Raniere Speaks at His Own Hearing – Judge Interrupts Proceedings -Part 2 of Restitution

At this moment, the restitution hearings are on hold.

For the second time ever, Keith Raniere chose to speak out in court – this time at his restitution hearing, prompting the judge to temporarily halt the proceedings. Raniere had previously spoken, very briefly, at his sentencing hearing just prior to being handed a 120-year sentence.

Raniere appeared via teleconference from his prison in Tucson, Arizona.

Today, Raniere said he has seen nothing – none of the restitution paperwork – or anything meaningful about any of the alleged victims’ claims. He said that he has only been permitted to speak to his lawyers for a total of one hour on the phone.

Before the judge stopped the proceedings, Raniere said “I never handled the collateral or know where it is.”

His attorney, Marc Fernich, said he does not believe the government’s claim that they know where the collateral is.

Raniere said “I don’t know who the [alleged] victims are. I have not seen the papers. I do not understand enough to speak intelligently on this matter.”

The judge seemed unusually nice to Raniere and his attorneys and agreed to adjourn for a brief period so he could speak to his lawyers

Lichtman asked to make sure the audio was off in the courtroom where the proceedings are being live-streamed for the non-vaccinated members of the public and media to listen.

At the sentencing hearing of Allison Mack, the microphones were on for about 20 minutes prior to the proceedings and apparently strategically placed next to the defense table – permitting everyone in the overflow room to hear their conversation, which was mostly irrelevant to the Mack case.

See Part #1: What to Expect From Judge Garaufis at Raniere’s Restitution Hearing Today


On June 19, 2019, following a six-week trial, a jury convicted Raniere of racketeering, racketeering conspiracy, wire fraud conspiracy, forced labor conspiracy, sex trafficking conspiracy, and two counts of sex trafficking.

On October 27, 2020, Judge Garaufis sentenced Raniere to a 120-year term of imprisonment.

On January 27, 2021, the US Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York [the prosecution], which bears the burden of proving a victim’s actual financial loss by a preponderance of evidence, provided the court with 100 restitution requests from putative victims.  The prosecution supported payments to 25 “victims.”

Raniere filed a response on March 23, 2021, claiming, in effect, that none of the individuals are victims. This filing, unfortunately for those who would wish to keep certain things from the public, was supposed to be filed under seal but was erroneously filed by Raniere’s attorneys as a public document on PACER and during the time it was public, it fell into the hands of Frank Report.

Much of the information we are reporting today came to us because of the accidentally filed document. But it is the nature of the First Amendment that the government cannot restrict our publishing this information. This Amendment is an inconvenient clause and there are those who wish its elimination, but as it stands today it is still extant.

The US Attorney’s office recommended the following people get money. The list below is in the order of the amount they feel is deserved.

[Note: Frank Report has the full names of all the alleged victims but is following the protocol of the court in not naming the alleged victims’ last names except where the alleged victims have already publicly identified themselves.]

  1. Sutton Family: $2,854,572.26  [for legal expenses in a civil suit with NXIVM]
  2. Daniela: [The woman who stayed in a room for almost two years] [amount recommended is unknown but probably around $500,000-1 Million]
  3. Camila: [underage child porn pics] $507,997.45
  4. Low-rank-DOS-slave: [LRDS] India Oxenberg $391,037.76
  5. Barbara Bouchey: $352,455.27 (former girlfriend’s legal expenses)
  6. LRDS Nicole: [sex trafficked]: $370,968.05
  7. LRDS Souki: $288,156.44
  8. Adrian: $253,204.61 [brother of Cami and Dani who claims he did unpaid work for Raniere/NXIVM]
  9. LRDS Valerie: $231,597.52
  10. LRDS Pam A.: $172,232.12
  11. LRDS Audrey:122,189.74
  12. LRDS Amanda: $96,692.55
  13. LRDS Paloma: $73,697.97
  14. LRDS Jessica Joan: $85,139.88
  15. LRDS Kristin T.: $85,733.16
  16. LRDS Erika: $54,827.05
  17. LRDS Rachel: $52,651.55
  18. LRDS Allison W.: $50,441.76
  19. Toni Natalie: $48,292.89 (former girlfriend’s legal expenses)
  20. LRDS Sarah Edmondson: $25,529.49
  21. LRDS Sylvie: $24,466.70
  22. James Loperfido: $5,625 [email hacked]
  23. Susan Dones: $3,000 former member – legal expenses
  24. Nina Cowell: $1,800 former member legal expenses

There is $6 million – paid to the court by Clare Bronfman – that can be used for restitution payments to Raniere’s victims.

Joseph Sutton is seeking to be Raniere victim #1 but the judge isn’t buying it.

The judge did not go along with all of the government’s requests. For instance, he found that the Sutton family was not entitled to almost half the restitution funds. In fact, it appears they are, according to the judge, entitled to very little.

He wrote, “The jury found that Raniere and others had conspired to alter records [in the Sutton lawsuit]..  by directing individuals in the Nxivm community to remove portions of videotapes that were to be produced in discovery in a copyright lawsuit…

“Acting on Raniere’s instructions,” the judge wrote, “Nxivm members edited out segments of the videos that contained false claims, and Nxivm then produced the edited tapes while claiming that they were unedited…  the litigation lasted nearly fifteen years, and the Sutton family has submitted a restitution claim seeking over $2.8 million in compensation for litigation costs…

“Nxivm’s production of fraudulent evidence in federal district court litigation caused pecuniary losses to the Sutton family by requiring their lawyers to spend time reviewing the altered tapes and determining how to proceed in response. However, the court does not find that all litigation costs incurred by the Sutton family in its civil litigation against Nxivm are the proximate result of the alteration of evidence produced in discovery: many of those expenses would have been incurred even if Nxivm had produced the unaltered videotapes.”



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  • News outlets reported Keith was doodling.

    Is it a new brand design?

    Another patent?

    Portrait of the perfect virgin successor?

    Maybe the smartest, most ethical man in the world is creating a new cryptocurrency to hide the Nxivm riches?

    • Anon @8:32 pm

      Yep. And very few people would have blamed you. More likely celebrated you.

      A lot of mothers would have f×cked him up too.

      I’ve said it before – vanguard is really lucky some half-starved, sleep-deprived, abused slave didn’t make a really bad decision and put some hurt on him.

      It’s probably why vanguard wanted a “non-violent” community. I guarantee on some level Keith knew and worried that he had it coming. He probably could not believe a husband, brother, SOMEONE hadn’t knocked him on his as× yet.

  • Thank God the Judge told Joey Sutton and the DOJ to go fuck themselves, figuratively speaking of course.

  • As to the Suttons, highball hopes, and low-ball results? Realistically and probably, this was the result expected.

    Lots of fascistic moves are going on about these face masks and other stuff. Freedom in the United States of America, what is happening to that, huh? Disgusting. Flying in the sky was ruined, and it used to be so such a blast, so why not get all down and dirty? Human rights, anybody?

    Sheesh. Civil rights? Huh?

    At least the Noni Tattlelee proposed monetary recompense is quite amusing. My oh my. $48,293.89. Where is the sense? Eighty -nine cents is pretty funny, all by itself.

    Thanks for all of the news. It seems that Raniere cannot recollect his very own snatch shots. That is not very productive of him. What a dumbo.

    • Shivani,
      I’d be curious to know how you propose to address the incapacity of the US medical sector to help all the people needing COVID in hospital treatment.

      • Alex, I wish there were a real answer to an unreal and all too often, a tragic query. Everyone is different and can/will decide individually what courses to take.

        Off-topic, probably so:

        Eric Clapton Will Not Play Shows Where Proof of Vaccine is Required. Rolling Stone, 7/21/21.

        “Clapton had previously shared a message about his ‘disastrous’ health experience after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine….”

        All that I can do is to respect what people decide upon an individual basis, as well as to investigate the specific components mixed into the various vaccines. And to think it over alone and amongst the rest of us. So many questions I still have, too.

        My own beautiful Grandmama died from the Spanish flu, along with her unborn fourth baby, in 1918. I don’t know the answers, sorrowfully. But very surely I wish that my grandmama had not suffered such a fate, and when she went, the despair over it was unspeakable. ❤️. She was the sunlight of her home, her husband and her three other small children. The sunlight!

        So I just say those prayers and hopefully, from the same kind of a heart. Uncertain, but a woman who watches life, no matter what.

        • Hi Shivani!
          Thank you for taking the time to reply! Sad to hear about that part of your family history. I try to avoid thinking about past events as it gives rise to melancholy.

  • Vanlard was the self-proclaimed leader of DOS. “This is not a democracy” he decrees to his first line slaves as he urges them they must hurry, hurry, hurry, to obey his command for drawing supplies produced pronto! On the taped brand planning session. *

    But now… He knows nuthin’ bout nuthin’.

    Vanlard just wants to see his close-up vulva photo collection to refresh his memory.

    “If I could just examine all the collateral, judge. Alone in my cell…”

    * remember the DOS slaves are all naked at Vanlard’s feet while he sits his fully clothed fat ass in a chair with chubby little legs dangling his rodent feet above the floor.

  • –Before the judge stopped the proceedings, Raniere said “I never handled the collateral or know where it is.”

    This is Raniere speaking the truth…in the present. Typical Raniere-speak.

    He never handled the collateral, but he knew of it and had access to it since the images were for him and he viewed them.

    • Haha. Keith in his phone call on TV. (About him seeing the collateral) stammering…

      “It was not unseen”

      Stammering. Phone disconnects

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