Yet Another New Special Agent Heads Albany FBI Office – Janeen DiGuiseppi Replaces Acting Agent in Revolving Door Office, Called ‘The FBI Albany Way’

Janeen DiGuiseppi Named Special Agent in Charge of Albany Field Office

Will She Run It “the FBI Albany Way”?

It is an office that has been plagued by constant changes in leadership in recent years – and an office that was recently chided by US District Court Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis for its neglect in investigating and prosecuting Keith Raniere who romped in its backyard for 20 years.

The FBI Albany office received numerous complaints against Raniere and NXIVM/ESP over the years – from Joe O’Hara to Kristin Keeffe to Barbara Bouchey and others – and they never charged him with a crime. And though they were provided with numerous details and documents, it’s not even certain that they ever undertook any investigation of either Raniere or NXIVM/ESP.

Raniere’s supporters say that the FBI’s NYC office did a foul deed and created crimes where none existed when they undertook an investigation of Raniere and NXIVM/ESP. And according to these same supporters, the proof is that the Albany FBI, whose responsibility it was to investigate potential criminal deeds done on their turf, never did so – not through incompetence or indifference but because there was never any evidence.

The FBI’s NYC office, operating under someone’s strings, be it the Illuminati or other foul and perfervid interests, wanted Raniere out of the way – and so they did whatever it took to get the job done. At least, that’s what some of Raniere’s supporters say.

Raniere has told some supporters that the Illuminati was out to get him – and maybe they finally did.

Now the FBI Albany field office will have yet another leader – Janeen Di Guiseppi – the seventh in seven years.

The FBI Albany field office – which is part of the US DOJ for the Northern District of New York covers 32 Upstate, mostly rural NY counties – and includes the state’s Capital Region and the entire state of Vermont.

Curiously – and it is perhaps a species of cover-for-you-own – when prosecutors in the Eastern District of NY announced the indictments and convictions of the NXIVM defendants they gave shout-outs to the US DOJ of the Northern District of NY and the Albany field office of the FBI for their help.

They got thanks from the prosecutors at the EDNY – but not from EDNY Judge Garaufis, who said he did not understand why the NDNY did nothing about Raniere for years. Such public rebukes of the FBI are a rarity – but, at least in this case, seemingly well-deserved.
Meantime, just days after Garuafis’ chiding, FBI Director Christopher Wray named Janeen DiGuiseppi as special agent in charge of the Albany Field Office.
Prior to her most recent appointment, DiGuiseppi was deputy assistant director of the FBI’s Training Division. She joined the FBI as a special agent in 1999 and was first assigned to the Salt Lake City Field Office, where she worked violent crime, drug, and public corruption violations.

In 2008, DiGuiseppi was promoted to assistant legal attaché in Baghdad and supervised the FBI’s Major Crimes Task Force. She returned to Salt Lake City in 2009 and was assigned to the DEA’s Drug Diversion Task Force until she was promoted to supervisory special agent in 2010 as the FBI’s biometric lead in Kabul, Afghanistan.

She was assigned to the Memphis Field Office in Tennessee in 2012, where she supervised the civil rights and public corruption programs and the Violent Crimes Against Children/Child Exploitation Task Force.

In 2014, she was promoted to assistant section chief of the Public Corruption and Civil Rights Section in the Criminal Investigative Division at FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C. She later served as chief of staff to the division’s assistant director. In 2016, she was named assistant section chief of the Transnational Organized Crime – Eastern Hemisphere Section, where she managed domestic and international programs focused on organized crime and major theft.

DiGuiseppi was named assistant special agent in charge in the Denver Field Office in 2017, with oversight of the intelligence and surveillance programs, the Rocky Mountain Regional Computer Forensic Laboratory, and the Wyoming resident agencies.

In 2019, Ms. DiGuiseppi was selected as section chief of the FBI Training Division’s Curriculum Management Section, and promoted to deputy assistant director in 2020.

She earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Central Florida, a master’s degree from Western New England College, and a master’s degree from Florida International University. Prior to joining the Bureau, DiGuiseppi served as an officer in the United States Air Force.

Revolving Door of FBI Special Agents in Charge (SACs)

The FBI’s Albany field office has had seven different SACs since 2013 – almost one per year.

  1. Andrew Vale about 4 years [2013-2017]
  2. Vadim Thomas about a year. [2017-2018]
  3. Acting SAC Janelle Miller served four months in 2018
  4. James Hendricks served from November 2018 to May 2020
  5. Thomas Relford served from May 2020 to May 2021 – lasting a whole year
  6. After Relford left, Albay was overseen from DC
  7. DiGuiseppi was named last month
One of the previous SACs, James N. Hendricks, was the subject of an internal investigation regarding a claim that he sexually harassed eight subordinate employees, and failed to report an intimate relationship with another subordinate, according to a U.S. Justice Department investigation. Hendricks was appointed head of the Albany field office in July 2018, after serving as a section chief for a Weapons of Mass Destruction unit at FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Following the end of his intimate relationship with his co-worker in Albany, the report stated, Hendricks allegedly “engaged in actions… that created a hostile work environment for the subordinate – and “lacked candor” during the SAC’s interview with the OIG, all in violation of FBI policy [Editor’s note: The term “lacked candor” is the DOJ’s way of saying “That FBI agent lied his ass off to us when we questioned him”].

Did James Hendricks really abuse women or did he try to get order and regulations in place at FBI Albany? (Photo John Carl D’Annibale Times Union)

By the way, if you are not in the FBI and you lie to an FBI agent, you can be charged with a felony for lying – and go to prison for five years. However, if you are an FBI agent, you can lie with impunity. It is described as “a lack of candor.”

As far as we know, Hendricks was not proven guilty of anything  He seems to have broken up with his subordinate FBI agent-lover and made things hard on her afterward, it was alleged.

Others complained too. Which makes it seem like he was guilty.  But Hendricks was a newcomer to Albany – and the new boss too – which means he was placed above other agents who were there longer than him.

The other agents probably knew each other and this Hendricks dude comes in, takes over as boss, starts an affair with one of their co-workers and, in the end, breaks up with her. So, maybe it’s possible that she and the others have ganged up on him and ousted him.

Hendricks quit the FBI and tried to do it quietly but the Times Union outed him. [Ironically he was not named in the FBI report].

In the end, Hendricks may have just been another kinky Albany-based leader but, unlike Raniere, he was not arrested.

Those six or seven agents who complained about Hendricks at FBI Albany probably had a lot of opportunities to arrest Raniere over the years but for some reason never did.

Since Hendricks did not come to Albany until after Raniere was arrested, it’s not fair to lay the blame on him for turning a blind eye to the Vanguard’s criminal operations at NXIVM/ESP if anyone – other than Garaufis – are inclined to do so.

Judge Garuafis thinks Raniere should have been prosecuted long ago in the NDNY – and is amazed that it never happened. 

This notion that Hendricks might have been a victim of being ganged up on got support from one commenter who wrote:  “There is a lot more to this story. Hendricks was railroaded because he wanted to make FBI Albany follow the rules. There is the FBI way and there is the FBI Albany way. Too many loyalists to [former SAC] Andrew Vale hidden in the office. They were not gonna let the previous Special Agent in Charge’s image be tarnished by Hendricks exposing the FBI Albany way.”

Vale was the SAC who might have done something about Raniere – since he was in charge when many of the complaints were made and when DOS was created and destroyed by the Frank Report and whistleblowers.

Seven in 7 Years?

That seems like a pretty high rate of turnover. There may be quite a bit of internal conflicts and subordinates may be in charge of FBI Albany – insisting that they do things “the FBI Albany way”.

Thomas Relford retired in May 2021

Upon his departure, he noted: “My work has taken me all over the world, but I truly believe I was meant to spend this last year serving the amazing people of the Capital Region, Central New York, Upstate New York, the Southern Tier, and Vermont”.



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  • To all the doubters or critics of this article:

    Please remember the FBI Boston office and Whitey Bulger….

  • The FBI in Albany is way better than New York. They saw Vanguard committed zero crimes. Judge Garaufis is a bad man.

    • Please show some respect for a senior citizen. Garaufis only did the sentencing. The jury unanimously found Vanguard guilty on all charges… the rest of the bunch pleaded guilty themselves…

      But if it makes you feel better, perhaps Vanguard should have gotten 20 years instead of a 120. Wouldn’t have made any difference. He’s dead…….

    • Has nothing to do with NXIVM, so why post it here?

      Having said that, and while I get sick to my stomach watching TC, I do think you can and should call out government officials who are not abiding by the Covid rules they themselves are issuing. Happens in every country…

    • Re Beat Knick Poet:

      I watched the video.

      Nadia is so annoying, I wouldn’t bang her with Shadow’s dick and Scott Johnson pushing. Fuck Frank for allowing the video to be posted.

    • You can see she’s not vaccinated. Otherwise she wouldn’t need the chain to hold the crucifix to her chest.

    • Shadow-

      The NFL, MLB, and NBA team owners love to extort BIG money out of state governments. It’s total BS and needs to end.

      In Massachusetts, the owner of the Patriots, Bob Kraft, threatened to move the team to Rhode Island and he received millions.

      The move to Rhode Island was BS because ticket sales would have been shit.

  • I doubt very much that the Albany FBI field office will undertake any new investigation of the NXIVM/ESP criminal enterprise because to do so would likely dredge up the reasons why no investigations were ever done before. And that, in turn, could lead to the prosecution of some former – or maybe even current – FBI special agents; at least one Senior Investigator with the New York State Police; and, of course, the increasingly corpulent Albany County District Attorney (Talk about a guy that’s grown in his job!):

    • NXVIM is dead, making new investigations very unlikely. It is possible that that additional evidence could come to light, but I suspect that such evidence would have to be earth-shaking to warrant an investigation. There may be other crimes, such as immigration fraud, but I doubt the FBI is interested in such crimes.

      • A possible conviction of Sara Bronfman, Emiliano Salinas, or Rosa Laura Junco, amongst others, would be worthy of such an investigation. The FBI wants fines and headlines. Those people would get it.

        And why the computer trespassing of US Congressmen, Federal Judges, and journalists has not been prosecuted is beyond my comprehension. All the work has already been done by the FBI investigator that testified during the trial. How much easier can it get? SMH

        Klav, of the unprosecuted crimes, which would you think are the easiest to prove and most severe to go after, that are just sitting there, waiting for someone to do it? In other words, if you worked for the FBI NDNY, what would you want to do?

        • I need to be “delicate” in how I answer your question.

          I am aware, for example, that the FBI office in Albany was provided documentary evidence of money laundering, immigration fraud, and other immigration-related crimes. However, I do not know – with certainty – why there was no investigation undertaken with respect to any of that evidence (I have been told “why” nothing was done but I have not been able to verify what I was told).

          Similarly, I know – with certainty – what information and evidence were turned over to NYSP Senior Investigator Rodger Kirsopp. But I do not know why he chose to bury that information and evidence – and why, instead, he chose to investigate and prosecute (even though he knew there was no basis) John Tighe, Toni Natalie, and Joe O’Hara.

          Finally, I know – with certainty – that Albany County D.A. David Soares was compromised by NXIVM/ESP. Unfortunately, although I have been told what was done to compromise him – I have not been able to corroborate what I was told.

          Trust me, if the FBI Albany office wanted to confirm all these things, it could easily do so. But it clearly doesn’t want to do that because in doing so, it would likely have to reveal which of its so-called “Special Agents” were compromised into doing nothing about Raniere and NXIVM/ESP.

          • Are you unable to work jointly with the ATU? With all due respect to you and Frank and the incredible job you have done, if what you say is true it might be time to get more resources involved.

          • ” it would likely have to reveal which of its so-called “Special Agents” were compromised into doing nothing about Raniere and NXIVM/ESP.”

            Compromised thru money or more likely “honey pot” sex.

          • Raniere would never spend any of his ill-gotten money if he could get what he wanted by assigning a member of the harem to compromise an FBI agent, a New York State Police Senior Investigator, a local District Attorney, or a senior staff member at the New York State Department of Taxation & Finance. How do you think he built up that multi-million dollar “reserve” he kept at Nancy’s house?

          • The honey-pot girls were personally trained by Keith — that’s why he had them give him all those bjs.

          • Claviger,

            —How do you think he built up that multi-million dollar “reserve” he kept at Nancy’s house?

            My friend, don’t you mean “why”?

          • Both are legitimate questions.

            I think the “how” question is easier to answer: He did it by having Nancy Salzman and other trusted NXIVM/ESP members bring in cash from Mexico and Canada, by having numerous people send him pre-paid debit cards and other gift cards that he could use in lieu of cash, and by never paying all the bills that NXIVM/ESP accumulated.

            As for the “why” question, I think it was Keith’s insurance policy that he planned to tap into if he ever had to go on the run. Not unlike Whitey Bulger who, if I recall correctly, had more than $800,000 in cash with him when he was arrested.

            At least one report indicates that at one time, Nancy had more than $2 million in cash hidden in her house – which, of course, raises the question as to what happened to the other $1.5 million. Not to worry, I’m sure that Inspector Clouseau – and the rest of those crack investigators in the NDNY – are all tracking it down. Or spending it…

          • Claviger,

            —Raises the question as to what happened to the other $1.5 million.

            I’m still convinced Nancy was ‘skimming’.

            If anyone else has the cash, it’d be the FBI agents, I agree.

            Hypothetically, I once heard from a little bird some cops skim from drug busts and cry poor at alimony hearings. Amazingly, when they’re reminded of their “ridiculous shenanigans” by their wife’s attorney, the alimony is no longer an issue.

          • “I think the “how” question is easier to answer: He did it by having Nancy Salzman and other trusted NXIVM/ESP members bring in cash from Mexico and Canada

            There used to be a poster who kept saying Kreuk would drive 4 hrs from B.C. bringing cash to Tacoma. That rumor died down, but are you saying it’s true, KRC?

          • Several people brought in cash from Canada. I’m not sure if Kreuk was one of them.

            I also know that one of the reasons why NXIVM/ESP went so hard after Susan Dones is because she refused to provide cash from her students. Instead, Susan reported every dime that she took in at the Tacoma Center as taxable income – which, insofar as I know, is the only NXIVM/ESP Center that ever did that.

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