Guest View: India Shouldn’t Be Giving Advice to Anyone; She Was Lucky to Escape Prison Herself

India Oxenberg

Aristotle’s Sausage, a frequent contributor to this site, has some harsh words for India Oxenberg and other victims of NXIVM.

It is our policy at Frank Report to air various sides of arguments and, in that spirit, I have chosen to publish this submission by Aristotle. There is an argument that victims are the new royalty of America, that losing first, then crying loudly later, finding a voice through tears, as a victim, confers a special status of excellence for women. Aristotle isn’t buying it.

Conversely, India is offering what she calls a cautionary tale, and has tried hard to make a comeback by trying to help others avoid the mistakes she made. Both sides of this issue are of interest to me and I hope to readers as well.

By Aristotle’s Sausage

So India Oxenberg has a long article in People that reveals hardly anything. How surprising.

She does, however, promote herself as an expert in how to spot a cult and avoid “high control groups”. This from a woman who joined a cult and remained loyal to the high control group long after most had fled.

This is like a 300 lb. fat slob offering fitness advice.

The late Manuel Uribea, formerly of Monterrey Mexico, weighed 1,235 in 2006. He took to dieting and lost 395 pounds, slimming down to 840 pounds in 2007, but lamentably gained 150 pounds back, weighing 980 pounds by March 2012. He was on the Zone Diet and, had he not passed away from morbid obesity at age 48, he could tell many people the secrets of losing weight since few ever lost as much as he did. 

The arrogance of this woman is amazing. Her lack of insight is astounding. What the hell makes her think she’s qualified to give people advice on anything?

Yet she’s avidly marketing herself as a professional victim. Like being a loser who f*cked up royally is something to be proud of.

And, of course, she tosses in the standard line about “anyone can be coerced into joining a cult.”

No. No, they can’t. Not everyone is stupid and naïve like her. Very few people join cults, and they tend to fit a pattern. Bubble-headed self-centered Hollywood chicks being a prime example. Just look at how many of them were in DOS.

 Which of these three individuals is least likely to join a cult?

Quoth she:

“I felt directionless at the time and was looking for structure and guidance. I felt vulnerable and ill-equipped for life on my own. I thought I needed to know certain things about myself to move forward with my goals and dreams. I believed that Nxivm, and the people there, could mentor me toward becoming stronger and more capable of starting my own small business and help me in my own self-discovery.”

The blind ambition, the arrogant sense of privilege she inadvertently reveals here is appalling. What the hell made this 19-year-old bubblehead think she was qualified to run a business? To be in a position of leadership? When she freely admits she’s “directionless” in her own life!

India Oxenberg starred in the docuseries Seduced.

Arrogance, privilege. And greed. These are the hallmarks of the people who joined NXIVM. They all had an itch to make a big mark in the world. Never satisfied, they wanted more. More and more.

Get a job, losers. Gain some life experience, some actual useful knowledge. Work your way up. See if you can make it as assistant manager at Target before thinking you ought to run a company.

Nxivm marketed itself as the road to quick success (riches). The spiritual road to making big bucks (Does anyone spot the contradiction here?). These fools took the hook. ‘Cause they’re greedy dumbasses.

And yet they still claim “anyone can find themselves in a cult”.

No, dumbasses. You joined a cult. We didn’t. So maybe you should try shutting the f*ck up and quit giving advice.

But no. Puffed up with pride at their new status as victims, they crow about it like it makes them special. “Look at me, I did a really stupid thing! Buy my book, listen to my podcast! Let me tell you how you should live your life, ‘cause I screwed up my own!”

These people ought to slither under a rock and disappear from public view. They ought to be ashamed. India Oxenberg is lucky she’s not in prison. Her shameless self-promotion is disgusting and it’s obvious she hasn’t learned a thing.

India Oxenberg was saved from being indicted and spending time in prison by her mother, Catherine, who fought to get her to leave DOS and NXIVM. She had been designated Coconspirator #2, alongside #1, Allison Mack  by the feds. But for her mother’s intervention, India would have shared the fate of Mack.


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  • The author’s point that not everyone can or will join a cult is fair, although it seems that everyone on this planet is capable of being persuaded and manipulated so subtly to go against their values and convictions. Generally speaking, it can easily occur during the harshest of times: extreme poverty; war and torture; threats against loved ones.

    After viewing “The Vow” then “Seduced”, it seems quite clear ( given the footage and commentary supplied by both docu-series’ creators ) : 1. India was a victim. 2. India victimized others. ( Is it as simple as India’s therapist suggests? The domino effect where Keith is to blame, although India did symbolically “bump” into another. )

    Questions: Why was Allison held accountable and imprisoned for her crimes against others, but India wasn’t? Are there some legal technicalities that aren’t being explained well enough for us to understand? There was a passing comment that India didn’t benefit financially from her abusive behavior of others compared to Allison. Is this factor along with her cooperation with the FBI the reasons she wasn’t convicted and sent off to prison? In Part 4 of “Seduced” at around the 45:35 mark India is moved to tears over how her mother publicly exposed her NXIVM life and now she gets that it was her mother’s attempt to keep her out of prison. Well, unless this is clarified rather precisely it comes off as sheer $$$ thrown at her daughter’s crimes, rather than taking full responsibility for her actions, i.e. being tried in court like an “ethical” person would.

    So far my compassion goes out to ALL who were victimized in the cult, although the likes of Sarah and Mark and perhaps India persuade me towards ambivalence: The three seem rather consumed by how they were SO manipulated without much at all of a greater contrition and ownership of their sins upon their fellow NXIVM members. On the issue of making $$$ off of a book or documentary: It depends. Are they truly seeking to redeem their suffering and personal sins by channeling their healing to others with similar vulnerabilities and fragility? Or are they actually continuing on in the elitism that they are “changing the world”? Narcissism mutating into another strain. Overwhelming and continued humility are the cure, although our Cult of Personality culture in America doesn’t help solve the problem, either.

    Strange comment by India at the end of “Seduced”: “I’m trying to make sure that others don’t have the experience that I did.” I could be wrong, but it sounds like the very same kind of arrogance and lust for power that is behind coercion and cults. “Make sure”? Maybe my read on her comment is off, but these are the kinds of “tells” that are symptomatic of deeper character flaws. I’m at least making an observation.

    ( As a strong supporter of Truth and Due Process, as well as Mercy, my comments are based on the two docu-series which reflect what Mark and Sarah and India agreed to show the viewing public. Victims can victimize others, and if they committed crimes, then it is understandable to ask why the “victimized” didn’t also face punishments. )

  • The advice is good. It’s from real-life experience and professionals in the field who helped her.

    Who cares if you don’t like the face of the person delivering the message? It may help someone.

    If that person reads “People” religiously, they MAY be particularly susceptible to coercion, popular opinion, fitting in, etc. So it’s a great place for such a warning.

    India has repeatedly stated that she feels shame. She feels guilt. She knows that she is fortunate that she was not charged. She has apologized to people she brought into DOS/Nxivm. She has offered to speak to anyone who feels that she wronged them as much as they would like.

    Some of you will never be satisfied with India’s choices.

    She is no longer supporting a criminal enterprise that abuses women. She cooperated with authorities. She is out of the cult. She’s reunited with her family. Those are all positive actions.

  • Mark, Bonnie, Sarah, India, etc. you are all going to make money off of this. And perhaps you should. But please acknowledge what you will gain from these monsters- because despite your claims
    against them – you are all still profiting from him. Just saying…

  • Genuine question here. And note that I’m a bystander; I don’t know any of these people and have no connection to this story. Many folks here have expressed indignation when DOS members like India, Sarah, and Jessica Joan have written books, participated in docuseries, and/or granted significant mainstream media interviews such as this. So, question then. What should they be doing instead? Should they not grant interviews? Should they conduct their lives quietly and never draw attention to themselves? Should they never speak about it publicly again? Just curious.

    • I like the questions. Lots of people front like they know the answers. I’d like to hear from them. I too, am curious.

    • I don’t think that it’s a problem that they conduct interviews or the like. I think it is what appears to be the shameless self-promotion that they were mostly victims when some of them profited for years from the cult.

      Most of these people didn’t mind the social and political clout such a grouping engendered in the earlier years. The ties to the Bronfman and Branson name or the Mexican elite family connections. The trip(s) to famous destinations of private jets like Necker Island or the Fiji Islands. The Vancouver celebrity connections of actors like Allison Mack, Kristin Kreuk, Nicki Clyne, etc. They didn’t mind denying others who didn’t fit their mold, or shunning those who were concerned with all of the dangerous smoke surrounding its leader and made it known, etc. In other words, they acted smug and privileged, like they were more ethical and better than others.

      And now all of them seem to want to just have that past history wiped from memory with this newfound victim fame (legitimate or not), or they don’t want to be associated with NXIVM anymore even though they were in it for so many years, etc.

    • “Should they conduct their lives quietly and never draw attention to themselves”?

      Yes, especially Sarah Edmondson, the profiting perpetrator. She has not been held to account for her own bullshit, has not paid back all the people she shafted, profits from books/interviews and just breathes in attention like it is oxygen, as she does not get the attention she craves from her “acting career”. She profits where she should be publicly shunned. She is no victim. And that bullshit about giving a portion of profits from her shitty book to charity or whoever, she is virtue-signaling to look good. Why not just do it in private without saying it? And only a portion? Give ALL the profits to a charity and pay back all the people you shafted. Better yet, don’t write a book. How many lives were fucked because of Sarah Edmondson? How much money pissed down the drain, while she gets to keep her ill-gotten wealth and profits from playing victim?

      Uganda Oxenberg would be in jail if her mother and Frank Parlato didn’t get her out. Look at her now, getting her ass kissed by the press. Disgusting and disingenuous.

      Even if someone is genuinely a victim, when they write books and do media stuff, they seem less like victims and more like opportunists.

      Bonnie, as far as I can tell, is the least cunty. She helped get things rolling, got her husband out (who is a cuck), got Catherine Oxenberg involved, who got Frank Parlato involved and the rest is history…. that the perps are profiting from.

      • Totally agree. I’m so sick of Sarah Edmondson and India Oxenburg. They make me want to hurl.

        Bonnie has class. They should learn from her.

      • Who cares what any anonymous commenters post. It’s just a tiny little buzz on the Internet on a small, fairly insignificant website with relatively little traffic.

        • You care enough to comment.

          If you consider the site ‘insignificant’, go find a soy website to cry in the comments section.

        • I stand by my opinion that Frank Report is a small insignificant website, with further declining importance. I have the analysis data for this website. I didn’t do it myself, and I didn’t make it up. The data speaks for itself. And I do not change my opinion about anonymous commentators or those with pseudonyms.

          • You are literally posting anonymously, you ‘tard.

            Feel free to leave any time and go consume your mainstream libtard propaganda that seeks to destroy free speech and drop the Hebrew Hammer on anyone who speaks out of line.

            This website is about NXIVM. It is a go-to website for all things related to it.

            If you don’t want to read about NXIVM news, then fuck off.

            You must either be a NXIVM supporter or a super-stan of a celebrity criticised here.. perhaps the gross one called Spanky…

    • My sincere answer: people who do shameful things ought to be ashamed. Nothing wrong with writing a book or doing interviews after they’ve f*cked up, nothing whatsoever. But don’t pose as the hero or blameless victim or pretend it was all someone else’s fault.

    • When I got out of Scientology 21 years ago, I’d have made the same documentary India did. I would have used the same ‘cult experts’ and presented the same simplistic anti cult movement tropes that India presented in “Seduced”.

      It took me over a decade to realize I was using this simplistic anticult mindset in my own life, and even longer to see how much damage this had done to me.

      The anti cult movement uses the same template for every minority religion or minority subculture they label a ‘cult’. It’s the template for Scientology, NXIVM, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Latter Day Saints – even supporters of Donald Trump.

      It’s a McDoctrine® that’s great for people in mainstream society who want to dehumanize and persecute minorities. But for Exes, it’s a self-destructive catastrophe to use this to understand what you were doing in the “cult”.

      It ruins your self-confidence in your own decision-making. It causes you to wall-off and diseasify something which used to inspire and nurture you. It causes you to mistrust and go to war against yourself. It is the most destructive mindset an Ex can adopt who is trying to evolve and grow after moving into mainstream society from a minority religion or sub-culture.

      What should India do instead?

      She should spot where she uses these self-destructive anti cult tropes on herself such as “I was BRAINWASHED” or “I was being GROOMED”. She should recognize these as metaphors, then seek the real, objective language that describes what specifically occurred without excess emotion or cognitive distortion.

      Dispute “I was being GROOMED” (metaphor) with the question “What objectively happened?”

      Answer: “Allison Mack tried to get me to accept the benefits of having sex with Keith Raniere.”


      Question: “Did it work?”

      Answer: “For a while.”


      Question: “What were you personally trying to accomplish for yourself at that time?”

      Apply profound self-acceptance to the answers that arise here. Delete the shame that anticultism demands. Your self-acceptance will demolish the walls you’ve built around your earlier experience and unearth the treasure you’ve buried there: The treasure of YOU.

      You will soon heal the damage you’ve caused yourself by using that dimestore anticult ideology. You will generate lots of original and genuine insight that you can share. If you take the next few years to mine this gold, you will be able to write a book or produce another documentary that could change the world.

      You could both strengthen the rights of minorities, and expose abuses of power.

      This is something India could do.

      With all my heart, I hope she does.


      • But why does India have to be just like you? And think like you? And behave as you would?

        Do you not see the supreme irony of this notion when juxtaposed with this idea you allege to promote about thinking for one’s self?

        And both things can be true. I can think freely AND agree with others in a medical, artistic, scientific, or other school-of-thought or community.

        You see everyone through the lens of your personal journey. And demand that they conform to your path.

        India is an individual. Separate from you. She can have a different, yet still authentic experience. She can have her own timeline and process. And her own journey.

        It’s not a contest: Who left a cult better?

        If you have left a cult, then you have already won. And there can be more than one victor.

  • You could substitute every occurrence of India O. with liberal, millenial, feminist etc, and this would read exactly the same way. Aristotle is projecting his anger about society at large.

    Get a job, losers!

    • The liberals, millennials and feminists have certainly fucked society up.

      And conservatives are not the ones who believe in welfare and freebies. It is conservatives who get to say “Get a job, losers”! as well as “These people shaking maracas are stealing our jobs”!

  • Her ego size is larger than Manuel Urbiras’s fat ass. Down south we have a saying for retards and that is “Bless its heart”.

  • …and you were doing so well, Frank, with the past couple of articles.

    This is the worst and most small-minded hot take on someone I’ve read in ages. A person can make a mistake and get better and help others not make the same ones she did. End of story. We are all collectively sorry for you that you fuck a blow-up doll for a living “Aristotle Sausage”.

  • I do think India telling her story is a good thing. However, she tells only one part of it. She omits the perpetrator part. And none of the many media that have interviewed her have asked her about that part.
    – recruited women into DOS? Check.
    – lied to them about the brand? Check.
    – instructed her to “seduce” Keith? (I believe it was Jay)? Check.

    So, Not unlike Allison Mack… She wasn’t labeled co-conspirator #2 for nothing.

    I would like to hear an apology from India and to hear from her that she is lucky not to be in jail. Some modesty and a more balanced narrative…….

    • Love this comment. Bailed on the points, Steve J. I think also important for her to talk about how her family’s position of power helped her to get visibility and allowed her to have her voice heard. She also had easy access to psychologists, which not everyone from DOS can even afford.

      Nicole, for instance, not sure if she is getting any type of psychological support or if she has access to a platform to talk about what happened to her .

  • You don’t have to like India O, but if someone like OJ Simpson is out there having his writing published, I’m pretty sure she can tell her story too. Like you, I could also be smug and condescending, totally proud that I’d never be dumb enough to join a cult either. But the fact of the matter is: for some people their cult membership was Far more about emotional and psychological problems than an intellectual deficiency. That’s evident by all the high-achieving lunatics out there who defend Raniere to this day.

    I learned absolutely nothing from your writing except what a patronizing hater you are, and it’s pretty unattractive… And by the way, research has found that attractive people do tend to have higher intelligence 😉 So India’s got that on her side.

    Personally, I think it’s great she’s spreading what information she has since learned about avoiding coercive control. I think it’s kind that she tells other victims it’s not their fault, Because it isn’t

    Perhaps if you weren’t an unfeeling psychopath, you would have sympathy for the fact that she was brought into the cult. She was coerced along the way, and she was branded in an evil and torturous ritual that absolutely no one should experience

    Maybe if you paid any attention, you would realize It Was For The Better That She Stayed– she ended up obtaining critical proof of Raniere’s involvement with DOS that screwed over the entire organization (Thank goodness!)

    You speak of privilege as if her life was all rainbows and butterflies before nxivm and let’s be real–What motherf#cker alive wouldn’t want that?! EVERY baby alive is born screaming and crying for all the damn resources and “privileges” they can get LMAO. Research has even indicated fetuses will drain the calcium from their mothers’ BONES if she doesn’t consume enough during pregnancy. Gotta love kids…

    But what you conveniently fail to mention is that India was born of both royal blood and related to a drug trafficker from what I’ve read! That’s far from normal! You speak as if you’re some omniscient god blogging online for the “good of mankind,” but you’ll never be god. Your article will never matter more than history as it unfolds. And you will probably never have any idea what conditions nature predisposed India O to right off the bat! I heard she was dyslexic and that dyslexic people are proven to be more suggestible, but what would you care? You just want to hate. You’re accomplishing positively nothing, but at least she eventually turned back to the light. Better late than never!

    I could be out here just like you singling her out and talking trash. When I watched her documentary I even observed something about her body language that was quite concerning if you have any real background in psychological research. But will I tell you what that is?! Hell no! Because f#ck you. I bet you have even More flaws than she does because that’s how haters usually are. Uglier.

    I only wish the best to The Frank Report! x Hope you’re enjoying 2021, Frank

    • You call me all sorts of nasty names (oh my I’m gonna cry!), then accuse ME of being the hater.

      The lack of logic is hilarious!

      • The lack of logic? LMAO! What projection! All you created was a hit piece, you monster! You’re spreading nothing but negativity as India IS a survivor and is spreading advice and compassion! Nothing that you said helps a soul but allows you to have an undeserved superiority complex when you’re clearly just an unfeeling piece of garbage, putting down a girl that had collateral held against her and was abused! You are psychopathic! You are evil! May the universe give you All that you deserve, as that poor girl’s life keeps getting better after all she’s been through. If your name was on it, you could be sued for defamation! Shame on you, you ugly lowlife

        • Wow. You need a little more CBD in your canabanoid profile.

          India made a documentary and sent it out into the world. People can talk about it, have their own opinions on it, and say what they want.

          You dont handle that very well.

          I recommend a nice harlequin dog walker for you. Go for a walk. Look at things near and far. Get some space until you feel better.


      • I think Aristotle opines on some very interesting aspects of not only India but all of the nxivm folks. While none of us can actually know the details of everyone else’s lives, personalities, emotional make-up, etc, the input we hear time and again from the nxivm conglomerate is that they were generally seeking to discover things about themselves and make the world a better place yet we have never heard any of them disclose something they discovered about themselves or how they made the world better. I’m sure there was a degree of brain washing that occurred but these people were not kept in a shed – they were all out and about in the world, engaged in normal daily activities, interacting with society yet not one of them caught a clue that there was something seriously wrong with raniere and/or salzman. It’s impossible to bend my mind enough to believe that. For example, If you watch or listen to anything allison mack or India have ever said or done, they really appear to be idiots.

    • bridanya wrote: “research has found that attractive people do tend to have higher intelligence.”

      Then it should’ve been obvious to any NX recruit that Vanguard wasn’t the world’s third smartest man. And maybe attractive Indio O or Kristin Kook should’ve run the sex cult.

  • India really has no other choice but to be a professional victim. If she admitted the truth… that she decided it was a good idea to control slaves and collect blackmail, it would mean prison.

    Lucky for her Raniere and others were at fault and she was innocent and manipulated.

    Not that she should feel guilty about it. “The quality of forgiveness is never strained.”

    It is just hard for people to reach self-forgiveness if they won’t acknowledge the truth.

    • There’s no such thing as a “professional” victim. That is a made up pejorative term that has no basis in reality to diminish those who have been wronged. If there are “professional” victims, are their “professional” idiots too? Like Nicki et al, who continue to support sex-obsessed grifter who formed a sextortion cult and called it character development?

      You can’t make a career out of being a victim. It has a limited shelf life and it isn’t even that long.

      • “There’s no such thing as a “professional” victim”.

        When someone profits from being a “victim”, they are professional “victims”.

        “That is a made-up pejorative term”

        What is made up (by you) is you think Kristin Kook is your soul mate! HA!

        “that has no basis in reality”

        It is reality that people profit professionally and status-wise through being professional victims.

        “to diminish those who have been wronged”.

        Calling people out for being full of shit is not diminishing them, especially when they have not been wronged.

        “If there are “professional” victims, are their “professional” idiots too?”

        Yes. Professional idiots. Like Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton.

        “Like Nicki et al, who continue to support a sex-obsessed grifter who formed a sextortion cult and called it character development?”

        You are obsessed with Nicki Clyne and it is funny! You are jealous because VanSpank had all these bitches who would NEVER fuck you, line up to get porked by him, whereas you are still a virgin incel!

        “You can’t make a career out of being a victim”

        And yet so many do…

        “It has a limited shelf life and it isn’t even that long”.

        You said you can’t make a career out of being a victim, now you say it has a limited shelf life and isn’t even that long. Contradicting your spankish self. Being a gymnast has a limited shelf life and does not last that long, but it still is a thing.

        Has Kristin Kreuk sent you any more messages through the television, you [redacted]?

      • –When someone profits from being a “victim”, they are professional “victims”.

        Making up definitions as you go along doesn’t work except in the tiny world of a cult leader’s word salad. You know, like hiding blackmail in the word “collateral” and thinking it changes the concept. Words are symbols to concepts. Replacing one symbol with another in order to hide it doesn’t magically change the concept.

        A professional is someone who makes a long-term career out of performing a service. You can’t make a career out of being a victim because there is no service provided. No one will ever pay you just to be a victim.

        You can only con your way into being a victim, like a person who pretends to be a crippled homeless person to earn money. One would call them a “professional victim” only to express your loathing for such manipulation, thus making it a pejorative.


        –What is made up (by you) is you think Kristin Kook is your soul mate! HA!

        Put your mouth somewhere else other than your Vanguard’s dick. Prove it. Show where I — SultanOfSix — have said that Kristin Kreuk is my soulmate.

        I’m expecting crickets.

        –It is reality that people profit professionally and status-wise through being professional victims.

        You still haven’t learned a damn thing. Repeating something over and over again will never make it true.

        –Calling people out for being full of shit is not diminishing them, especially when they have not been wronged.

        How very loaded of you.

        “Not been wronged”. Interesting position. Just like what the remaining NXIVM dead-enders think of those who turned against the cult.

        That the Vantard was convicted in a court of law beyond reasonable doubt and received a sentence of 120 years proves that he did a lot of wrong, at least according to the society which has jurisdiction over him. Therefore, every member of his cult was wronged in some way. It’s just a matter of various degrees.

        I wouldn’t talk about others being full of shit.

        –Yes. Professional idiots. Like Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton.

        Learn what a rhetorical question is you buffoon.

        –You are obsessed with Nicki Clyne and it is funny! You are jealous because VanSpank had all these bitches who would NEVER fuck you, line up to get porked by him, whereas you are still a virgin incel!

        Learn what an incel is, you retard. I like women. Especially beautiful women, inside and out. I respect them. Unlike the Vantard and you. The way you cry and display so much ire in whatever you write here shows you’re likely an incel, more than I ever will ever come close to being.

        I think the term you’re actually looking for is “simp”.

        No. An obsession is what I displayed for Kristin. Or the sociopathic “hard-on” you constantly display for me, where you repeatedly stalk me online from a position of cowardice. Which makes you a blathering hypocrite when you criticize someone else for being obsessed.

        But you don’t give a shit about your hypocrisy because you’re a gas-lighting sociopath without a conscience. You do it to attack from an ill-perceived position of strength, only to humiliate and denigrate someone just like a cowardly bully would.

        Infrequently responding to Nicki’s tweets to point out the lack of logic in what she says is not an obsession. Why does it bother you so much that I’m pointing out the holes in such shitty cult “logic”?

        I couldn’t give a shit who Vanguard fucked outside of one person. Too bad he failed in that attempt.

        –You said you can’t make a career out of being a victim, now you say it has a limited shelf life and isn’t even that long. Contradicting your spankish self.

        No, you dumb shit. That’s not a contradiction. Once again, a career entails selling a long-term service. Something you do for a significant part of your life. Doing interviews, writing a book, or making a documentary about your experience in a cult is not and will never be considered a career.

        You can be in a cult for a while and then turn your experience into a career as Stephen Hassan did. But writing books about your experience, helping “deprogram” cult members, or whatever else he does, is not and never will be selling himself as a victim.

        –Has Kristin Kreuk sent you any more messages through the television, you [redacted]?

        No. But one of her really good friends did send me a LinkedIn request.

        So, fuck you.

        • Ohhhh! A Linkedin request! Did that make you jerk off!?

          You stalking “one of her really good friends” now!? Haha!

          And did this individual know that you are the brown mentally ill cretin who stalks her friend?

          No, Spankster, you are an incel! A simp and an incel. You are involuntarily celibate!

  • Catherine “Oxenberg’s mom is Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia, who just so happens to be second cousins with Prince Charles, making Oxenberg third cousins with Prince William and Prince Harry.”

    Unfortunately, too many Americans are mesmerized by the British Royal Family who are inbred perverts originally from Hannover Germany.
    The British Royals are so inbred that many of them had hemophilia.

    Does anyone believe that Prince Randy Andy will be indicted for his exploits with Jeffrey Epstein and Jizzlane Maxwell?

    Let’s drop some truth bombs about the British Royal Family.

    Lord Mountbatten, the last British Raj of India, supposedly had a fondness for little brown boys.

    “Prince Charles’ uncle and valued mentor, Lord Mountbatten, was a ‘homosexual with a perversion for young boys’, according to a secret dossier compiled by the FBI. … One source said Mountbatten’s penchant for young men made him ‘an unfit man to direct any sort of military operations’.Aug 18, 2019”

    FBI claims that Lord Mountbatten was a Pervert

  • “Get a job, losers.”

    Wow, what an analysis. Frank you are scraping the bottom of the barrel in discourse about NXIVM.

  • Yep, Kneepads…er I mean People once again did an amazing fellatio job for India. Kneepads – when celebs need a reporter to do exactly what they want.

    Remember that by her own unintentional admission, India was effectively the last woman standing for DOS and NXIVM. She didn’t turn on the organization until it finally registered that jail time was a real possibility in her future that was prevented only because of her mother. Until then, she was all in and willingly engaging in the manipulative and probable illegal behavior expected of her. Also pretty telling, being from Hollywood and all, that her mother’s first thought once free (cause we know it wasn’t India’s idea) was “let’s make a documentary where you are the focus and can turn yourself into a professional victim!”

    At the end of the day, India’s credentials are having a rich once-famous mother, being very attractive, and being effortlessly manipulated. Not exactly characteristics worthy of taking advice from.

  • The modern “culture” of the West, which is bringing forth the collapse of the greatest civilization in history, is who gets to be the biggest “victim” of the dreaded “Straight White Male”.

    They compete in the victim Olympics for top spot. The believe the bigger the “victim”, the more morally righteous and special they are.

    Uganda Oxenberg is a joke.

    She was born into privilege, chose to go along with all this cult bullshit, was rescued by her mother and Frank Parlato, gets away with everything and like other opportunists like Sarah Edmonsuck, plays the naive victim, while cashing in on their stupidity.

    And look at the picture of Manuel Uribea! His tities are bigger than the mosquito bite tities of NXIVM cultist/virtue signaler Kristin Kreuk!

    • —is who gets to be the biggest “victim” of the dreaded “Straight White Male”.

      The story of the cult takedown had absolutely zero to do with above.

      • Who said it did?

        Frank Parlato said at the top of this article:

        “There is an argument that victims are the new royalty of America, that losing first, then crying loudly later, finding a voice through tears, as a victim, confers a special status of excellence for women”.

        Not just women, but anyone not straight, white, or male.

        The Taliban refuse to go along with it, whereas the West is being rotted from within from the vile left, headed by a minority tribe who controls everything, especially the flow of money and (mis)information. People get emotional about nonsense, easy to debunk lies and this is affecting policy.


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Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

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Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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