School officials on the matter, reading from two books she discovered at the institution.

    Both of these books include pedophilia, sex between men and boys.”

    “The illustrations include fellatio, sex toys, masturbation, and violent nudity.”

    “I can’t wait to have your c*** in my mouth. I am going to give you the blowjob of your life, and then I want you inside me.”

    “What if I told you I touched another guy’s d***? What if I told you I sucked it? I was ten years old, but it’s true. I sucked Doug Goble’s d***, the real estate guy, and he sucked mine too.”

    “This is not an oversight at Fairfax High School—” Langton stated before being interrupted by one official who announced “I’m sorry, there are children in the audience here.”

    Well duh. That’s the entire point.

    Ms Langton roared back at the board “Do not interrupt my time! I will stand here until my time is restored and my time is finished. These books are in stock and available in the libraries.”

    The crowd of parents gathered behind Langton jeered at the school officials as they attempted to shut the mother down.

    • I saw this too, in disbelief. Yes, this is happening in schools. One teacher in California made students pledge to the gay rainbow flag.

      They are taking urinals out of schools so fake boys dont have to pee standing up.

      Men can suddenly have babies.

      We have gone overboard to accommodate a mental disability called gender dysphoria.

      We are destroying kids with garbage.

      Yes, even NYS calls in a disability.

      I would home teach if I had a kid in school.

      And colleges? The epicenter? Screw them.

      Despite the trash, the inner city kids still can’t read so they are changing the grades to pass/fail so minorities don’t have to keep up with the Asian kids who work their butts off.

      • There is nothing wrong with being born male or female.
        Kids should be taught to accept whatever they are.
        Male or female.
        White, Black, Hispanic or Asian.
        Opportunities are open for all willing to put in the effort.

        But standard procedure now is to teach children that sex and gender are interchangeable.

        Children who are uncomfortable with their genders are taught to have irreversible change operations.
        The Biden Administration advocates that children as young as 8 years old should be encouraged to change their genders.

        There is no effort to give these children counseling and encouraging them to wait until adulthood before making an irreversible decision.

        The suicide rate among people who undergo gender reassignment surgery is eight times the national average.

        Biden is engaged in medical malpractice towards children.

        Biden: “No Reason At All—None, Zero” That EIGHT-YEAR-OLDS Not Be Treated as “Transgender”

        • Also agree 100%. I cannot imagine the emotional pain these people go through.

          The key to looking truly like the opposite sex is to have the hormones done pre-puberty. Those are the ones on the cover of magazines. Wait until after puberty, and they look, well-known like a guy in drag.

          But the fact is, it’s the tail wagging the dog. No, people should not be forced to say “they” when talking to a person.

          At the end of the day, it’s a disorder, a mental or personality disorder, and should be openly addressed as such.

          As an side: I personally think there is a link between depression and this gender-gay-trans stuff on a medical level that transcends the confusion stuff.

  • I feel so lonely and sad. It could be nice if Frank Report had a friends mixer to chat and mingle with friends and help the lonely hearts.

    😿💕 I wish Frank Report would respect women’s privacy. I would chat about this with my friends in the friends mixer. Everyone would be invited to the mixer. Even the weirdos like Alonzo. Everyone. All the people United. Invited. Lovely as one

      • Duff’s Wings Night next Thursday, featuring Frank Parlato on the Patio!!! I’d make the drive from Albany for some FR chit chat and crispy wings.

        • I’d love to be there but I am not living in Buffalo these days. But Duff’s has superb chicken wings. They are wise enough to use Frank’s Hot Sauce, which the lack thereof is enough to ruin the most succulent wings, fried to perfection. They are also wise enough to know that celery sticks are required, not only for fiber but to clean the teeth.

          • eh? Are you a snowbird or have you joined the Buffalo diaspora? Kinda the opposite of Rome – all roads lead away, but at the end of the road there is always some bar where the Bills fans gather on game days.

    • Good idea, Mexican Lady. Niceguy tried something like this a while ago when the whole “That’s what guys do. They sit around and masturbate in front of each other” thing was going on. If I’m remembering correctly, Niceguy even told Scott he’d be willing to fly to Texas for the meetup and would bring a satchel of rulers.

      • We men measure our junk with rulers all the time. Nothing cult-like about it! 😉

        Frank’s such a showoff — he brings a yardstick.

      • How do you classify yourself? You were an average do-bee in Scientology. A decent member with no particular skill set.
        You had no contact with David Miscavige or the ‘repressive’ Leah Remini. Do you have eyes 👀 in the back of your head?

        You were once a good do-bee.

        Is the song to your liking?

  • I had asked Frank Report to remove photos of Camila. Now Frank Report is sharing images of Daniela.

    This feels like a sick game.

    Maybe Frank is also a psychopath and practices this type of ridiculous power dynamics.


  • Frank : several news sources are not using the image sketches of Camila and Daniela . Why are you using them ? What about giving the women privacy ?

    Thank you

  • An excellent primer, thank you, Frank! I’m an avid reader but hadn’t really noticed that Lauren and Daniella were first photographed in 2005.

    I’m sincerely hoping they’ll get to the bottom of this issue. It’s just so improbable that these photos aren’t real.

    Maybe it’s a strange thought to have, but wouldn’t it be weird if the missing chain of access was because the evidence was directed to a special department of the FBI for a more complete analysis and it just didn’t get done? (Maybe they have other more important cases to work on?) And they just let it hang in court the way it did because that type of thing is expensive and the other evidence was too overwhelming?

    I hope so because it would be cool to know there exists an army of photo fighters who might be able to stop child pornographers.

    If it were true, it would be sad to think of taxpayers needing to foot the bill for this particular case, but also could be good practice for the young investigator!

    And if for whatever reason, the charge gets thrown out, I’m told it won’t make much impact on his sentence. The sad part here would be for those who still think Keith was so hard done by when so much other circumstantial evidence exists.

  • Keith is going to rot for the rest of his life in prison.

    This gives Alanzo a long career of whining about how unjustly Keith is treated and smearing Raniere’s victims.

    Alanzo and Raniere are a putrid Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup of narcissism.

  • My takeaway is that Keith might get a new trial based on Rule 33 tampering but there is little to no chance of winning that trial based on the testimony of Camila and others presented here.

      • I believe that Judge Garaufis will dismiss Keith’s Rule 33 motion for the simple reason that all of the “newly discovered evidence” could have been discovered before – or during – Keith’s trial. That means it does not qualify as “newly discovered evidence” – although, if true (which it’s not), it might be a great argument for another appeal based on “ineffective counsel”.

        All in all, I think all this speculation about Keith’s Rule 33 motion is a total waste of time. The bottom line is that Judge Garaufis is going to deny it – and that Keith’s inevitable appeal to the Second Circuit and, thereafter, to the U.S. Supreme Court will also be denied. All those outcomes will only make the NXIVM/ESP dead-enders more convinced that their idol is being mistreated by the U.S. criminal justice system – which, along with $3.99, will get you a McDonald’s Big Mac in most areas.

        • Doubt Raniere will get anywhere with ineffective counsel either.

          Didn’t the Judge hold hearings because Clare Bronfman was paying for everyone’s defense?

          In these hearings, Raniere said he was satisfied with his attorney team and had answered that question more than once after that.

          How can you come back after that and win by crying like a baby saying “Oh my lawyers were shitty”.

          It’s not like he had an overworked public defender.

          He said all along he was happy with what he had.

        • “Ineffective counsel”

          Raniere had virtually limitless funds at his disposal for his defense (courtesy of the Bronfman brats). He used these funds to hire the best attorneys in the business.

          Yet, you think he might appeal his conviction on “ineffective counsel”? Doesn’t look like a strong case to me……

          • Agnifilo is a wealthy, attention seeking celebrity attorney, nothing more. He was completely ineffective. He refused to take control of the trial. He allowed the media and the judge to determine the outcome.

        • Yep, this.

          His lawyer knew of this evidence, had plenty of opportunities to contest it, test it, and all that before trial. During the trial, he also could have contested much of the testimony so the issue would be on the record for literally this reason. He failed to do that because he knew that there was nothing there. Appeals highly rely only on the trial record. Last-minute evidence that pushes through all court procedures is a myth of Hollywood, not reality.

          It doesn’t seem anyone is arguing if they are pictures of an underage girl, just whether Keith took them or owned them, skipping right over that they are real and that they were taken by “someone” for purposes of sexual intent. Only one male really benefited from that at the time so I don’t get how Keith could successfully make the argument of “Hey these pictures were taken by someone for some reason 15 years ago, were retrieved somewhere, somehow and magically placed on my camera and memory storage over a decade later just to get me!” The only ones that buy that kind of complex nonsense are those prone to dig into conspiracy theories when Occam’s razor readily applies here too. People like to think they are complex and plan complex things but 99% of the time they really are not and Keith is no different.

          At this point, Keith’s only real chance of appeal is “ineffective counsel” which is incredibly hard to prove and the court system loathes to hold lawyers to task with the same fervency you see in the police. Even then, it’s a rich man claiming he wasn’t defended well. That will be a hard pill to swallow for most people when most people are lucky if they get a public defender that even knows their name much less their case.

          • You’ve done a nice job of identifying the dilemma that Keith’s current legal team is facing.

            They can’t win by questioning the authenticity of the pictures on appeal because the record indicates his trial attorneys had ample opportunity to do just that – and failed. That’s why his current attorneys are thinking of using a Rule 33 motion to bring up questions about the authenticity of the pictures.

            But a Rule 33 motion has to involve “newly discovered evidence” that was not available to the defense before or during the trial. And that’s just not the case here.

            Had Keith’s trial attorneys hired these same experts who are supposedly going to report that the pictures of Camila were tampered with, then presumably that same information would have come out at trial – and the jury could have taken it into consideration during its deliberations. But they didn’t do that (They actually put on no defense whatsoever). And that’s why I believe the Rule 33 motion will fail. It will first be denied by Judge Garaufis – and then the appeal of that ruling will be denied by the Second Circuit and, ultimately, by the U.S. Supreme Court (The latter will occur via the denial of a writ of certiorari).

            After the Rule 33 motion is denied, I think Keith’s current legal team will, in fact, file a new appeal based on “ineffective counsel”. And that appeal will also be denied – first by the Second Circuit and, ultimately, by the U.S. Supreme Court (Once again, the latter will occur via the denial of a writ of certiorari).

            All this legal maneuvering will take quite a bit of time (at least 4-5 years and maybe more) – and a lot of money (at least $4-$5 million and maybe more). But Keith has plenty of both of those – and nothing better to do these days.

            So stay tuned Frank Report readers because the story of Keith Raniere and the NXIVM/ESP sex cult is far from over – and “The Vow” may run as long as many popular TV shows.

          • Best analyses this year on the FR by Erasend!

            Also: Lauren testified in detail the position/set-up of the pussy-picture Keith shot of her. It is my understanding in the other pictures the women are in the same position. These pictures are taken by Keith. There is no discussion about Keith taking those pictures. So, Camila was in the exact same position as the women were in the other pictures. Doesn’t this fact link Keith to Camila’s pictures? Not conclusive of course, but a strong indicator…

        • K.R. Claviger-

          Were you at all surprised, given the criminal charges, Keith Raniere’s attorney, Mark Agnifilo, did not put up a defense?

          • “A lot of money (at least $4-$5 million)”

            So, in reality, a person can only appeal his sentence if he has millions?

            That doesn’t sound like justice…..

          • There are public defenders and assigned counsel who represent defendants on appeal who cannot afford to pay for their own attorneys. But the resources they can devote to an appeal are usually substantially lower than the resources that the government can muster up for the case.

          • I’ve dealt with Agnifilo. He’s a powder puff. He should handle real estate closings on the Upper East Side, not defend clients who are in danger of spending life in prison

          • To begin with, I was very surprised that Keith’s defense team did not do a better job of cross-examining the prosecution’s witnesses. In general, those cross-examinations were perfunctory – and did not indicate that they had done much research on any of those witnesses.

            While I was not surprised by the decision not to put on any defense, I still disagreed with it. Even though putting Keith on the stand would have been a disaster, it seems to me that his legal team could have called several witnesses to dispute at least some of the allegations that had been made against Keith by the prosecution’s witnesses.

            Like the three experts who are now going to raise questions about the authenticity of the Camila photographs. Why weren’t they called during the trial?

            Like some of the dead-ender DOS members who could have explained their understanding of and involvement in DOS – and challenged some of the negative things that were said about Keith by former DOS members.

            I also thought it was a mistake to have two women on the defense team – and to then basically have them be nothing more than “note-takers” throughout most of the trial. This is especially true given that 99% of the prosecution’s case was handled by two female attorneys.

            Jury trials are more of an art form than science – and in cases like Keith’s, the form of the presentation can be as important as its substance.

          • I am guessing you were surprised. 😉

            You originally said you weren’t surprised. It takes a modest person to admit they were wrong.

            I’m glad I was right! 😉

          • Probably Ms., or possibly Mx. but unlikely Mr. Claviger, “Even though putting Keith on the stand would have been a disaster,” —

            He got 120 years, ma’am. I don’t think putting keith on the stand could have made things worse than that. But oh how entertaining it would have been for the rest of us. FrankReport may have melted down.

            If keith really were to argue ineffective counsel, could he request his Post-it notes back to show that his counsel was not following his instructions? he wrote something like a note per minute (his second Guinness World Record) throughout the trial especially during cross-examination.

          • Had Keith testified at this trial, he would have been asked lots of questions about other crimes he committed (in which case he likely would have been forced to invoke his Fifth Amendment rights) – and lots of questions about the various crimes that other members of the NXIVM/ESP criminal enterprise committed. So, while you’re quite right that he may not have ended up with a worse sentence had he testified, I think it could still have been disastrous for him in terms of new charges for him and for others.

            When – and I do believe it’s a question of “when” rather than “if” – Keith gets around to filing an appeal based on ineffective counsel, he will most likely argue that his legal team did not follow his instructions in terms of which pre-trial motions to file, how to cross-examine the prosecution’s witnesses, whether to call witnesses to testify on his behalf, whether he should have taken the stand to defend himself, etc., etc. Unfortunately for him, his trial counsel were seasoned veterans who undoubtedly were aware of his penchant for blaming others for all his failures in life and his history of bringing baseless lawsuits against anyone he perceived to be an enemy – and, therefore, likely held onto all sorts of documents and records concerning their discussions with Keith (I would not be surprised to learn that they maintained a daily journal regarding their interactions with Keith). So, Keith’s victims need not worry that an appeal based on a claim of ineffective counsel will go any further than any of his other appeals.

            Like you, I would love to read all the Post-It notes Keith wrote during his trial – especially the ones he wrote when Lauren was being cross-examined. Perhaps if we’re lucky his trial counsel held onto those scraps of paper – and will introduce them as evidence when they defend themselves against Keith’s claim of ineffective counsel.

          • K.R. Claviger-

            Thanks so much for responding!

            I’d love to know what role Raniere had in the decision making process of “not putting on a defense.”

  • On the bright side though, Vantard’s first year is flying past and he will be into only double-digit years before his kid goes grey. Keith has a busy week going though – what with all the demands on his day in solitary. Here’s hoping he can wrangle some downtime.

  • In addition to all this, I think I remember that Camila later said Raniere had photographed and assaulted her when she was underage.

  • Was this written by Suneel? It shows the author on the email version of this article, but not on the website. I’m not super up on how this works, but I have to admit; this feels wrong.

    • No, I wrote the article. Suneel helped out by providing me with some of the trial testimony. As you may know, Suneel is currently investigating Raniere’s past.

      • If Suneel is ‘straight’ in investigating Raniere’s past (meaning detached, non-biased interest) maybe someone could redirect him to an informative website dealing with narcissistic personality disorder so that he can pick up all the cues and clues about how manipulation is done. Suneel seems like a nice guy, an ’empath’ who sees the best in people, and prone to ’emotional thinking’ – a typical prey to a narc, A site such as H G Tudor (Narcsite) is useful in pointing out how a narc operates, using current clear examples. The writer ‘L’ on this site gave many examples of the typical manipulative behaviour of a narc as well.

      • Frank Parlato,

        To clarify… Suneel has been passionately defending Raniere’s character and actions for the last few years – but is only now “investigating Raniere’s past”?

      • Suneel is getting a PhD in Raniere Studies?!


        Can’t wait to see the brilliant child that his plural marriage with Nicki and Alanzo produces.

    • I understand (from posted reports here on the FR) she was in Mexico with Keith’s crew telling her the FBI would arrest her if she went to the states, and they promised her a job if she just kept quiet….

    • The whole truth will come out at some point, Alonzo.

      You must know how this all works, you being a world-famous Cult Deprogrammer, and what it must be like for a young woman who was under the influence of the two top International Cult Leaders for a very long time from a very young age.

      Maybe you’re really a fraud and here to stir the pot, Al. Maybe you were never in a Cult and don’t understand what happens inside the workings of mind control

      With Raniere and Salzman, one sexually abuses you, the other one works you over to rationalize it.

      You’re cut off from your family, your community and you’re enslaved to a sick system of sex with Raniere and cleaning lady Salzman.

      When NXIVM starts to crumble, you’re taken back to Mexico but not really given your freedom, you’re turned over to the leadership of NXIVM Mexico to be watched to see if Raniere will be given his freedom.

      No longer under the constant control of Salzman and Raniere, perhaps it gives Camila time to wake up to what the heck happened to her like the rest of the people did.

      She didn’t have a normal childhood, she didn’t get to go to school, have a high school prom, graduation, date boys her own age, dream about her wedding.

      She was held captive by a couple of monsters.

      Some deplorable deprogrammer you are, Al. You are a fake & fraud.

          • Insults and sarcasm are the only way to deal with Alanzo.

            As an enlightened sage put it:

            “Alanzo’s is a core stupidity which can never be repaired or healed. You must simply expose and humiliate Alanzo’s stupidity so the anti-anticultist is too afraid to express it in public.”

      • “Your a fraud” and Cult Haters-

        You are all drunk on dogma. Early on Martin Luther was mocked. The journey to wisdom is long and arduous. Alanzo will not give up on you. He will ignore your
        ad-hominem and pejorative diatribes. Have a nice weekend and try not to hate!

    • @Alanzo, You had asked this question before and several people answered it. Yet, you continue to ask the same thing. You’d be better off reading those answers, than to continue asking the same question again and again, without reading those answers nor doing your due diligence in reading all the transcripts.

      Hint: read the transcript for the day Raniere was sentenced.

      • Anonymous 8:12 pm –

        Exactly! Alonzo has had that question asked on several occasions. I was thinking the same thing.

    • She was threatened by Clare and had their lawyers pressuring her. Daniela, her sister, did testify and helped to support Camila when she was not strong enough. Sisters supporting each other

  • I can’t really blame Vangone for continuing to play these nonsense legal cards. He hasn’t much else to do for the next 119 years or so. Nice try, Keith, but camera card tampering seems to be the very least of the evidence which shows you guilty of these crimes.

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